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    Jill, llt.J,: OMAHA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1.1, 1311.
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Times, rrlatlnff.
Kas Boot Ma It.
9. Creadon li Son Coil.
tn. Barton, Dentist, J7 City Nafl Bank.
ttaa, Xleotrla fixtures, Sarrssa-Oraaaen,
aan Tear Mom; and valuable In ths
American Safa Deposit Vaulta In The Be
building. $1 rarta a box. $1 a year.
Investments In the Neb. Savings Ioan
Aaa'n. earns 6 per annum, credited semi
annually; ioo to $5,000. 1W6 Karnam
Street. Hoard of Trade Building, Omaha.
fleet and Carelessness cauae tha ma
jority of losses by fire or burgi&ra. lit
prudent; rent a private sats In our Big
Vault. Only J per year. Omaha Safe De
pualt ,Trust Co.. Ml 4 Farnain street.
To IMvlde BeeponstMUty Tha house
committee of the Commercial club will
meet Friday and revise the system of man
aging houae affairs. It Is proposed to sub
divide the responsibility of the house work
among tha various members.
Trade Extension Committee Meets-
David Cole, president of the Commercial
club, has called a meeting of the trade ex
tension committee Thursday to map out
plans for trade extension work during th
coming year. It la expected the commit
tee and the club at large will carry out
Borne unusually hard worK' and new Ideas
In advancing the trade Interests of the
Xrajloek rnnsral Will Be Raid Thursday
The body of Mrs. Kralcek, who was
ahot Monday by her brother-in-law, has
been turned over by the coroner to a
private undertaker. The funeral will be
held Thursday morning at I o'clock at St.
Wencealaus' church. Father John Vranek
will officiate. No arrangements have yet
been . made for tha funeral of Woltman,
who killed himself after ahootlng Mr.
Teacner tot Xtw lobool Miss Anna
Carruthera, a graduate Of tha training
class for teachers of the Omaha schools,
waa named Tuesday morning by Buperln
tendant of Schools Davidson aa the teacher
who will have charge of the primary
grades In the new Fairfax school building.
Mlsa Carruthera began her work Tuesday
afternoon, when the new wing was opened
for the primary classes.
Prisoner Breaks Jail Ed Lang, serving
a vagrancy sentence in the county jail, es
caped from custody Tuesday morning In a
sensational manner. Iang, who had only
a few daya left to serve, waa working In
tha matron's department on the fourth
floor. Tha garage of the city Jail Is built
up against the wall of the county Jull. and
tha roof waa a matter of some fifteen feet
below the Windows that open from the
floor upon which I.ajig waa working.
Watching his opportunity he raised the
window end made a flying It Hp to the roof
below, crashing partly through the rotten
boards. ' lis extricated himself, and run
ning, along the roof, made another leap
to the roof of the tlnshop adjoining the
Jail. From the rout uf 'lie lower building
ha anally jumped to the alley. and made off.
la Later Arrested for Intoxication
Tarrying Concealed
Cutting a money belt containing fc!G0 from
the dead body of lils mother, according to
n etory told Iteputy Sheriff Dick Flanagan,
by his brother, William Borsen, $01 South
Twentieth atreet, Monday night, Henry
Borsen, the youngest of two sons who
lived with their mother, Mrs. Anna Worsen,
one mile north of Krug park, divided tha
money with his other brother last Satur
day and was arrested Hunday on a charge
of Intoxication and carrying concealed
weapons. He had iltM on his person at tha
time. . . ' ;
When It was li.Yued his mother lay dead
at home he was released without trial.
Mrs. Borsen, uied 71 years, died of pneu
monia BaturCuv morning, after an Illness
ol three d k. Ifn body was left In tha
house. Aoic-i :;. the story told Deputy
Sherifts Flanagan and M. B. Thompson by
Wtlllan) Boivn, when he went to the home
of his dm J mother Sunday morning he was
chased "off of Uie place by Henry, who
flourished a revolver.
Neighbors became Indignant Monday
night because the body was deserted In
the silent house and not burled. They
called the ehertr? a office and two deputies
responded.' They found the doors and
windows of the house wide open, while rain
pelted In. It was deserted except for the
dead body and a cat.
The body was removed Tuesday to an
undertaking establishment and the funeral
will b held Wednesday.
HenrraratatlTea of Rival ("oareraa to
Ha Heard la Itotall aa Merita of
the Maralaea.
Friday has been set as vacuum day by
tha county commissioners, for at that time
representative of the rival companies
after the vacuum cleaning contract for the
nlw court house will be heard In detail.
One of the firms will have a complete ma
chine upon the ground with a salesman to
explain Its working principles In every par
ticular. At a meeting last Saturday the commis
sioners expressed their willingness to sign
contract for a machine represented by
i, J. Hantghan.
ro you knew that fully nlna out ot
every ten ranee of rheumatism are sim
ply rheinatlein of the muscles due to cold
or ds'ip. or chronic rheumatism, and re
sjuW n lL-ernal treatment whatever?
'.tply Cttamberlatn'a Unlm.nt freely and
aeo how quickly It gives relief. For sale
by all sealers.
I . . , i : .' ' ' "f ' ml: liX
I 1 ..ti'iifri,,)ffl
SIL'.ii,-.r,i;.:ra;,,1S!,lsrr,;il 1 I
II! llMll.llin TTx!
I i.llMMMl! MMM I immiMiiiiii l I '
1 HUH llllllllllllllll IlllllilMIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH II I llll I i J . "v
Makes Home Balling Easy
Gives nicer, better food than baiter's.
There Is no balling powder like it
for hot biscuit, hot breads and cake.
Made from Pure Grape Cream of Tartar,
Woman and Children
Have Narrow Escape
v rom the Flames
Policeman Coraeau and Driver Clyde
Dunn Fig-ht Their Way to
the Rescue
Groping half unconscious fron suffoca
tion, find the door through which
they could go to the street and safety. Mrs.
Nellie Haegen and her daughters. Evelyn,
aged 8, and Mildred, 12 years old, were
found in their rooms above the Omaha
Art and Frame company while It was
burning at ( o'clock this morning, and
saved from the Impending death by the
assistance of Clyde Dunn, driver for Fire
Chief Salter, and Police Officer H. Cor
neuu. The dense smoke which arose from the
urt store to the rooms above drove men
and . women Into the cold, wet street In
their night clothes. Mrs. Haegen and the
little girls staggered about their rooms
trying to find the door when Dunn and
Corneau, with handkerchiefs over their
mouths, felt their way Into tha rooms and
found them. They were carried to the
street below, where men swaddled them
In overcoats and took them Into the Hoff
man undertaking parlors, four doors north.
Theyeoon recovered.
Mrs W. H. Wyman of Cokevllle, Wyo..
who came to Omaha yesterday to visit
Mrs. Haegen, was asleep In another room
when the fire was reported. . She waa one
of the first to escape from the smoke-filled
rooms, despite the fact that the house was
strange to her.
Peter Petersen and Frank Doty, roomers
at tha place, were awakened by the smoke
and fled to the street.
When R. R. Redden, owner of the Omaha
Art' and Frame company, the rear half
of which was gutted, arrived on tha scene
the blase waa practically extinguished and
he was able to estimate hla loss at $1,000.
"It waa lucky that the flames were con
fined to the rear part of the store." he
aald. "I had about 12,800 worth of fine
pictures and frames which would huve
been a total 1ob,"
Redcfen was unable to tell tha causa of
the fire. . .
Weather Balloon
Travels at Rate
of Mile a Minute
First to Be Returned Goes Hundred
and Ten Miles in Hour and
Fifty Minutes.
Soaring to a height of ten miles in the air
the sounding balloon sent up from Fort
Omaha Saturday afternoon drifted 110
mllea and was picked up one hour and
fifty minutes after it had been released.
B. F. 8herry, one of the meterlologtcal ex
perta who ts here to take observations, re
ceived word Tuesday morning that this bal
loon had been picked up at DeKalb, De
catur county, Iowa, not far from the south
ern border of the state.
The gaa bag, to which was attached the
recording Instruments, waa released from
Fort Omaha at :40 o'clock In the afternoon,
and it waa found by Andy Wilson at 5:30
o'clock the same day. Though the balloon
traveled far In a very short period of time,
Mr. Sherry explains that frequently the
upper currents at a height of ten miles
drlfyat the rate of 100 miles an hour. He
sayt that air currents are especially active
at this time of the year.
Shortly after -word waa, received from
DeKalb another meaeage came to Mr.
Sherry, stating that another balloon was
found Saturday afternoon at i o'clock on
the farm of Mrs. A. Hawbaker, three mllea
south of Dallas Center, la. This is about
1('7 miles distant. The balloon found on
thla farm was tha one released last Friday.
Name for Successor
to Bishop Bonacum
to Be Given by.Board
ComulteiY Board to Meet in Omaha
Thursday Morning at Bish
op's Besidence.
Choices of a successor to the late Bishop
HoruiLum uf Uncoln will be made Thurs
day morning at a meeting of the board of
consuilere at the residence of Bishop
Richard Scanned. The meeting will be
held some time during the morning, and
three nanies will be selected. These name
will be presented to a meeting of the
bUhops ot the province at an early date,
and the blshopa will likewise designate
their choice ot several of the moot avail
able divines. In turn all names will be
forwarded to Home, and from the list
thus presented will be selected the suc
ceeding Bishop ot Lincoln.
The board of conaulters which meets
here Thursday morning Is composed of the
following: The Rev. Father J. C. Free
man, Wymore: Uerrard Boll. Crete; Wil
liam McDonald, Hastings; Mathiaa Bor,
Wahoo; M. A. Shine, 1'lattsmouth, and
William Crowe, Friend
Baeharhe. Itheaiuatliu. 'lrpireaaees
Result from disordered kidneya Koley
Kidney PlUs have helped others, they will
help you. Mra. J. B. Miller, Syracuse, N.
Y.. aaya: "For a long time I suffered with
kidney trouble and rheumatism. 1 had sa
vers backaches and fait all played out
Aftor taking two bottles of Foley Kidney
Ptlls my backache la gone ami where I
used to He avaka with rheumatla pains I
sow sleep la comfort Foley Kidney 1'ille
4 id wonderful things for me." Try taea
ow. Bold by a4 druggutta.
n m
More Than $35,000 Spent on the Park
Last Year.
Report of the Hark Hoard Shews
Moaey Spent oa Parka and Boule
vards of the 1 Ity for
Twelve Months.
More than J.",5.O0, practically double the
amount expended on all other parks In
Omaha, was gpent In Improving the Levi
Carter park last season, according to the
report of the Park Board commissioners,
which was aent to the city council Monday
To be exact, SU.143.1S was expended on
Carter park, exclusive of the amount di
rected to the green houses and nursery.
The Improvement and the resulting ex
penditure of this amount was made pos
sible by a donation of SLUOOO given by Mr.
Carter's widow, now Mrs. E. J. Cornish of
New York City.
The park, which Is a memorial to the
late Levi Carter, is the result of Mrs.
Cornish's generous gifts to the city. All
told, she haa contributed $8.1,600 towards tha
Elm wood park comes In for the second
largest appropriation, but the money ex
pended does not compare with the amount
set aside for Carter, park. All expenses,
Including keeper's salary, totalled $7,561.74
for this park.
These amounts were spent on other
Omaha parks; Hanscom park, $3,819.76;
Hivervlew park, $D,81.99; Kountse park, $3,
162.59; Fontenelle park, $108; Miller park,
$3,830.66; Bemls park, $t1.34; CuVtlss Turner
park, $K!6.B8; Jefferson Square, $2,390.17;
Capllol avenue. $27.22; Bluff View park,
Improvements along Florence boulevard
more than doubled the money spent on any
other part ot the System. For Improving
Florence boulevard, $16,468.37 waa appor
tioned and used. Other boulevards were
Improved to theae amounts: West Central,
$7,77.E; Bouth Central, $3,504.24; Southeast
boulevard, $1,663.88; Northwest boulevard.
J1.2V1.17; Northeast boulevard, $99, and La
fayette street, $3,921.78.
Among the receipts for maintenance of
the parks is the sum of $660 which comes
from concessions. The Hanscom park priv
ileges netted $J; Hivervlew park privileges,
$150, and Levi Carter park privileges, $200.
Relatives of Davitz
Insist Effort Was Not
Made to Find Them
Nephew Inists that Davitz had
Letters and Cards Addressed
to Them.
Mr. and Mrs. August Abendrotn of Ro
salie, Neb., are In Omaha looking about
after the disposition of their uncle's body.
William Davits died at the county poor
farm January 14 and his body was taken to
the Gentleman undertaking establishment
and then turned over to the Crelghton
Medical college.
Abendroth resents the statement made
that the relatives did not care for the old
man In his declining years. He also Insists
that the county authorities had plenty of
ways of finding tha addresses of his rela
tives. They say that the reason that the
relatives had not called at the poor farm
to seo Mr. Davits was because he was well
enough to go around town to visit them.
They say that ha was not able tq write
well and that he had In his possession
stamped lettera and postal cards all ad
dressed, by which his relatives could have
been found.
Mr. Abendroth says there was no disposi
tion on the part of the relatives to neglect
Davits. He saya that he lived on he farm
at Rosalia with him for over a year, but
was taken sick and came to Omaha, being
rprovlded with money to go to St. Joseph's
hospital. That the next he heard from
1 Davits was that lie bad gone to the poor
farm. He asys also that he had sent
Davits a box of clothing, and that when
ha was In Omaha last fall at the carnival
Davit had come from the poor farm to
visit with him and bis wife for a day. He
Insists that had tha authorities used proper
diligence they would have had no trouble
in reaching the relatives of Davltx.
Omaha Benefited
by New Order of the
Indian Department
Action is Said to Be What the "Com
mercial Club Has Been
Working For.
Omaha receives a triumph through the
order Issued from the Indian affairs de
partment at Washington Monday, accord
ing to H. C. Jordan, in charge of the local
Indian warehouse. Mr. Jordan, when In
terviewed Tuesday on the reported change
ot methods making Omaha and Chicago
the only two points where contracts for
Indian supplies may be let hereafter, ex
plained that the Commercial club has been
veeklng for the arrangement for a lung
The final order Is a concession to tha
lequests and general efforts to bring It
about by tha Omaha business Interests. It
means that this city will become almost
an Independent headquarters for the let
ting of great contracts for supplies, in
stead ot being only ona of three. The
next date for the letting of Indian con
tracts will bo April 1L
General Manag-er Buckingham Tells
What Stock Yards Will Do. '
haaM Water Fraarhlee Be F.xteadeil
riaa la to Kxpend Tkree Maadred
Thoaaaasl In Halldlas; Special
F.verett Buckingham, general manager,
explained yesterday the object of the con
templated Siooo.rt bond Issue by the Vnion
Stock Yards company.
"W Intend." he aald, "to matt additional
Improvements and then In the event of
being able to put In the water supply sys
tem a considerable sum of money will be
required. That will cost probably S300.0"0
and of this sum tha Stock Yards company
will have to furnish a big proportion."
Asked as to the Improvements Intended
to bo carried out in the yards he said
tha company was going to provide addi
tional pen accommodation, sheep barns
and rebuild all the unloading chutes with
a view to making them In conformity with
the most modern plans. More paving would
be effected during the year and other new
buildings erected to rope with the growing
business of the yards.
It might be mentioned that this progres
sive policy was sanctioned s'. the annual
meeting of the company some weeks ago.
"Of couree." added Mr. Buckingham,
"this $2,000,000 will only be authorised and
we will Issue It from time to time as we
need It to carry out Improvements."
There was a fine run of stock to the
yards yesterday and Mr. Buckingham ex
pects that there will be steady business
for the next ninety days In all classes of
The hall of the exchange building yester
day had quite a new face. The walla and
celling have been repainted, giving this
place of business a clean and bright setting.
ClmniK the Ht reels.
Effective Bteps were taken by Major
Tralnor and City Engineer Roberts to com
pel the contractors, who are doing tha
grading on Twenty-fourth street south of
O street, to keep the thoroughfare clean.
For the last three days Twenty-fourth
street at the city hall has been covered
Inches thick. In parts, with dirt. To cross
from one side of the thoroughfare to the
other one had to wade through Inches of
liquid mud and people desiring to get on
a car at the north side of O street had to
stand In this. The consequence was that
complaints were general and the grum
blings of citizens were enforced by people
coming Into the city on business. Mayor
Tralnor told the contractors that this state
of affairs would no longer be allowed to
continue and the city engineer threatened
that he would pass no more estimates until
the Btreet waa cleaned and kept clean.
Following this strong hint steps were
taken to Improve matters, but much yet
remalna to be done to make the roadway
decently passable for pedeatrains.
Condition of Railroad Avenne.
F. Krebs has fileu a complaint with the
city clerk anent the condition of Railroad
avenue in the vicinity of Y street. "On
account of the construction of the Mud
creek sewer the recent thaw of the snow
has caused the ground to settle to such an
extent that 1 am compelled to wade
through mud In order to get to my resi
dence." he says, and he adds: "There Is
already considerable damage done to my
property owing to the caving In of the
banks." Mr. Krebs. desires the necessary
steps taken to compel the contractors to
make tha required repairs to the street and
sidewalk in order to prevent accidents and
give him access ,iuula property.
I. nsaaitary "Maker lea.
The hearing of the charges against two
bakers for having their premises In an
unsanitary condition has been fixed for
Thursday. Trie cases were called yester
day morning In police court, but Anastos
Ere a, ona of the defendants, who has a
place at Thirty-second and Q streets, did
not appear, and his $10 bond was for
feited. George Kerchkoff showed up and
was represented by Attorney K. R. Leigh.
City Prosecutor McNally Btated that an
effort was being made to have the charges
withdrawn on the promise of the defend
ants that they would improve their bak
eries. "I will consent," suld Mr. McNally,
"to no such course. This ts a matter
vitally affecting the health of the people,
and I think those people should be taught
a lesson. Why did they not comply with
tha law before their attention had to be
called to it so forcibly?"
(jovrrsment Uf Commission.
The question whether the city should
adopt the commission form of government
will be considered at a meeting at 8
o'clock in the city hall tonight. Attorney
A. 11. Murdock, as chairman of the com
mittee appointed to Investigate the matter,
has a carefully drawn-up report to present.
Judging by what happened at the meeting
Saturday afternoon, it Tould not be sur
prising If a resolution fa oiing the Innova
tion were voted down.
Hed Oik Officials ka the City.
D. B. Ounn. mayor of, Red Oak, la., and
Councllmen Sam Payne, W. 1. Qllmore,
Kd Williams and Lew Fikea visited South
Omaha yesterday to make an examination
ot the wear of a certain kind of paving
that had been laid down in the city last
year. With City Engineer Roberts as
guide, they visited the sections of the city
where asphaltlc concrete has been used,
and so Impressed were i they, said the
mayor, with Its durability tht they will
leuommend its use In Red Oak.
Maglo City (.osivlp.
Coal See Howland, 'Phone South 7.
The fchamrock ciuu win vf uauce to
morrow night In Bushing's hall.
The Smtle club was entci mined by Mrs.
Julius bwanson, Foity-tiilid and O streets!
The women of the Lefler Memorial churcu
will give an entertainment in tha church
this evening.
A fine program will be presented this
evening at the meeting uf the local at ru
of the Eagles.
South Omaha Plaltsdeutseher Vereln wil,
give a ball and entertainment In Franck't
hall Saturday night.
A prize musque ball will be given by (jk
Wynne Workers lodge No. 173 tonight It.
the I. O. O. F. hall.
Miss Genevieve Kennedy entertained the
"Lea Elites" at her home. After cards,
luncheon was served.
Street Commissioner and Mrs. Johnson
4tii houth Thirty-third avtnue. are rejoicing
over the birth of a daughter.
Clover Leaf camp. No. . Royal Neigh
bors of America, will give a dance Thurs
day evening In Ruehing's hall.
The cane against Hilly Donley, colored,
for running an alleged gainl.llng joint at
n n ji.
Ill tiff H 11
lias made itself wp;ome in the
homes of the people the world
over, by its wonderful cures of
all blood diseases and run down
Oct It today In usual tliuld form or
chocolated tablets called Barsataba.
Twent) -sinth and 1' streets, was" dismissed
esieruay by Police Judk'e Cailanan.
Oak Council, No 1.U2, Knights and ladles
of security, will give a valentine party
thl evening in the Woodmen hall.
Woodmen Circle. No. in, will meet with
Mrs. Josephine Herman, 4.'w fouih Eight
eenth street, Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Robb entertained
fllty friends - Saturday evening at their
home. U1& North Twenty-fifth street.
'Phone Bell South Wi. Indeten1cnt F-lMtt
for a case of Jetter Uold Top. Prompt de
livery to any part ot city. William Jetter.
A valentine masque carnival wiit be neld
by the Woodmen of the World In Bush
ing's hall tonight at which prizes will be
The Willing Workers of the First Chris
tian church will meet with Mrs. Monroe,
North Twentieth street,' Wednesday al
ternoon. The young people ot the First Christian
church will give a valentine social at the
home ot Mra. Hancock. 824 North Twenty
fourth stree., this evening.
Mra A. F. fctryker writes home that she
Is greatly enjoying her sojourn at lxing
Beach, Cal. A recent I' tn turmii.ii the
orange groves of thla part ot tha slate.
The Ladies auxium, ,u toe uuin Miliaria
lodge of the Ancient Order of Hlberplans
will give a dancing party Tuesday evening
in the Danish Brotherhood hall.. 2418 N
The Clansmen of America initiated a
class of twelve at their meeting Saturday
night. The program Included an exhibi
tion drill by the degree team of lodge No.
1. Omaha.
The next meeting of the Woman's Home
and Foreign Mission oocHH In connection
with the First Presbyterian church will be
held Thursday, February 23, at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs, C. M. Rich.
Many South Omaha Klks attended the
twenty-fifth anniversary celebration In
Omaha. There was no meeting of the
city council as several members belong to
the order and othera received Invitations.
Notwithstanding the announcement that
all gambling resorts had been closed In the
city, the statement was made yesterday
that two houses were still running In the
business section of Twenty-fourth street.
The coroner's Investigation tnt the cir
cumstances of the death of William Tobln,
who was killed by a Rock Island freight
south of Harrison street Sunday, will take
place Saturday morning at I o'clock at
The only savings bank In Douglas county
Is the South Omaha Savings bank, located
in the old quarters of the Hourti Omaha
National bank. 2614 N street. This bank is
owned and controlled bv interests closely
Identified with the tftock Yards National
bank and pays 4 per cent on deposits. Any
amount starts an account. Truman Buck,
president; H. C. Bostwick, cashier; F. It.
Getty, assistant cashier.
St. Valentine's Day in
Omaha Forty-Three
Years Ago Recalled
Aaron R. Hoel Recounts Gala Incident
That Happened Hereabouts
Many Years Ago.
Bt. Valentine's day forty-three years ago
was a big holiday In Omaha. It was an
Ideal day for a hanging out In the open,
and a hanging out there was, witnessed by
thousands of men, women and children
gathered here from many miles around.
Aaron R. Hoel, a pioneer resident of this
city, recalls the Incident, for, being sheriff
of Douglaa county at that time, he was
one of the central figures in the at
The man who paid the death penalty on
this day was a young fellow, Ottawa Q.
Baker, convicted of the murder of a man
named HIgglns, who waa a clerk In W. R.
King's wholesale grocery store. Baker was
a porter at the same place. During the
day of the murder about $1,600 had been
taken In at tho wholesale house and It
was placed in the safe. Baker's girl had
gone to Kansas and In his ardent desire
to follow and be with her he laid plana to
get the money. He murdered Hlgglna,
opened the safe, and after taking the
money hid It In a tin- box on Twelfth
street between Howard and Jackson. Ha
was tiled, convicted and Sentenced to hang.
"You have no Idea of the way the wo
men flocked to the scene of the hanging,
which was on the prairie back of the site
of the present high school building," said
Mr. Hoel In speaking of the incident of
years ago. "They actually made a martyr
ot him, coming to the scene for many nines
around, all decked out In their Sunday
beet Sure, they would do the very same
thing today If they were given the oppor
tunity, but by law all hangings are now
conducted In a rather secret way at the
state prison, Kome were attracted, of
course, by morbid curiosity, but many
were inclined to make a martyr of the pris
oner more out of pity because ot his fate
than by the nature of his deed. Women
are just the same today; let a man go on
trial in any of the stale courts, and the
first thing you know they will ba sending
him flowers."
Mr. Hoel recounts that just before the
hanging the prisoner was escorted to the
scaffold by a guard composed of firemen,
armed with muskets. The guard was In
charge of tiherlff Hoel. After the hanging
the body waa secured by aome enterpris
ing individual who mounted It and had it
on exhibition here for a long time.
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Dr. King's New Lifo Pills, for constipation,
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Beaton Drug Co.
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t Small Cost.
Hers Is a home-mado remedy ' that
takes hold of a cough Instantly and
will usually cure the most stubborn
case In 24 hours. This recipe makes
a pint enough for a whole family.
You couldn't buy as much or as good
ready made cough syrup for $2.50.
Mix one pint of granulated sugar
Tilth Vi pint of warm water, and stir
I minutes. Put 2 V, ounces of Pinex
(fifty cents' worth) in a pint bottle,
and add the Sugar Byrup. This keeps
perfectly and Las a pleasant taste
children like It. Braces up tha appe
tite and is slightly laxative. Which
helps end a cough.
Uu prcbably know the medical value
of pine in treating asthma, bronchitis
and other throat troubles, sore lunga,
etc. There is nothing better. Plnex la
the most valuable ooncentrated com
pound of Is'orway White pine extract,
rich In gulaicol and all the natural
healing pine elements. Other prepara
tions will not work in this formula.
The prompt results from this liiax-
icnsive remedy have made friends for
t in thousands of homes in the United
btatea and Canada, which explains why
the plan has been imitated often, but
never successfully.
A guaranty of absolute satisfaction,
or money promptly refunded, goes with
this recipe. Your druggist l.aa Pinex
or will get It for you. If not. send, to
The Plnex Co., Ft. Wayne. Ind.
Twenty 171 TrJafMl?
rrour. to jKJEWjrc
ModerateCost Best Management
Mditirraiiaa North Cape
Caronatioa Mutr Otitars
IATU3ND I WHITCOIM CO. salt. ."Vr..?.'.,
30 fine tours, $285 upward. Fie-uent sail
ings. Kill Alinuil Orient Cruise. Feb. 1,
191 1. by ii. H. Amblr; 71 d.iys, u!l expenses
;4u0 mid upKsiil J Kuiiiid li.e World
Tours, mil; IIM.e mid uu.
W. B. Book, 1584 rani am Bt., Omaha. sTeb.
TraiggyS. tiara, TWitl fatOldliig, Turk.
When the Long Distance Lines of the Bell System tell
you a friend is coming from a distant city, use the Local
Lines to order supplies in a hurry.
The problem of tlie empty refrigerator and the tinea-pet-ted
guest Is solved by Koll Telephone? Service,
The modern housewife i prepared to meet any emer
gency if she lias a Hell Telephone, for every market
In the country Is within her reach.
Coal Strikes and Coal Prices
worry not the man who relieu upon central station elec
tric service for his POWER. The fear of waste and
extravangance in the engine room disappear when the
E.LECTKIC DRIVE is installed. Expensive boiler
and engines do not have to be maintained, repaired and
replaced. Electric motors do away with line shafting
and losses in power transmission. In every form of
power application the electric drive enables saving.
POWER YOU WANT. Every year shows further im
provements, economies and developments in electric
power machinery. We employ competent engineers
who vtill invstigate your power needs upon request.
You. can depend upon their reports.
0 r; J A ! 3 A ELECTRIC LIGilF
Elevators run till 11 p. m.
giving service for men who have
work to do at offico in evening.
New elevators will be installed within mx weeks.
Other accommodations are likewise finst-das in th: best
known building in the city. Electric light, heat, water
and excellent janitor service are included in rental price.
The Bee Building
Apply at once or the office you want will be gone.
BOOM 660 Fronts on Karnam street and Is partitioned to uftnriL Uu ot
fictiH. Tli'a In on of the must dslralla tfflces In the hul Idlim. as It
litis a goud south light and Is almost In front uf the elevutors. The
room is 14x1 SVi feet and rents per month for $3000
BOOM 60 Is a large aised office on the sixth floor. liavhiK a south 'and
west exposure. This room could be purtitiuned so ax t suit tenant.
There is a fire-proof vault in connection, and with three lurge wln
Uws there la sufficient light for any purpose. Ask to see this room
If you nesd aa much as 420 square feet, i'rlce per month 940.00
BOOM 646 Is one of the few small outhida offUes having a vault In con
nection. This room faces 17th street and la psrltcuiirly dealt aide -for
a small office. Kent per month VIS. 00
VITB 638-38 Ail elegant aulle of rooms on the narth side of tha build
ing; SStS Is partitioned, making two rooms. These rooms villi he
rented In suite or separately. They would umke good architect a
quarieia, or would he desirable for anybody wishing a urth I'Klit '
Kent for suite per month 77. . 932.60
The Bee Building Company
Bee Business Office, 17th and Farnam Sts.
If you lose your pocketbook, umbrella, watch or any other
article of value, the thing to do is to follow the example of many
other people and nlverti-e without delay i; t"h. "? x- Poind '
column of The Ilee.
D- -saais 'sayipt in iniassi susul
A. F. McAdams. Local Manqger.