Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 04, 1911, EDITORIAL SECTION, Page 11, Image 11

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The Grandest Bargains In The History Of Our Store Are Now Offered In
I Men s
; .... . 6
At Less Than One-Half Their True Value?)
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aid (Overcoats I
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This assortment contains several hundred garments in all, and
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and men of regular build; as well as all young men. Sizes range, 33
to 48-inch chest. Remember this is our Final Reduction, and is
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Suits and Overcoats
mat aom up io ,7)
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Except blue Qj)
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tra Special
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Store, SATURDAY . . .
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w mi . 1 .1 T Hi .-s"
That Sold Up To
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black suits.)
i r
I v '1 II
I J" if I '
8 if? fl M
IK ii. ft-v-J 111 'till
yi & ui is 1 t
ft flUW
i i ii nil n iri in i ii
I 1 (fl ll 1 1 II I il 7; ft I In
Never before and perhaps never
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Ttmaa, rlntluf .
BMl Flint It.
' T. a. Cr4oH k Bona Cod.
Watch repairing. Ed holm, Jawalar.
. m. Vattaa, dantlat. City Nat. Bk. Bld(.
Oaa, Blaotrla flstaraa, arg--OrBa
Amathyat blrthatonaa. Kdholm. Jawalar.
Xaay Ton Koaay and valuablaa In tha
American bafa Uepoalt Vaulta in Tha b
building U rcnta a box. S3 a jraar.
ICra. Kurray Oata loroa Tina V.
Murray. Friday, wan mi riled a divorce
from hr husband, TatrKk C. Murray, v.
Xab. BaTlnffa U Loan Aaaa manaaamant
uaes every precaution (or eafety. Kucda
loaned on flrat mortKaijca; best clana of
Bcurlty. 1S0T Far nam Streac
Don't Blip Wear rubbers and avoid dan
gerous full, i'ure 1'ara Uum Rubbers, H-
tiveotli'iitf In rubber. Omaha Rubber Co.,
K. H tiprsuue. l're.Hldint 1 Harney
street. Just around tha corner.
Kepair tovt Old Ttraa Let us fix them
and the will be as good aa new. We carry
u comploe Una of automobile accessories.
Uinsha ltibber Co., I'.. II. Spratrue, prrsi-
drnt. Ik Harney tit. Just around the
ores and Barn Burn A barn belonging
U Abiahaiu Cnhn, living at 2'.' Cumins
street, whs dt'stroyed by fire Friday after
noon when one horse was also burned to
tiealh. ltio origin of tlie fire In unknown.
The damage la estimated at about iMi.
Mother Earth through tha story of "Deu
calion and Pyorrha."
Girl la Also Held On a grist of evidence
showing that while ahe waa In Jail, Eva
I.atham had made many attempts to aid
Frank Smith, charged with causing her
downfall, to escape tha penalty of the law,
tha girl was bound over to tha grand Jury
under J1.D0O bonda In a hearing Friday
morning. Smith la being held under a
charge of white slave trafficking. His case
will be brought to a hearing next week.
Tall for aa Old Ooa Oame Edgar Cur
tie, a young farmer Just arrived at the
Union depot from Randolph, la., was the
victim Friday morning of a "con" game
older than the Mils upon his Hawkeye
farm. With blood In his eyes and Intent
upon vengeance Curtis is now looking for
a man to whom h loaned & upon the
stranger's affable assurance that ha knew
his brother in jsewman urove, Neb., very
Z,os Angela limited Off The Los An
geles Umited, one of the famous trains
of the west running over the l.'nion l a
eifie from Omaha to Lmu Anireles. made its
last trip for some time Friday, because
of another wanhout between Caliente and
I As Yegaa In the Meadow valley on the
Commercial Club Calls Meeting to
Consider the Charter.
Charles Rrowa Gives Himself l'l
Allrglna He Robbed Ills Em
ployers la IlarrlibarKt Pa.,
of Hum of Moaey.
At the meeting of the commercial eHib
yesterday afternoon It was decided to have
a meiting of cltlsens Saturday afternoon
at J o'clock In the city hall to consider
the charter bill now before toth houses of
the leglxlature.
There are three propositions the meeting
will be asked tn consider: The commission
form of government, the recall and a police
board appointed by the governor, giving
leprestntathes to each of the parties, with
the muyor of the city. Although the meet
ing Ik called by the commercial club. It
should not he underxtood that the body
lx committed to any of the propositions.
. There la a strons dlverzence of oDininn
ta..n Iim.lf-ii -.u .1 In mi kilt liArn Vu.inl. Ih..
. .... ..... - upon t least two of them, but It was
tram has been discontinued temporarily. lni)Ut)1,t advisable that the club should
Reports of the washout do not state how muke ,,,. tne n,edlum of the ventilation
badly it will affect travel over the Hue,
but the On aha officials of the road are
now sending all Los Angeles passengers
by the way of San Francisco. An extra
sleeper has been attached to the Overland
Limited and another on the 4 p. m. train
of the I'nion i'acifie and the traffic will
Mr. A. Peterson of 141 Lothrop street,
returned tmiay from a trip to Florida, be handled in this manner,
wheid h Invested in a tract of land In the!
Rivervlew Farms colony. He Is most eh-J NEW AUTO ASSOCIATION SOON
thusiastic over the opportunities offered la
this aunny aouthland for people of moderate ( Orgaalaalloa to m-eeril Association
n.eann. j of Urease Maaafartarera B.
, ... , . . . ..K,,! llevrd Hrady o Be l.aaarbed.
of a lifetime. A H private safe in our
b g burglar ard fire proof vault la perfect
security tor your valuablea Omaha Safe
Oeposit and Trcst Co. lUilraoce ltiil Far
lsin street. ,
Waata Alimony medoeed Jesse Howard
Carter Puts in Bill
to Aid Contractors
Ways and Means Committee Listens
to Gloucester Fishermen.
Mutten. a negro physician, whose wife, announcement today of another meeting
Oraie llutteu, aecured a divorce from him ; 0f a special coniinlttee to be held In
some time ago with alimony in the sum of
!m a month. Friday filed a petition in dis
trict court asking that this alimony tie re
diued. lie said that it aa only with the
liieutest hardship that he could pay It.
Story Tellers' Leag'ua Meets An enthu-
of public sentiment upon these Important
question. So far as the committee Itself
Is concerned It will tn Its arrangements
be left entirely to the clt liens and, there-.
fore. It Is completely up to the people of
South Omsha to determine what their
charter shall be.
lonlriari His Crime,
The city detective force Is Investigating
the case of Charles brown of Harrlaburg,
l'a., who gave himself up yesterday. Brown
is a young man about -i years old, and
I appears to be down and out. He told the
! police that he had robbed his employers at
Harrlsburg of which he took out of the
till. When he came into the police station
t An organization to . na hllj onV , in ,iM oosBession and
seemed as anxious to get back to Penn
sylvania as the detective force wag to get
him as a fugitive from Justice.
Maale City Goaalp.
Coal See Howlatid. 'Phone south 7.
succeed the Association of Ucensed Auto
mobile Manufacturers, a subject of much
planning for more than a year. Is believed
to be ready to be launched, following the
Will Permit Settlement in Accord
ance with Equity When Unavoid
able Loss Occurs.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. (Special Tele
gram.) Kerator Carter today Introduced a
bill authorizing the secretary of the In
terior to settle controversies arising under
the contract for the performance of oon
tracta under the reclamation act. The bill
provides that where it appears to the sat
isfaction of the secretary of the Interior
that loss has been Incurred by a contractor
on work, such loss being due in part or
whole to an unusual Increase In the price
of material or labor, unforseen difficulties
connected with the work or interference
by the elements, he Is authorised to settle
any claim growing out of the contract on
piinclples of ciiuity and good conscience.
and such settlement shall be binding upon ,
the parties thereto when approved by the I
attcrney general.
il. M Towner of Corning, la., represent- J
atlve-elect. to succeed (.MliBi esi-man Jainle
son of the Klshtli district, is in Washing
ton. Mr. Towner arrived last night and
made his appeurunce on the floor of the
house at the meeting hour this morning.
He was gnerally introduced, as new
comers are, to Speaker Cannon and other
I leaders of the maturity and minority.
Senator Brown presented to the senate
I today resolutions recently adopted by the
Fanners' con wrens of -W brass a favoring
! the enactment of the parcels post bill. He
I had them read to the senate and inserted
In the record of the day's nroceedings.
Senator (Jainble this morning accom
panied Judge L. W. Cruffoth of Aberdeen
to the White house and introduced him to
the president. Judge Cruffoth is a warm
supporter of Mr. Elliott for the circuit
No Hearings Will Be Permitted to
Delay or Embarrass the Meaaaro
.All Mast Appear at
to appear before tha committee today,
after It had been announced that he would
do ao, caused general Inquiry.
Tha explanation given waa that Mr. Knox
felt It would be undiplomatic, and not In
keeping with tha usual history of trade
agreement negotiations, for him to appear
before the committee and the various ele
ments that entered Into It Mr. Knox's
position, It was eald, had been clearly set
forth In bis letters accompanying: tha trade
agreement when it waa transmitted to congress.
si.isti' meeting of the blory Tellers' league
Chicago soon.
Practically all details hsve been drawn
up In tentative form and a complete plan
is expected to be the result of the com-
" !, , ... .... . . r'ree entertainment at bVhmoller A
A name, final outline of the plan of In- Muelu-r Pi .no i o., Baturuay evening. The
t-oriHJi alion and other details alii be cob- public invited.
sidercd. Phone Bell South So. Independent F ls4
-w.i .Kiiiia Martin, stenographer In the
city clerk's office, is laid up with the grip.
ihe, inrin of a daughter Is reported at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. smtln,
ZJu'i M si reel.
uua hcid on Thursday afternoon at the, 0i,Jet t uf the new asso. iatu.n will be fcr a case of Jener Uo'ld Top. Prompt de- libiary. "M thulogy" uas discussed -latt t U for uniformity of practice of I '' lu any part of city. William Jetler
Allien, an automobile manufacturers ,to Many Katguins in used pianos- no money
bold sliovta. handle pa'.ent litigation, en
l.i ltedrwid. Miss itedltelrt told an
interesting sioiy of "Apollo" striking oft
Itic Influent u of Ihe venomous python.
iis. Chittenden axplalued the bonea of
dnn. free stool, free a. art. Always re-
coujagt progiess In mechanical knowledge , k muiier Juueiier piuno t o X sun'
and other niaiteis. ' b. ouiaba, phones. Bell 6, sol, lad. Uli.
Glusrritrr Klsberiueu ftj I'mposrd
Treaty Woald Hals Tbelr
WASHI NGTON. Feu J.-The first hesr-
! tng granted by the "ays and means com
I mlttee of the house on the proposed re-
cl)irocity agreement with Canada was oc
I rupled today with the protests of Olouces
( ter fishermen, who strongly oppose the
free flh provision of the compact. Men
I long identified with the fishing' trad.- testl
1 fled that the Industry would not be able
to survive the effects of tlie tree admis
sion of fish from Canada.
WASHINGTON, Feb. .-The accumulated
demands for hearings on the provisions of
the Canadian reciprocity agreement broke
upon the ways and means committee of the
house Thursday when that committee of
lis flrat hearing on the measure. Fisher
men and fish packers from Gloucester had
been accorded an opportunity to present
their reasons for objecting to the reciprocal
agreement upon fish and before the meet
ing was concluded requests had been made
for hearings on wood pulp, paper, lumber,
barley and other schedules.
Tn open hearings on all of these matters
In the opinion of the committee mem
bers will endanger the passage of the
agreement by th present congress. After
a short executive session late today It
was made plain that hearinga will not be
permitted to delay or embarrass the meas
In answer to telegrams from paper men,
Chairman Payne said they had been In
vited to como at once If they Insisted
upon being heard. The barley Interests
of the northwest, he said, had not been
heard before the committee In the framing
of the Payne tariff law and they also will
be given opportunity to present their case.
The committee does not propose, however,
to open hearinga on subjects covered In
i hearings two yea re ago.
These facts were brought out in a de
bute In the committee room before the
I Gloucester fishermen completed their case.
Representative Champ Clark precipitated
It by asking Chairman Payne if tha reci
procity agreement was to be reported to
the house before tha flrat of next week,
Mr. Payne saying he did not know, but
indliated that the request of several per-
sons to be heard will be taken Into con
I sideratlon and the bill will probably re-
main In committee until about next Tuea-
i day.
! Chairman Payne also said the discussion
I among members of the committee would be
carried on later In ae utlve session. After
that session members of the committee said
that while some hearings would be given
the v would not be such aa to delay the re
porting of the agreement.
The failure of Secretary of Bute Knox
Editor of Liberator
Asserts King George
Was Whitewashed
James Calls Trial of Head of British
Empire Illeg-al No Indictment
Taf t Sends Greeting
to Convention of
Hoboes at Milwaukee
PAHI8, Feb. I.-TMward II. James, the
editor of the Liberator, whose article was
the basis of the suit against Edward i
Myllua, convicted in London yesterday for
libelling King George, today Usued a state
ment saying the trial of his British agent
was illegal and tha proceedings a "ahlte
washing." The statement proceeds:
"The trial was Illegal because Myllus was
not Indicted, but was tried under 'an In
formation ex-offlclo.' which ia used only
in charges f sedition. It waa a white
washing because tha crown had no right
to call witnesses to disprove charges when
the defendant had refused to offer evidence
piovlng tha charges. Mylius having re
fused to substantiate that big imy was prac
ticed, the case ended immediately.
"Myllua refused to proceed because the
king refused to testify. If the king had
gone on the stand and sworn that the
marriage did not take place I would gladly
apologise in the Liberator, which under
the circumstances can only attack the trial
as a violation of almost every principle of
English law, evidence and liberty."
President is Unable to Accept Invita
tion to Attend and Hopes Meet-ing-
Will Benefit Unemployed.
MILWAUKEE, Feb. 3.-A row waa al
most precipitated at today's session of tha
Brotherhood Welfare association, made up
of a band of the unemployed, when tha
president James Eads How, in disposing
of routine business, offered to read a letter
from President Taft.
"I have here, said Mr. How, "a letter
from Mr. Taft and ulso a circular saying
men are wanted for the I'nlted States army
and navy. What is the pleasure of the con
vention?" "Tear 'em up and throw 'em In tlie waste
basket, " shouted a voice.
"That's right." shouted the convention
with almost one voice. "Tear 'em up.
Throw 'em away. If Taft wants to talk
to us let him come here."
Culled from the Wire
Frank Ixiftus and William Forbes, con
victed bank robbeia. escaped from Jail at
Brookltigs. H U . lat night. Friends on the
roifatri assisted them.
(Secretary BaJlinger has granted leave of
UBvm v J " " ' vi .-.ew Mexico,
v. ho will bring to congress the official
vole on the new state constitution.
James W. Hull, vice president of the
Berkshire Life Insurance company, died
at his home at irttrrield. Mass, after a
long lilneas. Mr. Hull a Vj yeais old.
Full military honors will mark the burial
In Arlington National cemetery today, of
IliA hudv of Hear Aiitlill-al I'Iimi-1h i iw-
William McKluley Couvlrlrd of Mmm
elauanter I" foiinetlou talta
Lynching- of Ktherlnutou.
NEWARK. O.. Feb. Wllllum McK In-
ley, a shop keeper, was today found guilty
of manslaughter by a Jury which heard
evidence against him in connection with
the lynching here last Jul of Carl F.thrr
Ington, a detective for the "dry" element
of the community.
McKlnley Is tlie second of the mob lead
ers to be convicted. The other.. Munn-l
lintha, a negro, was sentenced to life Im
prisonment. Both men were indicted for
murder in the first degree.
Q " tested by taste."
e oouy in jeai suinuai t iiariea F. Fper-
, V. B. N., retired, who died Wednesday.
OTOMC atNOa-, Da Melnea, U
atlffera sf Ike IsaMua Teas eVea, Space
At OnctrsiOt a pound