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    lilt; 1110K: OMAHA. niniSDAY. ATOTT, C. 1!)11.
Pentreu, Hall and Fatton Swept Mer
cilessly from Mound.
In Only Twt Inninus Did Omaha
Have More Than Thrrt Mm I p
Ihlrlr ,Mrn hmce White
o Trrlrler.
Hoping to tin; Colts even tip with
the White Hnx No. I, for the rtefpnt (if
, Huwlsy, ft small tmttd nf th" faithful blips
traveled out tn Kourko !:irk Vi-Mrrday af
tiriioon nnl.r in thrlr favnrltrs wal
oprd to the tun of to 0. And to make
t i1r.KH nr Funning nllowrd funaha but
thiPfl hits, two. of which were merely
s.-ntchrs. t
Thrre ldtchrrs wore sent Into the Ranio
f'.r Omaltu. tint thty could not cope with
tht heavy hltlrrs on 'the CMnpn tam.
KentrfM pitched thrp Innings and was
than substitute hy Mall, who wan up In
thi air before ue went on the mound, and
ncvr i-amf down The first two mm to
face him wore nlvn frwe transportation
to tho tnttlal carle. A hit then addr-d to
the list jid unothrr pans, netted a run.
An error on the part of Knne (tave the Sox
three more tallica. Another lilt, however,
did no damage.
In the fifth limine; TThM struck out the
first two 'trim tip, 'and the third man wan
retired by "a fly to renter field. Patton
went In for, tee rest of the same and
pitched arood ball, allowing but one hit,
which gave the White Sox their sixth and
last run. The Omaha outfiold played In
Roofl form and vpatred up no chance.
8choonpver .nnnllert four hard flies while
Pickering- took (-Are of three.
In . only two Inning did Omaha have
more than throe men up to hat, and during
the entire Kame not a man rearhed the
second plain, Jlut thirty men faced Farth
ing; and yix of these went down by the
strike out route. Tho White Fox were In
better rendition than the Coin, who showed
th effect of a two day lay off.
A cold mirtheant' wind blew throughout
th Rama, making the handling of ground
ers a hard task. Twice Brhoonover beat
out bunts which were fumbled by Farthing.
In the sixth Inning Bndle drew applause
from the bench by holding onto a texas
leaguer after running for It. Schoonover
extinguished himself In the ninth Inning
when he made a perfect throw from deep
center. Howbver, the distance was such
'hat A gnew could not get his man until
he touched the plate, and who was de
clared safe. The score:
AU. R. H. I'O. A. E.
Gllmore, If 5 0 0 1 0 0
Johnstone. 2b.. 3 1113 0
IVrant,, as 4 0 2 0 1 0
Collins, lb 4 0 0 10 0 1
Podle. cf 3 113 0 0
Melnan. rf 3 1 0 6 0 0
Tannehlll, 3b 4 0 0 0 1 0
Mock. c..i. 3 J 1 0 0 0
Farthing, p 8 2 1 6 6 0
Total! 32 i 6 6 27 11 1
, All. R. H. PO. A. E.
Anderson, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0
Picketing. If 4 0 0 8 0 0
Schoonover, cf. ....... 4 0 ! 4 0 0
Kane, lb 3 0 1 10 8 1
Bchipke, 3b 3 0 0 1 1 1
Ora.ha.rn, 2b S O 0 2 8 1
Kneavea, sa 8. 0 0 I 5 0
lAimew, c 3 0 0 2 0 0
; Fentress, p 10 0 110
, Hall, p 10 0 110
Pation. p 1 0 0 0 0 0
I '
1 Total 0 8 27 15 8
Btruck outr By Farthing. 6: by Fentress,
, I; by Hall. 1. Hit by pitched ball: By
f Fen trees, L Bases on balls: Off Fentress,
8; off Hall, 1 Umpires: Clark, and Haskell.
.Lincoln1 Secures : v
i Catcher.McGraw
"Western Leagrue Club Concludes Pur
chase of White Sox Flayer For
merly with Memphis.
LINCOLN. April 6. (Special Telegram.)
The Lincoln Western league club today
concluded the purchase of Catcher McOraw
liom the Chicago White Sox.
McOraw was with the Memphis club of
the' Southern league last season and suc
ceeds Catcher Kruger, recently suspended
Indefinitely by Lincoln for failure to re
Firsts Beat Arkansas.
T.1TTT.IB TtrWXT l.v An.11. K TV.. t'i
- - - - - . nan., ,J . . v. ilia V 111-
venslty of Arkansas players hit well
fourteen hits, but were unable to make
them count and Pittsburg won, 13 to 8.
I0RMEK ROURKE FLAYS VTinii Wolnnf TJill fllo
THE BOSTON RED SOX. "uu niu uu o
my tfasKet .Ball
Racfi and GrTramtics Fill Out an
Evenin j'b Sport at the Church
flasket hall, race and gymnastics filled
the program of the f'rsv athletic carnival
of the glrl of the Wa'ntit Hill Methodist
church, held at the church gymnasium
Tuesday nltfht. The Whites defeated the
Hlacks. 19 to N, In the basket hall contest.
First In the evenlnc's events came the
gymnasium nnd drill work, after which a
number of freak relay tacs and other fun
provoking etunts were rarn.J oui. Miss
Grace Ia" conducted the exercleis.
Starting the name w th a rush, the
Hlncks foon had the score !i to 2 In their
favor, hut the WTiltes came back strong
and ended t hr half 11 to 6 In favor of the
Whites. Sicond I alf went to the-Whltes
al?o. 8 to 2. Final score: Whites. 19;
I. lacks. .
The lineup:
Irn Own-
Klh.'l Miltelr-.
Tope La Khnrtstop It Traded for llnf
fortl of the I.nnraeter,
Pa., Inb.
Larry (Jtilnlan, the epeedy shortstop of
the Topeka club will be among the miss
ing In the Kaw lineup this season. Quin
lan has been tradod for Frank Hafford,
shortstop lat year with the Lancaster,
Pa., club In the Trl-State organization.
Hafford Is as good a man as Quintan
and some consider him better. He was
dissatisfied with the cut In salaries made
by the Trl-State and asked to be traded.
Manager Fred Moore is making more
than a hit with the Topeka fans. He has
snap and ginger and the Kaws are round
ing Into fine shape under his tutelage.
Moore and President Woodward are at
present hosclng the job of Installing 2H0
more box seats at the Kansas capital
ball grounds.
Practice has begun at Des Moines to whip
a team into .shape to open the Mill season
with Omaha, April 12. The Des Moines
lineup Is In general a very much unknown
iiuantlty and the opening series of the
league here three games, will be practic
ally the first test of how good the Boost
er's bunch la going to be In 1911. The
Omahas have a two weeks' start In the
training on the Des Moines and Pa and
Captain Bchlpke are straining every nerve
and wearing out uniforms getting a squad
Into shape that will take the opener for
Sioux City Man is
Caught in Quicksand
Guitav F. Benson Sinks in Fond in
Sight of Two Companions, Who
Are Powerless to Aid.
FIOUX CITY. la.. April 5-Wlth two
companions standing on the shore power
less to save him. Gustav F. Renson. promi
nent In Odd FeloW lodge circles here, was
sucked by quicksand beneath the surface
of a small pond on the shore of the Mis
souri river Just south of McCook lake, near
here, last evening.
In order that the advertiser may get the
reach the buyer by the most direct and
reliable channel. The Dee Is that channel.
Vo married Voman't liftpptnMsj to
complete without children; aba
yearns with .the deeper longings of
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hood. But women who bear children
should prepare for the coming of
baby by properly caring for their
Physical avstania. Mother's TV1ant
Is th expectant mother's greatest help. It Is a remedy which prepares the
xmiscles and tendons for the unusual strain, renders the ligaments supple and
elastic, Aids la expanding the skin and nosh fibres, and strengthens aU the
membranes and tissues. It is especially v-aluable where the breasts are trouble,
some from swelling and congestion, and its regular use will lessen the pain
uu uuifm wueu uia jiuie one
comes. Women who' use Mother "s
friend are assured of passing the
crisis with safety. It is for sale at
drug stores. Write for free book
Xor expectant mothers.
Atlanta, Oa.
..R F
ra Mi1on C.!
HTel liny R).!
Anna Evim
Anna niton
...Eleinur Olllan
.Helen Goodrich
Ltivtna IKtlHnry L O.I L.O
Summary: Miss rtuth Shehlon. referee
umpire, Miss l.ols Gagneliin; time of
halves, lj minutes; final score, Ulack 8.
Wh'tes 1!.
imerlcau League (lab Seconds Are
Oathatted, Elsht to Seven.
LINCOLN, Neb., April 5 Lincoln won
from the Roston American league team No.
2 today, 8 to 7, by batting a little the best.
Score: R.H.E.
Lincoln 8 13 1
Hoston 7 12 2
Batteries: Fox and Stratton: Karger,
Moser, Mcliale, Collins and Nunamaker.
Wrest Una Match at Crete.
CRETE, Neb., April 5. (Special.)
"Farmer" Kersenhrock snd Herman Stroh
of Heaver Crossing put on a wrestling
match last night at the opera house. It
was a finish match, catch-as-catch-can,
best two out of three falls. The farmer
won In straight falls.
Ulllon Defeats Mantell.
BOSTON, Mass., April 8. Jack Dillon of
Indianapolis, aspirant ior weuernvisnt hon
ors, dcreated Frank Mantell of Providence,
In a twelve-round bout at the Armory Ath
letic association last night.
Japanese Team Will Paaa Through
Without Stopping- for Propord
Hatch with Crelguton.
Crelghton college and the Waseda base
ball team from Toklo, Japan, wilt not meet
In Omaha on May 1. as the Japaneee squad
Is unable to make Omaha by that time.
The Waaeda team Is playing on the Pa
cific coast and will merely pass through
Omaha on Its way to the east.
Practice la held every night at the
Crelghton diamond and the prospect for a
speedy base ball team looks fairly bright
The cold, wet weather prevalent in Omaha
puta the Crelghton lads back, but . .v..
flrat game is not until April 19, there la
sun ume lert for training.
(anitht In the Art
and arrested by Dr. King's New Life Pills,
bilious headache quits and liver and bowels
act right. 20c. For sale by Beaton Drug
Llvelr Outfield of the Rourke ram.
11 y Decides to Report aad
Play Ball Hut,
Bert King, hold out aodety all by himself,
gave up the fight and appeared in the
Empkehouse Wednesday morning ready to
sign a contract and don his suit Bert
donned the suit in the afternoon and did
a little warming up work, but aa Fa
Rourke waa not in Omaha Wednesday, the
date of signing tha contract has been post
poned until Thursday.
Nlehoff to Indianapolis.
Third Baseman Nlehoff, bought by the
Pittsburg Pirates in 1910 from Dea Moines,
baa Just been sold by Manager Fred Clarke
to Indianapolis. Nlehoff Is not one of those
who did not make ood In tha big leagues,
but the youngster found triat "there were
so many speedy inflelders with older heads
already after that third sack he waa will
ing to take Indianapolis a year or two to
get some experience. .
u l
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two teaspoonfulH after each meal and at
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