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    nn; r.KK: omaha. Monday, .tantauv j.i. inn.
Ollie Pickering Looked Upon as Real Acquisition by Rourke; Honors at Shoot
Olhc Pickering, New Outfielder,
Declared Fait Man.
Sr Man Marled Rear Rail (irfff la
ffcfin and Haa l'lard In I riiiPl
411 llirr I mini and .oeB,
Inrloilina Major.
K -v T Lourka thinks or
'Ir. ip r,1 .mcs to tin- nam of on Olll
l'!innt. vi'fK l1r. h" banns to amll
nrt ant t o tirkl lilnisaif. for ha has
oinr hall piaai iter llrksrlng haa a
tm r'"ii'l iif has hall achlvmnt ent
ic rrkun-l hy 'a Junt ahrttlt hit tha
Ornat.a 'a will n rl to supply any little gaps
In the nutflcM in IS! I
'Jlii atartcl lasa ball in W". plalng
ith YVh'HIng of the Tri-Htate league. Ilia
first er Mills ns ratM aa too gr'en
an it "pint the next mih the Vlncennea
1 1 nrt I Irnlepf n'lent team.
Houston, Ten . pos.-ifa'fil llrkrrlng In
1 ''t. hut In 13 he was hark again on tl.a
Indf pui'lenl owners' payroll, pla.vlt.g wltb
Innnon. ) n't (tills alwAvs illd Itk In
diana. TlKht'-en hundred and ninny-four found
the outfielder Mill wielding" an Independent
suck at iJroenfield. lnd., but In 1W ha
a hark in the trace and went to tha
Ktllv liMRue. playing with Cairo. III.
Lvnchliui g. Va , fnund Dllle more than
aloalile in l:i, for It was then he was
J .1 "t h'-roiiiiiig a rial hall player.
Hla flrat real major league circuit work
aitie the next season In "f,. when he
j.trl I xuinvll l In tlie old National cir
cuit anil the next year he made hla flrat
aip-ai ancn In Omaha, playing her pail
of "that year and with Cleveland another
pain, hoth towna being then on the old
WrHi-ni circuit. He remained -1th Cleva-l.-ifxl
until !:'-'. when he awllched to the
American league
rhllndelphin I.IUed Ollle.
The Philadelphia American found Ollle
a real outfielder In iww and V.H and he
then went to Columhua In the association
In t :if..
After two jeaia he waa back again on
the American league circle again, playing
with the ft. I.ouls bunch In !7. In i:Ji
.In I'antlll.m wanted him In Washington,
and he oume to Minneapolis In IMS, where
he remained until he was Hold to Louls
WII In the latier part of that season.
How he is scheduled to come here and
he. will undoubtedly set a pace that will
inaJvc the iiuniiHters on the Western
hague sit up and take notice that there
I hall player In their midst that la liable
lo take away the honori of the day.
Grand Island Picks
. Old Players for Team
Manager Denman Sendi Contracts to
- Men and Expects All But Two
to Respond.
tiRAND ISLAND. Neb.. Jan. 22. 8pe
rlal.) Manager Penman of the local base
ball club has tent contracts to the follow
ing df the last year's Mmnd Island team.,
with Instructions to report In the spring:
Ifugh Cook, "Pip" Cook. Graham. Smith,
Carroll. Traver. McKlbben, Murray, Morse,
tSreen. Clark and Taul.
Of these It Is expected that all but Car.
roll and tireed. win. report. They win be
held, by Orand Island. Tha management
la In correspond! nee w ith two men with
tha view of securing one of them aa play.
Ing manager. Arrangementa were com
pleted today, f-r the u ; of the same
grounds for another1 year, at a alight ad
aii(. though tha eluta will not be at the
expense thla year In fitting them up.
I' Kill
cor of Th In -One to Wltfeen la
Heeord at Basket Ball.
TKRC. Nrb . Jan., (Special. -The
riru girls' huket JmlI Iteam triumphed
over their nlif .rival from Cotner on the
local fhmr her' lf ' FiUImv by a score of
.11 to Ifi. The -tsuinc ,nu clean and good
spirited, but at( no stage of the game Waa
the outcome a) dotibr, the Peru glrla out
plavlng tin Ir.'sPjiponemte from the atart.
Kvery meirihel, 'on the team played an ex
cellent game,', rspoelallv did Mlasea Hec.
loff and r'cjrayth lilMinKUlsh themselves
by their accurate H?ial throwing. A won
derful improvement, waa in evidence In thla
game over bit fonritr games, especially
in tram work, which shows the work of
the gills' faithful oah.,tn bringing re
aultn. .The'llreiiB ur'r1'u '' followa:
Hanks icsplalnl. right guard. 4 points;
rorayth. left guard. ; fouls: lyborn. cen
ter, 4 potnia: Tnuna. right forward. Ooff
lef guard. points
Siibatltutea: King. Curran and Moore.
Kef.iee: Anna Hinlih of Lincoln. I'mplra
Asplnwald of Cotner.
OH K 10 lit SIIIlM, BIT TM1 I.4TR
HanLryea Too wlft ta Klret Half for
IOWA CITT. la.. Jan. -r.- Special Tele
gtan) -lt was a decidedly breathless crowd
that witnessed the defeat of lirake here
Saturday at the hands of the state univer
sity team bv a a. ir of 5u to 3ti. Iowa had
tha upper hand In the first half, but trako
came back Mj-iaig In the second half and
rushed low a for all It waa worth.
The firi-t half ended T: to 8 In favor of
the llawkeyc. the greater number of their
baskets being made In the latier part of
the first half
Iowa starud out strong in the second
half, but soon weakened, and the atrength
of 1 1 of f i nan fur lrake began to tell. Hoff
man of I'rake and Sallander of Iowa got
the hankotg.
The game for a lime was gcilng decidedly
anainsi the llawkeves. when time waa
railed with the Iowa men only ten points
to the ! The lineup;
II F j II a Lanaiag
''' lv ur.. coifin
suiuii s. hiiuji, ,
. I "r '.' ' Hntfnian
hiiO(tl. lii iil r.t r Ho Hi; Merlrir
Tkoui . . 1. 1; ; i. o Nemiaa
i lei.i ja.als Sallander. 4. Sinlili. 4: Kvden.
I. I. rii.uuaa I: l.eeper. 1; Holl
nian I, Lansing. :i. Cidvllle. I. tiuala from
foulw: ItM'.ri. 4: Hoffman. 4. Referee:
Hihwii t inpiir: Keiscr. Time of halves:
:i) nilnulea
o it it I : r
M t.K
(Oi l M HI S
Hoard of Directors Klecta Otlleers and
I'rrnnrea for touting- Urtwa,
Ciil.lMMl S. Neb . Jan. -teiclal Tele
gtam -At the fit t meeting of the board
of rtiret toia of the Columbus Base Ball
rluh which occpiucd the greater part of
Hati'idav evening the following officers
weie elected i 1
C K. PnlliHk. president; C. C tiray. ire
previilent. I". A. I'elerMin. aeretry-iheaa-rrr
a ' .
Jack Corhett was signeil up aa manager
a'd lha reports of the soliciting commit
tees were graufviog, Tle. meeting outlined
the work for the season and were much
ri' ajed utct 7u.(x.a Jar . tkia game for
the i cuiiing ar.
Lead Shooters at Big
Omaha Club Event
Billy Townsend Breaks One Hundred
and Seventeen Targets in
Day's Shoot.
Rilly Townsend and George P.ogets took
the high amateur honors In the Sunday
shoot at the Omaha (iun club, Townend
breaking 117 out of IS targeta and Itogera
getting 11(1 out of m target Dell Gross,
the professional ehoottera of Lincoln, sur
passed the Omaha men. breaking l: of
)M targeta. A high wind waa blowing
across the founds during tha afternoon.
Two women attended the Sunday shoot.
Mrs. Karl and Mia. Duncan. Both are
new memhera of the club and new ' at
shooting, but Mra. Earl broke U of her
25 targets and Miss Duncan of her 2i.
fieurge Rogers broke lit of l.- targets
W Townsend broke 117 of h targets.
Pel dross broke l.H f i target.
A. H. l-"rye broke 112 of Hi, targets.
Walter Jones broke 64 of 75 targets.
Iewla broke of SO targets.
Kerr broke 1 of 26 targets.
Mrs Karl broke 11 of i". targets
Miss Duncan broke of & targets.
Millions in Area Admitted to Domain
of Western Golf Association.
Big Meeting la Carried Oat KraAothlr,
the Ks peeled War Falling; ta
Materialise William Hep.
bara President.
CHICAGO. Til.. Jan ' H rAnectat Tele
gram. Save for the invasion of Canada
and the annexation of Ita millions of acres
the delegates to tha annual meeting of the
Western Golf aasoriation at the annual
meeting held last night at the Hotel L Salle
stood pat on their present territory, which
includea everything west of a north and
south line made to pasa through Buffalo
and Pittsburg. The promised war did not
materialize, and tha amendment to change
the name of the organisation to the Ameri
can Golf association waa voted down unani
Aa waa anticipated the amateur cham
pionship was voted to the Detroit Golf club,
the dates being fixed as July 22 to 29. Thla
award carried with It the Olympic cup
competition. The Denver Country club, the
only other applicant withdrew In favor of
the Wolverine organixatlon. The Kent
Country club waa the only bidder for the
western open event, and eo Michigan fans
will have a chance to see both of the west
ern claasics.
William Heyburn of the Ixulsville
Country club was elected orealdent. th
regular ticket going through unanimously
aa followa: Preaident. William Heyburn,
Ix)ulsvllle Country club; vlca preaident,
John V). Cady, Rock Island Arsenal Oolf
ciud; aecretary, Elmer A. Eulasaa, Calu
met Country club; treasurer, Oliver C.
ruller, Milwaukee Country olub; directors;
Frank L, Woodward, Denver Country
club; Fred H. Holt. Detroit Oolf club;
Wallace U Iewold, Onwentila dab; B. Y.
Bourne, Cleveland Country club; Ilobert
K. Hunter, Midlothian Country club.
.Na Hitch la Meeting. '
At a meeting of the outgoing and Incom
ing offlcera held earlier In tha day tha
line of action to be taken at tha meeting
waa decided upon and tha administration
policy went through without a hitch. In-tereat-
centered on tha expansion resolu
tions. When these cama up W, L. Yule of
the Kenoaha Country club, who had
fathered tha proposed amendments, moved
the adoption of article 111 aa It previously
stood with tha addition of tha worda "and
all properly organised cluba In tha Domin
ion of Canada."
Preaident John C. Tennell of tha Trana
Mississippi Oolf association announced that
the organization would hold its tournament
at Omaha. August 14 to It.'
Before thla waa put Wendell Jtertig of
Minneapolis moved that a vote be taken
on the proposition to change the name of
the Western tiolf association tq the Ameri
can dolf association.' This -was loat. npt
an affirmative vote being caat.
The Yule resolution then came up and
was carried unanimously. Tha only change
made In this waa the reduction of the age
limit from 24 to 21 years. 1
The other amendmenta relating1 to the
aalection and makeup of the nominating
committee and to the manner In which in
dependent nominations must be made wert
carried without any material alteration,
although in the latter It waa decided that
Independent nominations must be made in
writing and signed by the five club mem
bers making them. The former proposition
was to have tha secretarlea of tha clubs
file a certificate atatlng that the members
making the nominations were members of
their cluba.
Personnel at Officials.
There ha been an unwritten law that
offlcera of the Western Golf association
must be officials of olher associations, and
with the Idea of making this a regular
law. notice waa given of a resolution to
authoilze the president to piepare an
amendment to article vlll for submission
to the next annual meeting The intent of
this resolution is to have a majority of the
board composed of representatives of other
associations within the territory of this
Just when the delegates thought all the
war clouds had disappeared . G. Strick
land of tha Kvanaion Golf club, Introduced
the following resolution:
"That a committee of five be appointed
by the president of thla association to con
fer with other associations for the pur
poke of considering a plan for reorganiza
tion of the present governing golf bodies
(Including Canada and Mexico ir possiblei
and present It to the next annual meeting-President
Hmith explained that it was
the disposition of directors to be consei va
lue and while they believed there was
need for a better national organisation
they would respect the I'ntted States Golf
association while It was the national body.
l. K. Kelly of Kwnoor, raid the west hud
been well treated by the Culled States Goir
asaoclatton in gelling both the president
and vice president from this section, and
moved that the Strickland resolution be
tahle, whuh was done.
The report of aleeretary Wlllard showed
a membership uf LA twenty-six new cluba
having been admitted since the last meet
ing. Mr. Wlllard suggested a new form
of competition for the Tom Morris trophy.
He also noted tha attempt of some vi ti.
professionals to bovcott the western open
meet last year because they disliked match
play He suggested that tha Inroap tig
committee confer with the proff .hvhsIs
on the bst manner of holding the tou.-na
ment The report of Secretary Atkinson
showed a balance on hand of II W ,V a
J gain of r4..''t oter the previous year.
j The Key to the Hnualloo 1 e Want Ada.
Standings of Players and Teams in the
1 Omaha Leagues.
Pete l.nrha Are la the Lead In the
Commercial nirt anil Omaha
tre lied In the PaeWera
I eaane.
Following are the standings In the Bow
ling leagues of Omaha:
Booster l.enaae.
P. W. I.. Pet. Pins
l oi.aen s Colts . : '. .744 S.t 1 7J
Omaha Bedrllng Co.. 4J .11 11 ,7!S SI OIK
Ruffner Tailors 4,' :'7 1 . "7 '4
Rangers ' 4J 23 l't ...47 M 0
I'enpleg Store 4.'i Z nil SSlT.i
Mazeppas 45 '-'" .44 M 4 V
Htors Malts 4 17 XI .:' .li.'l
Rod and Gun Club . 4.". l,"i :m .JUS M.'Ox
Individual averages:
Names. Ar ' Naniea. A
Youse! l'V 1:arhlti 1M
o J'.linano Matih 11
I-'in I Ttr F. J.hna.n 14!
Stunt 17.V Wek V
tiee I;:, ponail 1
I'arkina 171; Ka l ener I'm
Menreie 171; siaugh-er I'm
""man 1 7 HoaarJ '
HeweM IV ?ntter 1
cbnatanaeti . vi HHndo l;,e
Mlum Mora
P.naamg H Mc l.n I
Biigaeman )f Ijintt 1
legett Ifci llsteh
hmi4t IV. iiHimmf I4'
lhnilroin u.".1 Ahtvn- 147
It"e p4 Kaplntan 144
K11od tfill K Hall 14R
Arnateln 14.1 V.hit"ni"r 144
AMrtch lnj: K. Hierman 14J
Hoarlar 11 (' E Hall 142
W Ulrr .:;' stmn 11
fu'-teea lkj c. Bierman 11J
Sage lsi!
t oiunirrriul League.
P. W. I. Pet.
Pete Lochs 4H S7 It .771
Omaha Ulcycle Indians nl :? 1- .7:5
Lux lis 51 S3 1 .''.47
Brodegaard Crowns 4S '.:'. L'5 .47m
O'Brien s Monte Christos.. 51 i'4 -7 .471
Frank's Colts 4s 21 27 .4:
A. Frlck at Hon fd 12 ; .2:
Schroeder'a St. James 4t 3D .l.N
Individual averages:
Names. Games At ! Nimu Games. Av
nilbpaath 4 1S1 1 Rraelln 4 144
Prlnllater 11 Ivnde,ler !1 Is"
Martin 4 l7l Kaaertrg 1 lf
Ohneaorg .VI 17' Noah P7
7.arp to 14 Travnnr 41 K7
I'rs hrsn 34 10' Prlmeau 2 167
Maratartln 4.i li' Kerr 48 147
Weakea 4 171 R. hnrliter 41 14
Angalaherg 15 ITS' Si annell 1M
OfKlannrhwager .. ! IT I Mln hell 21 W
Nelson 11 177i (Kanilrr IS ll
Klsurk 4 177! Hrhul 21 141
Itejr 44 177' Wevmuller J 1a
barter 47 l-7ISpetman SO lt
Htnrlrhi 17Si Hire 14 1A4
Ralter 4j 1 7fi ; Coffer 4S Ifi7
Bowara 14 174: Hansen II 17.7
Baehr 44 17l Knig 1 K'7
S.huma.hfr If ITS1 K. Mnvna 46 lfi7
Thomas S Younser 16 14
Jensen U 1121 H'tort !1 1M
Mis-an J4 173i Punhar 1M
Sutton 171' Wilson 44 1M
Keyt 12 171' Outthelmer IS 1M
Voaa 44 I71'J. Moyna SO I'd
rr.zwall n 170 Taft 1 14J
iolomnn 4 1W
Av I Namea.
1 Shepherd
14 nehn ...
17! Tex
14! Fturgeaa .
1M1 lleffner
I ..VK)
.... 1i4
.... 144
.... 144
.... 143
.... 141
.... 141
.... 140
.... 140
.... 144
.... VI
.... Pal
Omaha ....
Cuoahv ....
Tombrlnk ...
Hammond ..
Stafford .....
14l llumpart
llnl ...
Lang ...
Metropolitan I.ragae.
V. I.. Pet.
an 12 .714
31 17 .64
2 20 .5t
20 19 .577
24 21 .&:!
20 21 .47
20 25 . 444
15 27 .357
1 S3 .SI.S
1 22
Independents 42
Manev Snnklsts 4M
Heselln Mixers 44
Poatofflce 4ft
fterby Woolens 45
Harvey's Colts 42
Andy's Colts 45
Diets 4.'
ldlewllda M
Pat's Comets 48
Individual averages:.
. 1M
. 174
. 173
. 170
. IiU
II. srhneidar
Srhoenman ..
Mrl'nrmlrk ..
P Sehnaldar
gwanaen ....
Griffith ....
Owvnne ....
Pearson ....
Jarkaon ....
Srhroeder ..
Isanhart ....
8barkay ....
. 147
. lS.ll
. 14'.
. lV.
. m
. 141
. 144
. 12
. Mil
. 1411
. l'.sl
. 159 1
. 1F.4I
. i:.7l
. 1641
Crescent Leaaur.
W. 1. Pet.
10 S .66
a K .t'X
10 H .dofi
' 10 . .440
3 .XII
6 10
7.. l.M
Pharmaev Juniors
I'. S. National Hooaters..
1'. 8. National Tellers....
Crelghton Dentals
I". H. National Hangera..
riarmacy Juniors
Indlvtdaal averages:
Namaa. , At. I Namea.
Ward 1 Ko Meany .
Landatrom v lrta ghileen
Parker 1421 Williams
Llnta l.'oj Nlelda .
Fogarty UA Hogurd .
rutsr tS Barara ,
Nalain US! llllsa
Irwin 1641 Kllng
Murphy LS4t Jat'kaiQ ...
Holly 1641. Lew 11
Mercantile League.
P. W. I,, p.t. Pins.
F.Quitable I.ifes 4k 37 II .7kl ?4 5.(6
Hartley s Colts 47 SO 15 22.IZI
Carpenter Paper Co. 41 31 17 ' .H45 24 04
Onlmods 4k 2 19 ,tM 2:i.0oii
C. S. Cleaning Co... 4x 2:t 2S .47 22.1iil
Ak-Sar-Hens 4o a) 25 .444 21.2W
A. O. I'. W. No. 17.. 41 1!0 21 ,4I SJ.iiti
Kamns 44 l 2 ,:il'5 2l,ii6s
y. M. I 4S 17 31 .3.4 22 047
Metropolitans 4s 12 3d .JiO 20,4jO
Individual aerages:
Namea.. Av.l Namea. At
BengHtoii 174; Smith I5
Pl'-karl I77 Ileal! 15s
Kltrkie 177 llaaker 1..
i. .lohntun n.'! Slmpaon i:,
Vulla l.l! Creen t;,;-,
M. "arlhy Kl! an Pahl LV,
Riand 171 ! Meralg 4
Miiiatn 17 Marti l.
J Rto. kwt ll 1ti K. hmelaler 154
I'hapmau 1S7' Lundnt rorn 14
L. Smith 1m i:aunt 1.(
l.amh 144' Meli her 144
Amluim 1a'i lirady ,
firlflin Urn. sirkall 14(i
Nealv i'l H. Johnson 114
Hamtll HI; It Zerhmelaier 141
F'Udev 1SH Noalsnd HI
Kulherfoid b'orsytha i:
tliuaha League.
P. W. L. p,t Pins
Metz Hros 45 :to 15 .titi? 41 4h5
Storz Triumphs : 24 15 Hi;, Xi.SMt
J. S. Cross 45 25 20 .5".o
Hr.spe Co 42 21 21 .500 :4 j27
Melon 45 21 21 .4i7 S,'.;ij)
Wroth s specials :s 17 22 4.K x 4,f
Jetter Gold Tops 42 17 25 -io, 35.7ti
Advoa 45 14 2)4 lt d 2t ouj
Individual aveiagea:
Namea Av .1 Namea. av.
ltaiiimttiid .. Il WeiK-r 7-j
Hunt Hull i;j'l Ii l ain
Weale lae lagan . 17?
Andaraon I. Hi .li.linaen 1:3
Blakaney 1- siafford 171
Kma.her 1--I J.'i..-n -
(l)erda . 1-I M. HaUey ,
Youaen 14 Ionian i;u
Stun 1"J Mann
hunllng-oii I:: l.fpiticky iaj
7.1m mar man is lrkun ,n
Spragua .. ISO, Hngaa ja.,
Ma.iham si Keuolila l.,.
KratKiato lit. Wilev 1
si. build' i: Uedlas . . ,
Srrft :! riltaarald ... la..
Inn an 1 7 s J Huhnll
Klahal .. 17! W .itiniau 11,;
1 hand I77- 1 handler ... u"
tiolf 174 Wat s,
K iiimau L4 Noiaard imi
Han lay
e 11 nadT
High single game.
1T Sutler ..
Kj. Noun
17. Haines ...
174 t,ha ...
tT3 lirummi
I. Helen Hammond.
. . 141)
.. ii
I. '-4
. 1 ...
. 27
1 1 it h t ht i-e nm.
I tank t onrad
High aiiigle fame itraini. J. .-. Crose.
'High thre games iteam". Men Mroa. lull
j Maale til l.enaae.
i P W. I.
1 iarlow s Colts to 21 9
1 .Martin's Tigers 27 11
.letters ?n 14 1
Greenes Pirates w 14 j
I J. H v atkins :o 1 14
I t 'u'klns' C iha to 12 1
IN t
.. 1:i
... rl
... i;i
... in
... i
.. ls
. .
... IS
... !:
.. i4
.. 14
. . HI
.. 141
.. 141
... ll
indi Idual averages:
At Namea.
l'f f 'ra
ivs y, .I.
14,1 ppragua
1 Hunt
12 Tra.-T
ill lark
11 Ktlar
1 Nolan
17' l.lplntkl
ITfc stune
17' asera-rM-d
I I l.tatai-on
1! j, w inter
175! peaia
I:,'. Hells
1.4 (irv-ena
1711 Huts ..
1TJ Merrnllta
j l'nman
l larhourn .
I lUr'le, ...
! tro-har ..
I l h14
j r'Mir
i l on rail
J'hnAn ...
l'rannto .
I'r ai
.. I SI
... U7
HoTrllag otea.
Tommy Tompkins, the popular backer ot
the Derby Mills, la still some shooter.
Johnny Ijilrd wants, to know whv Kevt
don't move tha foul Una down lo tha sec
ond post.
Hriggs takes bis share ot the prize
money every week and some of the pot
games, too.
Hrtiggeman has taught Sage a new drop
ball that he la using against weak hitters
with good effect.
Galling Gllhrnath I the best straight ball
shooter in these parts and maybe he can't
control that fellow.
Fwanson. the blushing recruit, la showing
up some of the old-timers by tha way he
la getting the count.
Morton is allowing resl class now and the
postoffloe scouts are winning with pins to
spare. Hurrah for B. K.
Moreau shot the high three-game aeries
In the Mercantile this week; 6M la surely
goInK along In fine atyle.
"Steady old Dad" Is the war everybody
speaka of Huntington, its ail you hear
on the side lines.
Johnson, who Is now shooting with the
Carps, looks like be had the goods and
will make a very good man.
Kill Bennett, cashier at Garlow'e pool
hall, says he could bowl, too, if he had
a broom to use for a ball.
Jimmy Bilk la still speeding them down
the maple boards to a finish; one boy with
the steam that gets the pins.
Vet kins Is commonly called the bullfrog,
owing to his peculiar style of delivery. He
does everything but croak.
8utton of the Reloa Is developing a new
corner ball that ought to get the money If
ha only atlcka to the corner.
The Bouth Omaha Packers' league will
be the big noise before the bowling season
Is over on the Oarlow's alleys.
Have you noticed that hook of Coal
Howell's? dues that is eome hook. If
Collier could only see that one.
Amsden. tha Derby Mill shark, has at
last finished Inventory and ran get
wrapped up into a gams aa of old.
The Zeckmelster pair ere In bad with
the pin boya. The klda get mixed up and
don't know whether to sea or aick-em.
John Bengele. chief scout of the Peo
ples tribe shot goO even last week. The old
bugger Is still able to deliver the goods.
Hit IxHile Freitchmeyer. the bowling
Russian. Is showing up the rest of his
mates and hitting the wood In fine style.
It's no wonder Qcddes and Haines are
railed the dancing delivery twins. Look
at the music surrounding them all the
The Bouth Omaha bowlers are wondering
what excuae some of the Omaha bowlers
will have next for not getting 800 every
Germany Zarp Is a very quiet and sedate
young fellow, but when yon start talking
of the best man In town don't overlook this
Bats Rateklns has turned to the alleys
for his amusement om more, so keep vour
eyes glued on tha Ruffner Tailors from
now on. j i
Saynlsh lumped In at rie last moment and
rolled a dandy total kit 47 and brat big
Moran'a 642 for the weekly prlz on the
basement alleys.
Chief Briggs says Sherwood has his goat
on No. 4 alley, but he will bowl him on
any other alley In the. house for money,
marblea or chalk. t ;
Sam Byron la Iookln for tha fellow that
got away with his horseshoe. Things have
been breaking pretty tough for tha big
smoke here of late.
Saynlsh with hla doughnut hook and Ort
man with his famous grpjlrm are now tied
In their league averages, which Is nearly 600
per game. Going up.- -'
Tha A. O. U. W. are tha ateady. con
alstent shooters, but seems aa though ev
ery team In the league goes crazy when
they hit up agalnat them.
There will be a match game of ten pins
between the "400" block and the "500"
block at Garlow s alleys some time next
week, for a side bet ot a5o.
Jack Traynor shot the highest gams In
his long howling career this week, a 256
boy, and it won the game, too. That's the
place to bowl one like that.
Rchulz has lost the old terror pepper
that he used to have, but wait until h gets
about two more weeka work and then
there will be something doing.
Herb Garlow is getting to be quite a
bowler these days and will take on any
one who can't make over 120 a game. Bee
Herb for a game ot ten pins.
Melum's mind Is away ahead of the bowl
ing schedule. He la waiting for the call
of the robin, when he can start hla annual
preamble upon tha diamond.
Ward seems to be tha Sandow of the
Dletz Athletics. Of all the big athletea of
that organization he seema to be about
the only one to look like a winner.
Council Bluffs West broke Into tha Advo
lineup this week, but couldn't come back.
Seems peculiar that this bunch can't get
the pins that would be expected of them.
Hchnelder Is now away In the lead among
the Commercial bowlers and has a nice
mark of 1H3 for the season, Just lo pins
ahead of Holly Gilliam, who Is in second
Mice rolls Just liks Rice at a wedding
party. Ha Is all over the alley and gets
those very, very sloppy strikes all the
time, much to the disgust of the oppo
nents. Six-hundred scores are getting to be a
common thing in tha Mercantile now. It
used to be a very rare proposition but
nowadays It Is as common as In any other
The Zitzman brothers ate the strength of
the Hospe team. One or the other is al
ways there with s good game and keeps
the team fighting at the top of the second
Hengstrom continues to shoot in the very
excellent form that has characterized his
bowling all this season. Ueugy la the
strong man of the Cleaners and is stiiely
worthy of the name.
The Croka team again demonat rated that
it belongs lo the class hoy a by ahootlns a
. nice total of 2.S58 In their match game this
week, tile Johnson and Wood Hartley o
lng better than 6sf each.
We have it at last-the hrootti ball In
! vented by that old-time leaguer, Mr. Wil
' Hani Hittem Gettem Schneider. One of
those kind that flattens out when it i
about half way down the alley.
Mose Youisein finally got a Don-game, the
first in weeks and weeks. Why did he
give that pin kid a new Lincoln pennv.'
of course nobody would accuse Most of
i bribery, tint it itoes look runny,
i Garlow, of South Omaha fume. Is after
I the scalp of any alley owner in the town.
I He claims to have won a game from
I oorhela back In New York suiue vears
I ago. Its only a claim, however.
I Muthrrford Is now the anchor on the
Q M r. and Is getting to bit a real
classy finisher. All Hulh needs to do is
I lose about twenty pounds so he can get
! closer to the alley when he lets go.
I Kenned v got the magnificent score of i
I in Anderson stock holders inert this week
j H'g Ambrose McDonougli averaged v!
i Nothing like starting in a bear and tlon
hull the market. Walt until they get to
be yearlings.
I Ted Neale leads the Francisco bowlers
for the Kuffner Tailoring Co. vest with a
big total of 7-W. which he shot In the
I merry-go-round with Peiklna this week.
In fa. I thla Is one of the largest totals
I shot In the citv In late ears. Dad Hunt
ington Is willing to La. k Ted against A l
j Je'lison the pride o' St l-ouis. and It will
. not be surprising ,o hear of a match he
t ween these two men while the American
i Howling congress Is in operation in that
1' iiv. i en shinneo jeiuson while he was
here for the Mid West In fact, it was to
haie been a five-game mat. h. but Jelllson
gave up after the fourtn game waa finished.
Rumor that He May Be Oftered Fifty
j Thousand to Fight Kaufman.
Fletcher ara He la Not 'through,
hot Hill Make Another F.ffnrt
o nme Rail
Plat era.
Comes now a story that "Jack' John
son may be offered a purse of $..0,000 rash
If he will go to England and box with "Al"
This mere bagatelle my be spumed by
Johnson. Y'et the time will come when he
will not scorn money. Easy come, easy
go, alwavs has proved true In the puglistlo
The bout between Johnson and Kauf
mann quits naturally would take place In
London. There would be no other city In
Which a crowd could be drawn of suffi
cient magnitude to pay to promotera. And
what would It amount to.
At the best, the separation of the Eng
lish boxing enthusiasts from such of their
hard earned, or easily earned, shillings as
they care to lose. It Is not In evidence
yet that Kaufmann will beat Johnson in
the ring.
There may come a day. but is has not ar
rived. The bout would take place during coro
nation week, if It took place at any time.
Kegga Hsggerty says that It la a shama
to think of ao much good money going
to waste.
l.eactate" to .Meet t.rlffia.
"Sam" Wallach, who ia Iach Cioss"
brother-in-law. says Leach had to retire
temporarily because he feared some ill ef
fect from blood poisoning on account of
a mild cut which sliced through his
"Sam" doesn't thing that there ia a
chance for Leach to lose against Griffin.
He's a loyal brother-lnlaw. That'e one
of his fine points.
"Leach Is working at Allenhurst."
writes "Sam." "George Stucke is his
sparring partner. He is an up-ste'e chap.
Griffin Is always fighting and willing,
and for that reason I expect that It will
be a warm time when he gets Into the ring
with Leach. I think there will be more
action In this bout than Is found Inthree
ordinary bouts. Leach Is specially anxious
to stop Griffin on account of some slur
ring remarks he made."
Can't beat 'em. For advance notices they
always work In that grudge matter some
where. Through. Kays Fletcher.
Tha visionary Fletcher, who would have
promoted a new base ball league at a
large profit to himself and thrown all the
risk of success upon the shoulders of
the players, says that he haa not finished
with hla Idea of making trouble for the
major leagues and will take their players
away from them at the end of the sea
son of 1911.
About that time there will be some who
can be spared.
Meanwhile major league club owr.ers may
as well keep an eye on this gentleman,
who Is likely to do his share toward up
setting discipline If he does nothing else.
If he continues to negotiate with ball
players, unless the latter turn a cold
shoulder and keep him away, some of the
more emotional are likely to forget all
about the obllgatlona which they owe to
their employers for the seasan of 1911.
That haa happened In the past.
Donaldson Breaks
World's Record for
Century and a Half
Cape Colony Professional Sprints
Hundred and Fifty Yards in
Fourteen Flat.
KIMBRRLT. Cape Coloney, Jan 22 Jack
Donaldson, the professional sprinter, ran
150 yards In 14 seconds. This Is a new
world's record, bettering the amateur and
professional records.
Tha amateur record for 150 yards was
mada by R. Ji. Walker of Bouth Africa,
In April. 1909, he covering the distance In
HH seconds. Walker since then has turned
Harry Hutchens ran 150 yards In 12i sec
onds In 1S7. This has stood as the profes
sional record since that time.
Intercollegiate Men
Meet at Lincoln
L. G. Atherton Elected President of
Nebraska Association Base Ball
Schedules Are Prepared.
LINCOLN. Jan. r.-f Special. )-The Ne
braska Intercollegiate Athletic association,
including most of the colleges and uni
versities of the state with the exception
of the state university and Crelghton, held
s meeting at the TJndell hotel.
The election of officers resulted In th
following choice: President. L. G. Ather
ton, York; vice president. J. N. Bennett.
Doane; secretary treasurer, A. J. Meier,
Kearney State Normal.
I The annual track meet will be held at
I'nlversity Place on Johnson track on
May 3V
Pennants for last year were awarded as
follows: Track. Bellevue; basket hall, t'ot
ncr: base ball, Peru.
The association decided not to award
pennants In the future. Committees do
not always agree as to the tcamB which
should receive the honors and It was felt
that the better way would be to leave the
settlement of relative rank to public opln-
j Ion as Is dona In larger conferences. No
. pennant was awarded in foot ball, cori
I flh ting claims of several schools rausing
i the difficulty w hich the conference w ishes
to avoid by not giving pennants.
Base Hall cbrdulca.
Lase hall schedules for the colleges were
drawn up. The nine colleges in the aspo
rtation were divided into two circuits, an
eastern and western. Wealcyan. Cotner.
Hellevue, Peru and Doane comprise, the
eastern and Hastings. York. Grand Island
and Kearney Normal the western. It was
the sense of the meeting that the winners
of the chaiiipioushlp in each section should
meet and play off for tha slate title. In
pursuant e of this idea, a motion was
passed permitting s'.cli a game.
The schedule of the two tiicuits fo.low.s
Eastern April 17. Coiner at Peru; April
v Dorttie at Wcslevan; April 27. Cotner at
Peru: Mav 1. Doane at Peru; Mav 2. Doane
at Hellevue: Mav 4 Wehlcvan al Doane:
Mav 1(). Wcslevan nt Peru, Mav II. We
lev in at ftellevue; Mhv h.. Peru ul Pelle
vue: Mav Iti. Peru at Ueslevan: May 17
Peru at Cotner; Mav Ih 1'iru at Doane;
Mav 2J. Mi IP v He at I'otnei: Mav 271. l-tclie-v
ue at Weslcvan: Mav 21 lielioie at
I wane; Mav 25 hellevue at Peru.
v t atcrn - h Hasting at Grand Is
land. April A Hastings, at Kearnev, Mv
, kfmiii j at Hastings; Mi., o. Kcarn. i
at Grand Inland Ms !. (it and Is'and at
S.ork; Mav I" Grand la'arid at llas'inas
M.i 12. HaMlng al Vol k Mav r. Yotfc al
Grand Island. Mm p; York at Kcarnev
.May 17. York at Hasting
! Omaha Tennis Men
Pullinc Hard for tli n
Clay Court Meet
Young and Koch Will Attend Meeting
of National Association in
New York.
Omaha la worklrg quietly but verv hard
for that National Clay Court championship
for iun, the tenuis enthusiast of the city
boosting at home and abroad for the
event for Omaha. Conrad Toting and Harry
Koch, who will represent the Omaha Field
club at the annual meeting are correspond
ing with various of the western and south
western tennis men In regard to the event
and find them almost unanimous for this
The inducement of the II. fttO nfti club house
and grounds of Pittsburg la making quite
a noise In Itself for the meet, but the force
of sentiment among the followers rf the
sport points to. a town that represents the
west rather than the east. The demands of
California that that atate be represented In
soma way In tha tennis world Is one of the
most potent causes for the feeling that
the west and the south should have more
of tha national tennis patronage.
The annual meeting of the unni. n,n
of the I'nited States Lawn Tennis associa
tion win be held in New York February 4,
and will be an all day session this
This move was decided practically by the
troume the members had In settling diffi
cult questions of the) tennis world last year
In the short time that was at hand after
the annual banquet of the tennis players
had been finished.
Fast Oalalet front Danish College
Healen art to 21.
BANCROFT, Neb., Jan. 32. -(Special -The
Bancroft basket ball team again de
feated the fast team from the Danish col
lege at Blair by a score of SS to 21.
The game was hotly contested from the
start and for a few minutes Bancroft was
unable to score, but after rallying, the
first half ended with a score of 16 to II In
favor of Blair.
All through the aecond half the playing
was phenomenal and when time was called
the Bancroft team was victor by a safe
margin. The lineup:
F.G.F F.O.F.
Redmussen, lf... 0 Farlev, If 7 fi
Llnd, rf S ' Joiner, rf l
Gaydue. c 4 ot'onn. c o 0
Anderson, Ig 0 0 Vogh, Ig l o
Debel, rg 0 Carey, rg 0 0
Referee: llasslnger. Timekeeper: Sharp.
Bancroft Invites a game with all comers
and bars none.
a,, --T-Tn .,fx:-. 'V . .
The Way to Grow Rich is to
Raise Food Not Buy It
Every time you notice a higher price) on thai bill of
fare, remember that tho farmer ia (rowing richer.
This is the day when it pays to till land. The farm boy ia no
longer coming to tho city. He can make more money and have
more luxuriea right at home.
Science haa lightened the burdens of the farmer. Invention
baa dene away with his former discomforts.
Go down to the Southwest and begin to grow rich. Untold
acres of rich land awaiting you in Oklahoma, Southern Missouri,
Louisiana, Eastern Colorado, the Texas Panhandle, New Mexico
and Arkansas.
Tho most fertile region in America a delightful section
wkere you atill have a chance to buy good Und cheap
IMPORTANT! "The Rock laland's Agricultural Bureau will show ray
Bow to gat tba meat value out of the loaat aarsa, toll you tho marfceta
wbar vour srapa hrins tho boat ericas, and aaaiat vou oonataatlr to make
a success of vour venture. Tha mam ant you aottio along the Rock laiaad.
this railroad acta aa vour partaar, and bond ovorv effort to make vour
iaToatanent peoritabla. Stat bow asiscb voa caa iavaat, wbar you want
to and what vou want to grow.
AddrMi L. M. ALLEN,
Faaaonf orTraffic Manager
3039 La Sari Static
An accessible office
in the best known building
In the city is offered TO YOU NOW. The vacant offices
are few, so would suggest an early inspection.
The rental price includes electric light, heat and good
janitor service.
The Bee Building
Itooin ma On the tith floor, fronting. 17th Btreet.
About 180 square feet, and has a vault and waub titautl
IJrie, $1 00 pi-r month.
Itooin IUO- On the 6th floor, fronting 17th street.
About 152 gquare ft-tt. Price $17.00 per mouth.
IUw)iii Tt'H On the 6th floor, fronting north.
About 2Sl, square feet. Jigs stationary wubli stand.
Price 25.00 per month.
Koom 521-8 On Ihe 6th floor, fronting north.
About ut't 9'iuare ftot with wash stand. A fire suit of
smaller offices. Kent 60 per month.
The Bee Building Company
Pee Rusinetf. Office 17tn and Farnam Sti
!wins bv One-Sided Jh-oi r,f T.iphtv--
, rive t0 Eieht
association shows steed
a liana la Hack, la Ihe Came anil
Waa Faally the star of the
Farnlng tnlaHera 4. re
I. ante.
Omaha Young Men's Christian anria
tlon tramped upon the five of Company P,
Id.i Grove, la . In basket ball at Omaha.
Saturday, winning the unequal contra'
V. to 4. From the start to the finish Hot
Ida Grove lads were hopelessly outplaced
and only one field goal waa made by th,
visitors the whole game.
The Omaha quintet plaved an exvellent
game, showing speed and knowledge of tha
finer iolnts. The difference between thla
game and the one which the locals lost tq
Lincoln two weeks ago was ao spparent
that It was hard to believe that the .team
had any of the same men on it.
Wilson, captain and center of the Omaha
five was back In the game again Satur
day night and played what waa probably
the best of his team. All of tho Omaha
player showed up splendidly.
The fans present declare that the s.iua.l
w.1 make a championship year
The Ida Grove players declared that thev
had played a good many games and thai
the organization was somewhat crippled
aa a result. The visitors stuck right t.
their task In spite of the manner In w hu n
the game was going against them and put
up a brave fight. The lineup; ,
Y. M t. A. Position. Ida Glove
w.-in, ni.kman... I, I L r in., -mm
R -' K..uui
vv iis-.n , . Tood
HO.Me 1. C, L'l.'.'.'.'walllV,""Nl, ho'
Ot- fun.,.;.n IllliHQ F.-bhe.
Held goals Wealn (loi. Cohn IS). Kit, -hi,,
t ' Dlcktnan ii), Griffith. Kohlnson Todd
tree throws: Cohn 4). Wesln, Wilson,
Blackmail (4. Todd
One point awarded each side.
Referee Lindsay umpire. Hill, time
keeper, Cherrlngton.
Jrffrlea-Johaaon Kllnia to Re Khonn
on that Condition.
I.KXINOTON, Ky., Jan. 22.-(?peclal Tel
egram. )-Mayor Skaln toilny granted per
mission to a local colored theater to put
on the Johnson-Jeffries fight pictures. The
permit was granted with the understand
ing that no white persons be allowed (n
see them.
l ifelong Bondage
to dyspepsia, liver complaints and kidney
trouble is needless. Electric! Bitters Is the
guaranteed remedy. fsk-. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
A Guarantee of Business Prosperity
The Persistent and Wise Patronage of
The Bea Advertising Columns.
Third Vico-Preaidrat.