Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 04, 1911, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 13, Image 13

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    titk r.i;K: omaha. Saturday, fehiiuatiy 4. mit.
QrccRtu FOrt SALE
. , I Hacrlfice hlv.h rala weathered to.un and library furniture.
It. a iii'uhv calr. ruK b-'fl room set. Ice
c!i m. j,a rtr.g. before leaving town.
I 1 one liainey 4il N. illsl St.
T ritrllrri.
. Y an L. C. Smith A Bros, typewriter.
K Swansun Co.. Distributers. U14 Far-
KCOND-tand typewriter sold, repaired.
. una! Typewriter Exchange. l'W Farnam.
low to get the rash. 1-4 to 1-i regular
inlcf; any make you want. Get one
while they lt.
ihm.i in r- f 211-inch diameter No. 34
nun salvanlxed Pipe, with lour 46-Inch
.bows and 1. Thla wa used for ventllal
nir mirn,.a and nine la In sood condition.
T ha Bee publishing Co.. 17th and Farnam.
FOK SALE New and second-hand bil
liard and pool tabled. We lead the world
in ihun bar fixture: easy payment.
Hrunswlck-Balke-Collender, 407 8. 10th St.
ran SALE One Parker Broe. hammer-
In. 10 (ansa, twlat barrel, hot run. and
leather case, hu una r-arser rsros nam
iner tun, 10-gatig and leather case. IlKfts.
One Pmlth Weaton, 38 caliber, hammer-
lea revolver, lit). Address L 814. car Bee.
WB HAVE on hand a number of Ink bar
tela which ws will el for 60 centa each
jher are fine for rain water or ashea
fall at preea room. Be Publishing Co.'
SA FES Overstocked with aecond-hand
afe. all sixes and makes; bargain.
American Supylv Co., Ill rtrntm St.
Midland Guarantee and Trail company.
bonded abstracter. 1714 Farnam Ht.
TETER JEsSEN. Jr.. Co. Tel. Dong
II. II. Neale. 3T0 Omaha Nat l Bank Bldg.
""Ht AD HtOI l,I r"i
REED ABSTRACT CO.. Fat. 1S: prompt
service; get our price. M Brandel Theater
FOR F ALF in acre if es good land ai
there le In California, half mile from Huron.
Fresno county. traina dally; not far
from Tulare Lake, where there I an abun
dance of water- ditoh going peat this
land; la worth t-4 per acre; on account of
eicknexa thla land I offered at . per
acre: 11.000 cash doan; will divide lend If
required. C. W. Comstock. owner. Sj4 a.
Broadway. Los Angeles. tal.
teenth floor City Nat l Bank Bldg.
FOR bargain in homes In Benson see
Chappell A Hon. Duve block. Tel. Ben. 718.
LOT, $1,600
On list St.. Just north of Davenport,
have a very fine lot that can he bought
cheaper than anything In that district.
Very beat of surroundings, pavea aireei.
paving all paid. Sewer, water, ga and
permanent aklewalk.
Norris & Martin
400 Bee Bldg. Doug. 4270. Web. 4tiM.
FOR SALE Two lota. 132x140. on aouth
ISth est. nar Vinton; all apecial taxee paid
win !! aa one niece or divide. Willing
to U at secraflca. Apply at 826 South list
owner, A tract or l.uxo acres or. iirauciasa
land: suitable for alfalfa or trees; fine for
subdivision; shallow to water; also shares
In ditch. Price, M per acre, with terms
Have also Km) acre at lesser price. All of
It In good location. Address A. F. Laney.
Plxley. Cal.
farm ami i.a.iu for rai.b
APPLE land at S.1S per acre, on easy
term. 10 acr tracts, near Olenwood,
within T tnllea from i. F.: when cleared of
brvsh worth 160 acre; splendid soil; good
toad, pleiitv of water. John LHibula
Olenwood. Santa Crua "o.. CaL
' COAL MO-tl.tO del d. Kindling. D ll.
I have al"ut two rarlnuds of sawdust at
1'owell. Neh., that I would Ilk to sell In
lump or any amount to suit purchaser. K.
P. LMcklnaon, Columbus. Neb.
pfHOLARSHIP In good local business
college at a discount Apply at The Bee
PIANO, nearly new; must be sold
,'mce. at a bargain. 1934 Locust
Five-Room Bungalow
NEW and strictly modern. Rooms all on
one floor: furnace heat; lot 7oxi:. Owner
offering this for few days only at 2.50O.
Eauy terms. If Interested, come prepared
to deal at once as It Is sure to sell to
flrt party we ahow It to. A decided bar
gain for someone.
rtoom 610, Bee Bldg. Doug. 307.
FOR SALE 2725 Ame Ave.. Omaha,
cor. lot mxiz, wnn a-room oouse, cuy
water, closet, gas and electric IlKht; ce
ment cellar; runted at 11 a month; all
clear: paving paid for; taxes paid up;
property will pay 12 per cent on Invest
ment; owner nonresident; easy terms;
call at Mr. Slavln a. 113 Larimor Ave.
California for Wealth,
California for Health,
California for Comfort 3(55
Days in the Year.
No snow, no billiards, no thunder storms,
no high winds. Just sunshine and prosperity
all the time. Kreh vegetables In your
garden every day In the year. Strawberries
ripen every month. We have the best land
In the Sac ramento valley for per acre.
The soil and climate provide perfect con
ditions for raiding oranires, flas. English
walnut, almonds, grapes, prunes, peaches
and all deciduous frUltY All kinds of veg
etables and alfalfa. Terms to suit pur-
charser. Write for booklet. -
Trowbride-Colster Company,
1201 City National Bank Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
One million acres land for sale. ultabl
for colonization or Investment Improved
farms and farm lands. Alberta. Saskatch
ewan and Manitoba. Public sale In
March. Write for lists. Ueoige td wards.
317 Porage Ave.. Winnipeg.
I oei a ( ontlaaed.
Want to MaVe Money!
W have merchandise slock, city prop
erty, lands, etc., to exchanc In every part
of tha I n! ted. IJat your property with ua.
We will treat you square. Have eora
good proposltiona near Houston. Tex. Tell
us what you have aad want. We will de
the rect.
Box 263. Waterloo. la.
In Red Hlver Valley. N. D.. la mile west
of Grand Forks, on the N. P. Ry.. and 4
miles from good town; good soil; no wet
land. U. D. W Insert. Cedar Kaplda. Is.
ten years ago and cama west with s,
bounht lff acre Kansas land am well
fixed now and happy. 1 loo, oame tw
years ago and have done Welt in thia fin
climate. Uood netghbora, school and
rnurch. I urge renter to coin and see
the alfalfa, corn and hogs. No doctor bill.
Will make you rich.
It acres, improved. I miles county aeat.
2&; term.
640 acres. Improved, miles county aeat;
tie; terms.
812 Pleasant St ies Maine, la.
FOR SALE Brickbats, screened, Ve per
Central Blvd.; no-paving taxes; completely
lard on ground at Lealtt Neb. Address modern; rooms; Dutch parlor; laundry.
' j. Funk. Fremont. Neb. Call O. W. Snyder, 1MUJ Valley St.. Tel..
NIKOLAS. 134-1 Brandel
Six Rooms, $4,500
A 13.000 value on the NORTH SIDE, liv
ing mom across front of house: every mod-
Allc Johnson. t Brand... Theater Bid,, ern convenience hot water heat: lo4.x 17;
S75-79 Brandel Bldg. Douglas 2WX, A-33S6.
n'h wants to buy Rood aoll, Irrixatlon
water all you want summer and winter;
reservoir 1,000.000 barels; a gold dollar for
ten cents. Do r.ot Dtlss It; come and see.
Maps. Information. H F. Uilford. Uronar,
Weld Co.. Colo.-t
"FOR SALE Finest 1.B00 acr Improved
farm and ranch In Colorado for tiw per
acre Every foot of It rich and smooth;
only I miles IU xiusu, "w win iu vuiuva
tlon. J. C. Cane, owner. Ilogo, Colo.
roi.ORADO Improved ranch for sale. lo-
within six miles of Denrer. Soil
equal to the bent in the state; suitable for
airy or garaeniu wen iur uinor pur-
doxcs. Ten acres in iuu wnrai. n aier mis
...ill I, K n t n r. In - .1
Season. Will v ainsm. nuui Ml,
Owner, P. O. Box ai, ueuver, 1,010.
) ACKt M ml. town. New six room
house, bain, sheds. iJ plowed, be lane
fenced pasture, all smooth. Uilabl. Rural
rout, telephone. Good mad. soil, netgs
bors. Crippled with scla.ica. causa foe
selling, tii per acrei U:n If waated. u
W. AlbriKht Urewster. Kan.
eraUe awtlaaed.
Ton can buy this about the same as pay
ing rent.
two sections In one body, located a little
a est of central Nebraska. miles from
(tood railroad town, buildings worth e-voiW;
ciay soil. In the tst winter wheat section
in the state: tmi acres under plow Terms:
Will take ax firm payment a business or
residence property In Omaha, Soulh Omaha
or Council Bluffs worth from M.) to KW
and 12.000 cash, balance practically the
same a paying rent. Am old and wish to
retire. Address E-710, Bee.
Nebraska Farm One of the best Im
proved farms in the county; t" acres al
falfa. s6 an acre; eaay terms,
iUO-acre Adams county, Nebraska, farm;
fair improvements: 1H0 acres cultivated"; SO
acres wheat l-V) an acre. A barsraln.
l,X-acre Improved farm and stock
ranch near Burwell. Neb., Ili.SHO. Who
wants this.
)-arra Improved Norton county, Kansas,
farm; 1M acre wheat. 36 an acre. Ask
about this.
lZX-acre well Improved valley farm near
Oxford. Neb. $W an acre. Ask about thai
)-acre Imoroved svuear beet farm near
Drush. Colo. 1126 an acr. One crop of
beets will almost pay fur this.
Board of Trade Bldg.. Omaha, Neb.
FOR SALE An estate in Labett county,
Kansas, of 240-acre stock farm; fine creek
bottom. nevr overflows; I miles of par
sons; baa good Improvements, some tiut
ber, W acrea In grass, clover, alfalfa, timo
thy; plenty of water; rich black land.
Terms on half at per cent, long time,
Price, P per acr. Bugg Bros.. Parsons.
smooth, rich pram with timber along the
creeks, best corn, clover and timothy land
In southeast Kansas. Send for description
list. James Wllkina, Walnut. Kan.
FOR SALE Farms and ranches fa Oreen
wood county, Kansas, the banner cattle
county In th world. Ihav 1,200 acrea of
M acrea all In cultivation, fair Improve
ments, all high table land and beat of
soil. M acre of fall wheat which roe with
th place, three miles to rood town. One
of the choice M s in this part of the coun
try Price. llSo.OO oe acre.
220 acres, highly Improved and on main
road. R. F. D. and telephone line. 4 miles
to good town, 1K0 acres In cultivation. M
acres clover and airaira. una orcliaru. Land
Is all high table land, except about
acrea. which is rolling and I in pastura
About & acres natural timber In paelure:
ll-room house aixl large barn. Price
80 acres, well Improved, t mile from
Bouth Omaha, all good land, II acres
alfalfa, 15 acrea prairie hay, balance la
D. O. BARNELL, Paxton Blk. Tel. Red 7117.
HI RAM A. 8TUROES. reg. patent any..
444 Brand! Theater Bldg. Douglaa .
Building Lots
WILLARD EDDY, registered practitioner jots, 40x124, water, sewer, gas. c
In U. a. Pat office, 1 Paxton Blk H. 3UiL shade trees, KINE LOCATION;
cement walk.
ii. each.
Douglas 2MI8, A-236S.
876-7 Brandel Bid.
Grippe, rheumatism, massage treatment
Dr. Sdargu.rlt. Halloran. Ut Neville Bia.
V. T76L
South 36th Street
BRAND NEW, strictly modern, 7-room
home; 3 good bedroonui, large bath, ela
KaTii gas and electric light fixtures, fine
448 1 basemeni, vv.c w. fu.vw
' ... ... Oriental Massac. 448 basement, j
Prof. Dinijian L Theater D. PHICE. H.7.
H View Maternity Home, private 875.7a Brandels Bid. Douglas -Dm, A-SJ6B.
home lor women aunng con- --1
ment Box 117, Florence. lei. lorenc jOR BALirtouae 1 rwm, water, aewer,
toilet etc.; nice trees ana suruuoery,
bouth Ut St
si-prpiri.iinim hair permanently re
moved witbout electric needle, or Injury to SIX-ROOM modern cottage for sal oa
the akin; lady attendant, no jacuaguo uwi. tay terms by owner, sum juiami ou
MAGNETIC treatment.
lth St.
E. Brott. 7a 8.
CHOICE bungalow, new and all modern,
with 7 good rooms, line lot ox i.e. near
car line,- price reduced to 13,100, t&OO cash.
J. W. Rasp CO., aw nranuoia mag.
ttv-ir SALE e-room house. 116 N. J4th St.
lot tlxSl leet. H,wu; can on prernisea
TTTt-miTTTr' nlles. etc.. cured: no knife;
J.1.UL J. U ACLi book free German Doctora.
Broadway. Council Bluffs, la.
THE SALVATION ARMY o1lclt cat-oft
clothing. In fact, anything you do not joqj Dodge, I rooms, modern; close In
reed. W collect, repair ana sen at ih : easy terms. Doug.
mn xor cosi o& t;uiici.'ii.
thy poor. Call phone Douglaa 41S4 and
wagons will call.
lAuur vviBUHiTRN'H book. "The Under
world Sewer,:' at all book stores. Price II. SO.
Tl lTH! Pa't glow and massage, ItioS
" A iio Dodgu, 3d floor, opp. poBtof-
flce. Mine, Allen of Chicago. Doug.
WE RENT and repair all kinds of sew
ing machines. Ind. A-lt3; Douglas iw.
. . lttb and Harney kits.
I1T? nI?K'l.,. Specialist Diseases of
men and women. N,- E.
cor. 16th Douglas. Omaha. Call or write.
MAflWliTir! treatment Mme. Smith,
JUlULlllj bJ mh thlri UooT
HINDOO TABLETS 'vlll i.uild. trace,
irengtnea. 00c tk.ut ukuu tu
' PRIVATE HOME during confinement;
babies for adoption. Good Samaritan Sani
tarium. 740 1st Ave., Council Bluffs, la.
Adelight hair food a row hair; aee Mme.
Prayer. Megeath Stat y Co.. Uth 4 Farnatn I
DR. SOGERS, private confinement home.
UU Martha St. Omaha. Tel. Douglas (ii.
OMAHA Stammarer' Ina. Ramg Bldg.
Kountze Place Home
t rooms, atrlctly modern, with hot water
heat, oak Ilnisn, tiiea oatn ana lull lot;
located In one of the best neighborhoods
In Omaha. Price. Iti,5u0. Owner going Into
buslneHS and needs cash. This Is where
you can make your money count.
J. H. Dumont & Sons
Phone D. ). ltWu Farnam St., Omaha,
C. Fred Harrison and Oeo. T. Morton for
central bargain. 1 Omaha Nat l Baalt.
MODERN, birch finish. Juth and Maroy;
half block three car tinea, uarney sat.
Vim? lTTlOV Massage. Dr. Rltten-
houae, Sue Old Boston
Store, 4th floor, elevator entrance. DO 8. lbth.
LIST your property with the Payne In
vestment Co. for quick sale. One of the
oldest companies In the city. Entire Id
Floor Ware Block. 0. E. corner 10m ana
Farnam. Doug. 17SL A-1188.
STRICTLY private Christian confine
ment home; best vara, babies for adoption.
-old uavnport
JOHN CANE The Tree and Qrap-
j vlne Trimnler lB ,
town. 1101 B. 26th Ave. Red. 7704. A-StUs.
8-R.. tt.OOO. 3230 Burt. Tel. Ilamay 2464.
WANTED For adoption, bright baby
an, leiiaoie coupte. a est. Dec.
TOUNO WOMEN coming to Omaha as
trangara are Invited to vialt the Young
Women's Christian Association building at
reventeentn street and el. Mary's aveaua
where they will be directed to suitable
boarding places or otherwise assisted. Look
for our traveler a aid at th Union station.
Biggest Dundee Buy
Cut to $4,600 from $5,G00
8 rooms, all modern, right near car, two
big lots DO foot each. Recently sold for
JS,t. It will pay you to buy this. Shopen
& Co.. 840-41 ,1'ax ton ttia u. 4ia Jua.
A 147.
BEST nerve bracer (or ma a. Grays Nerve
Food Pliia ll.Oo a boat Postpaid. Sherman
a. McConnell Drug Co., Omaha.
Acreage for Heat.
FOR RENT Ideal rtalrv farm on West
Center and Sixtieth t-ta. Large barn. 47
bv luO: aoud house, 00 acres oi pasture
I long lease. N. P. Dodge Co.. 15th and
Harney. f
ttTTrKN nucreaslve years of sood rram
make northeastern Colorado wheat landi
the best offering before Investors and
bom buyer today. Prices advancing, but
one crop still pays for the land. 'Write J.
H Helnhardt. Sterling. Colo.
KK-ACRE Irrigated ranch. Morgan Co.,
Colo., on the jjurunssion, 1 mne irom
depot': Improvements are modern In every
particular; owner retiring. For full partic
ulars address E. 3. Seaman, Brush. Colo.
rierlda. '
m axrea wall Improved land: good build
ing' good soil; 6 block to main business
street; same to depot; up-to-dste town,
1000 people; electric light and water
works; would mass an laeai true rarm or
fine private residence and ground. For
particulars address. Albert I Ackley. De
Funlak Springs. Fla.
blue stem pasture land for exchange for ",lr-, 10 nBy D,
merchandise to th amount of 112.000. Prlca u'Uv"tlon- pr,ee- Jcr ,
. t .cr. Lock Box 4S4. Eurek Kn acres, .on macadamised road. I mil
ls per acre. tcx cvi m, &ureu, , .no ah tui.hi aenti mn,
LtiiO ACRES, solid' tract. 4 seta Improve
ments; I nines town, best soil; can't be
duplicated in stats, lis. Beet terma Kansas-Colorado
In vest meat Co. fchouti City,
acrea, good d-rootn bouse, large barn, other
buildings, plenty fruit; grove 40 acre, pas
ture 120 mow land, balance cultivated; 24j
mile town on goad road; rural route, tele
prune; plenty water, windmill and tank;
200 rods new hog wire. !o0, easy terms;
would take some trade.
W. U HUBBARD. Welds, Kan.
' MR RENTER Bargains In west central
Kansas. Nice ltM acrea Improved. ( mils
station; easy terms; 2.Wu. Ijo acres raw
land, 13.300. Ed. Ewlng. Dlshton. Kan.
7 ACRES, well Improved, adjoin R. R.
town in southern Kansas. A.ialfa, eora.
wbeat sUick and fruit farm. Prloe aVA.uul.
best of terms. W. 1. Carter. Sterling. Kan
TWO TRACTS of Lv20 acres each, cheap;
one Improved, one not. Klngery Realty
Co., Kiugery. Kan.
Three crops a year can b
grown on Florida land. Pota
toes, corn and hay (which
anyone from this vicinity
knows how to grow) and will
net 1 12 an acre or mora
After a ahort time you wfll
learn how to gfovr grape fruit,
oranges, celery, .egg " plant
etc., which pay from SX00 to
- 11.000 per acr.
Cllrnlraa perfect, mild sum
mers and winters. Three hun
dred and sixty-five growing
days a year. Beautiful wide
river (the "t Johns). Ex
cellent baas and shad fishing.
Waterfowl and quail shooting.
Artesian walla.
Forty-acre tracts-, on terma
, to rutt anybody. No taxes or
Interest until fully paid for.
Join our excursion on Feb
ruary "to to see this land.
Your expenses paid If you
i buy. Special discount of 15
per acre on all land sold bn
thla strip. Call and aee sam
pl of crons grown.
Benson & Carmichael
401-642 Paxton Block.
Omaha, Nb,
Soil -of best uuality, most desirable locav
tlon. finest and most healthful climate la
U. B. land where It la possible to beoome
Independent from an Investment of J10 at
10 per nionin. ror particulars, see w. tl.
bpuncer, 124 N. Lawrence Ave., Wichita,
Ha th beat fruit and truck landa In
Florida; I have Improved place aa well
aa unimproved places for sale In sixes
and at prices to suit all; writs lor lit
erature. Edward Walker, real estate
broker, Inverness. Ha.
PRIVATE maternity home. Mrs. Dr.
King. l-4 N. feth. Web. us; lnd. D-18J.
and toupea fjr men. Griffith,
12 and 14 FREN2ER BLOCK.
Expert specialists dlaaasea of women.
Consultation and examination frea 210 8.
14th St. Corner Douglaa. Omaha, Neh.
MRS 8 YNDKR has opened maaeace par
ol a In Tha Dunaany. room , loth and
Pierce Sta . where ahe give salt 1 w.
Swedish movemant vibrator and radiator
treatment fbea doujc. atto.
MASSAOE: scientific treat. Mrs. Steele,
moved to lu? 8. 17th St., 2d floor, room I.
127.60 acres In aw U section 36. township
IS N., rang 11 east which la well 1m-
f nosed, and Is one mile northwest of Mll
ard. Neb. Mr. Hermansen, the present
tenant, will cheerfully show the place.
Possession given March 1. 1U. acres In so V of ae , section 31.
township 16, N-, range 13 east, located
about 4th and C street, South Omaha, on
Union Taclflc railway, "Lane Cut-off.
House and barn need aome repairs which
shall be made by tenant and coat of same
will be allowed on the rent. Possession
given March L Ml. Apply to
J. A. UKItMlll.
Land Commissioner, Union Pacific Rail
way, Room r'4 "East ' Brandel
Theater Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
IXJO 3. black aad tan eolllea, water fowl
and poultry. J. M. Maher. Fremont Neb.
FINE land can be bought cheap. Some
government and relinquishments; beat
. . i -. . 4 . ,. . .. .II.,
1 Dos. Brown Leghorn rooster, IS ach; ADoU, .na oth.r fruit grow to parfactioa.
egg for setting. t laul N. 37th 8t Wa 261.
CALL Webster 321T for freh laid egga
BARRED Plymouth Rock Finest lot of
cockerels I ever owned; also aome breeding
hens and pulleta Write for prlcea. F. C.
Ahlouiat. ri2 Meredith Ave., Ouiaha, Neb.
Phone Webster sta.
For particular write Wilcox Realty Co
wuicoa. Aria.
y Lew- W. Kaber, Winter, rJ".
A r kaaaaa.
FOR SALE At m elg bargalu, 4 6O0 aera
of rich bottom land, above overflow. In
southwest Arkansas; about 4,000 In cultiva
tion; Sou acres deadened and ready to take
In; good storahouse and atock of merchan
dise aa R R system; gin. mules, larmlax
Implements and corn and hay a plenty.
Will sell for t- per acr and giv a bar
gain In the personal property.
Want to sell all to on purchaser. Ne
events Bead apply. Address A. W. Mule,
pine Bluff. Ark.
lMES-HALLPtg. Co.. 1 14th. lnd. A-3U4
Good loe-acr farm, belonging to heir:
Mill v-R A JAMIESEN. IS! louglaa Bt must sell at ence; four miles out; i la
Both 'plioa
cultivation. 26 timber. 100 level -no rock,
lias seta improvements: fine water; whaat.
winVH IND. A-!s for sool printing. . va... . .v.ww
llvsscad Pimilng Co.. JMA And Capilul A v. lAUdiea IrimKH -aiuita. spiUiSJaia, Aa.-
90 acrea of fin Irrigated land with
plenty of water,. In, the famous Counc.ll
Valley and almost adjoining the great
Council Mesa Orchard tract and equally
as good In every respect Can be sold In
lu-acre tracts. Council Valley apples
always take riKoi prise in ( ouncii
Bluffs Horticultural Fair. Price IO0 per
acre, part casn, balance easy terms, rena
(or booklet anu lull particulars. J. Hon
roe Smith, 431 80. 11th street Boise. Idaho.
1M ACRES fins corn land I miles from
independence. la. good vn room house:
bam for eight horse and sight cowi rooia
for 16 tons of na ; nog nouea; chicken
house: aranary for l.tuO bushels of small
grain; crib for t.uuo bushels of corn; buggy
shed; steel tank sod windmill; good teuo
ing; an Ideal farm for general farming or
dairying, price iiz.sw. terms, ai.oou cash.
Lalancs long time per cent privilege pay
ment. Aaareaa u. c msuup. owner, .
N. Evans atl-. Blooming too. LI.
good quafrler and half section farms In
kuck Co.. Neb. Close to Baasett a aood
town on the Northwestern railroad. Prices
range from lis 10 par acre, ovt m.
Bioua City, la.
Do you want to own a good farm la th
heart of lu corn bail? If so, come to
(joarla. la, ana let us snow you. our big
list Is Just out Write for one If you are la
tartsted. Yours for business. Woodward
Land Company, uowria, ia-
FOR quick aala I am orterlng a nice
10-acre home four miles of ttie town at
f.'n ACRES wheat, corn and aUalfa lass,
southern Kansas; t miles county sent; N
eras wbsat. W acres alfalfa; well Im
proved. Pries !!&, L. L Klsar. El Doraoe,
from Benson. All tillabls, gently rolling
land and all In cultivation. Heat close-in
land bargain near Omaha, Prloe, $124. 00
per acre.
120 acres One of the best and best Im
proved farms In Fremont eoupty. Iowa All
high land and alt tableland except a small
nortlon of Pasture, wnlch Is a little rollins.
Larg bouse and tenant houses. Barn 60x0
feet with stalls lor 24 horses, larg bin,
driveway and room lor o ton of hay
doubla comcrlb 40x80 feet large cattle
aheds. hay sheds, seir-Ieeder. hoc houses.
two windmills and all buildings necessary
for a modern, up-to-dats farm: 23 acrea
apple orchard ai.d plenty of other fruit of
different kinds and varieties. Fenced and
cross fenced, most of which Is hog tight
woven wire. This Is certainly a fine atock
and arain farm and la all ready for busi
ness. Pries 160 per acre. Possession
March L
Rooms 801 to (11 Brandels Theater Bldg.
Omaha. Neb.
'Phones Douglas 3U1K, A-37U.
1.000 ACRES rich, level Improved farm
land ranch, 112.60 per acre; terms; no
trade; owner c i. Wlloy, heuungford.
But come at once to Man
chester, Kan. Let me show
you the famous Dickinson,
Clay and Ottawa Counties
Kansas Corn, wheat and
alfalfa land. Many are se
curing the best of homes;
many are making profitable
investments here. Why not
-youT Large list sent upon
Manchester, Dickinson
County, Kansas.
A POUT 1 PCS ACRF.S. Rraxos count.
Texss. I miles station; two-thirds hot 1 em,
balanoe upland; W per rent tillable; faneed.
several subdivisions; pv cuiuvallaa; ideal
or alfalfa, potatoes, cans. eora. ete.s bal
ance timber; five housea, barn, sverlssttnsl
water; moat Ideal hog ranch and stock
farm la state; hogs oa range will pay la
ter eat on .0r; bottom timber will par
far place: best personal reasons for offer
ing this bargain at M per acre for qui.
sale; terms. Address owner, aV W. Mi
, UUUaaa, T
ORANflK orchards near Houatrm are big
Investment. Our five-acre orchard are
sold on easy monthly payment. The Alvin
Japanese Nurseries adjoin and their ex-
pert develop and care for our orchard
three years write today ror muairatea
orange booklet. Federal land gt Invest
ment Co., Houston, Tex. -
have for sal, at an exceptionally low
or4, tb finest best located orchard oa
Neb Hill. Th tract eonaista st 17" acres-
Is near ths Nob Hill car Una, Is planted to
1-year-old apple and pear trees, and oaa be
subdivided into 17 beautiful acre tracts
Ideally situated for suburban homes. Spe
cial pries lor casn aown. nenry wonasoa
Healty Co.. Nsrah Yakima, Wash.
lion to 110.000 made promptly. F.
Wsad. Weed Bldg., ISth and Farnam.
nmviN BROS, td floor N. Y. Llfa lf4
to 1100.1)00 oa improved property, f o r.
110-313 Brandels Theater tt'Qg.
111N8 to home owners and boms build.
era with privilege of making partial pay
ment semi-annually.
W. M. 1 MUM AS,
OS First National Bank Bids.
I have a few thousand dollars as trustee.
Want to buy farm mortgages due within
two years. ecurltv must he gilt-edged.
Olv full particulars. Including discount
you will make.
801 Omaha National Bank Hldff.. Omaha.
iONEY TO LOAN Pay ns Investment Co,
WANTED City loana Peters Trust Co.
WANTED Cltv loan and warrant W.
Farnam Smith i Co.. 1320 Farnam St
tooo to 15.000 on Omaha home. O'Keafe
Real Estate Co. 10)1 N. Y. Llfa Douglas
or A-1152.
WE have a cash customer for Business I 1 olo.-t'sl. Express
nroi.ertv: Imoroved or Uulmproved: must I r-innAa Special
be well located and well worth the price I erry-omaha , Local
O Neil's Real Estate eV Insurance Agency,
lu05 Farnam St. Both Phones.
Notlcs Is hereby irtven that the recular
annual meeting of the- stockholders of tha
Iticuth Platte Land company will re heM
I at the office of salt! company at Lincoln,
Neb , at 11 o clock m., on tits rirst day
of Inarch, A. D, !11
t . H HiiKKii.u 1 resiiierw.
A. R MINOR, Scorelarv.
Lincoln. Neb, Jan. 30, 1911.
JanSl d vt
1'Nloy gTATlOX Testh ssd Maaoa.
falsa Pacific
Depart. Arrive.
San Fran. Overland L. a I 16 am ali sopm
Chin and Japan F. M. a 4:10 pm a l pm
Atlantio Exprese a . am
Oregon Express a 4 00 pm a :H pn
I oe Angeles Limited... all. o pm I r
Denver Bpedal a am a 7:W am
Colorado Kxpreaa t l:W I'm a 4: pm
Oregon-Wash. Limited.. all so pm il:ipm
North Platte Local a 1:11 am a 4 46 am
Columbus Local a 6:30 pm ali:iw am
Btromaburg Local bl2:0 pm b 1 r pin
CalcasTO A Northrreatera
Twin City Express aJ iiar
Sioux City Ixcal a I 4 . pm
Minn. A Dakota Ex. ...a 7:00 pm
Carroll I .oca I a 7:00 am
Omaha Expreee a 7:40 am
Chicago Local al2.06 pin
Colorado-Chicago a 1:10 pm
Chicaso Special a 4:J pm
Pacific Coaat-Chlcago. .a 4:i pm a I'M pm
Los Angeles Limited. ..a t o pm alK:l pm
Overland Limited all:4A pm a 7:46 am
Carroll Local a 4 pm alO:uo am
Fast Mail il pm a 3:3j pm
Llnroln-Chadron a 7:60 am all :00 am
Norfulk-Dallaa a 7:60 am al0:46 pm
Long pine-So. Platte., .b 1:16 pm b l:W vm
Hastings-Superior b 1 18 pm b :') pm
Deadwood-Hot Springs. a 3:66 pin a 6:l pin
Casper-Lander .....a 1. 06 pm alLuo am
remont-Alblon o 6. SO pm a 1. 60 pin
Missouri Pacific .
K. C. & St L. Ex a 1:30 am a 7:40 am
K. C at St L. Ex.. ex
cept Saturday ali:U pin a l:6u um
K. C. aV St L. Ex., Sat
urday only li:U0 pm
talvaata, Heek Island - I'nctflc
Rocky Mountain l.tu....al2 51 am al0:4i pm
Chicago Day r.xpree..a 0.46 am a i.du pm
CniCBaO locai iH.,..uiv:a nil UlU l.lplu
lies Moines iocai iwia e.vv pin
Chicago Express . ..a 4:40 pm
Chicago Llnmea a .v pm
riil -Neb. Ltd., IJticolu.a 3:20 am
I'nio. and Cal- KxpreMs..a 1:2a pm a 4:iM nm
Okl. & Texas Express. .a Hi pm a 1:20 pm
Rocky Mouniam m... aw. ua vm ai.' Ml am
Chlcaao, ea St. Paul
Overland Limited ......all:43 pin a T.i m
Oniaha-Clilcago Ex b 7:lo am
Omaha-savannah Local. a 7:16 am all :45 pm
a v. a :jo pm
a 7:42 am a 0:60 am
a I0:2W pm
a 8.2 pm
a .1 am
a !:rn pm
a it am
a 3:2s am
S.m pm
a 4 am
aii:Jb put
I am
a Lis 1
a 1
47 pm
.b 6:16 pm bl0:00 am
.a 7:00 am a 3:45 pm
.a :00 pm a 8;oo am
,b 7:00 am
.a :00 pin a 8:u0 ani
Exchanges, quick sales, larg list. Ad
dress It L Continental Bldg., Omaha, Neh.
WB exchange properties of merit H. H.
Culver, S12-813 n. x. uta uougiaa isse.
FOR SALE or trad flvs quarters farm
land In Stanley and Lyman county. S, D.,
for Omaha or vicinity residence or business
property. Just foreclosed oa tries taoaa
Will deal with owners, do agents. Ne
braska Loss Co . Z20 Bea uiag.. uniu.
Well Improved, nearly level, SOO-acre farm
near Omaha; one-third cultivated, one-third
extra fine native hay, one-third pasture,
School ana church adjoining. Trackage
for shipping ran be arranged. Price, ISO
per acr. Owner will lake smaller l'airn
or first mortgage on good land as part
payment; siv.uuv casn require.
218 Chamber of Commerce.
Phone Douglas 6107. Omaha.
FOR quick results (my exchange llsU. C
J. Canan, J01 O. in. .. niatH unuuia.
MY (,040-acre farm for sals or rent
dress Henry Stehl. Ha sett Neb.
Kavlai Daltwta.
Ot ACRES. Stutamaa Ca. N. D., clear
for good realdenoe. clear, la Das Moines
Price of land 130 per sera
0 acres, well Improved. K miles front
Winnipeg. Manltooa, for Income. Prlca
it per acre; meg.. U.M equity. Lock Box
Ts6, Spirit Lake, la.
v Laalalaaa.
FOR SALE Louisiana sranx aal rut
treea are money makers.
Will sell you 0 seres or fertile land with
Mm manare and fig treea bearlna In I sears
for 260; 30 monthly payments; will culti
vate ana taas cars 01 trees ana pay tax
tor 3 years; no Interest; till guaranteed.
treea tins aeaaou in Una section nave netted
from li to tit; Inducements oa larger
tracts. For further particulars address) A.
J. Uodard. Abbeville, Lev
FARM lands for sals; bargains la Im
proved farms in southwestern Minnesota
Writ F, M. Young. DstiraXf, Mixta.
ACHES 3H miles from Foxnoms, Minn.
Ntc grove, huus lax2ixli; kitchen 11x14x17,
orss Pain, laxxs; granary, ltxilxS; good
hog house. Ihls Is ths biggest bargain la
sew enter 11 nUtes. Prlcs 60. Will Uads for
an automobile,
240 auras In WUkln county. Mlnn with
forty acrea timber on It; land la level;
has fine drainage, all ditched and ditches
paid fur; tarnt la all lenoed and cross
lanced; ha abuut 60 acres cut over 'maple
and oak. There Is a barn eoxia); will held
iuO tons of hay; house UxJO. Farm Is
eight luiita from town; has rural telephone
and mail. Prlcs 646 per acre. Will trad
tor atouk X goous. ttjorn U. Uialaaun,
Minneuia. Mina
WE have for sale nine quarter section
of the best land In the state; we will sell
this land one yuarter to one person only
on the following terms: fl per acr down
and 11 per acre per year, covering a period
of ID years; optional payments at 6 per
cent Interest These special prices and In
ducements are to locate nine families la
this section of ths stats In short order,
tail or addreaa:
Crocker Bids., Das Moines, la.
I own and control about 6.000 acres ot
choice farm lands In Burleigh and Kid
der Co., No. Dak., and want 60 good rep
resentatives, others need not spply. Beat
t referenoea W, E. Runey, Land Invest
msnts. Bismarck. N. T.
Si ear esto.
BARGAIN to homeeeeker or Investor;
l.SM acres finest land in northern New
Mexico, one mile from railroad, W par aura.
C. O. Fisher, Raton, New Mexico.
wants to buy some chespor land, or he
might consider an exchange. What have
yout Hs I a reader of the De Molne
Capital, and th way to reach him and
thousands of others like Pirn is to adver
tise In ths want ad columns of tbs Capi
tal. Rata 1 cent a word per Insertion, a
lllluela Ceatral-
Chlcsgo Express ....
Chicago Limited ...
Mlnn.-Mt i
Minn.-St Paul Ltd..
W abash
Omaha-St. Louis Ex. ...a 6:30 pm a 1:3 am
Mall and v.xpreB i.uara au la pm
bianb'y Lcl. tlromC.D.)l 6:00 pm oiuas am
Chicago tireat Western
Chicago Limited a 6:43 pm
Twin City Limited b :S0 pm a 7:6s ern
Twin City Express a :U0 am a 3:30 pm
Chicago Express a lt pni
Darllagtoa gtatloa 10th and Maaea.
Depart Ariiva
I rienvee ft California. . .a :iu pm a 3:43 nm
Puget Sound Express.. a 4:10 pm a 3:46 put
Nebraska points.
Black Hill..
Lincoln Mall
Northwest Express.
Nebrsska points
Nebraska Express..
Lincoln Local.
a 3:20 sm a :10 nm
a 4:10 pru a 3:46 pin
b 1:20 pm al3:16 pm
,all:26 pm a 7:00 am
.a 8:20 am a 6:10 pm
.a 1:16 an a 6:10 pm
o i:uh am
tai. rtata 1 cent a wvm ir luaeriiwu. 1 . . ,, , . a.iyi . ;: :
cents a word tor six Insertions and 30 (UU Bchuyler-Plsttsmouth ..b I 06 pm b JOJuam
a word per month. USJcoln Local a 7.J6 pin a 7:60 pm
a wore per mumu. piattsmouth-Iowa a 9:18 am a 8:60 am
IP you wish to exchange writ
663 New York Life Bid,.
One brand hew No. 70 Colt's actylen
ga machine) and gas rangs to trade for I Chicago Fast Express. .a g:30 pm a 8:00 pm
Central neoraaaa
Chicago Special...
Denver Special....
Chicago Expreas.
.al2 30 pm a 2:40 pm
.SJ1:26 pm a ll;pm
.a 7:16 am alluo pm
a 7:00 am
.a 4:30 pm a 8:66 pia
good hogs, cows O' chicken. 4006 Orand
Ave. Phone wen. en.
K. C. St Josepn.
K. C. at St Joseph..
Tnwa Local.
Creston (la.) Local.
at 1 .011 la uxnress.
SO. OMAHA hotel business worth 11.000 1 v r A St Joseph
lor awn.
640 a- Improved farm near Big Springs,
Neh., price m a., lor stock goods.
320 a. level land, lifi a., for stock hardware.
820 a. Panhandle, Texas, lr0 a. broke, $25
a., for good mds. stock.
100 a. Improved farm, Fillmore Co., Neb.,
1100 per a., for Omaha income property.
110 a. level. Banner Co., worth 6.600, for chlcaao,
Ozark Co., Mo., land. I ... .
I tl t U 1 VVCUiMril DlTTLilT I
a :15 am al0:IO am
.a 3:S pm ai0:M am
.a 4:30 pm all: 46 an.
..al0:46 pm a 1:46 am
..a 8:16 am a 4:10 nm
..a 4:60 pm
Webster tatloa IStk aaa Wsbstsr.
Mlsaoarl Paclfl
Depart Arrive
b 8:60 pm bl 1:66 am
Paol, MlaaeapolU
Phone Doug. 2018. 311 Karbach Block.
TO EXCHANGE 320 acres
proved. Brown Co.
good railroad tow
stock machinery. Box
Sioux- City Express b t:15 pm bll:45 am
Omaha Local c 6:20 pm
,m I etioux l.liy rMorninr, v m .J y iu
320 acrea well Im. Sioux .:ny rMrair " pn
8 n mn from Twin City Passenger... b : am
3ox U. Frederick S. D Emerson Local b 6.66 pm b 6.10 an
Oklshonaa. .
FOR SALE Flvs miles from Kremlin.
Okl., all smooth black soil .good for alfalfa.
139 acres wheat, balanoe pasturs; good
bouse, barn and orchard; would take 64.000
stock of groceries In trade. Wm. Krause,
Kremlin, Okl.
Send for prices aaJ dasortpUoas of farms,
Ira Stout i-uahing, Oku
Bake, county, the first In eastern Ore
gon, offers more Inducements than any
other; Improved alfalfa, grain and fruit
land, 640 per acre up; raw land, lf and up;
fins stock rauuhee; tor price list and book
let call on or address Meyers-iEckerman
Realty Co., Baker, Ore.
SEVERAL farms In Greer county, Okl.. (c) Sunday only
belonging to estate. Administrator wishes
to convert land for good clean merchandise.
J'r lovui, cioiuina ana eiiovb preieram. I e-GrXr"lal
Might exchange for good stors building. I tro I LIN
oscar wen, St. Joseph, Mo.
(a) Daily, (b) Daily except
1 am
EXCELLENT Kountx Place horn for
smaller place, acreage or downtown In
come. Owners, Phone Webster iW12.
YOUNG lady desires room and board with
family in Hanscom park dletrlct; must
have room tor piano, u vuz. Bee.
BY young couple, attractive room In
private family district near 3sth and Far
nam; can lurnisn best or references. Ad
dress A 706, Bee.
Mayor Gaynor Proves Ho Has Not
Forgrottea "Cobalaa Warrant"
Wants Attorney Disbarred.
NEW YORK. Feb. S.-Not much has been
heard recently ahouLtho "Cohalan) war
rant" so prominent In the news columns a
year ago, but Mayor Oaynor proved to
night that he, at least, has not forgotten.
He has written a letter to Archibald Wat
son, corporation counsel, In which hs de
mands that evidence looking toward ths
Indictment of Alfred Epstein, a lawyer,
for alleged forgery be laid before ths dis
trict attorney and also "be put before tbs
Boat liaaota.
nlmproved, good soil, svery foot Is good
tlllabl farm land; saay terms; ) per avoro,
F. L. Crosby, Bonssteel. fl. D.
SPLENDID Improved farm, 160 per acr.
eastern South Dskota; will taks merchan
dise as part payment Neister, Sioux Fails,
a. D.
TOPI Don't go a step rurthsr lass
Douglas Co.. dowa 'a ths beautiful Osaraa
Rales anything; com, 80 to 6 bushels per
acre; sll other crops la proportion; eheea
aal good land oa earth; 6 to 6j4 par aora
Frea Informa.tou. Uloba Heal a.iaie Co.
Ava. Mo. .
FOR SALK Soma of ths best fruit land
In ths Koshkonong-Braadsvllls fruit dis
trict prices lower then anybody. Also
Jood farms al vsry low prices. Writs a.
. Cox Real Kstats Co., Braudavllla, Howell
Co.. Mo.
FOK BALE 736 sore splendid Versa
Co. tMo.) Uk sad grain farm: every aer
good. piant -jt water. Prlca 6-) par Sore,
as good as 41 JS loaa land and far better
climate. Write for better deecripiiea. It
s apurgeon. Owner. Olatha Kan.
FOR SALE 330 acres Lyman Co. land, I
miles from town; 46 acres broke, all fenced
and cross fenced, good well and other Im
provements; ,6u0 If taken within thirty
daya. Address owner, O- C Hemenway,
Capa, & D.
Ths best 32d-acr highly Improved farm
In Brown county. South Dakota. All under
cultivation except ten acre-grove; $.',UOO
worth of Improvements; only 2 miles from
town; leased for Uil: sll level land and
free from stones. Address Box P. P..
Frederick. S. D.
BUY Bo. Dak. farms now. We have 4
Improved farms, loO to 240 a, st from l
to 7ti an. a, on terms. Thess places ars
bargains and are at 16 to 1)0 less than reg
ular price. This party has to sell; good
reasons. This Is In the corn belt and will
make nice nomas or Investment. Act quick
If you want amy of It. Reich & Weber,
Delmont, 8. D.
13.60 to 360 for Osark landa Osark Land
Co., 4U3 Bes Bldg.
FOR BALE 40 acres near town. 36c; SO.
1 . . ..... turn' Imi liiinmuul ! .hat . I.
the low price of tit per acra Address, i-n,, tor aal'e or trade. Virile for par
O W. Uala. Moultun. la.- ticulars. New Home Realty Co., Birch
EIGHTY acre, Butler county. lows, farm
cloae to good town, to exchange for. good
general uisrcbaudlaa, hardware, furniture
or tiupleuasut stock. J. C Farr, vt atarloo,
Tree. Mo.
EIGHTY acrea Improved, good smooth
land. 4 miles of Madrid; very easy terms;
Lpr tent luteraat: poaaeaaioa la 3 aa
eialey Land Co., Madrid, la.
160 scies level farm laud; a II. OS) mort
gage running 6 years at 4 per cent can be
aaaunied; tl.ouO caah, balance 6 years, at 6
per ceut; 6j aa acre. W. a. Olive, Indian
eia, la-. Owner.
orangeTfig and
truck farming
Ideal climate, no winter, mild summer,
hunting, fishing, boating, swimming; live
out doors, raise three crops a year all
profitable. Webster Is midway between
Houston and Galveston; has railroads. In
terurban snd finest wagon roads In Amer
ica. Land well drained. Irrigated and
fertile. Best proposition In Texas. Tracts
and terms to suit everyone. Will take down
(tarty from Omaha and vicinity on Feb
ruary 7. Special accommodations. Very
low rate. Trip at our expense If you buy.
fcpeclal proposition to first hundred settlers.
For particulars address
Room . Paxton Hotel, Omaha
FIRST-CLASS furnished, heated apart
ment hv vouna couole. no children, ('an
furnish beet of references. West Farnam b"-" association for ths disbarment of Ep.
dlstrlct preferred. D 700, Bee.
BEST price paid for 2d-hand furniture.
carpets, clothing and shoes. Tel. D. aWL
WANTED to buy second-hand Ice wag
one. Write or address Y 2b, care Omuua
INTELLIGENT and ambitious young
woman desires position as traveling sales
woman for a first-class line of staple
goods, In an established territory, medicine,
land or books not considered. Best of refer
ences. W 7u6, Bee.
POSITION ss assistant bookkeeper, ledger
clerk, timekeeper, or any clerical igni
tion. Best references. Address B 707, Beo.
COMPETENT bookkeeper wants charge
cf set ot books. 3 or 4 hours each evening
Address D tlbst. Bee.
, IF YOU desire a first-class, practical
nurse call Douglas 6348.
KOREAN school boy wants place, any
kind of house work. P. O. Box, 104, South
YOUNG man desires place to work for
board and room In private family whll
attending college. Buy lea College. Both
GERMAN girl desire work In family;
speaks German only. 728 No. 12lh St.,
South Omaha.
Sealed bids will be received by the Sac
rotary of th Board of Education of Ne
braska City, for ths erection of a High
School Building at Nebraska City, Ne
braska, according to plans and specifica
tions on fll at the office of Fisher at
Laurie, Architects, 210 paxton Building,
Omaha. Nebraska, and at the office of
the Secretary of the Board of Education.
Nebraska City. Nebraska, until Monday,
February 27, 11)11, 8 o'clock p. ni. Separata
bids will be received on the general con
struction, heating and ventilating and
saweraxe and plumbing. Each bid must be
accompanied by a certified check for five
per cent of the amount. of the aame as
railed for In the specifications and bldder'a'
blank furnished by Vhe Architects. Ths
right Is reserved to r)ecl any or all bids
Washington Affairs
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.-..Speclal Tele
gramj Army orders; Captain Barnard
Miarp, '1 bird Infantry, will proceed to
Fort Bayard, N. M., for treatment at tns
general hospital.
Orders of iiecember 10 relating to Major
Powell C. Fauiitieroy, inetllcal corps, ic- '
Captain William F. Creary, Klglitli In
fantry, will pioceed to Hun Francisco and
report to the superintendent ot the ami
transport service for temporary uuty as
quartet mahter of Ihe Buloid.
Major Gideon McD. feianpoole, medical
corps, Is detailed to represent the medical
department of the army al Ijike Micnlguu
hmuiMiy asHoclalion meeting to be l;elu iu
CIiIcsko February 1H.
Major Elmer A. Dean, medical corps. Is
detailed to take Puuise of lnMructiuii at
the army field service school ai Foil
Leavenworth, Kan.
First Lieutenant C. Emery Hathaway,
Ninth cavalry, will procoed to run tia
ard, N. M . lor treatment al the geuuial
hoxptlat at that place.
Fust Lieutenant nomas M. Knox, First
cavalry, is detailed lor recruiting service
and will proceed to Jefferson Barracks tor
Captain William M. FaKsitt, Thirteenth
Infantry, is detailed as member of the ex
anuning board al Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,
vice Captain Frederick V. Fuger, Thir
teenth Infantry.
Plmt Lieutenant William II. Thearle,
medical corps, will proceed to Jeffeisuii
Barracks, Mo., for teuiorary auty.
(Hueis of January 81 relating to Colonela
William M. Black, engineer, Joseph 11,
(liraid and John Van K. Huff, medical
corps, and Ileuteiianta Colonels Allen ji.
Smith and Charles VS lllcox, medical corps,
Orders of December 23 relalliix to Flist
Lieutenant Philip Remington, Twelfth lu
fantry, are amended so as to diiect him
to report to tiie coiniaanding general, De
partment of California, for temporary duly
pending toe arrival of Lis regimeiii.
First Lieutenant John '. ninitii, coast
artillery corps, Is assigned to the one
Hundred and Fourteeuin company.
I eaves of absence: Captain Henry D.
Thomaaon, mcdicai col p. extended ten
days; Captain Samuel B. Mclnlre. pay
master, one month; Major Alexander ,.
Stalk, luetlical col pa, olie lllolilli aud
iweuty day; Captain Frederick W. Fuger,
Thirteenth Infantry, from February 20 un
til the departure of the Thirleeiitn infantry
for the Philippines; Major Abraham .
Bukhara, quartermaster, unUl February i.