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Women Best Buyers
The, jmper that i read by women
bringi beit rtturni to ftdyertisert
Kor NbrHttki - Fair and warmer.
For Iowa Fair and !mor.
VOL. XL-XO. 242.
... HE
Police Turn Attention to Other Clnei
jn Endeavor to Ban Down Ami
aim Who Killed Colin.
Their Alibi Proven by Miaaonri Pa
. cifio BaiLroad Employea.
Description Given by Dead Man'a "
Ig Not Satiafaotory.
faana U Blmar Mi at Leml n
Shop 1 sura Eoerrr !
ftf Mas Vat MUrait Hf
TotMn mora than tha old revolver cast
tjnda br tha MaThwayinan who murdered
fUrmmn B. Cohn la loft aa a olue upon
whlo3 tha polloa oaa wot, tha two sua- (
(veota, John XeaJiy and Jlonry Mlcnery
tiartiia boon released from ouatody last
eraiitnc at : o'clock.
Tbey war Identified by Conductor A- W.
Itafeot and Braianiaa Kaalar of tha Mls
onr Pacffio, who daotarad that Leahy
ajyl anarnatT wero tha two persons who
boarded tKRlr train for Fort Crook Wore
thai hour ct the murdar, Saturday night.
Immediately atar they oaraa In from
tbctr ton Uat avwnlnt; tha railroad men
waoa to tba polloa atatton. "They look
Ilka) tha two mam," said conductor Baker.
Brakanaan aKaler waa mora poaitrve. "I
am anra thai they are tha men who left
tba train a Tort Crook. I remember dis
tinctly tha ana of than had a light hat
and wnraj oorduroy trousers. Tha conduc
tor nad, told mo that thary wera two paa
atiaTera for Fort Crook. I am aura those
ar tha) two man."
XinmadlaXatr after the Identification of
tha two auapaota by tha train orow rela
ttraa of Jahr war notified. Tha result
la not a aarprta to tha polloa, who have
ttaM from tha Brat axamteattlon of tha men
that they war bmooant of any oonnaotlon
With, tha tnnrdor.
Oauaa "till a, Mystery.
TheKfnlaaaa of Itaatiy and Mlgnary Isaa-ss
th oaa aa maoh a mystery aa mr. "
taottvea UaJoney and Van Duaan sat
bos aU day Monday running down possi
ble otuaa. It waa reported that Randall
Brawn of 101 South Tbirty-aeoond avenue.
bad aaan two auaptoioua characters in tha
nsia-hborhood of tha Cohn residence. Upon
loTaatlcatloa tt turned out that Mr. Brown
bad. aaan a younar man leaving tha home
of a family wbara ba bad been vl siting.
Aifrwi Cratsh, another rasldont of tha
vicinity, was aiao mentioned aa having
seen two man prowling about tha Cohn
boma. Mr. Crelgh whan questioned upon
tha matter, told tha detectives that ba bad
aan a suspicious character near the corner
af Twanty-aeventh and Farnam streets
tha poltoa do sot attach' any hnportanoe
to this statement. They say that tba plane
mentioned wan too far removed from the
cana of tha orlma.
Tha only olua that remains Is the cheap
revolver with which tha killing was dona
A search of pawnshops will be made In the
hope of tracing the owner of tha weapon.
When tha prisoners had been Identified
by the train a row as passengers of Bat
urday night a look of relief passed over
their faces. That the men wera under
tevero strain waa apparent from tha mo
ment they were captured. A number of
people called to aee them at the station,
l-oahy, who Is of a good family In Julian,
lad a visitor Monday afternoon In the per
on of John Oulbrrtson, an old-time resl
Jent of Peru, who said that he had known
I-eahy from boyhood and that tha only
trouble that l-eahy had ever been In was
an occasional spree. Iahy also has rela
tives In Omaha.
'errk of Pa oth shops.
In Investigation of the case the police
at a proceeding on the assumption that the
shooting was the bunKlln work of a
hold-up man. Bcauae the revolver Is not
of tba type used by pxrsons experienced In
the use or reliable firearms, the police
think It fair to assume that It was pur
chased at a second hand shop by a "down
and out" bandit for the use of one Job.
Search la being made of all the pawn
snopa and second-hand stores. The Indrntl-
ficatlon of the purchaser of the gun will n Interest in ltl.'hop and for a while he
ba a difficult task. The revolver Is of ati was a trusted employe of Maloney's whole
extremely cheap and common pattern of sale cluur factory, liinliop, however, de-
nicn mere are hundreds In every city.
The fact that It was loaded with cartridges
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For Nebraska -P artner.
For Iowa Warmer.
aiilPbers' H
hour shipments north- and east for tern
r'""" ui ia io a aiiove sero; went for
b to X above; aouth for temperature close
to freealng.
Tfiuprralan- Ht Omaha Vesirrday.
a a. in.
a m
7 a. in
X a in
! a. iii
! a m
11 a in
12 m...
1 P in..
'- p in. .
I p in. .
t P in. .
'i p m
i P in
7 P. I.,
t P ill . .
t oiupj. j-ul. . I.ucal Hrroril.
1911 V.'b) 1S. i I
7 46 37 i
Highest tLxlay
1 .oveat today
Mean tei'iorature
I're. ipltation
'I uii.oi ur ui.J
oH ai i -
urn from the n.irmal
Nurr-.s1 tt npcrai ure
Dedelency tji duv
Tola) etctrs xincu Mar. h 1
I l"H. p-t . (.!! ,oll .
mi lr
Deficiency tur lim d
.el indi
;o Inch
14 Im li
1 14 In hes
In h
I re.'ipltatlcn .n March 1
I'?!. -tmy since Mai-h 1 .
1 'e.'ii lancy t .r. peroei l'i;o ,
Dwflcle-icy cor. p rlnl l't. .
stail'in-Aiate of
Teniperatnri" l:ain-
P ui. llix'l fill
he)enr. viouuy 41
L;iiport. cler :io
I'uaivr, cieur
1m-s Moines clear ;
tndtr now
North Plane, cl iu ly M
vn aha. ciear 4
Pueblo, parilv loudv ft,'
Kepld I'liy. cloitdv it
palt lke i'itv. eloudv... nh
eanla Ke. cloudy ;,4
eherldan. cloudy M
SI. .in Oty, arily cloudy .14
Valentine, partly cloudy . 414
1 inda atos ir, t or prei Ipltatlon.
I.. A KI.. 1h i Fore, aster
(cm- tm 1 "
A reward of t2.K will be paid for Information leading; to the arrest and con
viction of the murderer who killed Heiman H t'ohn, Saturday nicht. March 2.
If mora than one deserving claimant, the reward will be equitably divided be
tween them. Thla reward Ik offered at the solicitation of The Bee by the follow
lnc business firms contributing In eual amounts.
The Bn Publishing Company 11 MMIer. Stewart & Heaton l')
A I. Root, Incorporated 1'"' Carpenter Paper Co !'
Tha Omaha National bank l' Nebraska Telephone Co 1
Hayden proa 1 M. K. Smith Co 100
Thomaa Kllpatrlck 1 Omaha Kleetrlc Ltaiit and Power
First National bank li company 1ii
Merchants National bank I'1 Hyrne-Hnmmer Co Ki
Omaha Gas Co 1 I'axton GallaKher Co 1i
Ralph Kitchen 1"0 Meti Brothers , 1
I'nlted States National bank I Orchard Wtlhelm
Tha Bennett Co V)
$1,000 Additional Reward
Is offered by Arthur,
Small Twister
Wrecks Buildings
at Kearney School
Industrial Institution Suffers by High
Wind, New Brick Barn Being
Partially Demolished.
KKARNET. Neb., March 27. (Special
Telegram.) The new brick barn at the
State Industrial school, which was com
pleted at a cost of If., 000 a short time aito.
was bsdly damaged late yesterday after
noon, when a twister wrecked eighteen foot
of tha north and.
The roof was blown off. The twelve-Inch
brick wall at the north end wall oontalnlng
Jfi.oes bricks', "was hulf wrecked' 'and. : nearly
ten tons of brick and cement was thrown
Inside tha building above twenty-three head
of horses. Six feet of hay put In the barn
Friday broke the force of the falling con
crete and the Joists In the floor held, al
though some double 2x12 boards were
cracked and splintered.
A new chicken house and a hayrack In
the path of the wind were wrecked. The
barn waa exceptionally well built and the
twister cut It stralRht down through the
roof and wall and not a shingle waa lifted
beyond the eighteen-foot line.
Dynamiter Suspect
Is Weak Character
Council Bluffs Police Identify Him
Yesterday as a Petty Thief
from Iowa.
Oeorge lllxhop. held as a suspicious char
acter with a possible connection with the
dynamiting of tl.e court house, has been
Identified by the Council muffs police. The
Iowa officers who callod to see Illshop are
positive thut he has bn aricsted by them
many times fur pet 111 larc.uny.
HlMhop catnr to Council HlufTs many
years ni:o us a wa!f. Mayor Mulont-y took
veloped a (liMlnclltiatlon for honest work
and took to pilfering for a living, lie lx
a weuk-wlileii character and the Council j
Uluffa police are -certain that he would i
never be entrusted with such a piece of I
work as the dynamiting of the court house.
Monday afternoon lie was "mugged
the Omaha police, who will hold him for
some time.
Acting upon an order Issued by John
l-l user, county building architect, the
v ol Kim n on the new ci,;i t limine bean
Monday morning to clear away the debris
fn ni the scene of the explo&ion lam week,
ill hope that the police nilaht be able to
liiuie some cine the wnckaije had been
left intact.
Monday morning Miss i! -len Sl uluir. of
mutiancr lure for t'uldwell Drake,
i , niiactors. had receded no udilillonal In
clination fioin the i iiiUHl o;r., e i,( ilt!
f u m or from cm iter of ill con'iaiuirs pir-l
so, ally. !
.r fooa ri lb" iVbrl" I.-, tie: red away'
Mr. latcnaei Impi s lo ilefniuly estimate'
lie ikmase I'.um to liu tllffcieui ion-,
li at lur.s. (
The a'Uhorli lew j-a" thtv do not consider!
il of i-' uli c e i i :i' ut lot at tiie cause I
of the double explosion here when tln-i-e la I
e i MMiy I. tile ilfoit being made at Hie:
( o i l-ions iliint to find the perpetrators of
tl.r I wo dee. is j
in connection w .lh th? il n iMiitini.' ..f thei
y iu.1 l.oui-e the peib e bae started on a
?-' rev, Irall that leads to Des Mol :es It Is!
.-1llnon tliat three uspi.iois; men!
h to k ibe train fur Di s l-.nes rise tit after I
ilw explosion. Donahue and j
I't tiil l. n bo hi- v.orK.p the iuw, aje
L' lill. i1 the'r I-ff oits I.) I... a-e tin three I
n.e:i. J
A rewaid of t.H) ru barns ner the j
I of tl e dv l am t. i. The it-ulia Iiu.l-
nesy Mens a.-so. lata n W1 dec ,ii 1 to offer i
.'.V 0 for the ar est ai.d conviction of the'
I' end t he H mrd of r.Jnty fom-I
!'. isiuiifia ' si. . fr.rf.i n r'
ul Soman Hurl in Itauaivay,
t'ODY, o.. Ma -ill "I.-iSiw Ial (-Mr,.
( ID. H. Wilson had a narrow e.icip.
-r I death tolav a'hen ber team ran awa
Rhe '
rrceled a broken arm. sprained snkle and
many aerl-ma cms and bruises! She is In
a l.sal bor-plial. but lll icnir'
Hint I and Hugo Rrandeis upon the same conditions as
Washington Mecca for Faithful of All
Degrees Who Are Reaching
Out After Pie.
Members Will Have Job of Session
Satisfying Applicants.
Party Returns Full of Praise for
Work of Officials.
Aaaorancrs filvfs that niK nifeh Will
lie Completed Accord I no; to K.stl
mates of F.nalneers Order
Affects Irrlsatlon Project.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. March 17. (Special Tele.,
gram.) The democrats who are to take
over control of the house of representatives
next Tuesday when the Sixty-second con
gress meets In extraordinary session are
now almost beginning to wish that the tide
of political fortune had not turned their
way last November.
To the house of representatives falls a
vast amount of patronage and to fix that
up Is causing the leaders much more
trouble than the make up of committees
and other kindred subjects looking tore
organlzatlon. A democratic battle axe will aennrnte a
great number of republicans from Jobs I
built up through what was called the "hog
combine." some sixteen years ago. It
looks easy at first thought, but when ona
figures that there are at least twenty
faithful, dyed-in-the-wool democrats who
have hungered for the fruits of the "pie
counter' for esch position. It Is no easy
matter to satisfy their gnawlngs. Next
Tuesday some But) republicans will probably
ba forcei! I'o walk the plank! i
Democrats Jefferson, Jackson. Tiryan
and Champ Clark, democrats are going
to get Jobs or know the reason why. The
trouble Is that every office-seeker In the
country whose politics Is on straight and
who has the fare to Washington Intends to
be here In person.
"Heaven knows what we are going to
do," said a member today. "You can make
the rounds of the boarding houses and
hotels and 1 venture that there already
are three applicants here for every position.
"There will be several thousand seekers
after the mere 5I0 Jobs before the caucus
next Saturday. Fifty are coming from my
district. I'll be lucky to place three of
Members Hack from I'anamn.
Ilepre.-'pntatlvt-s Murke and Martin of
South liakota. who were with the con
gressionul party which left New York
March 7 for a pleasure trip of Inspection
of the I'arania canal upon the steamer
Colon, arrived In New York Saturday aft
ernoon and are now in Washington.
Representative Martin was accompanied
by Mrs. Martin.
The party consisted of Senator Bradley
of Kentucky, Senator Warren of Wyoming.
Representatives Neeilhani and Knowland
of California, Martin an. I Taylor of Colo
rado. Steenerson of Minnesota. Iangeley,
Thomas and House of Kentucky, norland
of Missouri. Iiurki and Martin of South
1'akota. (ludfter of North Carolina. How
land of Olilo. Mcliuire of Oklahoma. Smith
of .Micblsan. Morrison of Indiana nnri
AJondell of Wyoming.
Nearly all of the r.inKressional party
were accompanied by their wives. and
many of them by other members of theli
families. Representative Burke today said
that too much credit could not he accorded
j " ""'kis. i . v ii o nas na'i
(Continued on Second I'age.)
General Carter and His Staff
'K 4''-" V
f..-: At i , .. r.T - v -iO r? . ' -'..A
" t
FIRST PICTFRF. MAI" K OF THE COMMANDKK AND HIS AIDKS AT S V A NTi ) X H ) --Copyright, 1;1. bv George Grantham
From l-ft to Right Lieutenant Colonel Rees. Malor Hell. Lieutenant Colonel McCarthy. Captain Grav. Colonel Mills. LI -ii-
enant Garey, General Carter. .Maj. r Pi an. Major Rolfe. Colonel Ladi!. Lbut nant 'olonel 'iterllngbam. Major Li arned. Mjjir
i IcwTHtaL Zn you nve r -aw Os
v jr-Sss I some thin c. 1 S
"only about Lr rrr
I Till. Trie Dt I tCT 0W TDINKLLJ Tw
evL5tJ TkN I w.i the. 7. A v.
Krom the Hloux City Journal,
Insurrecto President Believes Battle
is Nearly Won.
F1brlna; Wlll-,JoVvl 'iljBtJVtMaa
Has Been Heplaerl eufterlnw
Anoni the Noncomlm tan ts
Along the llorllrr.
MEXICO CITY. March 27. President
Diaz' cabinet was officially announced to
day as forecasted. Coslo Is named min
ister of war. The post of minister of the
Interior Is not filled. The Inaugural cere
monies will occur tomorrow.
KIj PASO, Tex.. March 27. Couriers who i
left Madero's camp several days aso when
the Insurrecto leader was about sixty miles
north of Chihuahua reported to the Junta
here today that Madero was enthusiastic
over the condition of the Insurrecto'.
At that time Madero had not beard of
the resignation of the lilaz cabinet. The
couriers reported, however, that Madero
had repeated his declaration that the In
surrection would not cease until Diaz had
been replaced and reforms had been accom
pushed rather than promised.
From the interior ot northern Mexico
come repdrts that suffering among the non
combantants Is growing worse. The order
of the Insurrectos that no food shall be
taken Into the small towns from the sur
rounding country Is working a hardship
on the people who are held practically
under siege.
I'nited Stana District Attorney Wise and
counsel for the Duveens, it was statcj
.ater. have reached a compromise agree
ment for the settlement of the govern
ment's civil suit for Ki.oiiO.OU) against the
.11 ni of Duveen brothers.
According to the reported terms of the
settlement the Duvet ns deposited SI.UN.Md)
with the I'nlted Statta treasurer In fu'l
discharge of all claims against the firm
l'cr duties alleged to have b en underpaid
In importation of objects of art. .
It was understood this afternorn 1 hie
IContlnued on Kecond Page.)
. ',iT s - . ; t u y
-l .v.".. .-V ' :.
... . J-A
r ' . ..
r a - ' '
Something to Live For
Physician and Four
Children Burned to
Death at Aurora, Mo.
Dr. D. E. Morris Saves Wife and One
Danghter and is Suffocated Trying-
to Reach the Others.
AI ROItA, Mo March ST. Pr. D. K
Morris, a prominent physician, and his
four children were burned to death early
today In a fire that destroyed the Morris
home, three miles southeast of here.
Members of the family were asleep on the
second floor of the house. When awakened
the flames were about them. Finding
escape cit off. iJr. Morris threw a bed
mattress out of the window to the ground.
Lowering his wife and 7-: ear-old daughter
I , ,,.. ,ho llhi,la rushed Into an
j a(,j1nlnK rom to awakfn the four other
children. He never returned,
were found in the ruins.
The b idles
thief iclls I'rrsialcnt Ills
Want While Men to
Tliem lolie.
WASHINGTON, .March C hief uke -
! oina. a nun, up looKing nuie nopi
I Indian from the Miui reservation In Ari
zona, dud In the trappings of Ills tribe.
! and
stubbornly protesting against
march of civilization, appeared at the
Whits House today and made u plea to
President Taft on behalf of himself and
several hundred of his fellow tribesmen to
be left alone.
The ngr-il little Indians spiech was In
terpreted to the president aa follows:
"Oh Great White ' Father, my people
want to live as In the "ays of old before
the pale face took from us Hie hind that
was ours. We don't want schoolH. We
want to be let alone to live as e wish,
to roam free without the whlti man always
there to tell us wont we can iu anil wnai
i ' cannot do.
I Yukeoma s beady little black eyes were
! "'cr than ever when he left the White
j House for the president toid him that the
schools could not lie ulMjIlshed.
on the Border
. .-".
t.a . ' '
Evidence of Negligence Will Result
in Prosecutions.
Fir Marebal Kara. Fire IJr I II U
I nkaown la Factory and Three
Hoars Are Reqolred to
F.rupty Balldlna.
NKW YORK, March 27. Fixing the
blame for the loss of 1 bodlea In the
Washington Square fire of Paturday. drew
to a focus today the energies of the dis
trict attorney's staff, the fire marshal, the
coroner, the slate labor department and
Rorough President McAneny of Manhat
tan. Douens of Investigators collected
available Information. Grand Jurymen
(turned personal probers and an additional
grand Jury In a formal resolution, pre
sented to the court of general sessions,
offend their aid to the district attorney
and declared that some one should be pros
ecuted for the disaster.
What the probers found-evidence that
doom at exits swung Inward, the crumpled
fire escape In the airshaft, the one fire ra-
;c:ipe blocked by Iron shutters when opened,
:an ernpty water tank on the roof and ihe
, a(.tlt(, prevalent among cutters of light
lug cigarettes a few minutes before quit
ting time all this and what Is yet to be
ferreted out, will be placed speedily before
the grand Jury for action, District At
torney Whitman announced.
Tenement Owners I p.
The tenement house department sum
i. loned owners of half a dozen faulty struc
tures to police court us a preliminary step
to a far reaching Investigation of tene
ments One man was held for violating the
law and other cases, it was announced, will
be pressed tomorrow.
Fire Marshal Heers summoned the pro
prietors of the Triangle Waist company
and several employea to testify at a pub
lic investigation, largely to Inquire Into the
truth of reports that doors leading to fire
exits were blocked.
"So far as 1 can discover." he said, "there
never has been a fire drill In this fac
tory, in my opinion il would take 700 girls
(three hours to reach the street by the one
fire escape. Nine-tenths of the employea
cannot speak Kngllsh, yet I could not find
a Hii'n in Yiddish or Italian pointing out
the fire exits."
tlararette Asserted I a use.
Tiie fire marshal said he was convinced
that a cigarette lit by a cutter and thrown
in a luap of clippings had started the fire.
A relief fund for the sufferers is headed
by a I'l.tKJO donation from Andrew Carnegie.
The Frilled Hebrew Charities, the Austrian
Hebrew Free Hurlul association and other
organizations came to the fore with aid.
Thirty-three bodies, most of them shorn
of all semblance of human forms. He un
identified tonight at the Charities Pier
morgue Twelve persons, most of them
glils In their tuns, are fighting for life In
hohpltal. Half a hundred funeral trains
trailed through the East Hide and the
Italian district near the factory today and
as many more are scheduled for tomorrow.
The unidentified will be buried in a sin
gle grave, but will be held as long as pos
sible to give relatives and fritnds an op
portunity to claim them.
Final figures place the death list at 141,
as announced last night, of these :ej bodies
were taken from the scene of the disaster
and eight drd In hospitals The list will
be sweded. surgeons say. by utiieis. who,
UII livlna. have no chance to recover.
I'uiuuilllee ut lla Mate Senate Re
ports Asulntt Proposed
pproprla t iuu.
IK'.-TON. Mass. March ;T -A propo
slt.on ti erect a statue of General
IV r .ifciiiiti liiiller. former governor of
Va.s,ii huseil received a setback In the
Mabsacbusetis legislature todav. The wcs
hi.iI means romnilUee reported "ought not
to ass" on the hill appropriating iTi.t
foi i. Maine of the general.
Senate Passes Cordeal Measure, While
Lower Body Recommends Gus-tafson-Evans
Modelled Upon New York System for
Closed Primary, but - Changed to
Allow This Practice.
Lincoln Physicians TVolna" rtmnil to
Prevent FstakHshnien t of Med
ical Department la
From a Staff Correspondent )
MNTOI.N. March . -(Special.)-Roth
the senate and house put approval upon
a new primary law today. Tha senate
passed the Cordeal bill and the house put
on third reading the Gustsfson-Evana
closed primary act The Cordeal bill pro
vides for a system of nominations by
party councils. The councils are to be
made up from regulars of each party
named In primaries. The bill Is to a car
tain extent modelled on the New Tork
primary system.
In the house there waa a fight made for
opening the primaries and Quackenbuah
argued for some time for an amendment
to the Gustafson-Rvans bill which would
completely change Its character and allow
a voter a vote in any primary without de
claring his party offlllatlon. When tha
amendment was put to a vote, however,
It met with no support and only two 4r
three viva voce votes were cast for It.
Mouse Permits Fsilon.
An amendment, permitting fusion, was
passed by a very slight margin with tha
republicans ncalnst and the democrats In
favor Fvans. although a republican, had
conrentrd to Introduce the matter to amend
m that any candidate might have his name
ion t lie ballot any number of times If proper
filings had been made. The vote waa 4)0
!to rs- and only three democrats. MsKlsslck.
Mr.trau Hnd l.lndsev, were counted against
it or, the standing vote. There was another
i debate started upon the question after It
wa.4 settled, but no motion to reconsider
Gi rdes amended the bill to insert tha
war made.
registration Inws, ns thev now are, and tha
amendment went through. The law allows
an unregistered voter to swear out an af
fidavit with the city clerk and ba given
a certificate permitting Hint to vote.
After the Quackenbush amendment mak
ing the primaries open bad been defeated,
the house agreed to recommend the bill
for third rending, unanimously.
MkM Sessions MrsMn.
j Hcgular sessions were beRun tV th house
tonight and will 'probably beheld , during
'th rest of the week. The hduse has not'
I yet agreed upon a dste for final adjourn
I ment and Is trying to get as much done aa
.possible before It must come to the reali
zation that the time Is up. Wednesday will
be the. sixtieth day, when pay will stop.
Flaht Medical Appropriation,
A desperate effort Is being made by Din
er. In doctors, Lincoln newspapers and Lin
coln business men to bring about a recon
sideration for- the appropriation for $100,000.
for the university medical department at
Or.. aha. Lincoln newspapers are printing
letters against the proposition from local
physicians and the natural rivalry between
allopathic practicloners and homeopaths
Is being stirred up because the Omaha In
stitution is allopathic.
The adverse feeling of Crelghton univer
sity interests Is also being played upon.
As yet no effort has been made, but at
the session tonight there was a last chanco
for reconsideration.
No Raise for Deputies.
The governor's veto today prevented tha
bill raising the pay for deputy county at
torneys In Omaha from becoming; a law
and the house haa made no effort to pass
It over his disapproval. Tha bill. H. R.
No. 17. was Introduced by Morlarty, rala
Ing the pay of four deputlea to a minimum
of 2.000 and a maximum of $! 600. At pres
ent they receive but 11,600 as a maximum.
The governor in his veto states tha raise
would call for unnecessary expenditures
and that taxes In Douglaa county ara al
ready very high. The measaga waa aa
"1 withhold my official signature from
11. R. No. 17, because It provides for aa
unnecessary expendltura In tha county at
torney's office In Douglaa county. Tha
first deputy should get, in my opinion, two
thousand flvo-hundred ($2,600.00) dollars,
as he puts In his entire time. And If thla
measure made a provision for tha raise
In his salary alone. I would fladij approve
the bill. But In the case of tha three
other deputies' who hava prlvata offices
and their official positions not interfering
with their prlvata practice, It flours to
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