Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 07, 1911, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 3, Image 11

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5Ien and Women Who
len and Women Who Are Lovely and
Yearn for Companions.
Tfc Bee la WIIIIbk t
Bee la WIIIIrk to A III tepid la
nettle Tkee Folk Tnirlkrr
' by rrlallnc Their
The difficulty With ti, matrimonii mar
ket eeiis to be tlin : a"i? i;l a hirh Is af
flicting economic ro!i.V:'on In penersl
ther ere frtataken to d;: trlhiif'on. '"
raalonally a newsiii;rir K:mv.n ti n-rv
every other Internet undrr the mm Is s ke)
to step In a a matriimm'ul ai'nt ami trA
in right this poor dl. iributi.n by hrinrl ii
together supply and d-.mnnd. Naturally
moujrn the suppl; nr.'! O'tiiPivI i: th
tnatrlmnrital market I nn ;t llv 1 : hi'icd
relation when once, all pa tlis . vr r ,m1
are brought within aVn-T oit i.M.c, but
when the supply O ! mar.-!. i ti
will. Is two hometci h &;.-. in 'n'. cvn ir.. l
the demand la two lon vit itjivju!; Vm
In Montana, tho neivrt .ap'v ' ; ' i-'-'.'"
But 1ve advice.
' ' Lonely in t h'.vnfco.
To the editor cf Tn K. . r. ni t!i?
lowing eplst, evjf'ur.i; t luir..-,
Voices' sincere req'.ie:-ts
"cmCAOO, Marc'' K1 - T!i- F.lito- rfTi"
Bee; I winh you ,v. ojid fm.l rp;u for a
few lines In your iap-;-. V.'e hip i,vn Kill!
pals, 29 and 30 yeaia c f age, unci v.v ha r
lived In the ctty ail o r l! r.. but we lmv.
failed to find our hotter Pair, even In a
city as large ' a Ch!rj-;n. If M-eniJ th
men have lost all r.-sprct for ri'lf- We
would like to get In corrcsyjr.denee with
a couple of men ab.vt ! l 4i) year of
age, with matrimonial Intent. They must be
temperate, of good moral l.aliit. nnj men
ho would appreciate a pood wife. They
ynuat have a position to fci.rt a a
Rood comfortable homo, or a, farmer will
not be overlooked. V.'o will eland Investi
gation In regards to our thaiacter and
our past lives. All who wih to answer
will get a reply If they are in earnest. Hope
that this In not asking you too much. It
may be treated as a Joke t tiimc, while
ethers will take In In cariitr,t and we may
get our' wish. We nntai.i yours very
truly, MIPS CATH .7.11 1 XSO.V.
"Chi General Delivery. Chicago. 111."
but tho gir!s do not specify that one Is
mora desirable than the oilier and the 30-year-old
one may have demanded first
rhance at the applicants.
Two Lonesome Men.'
Aa If in answer to this same. Utter there
Came to The llee office a few da; a later a
note from-two men working out their for
tunes In the mountains of Montana. Un
fortunately tiiey are too cautious to say
whether or not they really Intend matri
mony, but their other references and per
quisites are excellent and they offer at
least a good field for experiment. They are
respectfully referred to tha two Chicago
damsels. Unless somebody Is flirting at
long and uncertain range everybody will be
jtleased. ', '
The letter of 11e cowboys Ju as follows:
ivtn.t. ninii .1. l U IOC E.UllOr
cf The Bee: There aie two' of ,us cow
punchers who are In need of aVoinan who
understands th piysterles of the kitchen.
And If you can possibly help us through
your paper ue would greatly appreciate
the favor. .
"We have quite a numVecof cattre and
torses, also a number of caddie horses
which we could place to the use of the fu
ture helpmate. A nice little cottage painted
white, with a nice, lawn of buffalo grass
growing around U. Enough to eat for a
dosen of year. ,
"Thanking you beforehand for the favor
remain, yours truly, '
"J. "VV. MEU3EE,
"Circle, Dawson County, Montana."
Has Known of Trouble.
Sometimes the letters are suggestive of
larder lives and more unpleasant for
tunes. There is in one note from a man
in Illinois a pathetic appeal for a help
mate who has known enough of trouble
to be willing and able to Btart out in a
pew situation and make a now life.
tits letter reads:
"MONMOUTH, 111., April 24.-To the Edi
tor of The Bee.: I drop you these few
lines to see if you would place this piece
: In your honorable paper. I am a young
man 23 years of age, weigh 1M pounds.
avuu "vi . uui nave De.en in
. prison and, have been out two years, and
the world doesn't seem the same, so I
droD you these few lftiea axldnf von t.
print the same, 'as I would like to hear
from girls that have had lots of grief and
sorrow -and to see If we couldn't lead
' life over now. So If you hear of any
,of this class please write mo or have them
0o the tame at the" address.
Wllllna- to Sell Iteraelf.
From one who has seen something of
the ugly side of making her own way
comes a letter llko the following. Just
how much she means that she win "ti
heraelf" to the highest bidder she dota
not say, nor does sho say how great her
extremity nor how dearly she values her
self. But she docs make the offer and
leaves It open for the world to challenge Oi
take up.
"MT. VERNON. N. Y., March 29To tho
Editor of Tho Dee: Kindly publish the fol
lowing in the next isue of your paper
and oblige me, vending the tame lu good
"For sale to the highest bidder. Must
be cash purchase. A young woman be
tween 23 and JO. Healthy, bright, Intel- I
ligent. companionable, good looking. Just j
tired of poverty and buffeting the worm
alone. No time for Idle correspondent,!:. ;
' - V
ten. i it inn i.. -in. in I
C. J. Ambit, printer, after working
forty-two years continuously at the case
in the Decoiah, la. I'oaten and fifty-eight
jours at the trade, was reCired recently on
a peimio?i of J1J per week by the proprietor
of the I'osten, H. Anudsen. Mr. Ambll is
FcvenLy-ihree years of age.
Are Dlsaioatrd Ilecaaar the Board
Aaka fur lllda on Herlaed
Specif lea t Ions.
Disgruntled because the Board of Edu
cation has asked for revised bids on the
construction of the addition to the Wind
sor school building at Thirty-fourth and
Martha streets, three contracting firms,
who bid under the plans and specifications,
withdrew their certified checks Saturday
morning. Announcement was also made
that the firms w raid not submit estimates
under the new . plans.
The firms which withdrew their checks
were BrldKea & lloye, Thomas Herd and
William Rocheford & Sons.
Because all the bids exceeded the amount
voted for tne construction of the addition,
the committee on public grounds and
buildings, at Its meeting Friday afternoon,
decided to eliminate certain specifications,
and usk the firms to submit new offers
on the revised plans to bring the structure
within the $35,000.
The lowest bid received mas from R.
Butke, who offered to erect the addition
and make alterations In the old building
for t3o,M0. The estimate did not include
the Installation of the heating plant or
plumbing. Separate bids were asked for
these details.
Butke's bid, augmented by the lowest bid
for- heating and plumbing would run the
cost over $40,000, $6,000 more than available
money. To get within the limit, certain
eliminations were ordered.
"The bosrd Is pursuing the same tactics
In the Windsor bids as prevailed in the
High school bids," said Fred Hoye of the
firm of Bridges & Hoye, who submitted a
bid of $37,460.70, which Included erecting
the new structure and alterations In the
old building. '
"The plans call for alterations In the
old building, which Is decidedly unfair.
We offered to erect the new structure for
$32,94.70. which is well within the limit.
But we can't make the alterations for less
than $4,478. ,
"Though I have not seen the revised
plans, I understand they eliminate fin
ishing the basement and other changes.
But I do not' care to fool with the proposi
tion any longer."
The original plans call for a ten-room
addition on the west" of the present build
ing. Bids were opened last Monday night,
eight firms submitting offers.
Sunflower Philosophy.
Now and then men auk for the truth, and
won't atay long enough to hear It. .
Girls are very seldom satisfied with tne
names their parents gave them, but boys
don't fuss about such trifles.
If a man gambles and loses he doesn't
fool any one when he says he only plays
for pastime. J-
Men may not understand women, but,
on the other hand, It takes a girl some time
to learn that ahe can wear a college man's
classpln without securing a clear title to
his heart Atchison Globe.
"General Delivery, Mt. Vernon, N. Y."
Southern Girl Wants oirbo?.
Tnto Mayor Dahlmun's mall sometimes
creep letters from these lonely ones who
are seeking In vain for a mite among their
Immediate neighbors. Hero Is one from a
southern girl, who If she speaks herself
fairly, ought to be a jewel In some good
man's house:
LAKK CHARLES', La.. April Sl.-To
Mayor Dehlman, Omaha: Dear Slr-I am
a young woman 2J years of age, small,
good looking, fair complexloncd, with
brown eyes and hair. 1 have no money or
property, but am of a good family, have a
Rood education and am a fine housekeeper,
being a home girl. Good, jolly, unselfish
disposition and southern from ths top of
my head to my toes, and proud of It. I am
no trfcfler and really would like a cowboy
husband and a western life. Will you not
help me to become acquainted with soma
cowboy or ranch owner who would fare for
this kind of 1-ouUiana girl?
"He must be big and strong, good un
selfish disposition, honest and temperate
and able to take care of a wife comfortably
and not over Sit years old. Please print my
letter In a western paper and I wdl answer
all letters received. I ran and will give the
isi or rererences and photos eachanged.
Tfaauklng you. I am.
135 Ryan Street."
Buy a Book lovers' Title Catalog ue of
titles . and solve puaale pictures In Book
severs aoateau . 3 cents, by mall, to ccnta
There are no crop
failures in
The Virgin Valley
of Southern Utah
reat crops of all fruits,
grains, giaeaea peoollar
te s ami-tropics are grows
with ease and produoe
with astounding fecundity.
The Virgin river, one of the
largest In west, irrigates whole
valley. This valley has no winter.
It Is one of earth's beauty spots
Write for Information to
. T. rotter, risoal AgV
Stl to S4 Boetoa sUk.,
alt Lak City, Vtaa,
"You win h better ia Utah
the best of the west"
Director General of Pan-American
Union Favors Exposition.
Importance r the Punnaaa-t'allforala
Enterprise to the World at La rare
Is Made Plain la a
WASHINGTON. May -Hon. John Bar
rett, director general of the Tan-American
union." baa Just given out a statement of
his attitude toward the Panama-fallfornia
exposition to be held at San Diego, fal..
throughout the entire year of 1915. This
statement has been received with much
grstlflcation by Director General D. C.
Collier and other oftujals of the Panama
California exposition now In Washington.
The city of San lPgo. whose harbor is
the first port of call on the Taclflc roast
north of the Panama canal, has already
raised $2,.i00 for an exposition to cele
brate the opening of the canal, throughout
the entire year of 1915. A complete or
gnnlxation has been made, snd much pre
llminsry work done in behalf of the affair,
and a delegation of exposition officials is
now In Washington determining what ex
hibits may be procured from the govern
ment that will harmonise with its unique
Mr. Barrett's attention was attracted to
this exposition because of the avowed In
tention of its projectors to adopt as Its
most salient features those things which
especially pertain to the life and develop
ment of the southwestern states of the
t'nlted States, and the countries of Mexico,
Central and South America. He wss struck
at once, upon learning of this Intention,
with the fact that the effort of the exposi
tion workers to bring more closely together,
socially and commercially, the people of
the two Americas. Is In absolute accord
with his own work. The Pan-American
union, formerly known as the bureau of
American republics, Is doing a great work
In this particular line, and Mr. Barrett
doubtless csn be of great assistance to the
San Diego project, which will undoubtedly
have government recognition.
Mr. Barrett's statement is aa follows:
"Kver since the plan for holding an ex
position at San Diego was brought to my
attention by the city officials of that en
terprising city, I have taken much Interest
In the evolution of the plan, and I shall
be glad to do everything In my power,
both from a personal and from an official
standpoint as an International officer, to
make It a success. While It Is not within
my authority to state In any way what
may be the attitude of the countries of
Latin America toward the exposition, I am
quite sure that they will all be glad to
listen to the representatives of the cxposl
(ion authorities and to participate if it is
"Too much emphasis cannot be laid upon
the Importance of developing without de
lay closer trade relations between the
United States" and Central and South Amer
ica. And corollary to this Is the proposi
tion that it la of the highest importance
,. . .
to the Pacific coast of the Vnited States
to get Into touch with the Pacific coapt
of Central and South America. Although
this coast line Is geographically continuous
and has almost the same characteristics
of contour and climrftc, yet there H that
lack of association, acquaintance, and ex
change of commerce which must he over
come If California, " Oregon, Washington
and the states back Of them would gain
their share of a trade which must reach
enormous proportions in the near future.
"I am glad to know that Ban Francisco
and San Diego are working together In the
rlans for their tespective expositions. I
believe that San Francisco will have one
of the greatest International expositions
which the world has ever known, and
I also feel confident that the celebration
which is to be held at San Diego will, in
1U peculiar character, prove one of the
most novel attractions In the history of
the undertakings of this kind. In this way
the two celebrations will draw vast num
bers of visitors from all over thevworld. I
wish the authorities, the people and the
expes'tion and city officials of San Diego
complete success In the carrying out of
their plan for the exposition."
Prominent Citizens Object to High
School Smoke.
Members Say that When eer WM
is Completed the Present
Trouble 'Will lie Done
Away With.
Protesting againxt the smoke from the
high school stack and asking the Board of
Education to abate the nuisance, a delega
tion of cltixens living In the vicinity of
the school, appeared before a special com
mittee of the board Thursday afternoon.
Among the protesters were W. II. Me
Cord, T. C. Byrne, C. B. Kellar and Ward
M. Burgess. Aftee hearing the complaints
of the dissatisfied cltixens the board prom
ised to correct the evil, if possible.
"The smoke has become almost unbear
able," said Mr. Burgess. "We asked the
board to eliminate the nuisance as much
as possible and the members have promised
to aid us In any way they can. It Is time
for something to be done. Besides dam
aging our -property the smoke as It rolls
from the stack Is decidedly disagreeable,
At times It Is almost impossible to breathe.
"We thought that the board could correct
the nuisance or reduce It to the minimum
and for that reason went before the mem
Alfred Kennedy, president of the board.
said Saturday morning that as soon as
the new wings are completed the smoke
nuisance would be abated.
"The plans Include smoke consuming de
vices and when the new heating apparatus
Is Installed the smoke consumers will do
the work," said Mr. Kennedy. "At present
we will have to do the best we can. But as
soon as the new structure Is up, I do not
think there will be any grounds for com
plaint along this line."
LINCOLN, Neb.. May 6. (Special Tele
gram.) The supreme court today reversed
the decision given In the Custer county
district court against C. F. Wilson, a
chiropractor who wss chsrged with prac
ticing medicine without a license. Wilson
appealed to the supreme court and a hear
ing was granted a few days ago. Judge
Holcomb appeared for the defendant.
Bays He Mas No Intention of Resign
ing eta Receiver of the Tele
phone Company.
Lysle I. Abbott, receiver for the Inde
pendent Telephone company, who recently
acquired some land approximating a
county in Utah, denies the announcement
that he contemplated the delivery of the
office of receiver to Ignatius Jehovah
Dunn, former assistant city attorney.
"I shall not surrender any of my Omaha
interests," said Mr. Abbott.
Tfce Roman System Heeds X.
Mrs. M. Morgan. 411 4th Ave. E., Brain
erd, Minn., writes: "I take from one to
two bottles of Mood's Sarsaparllla In the
spring to purify the blood just as regu
larly as I do my houoecleanlng, and go
s round light-footed and light-hearted. I
believe It is the best blood purifier
Hood's Sarsaparllla so combines the
curative principle of roots, barks and
,lx ? " l1 '",8" them their highest
efficiency; hence its unequaled cures.
Get It today In usual liquid form or
tablets called Saraatabs.
The Lutheran
This Colony Is located in the
Sacramento Valley, and the
Sacramento is as fertile as the
Nile. The climate is unsur
passable) the opportunities are
unlimited. You can have a
home snd a fortune on ten
acres. Land sold on easy
' terms.
Excursion leaves May 14th.
Write for Information.
41M.I0 City Nat l Bank Bldg.
Omaha, Neb.
itS TOO 000 TO BUY I. AM St No
farmer should think of buying a home
bfor .tug a cop of our journal. It
has lands, city property and etocka of
fooda advertised in It from every state
n the union, so that you can find just
what you wish In its columns. It reaches
.00S readers each Issue. Advertising
rates. 2c per ".rd- bend 14c for 1 monthe'
trial aubcrlp.lon. It will be etopped at
tne end of f months unltu v....
Its Jvuraal. Trear, Iowa, "
avea rrom onim Lsy
..':. Gieal Three bay Treatment
A grateful patient writes a heartfelt letter of thanks to his benefactors. He was poisoned
by alcohol and needed medical treatment The Neal Treatment saved him.
XUci LyCCH .. in
WCcCo Ccf t o.ce. cf
i .v O ' . X If ..... st. S , -
'vic to rf JUs. TCccf
'7t JLcJlt
v -toy- S s . . '
eiiiu:- ck. lu'e esc
7), Ps.s , J J J , rS c s -
iuUUiJfU. CUa of tC CSl cnr&t -XC 2C.
Ortginal Letter on File in This Office. ,
That famous old song "Help Somebody Today",
Is put Into never-ending action wherever Neal Insti
tutes have opened their doors to redeem those In the
bondage of drink.
Omaha's Neal Institute at 1502 South 10th street
has taken Its place among the gloriously helpful in
stitutions of the world. Men who had lost mastery
over thenwelves and who drank simply because
craving appetite compel led them against their wills
to drink, and then drink again, have left that splen
did old home with all desire for liquor gone.
Three days of the Xeal Treatment for alcoholism
as administered there by regular physicians trans
forms craving and desire into antipathy and dislike
for all alcoholic liquor. This quick transformation
Is brought about by a perfectly harmleea vegetable
remedy, taken internally and without hypodermic
Dr. Benjamin K. Xeal originated and perfected the
cure that bears his name. He made a special study
of alcoholism and found that desire for liquor was
hlmply the result of alcoholic
L This accumulated poison Is what enslaves the drinkl
AW II, J 1 I if . . .
.c m j m nu urt-us meairai treatment as
badly as a fever sufferer. Ir. Xeal's Cure is an
antidote and it drives out all poison front the system,
leaving the patient Just as he waa before he began
to drink, so far as the effect of alcohol are con
The Xeal Treatment ha a tonic effect, clears the
brain, brightens the eye and effectually quiets
nerve, which nervous drinkers attempt to quiet by
excessive use of liouor.
If you have a friend who drinks to excess and
you would like to help save him from the drink
bahit, write, wire, 'phone or call at the Xeal Institute,
150a South 10th street. Omaha, Xeb. Xeal Institutes
open day and night. We will send to all inquirers
full information and wonderfully helpful booklet.
The XKAL Way."
1S02 South Tenth Street
A Colossal Special
ale of $40 Qual-
itied Bicycles at
A Solid Car Lot
The Largest Deal
In Recent Years;
- s 0 A
BK'YCI.KS are not only "In again," but there's a positive FURORE of
a demand for them THIS springs' sales-have been so BRlSK'that we have
been encouraprcd to purchase s CAR LOAD of ONE style of wheel, and the,
percentage of money WE HAVE!) through purchasing a CAR LOAD at ONFJ
Cl.l I. will also be saved YOU when you purchase one of these bicycles
at $2.1.75.
Think of ft! $23.75 for a FULL SIZED. MAN'S wheel of 1911 model;
a niarvelously fine built speeder that CANNOT be touched ordinarily . for
Host than 40.00. It's a chance to delve tnto the good old sport at a NEW
price. And the wheel, remember. Is fully guaranteed.
The style that goes on special ssle at J23.75 Is called the "WONDER" snd
It's built with a 20 or 2J-lnch framevand comes equipped with New Departure
Cosstei- Rrnke, Adjustable Handle Bars, and Is built with fluah lolnts, rein
forced, piece crank hanger, tool steel bearings, and GUARANTEED single
tube tires.
All of the "Wonder" wheels are handsomely finished In maroon and. the
smart "191 1" model Is certain to cause riders to enthuse.
These 123.75 specials may be ordered by mall and will bo promptly ship
ped,, as long as we have any remaining, but otie must use HASTE in ordering
for they are of ABSOLUTE 140.00 quality and it will not take long for the
rldln public to find it out.
Best Western Repair Department
Out newly enlnrged, greatly improved, daylight Motorcycle and Bicycle
Repair Dept. Is without doubt the most COMPLETE in the Went. We had a
reputation along these lines a decade ago; today we keep abreast and ahead
of that reputation. Write or call and get prices on repairs or rebuilding of
any kind.
15th and Harney,
Omaha, Xeb.
831 llroadway,
Council Bluffs.
The Home of the Big Red Apple
Situated In COLFAX COUNTY, NEW MEXICO. Consists of about
30,000 acres. Part of this ranch Is rich fruit land.
This famous property will bo divided Into not more than 2,000
tracts, or divisions, and sold at a BON A-FIDE AUCTION. All tracts
or divisions NOTW ITHSTANDING THEIR SIZE, will be in our Judg
ment of equal value. I
For quick sale we have fixed the price of each contract it $250.00,
payable $20.00 cash, and $10.00 per month for 23 months thereafter.
No Interest or Taxes Until Deed is Issued.
In order to obtain a largo number of representatives of our pro
perty quickly, we have decided to allow a discount of 10 for all
cash, on the first 500 contracts sold. To obtain this discount the cash
must be paid upon signing the contract.
Don't overlook this opportunity. Fill out the coupon today and
mail to us, and we will send you free of charge our booklet entitled,
plains our plan of selling this property. Read this booklet carefully.
We want a live representative in your town.
1016 Treniont Street, Denver, Colorado.
1646 Tremont Street, Denver, Colorado.
Cents : Please send me free of charge your booklet entitled "AUC '
"My occupation is
Name , ,
Address , ,
EOJttee JWTJ-LTnJT- - - - - ' ' . J
Summer Tourist Round -Trip
Fares to the Pacific Coast
$50 To California an(i North Pacific Coast Points.
'il. Kets on sale June 5 and , June 10 to 22, Inclusive, and June 17 to
J'.y ?. lncluslie. Final return limit Beptemher 16.
OfiPTo California One-Way via. North Pacific Coast
S0U Points.
Tickets on sale same dates as 150 fare. Final let urn limit September II,
360 To California and North Pacific Coast Points.
Tickets on sale to California May 12, II and 14. Final return limit July II
To North Paciflo Coast points. May :, 30 and II. Final return limit
July II.
To both California and North Pacific Coaat points, June 1 to September
10, inclusive. Final return limit October II.
To California One-Way via North Pacifio Coast
Tickets on sale same dates and limit as 160 00 fare.
The Standard Road of the West.
New and Direct Route to Yellowstone National Park.
For additional Information, and tlluatrated California and Paelfla
Kortiiaest book, call on or address w a """
1324 Farnam St. ' Omaha, Nebraska
Phones Doujlas 1821; Independent A-3231