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The eeg jne a
IflHE, Dees Junior Birthday Bgdk
Her Husband's Voice Mea Jlkt ? the. iat
briatci ud Free Lunch that Snitaini
This is ihe
Khe did not rwmb! a prartk-aj Person.
A rd yet undoubtedly she wa one when
weighed fn the same seal of appraisal
with the Amateur Wife.
Th Post Graduate Husband, admired her
nmmnn en, which be regarded aa th
rarest and most desirable quality of Js
tra In-law. She wst pretty beside, and
everyone will admit that common sense la
an altogether superfluous asset In a young
woman with claims to beauty.
In the very first week of her arrival ahe
perceived that her Amateur sister a house
hold wu run with the absolute disregard
of probahUltte which distinguishes an Im- j
prwr4unlst painting or the meter of a tail- (
cab. And her criticism became so out
spoken that flnaly. with Inward rejoicing,
but with an awsward appearance of laving
aside the scepter, the Amateur Wife re-
sure I would fall a victim of brain fag'"
"That because )ou haven't any
tern." explained the Practical Person
frankly, "and because you run everything
on the treat American plan of stretching
yeur income to fit your expenses Instead
of adjusting your epe"ses to your income.
1 re a whole lot of theories about the way
a home ahuuld te run and I'll be glad of
the opportunity of testing them. And think
tf all the money vou'll save!'
The Amateur Wife's eyea eperkled de
ll(htedly. "Think of it:" ahe exclaimed.
-At leant tlu a week. I'm sure! What
hall wa apend it on?"
And much to the Poet Graduate Hus
band a amusement both His Wife and the
lractlcal Person fell forthwith Into a aeri
oua dlacuaaion of bow to eiend the money
to be aaved on the housekeeping bills.
Mary, the Helpful Handmaiden, was duly
informed of the change In the houaehold
and later, with an air of exaggerated sol
emnity, went to her new mistress for or
ders for the day
"We'll have something cheap tonight.
Mary." paid the Practical Person with
cheerful t agueness; "something In a casse
role. I'll tell you what you -do. Order a
found of stewing beef and cook it very
slowly with onions and carrots and pota
toes and we'll have the finest dish you ever
"That an Irish Mew." commented Mary,
her patriotism struggling with the "na
tional contempt for economy and all Its
"Stewing beef, you said? That's the kind
ve generally order for Woof-Woof! Do
yuti think a pound will be enough?" ahe
added boldly.
The 1 Tact leal Person flashed a masterful
e .
" ertainiy." with all the vegetables," ah
said, and Mary retreated, her expression
telling with ailent eloquence that the
g lories of her house had departed.
"I'lnntrr ready?" was the customary fond
greeting of Her Husband whin His Wife
-lned the door for him that evening,
"flew." he added, dubiously, scenting the
delicacy from afar.
"Va dear." said the Amateur Wife,
oothinxb. "Tou wore your Wne tie this
iiHirn'&g. didn't you? Blue la so becoming
to you. Tou ought to wear It all the time.'
Hut these blandishments were wlthottt
avail. Hunger and Its Inseparable gloom
possessed Her Husband.
Undoing of Mr. Uplift
. A
"1 went to an auction of paintings and
object af art last night and I was amased
at the large sums paid for various ar
tlelea," begins Mr. Uplift, attempting to in
still a lova fur the beautiful In young Mr.
Vpllft ;
"My notion of no good way to squander
coin la to buy up a bunch of Junk like
that." oarnlully says Son.
"On painting called 'The Old Mill'
brought M0.MW." Father relate.
"Is there that much real maauma In on
lump?" vaguely queries Son, oontentdly
chinking together a couple of two bits.
"That Uatana Ilka a phony sale to me and
rd have to see the kelt passed to believe
that dupe,"
"A a, but it was a rarely beautiful paint
ing of a tumble down old structure," de
scribes Father, who prides himself on be
big bit of an art connoisseur.
Hulls' gee:" exclaim Bon, "a guy
ought to get a flue new fireproof mill for
that alack of almoteona"
Thar was a touch of realism about
ta aid mill stream tn tha picture, con
tiauwa Ffct&ar. -tbat took me back to my
bayttood daya.'
TJk aevot the real thing," declares
ton. VUd yea erer sew that play called
Tha Cad M'JJT-
Fathar was forced regretfully to admit
that be bad not had this pleasure.
"Well. thar'Tw gut a mill aoena In that
pteca I bat I'll bat will put lings around
tbia picture yoa say aald for half a million
' . twefca." ecUiiiaisttrwly asserts Son. The
" P-1 act a tau k drop a hundred
i ert kuvg ar4 the min stream is real water.
feat what I call going some whan It
aomea to art wlih a cajatal A. And there
a rattling fond ahow. the villain meeting
the girl with the paper at the eld mil
stream at nudiaght. than pashi&g ber tot
toe drtaa and getting away with the
V course. Inwrjert Father, "the an
dqiuXy of the work e an of which I
apeak U chieC tb cause for Its Ugh
pnee. Aawifcar picture that recently Bold
for kAXou waa YalMMjuea' tameua por
trait af Philip IV.- adds Father, showing
a newspaper copy of the painting
la Question.
Lea ux tn ertginai bonehsad ta ma,"
com map t Sua. after glancing at the re-
prodactuav "Til put up even money that
. thai guy ntvw aaw Oa together in all hia
luX and w anmobodj oomea across with
that aoaavy taaiiasnd bone for oaly a pic
tar Him Niba Can you beat ltr de-
a i ula Cos. in a tun of deep disgust.
This particular patnUng 1 noted for
ks raod sraab work and rtrecg character
atm. posnta out Father like a profa-
aacaaaj art Waaler awlng a bunch of
robea tkrvugb tha a.ecropolltaa Art mil
"'bea ht oomea t rapid brush work,
pats ia Boa. -baeva aaa. tbia gjh Yaae
line. or whatever bis asms ia. dldn t have
aaj thing on aoma of our c ! little bill
board artist that splash the stuff up and
oT brcadway for tha t heaters, famous
VtOt wbiakiaa, lenett and other brie a-
eaMquaa'a art ef portraiture stands
uanvwued. To hare a great artist like him
Twee iKw't ehculh UVbi to
He did not speak until Mary announced
dinner and. removing the cover of the
casserole revealed Its stingy content. j
"lid you keep anything for yourself.
Mary he Inquired. ing ,ne resurrection Is not metaphorical,
"No. sr. That's every scrap In the I even though we try to twist It to meet
house," replied the Helpful Handmaiden, that claim. At the last trump the bodies
apologetically. i of the dead will come forth. And they
And with a sigh of resignation the hun- shall be changed. "We know that the
gry host apportioned the dinner, bestowing I bodies of the saints will be raised and
with conscientious gallantry the largest i changed because of Christ a resurrection,
plateful upon the guest and Household j nd by the quickening principle Imparted
Economist. to them through their union with the body
"This dinner cot only 4a cents alto- j of Christ in holy baptism. Now this quick
gether." announced the Practical Peison I ening principle gradually transforms the
after she had waited a proper interval for
"Io you think It was worth tt?" Inquired
the Post Graduate Husband sourly.
But a glance from the Amateur Wife
suppressed further hostilities.
Nor did he reoj-en the subject when he
was alone with His Wife. As the high
priest and preacher of Economy he was
not y et ready to become an apostate to his
"We have liver and bacon for break
fast." aaid the Practical Person the next
"Fine," exclaimed the Post Graduate
Husband. "Just what I want."
"But you can't have any. You know
you never eat any breakfast. I only told
Mary to use up the scraps from yesterday
morning." hurriedly expostulated the vol
unteer housekeeper.
"You know you never eat any break
fast, dear," Interposed Hia Wife.
"Not when I've bad any dinner the night
before," rejoined Her Husband resent
fully. "But I don't want any of that mesa,"
be added. "Why there hardly enough
for the cat. Mary, bring ma four poaaheU
Then ha turned to the Practical Person.
"You're a cracker Jack economist and
your theories are all right," be commented
graoioasJy. "But auppose you let me
order the dinner for tonight."
"He beamed begullement upon hia smiling
wife and said:
"Let'a have a five-pound porterhouse
steak, with lota ef mushrooms Your
sister has saved so much money wa can
afford to have a regular meal."
b0 "d
Anrned hw Fsther w Raw
mt Arr rsoeABiv cor KCsunr or
JcuAit nm n in me coo out m.
paint one' likeness Is a rare distinction,"
aver Father.
"Ua probably got a coupla dollar apiece
for 'em In thoa good old day." remark
Son. Moat folk nowaday, especially tha
skirts, would rather tak tha two bones
and get a do sen cabinet photograph. Or
go down to Coney Island and get a bunch
of tintype showing tha whole family
togged out In bathing suits."
"I regret to admit,'' mourn Father "that
among the masses there la small apprecla
tlon for tru art. I dure say there are a
great many persons who would rather
have a dollar rhromo to bang on the wall
than a genuine Velaaquea worth half a
million dollars."
'A for me." conclude Bon, "your little
Willie put hi O. K. on tha rhromo at
on buck and alipa the other , bean
Into hi inside pocked to be used for the
encouragement of other form of art."
Tilling It Straight
"Olua-ginge, I've just read that maga
in story of your; tt' rotten."
"Mrs Mi-Outre, you're about seven year
older than your husband, aren't your
"Tea. air; I've got a match, but not te
light that nasty thine with.
"McStab, if yog want anybody to ga
your security oa that not yoa'U have
to ask wsa chap who doesn't know yea.
"1 gueea I'll have to marry you. Algy;
you're my last chance "
'The editor af th Bugle hereby ac
knowledges a serenade by the boys of the
liver cornet band last night They tor
tured us for more than aa hour. We sug
gest that they mil their horns and quit.
Th ou't rjlaT for ihurlt I
"I didn't expect you to buy this bouk.
minster. I waa only practicing my pieoe oa
oii" Chicago Trtbuna
hall I Meet the Jarfawirntf
" We shall all stand before the
Judgment seat of Christ For It is written.
'As I live, saith the Ixird. everv knee shall
bow to Me. and every tongue shall confess
to God. 8o then, every one of us shsi
give account of himself to Ciod ' "Roman
' God shall bring every work Into ludn
mett. with every secret thing, wheth-r It '
be good, or whether It be evil ." Kccles ,
The glory of the Christian religion Is Its j
Insistence on the fact of the resurrection ;
of the dead; that at the second coming of j
Christ all men will rise with the bodies ,
with which they lived on the earth. "The1
( hour H coming when In the w hich all that
! are In the graves shall hear His voice (the
I voice of the Son of Man) and shall come I
j forth." St. John i 2 2.) !t. Paul. In his
defense of himself before Felix, expressed I
j his hope toward God. that there j
i shall be a resurrection of the dead, both j
of the Just and unjust '' (Acts 14:15 ) At j
, another place he wrote to the Corinthian? j
( there be no resurrection of the
de.a - tnen is Christ not risen, then is our I
pre,cnmg vain, and your faith is also
vajn a Cor. hm. I
The language of holy scripture concern-
psychical body from within so that It be
comes a spiritual body, and the spiritual
body is nourished by the body and blood
of Christ In the holy eucharist." "Whoso
eateth of my flesh and drlnketh tny blood
hath eternal life, and I will raise him np
at the last day. For my flesh is meat In
deed, and my blood Is drink indeed. He
that eateth my flesh and drlnketh my blood
welletb In me and I in him. As the living
ather bath sent me, and I live by the
Father, so be that eateth me, even he shall
liv by me. Thl is that bread which came
down from heaven. He that eat
eth of this bread shall live forever." St.
John 6.4 .)
Not only the bodies of saints will be
raised and changed, but the bodies of the
wicked will be raised and changed. No
doubt there will be a different process of
change, but there will be a change of some
kind. All the bodies shall come forth;
'they that have don good, unto the resur
rection of life; and they that have done
evil, unto the resurrection of damnation."
Following close upon the resurrection
there will be the final judgment. Of this
fact no on versed In holy scripture can
entertain the least doubt. To go no
farther, there are the parable of the
judgment spoken by our blessed Laord Him
self the wheat and tare, the net with the
fishes, the sheep and goat. Each of these
enforce the fact of a Judgment and a
separation. Moreover, there 1 the parable
of tha talent, which portrays the fearful
Judgment of those who misuse or fall to
make use of their opportunities to serve
ths Master.
And the Judge will be Jeans Christ, whom
we praise In tha Te Deum. "We Believe
that Thou Shalt Come to Be Our Judge,"
the Judge of the quick and the dead, "Thou
most worthy Judge eternal." perfect God
CoerrtB. 1911, try T rww
gn Tc BtwM Geo AJ IUrTa. T'SSSi5y lAilt. HURD
ft rim 5-. r'P(,iwMiii. fr I s,. tSA
liS 9cJlhsJ? Tut tLltr Jf ovr f--s
v II II "WA Ws r7f
f " i wn if rat ) '' CmiM&ust 'fij
I rp 0rs 6AA . cAj0 cK ' r
(f rims r- ' IX rw.MA 'jr - '-A
.1 ftmriL .v S Yj-Ta Pj f'.U - I e eg riMM rr htes
i Uu. rwss) jnnSK T I'l l B nPQ, vr rw mnr
i ' '1 I M-v t JUr Trr$n7MtT0t9ve
j nKZ
n n
gL :g
mT. T. J. Collar, Kactor of
the Church of Good, Shsphard.
and perfect man. and because perfect God
and perfect man a most righteous Judge,
a most merciful Judge; for, having lived
In the flesh and having been tempted.
though without sin. like as we are tempted.
He knows the frailty of our mortal nsture.
"He will have mercy;" He will be very
All men shall stand before the Judgment
seat of Chriyt. the small and the great,
the ignorant and the wine, the rich and
the fioor. the good and the bad. The
Judgment will be made on the basis of
all our thoughts and words and actions, in
their relation to the light of Christian
knowledge under which we live, and the
opportunities which we have either used
or wasted. "God shall bring every work
into Judgment." Every deed done in the
body, good and bad.; every thought, good
and bad; every word uttered. "Every Idle
word that men shall speak they shall give
account In the day of Judgment." The
judgment will reach everything. "For there
is nothing covered that shall not be re
vealed, neither hid that shall not be made
Pointer for
No racier political story ha been heard j
! In Europe for years than the tale now be-
j lng related In Paris about the preposterous
election boas which ha fallen to the lot
of the unsuspecting people of the town
of Dijon. The town has been recently in
the throe of th movement for reform, a
movement which a certain group of wags
failed to tak seriously. They nomlnstrt
a "municipal .reformer"' a local celebrity
named Rome, of irregular and uncertain
occupations, tbe chief of which, however,
wa the collection of discarded cigar and
cigarette ends.
There waa issued In M. Rome' name a
remarkable election proclamation which
promised the voters among; other thing a
great reduction in iia price of wine and
beer, a municipal retreat for husbands re
turning home late, the equipment of the
town hall with piano and billiard tables
as a free municipal club, and so far as
possible, the abolition of all work between
Like many ambitious reformer. M. Rome
i.!;ofi." ScClct ?-:n r.lxr MI'S. i-ns of
omislon. sins of comni.-sion. sirs of
i thought, a i-rd and deed
For all these sins and all the good we
; may bsve dor.e In the das of the Tesh
1 we must pive account to the Judg-; and
when me think of what tiod Is me may
then irceive what the accourvt rtiust be;
I for Jod is omniscient, otnntpres. nt. omnipo
tent Uur account will rot 1-e rendered
to Him hy our fears or our sensitiveness
or our had memories or our dullness of
onclence or our false and artificial views
i of truth and duty, much as e try to em
; ploy these makeshifts in our dealing with
; ui:r neighbors or enter them Into ttie e
I cuses for not answering to our Christian
! calllna as church men and church women.
A great flood of litht will pass across the
m hole course of our lives and penetrate
every crevice of our souls and characters.
Whatever the verdict of the Righteous
Judge upon us may be. our consciences
will have to affirm its justice; for we will
see oureelvcs by that treat light as God
sees us. as we have never seen ourselves;
and we f-la,l know what He meant us to
be. we might hu e been. Arid, oh
the thought of what me might have been'
Go out Into the (-jn'.igh? of this day. be
loved, but ere you go ask Jod to so tam
per your wills that you will think more
and more of that great account which you
must one day render, of the judgment
mhich you must one day meet. Every
pa-vt-ing minute brings you nearer to It.
nearer to the end of your probation. We
poor human beings have a habit of trying
to console ourselves with the vague Idea
that we shall be given opportunities In
the next world to right misdeeds which
we have done In this morld. Io not risk
going acroKS the great distance on that
vague idea, far as you know this life
Is your probation tinie. Make the best use
of tt that you know how. Iay by day. hour
by hour, you face the solemn reality, the
dreadful reality, that you are powerless
to turn time back and so undo the deeds
of yesterday. But the past c-n teach you
to make better use of the present, and the
present is always abundant in opportuni
ties by which you may lay up for your
selves treasure for the future.
wa taken seriously by the public and was
returned triumphantly at the head of tha
poll. The council are now faced with the
puxsllng problem of what to do with their
latest member, electad by the sacred suf
frage of the soverglgn people. He, 1 his
turn, is faced with the still knotter prob
lem of how he Is to carry into effect hi
attractive and sweeping scheme to reform.
Pl-eflt aaa Loss.
An old artisan who prided himself on
hia ability to drive a close bargain con
tracted to paint a huge barn in the neigh
borhood for tbe email sum of SIX
"Why on earth did you agree to do It
for so little?" hi brother inquired.
"Well," said the old painter, "you see,
the owner Is a mighty onrellable man. If
I' said I'd charge him 125. likely he'd have
only paid me tl. And If I charge him 115,
he may not pay me but nine. So I thought
it over and decided to paint It for $12. so
1 wouldn't loae so much." Llpplncott s.
vJEORGE A. FAl'.vJl H Alt.
Nime anj Addrran.
Emily Allen, 141.. North Thirty-third St
Ruth Anderson. 2611 South Thirty-eighth St
Victor Anderson. 2 6 1 T South Thirty-ripht h St...
Mildred Arngton. 1814 North Nineteenth st
Laura Axford. 2112 Lake St
Beula,h Baker. 5002 North Korty-secoud St
Ellen Berg. 2318 North Twenty-eighth Ave
Krieda C. Boettgtr. 3330 Corby St
Dorothea Boldt. 302". Itriraore Ave
Gladys P. Bowen, 2012 North Twenty -
Laura Bradin, 3435 Patrick Ave
Myron Brlce. 1521 Wirt St
Guy Burns, 2017 Binney St.
Marie Buseklst, 2913 Grant St
Annie Chrietensen. 3S0S Miami Jrt
Ray Dodson. 3115 Burdette St
Otto Dradla. 521 Williiru St
Abe Flnkenstein, 1102 North Twenty-fourth St
Bessie Friedman, 2010 North Twentieth Si
Earl Classman. 4522 North Fortieth St
Lloyd Gunter, 5916 North Thirty-third Ave
Helen M. Hannahan. 120S South Twenty-seventh St.
Ruth Hartman. 2708 Spalding St
Peter Havden, 2415 South Twenty-ninth
Earl Hiphsmith. 3177 Grand Ave
Eddie Hollander, 2526 South Thlrteith St
Willie Hollick, 1412 South Fifteenth St
Feme A. Homan. 1101 North Twenty-ninth St. . .
Georcia Hopkins. 3S26 Vernon St
Lenard J. Howlett, 36-24 Grant St Monmouth Park. ..1904
Carl A. Jensen. 1205 South Twenty-seventh St Park 1903
RniA Kimhall. Tenth and Grace Sta Lake 1905
Mary Klsh. 1319 South Third St Train 1898
Madeline Kline, 2426 South Seventeenth St Castellar 1901
Harry Knuter, 611 South Nineteenth St Leavenworth . .. ..1905
Emma Krist, 1313 William St Comeniua 1901
Russell W. Kjte, 2602 South Thirty-second Ave.... Windsor 1905
Will G. Larson, 2204 South Tenth St Lincoln 1895
Alice T. Learning. 3715 North Eighteenth St Lothrop .1905
Ruth Lowrie. 4229 Ohio St Clifton Hill. .1900
Walter S. Marriott, 1720 South Thirty-second Ave.
Earl C. Montgomery, 2313 Douglas St
Lois M. Moore, 2015 Miami St
Harlan Park, 2604 Pierce St
Robert Phillips, 1806 Ohio St
Charles Posowsky, 1433 South Sixteenth St
Samuel Preisman, 2721 South Tenth St. ,
Helen Penfold, 3523 Howard St
Francis Retynske. 3711 Castellar St
Florence Riper. 624 South Sixteenth St
Louise Sack, 1715 Marcy St Leavenworth 1898
Lawrence Slama, 1940 South Fourteenth St Comenius 1895
Madelene Spear, 424 South Twentieth St Central 1897
Gladys Stover, 2621 South Fifteenth St Castellar 1905
Ralph O. Stevens, 3647 Charles St High 1894
Joseph Stodolny, 2409 South Twenty-ninth St Im. Conception ... 1900
Bess Townsend, 3S20 North Twenty-second St Saratoga io
Earl H. Waal, 3502 Jones St....: Columbian ......1897
Katherine Wheeler, 2319 South Nineteenth St Castellar 1904
rufTnrn Widdoea. 1103 Dominion St Bancroft 1896
Theresia Williams, 3015 South Twenty
1101 Korth Twenty-ninth Street.
. .
Some Silhouettes of the Sidewalk
Here upon the avenue,
Kaucoos discords reign;
Trucks and drays go rushing through.
Thunder in their train;
Trolley cars, with clanging bells.
Rumble aa they come;
Newsboys pacs with strident yells
"Tls Pandemonium!
Now turn eastward half a block.
Loiter while you may
Here the tumult and the shock
Faint and die am ay.
Listen! Where the street Is fair
With the light of spring.
One street ninger starts a song!
Bravely the hand organ' note
All th silence fills;
Terdf tuneful music floats
In a wealth of trtila
And the singer's tones ring out.
NooctiaUant and gay.
8ingtng something sweet about
"Ioima Mo-oee-lay !
be! Tha nangbty rr aid forget
nVlf a little while.
Cock nearfe-! her acoVAs and frets
L&ng envugn to smile;
Tired mother beam agam.
Ijitr start to ooa
CrerrTiang neetn hapiar when
The sniaatr pass ia tntrotigh.
"V'hat'i aa stngmsT?" smi on asxa
Of IM erraad boy
As in idla m b basks
In this tuneful toy.
Ue! But you're a stupid guy;
Yer aduvashun s Uta.
DwncberkaowrY Well, oat 4a yw
Talyan 3'abnul fijnm!
Day We
March 18, 1911.
S li ml. Year.
. Franklin 1S?9
. Windsor 1 S97
. Windsor 1901
. Kelloni 105
, . High . .194
. t'entrsl Park 1S01
. . Lone - .... 197
. . High ISM
. . Monmouth Park . .1901
. . Long 1900
eighth St
. Franklin
. lxithrop
. Lothrop .
. 1S9R
. 1S97
. 19
Howard Kennedy
Clifton 'till.
Train .
Lake 1901
Central Park 1901
Central Park 1904
Park 1900
St Dupont
. Monmouth Park. ..1899
. Dupont 1899
. Comeniua 1901
. Webster 1899
High 1895
Comeniua .
.Lancroft ,
. . .1892
. . .1895
. . .1903
. . .1904
. . .1901
. . .1905
Windsor 1905
Leavenworth 1900
- fourth St. . . . St. Joseph. ...
5110 North Twentieth fotreet.
Caruso of
the Sidewalk.
S5 ifi P
Daily Health Hint
For thin people it at adrtaatJa that tM
atLi'j a let rtrvini conKntt or a
supply of nutritious and fatty fnoda.
the exevwan learmes may ba
In order that th advertiser may get tJsJ
beat result for money tnweabsd, b naual
reach tha buyer by tha moat aaraog anl
', ' f
a. Ul IS BTV
J raUalila caanxtat. TLa Boa la Int. fi