Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 05, 1911, Page 10, Image 10

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Cubs Tie Giants for Lead in National T, pa mi p Rarp- ftniirfcpQ Thqp fn .Anfalnnoo J
Appleg-ate's Delivery Prove! Puzzle to
the Viiiton.
Mehoff ; Knocks Oat Himf Ren
William Hwirfi Tkrrf-Raw Hit
Fonr Sacrifice Hit Klrrrn
M fttrlke Oat.
MXCDLN. June 4 Omaha could not hit
Applegnte with any success snd Lincoln
won, 4 to 2. Score:
An. n
If. O. A. E.
agnler, tK
t'nglaub. 2b...
Miller, cf
Colin, rf
Cnrkman, 3b...
McOormlrk. If.
Thomas, lb
Stratton.' c
Aplegate, p...
2 0 2 0
Totals J9 4 27 12 1
' ',, OMAHA.
AB. R. It. O. A. E.
Pick, Sh 10 14 10
Kane, lb o 0 ' ft 0 0
Williams, rf 1 1 1 ' 1 0 0
King, rf..... 4 0 0 2 0 1
Srhnoover, If 4 0 0 8 0 0
Kneaves. aa , 2 0 0 2 1 0
Agnew, c 2 0 1 4 3 2
Kail, p 2 0 0 2 4 0
Total '...... 27 2 4 24
.. 27 2 4 24 12
Unroln 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 4
Omaha 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 22
Run batted In: C.agnler, Cobb (2; Nle
hoff (2). Home run. Nlchoff. Three-baae hit:
Wllllama. Io!ble play: I'nckmtn to Thomaa
to Stratton; (lagnler to I'nglaub to Thnmaa;
Hall to rirk. Left on baaea: Lincoln, 5;
Omaha, ri. Smten bases: Oagnler, Unglaub
t2t. Miller. MeOormlck (2). thomaa. Sacri
fice hlta: Applegate, Kane, Wllllama. Ag
new Struck out: Applcgate, 7; by Hall.
4. Baaea on bnlla: Off Applegate, 4; off
Hall. 4. Wild pitch: Hall. Time: 1:40. em
pire.: Gondlng and Fox.
htogixs pnors TWO to DGIVEn
Dra Molnea Pat t'p a Poor Exhibition
of .Raa Ball in Second Game.
DENVER. June 4 Tha Pea Molnea team
ptayed poor ball and lost both (tame today
to Denver, the flrat name. IS to 3, and the
second. 14 to 1. The aecond irama on He
Molnea' part waa the pooreat baae ball
ever witnessed on the local around.
O'Brien pitched both name and the vlaltora
were unable to do anything with hla delivery,.-
O. A. E.
2 3 1
1 0 0
2 0 0
5 0 0
0 2 0
7 0 0
2 0 1
2 4 0
8 0
0 2 0
27 14 1
O. A. E.
2 0 1
2 2 0
1 0 0
1 0
l 4 8
8 1 2
1 0 0
e o o
24 14 i
TJnvd. 2b-ss. ..
0 Iraore, cf.
Csastdv. rf. ..,
Bea't tt
Onlllln." 3h.
1 (nil say. lb. ...
Co"v. aa
Wrldcnaaul, 2b.
Hrahr, c
O'Piieo, p. .....
... 3
37 13 1
AB. R. H.
Anderaon, rf. 5 0 0
Colltgan. as. 4 13
Turtle, if. s i i
Mstt'rk. cf 4 l J
Dwyen lb. 4 o 1
Korea. 3b. a 4 0 0
Graham. 2b 8 0 0
Lynch, c .1... 3 0 0
Bens, p. ...t., 1 0 0
Herachy., p. . '.. 2 0 1
Fachant .. 1 0 0
Total .....34
- Datted for Bens 'in fifth
Tla MaItim
0 0448002 13
0 1 1000100 3
- ........" w v v i v v a
riimen naaea: j.ioya. Brail. Mttlek.
Korea Oassldv. Two-ba.e till: . Curtis.
Three-base- hilar' Beall. Ollmore, Herech
Home run: Qulllln. Sacrifice hit: Ca.'sldy
Struck out r By O'Brien. 4; by Ben". 3."
Paaea on hails: Off O'Brien. 2: off Bens, 8;
? ' i"' I rn' P'y: Lloyd to
eldeneaul to Llndaay; Mattlck to
Lynch. Wild pitch: Bena. Hit by pitcher:
tiraham.- I .eft on baaea: Denver, 2; Dea
Molnea. 7. Innlnga pitched: By Benea. four;
8 runa. t hlta; by Herach, four; 6 runa 3
hlta. Time. 2.02. ITmplre: Morgan.
8roret. aecond game:
AB. R. H.
Llovd. ih-aa
Ollmore. cf .
Caasldy. rf
Mesllr It
Weldensaul, lf-2b,.,.
Qulllln, 8b.'.
Llndaay, lb
Coffey, aa
Khman, If
McMurray, c,
O'Brien,, p
X i
1 1
0 0
Totata, 41 14 18 27
AB. R. H. O.
naeraon rr an
Cnlllgan. aa K n 1
Curtis, If 4 j i
Mattlrk. cf 4 0 1
Dwyer. lb.. o 1
Lynch, lb j i o 0
Korea, 3h 4 0 3
Oraham. 2b 3 o 0
ba. hant,. c 4 0 0
Oalgano. p. ,..,....,.. 0 0 0
McKee ...... 4 0 1
" Totals.;.",.'. .38 1 11 24 10 1
5"BVt'"' ...J 6 0 1 1 4 0 0 -14
Dea Molnea. w.. 000000101
Stolen baaea, ' Uoyd (2), Ollmore, Qulllln.
Two-baaq.. hlta:.. MoMurray. Weldenaaul.
Three-baae hlta: Ball. Llndaay. Anderaon.
Btru.-kjout! By rBrten. 2; hy Oalitano. 2
h'Te! Ba "n balla: Off O'Brien,
1; off OalKano, 1; off McKee. 1. Double
pay:- Lloyd to Coffey to Llndaay. Hit by
Pitched ball: , Ollmore. Graham. Left on
"J i S'U f ; 1Vs Molnea. 8. Innlnira
pitched: By daltrano. one and two-thlrda
(runs 8 hits ); by McKee. six and a third
(runa 8, hits' 10). Time: 1:46. Umpire:
Moriran. -
Rallr la Laat Half of tha Nlath Does
the Baalaeas. .
TOPEKA. Kan.. June 4-Topeka batted
out victory In the laat half of the ninth,
defeating Sioux City. 3 to 1. Up to this time
the visitors were In the lead with a run
made In tha second. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E,
Rlckert. If
Hafford, lb
Thomaaon, cf...,
Whitney, lb
Hupke, as
Breltenateln. 2b.,
Crompton. rf....,
Hawklna. e. ......
Clark, p
8 0 0 1 A
Totals 3 10 27 IT
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Andreas. 2b
Stem, lb
HartmaiK aa
Ketghbora, rf
Miller, c
Wagner, cf
Welch, If
Rellly. 8b
W ilson, p
Totals 30 1 5 X
Ran for Whitney In ninth.
One out when winning run scored
Topeka ,.. 0.0600000 31
(Moux City 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Three-base hits? Neighbors (2. Sacrifice
bits: Hopae, Hawkins. Double plays: Clark
to Whltpey: H afford to Breltenateln to
Whitney; Rellly to 8tem. Stolen baaea:
Rlckert, Thomaaon. Baaea on balla: Off
a Wilson, 3. Struck out: By Clark, 3; by
Wlteoji, .empire: pnoemaker.
Paalllloa Defeats Waterloo.
WATERLOO, Neb.. June 4 (Special
Telearam In a same looaely plaved bv
both teams, Papllllon defeated Waterloo
by tha enr of 17 to 5. The local team cut
tha atrtn- end allowed the balloon to
aot,r hlxh In the air. and when It came
down Papllllon had annexed aeven runa.
The aame teams will piay Munaav. nt
terlea. Papllllon. Khcde and lHenges
Waterloo,! Sumner. Payne and Miltun.
Persistent AdVnrilalng la tha Road to Big
Returns. ,
Standing of Teams :
W L Pet W L Pct.
V-nver N 13 .5fi7 New Tork ..2 1 .lt
floux Cltv..4 16 .6IH Chicago 25 la .n
Llnoln M 15 . 6' Philadelphia M II tH
Pueblo 21 14 tvo Pittsburg ... ?5 IS .5SI
St. .Ioeph..20 2t .4s; 8t. Ixiula ...52 30 . 5l't
Omaha IK 21 .47.V 'Inclnnatl ..23.4
Topeka 1 21 4T.1Brooklvn ....It 8 ,84
le Milne. 6 37 .110' Boaton ....II 33 .2"fl
WLTctl WLPct.
Kanaa Cltv.3f 17 . WDetrolt 34 12 .7
folumbua ..79 )9 .tvt Philadelphia.. 2 1 .1
Minneapolla M 25 .Mo;Boaton 23 li
St. Paul ....21 25 .4Vi Chlcago 21 18 .m
M Iwaukee ..23 2J .4ifljNew Vork ...21 21 .W
Lotilavllle . .22 27 .4lscieveland ...IS 27 .400
7n''',0 K 29 ! St. Ixiula 14 31 .311
Indlanapoll 21 29 . 420, 2S ..IIS
W.L Pct W.I Pet.
Or Island. ..13 9.691(Falls tlty.,,.10 4.714
Fremont ....11 9 .6nOClarinda 10 i 67
Seward iff 9 .62ti Auburn 8 7
Kearney ....10 ( .62HNeb. City 8 .429
('(ilumbus ...11 10 .624 Marvvllle .... 8 3 .fi"i0
Superior .... 9 1 0 .474 Shenandoah.. 8 13 .INS
HaKtinga ... 9 12 .42i
Vork 7 12 .36,
Yeaterday'e Reaalta.
Omaha. 2; Lincoln. 4.
Dea Molnea, 8-1; Denver. 13-14.
Sioux City, 1; Topeka. 2.
Boaton, 3; Cincinnati, 26.
New York, 5; Chicago. 8
Brooklyn, 2; St. Loula. 7. ,
Minneapolis. 2; Kanaas City. 6.
St. Paul, 1; Milwaukee. 3.
ioieio. 1: Co umbua. 7.
Indianapolis, 3; Louisville. 4.
Haatinga, 1; Seward. 7.
Kearney, 8; Fremont. S. '
Grand Island, 4; Columbus, 5.
Shenandoah, 2; Maryvllle. 3.
Varaes Today. I
Weatern League Omaha at Lincoln. Des
Molnea at Denver, St. Joaeph at Pueblo,
Sioux City at Topeka.
National league Philadelphia at Pitta
burg, Boston at Cincinnati, New York st
Chicago, Brooklyn at St. Louie.
American League Detroit at Waahlng
ton Cleveland at Philadelphia. St. Louia
at New York, Chicago at Baton.
American Aaaoclatlon Minneapolla ' at
Kanaaa City, St. Paul at Milwaukee, Toledo
at Columbua, Indianapolis at Louisville.
Nebraska State League Superior at York,
Haatlnga at Seward, Kearney at Fremont,
Grand Island at Columbus.
Mink League Clarlnda at Auburn, Falls
City at Nebraska City, Shenandoah at
Swamp Other Classmen in First Track
Meet in History of School.
Foarth High Team It Second, with
Thirteen, and Freshmen, Come
Third, with Twelve Feat.
ner Gets High Score.
In the first track meet in which Crelah-
ton college athletes ever umnaM ih,
Junior class grabbed the silver trophy cup
ana first honors with 41 nolnta. tk nv
competitor was the Fourth High class with
is, then cama the Freshman College class
with 12 points, and tha Third High a close
fourth with U credits. Second High col
lected . First High 7, and Specials S.
Julius Festner of the Junior class took
first Individual Dlaca and won th Indi
vidual cup with 14 Dolnta. with riirv nr
tha Third High and O'Connor of the Juniors
tied ror second honors, with 10 points each.
Festner Good Point Getter.
Festner won flrat in the runnlna- hi4
Jump, aecond In the standing broad" Jump,
me anot put and the high Jump, all field
events. Duffy won first places In the 100
yard and the 220-yard daahea, making a
time of 0:10 for the 100-yard distance.
o Connor was the distance man. innii
first In the mile and one-half mile.
The meet was the first ever held
consequently the records made will hardly
stand when the track athletea of the sdhool
meet again after a year's training. Enthusi
asm Is high In the school snd it la iik.iv
that a good track squad will be developed
cciore two years, as there Is Dlentv at mm.
terlal. The reaults:
100-vard daah! Iinffv Thii t,i-.w . .
Lamphler. Juniors, second; Burn.' Flrat
High, third. Time:. 0:10.
220-vard flash- iMiffv Thii 111.1.
Burn. Fir., itirt '.'r iJi 8 ''."
Second High. thirdTime: 0:26. -
w-yara run: Murphy, Fourth High, first:
Clarke, first high, second; Norrls, Juniors,
third. Time: 1:03H-
SMJ-ysrd run: O'Connor, Juniors, first:
McOulre. Second High, second; Moore,
Juniors, third. Time: 2:38.
Mile run: O'Connor, Juniors,' first; Moore
Juniors, second: R fnnn.n .Timing kii
Time: 8:48. ' """"
12-Dound shot nut. Timlua vnr4i, vrii.
flrat; Festner, Juniors, second: VnurV
Freahmsn, third. Distance: 37 feet. 1 Inch.-
Wlffh Inmn. MTltilrA aA.H lw .1 . .
a- --- v. .... , L'v lURIl, iiriiii
Festner. Juniors, second; Hamilton. Fourth
nmn, mira. neigni: o reel, ifvfc inches.
Standing broad Jump: Derlnger. Freshman,
ftrnt F,lnP .innlrtra SAMnn T n .
Frrihman, third. Distance: 9 feet 34 inches.
Running Broad Jump: Featner, Juniors,
first; L. Ryan, Freahman, second; Murphy,
ruurin man, inira. j-naiance; is leet. , 4
Inches. '
0-yard hurdles: Gouvreau. Special, first;
Morris, Juniors, second; H. Council, Juniors,
third. Time: 0:11.
Lamphler, Miller, Tobin and Featner, first;
r rniiiaa ihii), aeu-ona; rouria nign team,
Tug-of-w ar: Freshman and Fourth High
teams pulled Juniors and Seniors over line.
Former Administers Defeat ta tha
Tana at Twenty-One ta
Two Carter Lake ball club cam to com
bat Saturday afternoon and when tha
smoke and steam cleared away the ' Diets
club had walloped the Omaha Rod and Gun
club, 21 to 5. The Diets warriors were too
strong In batting for the Gun club twlrler
and twenty-one hits resulted.
McLean, Hall, Drummy and Spellman did
great work for the Diets In batting, while
Etsenhaft, the Diets pitcher, allowed only
seven hits and fanned the hoodoo number
Saturday the Diets will play the Burling
ton Headquarters. Score:
Diets 1031017 21
Rod and Gun 000410000 i
Batteries: Diets, Else n hart and Hachten;
Rod and Gun: Fletcher and Tost. Hrts:
Diets. 21: Rod and Gun, T. Errors: Diets 3;
Rod and Gun. 8. Struck out: By Elsenhsrt,
IS; by Fletcher, 3. Baaes on balla: Off
Fletcher, 1
Shenandoah I.oeee by Bear of Three
ta Two.
MARTVTLLE. Mo., June 4 (Special Tell
earam The flrat Sundav aame nlaved in
the Mink league thla season draw a large
crowd this afternoon. &e gttme was
transferred from Wednesday. Nfaryvlile
won in a narairougnt contest. Score;
R 11 F
Maryvllle 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 ft 10 3
Shenandoah ...0 0003000 03 4 3
Batterlea: Maryvllle. Wise, Oawald and
Diets; Shenandoah. Duran and Castle. Um
pire: Davidson.
The Key to the BUuatlon Bee Want Ads.
Local Team ')Win8 by Score of Seven
to One.
flear? Kaoeks Oat Two-Base Hit
Hill Striken Oat Serea Men,
While Hanson Fans Fonr
sad Perry One.
SEWARD. Neb., June 4.-(gpeclal Telr
gram.) Seward and Hastings played here
today to a fair slsed crowd. Seward win
ning by the score of 7 to 1. It looks very
much aa though Beward county would like
to have Sunday base ball. The attend
ance was about 600. Score:
Rnblnaon. mm i i f i a w. - ... .....
(Voltr. b.
Hanry, lb..
Purn. if..
Wallr. e . ...
Fullan. tb.
SiiotiiI, rf..,
Wat, Cf.-. .,
Hannm. p.
.114 t 0ree. tb... 1 1 0
. I 4 19 t 0 Rromler. cf.. 4 0 16 0
.41100 Donnelly, .. 4 t t S 0
.4140 a Conk., lb ... 4 I I 1 0
.1111 O'Rnea. rf.. 4 110 0
. t .0 I 0 0 Hutrh'aon, ra 4 1 I 0 4
411 PlrPre, If.... 4 0100
4 0 I PYrrr, p 1,1 I 0
Hill, p I 1 t 1
, i im u m H
Totala M M 4
.W V V V V V V 1 W 1
Seward l 0 3 0 0 1 1 1 7
Two-baae hit: Henry. Bafes on balls:
Off Perry, 8. Wild pitches! Hill, 2. Struck
ovtr By Hansen, 4; by Perry, 1; by Hill,
7. Time: 1:46. Umpire: McDermotU
Grnnd Ialnnd I.aaes t'looe. Game.
COLUMBl'S. Neb., June 4. -(Special Tele
gram.) 'olumbus won Its flrat game this
season with Grand Island. Score-
- AB H 0 A B AB.H.O.A.B.
Mrl.r. rf.. I 1 10 Meliell, If.. I 110
Smith. .... 4 1 I 0 (lorbMt. lb . 4 I I 1 0
MrKlbben. If 4 1 1 1 Outimer, 2b. 4 4 I
look- 4 i 1 0 OR Brown, n 4 I 1 4 1
ArtnM'ng, lb 4 14 1 Learh, cf....f 1 4 0 0
JnHfrrt . e .... 4 I 4 t 1 B. Brown. 8b I 1 1 I
Mrhll, lb. I 1 1 t 0 Rxlura, If... 4110
Ward. tb.... I i 1 0 Topple. I 0 10 4
Hirtmin. p.. I 1 0 1 0 Klmll. p.... I III
Wllaoa 1 0 0 0 0
T.ti. Ttuun, ToU"-- " ,ru 1
Batted for Hartman In ninth.
Grand Island 0 1 0 0 8 0 0 0 0-4
Columbua 0 0 1 2 0 0 2 0 8
Earned runa: Grand Island, 2; Columbus,
Two-baseJ hits: McLesr. Ward. Three
bnae hits: Jokerat, Hartman. Home run:
Brown. Sacrifice hits: Ward. E. Brown.
Leach (2). Stolen bases: Smith. Marshall.
Ward. Melxell. Corbett. Double plays: B.
Brown to E. Brown; B. Brown to Outsmer
to Corbett. Struck out: By Hartman. 2;
by Klaaell. 2. Baaea on balla. Off Hartman,
1; off Klaaell, 1. Paaaed ball: Copple. Left
on bases: Grand Island. ; Columbus. 8.
Time: 1:40. Umpire: Held.
Kearney Wins In First laalag.
FREMONT. Neb., June 4.-Spee!al Tele
gramsKearney won in ' the flrat Inning
by hitting Hoffman hard. Hargls got a
home run by the ball being lost In the
grass. Fremont was unable to hit the ball
until the ninth Inning. Score:
U Ormr. rf . . 4 1.1 0 Bannett, ef .. 1111
nnwnlna. lb. 4 1 1 I t Rnue. ef.... 1110
Black. If I I I 0 1 Kullen. lb...-1 1 11 0 0
Paalea, m... till I Thompson, a4 1 4
Clair, lb.... I 1 1 0 Bonner, .... 1 I T 1
Haraia. If.... 1110 Neff. rf 1101
H. Orar. ... 4 '4 Turpln. If.... 4 10
M'kurth, lk. 4 1 1 0 Carer. 3b.,.. 4 0 0 I 0
Wrtstit, p..., 4 0 0 OJohnann. lb,. 4 10 10
' . Hoffman, p. I 0 1 0
Total! 11117 1 -4 Campbell,-p. 11 1 l
' . . TotaJo...:..M TNlil
Gray out. buntmg third strike.
ICea rnev A . a tt .1 a . a m
Fremont 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 23
Earned runa' irn,.nv .a -r. .
Johnson. Three-base hit:Tu'rpin. Home run:
nargia. oaaei on Dana: urr Wright, 4; off
Hoffman, 1; off Campbell, 1. .Struck out:
By Wright, 4; by Hoffman, 2; by Camp
bell. 4. Hit by pitched ball: By Campbell.
Hargls. Paaaed ball: Bohner. Wild pitch:
Wrla-h wit.- nt u.ti... a i -
one-third Innings; off Campbell,-4 In five
on iwo-miras innings, umpire:
Close Contest at Cedar Rapids Settled
by Four Points. "
Laat Brent - of 'Afternoon Goea to
Grinnell In One Minute Thirty
Fire Seconds, Taklnar
, Meet.'
CEDAR RAPIDS. June 4 fSneclal Tel..
egram.) Cornell lost to Grinnell In a dual
track meet at Ash nark this aftemnnn b
tho score of C6H to S1H. The meet waa un
usually close, the results hineinr nn th.
last event of the afternoon, the hair mil.
relsy. Summary; .
100-yard dssh: Sherman of Grinnell,' first:
Hovev nf Cornell um.. a . i
Cornell, third. lm.7 o:l6s """
-One mile: Boyack or Grinnell. first;
TUn?wiJ. .rnel. ond: Finger of Cor-
1.)0-V.rt4 Klirgllshti TTw a,. n - -tJ ,a . . .
- - , -is.i wa vti Kill-, , IlrHL ,
m .i?.f .0rinne. erond; Clinton of Cor-
iniru. iirnu; VlHh.
440-yard dph: Lott of Cornll, first; Daw.
tmotSornt'il cnl; Fordice of Orlnnell.
third. Tlmo: 5:42. i
230-yrd hurdle: Lusted of Cornell. flrt;
Pv.V,l0Crornil-ilcond; Jan of Orlnnell,
third. Time: 0:27.
Half mil run? RtvanAN s t a. .
Tucker of Cornell, second; Kenslnser of
wr-yira oejin: novey or CVmeM, first:
SherVrlAJn sf riplnnall aaranil .
' atvuini. ii m latOil or
Cornell, third. Time: 025. .
Miie relay: Cornell. Time: 117.
TvH.mlU lilri II Tnhn Mtf t I 1 Mt a.
Hair of fsrHnnihll tpA .
nell, third. Time: h:0ft.
nmir-miie relay: Grinnell. Time: l:3Mi.
Dlstruti thrciw TtTvumm a1 rnsii i , .
- -- vm. imil, A 1 1 L .
Orlnnell, third. Distance: 107 feet, 6 Inches.
ono. put; nunirr or jomeu, nrst; Kramm
of Cornell, second; Oruwell of Cornell,
third Distance: 84 feet, XI Inches.
Pn a vault Ritas t Pam.m a.a
of Cornell, second; PetHt of Orlnnell,' third.
Hih Jump: Jones of Orlnnell, first: Clln-
Petltt of Grinnell, tied. Height: t feet. 6
Broad jump: Wlederrecht of Cornell, first;
Bslr of Grinnell, second; Bair of Grinnell,
third: Distance. 31 feet-
John Paul Jones is
Best Mile Runner
Cornell Lad Only Li Ting- Man with
Chance to Lower Professional
ITHACA, N. T.. Jus 4 -Another John
Paul Jones has written his name In letters
of gold on history's pages John Paul
Jones, student and athlete, of Cornell col
lege. Ithaca, N. T.
The Jones of today has proved himself
the premier mile runner of the world and
his name has become a household word
wherever the great American press has en
try. John Paul Jones la a mere youth, juat
Mrued years. He weighs 148 pounds.
It Is hot so many years ago that his fam
ily physician In Washington, his horns
town, looked at him sorrowfully, felt his
pulse, tested his lungs and shook his head
hopelessly. "Ha hasn't many months of
life," was the doctor's verdict. An ath
letic course of treatment was suggested
ard this peerteaa athlete of today bears
little rasemblsnoe to the stooped-over, hoi
low-cheeked weakling of a short time ago.
1 Jones Is the only man In tho world today
trat looms up as having a possible chance
to lower this professional reoord.
IflfTt-eH ON -
INMtM't. luit, , a.
ltt ati . r.r ai iT A. I
Famous Old Pitcher Dies from Stroke
of Paralysis.
Was Star on Tram In 'RO, 'OO and
'01, nnd Afterwards IMtrhed
for the Mew York
Here passes one of the veterans of the
game,, a man whose name will be recalled
by the older fans, and always with pleaa
ure. for "Dad" Clarke was a pitcher of
those good old days of base ball to which
all cling so fondly. Hla passing Is thus
briefly told by an Associated Press dis
patch received at The Bee office last night:
LORAIN, O., June 8 William Clarke,
well known to baae ball followers years
ago as "Dad" Clarke, pitcher of the New
York Nationals, died In a hnapltal here to
day from a stroke of paralysis suffered
several aays ago on me street.
"Dad" Clarke pitched for Omaha in 1R8,
under the management of FVank Selee, and
with ' Charlie Nichols, he was the cauxe
of the pennant coming to Omaha, the
team winning the championship of the
Western league In decisive fashion. Just
before the season closed, Clarke was re
leased, 'that he might loin the San Fran
cisco team, which needed help. The pen
nant was safe for Omaha, and so "Dad"
journeyed to the coast snd by his wonder
ful work pitched San Francisco Into the
championship of the Coaat league. This is
perhaps the only time on record when one
pitcher waa a factor In winning two pen
nants In different leagues in the same sea
son. "
Two More Reasons Here,
. In ISM and 1191 Clarke was again a mem
ber' of the. Omaha team, and with Eddie
Eiteljorg was the mainstay of the celebrated
Danny Shannon bunch that was lesding
the race when the season exploded In the
latter . year. - His last game for Omaha
was pitched against the Lincoln team, on
which were such celebrities as Jesse
Burkett. Jack ' Rowe, Dave Rowo, Harry
Raymond. Hank. O'Day, Red Ehret. Parke
Wilson, ''Monkey" Kline and other whose
names are famous In the annals of base
ball, and who were unable to score a run
off Dad"" that' day.:
up the next year, on the New York Glanta,
for whom he jHJ much excellent service
and with w)iom Tie spent a couple of sea
sons. It. was wh,H he was with the New
Yorks that he 'got his revenge on "Pop"
Anson of Chicago. : Before Dad ever came
to Omaha he had hired to Anson as a
pitcher for Chicago. Anson watched him
pitch part of. n ' inning and then chased
"Get out of. here!" roared Anson, as he
hustled Dad off the field. "You couldn't
even pitch hay!"
Struck Anson Oat.
Dad remembered thla, and the first time
he faced Anson, and It was on the Chicago
grounds, he saluted htm with some reflec
tion on his ancestry. Anyone whoever
listened to Dad In one of his explosive
moods need not be told just what he said.
He hsd a most picturesque vocabulary,
and was never at loss, for an epithet, for
he coined them aa readily as he needed
them. Along with one of his most min
utely descriptive and offensively objurga-
tlve verbal outbursts. Dad shot the ball
at Anson, and the latter In surprise let It
go by: It wsa.a strike. Dad grinned, and
sent up another, with another round of
abuse. Anson let It go by, and It was a
strike, too. Then Dad was beside himself
with glee. He danced around the box.
calling on all the ' catalogued goda and
some unknown to watch him strike out
the great slugger, and then he turned to
the plate.
"Here, you bltnkety-blank double-blanked
Swede, see If you can hit this." he shouted,
and he shot a straight one over.
Anson waited, and swung with all his
force and missed, and Dad had his revenge.
He had struck out the great Anson, the
man who told him he couldn't pitch. And
what la more, he did it twice in that game.
' Anas Gets Even.
But Anson got back at Dad on the Polo
grounda a little later In the season. Dad
was pitching and New York had Chicago
beaten. Two Chicago runners were on
bases and two runs needed to tie. Anson
waa coaching at third base, and as Clarke
waa getting ready to pitch, ha called to
him, "Here, let me aes that ball." With
out thinking -Dad shouted, 'Take It.
you " (the same kind af a Swede he had
called him In Chicago), and flung the ball
with all hla force. Anson stepped to one
side, the ball went Into the bleachers and
two Chicago runs came In.
In 1901 Dad pitched for Minneapolis In the
Weatern league and made hla laat appear
ance In Omaha with that team. He won
his game here, visited -with some old
friends and went away. His habits were
those of the older clsss of ball players,
snd he saved nothing from his pay. At
various times during the last ten years
he has been heard of In connection with
smaller teams, but he hsd not been prom
inent with the game. - Frank Handle and
some of the others of the old guard In
Omaha will hear or the death or Dad
Clarke with much regret.
Y. Sf . C. A. Team Dralws Ona Score la
Tlsht Game.
The T. M. C. A.'s defeated the Happy
Hollow club In. a close game on the Young
Men's Christian aaaoclatlon grounda, 1 to
9. Lewis and Wilson pitched airtight ball.
neither allowing a hit, and only three of
Reed's men reached first base. Lewis
pulled off ona of his sensational pitching
stunts, striking out six men In the second
and third innings. Falconer waa the heavy
man with the stick. Score: R.H.E.
Happy Hollow. 0 0 0 0 00 4) 1
Y. U. C. A....0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 4 0
Batteries: Happy Hollow, Cass. Burnett
and Eastman; Y. M. C. A.. Lewis, Wilson
and Dolphin.
Persistent Advertising la th Road to Big
Win Third Game of the Series from
the Trolley Dodgers.
Five lilts Ranched with a Raae on
Ralls In the Slith lnnlnaT tilves
St. I.oals a tiood Substan
tial Lead.
PT. IXH'IS. Mo., June 4 The local team
hit Rrorklyn's pitchers hard and won the
third game of the aerie. The vlaltora
scored one In the third on two singles and
a sacrifice: the incala scored two In the
fame inning on a base on balls, a alncle
and a double. Tour single", a triple and a
base on balla In the sixth inning netted
five runs for St. Loula. Rro-iklyn sored
one in the ninth when Coulson tripled and
scored n Hat aer'a error. Score:
AB.H.O A K. An. H O. A E.
Tnolev. aa... 4
raubrrt. lb.. 4
Wheat, If. .. 4
Hummal. lb. 1
rtavlilaon, rf. 4
Oulnnn. rf . . 4
Xtm'rman, lb 4
Brrson. e. . .. I
Sranlon, p. .. 0
Knntxer, p.. 1
MrRWran .. I
stark 1
mlth. 2h . . . 4 1 I 1
n Hautier. aa. .. I
0 Kllla. It 4
0 Knnelrhr. lb 1
1 Kvana. rf . . . . 1
0 Miaprr, 3b. . 4
4 1 5
a (I
t 1
0 4 0
0 Oaks.
rf.... 4
0 Pll.
0 Ballre. p.
T. .(..
...: ll r 10 t
Totala 11 14 14 1
Pstted for Rergen In ninth.
Batted for Knetser In ninth.
Brooklyn 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
St. Loula 0 0 2 0 0 5 0 0
Two-baae hits: Smith. Daubert. Three
baae hlta: Mower?-, Konetchv, KnetsiT,
Coulson. Paaea on balla: off Pallee, 1; off
Scsnlon. 3. Struck out: Iv Sallee. 3; by
KneUer, 1. lilts: Off Scanlnn, 7 in fixe
Innings; off Knetxer, 4 In ihrte Innings.
Tinie: 2:10. Vmtlres: Klem and Emalle.
Record Made for Hlta.
CINCINNATI. O., June 4 -Cincinnati
Indulged In a slugging feat while Hoaton
waa piling up eight error, and the combi
nation retained tn the local tram winning
by 2 to 3, the record score in the National
league for the aeasnn. Twenty-three hlta,
with a total of thirty-six bases, were maile
off Koaton'a three pitchers, all of them
sharing nhmit equal. Score:
I 4 1 Bencher. If. .. 4 1 1 0 0
Tenney, lb... 1
j u u r.rniti. 2b 4 1 o 4
1 1 0 Altlier. 2b. .. 1 1 1 1
110 Ratra. rf 1 1 4 0
1 1 1 Buk. if 1110
4 0 0 Hnhllurl, lb 1 0
1 0 1 Mil. bell. rf. 4 1 0
1 0 1 Dnwnfv, aa.. 1 I 1 1
4 11 KHtnond. aa.. 0 0 0 1
0 0 1 Grant, lb.... 4 1 1 1
0 10 Mrl-ean, c... R S 4 1
0 1 0 Smith, p .... S 1 0 0
0 0 0 Brhrelher. p. 2 1
liolllna. cf... 0
Spratt, aa ... 4 0
Miller, rf.... 4 1
Inserton, If.. 1 1
Ooode. cf-lb. 4 0
Btmnfaldt. lb 4
RarlnVn, c... I
Fartuaon, p. 0
Curtla, p. ., . 1
Paraona, p. .. 1
Wheedno ... 1
Totala 11 I 24 11 I Totala 44 tl S7 11 1
Batted for Parsons In ninth.
Boston 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 08
Cincinnati 7 0 5 3 0 1 1 9 26
Two-base hits. Mitchell. Grant, Hobllt
xel. Altlzer. Threee-baae h t-: Downey,
Beck. Hohbtzel. Home run: Grant. Hits:
Off Fersuson 4. with none out in the first;
off Curtis. S In three Innlnirs; off Paiaons,
11 in five Innings; off Smith, none in four
Innlnita; off Schrelber, 8 In five inn'ng.
Sacrifice hits: Hoblitzel, Sweeney, Collli s.
stolen baser: Beschar, Uate, Mitchell,
Downey, Beck, Mobilize!. Double plays:
Mclean to Altlzer; Esmond, Altlier and
Hoblitzel. Left on baaes: Bostrn, S; Cin
cinnati. 8. Baaes on balls. Off Ferguson,
2; off Curtis, 2; off Parsons. 7; of Schrei-
Der, z. Hit by pitcher: By Parsons, Hn
lltze!, Fchrelcber. Struck out: Bv Curtis,
2; by Parsons, 1; by Smith. 2; bv Schrelber,
2. Wild pitch: Curtis. Time: 8:05. Um
pires: Rlgler and Flnneran.
Chlcaao Ties New York.
CHICAOO, June 4 Chicago dfeated
York before an Immense crowd, 6 to 5,
tying the visitors for first place ,ln tha
fiennant race. After two men were out
n the eighth inning, Tinker and Kal8-r
singled 'and Kllng and' Archer each
doubled, tying the acore. A Texaa leaguer
off Amea In the ninth gave the locals
the game. In the eighth inning Tinker
hit a swift liner tn Wiltae's stomach, and
he did not. recuptrate till after the game.
A single and an error by Kalaer gave New
York their first run; a triple ind a single
netted another, while one nit, with ragged
fielding,, gave the visitors three more.
Stieckard, If. 4
Bchulte. rf. . . I
Fofman, lb.. S
Zlm'rman, 3b I
J. Doric, lb. 4
Tlnkar, aa... 4
Katur, cf... 4
Kilns, o I
Arehr, e.... 1
Brown, p.... 1
Mrlntyra. p. 0
Baler 0
1 1 Derora, rf . . fi I 0 0 0
1 0 L. Dorla. lb. 1 1 4 1 0
1 1 Fletcher. 2b. 1 1 1 1 0
( 1 Snolaraaa. cf 1 0 4 0 0
t 0 Murray, If.. 4 10 10
4 0 Mrrkla. lb . 4 0 10 1 0
0 1 Brlawell. aa. 4 4 1 i o
1 Devlin, 3D... 1 1 a 0
0 0 Myera. c 4 1 4 0 0
1 Wlltae, p.... 4 0 10 0
0 0 Amea, p 0 0 0 0 0
0 0
Totala n 734 11 0
Totala II IS 27 M I
Ran for Kllng In eighth.
One out when winning run was scored.
Chicago 0 20000OS1-6
New York xoisvuuu o o
Two-base hits: L. Doylse. Brown. Kllng,
Archer. Three-base hit: Fletcher. Hits:
Otf Brown, 7 In eight Innings; on MCln
tvre. none In 1 Inning: off Wlltae, 14 In
eight and one-third Innings; off Ames, 1
In no Inning. Struck out: By Brown, 5;
by Wlltae. 4. Bases on nans- uii wnise.
2: off Brown, 3; off Mclntyre, 1. Time:
3:10. Umpires: Johnstone and Eason.
Battle at Sooth Omaha Park Between
Amntenra Tossy.
Two games are to be played at the
Shamrock park. South Omaha, this after
noon. The Shamrocks meet the Omaha
Giants, the crack colored team which de
feated the Kanaaa City Stars last week,
and the Hoffmans meet the Hanscom
Parks, led by Pete Hawkins.
Sergeant a Clair of Fort Crook will
officiate aa umpire.
The game will be called promptly at 3:30.
Take the West Q street cara
The following Is the Giant-Shamrock
Ray i
. .. Johns
.. Allison
. Johnson
.... Allen
... Smith
. .. Maon
... Uiulu
... Short
... Center
... First ,
... Left
... Catch
.... Pitch
DaaTllle, Waterloo, Peoria aad Rock
Island Win Games.
DANVILLE, June 4. Danville bunched
hits In the second and third and won from
Qulncy, S to 3. Score: RU E.
Danville 6 11 1
Qulncy 3 8 3
Batterlea: Klrwin and HHdebrand; Spen
cer. Walker and Forney.
WATERLOO, June 3. Waterloo aoored
three runa In the third and beat Daven
port, 3 to X Score: R.H E.
Waterloo 3 8 4
Davenport 2 0 0
Batteries: Stowers and Wolfe; Dick,
Crabb. Walsh and O'Leary.
DECATUR, June 3 Hovllk held Decatur
to one hit In eleven Innings, winning. 2 to 0.
Score: RHE.
Decatur 0 1 0
Peoria .3 8 0
Batteries: Rustenaven and Johnaon; Hov
llk and Jacobs.
ROCK ISLAND. June 4. Rock Island
won from Dubuque, to 6. today. Score:
Rock Island I 8
Dubuque 6 13 3
Batteries: Lakaff. Dellar and Custer;
Akers, Rogge and Boucher, Kreits.
Tabor Defeats Malvern.
TABOR. Ia., June 4. (Special Telefilm.)
Tabor High school baae ball team defeated
the Malvern High school team here Fri
day afternoon. 14 to 7.
Batterlea: Tabor. Ellis and Mann; Mal
vern, Boyer and Piatt.
Captain of lows Team.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. June 4 (Special Tele
gram.) Schmidt, flrat basemsn on the uni
versity team, waa chosen captain today.
McClure and Peters
Tie in Golf Play on
Country Club Links
Each Lands with a Score of 2 Up on
Colonel Bog-ey Honors Decided '
in Special Match This Week.
A. A. McClure and Ralph refers tied for
low score In the play for the gulf slick
pin given by the Omaha Country club
tournament committee as a prise. Each
had a score of 3 up on bogey In match
The club tournament for the directors'
or the secretary's cup will probably be
held cither late this month or early In
Juiy. Following are the scores of Satur
day's game:
A. A. McClure, 2 tip,
Kalph Peters, 2 up.
K. M. Moraman. 4 down.
r . H. (ininea, 2 down.
J H. Its lint, 4 down.
11. K. Fprague. 7 down.
. J. Foye. even.
M A. Hall, 2 down.
'T. I.ln.lsav, i down.
H. M. Pickens, down.
. F. McUtew, 8 down ,
John W. Rfdlck, 1 down.
M C Pe er.-; 2 down.
A. Itedick, 6 down.
Ralph Peters and A. A. McClure are
planning n contest for the possession of
the sold stickpin, to take place some dav
mis weeK. Hets are even.
Seymour Lake Country Club Holds
First General Meeting.
Tiers of fottaur, r, to Rr Dalit
Above the Lake rinh llonae- of
Lobs nnd Stone -Oarage
to Re Erected.
Amid the sylvan shades of Seymour park,
the Seymour Lake Country club held Its
first general meeting Saturday afternoon,
the chief feature of the occasion was the
distribution of lots adjoining the lake to
the stockholders. Sixty lota were awarded
by the lot to the stockholders who chose
their locations In order of allotment. The
cottages are to be erected in two tiers
upon the hillside west of the lake. A third
Plat of sixteen lots was laid out on the
north side, but the board of directors have
not derided whether the last place shall
be uaed for cottage sites or whether a
third tier of cottages will be erected In the
rear of the first two rows.
After their numbers had been called the
men were allowed ten minutes In which
to select their site within the prescribed
The club site Itself comprises seventy
acres of land In and about what is known
as Seymour park, where formerly stood the
mansion of Dr. George Miller. The club
i propose to erect a club house built of Min
nesota logs and rock. There will be a
garage equipped with all automoblllng con
veniences and the club will develop a strong
tendency towards making the place a
mecca for atitolsts.
It was said at the meeting that the
Douglas county commissioners had nrrim.
Ised to connect the Q street boulevard with
Center boulevard by a macadam road.
wnicn wouia open up a new Ingress Into
the park and one more sightly than the
present entrance.
Arrangements for the admission of associ
ate members have not yet been completed.
It waa said that the Initiation fee for as-
memDers would probably be 130
with as much again for annual dues. The
matter will be decided at a later meeting.
Fifteen of" the stockholders are from
South OmaHa, while forty-five belong to
Omaha. Tho officers are II. K. Burket.
president; J. P. Lord, treasurer, and W. B.
meek, secretary.
Mrs. Raymond Heata Sties Sutton.
PHILADKLPH f A, Pa.. June 4 -Mrs. F.d
ward Raymond of New York, formerly Miss
Louise Hammond, holder of the tennis
championship of Pennsylvania and other
eastern states today defeated Miss Flor
enoe Sutton of Los Angeles, Cal., In the
challenge round, two sets to one.
Cardinals Sell Pltehera.
ST. LOUIS. June 4. Pitchers Zmlch and
Hearn of the St. Louis National league
team were sold to the Louisville American
association team today. They will report
at once.
nine Sox Win.
Walnut Hill Blue Sox beat the River
view Juniors. 14 to 11. at Rlvervlew park
Saturday morning.
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I i t nvtm
m .
OMsssa Passenger
Tlaaal OrHaa,
Minneapolis Loses First of Series by
Five to Two.
Fnrh of Minneapolla Two Hans ta
Dae to an Krror llnaantnn and
Love Srrnre Two-llaaa
KANSAS CITT. Mo , June 4 -Minneapolla
lost the first game of the aeries
here today to Kansas City, 5 to 2. through
Inability to hit Rhoades safely. Each of
the visitors' runs wss due to an error.
All H. O A
M'rvirm'k. aa 4
mil, lti 4
fraath. If 1
Wllllama. 2b 4
Kftaaman, rf. 4
rawnio. cf.. 4
rVrrla. lb ... 4
Owena. e. . . M 4
Fatteraon, p. I
Smith 1
oil v BirKeau. JV. I 1 t
0 10 0 Gantnvr, It . 4 I tt 4
0 10 0 tn. lb .. 4 I t 0
10 4 0 Hyatt, rf.... 1 I s t I
110 0 Sullivan, rf 4 ! 1 a a
110 0 Corrldnn. ra . 4 1 t I 1
0 4 5 0 Ilowncy. ih.. 4 1 1 I t
14 10 Jamea. c 4 1 10 0
1110 Khoarlpa. p . 4 t 0 I 0
00.04 ,.
- Totala... 11 V 1 I
Totala 14 7 It'll a
Hatted for Patterson In the ninth.
Minneapolis ........ tt
polls tKl 1- 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
City j.. 0 0 0 1 0 0 fi
Two-hnse hits: Rossm;fq, Love. Maaea
on balla: Off Patterson. ,i off Rhoadea.
1 Struck out: Hv rattfarana.. 3: bv
Rhoatles. 7. Sacrifice hlt r.nrrtn.i-
Hyiitt. .Molen bases: Barbe.i'M, Owens
T .. . . 1. 1 . . 1 . . .1 ! J . , . .
niiiKiv tm,vi. imitnti in I iiHvnrv in
Minneapolla. 8.' Time! !:0r. Umpires: Kd
dlnger and Hit yea, ..,'."'',
pouahcrlr la Invincible,
MlLWAf K'KK, Wis..' June l-Dougherty
waa InvliK-lblpr todav, Milwaukee winning
bv .1 to I from St. Paul., f'hroh waa easv.
and sfler Milwaukee had marie three rung
In as many Innings. Stclger was substi
tuted. Only Mxtrrn m n faced him In the
five Inning -he .workr-J -Two wild throws
hv Charles In the ninth gave the visitors
their nnlv run. Score:
MlLWAl KF.K "fT. PAt'L.
mainnvT, Cl.. o . 1 o -larftl. 11 ... a 1 1 S A
Charlra. lb.. 4
114 2 Iwlcliantv, rf 4 1 I 1 0
14 0 ft M'rntin'k. 2b I 1 0 t 0
I 0 0 0 Autrry, lt . 1 1 4
110 0 lUl.tnn, cf . 4 0 1 ft 0
II 4 a nmlar. .. 1 1 t so
1 ! 4 0 S.aiicar. r . .. 4 1 S t 0
.lonaa, lb. . . . 4
Randall, rf.. 4
Stone. If .... 4
Clark, Sh ... 4
Lwta, 1
Marha. c. 1
l 7 Z " unwell, lb.. 4 0 0 1 0
pougherty-, p 8
rty, pi I 01-a (-, ft, p...,, 4 0 V-
f- tftolarrp 1 1 4 I
a I 27 17 2 .-. ' .
' t v I- Totala.,'..!. It 4 24 11
' Totaii
Milwaukee .....,...'. 1-1 1 0 0 0 0 0 -S
St Paul ...0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
Tvo-bae hlta: Clat ko, Stelger, Mai shall.
Charles, Lewis. Hts: ( ff t'hech. S In thrte
Innlnss: off Stelger, 1 Jn 'five clnnlngs. Ieft
on hascf: Milwaukee, ; St. Paul. 9 Baaea
on balla: Otf Dougherty, 5; off Chech, .1.
Struck out: By Dougherty, 1; bv Chech,
2; by Stelger. S. --Time; 2:10. Umpires:
Ilandlhoe and Owens. -
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- Weddril at Osmond..
OSMOND, Neb.. Juno 1. (Special.) Fri
day evening at the home of the groom's
parents, Mr. and ' Mrs. B. S. Ieedom, of
this place, occurred the marriage of their
son. Joe W. Leedom, to Miss Jessie A.
Smith. Will A. Marek and Miss Gertrude
Leedom attended them, while Rev. .J.. II.
Hurd of the Methodist Episcopal ehgrch
said the words that united the lives of
these two young people. Mr. Leedom has
grown to manhood. In Osmond, and is
Junior editor of J.he Republican. Miss
Smith has been primary teacher tn ' tha
public .schools here for the last two years.
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