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Foreign Cables 1)0 Not Follow Local
Fall of Wheat.
nrn Hold Fairly Firm Face o
Ihe Radical llerllne In Wkt
Inndlllon A re t.enerolly
OMAHA. Jen. 21. 1911.
loiiitti mhM on wheat ranie iirm. nu'inn, ..r. c i. r ev lorn; i anauiau. it.
fniino iiia run iiri r,e eHieriiav. 'penitm r. I. f New York for export.
allien were Malv. with xiime mi'i"
to er . s noe. hm " i. ....... .
inottaie) ami mild weather over the what
hell and kIo ivh demand news la fanr-,
ins Hie hear fide Holllna )i'ein In heavy
nil dp. IliipH In order Ihe present time
i op i i'in inarKvi ip b'.iihihii ii ...... - - j r
(.to ,, rtf..... of ilie oet'line In Wheat
I hei rt f lereipis rr l.elria: wll taken and
esstem and pyport demand l showInK
Kofni lr.-i eases.
fier iullii2 firm eat'v on steadiness In
Liverpool ihe wheal market suffered Ii
-liuip hieak on free liquidation bv L.nKs
"ii weakness in northwestern markeia
' losira values showed n heavy tone. l'a"h
vheat was very dull and prices raneu '
';! lower.
oi n held falrlv firm In face of the rad
ii al def line In w heat The st nbbornnes
is puzzling owning to the general bearish
conditions particularly the cash article.
Shipments are good, hut on the whole the
market looks lower unless good support de-
I'tlmary wheat receipts wei jfi2.ii0 bu
arid shipment were 20i.(O bu. against re-
elpta last vear of 3S2."0 b.t. and shipments
of bu
Primary corn receipts wera S6.1." bu. and
shipments were 48 1. OA bu.. against re-
eipts last year of .HO bu. and ship
ment. x of 3;.0.iH hu.
'.learances weie 1.(ii bu. of corn, .1.000
lm. of oals and wheal and flour eo,ual
iS.'.fJ( hu
Liverpool cloged unchanged on wheat itiflifl
unchanged on corn.
Omaha asli Prlin.
WHKAT-Nri. 2 hard. K-;Wc: No- "
h..rd. 1fi9lc; No. 4 hard. 7Vi:He: rejected
hard. 77St2e; No. 2 spring. Wa7r; No. 3
spring-. W&atWc
i'ORN-No. J white. 41'a !-":: 3
while, 4l''t,5j12c: No. 4 white. iVa11'ic: No.
:i color, 4l'4lifr: No. 2 yellow. 4Kill'-c
No. 3" yellow, 4o,iti4l'c; No. 4 mellow. '
4ii'e; No. 2. 40-Vb41'(ic; No. 40','(i 41c; No.
4. Wrai0e; no aitade, :nz ns'vc.
OATS-No. 2 white, au-nillc ; standard.
WiMrMr: No. 3, white. iW'fjiSo: No. 4
whiie. iHUjMiijc: No. J yellow, 3(S.AJSri No.
4 yellow, 23"4t(30V,c.
ulji 1.' v.. v a aztirz- 1
No. 1 teed, IHW70 relucted. "uK-
ItYB-No. 2. ;SKi0c. No. 3, 7d!ttilrc.
The following cash sales were reported :
H heat. No 2 hard ii cars, 93c Corn. No. I
vheat. No 2 hard, ii cars, 3c corn. ino.
.1 while. 1 car. 42c. No. 4 while. 1 car, 4IVc;
No. 3 color. I car. H'2c; No. 3 yellow. 24
cars. 41'.c; No. 4 yellow. 3 cars. 40'fcc; No,
3 mixed. Jo cars, 41c; No. 4 mixed, 4 cars.
4',c; no grade. 1 car. 37'-c. Oats. No. 3
while, 1 car, .Kc; No. 4 white, 1 car, SlM.iC;
No. 4 white. 2 cars, J0'c; No. 3 yellow, 2
cars, 30'if.
Carlo! Receipts.
Wheat. Corn. Oats.
1 'Imago 1 474 12
Minneapolis 27 S
omaha 4 8.1 20
1 u 1 11 1 h 00
I'ralnrri nl the Trading, and f'loalna;
I'rleea on Bnnrd of Trade.
i'lllt'AOO. Jan. 21 There was the wild
est of selling of wheat In the last half hour
today . . Canadian reciprocity talk and the
report' of closing of more nulls Ailnne
a polls were Ihe Incentlvea; extreme weak
ness prevailed In the final trading, with
latest figures showing a net loss of c. to
IValH''- All other leading staples, too,
suffered a decline corn, 'c to ac; oats.
a shade to V. and hog products, 2,c to
More than a cent a bushel was clipped
from the price of May wheat In a few min
utes just before the gong cleared the pit.
Local longs unloaded by the wholesale on
slop loss orders. At the same time north
west houses sold here heavily. In the
opinion of soma brokera, aigna pointed to
extensive liquidating for bull leaders un
der cover. Gossip about reciprocity with
Canada was quite definite, but official
confirmation did not become common
property until shortly after actual trading
had ceased. Reports also regarding the
shutdown of additional mills In Minneap
olis 'were parried with denials minimizing
the effect until the market collapsed In
earnest. Karller In the session, support
bad been forth, -ornlng an l uppaiently was
much needed at the dollar level for May.
May fluctuated between 9stC to $1.0O,
with the close l4jl'o net lower at
Poorness both of domestic and export
demand made corn dull and heavy. eUy
ranged between 4HT()'(K0c. Cash corn waa
weak; No. 2 yellow finishing at 47fcr47'c.
oats were relatively steady because local
receipts of the week were but little In ex
1 esa of shipments. Price changes for May
kept within He limits and in the end were
precisely that much under last night's
level at 34V.
Weakneaa of the grain list counted
agaiual provisions. Th outcome was to
leave pork 7VfllO" l"1' down; lard, 60 to
7'sc. off and rlbe at a decline of 2to to 80.
Prtoea In Chicago, furnished by the Up
dike Grain company, 708 Brandels building,
Omaha, telephone Douglas 2478:
Artlcle. Open. Illgh. Low. Cloae. Tea y
Wheat I I I
Mav...1 OO'sM 1 00l
Julv...lm''B4il ll
Sept...i4vua MS 1
Corn I
July... 6IS1J ' "I1
Fept...i i-V),U'itiU
Oais- I . ...
WaiSSTifrWl 1 00
eo'i to-1 96 Va v,
49-49Vo5o'; 60W,
l W blS
01; oi )t bi
May...l4Vtf "
S4HI 84'.
4a S
4S 34V8 l34h'fi 34V'a
Jan.... May...
Jan May...
Ribs, .
Jan. . . .
33SI 334S3WS
30 20 1 0 24)
18 76 I 13 76
20 10
18 66
20 10
18 60
20 20
18 t?H
10 10
8 90
10 10
10 00
10 00
8 88
10 05Vi
10 66
10 So I 10 85
8 92 I 93
10 50
10 60
$ 86
1 ash quotations were aa follows:
F LOCK Easier; winter patents, $4,304?
4 80; winter straights. $4.uur.i4 .; spring
straights, ii wgi ; oaaers, j.
RYE No. 2. Hc.
BA RLE Y Feed or mixing. 66jj)75o; fair to
choree malting. K.-flwc
HEKDJi Flax. No. 1 southwestern, $2.63;
no 1 nnrtnw esiern, a -.00. iiinoiny,
Clover, $14 90.
PROV'lsloN8-Mess pork, per bbl., $20.00
h J9 ld. Lara, per iu ids., iui.uu. rhort ribs.
aides (loose). $10.1IS1J iaS2',i. Short clear
aides IboxeAl). 1U. mil 11.00.
Total clearances ot wheat and flour were
eijual to l,i2.0U0 bu. Primary receipts were
N2.i"J ou.. ooniparea wnn MCOUO hu. th
corresponding day a year ago. Estimated
lecelpta for Monday; Wheal, 14 cars; corn,
cars; oats. 137 cars: hogs. 35. 000 head.
Chicago Caah Prices Wheat: No. X red,
VflH9'o: No. 1 red. 97iU'.V: No. 2 hard.
k8Vcii$1.00t: No. 3 hard. 97cV$1.0l: No. 1
northern spring. 8I 0I09; No. 2 northern
spring. $l.wiuls: No. spring. $tmuiiT7.
Corn. No. 1 rash. 4iVtM7c; No. 8 cash Vt
4oijc; No. 2 white. 46W47c, No. 3 white
4fiJ46V4o; No. 2 jellow, 47a47lc; No. 3 vel
!. 46541'c Oats: No. 2 cash. 8?c
No. 4 white. 83'tf34e; No. 8 white. 33q3;H4e;
No. 4 while. $-W33-; atandard. 3:u4y33i,1c.
BL'TTF.R Lus ; creameries, HuAc; UaJ IMjI-c
ViiiOs Wesk: lecelpta. S 423 cases; at
mark, cases Included, 19V23Sc; firsts, 24c;
prune firsts, 2Jc,
POULTRY Easy; turkeys, live. 17c
dressed, 22c; chickens, live. 12'jc: dressed'
l.'c; springs, live, lie; dressed, 12c
CHEESE Strong; daisies. 14tii.".i,c;
twins. 164al6o, voung Americas, laloc'
long horns., 10lritk . '
i-OTAToKfr rileadN'; choice to fancy 48
y.'c. fair to good. 4u47o
VKAly Steadv; 60 to ot lbs , t'c; to ti
Ihs . 10tc; N li 110 lbs., ll'ac.
Receipts today Wheat, 16 cats;
474 cars; oats. 1 J6 cars.
Kaiiiuated Tomorrow Wheat, 14
corn. 3o6 cars; oats. U7 caia.
I.iarrpoel tarala Market.
LlVF.RPttOL. Jan. 31 WHEAT-8pot.
firm: No. 2 red western winier. 7s 4d. fu
tures, steady; March, 7 lSd; May, 7s l',d.
I'ORN-Bpot. uulet; American mixed new.
4s 4d; American mixed, old. 6a 2d; futures
iiuei. January, is d; February, is 3Sd
May. 4s id.
Peoria Market.
PEtjRIA. Jaa. 21. CORN-Lower; No. 3
white. 4sc; Nu. 4 while, 43,c; No. I yel
low. 44S4C: No. 3 yellow, 44V; No. 4 yel
low. '480; sample. 41c.
OATS Unchanged; No. $ white, 32c.
Philadelphia Pradace Market.
; extra western creamery, 2irc; extra
neaibv prims, fca.
EOiJS erne rent lower; Pennsylvania and
::;. : "?.:,':v,,,-: 'r;.,,.!
en-.-. 2. at m:i"k. wesiein fi'Me, iiee
', i.c 'it mark, iiirrent rerfii'ls.
ca'i''f a t ma : k
il KhSh I nrnrjtd
4) aofaf Ions
of Ihe Oar " Varlons
I ommoillllf
NEW Yi'ftK. .Ian. 21. - Kl.Ol' R-Diill ;
M'MnK patents. $5 jo.iO .70. winter strsighis.
4 1V4.:i; winter patents. $4 471 4 85; spring
cles'-s, 64 lii'n 4 4. winter extras No. 1. $14"
i winter extras.' No. :'. $.l.2'Si:i 40; Kan- i
sas straights. $4 I'-i 4 Tfi. Re flour, firm;
fHlr to gniMl. ! ifi4.3i; choice to fm .
4 Kf 4 . Hiit-kn hi-at flour. iilot. Ani"il-
i Ult.N .I K. I.-Steailv ; fine while ani vei- .
n, w , ai..irui.j( coarhe, at . iou i mhi .
I IK AT-Spot market eamv; No. 2 red,
wc. elevator, and "!"-,c. f. o. I afloat;
. i noiihoni luiiuth. II 22';. f.-o. b afloat.
rrs niurKei a Meaiiier phi i mi (
Ri'ir, till ueoiineil liniier llilllliian"" t..
on the wiakin'.j.x In the outside market,
cl. sum inn Landed In 'r m l lower. May.
l iw l.;-li,-.i closed at l.o4': Jul v.
1 1 r,, , lowed ai $1.03. Iteoilpl. ,)
mi : Hiiipments. :: h .. lm
l 'Oll.N Spot maiket easy; New No. 2.
i-i'i--. f o h afloat. I'utiiies market was
wHhout transactions, closing at e net de
cline. May closed at uM. Heceipts, 7d.;i7
hi;.; shipments, ".tin; hu.
OATS spot market iii. let ; standard w hite,
"''gc: No. 2. 3!c; No. 3 .".s'tc; No. 4. ::7'jC.
H'uiures market was without transaction,
closing unchanged : January closed at Wc.
Mm at 40',e and July at 0'4c. Receipts.
IW..I7."i hu.; shipments. '. 71 bu.
HA V l-'lrni: prime, SI .I-'1-; No. 1. $I.tkVf
l.i'i: No. 2. fee. No. soc.
HOPS Kirm 1!K. 17i&20c; Tacific coast.
1!U'I lK'rlJ2c: l!. IMIHc.
IHI i-:s Hull; t.Vntral America. 21Jc; Bo
gota. 22c.
I-HA'IHKH I'irm; hemlock firsts, 21'1J
25e. thirds. i:i'fi2nc; rejects. IKsi'Tc.
PROVISIONS Pork, barely steady; mess.
IJ-' .' .'.( 2J.oi; famllv. $23.&t4ii.00; short clears.
$20 K'ri 22 IK). Beef, steady: mess. 14.tsV,,
14 fill; family. $li.uKa I7.W: beef hams, $25.itf
- i.w. ut meats steady: pic'klea Denies
Ii to 14 lbs . $12 7.Vni:i.75: pickled hams.
tn..W). Lara, barely steady; middle west
mime, $10.24 1 11.30 : refined, ateauv; con
tinent, $i07(: South America. $U.(6; com
pound. $.v..MvaR 7."i
TA LLOW yulct ; prime city. hhds .
7 7-h.c; country. 7W7c.
POI LTHV-Allve. dull: western chickens.
IS'aia'ic; fowls. 15'vTiliic; turkeys. lSffllSc.
I'ressed Irregular; western chickens, 14
lli'-sc; fowls. 14'al7c; turkeys, lifi.
P.l'TTKrc Kasv; creanierv specials 27c;
ettras. li.i2e. held creamery third to spe
cial. IS'hJ.V; state dairy, common to fin
est, lSfr2Sc: process, second to special, lS'o1
21.'; imitation creanierv. first, IS'nlKu; fac-
I lory held, 17'4yiSc; factory, current make.
ir" i"c.
Kt.Otf-Weak : s ale, Pennsylvania and
"P?i V ',ennrrV' W-.!,i f".Cy' la,'Be' rfMc-
"athered w hite. .i:n 34c; hennery brown,
fancy. 2!c; gathered brown. 2(Vd28c; western
e.. nn e., ... w
gathered, white 3fyu33c; f
'xlra first. 2ut-fi2bc: firsts
1 res 11 gatiwrea
2ic: seconds.
.Hi 24c. fresh gathered dirties. No. 1. 20W
21c; No. 2. 17rol9c: refrigerator firsts, 19
20c; seconds, Hj''glSc.
Indications for I narltlrd Weather In
the West Sunday.
OMAHA. Jan. 21. 1911.
Conditions are decidedly unsettled this
morning in all portions of the country;
rains are tailing in tne lower lake region,
the Ohio valley and Oklahoma; It is snow
ing In the upper lake region, throughout
Nebraska and west over the middle Rocky
mountain slope, and scattered snows are
reported In the extreme northwest and on
the north Pacific slope. The wave of
warmer weather that prevailed over the
central valleya during the last few davs
has continued east and south, and tem
peratures have moderated greatly every
where east of the Mississippi river. A very
decided drop in temperature occurred last
ninht In the upper lake region, the upper
Mississippi and Missouri valleys and west
Into the mountains, and temperatures be
low siero are general throughout the upper
valleys snd northwest. Conditions are fa
vorable for continued unsettled weather In
this vicinity, with probably snow tonight
or Sunday and slightly colder tonight.
Temperature and precipitation aa com
pared with the last three years:
1911. 19)0. 1909. 190s.
Lowest last night 14 15 37 34
Precipitation T .00 .00 .00
Normal temperature for today, 20 degrees
Deficiency in precipitation aince March 1
1910. 14.99 inches.
Excess corresponding: nerlnd. 1910 s rt
Deficiency corresnondlnar nerlnd iw K 7
Inches. L. A. WELHl'l.
Local Forecaster.
St. I.onle General Market.
ST. LOUIS. Jan. 21. VVH EATPnt nr..
lower; May, $1.00; July, H4H- Cash, lower1
track. No. 2 red. $1.01HS1.03; No. 1 hard.
CORN Weak: Mav. 4S'4ff49r: .lul Hk.
Cash, steady; track, No. 2. 46c; No. i
white, 46;4c.
OATS Lower: Mav. 33Vc. Cash t-Hu.
track. No. 2. .Ik-; No. 2 white, 344j34Wc
R Y E Unchanged, at 84c.
FLOUR Dull: red winier ml.nt. uku
8.25; extra fancy and atralirhi 14 W i 7;.
hard winter clears. $3 6Oi4.0O.
1SEKI Tlmothv, $5.0049.50.
BRAN Strong: sacked, east track ti in
mi. 11.
HAY steady; timothy, $14(filO0; prai
rie. $11.(K(( 14.60. ' "
a.JfOV.lslVN.!Pork- ""changed; jobbing.
$2O00. Ird, lower; prime steam, $9.87Wif
9iV. Dry salt meats, lower; boxed extra
aborts. $10.87i; clear ribs. $10.87S; short
clears, $1100 Bacon, lower; boxed extra
shorts, $I2J2; clear ribs, $12.12; short
clears, $12.26.
POULTRY-Weak; chickens. 11c; spring
12c; turkeys, llic; ducks. 14c; geese, 60.
BUTTER Dull; creamery. 23y27c.
liUUS Steady, at 23Wo.
Receipts. Shlprr-nta.
7.600 u2.0"0
49.0U0 46.000
114.000 44 0U0
63.000 18,000
Flour, bbla...
Wheat, bu...
Corn, bu
Oats, bu
Kansas Clr Uralai and Provlsloaa.
6'(9iSo, sellers; July. Mc, sellers. Cash'
unchanged to 1c lower; No. 2 hard. 96cii
$1.03; No. 3, Mctm.Ol',,; M0, 1 red. $1.02iJ
1.03; No. 3. $1.0lql.01. "
CORN May, 4U'-,c. bid, July, 49,49Ho
sellers. Cash, unchanged to 4c lower' No
i mixed. 444i44'sc; No. 8. VuUic; So 2
white, fc'iiitec; No. 3, 46c.
OATSUnchanged to 4o lower; No. 2
white. 32i33lje; Ho. 1 mixed, 31I&32C.
IIYK-No. 2, 770.
HAY Unchanged; choice timothy. $14 00
14.60; choice prairie, $12.
BUTTER-Creamery, Wo; firsts, 23c; sec
onds. 21c; packing atock, 14c.
KUGS Extraa. 24c; firsts. 22c; seconds
Receipts. Shipments.
vvneai. du MO 000 36 000
Corn, bu 61 UoO 27 Ouo
Dais, bu 8.0W) 12.OUO
Minneapolis firala Market.
May. $1 04V cash No. 1 hard, $1 Of, V No
1 northern. $1 0;l,'(il.0f.i,; No. 2 northern!
$1 00V l.ltl: No. 3. 9.S',C(ill 02S-
SEED Klax, closed at $2.63.
CORN No. 3 yellow, 44c.
OATS No. 3 white. 31Va32c.
RYE No. 2. SoVuSlc.
BRAN In lOO-.b. sacks. $22 Oya22 50
FLOUR First patents. $4.&ig5.26; second
palenta, $4.7Vmi.l6; first clears, $:i.20i(3.6o
clears, $2.2.Vn2.Sj. '
Mlltsaakee Urals Market.
MILWAUKEE. Jan. 21 -FLOUR-Steady
WHEAT No. 1 northern. $1.0rt1.09; No. 2
norinern. a1.u0411.vB, aiay. Wsuyyc.
OATS 33 '.c.
BARLEY -Samples. 8691c.
Delath Grain Market.
DULUTH. Jan. 21 WHEAT Mav, $10',
July. $1.07'i; No. 1 northern. $10u7t; No. 2
iiorinern. a : a'la i-w ..
t'olloa Market.
NEW YORK. Jan. 21 COTTON-Spot.
closed quiet, middling uplands, 1490c; gulf)
15.15c; sales. 2!r bales.
1ST. LOUIS. Jan 21 COTTON-Un-changed.
middling, l.i'4c. Sales, none; re
ceipts. 2 324 bales; shipments, 3.172 bales;
slock. 23.163 bales.
New York cotton market, as furnished
by Logan at Bryan, ineiubera New York
Cotton exchange. 316 South Sixteenth street.
Month. I Open ! 11111. Low. Close. Yas y.
Jan. ...1 14 62 1 14 68 14 fil I 14 64 14 ta
March .( 14 7 14 M 14 78 14 63 It 7
Mav ..'14 99 115 04 14 99 115 03 14 99
Julv ... 15 02 16 OK 15 02 15 05 15 03
Aug. ... 14 69 14 76 14 70 14 74 14 70
Oct 13 36 ' 14 40 1 4 38 18 1$ 37
saaar Market.
NEW YORK. Ian 21 -SUGAR- Raw.
easv; muscovado. k9 test. 18c: centrifugal.
96 teat. 3 4v. molasses sugsr. 88 teal, 2 73c;
refined, quirt: crushed, 6 40c; granulated,
1 4 7oc; powdered. 4 oc.
Cattle Generally Steady to Stronger
for Week.
Rf I la of and l.nns " -
iBrM-r . u,.l Than i ear Aio,
' ", ek
with Prlrra
l ittle atrniiaer.
SOfTII OMAHA. .Ian 21, 1'M1
i Hr!pi w ore:
(Offiria' Mnmliv
4. r
4 4
1 177
2 1
e. tneen
3 4' 1!.41
(iffiolal TiifB
- v
7 rvn
1 -
Official Wednradav
t ifflrial Thursdav .
Offlrial Friday ....
KMImnte Saturday
Total thia w-eek
..To." 1 1
n, '7
4 ;.'.
'4 S '
" 7i!
4" W
fame ria s last week 22 47'i
Same ilioi 2 w eeks icil 1 '
Same days 3 weeks ago 110-'
Same davs last venr ...IS. 71s
4.', OS
Tha following table shows the receipts oi
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha tor
the ear to data .as compared with 'ast
year: jw 1S10. Inc. Uec.
'attle 4SI.O0 792
Hogs 112 011 127.141 1...1
Sheap S7.797 W.j62 1.-35
The following table showe the average
prices of hogs at South Omaha for the last
several days, with comparisons:
Dates. I 1911 U10.19u9. i W8.I1M7. 11306. 19-
Jan. 11. ,. 7 7.1' .1 $ 1! $ 74 1 4 IS $ 29 6 22 4 M
Jan. It .. 1 7,i $ tt 8 Mi ' 8 ! t.i 1
Jan XI I 7 72'i I II i HI 4 M " f 4 !
Jan.' 14. .! 7 6'., g M 8 $7- 4 l 6 2S I 4 9
15... I $ 42 6 R7 4 2Si ol "I ,,
16... I 7 WH1 16 :i 4 331 421 5 2ti 4 M
17...! 7 71',i t 47. i 4 21 6 421 & 241 4 57
1 I ; I lll tiK I 23! S hO! ft 2n 4 tiU
Jan. 7 83'4 8 3I 09' J 6 42 6 23 4 steady; native beef steers. $3.00fi7.2:; cows
Jan. 211. . . 1 7 ! 1! H 31 ' 8 03' 4 27 ! o 31 4 bi an,i heifers. $.1.7n1i.dO; stockers and feed
Jan. 21. ..1 7 7V 8 S2: 6 7: 4 22 681 ' I ffa, $.1 7;K5.iO; 'lxas and Indian steers,
!. l$47:yfT6.BO; cows and heifers. 83.0094.7S;
Sunday. calves In carload lots. $6.0ora.0O.
Receipts and disposition of live atocK at I IOG8 Receipts, 8.600 head; market
the Lnion stock yards. South Omaha, Ior,Ktnadv. pg9 an(( l(.ht9i j7.k,,(,iT90; pack-twenty-four
hours ending at S p. in.: lets. $7.W)i7.80; butchers and best heavy.
Cattle. Hogs
. M SI P
Missouri Pacific
I'nlon Pacific
Chicago N. W.. east...
Chicago & N. VV., west....
"'., St. P.. M. - O
C. B. &. Q., east
C., B. y , west
C. R. I. & p.. east
C, R. 1. P., west
Chicago O. W
Total receipts
Cattle. Hogs
Omaha Packing Co
Swift and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour & Company
Benton, Vansant A Lush,.
J. H. Bulla
Other buyers
Totals 54 6.431
CATTLE There were no fresh receipts
of cattle of any consequence this morn
ing. Receipts for the week, while showing
a slight falling off as compared wiih last
week, show a moderate gain over a year
ago. The arrivals have consisted largely
of warmed up and half fat cattle, the
proportion of trash on some days being
very large. On the other hand, there have
been a few good cattle arriving all the
Beef steers have been good sellera nil
week, the better grades showing a little
strength and being at the close of the
week quotable anywhere from strong to as
much as 10c higher han last week. On the
other hand, heaw and rough cattle, if any
thing, are a trifle easier than last week,
the demand for that kind being limited.
While no strictly choice cattle have been
received this week, there have been sev
eral bunches good enough to bring $6.35
The better grades of cows and heifers
have been strong sellers and they are In
some cases as much as 10c higher than
last week. On the other hand, the general
run of fair to medium butcher atock is
only about steady, still there has been a
good healthy tone to the trade throughout j
the week. One lot of heifers was received
good enough to bring 86.(6, which was the
top price for the week.
The demand for feeders has been very
active every day this week, with prices
slowly but surely working upward. The
demand has been such that everything of
fered has been snapped up In short order,
and at the close of the week prices are
safely Wit lie higher on the better grades.
On the other hand, the common to medium
kinds have remained only about steady.
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice
beef steers. $ii.lotm.i)o; fair to good beef
steers, $5.606.10; common to fair beef
steers, $4.80u5.40; good to choice cows and
heifers, $4.75'a6ft6; fair to good cows and
heifers, $4.0u 4.76; common to fair cows and
heifers. $3.25'5j4.00; good to choice stockers
and feeders. $a.2fifiR90; fair to good stockers
and feeders, $4.76fr6.2; common to fair
stockers and feeders, $4.00(4.75; stock heif
ers. $3.7E-S 4.60; veal calves, $4.00&8.60; bulls,
stags, etc., $3.76i5.00.
HOGS A moderate supply of hogs moved
on a market steady to a shade lower
than yesterday's average trade, packers
taking the big end of receipts. In other
words, this morning's trade averaged
lower than yesterday's opening and strong
with yesterday's close. Slack demand from
shippers resulted in a quiet tone to com
petition and rather slow movement. Clear
ance waa made before midday, however,
bulk of smooth butcher and bacon offer
ings selling more readily than the heavy
offerings of rough mixed.
Heavy loads were more freouent than
lately and brought $7.65 and less, aualltv
determining the price. Good light mlxod
sold around $7.70 and choice lights had to
move at $7.76. Closing trade on all weights
waa ami at ngures weak to a dime lower
than early.
No very great changes tn the scale of
prices were apparent during the week, most
01 tne Dusiness neing aone within 16c range.
Until yesterday, trade ruled slightly higher,
but any early improvement been loat and
preseent prices are little better than steady
wiin inose 01 a weea ago. supplies have
been moderate with average quality good.
No. A. sh. Tt. No. a. Sh. Pr.
47 Ill 40 T 48 84 228 40 T 70
. .1'2(
7 60
7 60
1 60
7 70
m. .,
(3. ..
0 .
61. . ,
II. ..
III. .
I . ..
to .
m .
i. .
M .
19 .
II. .
71 .
u .
II. .
.. 7 70
.. 7 70
.. 7 10
.. 7 70
.. 7 70
.. 7 70
.. 7 7
.. 7 70
10 tM
.. 7 70
.. 7 70
.. 7 70
40 7 70
0 7 70
40 7 70
,.. 7 70
40 7 60
til ISO 7 M
..10 1(0 7 60
..120 It 7 60
.295 ... 7 60
..M ... 7 60
. .106 40 7 (4
..?! ... 7 66
..1 MO 7 65
17. ...i.. .230
111 237
4.. ..
71 ...
74. ...
W ...
K ...
a. ...
40 ..
... U
1 60
, r.'4
... 7 40
0 7 n
... 7 W
... 7 0
0 7 (0
...221 ...
...H.i ...
....2"7 ...
...211 ...
....224 ...
. ... 224 ...
....277 ...
...211 ...
1IH ...
....1.16 ...
....'S ...
...2M 120
... !61 ...
...211 40
...2.1 ...
....JJ't ...
... ri . . .
.... 203 ...
221 ...
....190 ...
7 70
7 721,
7 72 1,
7 72t,
T 76
7 75
7 75
7 76
7 75
7 75
7 75
7 75
;n 120 7 15
.. 7 45
. . 7 46
:oo 7 15
40 1 46
. . 7 4.S
.. 7 45
, . . 7 5
. . 7 4
40 1 .
.. 1 15
... 7 6.S
. . 7 45
. .m
. .27
. .1-7
. .2. 5
.. 7 76
40 7 75
.. 7 76
.. 7 75
.. 7 75
.. 7 71
.. 7 75
... 1 75
40 7 75
.. 7 7
.. 7 75
.. 7 71
. .t'3 10 7
..9 ... 7 45
..29 tuO 7 65
..2.'0 ... 7 70
. .::'0 4) 7 70
(4 ,
13 J
.. 7 70
40 7 70
. . . . 2u9
.. 7 70
.. 1 70
I 41.
.111 ... 1 U Id ... T 16
SH EEP Nothing in tne way of si, ecu or
lambs arrived thia morning and the mar
ket remained unchanged in all of Its
Receipts during the week have been ud
aeasonably large, fully 4".ou0 head of ani
mals showing up since and including Mon
day. Bulk of offering consisted of fed
westerns of long finish, the proportion of
native stuff being too small to afford a
trade of quotable Importance. All classes
of stock were available on most days, but
wethers have been rather scarce aa a rule,
this phase of the trade is due to the popu
lar Intention of feeders to hold their old
sheep for shearing.
As viewed by daily sales, the trade has
been In very good shape from start to fin
ish. Handv weignt w enters sold up as
high as $4 36. yearlings topped at $.Vlu and
good ewes are closing around $s.90ji4oo.
These prices show small advances when
compared with thoae of last week's close.
Lambs hsve been moving readily at fig
ures that were strong early in the week
and shaded toward the close. Present val
ues are Just about steady with quotations
of a week ago. ihe few shipments of shorn
material moving at spreads of 76c and
II 00. Toppy fed western lambs, still in
the wool, are wanted around $.6.. 06 On.
while same quality, shorn, is quotable at
16 1Vu536. Plain and heavy glades of all
j kinda of slock have been avoided on most
dH. Ihi iii spite of tin" fail, i idrinii!
hae been pra rttn II v i nimilft
Wtota'tona oti iheep and fanihs. flood ti
choice lambs. 15 ,.Vo.t,i. iriii' to cooil lamb
$' tyia ::: handy weight calling- J4
.'If. heavy e.irltncs M 25M IS; good to
choice wether. M:'iji6. fair In good
wethers, $.; ac-u 3.9". Rood to hoh e ewes
I.: "-it ' K. fair to good ewes. $3 2.i'u3 60.
Representative sales:
t lilt MH1 l.lR I III k HtlIMM
lemaad for t nitre and lloa steady I
lirrn Weak. i
IIH'.MJd. .Ian. 21 OATTLK-Uecelpta. j
estimated at head; market steady;
beeves. $4 .'Kk 7.lil ; TfXRS steers. $4 '.inifi. ',
western ii i rs, I4 ."..f : stockers and feed
ers S.i.Vu , ..'ai; cows and heifers. $.' '' Hi -.';
VA l e. ",..-u!l
Ill H:-I!.., s.tln.nterl .1 lilUMI lieSil:
market slow and steady; lisht. IT T.VaSOO;
nilxed 17 T.ii ul- heuvv 17 TOfil S al : roilldl.
2-'' 'i$7.74nii ;.; ood to choice heavy. $7 '.t.
Pigs. $7.iV(iX HI: bulk of sales $"
SHl.-KP Vll 1 . A M IIS ttecrlllts. estl-
muted at 2 t N head; market weak; native.
ti.Htti J": w estern. 12 7,Wi 4.40: yearlings. $4 i
'ir.i 7u; native lambs, $4.&Utii.S0; western, $4.7e
rji o.a.'i.
Kansas lt l.lte lck Market.
ceipts, f"l head. Including 200 head of south
erns. Market steadv; native steers. l" .4i
6.7a: souihcrn steers $."i.iVfl 6. 10; southern
cows. $3. 2j'i4. 73: ' native cows and heifers.
$:i.27ffiti : stockers and feeders f 4.7."-1f.'i.9ll;
bulls. $4 .iVrf.VJR; calves. $4 7A(uS.iO; western 1
steers. $j.AStiU.25; western t ows. $3.2 'ao. 2o.
HOtlS Receipts. 4 0 head. Market
steady; bulk of sales. $7.Ojt7 W; heavy. $
6 7.K.1; packer and butchers. $7 SOSLSi;
lights. $7.7.117. so.
SHKKP AMI LAMBS-No receipts. Mr;
Kt steady; muttons, SI.'4il.N.; lamns, )...i
t" '5: ,rl wethers and veaillns. $1 Olj'j.'o;
ted western ewes. $4 UOv,4.6.V
. .oala Mir Sloek Market.
ST jX,UIa. jat, 21.-CATTLK-Recelpts.
nOO head tmlmllnv 10ft Teians: market
m o , 9i.
SHEEP AND T.AM Rft Rerelots. 2"0
head; market, steady; native muttons, $3.76
b4.76; lambs, $6.&la4.60.
t. Joseph Live Stock Market.
ceipts, 200 head; market steady: steers. $7.00
ltH.60; cons and heifers, $.1.3iiiB6.0O; calves,
$4 ooflS.51,.
Hons Receipts. 6.500 head: market
lower; top, $7. SO; bulk ot sales. $7.707. HO.
SHEEP AND LA MBS-Receipts, 600 head;
market steady; lambs, $6.76'u6.1a.
Slock In Slathl.
Receipts of live stock at the five prin
cipal western markets yesterday:
South Omaha
St. Joseph
Kansas City
St. Louis
...200 8.10
...200 6510 MM)
...500 4.000
...&11O 6.500 210
...200 14.000 2.000
. .1.410 36.W0 2.70J
Totals t.rmo
OMAHA UlK.KMiAt.l rnn E.
BUTTER Creamery, No. 1, delivered to
the retail trade In 1-lb. cartons, 27c; No. 2,
In 30-lb. tubs, 26c; No. 2, in 1-lb. cartons.
26c; packing stock, solid pack, luc; dairy,
in 60-lb. tubs, l&'alsc. Market changes
every Tuesday.
CHKESE Twins, 1616ic; young Ameri
cas. 17Vc; daisies, 17Vc; triplets. liVfcc; lim
burger, 18c; No. 1 brick. 17Vic; Imported
Swiss, 32o ; domestlo Swiss, 22c; block Swiss,
POULTRY Dressed broilers, under 8 lbs.,
$6 per dor.; hens, 14Vfcc; cocks. 11c; duoka,
18c; geese, 16c; turkeys, 26c; pigeons, per
doz., $120; homer squabs, per dos., $4;
fancy squabs, per dos., $3.60; No. L, per
doz., $3. Alive, broilers, 16c; smooth legs,
11c; hens, 10c; stags and old roosters,
8c; old ducks, full feathered. 12c; geese,
full feathered, lOVtc; turkeys, 13 18c; guinea
fowls, 26c each; pigeons, per dos.. 60c;
homers, per doz., $3; squabs. No. i. per
doz., $1.50; No. 2, per doz., 60c; capons, over
8 lbs.. 14c.
FISH tall frozen) Pickerel, "c; white,
11c; pike, 10c; trout, 13c; large crapples.
iOc; Spanisn maorierei, inc. eel, isc; na41
dock, 13c; flounders, 12c; green catfish. 80c;
roe shad, $1 each; shad roe, per pair, 660;
frog legs, ier doz.. 60c; aalmon, lie; bail
but, 10c; herring, 6c.
BEEF CUTS Kibe: No. 1, 16c; No. 8,
124c; No. 3, o. Loin: No. 1, 17c; No. 2.
13H; No. 8. lc Chuck: No. 1, 74c; No. t,
7Vc; No J, 7c. Round: No. 1, 8c; No. 8,
$Vc; No. 8 8Wc. Plate: No. 1. 6.o; No. 2.
IUc: No. 3. 6V:.
FRUITS. ETC. Apples, home-grown
enoklnar. ner bbl.. 84.0O; Missouri Jonathan.
per bbl.. $5 50; Missouri Ben Davis, per bbl.,
$4 50; Missouri Wlnesaps. per bbl.. $4.60;
Missouri Gano, per bbl., $4 75; otner varie
ties per bbl., $4.25; Colorado Jonathan,
per box. $2.50; Washington Wealthy and
Jeffrey, per boz. $1.60; California Belle
Power, per box, $1.65; Oregon and Wash
ington Grimes Golden And Jonathan, extra
fancy, 160 to 175 sizes, per box. $2 25.
Bananas, fancy select, per bunch, $2.36441
$60' Jumbo, per bunch, 82.7543.75. Cran
berries, per box, $360; Bell and Cherry
bland. 'per bbl.. $1000; WUcongin Bell and
Bugle brand, per bbl., $10..5. Dates, An
chor brand, new, thirty 1-lb. pkgs., m
boxes, per box. $2.00; bulk. In 70-lb. bo"
ner lb- Vie. Ib-". nfw California, twelve
U-o Vkgs.. 86c; thirty-six 12-oz. pkgs."
$2 40; fHy -0,'. pk-gB- 2 : Turkish
i crown, per ii -- "wu, yer 10., 14c:
4 "owS P lb.. 13c Grapes. Malaga.lo
V . . t7iririii sW-r4-M-hO-96 nl zhh nur .
"sia3.76 Lemons. Umonelra brand, extra
fancy; m
Kni 84 50; choice, 300 size, per box, $4 00
m size! Pr box 84.00 ; 240 size 6O0 per boti
f,"' tiringes. Carmellta Redlands navels.
ik-n sizes, per box. $2.50; 126 size, per box.
1976- 160 and smaller sizes, per box. $2.8osi
?6V choice navels. 80-96 sizes. $2.35; "iS
i.Ws -. . iA aa till IITIfl Ur ihtna CAMo
Florida, all ! Pfr1bo' i6- ears
r-.Hforrila Winter Nellls per box. $2.86
Vw York Kelfer. per bbl.. $3.76014.00. '
V EG KTABLES Beans, string and wax,
rJr mkt. bak.. $160. Beets, per bu., 75o
PabbTge new. per lb.. 1. Carrots'. p7r
k,, 75c. Celery, Michigan, per dozen
hunches. 85c; California Jumbo, per dosen
hunches. 0c. Cucumber, hot house, 1
a d 2 doz. in box, per do.., $2.28. Kg
Slant, fancy Florida per do.. $2.00. Gar
R extra fancy, white, per lb.. 15c; red.
ner lb.. lc- lettuce, extra fancy leaf, per
Sox 40c. Onion. Iowa, red and yellow,
"'lh 2Uc; Indiana, white, per lb., 8c;
Snan ah. Por crate, $160. Paraley, fancjr
nSme-grown. per do. binches. 40c. Pars
JJ per bu., 75o. Potatoe.. early Ohio.
F lacks. Pr DU- 90ci lowa n(1 w'scon
ln, ,i.o. stock. Per bu.. 7641116c.. Ruta-
i.ias per lb., l'-c 6weet potatoes, nn-
0am" . v 1 -J Tun ul rmm 'clir,n
ana Der uu.i w , .K.vll,la)
Jer 4-ba- ." 1'5- lurnlP.. P" bu..
M 1 8C ELLANEOU S Almi.nds, California
. .hell tr lb., lbc; In sack lots, lc less.
Hrazil nuts, per lb., 13c; In sack lot., lo
loss t:ocoanuis, per ssck. 85.60; per doa,
Loc ' Filberts, per lb., 14c; In sack loU, 10
less Hlckorytiuta, larg?, per lb., 6c; small,
oer'lb.. 6c. Peanuts, toasted, per lb., gc;
v ik Ait- Pecans, larife ne 10
raw. pc 1 " . . . . . . 1 r .
it-- in aack lols. 10 less, walnuts, black
uer lb.. 2c; California, per lb., 19c; in
sack lota, lo lesit
Evaporated Apples and Dried Fraila.
iPPi.KS unlet and steady; on the spot
fancy. UliU 13c; choice, H'(jU4c; prime, 10'
41 luHc
DRIED FRUITS Prunes. quiet, but
prices are firm on the small slocks. Quo
tations rang from 6it 1 lc for Californiaa
nn to S0-40S and lOfyUVac for Oregona from
6a to 3oa. Apricots, firm on the light sup
piles, but sell slowly; choice. 13c; extra
choice, 134'nl3c; fancy, 13V114e. Peaches
steady, with little pressure to sell; choice.
7yn74c: extra choice, sainie; fancy, aVc;
911-. Ralsina. quiet, but firm: loose mus
catels are quoted at 5c; choice to fancy
seeded, t!.oV; seedeless, 6'gic; Ixindon
layers. $L408l.45:
' Oil and Hosla.
Firm; 82ic to 82'c; sales. 401 bbls.;
lecelpta. 22ii bbla.; shipments. 6.166 bbls ;
slocks. 1X144 bbls.
ROSIN Firm; sales. 2 249 bbls ; receipts.
1.527 bbls; shipments. 1 ouO bbls; stocks,
62 P0 hhis. Quotations: B. $6 62'; D,
$6 52 Si: E. $6 55: F. $6 57V G. $6 6; II. $6 65;
I. $6.70. M. $7 50; N, $7.65, WG. $7 90; WW.
$8 00.
Drr Goods Market.
I NEW iiiiik, Jan. zi. I'm tiuons-
More buainess is being piavea on napped
cottons of various descriptions Amos
keag flannchties will be opened Monday
morning for the fall season. Wash fahr ca
and printed goods are In steady demand
Spot linens are lu demand f 1 0111 the retail
trade. Burlaps auld freely in the lighter
Iliaaka Hat- Market.
OMAHA. Jan. 21. HAY No. 1. $10no No
2 $v0; packing. $.. alfalfa. 112 on. Straw
Wheat, $5.50: r e. $6 50. oats I, ii.
Th. Key 10 the situation Be want Ada
Investment Market Show Very
Decided Improvement.
llntalile I Inanolrra 'Inklaat Intereat
(n Klotnllon of eenrltle of
(.olham npltal lteneral
lie ion nila,
NKW YHHK. .Ian 22-1 mprox ement in
the investment demand from capital went,
on, last week, though In more moderate
decree and afforded n basis for some
operation' In slocks. ihe tendency was
most strikingly reflected In the Inind de
partment of the stock evctianke Itsiif. the
volume of dealings swelling to a dally
n crace seldom eiiialled In the last e:ir.
Each dav brought lis announcement of a
sale of new bonds by participation in the
subscriptions heme a notable feature In
many Instances.
Advlcf s from abroad showed an active In
terest In foreign banking circles in the
forthcoming New York City bond issue.
Quotations for the new bonds "when Is
sued " at th" stock exchange, at a pre
mium foreshadowed the success of the
Investment demand was fostered by the
relaxing money market, which was In
fluenced 1y the heavy reflux of funds to
New York from Interior points. The mer
cantile VPer market benefited from the
increasing plenty or money supplies, thus
correcting one of the discrepancies In the
money market which had been a drag on
commerce through a period of apparent
ease. The December foreign trade state
ment showed another discrepancy In course
of correction. In the Piling up or a credit
balance of $'ai.000.0ii0 available for our money
market to draw on. That this was not
availed of was explained by the stlffer
money market in London, where the last
year was In contrast to New York, with
an active speculation, an unprecedented
volume of new capital Issues and expand
ing trade.
More t'hrerfnl Sentiment.
The course of the Investment market haa
brought courage to needy seekers for new
capital and haa disseminated more cheer
ful sentiment in various directions. Further
hearings before the Interstate Commerce
commission on the question of rata in
creases received less attention and the re
hearing of the anti-trust cases before the
supreme court was followed with compara
tively languid Interest.
The fact that current bond sales show a
rale of Investment return which remains
high compared with other periods. Initiating
a revival has not Impaired the feeling of
confidence begotten by renewed demand.
Recognition by borrowers of the necessity
of a higher price for capital had come to
be regarded as a necessary preliminary to
loosening the deadlock in investment mar
kets. Signs that the question of price,
rather than lack of supply, was at Issue In
enlisting capital come as a relief to appre
hension. The tentative measure of monetary re
form issued by the head of the monetary
commission has received abundant atten
tion In the financial community, with hopes
of beneficial results. The complexity of the
problem and the many contingencies still
tn meet before final success deprived the
matter of any very active influence in the
direct movement of .values. The break In
prices In butter and eggs was accepted as
favorable for the vexed problem of high
cost of living.
Kill X DRY
This Branch of Trade Keeps I p at
Kxpense of Others.
NEW YORK. Jan. 22. Activity continued
In foundry Iron at the expense of prices
In the east and south last week, but four
sales of stub-making Iron were affected.
Contracts for about 75.000 tons were placed
In all sections, of which 35.000 tons were
placed in the eastern district.
The largest tonnages went to manufac
turers of machine tools at Easton, Pa.,
makers of Ararlcal equipment in New Eng
land and to pipe works in the east, south
and in the Interior. New Inquiries came
out for about 35,000 tons, the largest in
cluding manufacturers of heating appara
tus and of blowers In Massachusetts. In
all about 76.000 tons are still under negoti
ation, including about 15,000 tons of basic
In the central west.
One feature was the freer offering of
furnace accumulations of all sort, and
kinds of metal and the taking up of about
30.000 tons by pipe works, mainly In the
south. The only feature of encouragement
for the steel mills was the release of many
small orders for plain structural material
accompanied by specification, and for qui ok
Some larger export orders were secured.
Beyond this the situation was unchanged
and It is notable that round tonnage. In
volving long deliveries are withheld and
there is reason to expect that they will
continue to be until some of the conces
sions which consumer, demand are made.
Dullness was especially notable In fabri
cated steel, contract, actually placed ag
gregated 14,000 tons and new tender, were
relatively small.
Railroads placed orders for 3.700 cars.
eighty-two locomotives and 45.000 tons of
rails, the latter Including 25.000 ton. for
export. Wire products were advanced on
Saturday $1 a ton by the American Steel
Wire company. Wire has been relatively
lower than steel bar. and now is read
Present Prices So Low that These
Tactics Are Pnrsaed.
NEW YORK. Jan. 22. A larger volume
of business has been placed in cotton arooda
01 various sons auring the week, but
prices are so unremuneratl ve that mill,
are furthering plans for a general curtail
ment to continue during the life of the
current cotton crop. The business that Is
now being booked is principally upon
napped cottons, printed goods, wash
fabric, and merchandise that will have
to be ordered by merchant. If It I. to be
had in the quantities required.
Prices named on cotton blanket, show
increases of from IVc to 60 ner nair in
advance of last year while cotton Is higher
man me average cost 01 cotton was to the
mill, a year ago. Flannellette. have been
priced sfor the new fall season on a basis
of only Vc a yard advance on the fancy
line, and on the same price level a. last
year on plain ana staple colored lines.
v nuiuu iiminei huow advances of Vc a
yard on a few of the choicest market, but
ou auvaiico over iaai year on many others.
Business on staple prints. Dercales and
subeount prints continues to accumulate
sieaauy. r an mver aold 160.0W pieces of
print cloth, last week of which 46.000 were
spots, the balance futures.
Jobbers are doing a better business on
wash fabrics of all kinds. The demand
for drills, sheetings and other heavy
cottons, ha. not broadened much. From
day to day trading in some aneclnl ,..,,,.
Is reported, but the call for the 1
llnea doe. not materialize. The difficulty
nit iiiauimy ui inius to meet in a
profitable way the price suggested by
buyers. Cotton yarns are In fair reotiest
but prices are very unsatisfactory to
vjiiiiici n.
London llacU Market.
LONDON, Jan. 21. American securities
opened around parity on the stock exchange
" " 1 " j cict.iaiiuiii 01 a good New
York statement. but copper realising
caused recessions and the market closed
UN) .
Omaola, moner.. 71 114IulaTlle A N 1st
uu .uwuiii v. a T
Amal. Cupper 14 S N. Y. Central...!
Anaconda 1 Norfolk A W
Atchiaon K'T4 do pfd
do pfd Ii Ontario A W
Baltimore A OI1I0. .. 11014 PennaylTanla .
Canadian Pacific IHRand Mlnea
Cltreapeake A O ti'a keadlng .
Chicago 0. W Southern Hr
Chi , Mil. A St. P. .132 do pfd
Ii Beers US Southern Paclfla.
St '4
. 9.1
. 4.114
. 11
. 47
. 94
. 17
. M
UenTer a mo u aisjinion Pacific
do pld.
1 do pfd
tr-if. S. tiieel
4i do pfd
17 Wabaah
24Vj do pfd
IM'a Epanlah 4a
do lal pfd..
do Id pfd...
Oralid Trunk.
Illinois 1 antral..
1LVER Bar. quiet at 24Vid per ounce
MONEY 3 uli'a per cent.
The rate of discount in the open market
for short bills Is Vtfi per cent, for three
months' bills, 3 lS-lwud7. per cent.
Local leearltlra.
Quotations furnished by Burns. Brlnksr
ac Co.. 449 New Omaha National bank
Rid- Aeeed
90 -
a"'4 H
90 l
AmerUan T
A T 4a. Col Tr..
'(Vtlorado Tel 1.0 T per dent
cent . .
6a. 11:4
Coluinbua. Neb , E. L.
Chiiago KamlaiT 4a
94 '4
Iieirolt .a. 133 r,
Fairmont reamerr la g 4 pr cent 94,
loaa Porllaad euiajnt lal 4a 97
l4liae I'll It. A L. 6a. 1911. i
Kanaaa City 4a I M'i I achool a.,
Kennedy building Co. aa Pal
Mi'ulaan Stale Tel. pfd 1 per cut... 97
jNeriraaaa Tel. Co. alo. k
Omaha Audliorlutn
oi wV 'ia'lL:;;;:::::.::::::::: io.1
Omhi Witr i... 94
nmtM !' Kv im 1914 1 '"'
ttmitha A r. n sr i;, r.e : 9'
I' ii i H si R, rM. h r. c. ' "'
Omaha i- a pi !;. elm ' ''
Omaha H HAH v !.' 91 !
It... a feci r a.-. i ;.. IJS X
Southern H'l T. T pr. nil ' I
Pla e of Mum 19'1 '
nation. N . Watai ca ' '' J 0mh- 7 prr cent p'd '
rvr orl Money tlar'.fl.
NKW VOUK. .Ian :i -MONKY-On call,
nominal. Tinie loans, easy, with nun e of
ferings; sixty days, rwi;:1, per cent; ninety
days. 3V(jo' per cent, six months, per
I'KIMK MK1U-ANT11.K 1' APKK-4'n4i
per cent.
STKIU.IVU KC11AN('.i:-Steady. with
actual business In bankers' bills at 14 S24(,r
for alxty-dav hills and at 14 v.;T. for
demand Conimeiicsl bills. llM'n 4 S21?
SILVER Bar. .".V; Mexican dollars. 4.'.c.
BOVDS Government, steady; railroad.
Closing quotations on bonns today were
ss follows:
V. raf n. rat .
lo roupou
V. 9. s. rag..
do coupon
I'. . 4.
do coupon
Allti-Chal. 1at 5a.
int. Ma' 4'a ....
. tool, n, M v 4v,, ...
. . Ki, a.lspan a
...M2 Mo 4',a
,. llul K. So 1"!
..llo I. S rtb 4a Id.: I
...77 l a N unl 4.
...1011 M . K A T lat 4i
Am. As 5a .
A T. T. c. 4a 107 do n. 4',
Am. Tobacco 4a 9.iS Mo. Pacific 4
so la l..i N. ft. R of M . 4Sa "4
Armour a Co. 4't.. 4"' K. V. ' S 3,a-.
Atchlaon gan. 4a ? do dab 4a
lo CT. 4 I"7W N. V . N. H. . II
do ct. .'.a lot c.
A. C 1. lat 4a 14 S. W. lt c. J
Pal. A Ohio 4a.
. s no cr. .
. 92H No. raclflr 4. . .
. aot, do 3s
. II O. . L. rfd 4s
4o Via
do S. W. l',a
. I'"'.
. 70.,
! ' l,
. ' I.S
Froon. Tr. ct.
an of (la 6a 1"7 s Penn. . 3'ts I '15
1 an. leather 6a 9S do con 4a
of N. J. m. 5a...
Hoi ilaadlng sen
101 it s. l a r. r 4
9S do Jan. 6a
II', 9t. U S. W. e. 4a .
l.'.'a do la fold 4a
91". fl A t 4a
Chaa tt Ohio 4'4a..
do ref 5a
rhlcato A.
C. B Q j. 41 ...
91 ',
do gen. 4a
r. M A S. P. lL,a 92', So Pa, , rol. 4a
C R. 1 F. e. 4a. 74, v do r. 4
do rfl 4 Sf"i do lat ref. I
Colo. Ind la 7' So naltsay 6a 1";
Colo Mid. aa 7V do sen. 4 77
f S r. aV 4Hi 9m t'nlon Pacific 4a ioo
P. A It.
f,lt OO CT. I'"
93', do lat rf 4a... 97i
a2 t'. S. Ruhber f, loo,
77141'. " 6a ...1041,
ss A'a.-car. Cbrm. tn..t''l
75 Wabah lat 6a . ...1'"
do lat A . Ja. .. 4S
V. A R O. 4a
do ref. 5a
Platlllors' 5a
Erie p. 1. 4a
do ton. 4a
do ct. 4a. aar. A.
do sarlea SJ
',0u Wealern Mil. 4a
flan. Rlec. ct. 5a.
H7' W"et Fla.
6a. 92
... 9J'i
... ;.
111. Oen. lat raf. 4t. 174, i- omrsl 4 .
aao. rac. cv. oa-
( learlnar Hour Rank Statement.
NEW YORK. Jan. 21 The statement of
clearing house banks for the week shows
that the banks hold $..09S.673 more than
the requirements of the 25 per cent reserve
rule. This Is an Increase of $8,700,425 In
the proportionate cash reserve as compared
with last week
The statement follows:
1. US. WW
$1,245 S1 1,000
, 276.656.400
47. 419. 900
Legal tender.
Reserve required....
851. 107.700
1 699.200
U. S. deposits....
75.296.700 400
. 857.820.906
, 3lK,u:!'.4:iO
12.918. 100
8. 234. 976
Legal tenders
Reserve required....
U. S. deposit. In
Summary of state hanks and trust com
panles In Greater New York n U reporting
to the New York clearing house
Loans $1,068,410,700 $ 1.261.300
Specie 111.394.000 612,200
Legal tender. i,rej.m u.iw
Total deposits 1,137, 270, IsW 15, 324, boo
Boston i'loalna" Stocks.
BOSTON. Jan. 21. Closing quotation, on
atock. were as follows:
Allouaa Mohawk
A 111a I. Copper 4a NeTada Con h
A. Z. U A 15 Nlplaalnf Mines .... l'.
Arizona Com 1414 North Butte Z
Atlantic 4 North Lake .v
B A C. C. A 8. M. II old nonunion 4ov,
Butt Coalition .... 114a Oaoeola 110
l al. A Arlaona...... 471 parrott i. C 114
Cat. A Hecla 611 Qnlnor 70
Cantannlal 11 Shannon 11
Copper Rang C. C 47H Superior 17'i
Eaat Butts C. M.... 12 Superior A B. M.... 4't
Franklin 714 guparlor A P. C 14'i
Otroux Con 4 M4 Tamarack 45
(Iranbr Con 17 V. S. S. R. A M... S.'.'i
Greene Cananaa .... 444 do prd 4i'.',
lale Rnrala Coppar.. 14 Utah Onn II 4
Kerr LaUo :... 7 11-14 t'tah Copper Co 46S
Lake Coppar 14 Winona fc'4
La Rail Ooppar 4 H WolTarin HI
Miami Copper 14
Aakjed. Bid.
Rank C'learlnaia.
OMAHA. Jan. 21. Bank clearings for the
week ending today were $14.8&6,0ti9.78, and
for the corresponding week last year, $17,-
74,969.34. Dally clearings:
1910. 1911.
Monday ..
.$ 8.137.670.19 $ 2.544.64. 22
. 2.751.070.17 2.176.700.05
. 8.076.903.30 2.061. 53a. 40
. 2.784,807.02 2.660,944.40
. 8.066.773.69 2.361. 836. 63
. 2,619,746.07 2.430.390.99
Tuesday ..
Thuraday .
Friday ....
Saturday .
....$17,274,969.34 $14,866,069.78
Coffee Market.
NEW YORK, Jan. 21 COP'FBE Maiket
for future, opened weak at a decline of
lVri34 point, under a renewal of general
liquidation. There waa nothing in the Bra
zilian news, apparently, to encourage the
selling movement, but the European mar
kets were both weak and, while there was
a rally of from 1020 points here during
the middle of the morning on realizing by
recent seller, and some support from trade
interests, the market weakened again In
the later trading, with September contracts
selling at 10.60c, or 110 points below the re
cent high record. The close wa. called
steady, but last prices showed a net loss
of from 20641 points. Sales were reported
of 84.000 bags. January, 10.91c; February.
10.91c; March, April and May, 10.98c; June,
10.92c; July, 10.89c; August. 10.77c; Septem
ber, 10.68c; October, 1068c; November.
10.50c; December, 10.43c. Havre was 8ifilf
lower. Hamburg waa lffipfg lower. The
Rio market waa unquoted, owing to the
holiday yesterday. Santos, unchanged;
4s. 71500; 7s. 79UOO0. Receipts at the two
Brazilian ports were 12.000 bags, against
11,000 bags laat year. Jundiahy receipts,
$.900 bags, against 9,200 baga lust year. New
York warehouse deliveries yesterday were
19,597 baga. against 4.198 bags laat year.
Spot coffee, nominal; Rio No. 7, 13A,c;
Eantoa No. 4, 13c; mild coffee, nominal;
Cordova, 1344il644C.
Wool Market.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 21.-WOOL Unchanged ;
territory and western mediums, 214j'2'ic; fine
mediums, 174,19c; fine, 12413c.
Socialists Cause a
Fright in Berlin
Call for Fifty-Two Mai$ Meetings
Brings Fear of Disturbances
To Discuss Franchises.
BERLIN, Jan. M. (Special Cable
gram.) A revival of 8unday demonstra
tions by socialists is threatened and tiie
authorities are watching the situation
with some concern. leaders of the So
cialist party have Issued a proclamation
calling fifty-two mass meetings for to
morrow to discuss the question of fran
chise reform. The attendance Is sure
to be heavy and altogether the number of
men and women at the various meeting
places Is likely to aggregate 1,600,000. Al
though no collisions are expected, the
police are making the usual preparations.
The probability that there will be a re
newal of the demonstrations on succes
sive Sunday, opens a disquieting pros
pect. As the result of recent disturbances
in North Berlin, the authorities have I ice and while painting the third story
plainly indicated their purpose to adopt 1 windows It slipped and he fell to the es
soins more stringent measures, while the! men t driewav below. Had It not been
fact that the government haa decided! that he struck a cornice In hi fall he
for the present to ignore the franchise I would have struck on his head. However,
question has still further antagonized pop- he flighted on bis feel. H was using red
ular feeling.. paint and when he got up could scarcely
Another series of Sunday agitations,
therefore, will expose the discipline of th.
socialist, to a sever, test in spite of pre
cautions the leaders hav. taken to pre-
A Guarantee of Business prosperity
' I The Persistent ana vt ise patronage of
I Th. Be. Advertising Column
Savi that Ocev Sneadi Death 'fai
Prosecutor Hears 4.11 Ihe Kurta
Plra for Mrrrt and Annonncea
lie llrlletra 1 hem. riTr
Inn Unmaa.
NKW YORK. .Ion 22-iSperlal Tela-gram.l-The
stoi of the death of Mrs. Ocejr
Wardlow Maiiln Snesd. the young womsn
whose body was found In a bare E''
Orange rottaue. more than a year ago. Io
ta bath tub pnrtlv filled with water, was
, a j partly revealed yesterday In court of 0 er
'jq,:snl Trniilnu in N'r.ui, before Judge Ten
', I E rk during the argument of counsel a
7'!: ' to the srnteiice to be Imposed on Caroline
B. Martin, the girl's mother.
Mrs. Martin pleaded "non-vult" to man
slaughter about a week ago. ptotetln
that while she had plead guilty she had
I ..... ... AS.. . ...
Miimiri rvanscli. counsel ror Mrs. ,-uariin.
addressed the court today with a plea for
"Mrs. Martin." he said, "has never mada
an admission of knowing that her .ct
might lead to her daughter's death. en
In the statement which she made to the
prosecutor of the picas, and which led
him to accept her plea of manslaughter.
tells Storr of Death.
' The fads are these: On the day be
fore her death., November I!W. Ocey
Snead was very 111. She had refused food
She could not sleep, she sat much of the
day with her head bowed In her lap, ap
parently only half conscious
"Mrs. Martin administered morphine l
induce sleep. In Ihe woman's weakened
condition her heart action was unduly af
fected. To produce a shock which would
rouse her and overcome the Influence of
the drug she filled Ihe bath tub partly
full of cold water and laid the girl in it.
The remedy was not efficacious. The girl
"Half erar-ed with horror and grief. Mis
Martin fled from the house and hid herself
In New York. It was not an unnatursf
action In a woman of her highly emotional,
Prosecutor A. Mott made a long address
In explanation of his willingness to accept
the plea of manslaughter. At first, he
said, "under the weird circumstances sur
rounding the case. I could not bellee
otherwise than a deliberate conspiracy to
bring about the poor girl's death for the
sake of the insurance on her life. The
three seemed to me like three buzzards
hanging over a dying dog, waiting for It
to die."
Relieved Woman's Story.
But In view of his frequent conversations
with the prisoner and her sisters his
irsajils J
It Aa a. 9
study of their unhappy family life
years, their morbid fear of a scand
which would affect the family's hlghi
standing In their southern home, and Mrs.
Martin's apparently frank relation to him
of the circumstances of the girl's death,
he said hla view of the crime had been
changed. He could understand the desire
to hide Ocey Snead s infirmity from public
view. He could understand her desire to
hide after her daughter's death, lie be
lieved her story. Sentence will be Imposed
on Monday.
Miss Wardlow, indicted at the same tims
as Mrs. Martin, starved herself to death
In the prison hospital last summer. The
third sister, Mrs, Mary Snead, I. also under
Indictment, but it is believed the case will
be dropped.
Commander Davis
Seizes the Hornet and
Orders it from Port
Captain of United States Cruiser
Regards Movements of Boat as j
Hostile to Honduras.
NEW TORK. Jan. 22 -A special fr;f I
Truxlllo. Honduras, via wireless to Jfey
West, say. that after two hour, of defiance
from General Manuel Bonllla, Commander
Archibald II. Davis of the United States
cruiser Tacoma Friday afternoon seized
the armed vessel Hornet, General Bonllla'.
chief asset, cast of the rebel crew ashore,
manned it with American gunner, and
engineer, and ordered It out of the Inner!
harbor, I
The Hornet', recent movement, up and
down the coast were taken In the light of
threatened hostilities against Honduras by
Commander Davis.
The Herald's dispatch say. that th. Ta
coma steamed Into port early in the after
noon after a hasty run to Ceiba to see
that no distrubances had broken out there. .
Commander Davis Immediately sent an of- 1
ficer bearing a message to General Bon
llla and declaring his intention of taking;
charge of the vessel In accordance with In
struction, from the Washington govern
ment to prevent bombardment of Ilondu-
run nnrla where nrnmrtv wa.a Ita
General Bonllla curtly Informed Com
mander Davis' emissary that the Hornet
waa his property, that he had purchased
the craft fur war purposes and Intended
using It.
Upon receiving this message Commander
Davis sent an ultimatum that he allowed
but two hours for the rebel leader to re
consider. On the expiration of this time.
General Bonllla had made no effort t.
....... I . . n.1,1. 1 1 a A m a . n n nfflrar'a eim
mand. His only words were:
"it's up to you."
Commander Davis then passed close
to the Hornet, guns trained on tne nine
ship. The Hornet's couimander and Gen
eral Bonllla offered no resistance to a
boarding party, according to the despatch.
Ita crew was lent ashore In .mall boat..
t alhoaa Farmer' laalltate.
LAKE CITY. Ia.. Jan. 22. (Special. )-Ths
Calhoun County Farmera' Institute closed
a successful session Thursday. Every
speaker advertised on the program ap
peared, save one, and his place was ac
ceptably filled by Mr. Rutledge of Dee
Moinrs. The following are the newly
elected officers for the coming year: Presi
dent. T. W. McCrary; vice president. J.
B. Sianfleld; secretary, Henry I'srsonsj
treasurer, Roy Miller; directors. L. B.
Harding. F. E. Hamilton. W. A. Cook.
G. A. Ridge, K. A. Gould. K. E. Dallen
bach. Painter Fall Two .lories.
SHENANDOAH, la., Jan. C-f8peclal )
J. 11. Lewis, a tramp painter, had a nar
row escape from death while working on
the building of the Shenandoah Milling
company. His ladder was resting on some
; tell w hether it was blood or paint that
was smeared over him from head lo frK
Take Foley . Honey end Tar. It give,
quick relief and pl. th. cold frosa your
system. It contain, no oplatsa, saf
gad aura. 8?ld by ill druggist.