Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 29, 1911, Page 8, Image 8

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Contlnned )
FOR HAI.8C 18.509 seres In Laramie
tounty, Wyoming, in Uolden Prairie dis
lrl t : snltahle for ferrnlng; now storked
e-lth ci ! and sheep; will sell with ranch;
III exchange f'r eastern Nebraska or
lows farms. J. T. Hall, unnur, neenaa
W ro. -
Wli exchange propertl of merit H. H.
Culvci'. HU-iJ O. S. U. bids.. 1. Ih6o.
FOR PALK A; clean stock of general
merchandise. ' cimsUiliig of dry e.oils,
clothing, shoes, lints and cups. carp'ts and
us-s, rrc-ckery. and irrocerles: slso brick
itnre building; well located in Kod town
f 1.600 peeple In northeast Jfebrsskn: stock
will Invoiee about ' lO,t); would discount
stok some fin- 4.-&sn or would exchnns
stock nnd building for Rood farm In south
ern Minnesota, Iowa, southeast South Da
kota, eastern Nebraska, northeast Kanasi
or northwest Mlmmri; land miint be good
snrt at about, real value; would assume
small incumbrance. Give full particulars
about land In first letter; Improvements,
soil, lay of land, distance' from what
town, number and pries If land Is rented,
what rent Address X 29, cars of lies.
FOR rdlAlrie sales d exchanges, ses
D. M. I. K A. MING. if Ursnde s Bldg.
I 1
FINK stlto, slightly used, ao-horse power,
four-cylinder, excellent condition: will coo.
sider exchanging for cottage worth it,'";
must be clran Address T 417. Hee.
VANTEI-fTo trade two acres on boule
vard near .South Omaha Country club for
automobile. This Is- a choice tract, worth
the money, and will rapidly Increase In
value. Answer quick. A. B. (.'., Stock
Yards station, Houth Omaha.
A VERY choice 100-acre, nicely Improved
farm to eastern Kansas: close to town;
hlxhly. Improved locality; only two hours'
ride from Kaunas City; equity $9,o00; will
exchange for cheap land or city property
priced at cash value.
S. E. W AIT at CO.. 617 Wee BL.OQ.
WANTED TO TKAUK A dandy 6-room
house fin paved street In best residence dis
trict of South Omaha, all modern except
furnace, for automobiles. Will take new
cars at second-band ones if In prime con
dition and priced right. This ia a snap.
Answer quick.
I have a practically new t-stnry and base
ment brick bu tilling In Vllllsca. la., which
I will trade for automobiles, residence
property In Omaha or cheap land. This
bid ding is In the best h cation In town nnd
would make a fine location for a pool hall,
reptatlrant. hotel or Harare and repair
shop. Better Investigate 'this at once, for
It Is good.
Address owner.
..MART MOM,. Omaha, Neb.,
ZMT Bristol St.
OMAHA property and Nebraska lands.
10l New Omaha National Bank Building.
GARVIN BROS.. Id floor N. T. Life. IBM
to 1149,01)0 on tmpioved property. No delay.
5 At Kl.-.c? e'ty and farm property, w.
V 72Ca MBIKLB. M Rams. Bid.
Co., Omaha,
WANTED City loans. Petera Trust Co.
WANTISD-eCity loans ar.S variant. W.
rarnatn Bmltb at Co., 1320 Farnam St.
LOANS to homo owners and homo build
ers, with privilege of making partltal pay
ments Aaml-annually. W. H. THOMAS, aul
First National Bank building.
Representing the Penn Mutual Life Ina
Co.. with asseta of over 1117,000,000. I am
Jirepared to accept all the good loan of
red on Improved Omaha real estate
Business and restdenoe loans made will
out eel?.- -
City National Bank Bldg.
Good 6
Farm Mortgages
Always on hand and for sale In
amounts from $300 to $3,000.
412 New York Life Bldg.
f!00 to 110.000 made promptly. F. II
Wead... Weed Bldg.. lata and Farnam.
MONEY TO LOAM-Fajrna Invealmect Co
WE HAVE money to loan on Improved
real estate In Omaha and suburba
16U6 Farnatn Bt. Board of Trade Bldg.
110-112 Brandela Tt-eater Bldg.
Have you anything to offer the farmer
f Iowa? Any cheap land for higher priced;
a general merchandise store for lund or
an kind of an exchange? Or have yen
some land you want to sell for cash 7 The
ne paper that reaches the Iowa farmer
la the Das atfoknes Capital; 42.000 elrcuieuos
dully rate single Insertion, t cent a word;
six Insertions, cents a word. Dea Molne
DalU Capital. Des Mulne. la.
Isatureaque mi. Lawrence Routa
Weekly Sailings from
Fortnightly from
PHILADELPHIA and Boston to Glasgow,
aplendld scenery, shortest passage, lea
Any local agent or
ALLAN CO., Ueneral Agents,
IK N. Dearborn fat., Chicago.
Single or Round Trip Tickets between New
York and Scutch, English, Irish and all
principal Continental points at attractive
rates, bend for book of Information, ,
, Superior Accommodation. Excellent CuU
slue. Apply promptly for Reservation te
local agents of Anchor Una or RENDER
SON lUiUJi. Oeneral Agents, 'hiuago, 1U.
BEST price paid far 2d baud furniture,
carpets, clothing and shoes. Tel. D.
OOOD MONEY lor your broktn move.
aenU and uld gold. M. Nathan, kw d- 13 tk
GELNER pays good prices for furniture,
caipeia. cioliie and shoes. D. 6401.
WANTED Adjoining rooms for three
young men; furnished;- private bath. L
343. Hee. j - .
' WANTED to rent cottage, by young man
at Carter lake, during June or July. Rod
and Oun Club or West Side. 8. 348, bee.
Our Tiouse was unrented.
Ana we naa lamented
I'nrU we were tirt d and sore, '
Tben we wrote a small ad.
Called up The H-e Want Tad
Row are happy onco more.' .
This verse receivrs huuorable mention.
WANTEI At once, four or five-room
modern house furnished or apartment for
two. Address F 4J8. Bee.
HIGH school buy wants employment
with a business flrai after school and dur
ing vacation. Phone Rod 6U7.
I-ADY experienced In btrnkkeeplng and
office work ws-nis permanent pohltl m. Ad
dress Y 89, care Bee. .
YOUNO lady with experience In photos
rapny wishes- poaitMa In studio; reference
trota place (orutexU employed D 83a, Bee.
Vol' NO man of seveinl years experience
with stenni and vn anmnes and automo
bile reran inu. Address Y 34. care Bee.
A TOSITION Ss caretaker for a family
going away and leaving home, by a middle
sued lady with the best of reference. Tel.
Florence. K2.
UTKAMFITTER wants work; 3 years In
last shop and reference; capable of taking
charge. Tel. Doug 77!.
MALE st-nographer wants work after
61 p. m. and Saturday afternoons. Tel.
Webster 8JS7.
WANTED Position as bookkeeper by
strndy married man; understands some
thing of insurance; small salary will suf
f.ce. Address K 312, Bee. or telephone
II ehSO.
MAN wants portion In wholrvile bouse
or any kind of work. II 340, Bee.
POSITION wanted by middle-aged man,
married; ten years' experience in R. H.
office and two years In lumber office.
Reasonable .-alary to start; good refer
ence. O 360. Bee.
STRONG boy, well acquainted In city,
wants position; office or cash boy pre
ferred. I'lione Harney 31S3.
LADY wants dressmaking. AVill go out
by the day or take It home. Web. 6714.
LADY, aged 26, with baby boy, 9 months,
would like place to keep house for gentle
man. Address 13-1 3d Ave., Council Bluffs,
GOOD, strong, reliable boy, aged 18,
wants position. Harney 31K3.
Experienced and competent office assist
ant; will substitute for any length of time
during the summer. Best references.
l-'ij. Bee.
WAN'TEIV- A position by young man,
clerical preferred. Have had experience
and can furnish best of references. D-&3,
care Bee.
MIDDLE-AGED woman wants work as
sisting In housework. Address K 369, care
POSITION as hotel clerk; two years'
experience; can furnish A No. 1 references.
Address, II 4n6, Bee.
WANTE1 A position by an all-round
butcher. B 400, Bee.
YOl'NO lady, good at figures, desire
position as cashier at once. Address, D
402. Bee.
SITUATION wanted; private chauffeur;
hsvo had auto schooling and three years'
experience; good habits. Address J 407, Bee.
j ' POSITION attending sodn fountain; 18
months' experience; can furnish Al refer
ence. Aaarem u 4uo, care iee.
POSITION as collector and assistant
bookkeeper; can furnish bond and refer
ence F 404. Bee.
YOTJNO man wants position as clerk;
first-class references. Douglas 4316.
FAMILY WASHING, $1.25 a week. Har
ney 4129.
LADY wants work by day, washing,
Ironing or cleaning. B-5177.
YOl'NO man who h as finished ths NA&iion
an traveling salesman would consider a
good proposition either traveling or city.
n., vjinant. wv, council aUiuiis.
TJNIOIf STATIOJ? Tvnth ' 3lmaa
tnloa Pacific-
Ean Fran. Overland L .a 8:15 am
China and Japan F. M.a 4:06 pm
Atlantic F.vnr-tti
all: pn
a 6:46 pn
a 8:45 am
a 6:10 pra
Oregon Express a 4:00 pm
Los Angeles Limited. ..al2:4S pm
uenvflr opvuiovi t .vt am a am
Colorado Express. , ...'.a 8:50 pra a 4:60 pm
Oregon-Wash. Limited. al2:50 pm a 8:20 pm
North Platte Local alT.55 pin a 4:46 pm
Grand Island Local. ...a 8:16 am al0:30 am
a 7:27 am
Stromaburg Local bl2;41 pm b 1:30 pm
- - . '
i,sicsks k j, u, ih ,, v , r
Twin C
("All 1u,l
a 3:60 pm
ai2:2S am
a 8:28 pm
a 3:28 pm
a 8:49 aln
a 8:28 pm
al2:30 pra
a 7:46 am
al0:10 am
a 8:86 pm
aU:00 am
Daylight Express
..a 7:40 am
..al2:06 pm
coioraao-v nicago
rhlrairn Hdm'IilL
Chicago Special a 6:02 pm
Pacific Coast-Chicago.. a : pra
Los Angelea Limited. . .a :60 jiti
Overland Limited all:4C pra
Carroll Local a 4:30 pra
Vast Mail a 8:30 via
Lincoln-Chadron a 8:00 am
NorloiK-uaiias a a:w am
1 nnr Pin A-1 .incnln 9-1K Dm
Long Pine-utncoin a a ia pm a 6:;
Hastings-Superior b 2.16 pm b 6:i
Deadwood-Hot Springs. a 8:65 pm a 5:1
Casper-Lander a 3:06 pin all:l
. llkl... fc. K.-J.1 M fc- . . .
a 6:20 pm
b 6:20 pm
:u pm
liia am
b 1:66 pm
Chlcaao. Rock Island fc Paclfl
Rocky Mountain Ltd...al2:68 am al0:45 pm
Chicago Day Express. .a 6:46 am a 4:30 pm
I V. 1 . 1 akq VnK h!A-r. nm V. 1 A 1 Q
unicago uy cxprese-.a o:w am a :tu pi
Chicago Local Pas...,bl0:35 am bl0:l pi
Des Moines Local Pass.a 4:27 pm al2:12 pi
Chicago Express a 4:10 pm a 1:15 pi
Chl.-Neb. Ltd. Lincoln.. a 8:20 am a 6:68 pm
Colo.-Cal. Express a 1:26 pm a 4:00 pm
Okl. & Texas Express. .a 6.-00 pm all:46 am
Rocky Mountain Ltii.alo.ju pm aU:60 am
Chtcaa-o, Mllwaake'e St. Pawl
Oveland Limited all:3 pm a 7:68 am
Omaha-Chicago Ex b 7:16 am
Om.-Savanna Local. ...a 7:16 am all:46 pm
Colo.-Cal. Express a 6:00 pm a 8:26 pm
Colorado Special a 7:42 am a 6:60 am
Perry-Omaha Local b 6:16 pm blO.VJ am
Illinois Central
Chicago Express a 7:00 am a 8:46 pm
Chicugo Limited a 6:00 pm a 8:00 am
Minn.-St. Paul Ex b 1:00 am ...
Mlun.-bt. Paul Ltd a 8:00 pm a 8:00 am
Omaha-SL Louis Ex. ...a (.30 pra a 8:36 am
Mail and Expresa a 7:02 am all: 16 pm
fllunh'w I-l irmin C R kh K-ikt mil am
,aleuio-jireat Wtilr
Chicago Limited a 6:4k pm
Twin City Limited b 8.30 pm a 7:68 am
twin City Limited k d0:30 am
Tain City Jutpie&a a 7:30 am a :M pm
Chicago Uxpieta a : put
MUaoarl Pacific
K. C. k 6L L. Ex a 8:20 am a 7:40 am
K. C. ai til. L. Jix all: 16 pin a 6:60 pm
Barllsgtoa statloa xotu k4 Masoa.
ft 4:ltl om
a 3.46 pm
a 3. vi put
a 6:lu pm
a 3:4j pm
aU.16 pui
a 7:W aiu
a (.10 piu
a 6:10 pm
b 8;us aiu
uio.M mt
a 7 :60 pm
a 8:60 am
a 2:40 piu
all:& pm
all:Ju pm
a 7:00 am
a 8.6o pm
a :uj am
aiu: 30 am
aw. 30 am
all :4a am
a :4a ain
a pm
Denver & California.
Puget Suuiid Express..
a 4.10 pm
a 6. J0 am
iNeuiaska puinie ..
Black ililla
Lincoln Mail
Nurtnweot lxpie&s
Nebrabka points ...
.a 4. 10 pui
. b 1.20 pm
.all: piu
.a b.Ai Min
Neoraska Express
a -U atu
Lincoln L.ocal
bchu ler-PluiUuioutli. .
Lincoln Local
Bells vue-Piatttinioutu..
Central Nebraska
Chicago Special
Denver fepeclal
Chicago Express
Chicago Faal Express.
b 3 06 pm
a 7:26 pin
a 8. is am
aUi.30 pm
.all .66 pm
.a 7.16 am
.a 4. HI mn
.a 6.30 pm
Atlaniio Coast Limited
..ii pin
Iowa Local
Creston tla.) Local....
St. Louis Express
K. C. SU Joseph....
K. C. at St. Joseph
K. C. ot. Jusepb
a am
,a t .'M pui
a 4:30 pm
.al0:t6 pm
.a 8.16 am
.a 4. JO pm
V.'ebatrr ttatloa lBtk aa4 Wekster.
Mlasoarl Pacific
Depart. Arrive.
Auburn Local b 3:60 pm bll.65 am
catraao, t. Paal, Allaaeapolla - ft
O ui a t -
. - . Depart Arrive.
Ploux- City Express.. ..b 8:86 pra bll:06 pm
Omaha Local e :25 pm
Bloux City Pass b 8 25 um
Twin City Pass b 6:45 am
floux City Local c 8:26 am
Emrson Local b 6mA pm b 8:1 ani
(b) dally except Sunday. tc Sunday
The Bee aims to print a paper
that appeals to intelligence;
not to an appetite for scandal
and sensations.
city n,xpreas....a 7:46 am al0:20 pm
City Local , -a S:46.-pm a 1:28 pm
tk. Dakota Ex. ...a T:O0 pm a 8:16 am
City . Limited a 8:46 pm a 7:30 am
Minnesota Express aU:0o am
m 1 -IA
Prospects of Rain Take Edge Off the
Bull Side.
Xfw Harvest Growlaa-. Nearer Staads
In War of roaslltle Advance
Greater trrnsth la tora
Is Shown.
OMAHA, May 17. 19U.
Cooler weather and prospects for rain
took the bull edge off the wheat market
at the start.- Hains were scattered over the
southwest and the spring wheat belt had
K'od heavy rainfall, making conditions per
fect. The market is a genuine weather af
fnlr and there Is a generally friendly feel
ing to the bull side. There are enormous
stocks of wheat, however, and the new
harvest Is near at hand, which la In op
position to any marked advance.
The strength developed In corn must be
credited more to .the reduced stocks and the
bullish commercial position of cash corn
than to the hot weather talk of probable
damage to the growing crop. The higher
cash prices are likely to Increase receipts
and at this time shipping demand and sal
show signs of slacking.
Despite bearish news and early selling,
wheat turned strong on evening up trades
for shorts who did not care to hold over
Sunday, closed the market strong. Cash
wheat was steady and unchanged.
llenvy corn receipts weakened the mnrket
and cooler weather, with showers checked
the bull sentiment. Cash corn was
Primary wheat receipts were C75,0nO bush
els and shipments were 47S.MO bushels,
against receipts last year of 254,no0 bushels
and shipments of 214.m bushels.
Primary corn receipts were 870.000 busn
els and shipments were 240.000 bushels,
against receipts last year of 1SS.000 bushels
and shipments of 316.000 bushels.
Clearances were 1X2.0X bushds of corn,
none of onts and wheat and flour equal to
322,000 bushels.
Liverpool closed unchanged to a hlgner
on whrnt nnd ',d higher on corn.
The following cash sales were reported:
Wheat No. 2 hard: 3 cars, 88c. NO. S
hard- 1 car, K,V,c; 1 car. 'c.
Corn No. I white: 2 cars, SOHc; 1 car,
Boc. No. 3 white: 2 cars, M'ics 1 car 60c.
No. 4 white: 1 car, 4'c. No. 2 yellow: 7
cars. 49-Vic; 6 cars. 49"C. NO. s yeuow;
6 cars. 4Vi.c. No. 4 yellow. 1 car. 49c; 1
car. 4N-V.C. No. 2 mixed: 1 car, 49l,i!C. No.
3 mixed: 4 cars. 4SM,c; t cars, 49'4c No. 4
mixed: 1 car, 4c; 2 cars, 4!i4c. lo graue.
1 car. 45MrO.
tiats No. 8 white: 3 cars, SlM-c; 1 car,
33c No. 4 yellow: 1 car, S2ic.
' Omaha Cash Price.
WHEAT No. 2 hard, 87VwW,ic; No. 3
hard, kn89ic; No. 4 haru. MCh87V4c; re
jected hard, 74iit82,4c; No. 3 spring, 8Sft'e93c;
No. 4 spring, Wuyic; No. 2 durum, WW
86S$c; No. 3 durum, 83tj84?c.
CORN No. 2 white. 60Viarj0Hc: No. 3
white, oWb50hc; No. 4 white, 48iH9c; No. 3
color, 49'4i'4Wc;, No. 2 yellow, 4949c;
No. 3 yellow, 4lK&49'c; No. 4 yellow. 48Vtf
4Sc; No. 2, 49rti49c; No. 3, 49U49Vic; No.
4, 4xyt&4(je.
OATS No. 2 white. S3Wa"34c; standard,
3?ASt,33c; No. 3 white, 3333ttc' No. 4
white, S2H'833c; No. 3 yellow, 323314c ;
No. 4 yellow, SlhiS32o.
BARLEY No. 3, fUiffSfic; No. 4, 74S4c;
No. 1 feed, 67ttjl2c; repected, &45'r9c.
RYE No. 2. 89-8900; No. 3, 88S9c.
Carlot Receipts.
Wheat. Corn. Oata.
Chicago 213 431 , 260
Minneapolis 184
Omaha 28 136 15
Duluth .76
Featnrea of tbe Trading; and Closing
Prices on Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, May 27. Rains ' and cooler
weather west of the Missouri river made
the wheat market easy most of the time
today, but In the last half hour a smart
rally occurred on account of renewed buy
ing for an Interest which has been con
spicuous of late in taking the bull side.
Closing figures vary from a shade lower
than last night to 4c up. The day's trading
left'eorn unchanged to He down, oats the
same as twenty-four hours previous or
running to Wo: Vic decline and provisions
strung out from UVfcC loss to a sain of 24c
net. - - - ' --
Relief from the heat and drouth, even
though the change was restricted in extent,
brought a quick right-about-face among
traders In wheat. Bearish feeling grew
more pronounced when cables turned out
to be flat. Prospects for large receipts here
the next few days had a further depress
ing effect. General selling was the rule
for quite a while, but gradually tapered
off and In the end gave place to persistent
buying on the part of bull leaders. As a
result many of the early bears were forced
to cover. Influenced somewhat by reports
of a shortage of wheat on hand In Oregon,
Idaho and Washington. During the session
July ranged from 880 to SOVgDc, with
last sales 89Aft89c, Just a shade net gain.
Heavy realizing by local longs caused
a downward tendency in corn. July fluc
tuated between 6353o and 64Vc, closing
steady, fa-Hc down, at STic. Cash grades
were steady. No. 2 yellow finished at 64
The oats trade proved large. High and
low points for July were 364c and 36c,
with latest transactions SoVytc, a net
decline of WVe.
(selling credited to a Milwaukee packer
more than offset In the provisions pit
strength due to an advance In the price
of hogs. In the end pork was 2Vs12Hc
lower than last night, but other products
showed no Important change.
Prices in Chicago, furmsned by the Up
dike Grain company. Telephone Douglas
2473, 70b Brandels building, Omaha:
Articles ! Open. High. Low. Closs.j Yes'.
May... July...
Sept. ...
997'l mJ KiJ
H 0l?'4lU-',
64H 64
i 64
36H 36
8W 3&V
14 97
14 46
8 2
7 97
7 86
8' Mil
IS 00
14 40
8 25
16 00
14 40
8 2S
8 87
14 90 1 14 96
14 3?H 14 40
8 30
8 27H
8 221
8 30
7 96 I
I 00
7 871
7 871 7 80
FLOUR Steady; winter patents, 84 003
4.50; winter straights, 83.70426; spring
straights, 34.16&4.36; bakers, 8i. 40-4. 60.
n i r. . o. i, oo,
BARLEY Feed or mixing. 63(S75c: fair
to choice malting, SSigWc.
SEEDS Flax, No. 1 southwestern, nomi
nal; No. 1 northwestern, nominal; timothy.
812.00; clover, 310.00.
PROVISIONS Mess pork, per bbl., 81500
15.26. Lard, per 1(10 lbs., 88.17. Short ribs.
siues, luoae, t.3)to((l.uu.
Total clearances of wheat and flour wore
equal to 322.000 bushels. Primary receipts
were 625,000 bushels, compared with 264.000
bushels the corresponding day a year ago.
E-eumatea receipts lor tomorrow: Wheat
131 cars; corn, 646 cars; oata, 22S cars; hogs,
41.000 head.
Chicago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 2 red,
97H!98'ac; No. 3 red, V(94c; No. t hard.
97Va'Ac; No. 8 hard, ttuiiMc; No. 1 north
ern spring, tl.001.02; No. 2 northern spring,
fc4i8102; No, 8 spring, 83(U97e. Corn: No.
3 cash. 61c: No. 3 cash, Mt(fAh,c ; No. 3
white, 64'(i64c: No. 8 white, 54(li64'4c; No.
2 yellow. 61'u64c; No. 3 yellow, 64w54c.
Oats: No. 3 cash, 84c- No. 2 white, 3ti
86c; No. 3 white, 36Vo3rte; No. 4 white.
at'ybc; standard, abuab.
- BUTT,' F.R Firm; creameries. 18S33c; dai
ries, luiffaio.
K!U.- Steady ; receipts, 21.768 cases; at
mark, cases included, 14al2c; firsts, 14c
mime firsts. 15c.
CHBEWK Bteady; daisies, llllc;
London Paris Haniborg-
Pstrirts. June 8, llajn Prtorl Jsna 14
Amerlks Jun tl Pras. Orant ....June 10
rill Csrltos a ia Carts HaaUurant.
- Meaoeod C able oolr.
Will call at Bouloaoa
MCslI at Plrnrautk aa4 Cbarboorg.
Br tha ll.isa tua
Ttta first le taave
Na Tark Octobw
II. till. Tha sna4
ta laava Saa Fraa
alaeo Fab. a. IMS.
. THE-
a H 8 1 I6il
1M Waal kanao:k
St., Csioaco, 1U-. ar
Kx pa saa J
Oa an ooeaa
tlna Ittl... IiLV m. A m -t - . 111, !
ii-Tc, iiiiih norns, nn Lite.
mTATOEK F.asv; choice to fancy, new,
II '.".al. 11; ild, 4tm72c; fair to good, old,
3ti c.
roll.TRT-Ptesdy: turkeys, live. 13c;
fowls, live, IZc; springs, dressed, 2Iii2fioi
VEAL Menrtv; 60 to fiO lbs.. 7'a7c; 60 to
?5 lbs., S'.i9c; S to 110 lbs., 9-iTlOc.
Receipts Today Wheat, 263 cars; corn.
413 cars; oats. 2m cars.
Estimated Tomorrow Wheat, 131 cars;
corn, 646 cars; oats, 225 cars.
((notations at the Day oa Varlaas
NEW "YORK, Mav 27.-FLOlTR-ulet;
spring patents. 84.7iiif6.15; winter patents,
84 l'ii4..Vi; w inter extras No. 1. I3.axri3.60;
Vsnsas stralshts. 81 ltr-M.?"; winter
extras. Xo. I, lSfTS 2T.. Rye flour quiet;
fair to good, 84.fc&7rTi.M5; choice) to fancy.
86 SOfrr, BO.
CORNMEAI-Pteady; fine white and
V. M -.; coarse, l.lntfl 15; kiln
(l-'r ,l " v
WHEAT-Spot market, easy; No. t red.
WVic. elevator, and 7V4c. f. o. b.. afloat:
."so. 1 northern. Duluth. ll.OTVi. r. o. n., ;
afloat. Futures market was easier under i
week-end llaMdatoln due to showers in
the southwest and nrospects of more fa
vorable conditions over Sunday, closing
MiWc lower; May closed at c; July, 95
rn'c; closed at 9Gc; September closed at
CORN Spot market dull; export, new
No, 2. (S2c, nominal, f. o. b., afloat. Fu
tures market was without transactions,
closing at c net decline. July closed at
61c: June, 61 o.
OATS Spot market, quiet; standard,
white, 42c; No. 2. 43c: No. S, 42c; No. 4.
41c.; futures market was without tran
sactions; close, nominal.
HAY-Steady; prime. 81.5ft5Tl.55; No. 1.
8l.4fVffl.Bft: No. 2, tl.2TxRl.36: No. 3, tl.0O31.06.
HIDES Steady; Central America, 19
20c; Bogota. 211ifr2214c.
LEATHKR Steady ; hemlock, firsts, 23
r27e; seconds. 22fa23c: third. 19i20c; re
jects, H'JtlSo.
PROVISIONS Pork, steady: family.
t18.0Oi'20.OO; short clear, tl6.((318.00. Beef,
dull; mess, J12 fKV(n3.'i0; family, ti3. 50 14.00;
beef hams, $25.60rg 27.50. Cut meats, quiet;
pickled bellies, 10 to 14 lbs., tl0.26ft 12.60;
pickled hams, tH.75W12.50. Ird, steady;
steady, middle west prime, t8 30)8. 40; re
fined steady; continent tO; South Amer
ica. 89.00; compound, t7.377.62.
TALLOW Quiet; prime city ,hdds., 6c;
country, 6'ff-6o.
BUTTER Firm; creamery, special. 2"3
26c; extras, 24tj.c; firsts. 22ti23c; state
dairy, finest, 24c; state dairy, good to
prime, 22i23c; state dairy, common to fair,
17li21c; factory, current make, firsts, 17c;
factory, current make, seconds, ltSfil7c.
KOG5 Firm; fresh gathered, selected
extras, 20jf21c; fresh gathered, seconds, 15
'lu'-ic; fresh gathered, dirties, No. 1, He;
fresh gathered, dirties. No. 2, 12gi3;
fresh gathered, checks, good to prime, 12
CHEESE Steady; old skims, 6ffl0c; new,
POULTRY Alive, firm; western springs,
20c; western fowls, 13&14c; western tur
keys, 12c. Dressed, easy; western broilers,
20ii2Sc; western fowls, lgilSc; western
turkeys, ISiJjICo.
Corn and Wheat ttearlon dnlletln.
Record for the -twenty-four hours ending
at 8 a. m. Saturday. May 27, 1911:
Temp. Rain-
Stations. Max. Mln. fall. Sky.
Ashland. Neb 90 66 .00 Cloudy
Auburn, Neb 96 68 .00 Pt. cloudy
B'ken Bow, Neb. 86 49 . 42 Cloudy
Columbus, Neb... 82 67 .00 Cloudy
Culbertson, Neb.. 8S 4S .00 Pt. cloudy
Falrbury, Neb... 91 63 .00 Pt. cloudy
Fairmont, Neb... 89 67 . 00 Cloudy
Gr. Island, Neb.. 90 66 .00 Cloudy
Hnrtington, Neb. 91 . 64 . 08 Cloudy
Hustings, Neb.... 90 60 .00 Pt. cloudy
Holdrege, Neb... 87 52 .00 Clear
Lincoln. Neb 91 CI .00 Cloudy
No. Plaiie, Neb. 84 40 .H Clear
Oakdale. Neb 89 63 .48 Pt. cloudy
Omaha, Neb 91 70 .00 Cloudy
Tekamah. Neb... 90 61 .00 Cloudy
Valentine. Neb.. 84 40 .18 Clear
Sioux City, Ia... 88 B8 .00 Cloudy
Alta. Ia. 90 o .02 Cloudy
Carroll. Ia 88 80 .06 Cloudy
Clarinda, la 82 8 .00 Cloudy
Sibley, Ia 80 65 .03 Cloudy
Minimum temperature for twelve-bout
period ending at 8 a. m. h,
J Mo. of Temp. Rain-
District- Stations. Max. Mln. fall.
Columbus, 0 17 91 62 .00
Louisville, -Ky...Tv$ 91 - 62 .00
Indianapolis, Ind.. 11 90 t2
- .00
Chicago, 111 25 92 61
St. LOUIS, M0.,..n8 94 6K
Des Moines, la.,.. 21 '92- 66
Minneapolis, Minn. 80 ' 80 48
Kansas City, Mo 34 . m 63
Omaha, Neb... SO 66
Very warm weather prevailed throughout
the corn and wheat region Friday, and
temperatures up in the nineties were gen
eral In all portions except In the extreme
upper valleys. Decidedly cooler weather Is
moving In over the western districts this
Lmornlng, and Will extend over the entire
region wtihln the next twenty-four hours.
Good rains have fallen in the Dakotas and
lighter showers occurred In tho Omaha.
Des Moines and Kansas City districts. The
following heavy rains occurred in the Da
kotas: Larlmore, N. D., L90; Bottineau,
N. D., 1; Aberdeen, a. D.. 1.40; Mitchell, 8.
D L10. L. A. WELSH.
Local Forecaster. Weather uuieau.
St. Loale General Market.
ST. LOUIS, May 27. WHEAT-Cash,
lower; track. No. 2 red, 92Cu96c; No. 4
hard, 92&98c. Futures, steady; May, 92c;
July, Hijc; September,' 8tjiu6c.
CORN Lower; track. No. 3, 63a63c; No.
8 white, 64jj54c. Futures, lower; July,
M'4c; September. t853ko.
OATH Firm: track. No. i, 34c; No. 2
wnite, at"c. f utures, mgner; July, 36 c;
September, 350.
RYJJ Lower, at 96a
r'LOUlt (Juiel; rea winter patents, 84 20
U4.iu; extra lancy ana siraignts, J.tWa4.lO;
hard winter, 82.6u3.16 ,
BEEDS Timothy, 35.0060.50.
CORN MEAL 82.50.
BRAN Unchanged; sacked, east track.
81.W7 (U 1. 10.
HAY Steady; timothy. 816.0OiZr22.0O: nral-
rie, 812.001 16.oa
PROVLSIONS-Pork. higher: lobblnir.
815.50 Lard, higher; prime steam, 17.90a
8.00. Dry salt meats, unchanged,; boxed
extra snorts, xs.aiVi; clear ribs, 88.3i;
short clears, 88.63. Bacon, unchanged;
boxed extra shorts. 89.37: clear ribs.
89.37: short clears, 89 62.
POULTRY-45teady; chickens. 8c: soring
Wi24c; turkeys, 12-jj 15c; ducks, 10c; geese,
BUTTER Quiet; creamery, 1621a
IX1G3 SUady, at 12c.
Recelpta Shipments.
Flour, bbls 7,700 7,00)
Wheat, bu 63.000 22,000
Corn, bu ; 134,000 47.000
Oats, bu 64,000 26,000
Kaasaa City Grata and Provisions.
Cash, unchanged to c lower; No. 2 hard,
8MMc; No. 3 hard, 86)r92c; No. 8 red, Qia
Un a .a . c . ...... o .
CORN Market Vitc lower; No. Z mixed.
62V62c; No. 8 mixed. 62g-&2c; No. t
shite, 62c; No. 8 white, 62c; July, 61c;
September, 61c.
OATS Unchanged; No. X white. smWAc:
No. 2 mixed, 34y36c.
jYE 9lKji96c.
HAY Steady; choice timothy. 815.50lZfl7.00:
choice prairie. tl2.25&13.80.
BUTTER Creamery, 90c; firsts, 17c; sec
onds, 15c; packing stock, 14e.
VXXi& Kxtras, I6c; firsts, 14c; seconds.
neceipts. enipments.
Wheat, bu. 47.000 113.000
Corn, bu 69.0U0 45.000
Oats, bu 14,000 6,000
Liverpool Orala Market.
steady: No. 1 northern. Manitoba. 6d: fu
tures, firm; May, July, ta lid; October, 6s
CORN Spot, new American, mixed, no
stock; old American mixed, quiet; bs 3d;
mixed. 52c: No. 4 mixed. 50V c: no grade.
new American, kiln dried, easy, 4s lod;
futures, steady; July, is a; (September,
4s 10d. -
Minneapolis Orala Market.
Mav. &6a06c; July. v; September.Slo
l'ecenikx-r. l,c: cash. No. 1 hard. iifeVc:
No. 1 northern, 86VmW4c; No. 8 northern.
1H7av(c; iso. a, tf-jo.
Oamaha Prod nee Market.
BUTT EIV Creamery. 22c; packing stock,
EOOB 120.
POULTRY Broilers, 20c; stags, 6c; hens,
9c; ducks, 10c
Dalatk Orala Market. ,
DULUTH. May 27. WHEAT No. 1
northern. 9STc; No. 2 northern. SG'yTic;
May, 90, nominal; July, 9s1o; Septem
ber, 93c.
OATH 350.
Mllwaakee Grata Market.
MILWAUKEE, Mav 27. W H EAT No. 1
northern. tloil.U2; No. 2 northern
99Kitl 00; May, tdc; July, 8o.
OATd Standard, 636e.
Killing Cattle Steady to Lower for
the Week.
Fat Sheep and l.a m be Make a Good
Gala for the Week, Being
Fifty o Slstr Cents
SOT.TH OMAHA. May V. 1911.
Freelpts were: Cattle. Hogs. Pheep
Official Mnndav 4 m 1 !"
''"icial Tiodsv 6 1i i 7'"
Official Wednesday ., IC im ?I4
ffl'-lal Thursday, S.TH 13. T5 S."""
Officlnl Frldav 641 5 601 8.114
E't mate Saturday 20 7,548
Six days this week IS 391 (S2.M4 22.911
Fame days lat week. . .20.47S M.S70 2-' M4
Same days t weeks ago..1.7?2 mVAt
Same days 3 weeks ago.. 17 250 57.190 29 6 6
Same davs 4 weeka airn IIM 7? 77. .77 1RI
E-nma, nav, a n n n , n i i. :ui i .- x . ,
The following table shovs t.e receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omnhn
for the year to date, ss compa-ed with
last year: "lO mc
Cattle 41S.3S4 400.030 16.3S4
Hogs 1.0S7.710 S79.I.W 218 04 !
Sheep 690.C36 594,218 96,400 1
The following table shows tbe average
prices on bogs at South Omaha for the
last several days, with comparisons:
Dates. 19U ,:910.t909.190S.19O7.190.19O5.
May 17...
May 18...
May 111...
Mav 20...
Mav 21...
Mav 82...
May 23...
May 24...
May 25..,
May 26..
May 27...
S (9 9 St' 7 W I 8 21 33, 6 23
(84 9 44 7 02 1 6 30 C 25 6 ts b t
5 71H 9 RSI 8 I 5 341 6 30 5 "Q
i 71 391 981 5 88! 23 6 24
9 411 7 0l 6 3X 6 24 8 20
8 84 7 00 6 37 Ls 6 3-M 6 29
6 59 9 43 5 2 6 11 6 1 6 25
6 62 9 39! 6 97 i I 8 04 8 22 6 17
6 70 9 19 7 10 6 14 6 99 1 32 1 5 16
6 8.1 14, 7 14; 5 16i I 6 271 6 19
6 84 9 27 7 14 6 20 6 90 6 17
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the I'nlon Stock Yards, South Omaha, for
twenty-four hours ending at 3 p. m. yester
C, M. & St. P 7
Missouri Pacific 12..
Union Pacific 19
C. A N. V., east 7
C. N. W.. west 43
C, St. P. M, 4 0 8
C, B. & Q , east 2
C, B. & y., west 17 1
C. R. I. & P., east v 6
C, R. I. & P., west 1
Illinois Central 3
C. O. W 2
Total receipts 1
116 1
Omaha Packing Co
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Hogs. Sheep.
... 997
...2.3H4 11
... 104
Totals 7.0S6 11
CATTLE As usual on a Saturday there
were no cattle of any consequence In sight
this morning and the market was prac
tically bare of supplies. For the week re
ceipts have been liberal, although
a slight falling oif as compared with last
week's heavy run. At the same time
there has been a decided increase over the
record made for the corresponding week
last year.
As was the case last week the demand
for beet steers seemed to call very laigely
for the choice well-fattened lightweights.
Thub it happened that yearling steers car
rying good flesh and of choice to fancy
quality -sold at the top of the market and
at prices that were fully steady with tne
close last week. At the same time light
cattle that were lacking in quality and
lleHh. were slow sellers all the week, and
they closed as much as Wgl5c lower than
a week ago. Heavy cattle,, while slow sale,
were not in so good demand as light
weights, and even the choice grades eased
off, and the general market was lo16c
lower for the week. There seems to be a
demand at all consuming centers for the
light cuts of meat, and for tnat reason
light-weight cattle are everywhere In the
best demand. '
Good light heifers and light cows on the
heifer order sold at steady prices all tne
week, but heavy cows and everything on
the grass order closed 108l5c lower.
Very fewstock cattle or feeders arrived
during the week, and as there was some
little inquiry for cattle of that description
the market developed quite a little strengih
during the week, and some sales looked as
much as 1544.250 higher.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice bee.
steers. 5.75a6.10; fair to good beef steers,
86.60W5 76; common to fair beef steers. o.0i
uS.60. good to choice heifers, $6.0O5.i;
good to choice cows, 84-775.2; fair to good
tows and heifers. 84.250?4.76; Common to fair
cows and hellers, 2.76tf4.00; kood to choice
stockers and feeder, 6.4oiuo.70; fair to
good and teeders, 8j.104j6.40; oom
mon to fair stockers and feeders. 34.ou&'
6.10; stock neifers. 4.2546.25; veal calves,
t4.264i7.50; bMls, stags, etc., 1A.Wio.2b.
HOGS Hog trade opened a nlcsel higher,
about 1,000 head getting the advance, and
ruled steady on bulk, closing dull. It was
a promising market at the outset, but
lacked support, as several of the regular
buyers relused to make purchases except
on a steady basis. Demand was reasonably
active from the start, and barring a weak
tone toward the finish, movement had a
fair degree of life. Animals that brought
the advance early were generally quality
oifenngs, suitable for shipping, and at
tracted more or less competition from buy
ers on outside account. ... ,, .
About 7,600 head were received In all and
of this total,- shipping and speculating
orders furnished an outlet for around Voo
head. Clearance at 11 o'clock was prac
tically complete. . ,
Spreads hetd at usual narrow margins,
good heavies and weighty butchers bring
ing t5.Dow6.86. Choice ngnt hogs reached
86.00, a nickel above yesterday a top and
16c above tops a week ago.
Cost of droves during the first four days
of this week ruled lower than average
cdst at last week's close, but big lmprove
n,.n v.aterinv carried prices safely a
dime higher than last Saturday's trade.
Present prices snow net aavaut-ea ui
ifr. KeceiDts have been fairly large and
of usual variety and quality.
Representative buies.
n. a, ah. ft. Ne. Av. ah. Fr.
t7 U ... i 7t 71 V W 4
M I2 10 74 74 241 80 I U
411 Sll ISO 6 74 47 li0 1 IH
M J7 180 I 76 70 144 80 I 84
U Ml 80 I 76 74 16 ... I 86
( 138 M 4 74 88 134 100 6 88
(0 19 ... 6 77 41 ifl 80 6 86
84 177 MO I 80 118 40 4 It
(1 804 80 8 80 70 140 ... 8 86
u Ill 80 6 80 64 14 40 i 88
87 800 100 I 80 48 134 120 I 86
(1 1B8 140 6 80 71 144 40 I 86
88 144 1M0 8 80 71 261 80 8 88
(8 281 120 6 80 W 211 ... I 86
87 24 120 6 80 88 240 80 86
80 04 J80 80 6 146 160 8 85
81 114 ... I 80 61 241 80 6 88
It 10 ... 6 SO 1 800 ... I 86
88 178 80 8 80 67 101 ... ( 88
t 178 ... 8 80 4 142 110 6 86
It l& ... 4 80 71 144 80 8 88
tl 260 120 ( 80 4 24 40 I 87
to 281 ... 80 70 Ill 120 6 ST
t& 268 110 6 80 41 241 40 I 17
88 144 ... I 80 71 ni 80 I 87
to 2S1 480 I 80 71 ta 80 6 80
K, 2M ... 80 86 ! 40 I 80
tl 20 8 6 80 70 207 80 i 80
tl 166 ... 4 80 4S 118 ... 10
88 21 80 I 80 71 218 80 I 80
88 !8 100 8 80 74 118 80 6 80
41 2D8 80 8 80 78 IT 80 180
86 131 ... 6 0 68 264 80 I 80
tl 184 ... I 80 41 24 140 i 80
tl 244 124 80 74 117 80 I 80
M 20 ... I 80 74 144 80 I 80
U 23 80 8 80 61 121 ... i 80
tO 267 80 I 80 41 Ml ... I 0
61 285 40 8 88 48 148 180 6 80
tt 174 10 I 80 80 121 110 i ftt
84 178 108 I 81 48 131 40 80
t8 164 180 4 82 78 Ill 40 I 80
M........1M 80 1 82 74 241 80 8 82
16. ....... 87 80 1 82 78 20 ... 186
tl 171 180 I 86 1K0 120 184
tt 136 140 6 82 68 248 40 t 86
it I4 40 5 tm 84 1K6 80 6 86
14 170 ... t '' 71 137 ... 186
14 181 10 I "V1. 78 2, ... i 86
07 261 ... I 'll- 41 11 110 8 86
u 171 H IV. 44 234 140 I 88
tt 268 80 8 46 78 224 11 I 86
71 .211 ... I 86 70 110 ... 00
tl 184 SO I 88
SHEEP There was nothing on sale this
morning In the way of sheep or lambs and
the market showed no quotable change.
During the week, trade has been In
very satisfactory condition and large ad
vances have been scored on all claaaea of
stock. Business on Wednesday was on the
highest basis, but prices weakened Thurs
day and Friday, having current quotations
tor lambs about 6orioc higner than those
of a week ago. Matured sheep also show
a half-dollar advance, but the proportion
of muttons has been relatively small so
tbat any Improvement baa been poorly
Mexican lambs In fleece have been run
ning freely but other offerings with wool
have been practically lacking. Extra good
Mexicans reached 87.76 at mid-week and
closed around 87.50a7.56. rihorn western
lambs of various weights sold as high as
87.00, this price being paid on two different
occasions. At present it would take strictly
choice shorn lambs to bring to. 76, bulk of
the crop selling at 7ao discounts under
wooled stock. Spring lambs have been I
resree, good ones selling up as high as
Arrivals of sheep were largely shorn and
nihil up only about one-fourth of the
week's total of 2J,ono head. Shorn ewes
brought as much as I4.754i4.s6 at high
time, and shorn wethers topped at iviA.
Yearlings and wethers minus fleece rangeii
around 85 .Vu 5 50, but the entire list of
values Is closing with partial losses from
the full advance. A general Improvement
of about 6c over prices a week ago R
plies to all kinds of old sheep, good weth
ers especially.
quotations on r-l.eep and lambs: Good to
choice spr ng lambs. 7.0WiS.o(; fair to good
spring lambs. 16.50'n 7; Mexican lnmb
: . J(Vii7.56; western hsndv lambs, 86.717.25
weMern heavy lambs, M.2,t.75; go.d to
choice shorn lambs. 3.40I-,.7S; fair to good
shorn lambs. 3r,.V,jt 40; shorn feeding
lambs. 8.1.754.75; shorn yearlings, 84.R5S
5 r; shorn wethers. 84 fir.vi5.25; good to
choice shorn ewes, tl.50tf4.7o; fair to good
rhorn ewes. t3.8.rvi4.'50.
Demand for Cattle Steady Hogs
Higher Sheep Weak.
CHICAGO. May 27. CATTLE Receipts,
estimated at 200 bead; market stendv;
beeves. t515if6.3.V, Texas steers, t4.fi0fu5.66t
w-estern steers. 34.80i5.(iO; stockers and
feeders, S3.904rS.7S: cows and heifers, S2.4o(f.
5.75; calves. t5.2Mi7.76.
HOOS Receipts, estimated at 8.000 head;
market. 6fi 10c up; light. t6.S5s.20; mixed,
t6.VViifi.20; heavy, t5.6oiiil.12: rough. -"
6 SO; good to choice heav-, t.8U-12; bulk
of sales t6.(XVi6.15.
SHEEP ANI) LAMBS Receipts, esti
mated at 7.000 head; market weak; native,
I3.60it4. 90; western, 83.75(115 10; yearlings,
S4.7ruS.tiS; lambs, native. t4.75'(i6.85; western,
to. 76i7. 10.
Kansas City Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 200 head; no southerns; market
steady; native steers, t-i-20'(j.2; southern
steers. S4.3TKii4.00; southern cows and heif
ers. S.I.OOfjM.60; native cows and helfprs.; stockers and feeders, S4.754i5.O0;
bulls, S4O0(i5.OO; calves, 86.007 50; western
steers, t4.76W5.90; western cows, t3V(i5.25
HOOS Receipts, 2.600 head; market
strong; bulk of snles. tC.0fKoti.16; heavy.
StS. 09414). 10; packers and butchers. 6.KHjU5;
lights. M0u(ii.!5.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 1,00.1
head; market steady; muttons, t4.O04ifi.O0;
lambs, t'i OnfqT.35; fed wethers and year
ling, H.6IHU 00, fed western ewes, - 84.00
if 4. 60.
St. Loots live Stork Market.
ST. LOUIS, May 27. CATTLE Receipts,
300 head. Including 200 head Texans; mar
ket, steady; native beef steers, S5.5iVflii.4Ti;
cows 'and heifers, 83.60ca6.ln; stockers and
feeders, 83.00Hi5.30; Texas and Indian steers,
S4.25Ca6.O0; cows and heifers. 83.505.00;
calves (In carload lots), 86.65it4.00; butch
ers and best heavy. tti.00ii4.25.
SHEEP AND LAM US Receipts. m
head; market steady; native muttons, 83.50
65.00; lambs, 85.75.76.
St. Joseph Lire Stork Market.
ceipts, 200 head; market steady; steers.
86.2fKn4.15; cows and heifers, ti.25C(j"i.25;
calves, $4.00$7.75.
HOOS-Recelpts, 3,000 head; market
steady; top, tt.12; bulk of sales, 85 96
&6.05. i
SHEEP AND LAMnS-Recelpts, 800 head;
market slow; lambs, tti.0Oa7.0O.
Stock In Sight.
Receipts of live stock at the five princi
pal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 920 7.500
St. Joseph 20 3.000 800
Kansas City 200 2.600 1,000
St. Louis 300 500
Chicago 200 6,000 7,000
Totals '
920 19.000 . 8,300
New York Money Market.
NEW YORK. May 27. MONEY On, call,
nominal. Time loans, dull; sixty days, S -i
(l2 per cent; ninety days, 2 per cent;
six months, 3'4!ii3 per cent.
per cent.
actual business In bankers' bills at t4.M36
tor sixty-day bills and at 84.8636 for de
mand; commercial bills, 84.83Ti.
SILVER Bar, 634c; Mexican dollars, 45a.
BONDS Government, steady; railroad,
Closing quotations on bonds today were
as follows: -i- J. : -,. -
V. . rat. 11, rag.. ..100 Int. Mat. 4a 7
do aoupoa 100 Int. M. M. 4a 47
0. B. If. rag-... 101 Japan 4a 88
da coupon 101 da 4a 84
V. 8. 4a, rag '.114 K. C. 80. 1st 9a.... 73
do coupon 114 L. 8. dab. 4a 1131.... 84
Alll-Obl. 1st la.... 78 U A N. unl. 4i 88
Am. A. 6a..; 101 M. K. T. lat 4a.. 8
Am. T. A T. C. ,4a.. 110 do ten. 48 87
Am. Tobacco 4s 14 Mn. Pacific 4a 78
do 8a 108 N. R- R. of M. 40. 82
Armour a Co. 4t.. 02 N. Y. C. g. 18..... ft
Atchiaon an. 4a do dab. 4a 83
do ct. 4a Ill N. T.. N. H. A H.
do cv. ta 114 ct. la 131
A. C. L. lat 4l K N. ft W. lat c 4a... 88
Bal. A Ohio 4t 88 do ct. 4a 107
do la 82 Mo. Pacttlo 4a 100
do g. w. ! 11 do la 71
Brook. Tr. ct. 4a.... 86 O. 8. L. rfdf. 4a.... 84
Van. ot Oa. 6a lot Penn. ct. a 1816... 7
Can. Leather 68 81 do con. 4a 104
C. of N. J. g. 6a. ...121 Reeding gen. 4a 88
Chaa. A Ohio 4a....l01 Bt. L. A B. F. fg. tt 82
do ref. 6a 84 da gen. 6a 18
Chicago A A. Ia... 70 Bt. L. 8. W. e. 4a... 80
C. B. A Q. J. 4a. 84 do lit (old 4a II
do gen. 4a 17 8. A. L. 4a 78
C. M. A IP. g la tl So. Pac. col. 4a ia
C. R. I. A P. c. 4a. 71 da cr. 4a 8d
do rff. 4a 81 do lat ref. 4a 86
Colo. Ind. 6a 74 go. Railway 6a 108
Colo. Mid. 4a 84 do gen. 4a 78
C. A 8. r. a 4a 8 Union Pad tic 4a 101
D. A H. ct. 4a 100 do ct. 4a 107
D. A R. O. 4a. 81 do lat A ref. 4a.... 17
do ref. ti. 81 V. 8. Rubber 4a. 104
Dlatlllera' 6a Tt U. 8. Steal Id 6a 104
Erie p. I. 4a 87 Va -Car. Chem. 6a. ..101
do sn. 4a 7 Wabaah let 6a 10
do ot. 4a, ma. A.. 82 do lat A ex. 4a.... 61
do oerlea B 74 Weatern Md. 4a 87
Clan. Kiec. ct. ta....l8C Weat. Elac. or. 6a... 84
111. Can. lat rat. 4s. 84 Vila. Central 4a 8
Bid. Ottered. Mo. Pao. or. 6a 83
Local Securities.
Quotations furnished by Bums, Brlnker &
Co., 449 New Omaha National bank build
ing: Bid. Asked.
Amal. Copper. tiro-Tear notes p. a... 100 100
Cltr of Omaha 4a. 1830 106 106. M
City of Omaha school 4a. 1831 104 104
CudahT Packing Co. 6a. 1824 88 88
Chicago Railway 6a, 1827 88 to
Deere Ctompany 6a, notaa 100 100
East St. U A 8ub. 6a, 131 t 88
Fairmont Creamery 1st f. t p. e 89 UN)
Fairmont Creamery prd. 7 p. 0 89 100
Iowa Portland Cement lat mtf. ta 88
Kanaaa O. A B. t p. c. prd r 100
Kanaaa (Ity Rr. A U. 6a. 1818 84 88
Loulavllle A N let mtg. 4a. 18X7 86 86
Mo. Pac. Kr Co. 8-year notea, 4 p. a 88 68
Northern Ohio T. A U 4 p. 0. ptd.... 66 100
Omaha Water 6a. l4t 88 88
Omaha A C. B St. Ry. 6e, 1828 84 87
Omaha A C. B. Bt. Ry. pfd i p. .... 81 83
Omaha A C. B. Ry. A B 46 tt
Omaha Oat 6a, 1817 87 8K
Petera Mill p. a. pfd 88 100
South Omaha City 6a 10.1
Union Stock Tarda atock 81 81
An attractive office,
in the heart of the
has a few vacant offices that are as choice as any in the ctty. They ,
are kept thoroughly clean, and are Inviting rooms during the hot sum
mer months. New elevators that will give this building excellent ser
vice are being installed. Janitor
Here is a list of a few choice
offices which are now vacant:
BOOM 41S Hsvln a south and west exposure, protected from west by the
City Hall ar.d most always a cool breeze from the south. Thlt) space
Is 18fex20ti and la well lighted, wltb very reasonable rent, per mo. Sis.00
BOOM S46 On the sixth floor next to the southeast corner, where the after
noon sun will not roast durlns; hot weather. There Is a vault about 4
feet sauare In this room which affords storage space for stationery or
valuables. The room Is 8-8x19-8,
BOOM 330 Northwest corner room, and the only large single room vacant
In the building. There Is a total of 80 square feyt of space and has a
large fireproof vault. This could be arranged tomake two private of
fices and a reception room, and rents at the small sum of, per mo. 40.00
The New elevators are being installed.
The Bee Building Company
Bee Business Office. 17th and Farnam Sts.
t'nton Stork Ytrd bond )2?
M Memorial HiiopHal 4a, IMi I0
BUTTER- Creamery, No 1 delivered 10
the retail tinde In 1 lb. cartons, 8.c; ivo.
I. In So-lh. tubs. 21c; No. 8, In 1-lb. csrton".
21o; paculrg stock, solid pack. l.V dsir.
In t -h. tube, Ituloc. market chai.ges every
CHKESE--T Ins, tlvi 1; Voung Ameri
cas, lHc; daub-, l.,c; triplets, lio; iimhercer,
liic: No. l brick, lie; imported t-wirs, i'c;
Uomestlo 8 Ins, 2;c; block Swiss. 190.
ItH.'LTRY Dressed broilers, under 1 lbs.,
8Y0O per doi. ; hens' 1ic;oocks, 10c; ducks,
Uc; geese, 15c; turkeys. 2.c; pigeons, per
doxen, tl-20; homer squabs, per dos.. 84.0u;
fancy squabs, per d-ix , 83 :i0. No. L per
dos., 83 00. Alive: Broilers. iVc; 1 to I
lbs., and 1 to 2 lbs.. ;vh-; smooth legs, lie;
Iiciik, 10c: old roosters. c; old ducks, full
feathered, i:c; peese. full leathered, ."c;
turneys. lic. guinea fowls. 3cn each; pifc
eons, per dox., iOc; homers, per dos.. t3 0o;
squabs, No. 1, cr dox , 1.5u; No. 2, per dot.,
60c; old tuikeys, 14c.
Kltfll (all frui ciil- P'rkercl. 10c; white.
15c; ;lke, 14c; trout, lie; Ihtko crappiey,
Cor-Vc; Spanish mackerel, 19c; eel. ISc; had
dock, 13c; lloumleis. Lie; grein catfish, ItiJ;
roe shad, 90c each; shad ro,-, per pair,
40c; frog legs, p r dos., .1,'c.j fci.iiA, .lmon,
loc: halibut, tic; yellow perch, c; buffalo.
6c; bullhead, 14c.
Beef Cuts .no. 1 ribs, 12'kc; No. 2. llc;
No. 3, 11c; No. 1 loin. 1.)c; No. 2. 12c;
No. 8. Kc; No. 1 chuck, 7o; No. 2. ;o; No.
3. 7c; No. 1 ro.ind. 10c; No. 2. Vc: No. 9.
9'c; No. 1 plate. .Vj,c; Uo 2. 51.4c; No. 3, 60.
FRUITS Bananas: Fancy select, per
bunch, t-.2T.(i2..Vi; Jumbo, bunch. 82 75W1.76.
Dates. Anchor brand, new. 30 1-lb. pkgs.,
In boxes, per b x. t- 00. lenmu:
Llmonerla brnnd, extra fancy, 300-300 sixes,
per box, 16.75; fancy, 3u-0 Jilies, per
box, S6.5 -tfiCOO; ljimt Llmonerla. fancy,
i'OO-SOO sixes, per box, t-" 50; 240 and 421
sizes, 60c per lax lts. Oinnges: tamella
Keillands Valencia", all sires, prt box,
tl.0; fancv Vnlenrlns, SO-W-I2H-150 and
smaller Hlses, psr" box, 33.75; California
Jaffa ornnges. 160 and smaller sixes, per
bdx. J1.75. Plnenprle": Cuban. 21-30-Sfl
sizes, per cvnte. t'.2T.; 4"J-4S slzs, per crate,
SLOW ; Flothla, 2 8' sizes. 8ST0. Straw
berries: MihFotiri. per 24-qt. case, 8300
VEGETABLES I!ca:'s: Strns and wax.
per hamper. J2 50; per mkt. b k., MOcTtl.O).
C'ablaire: Southern, new. per lb. Su3tc.
Ciicnmhers: Hot hotise.. and t dos. In
lox. pit bix. tl-50; Texas, per bu. hamper,
11.75. Kkx l' : Fancv Fl' rida, per dos,
H6O'2O0. 7ailc: h"xira f:incv, white, per
lb, Uo. Lettuce: Extra fancy leaf, per
dos.. -iOc. Radishes: Per doz. bunche. S0c.
Onion." : Texas Bermuln, whlf, per era's,
82.26; yellow, per crate, t2 00. Par. lejr:
Fancy home grown, per doz bunches, 20o.
Potatoes: Iowa and Wisconsin, while
stock, per bu., 7T,c; new stock, in sacks. 2c
per lb. Tomatoes: Florld.t, per 6-bsk.
crate, fnncv, 1400; cliolce. 3 .50.
MISC1- r,INEOl'S A Imonds: California
soft shell, per lb., lcc; in sack lits, lc
less. Brazil Nuts: Per lb.. 1.1c; In sack
lbts, lc kss. Filberts; Per lb.. He: In sack
lots lc less. Peanuts: Roasted, per lb., 8-;
raw, per lb.. 64c. Pecans: Large, per lb.(
16o; In Fack lots, 1c less. Walnuts. Cali
fornia, per lb.. 1!c: In tack lots, lc less.
Honey: New. 24 frames, 83.75.
New York Cnrb Market.
The following quotntlons ore furnished
i- I.oo-nn & Bryan, members New York
Stock exchange. 315 Snu-h Sixteenth street:
Amer. Tobacco 171 Inaplratlon 8 l-is
Bay State Oat.
llaTla-Paly ....
Kly Central...,
tf. unm 1 opper. ...... i ji-i
14 Kay 1 11-14
1 Swift Pkg. Co.. 102
... 101 Tonopah Mining t
Greene Cananea,
4 United Copper 16
Peoria Market.1-
PEORIA, May 27. CORN Lower; No. 2 ,
yellow, 62c; No. 8 yellow, 62c; No. J
yellow, 5ov4c: No. 2 mixed, 62c; No. t
strong at 47e.
OATS Higher; No. t white. 85'tc: stan
dard, 36c; No. 3 white, 36c; No. 4
white, 34c.
5: bales; shipments,
11,656 bales.
bales; stock.
Sotrar Market.
NEW YORK. May 27. SfOAR Raw,
steady; muscorado, S9 test. 8.36c; centrifugal,
96 test, 3.S6c; molasses sugar, 89 test, 8.11c.
Refined, aulet; crushed, 6.00c; granulated.
4.90c; powdered, 6.00c, ,
Omaha Hay Market.
OMAHA. Mv 27. HAY No. 1. 811.00: No.
t tlO.00; packing, t7 00; alfalfa. $1 3 00. Straw:
Wheat, 85.60; rye, 86-50; oats, 87.00.
Wool Market.
-v . '
Cotton Market. "krt-a r
NEW YORK, May1 27. COTTON 8 pot
closed quiet, 10 points lower; middling up- . I
lands, 15.70c; middling gulf, 16.95e. No sales. 1
ST. LOUIS. May Z7.-woou in-
M. a. 1 and WMttirn mtt1 llimii. aaaV
Cnantrea ; irrrn'M; .
- . e . 1131 Ot
Unity oI Purpse
Insures Success
CAR' CO., of Cleveland, control
and operate The Royal Tourist
Car Co., The Croxton Motor Co.,
of Cleveland and The Frantz Body
Mfg. Co., of Akron, Ohio.
The manufacturing and sale-g
organizations have long been es
tablished plants and equipment
are complete to the last detail.
To meet the need for working
capital we offer
7 per cent Cumulative Preferred
Stock at $100 par with liberal
Common Stock Bonus.
Kleinzahler & Co.
S.-W. Corner 14th and DougUtA,
cool and well ventilated,
city, is a business asset.
attention, light and water are the best.
and rents for, per month Bl
J atari