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Down to Brass Tacks
in Deciding a Case
to rap any Announces More tart on
Two of Its Lines.
yrr ' ir t to the lianacont Park
llicTw. and Onr-Hnll-Mla-ete
service Marias; tka
Bank Hoar.
i enly-riv nsw cars will go Into service
on (he Hanscom park car lines of the
lit railway company February L A
tew of the old cats will be taken off these
linna and put on the South Omaha lines.
1 h time caro tor the park lines being
reared to o Into effect on the first of
next month calls for elght-inlnute service
on both the east and west Hanscum park
lines. This means four-minute service
until the Junction on i'ark and Pacific
meets Is reached. l'urln the crowded
carl morning hours and In the early even
ing rush the service will be much faster
than the aho, hdi Is the ordinary
service schedule. In the early morning
and from about S.J0 to C 30 p. m. service
ill be two and one-half minutes until the
Junction and five-minute service will be
itiManen si ins enas.
His Skates and Goes
Back to His School
Industrial Corporations Declaring
Some Substantial Dividends.
Great liuprnvrnmeat.
"The new schedule will be a great Im
provement upon the old. but It does not
mean a seat for every passenger during
the rush hours. This Is a practical Im
possibility In any city at such time of day."
said K. A. Leuss'er. "I was In Minneapolis
during two days of holiday week and 1 ob
rerved carefully conditions upon the Inter
city line between Ht. Taul and Minneapo
lis. This Is held by many to be the best
street ear system In the world, and yet at
the rush hours morning and evening I
found as many etandlng up as must stand
here at the same time."
The new Hanscom park care have been
here for considerable time, but the com
pany could not put them out because the
heaters were delayed in arrival. These
heaters were contracted for In May of 1910
end delivery was promised In August. A
few arrived In September and the whole
number has Just now come In.
Stock a older' Meetings Teesdar.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Omaha c Council Bluffs 8treet Kail
way company will be held Tuesday. Offt
cers will report to the shareholders, who
will then elect directors for 1911. The newly
elected directorate In turn elects officer.
A little later the hoard of directors holds
Its most ' Important meeting of the year,
New departures. If any. are then deter;
mined and the year" business made up so
far as It; can be done In advance.
No new officers or directors are likely
Dr, William Castle
. Animal Burbank
Experiments in Breeding Animals
Brings Some Unusual Results
to Expert
BOSTON. Jan. . Experiment In the
breeding of animals similar to those car
ried on by Luther Burkank with plant
life, are announced by Dr. William Erne
Castle, a scientist at Harrard university,
Tr. Castle has been able to breed race
of runlea. trigs with four toe on the hind
feet, where usually there are only three
to Invent a new color for a gum pig.
the rlnMMNi" wtitefc wa -not known to
naturalist tin hi were bred; a silver
a-ulnea pig that also 1 new to science.
and two kinds of rats that are far enough
apart la color to be called varieties, al
thoueti they were reared from the aame
Dr Castle naa tost set forth the reoTrtt
of hi wofk In lecture In advance of
their presentation through sctenUtla Jour
American Women
Partial to Silk
Importations fn Tear Just Closed Ex
ceed Any Earlier Tear, Eeaobing'
Huge Figure.
WABHTrTCITON, Jan. Milady of the
T nlted States seems to evtoco a particular
desire for stlk. and from figure cited by
the Bureau of Statistic of the Department
or Commerce and Labor her wardrobe
evidently well stocked.
The Importation of silk tn 119 ezoeed
those of , any earlier year, amounting In
round figures, according to the report, to
36 000,000 pounds, valued at 179,000,000. From
this, the report says, the mill of the
I'nited States will turn out more than S150,
wtt.OOO worth of finished products.
After Reading Ten Typewritten Pages
Justice Leeder Adopts Logic
of His Own.
Just Ire of the pee and former fireman
Edward I-eeder frowned a Judicial frown
lie adjusted his Judicial spectacles and
looked thouctitful or a one who would be
thought to look thoughtfuv
"Considering this case by and large."
said the court, a week ago. "and viewing
It hither and yon as It were and taking
Into connection the law of contracts. I
am ready to decide It. But considerable
buf forsooth, I would like to show you
gentlemen what sort of opinion this here
learned court can hand down If he has
good water pressure on and the steam en
gine Is well stoked, and tne fire 'ain't
gained too much headway. The learned
court will hand down his decision a week
hence If that is agreeable to all the par
lies concerned.
"It will suit us," cried the defendants.
"Vs. too." said Charles Foster, attorney
for the plaintiff.
The suit In question was the action of a
painter against F. W. Bacon, and a con-
ractor's bonding company. To epltomlxe
the case:
The painter worked on Mr. Bacon's new
home for the contractor who threw up the
Job and left town when the Job was two-
thirds through. The painter sued Mr.
Bacon and the bonding company.
Justice Leeder Monday handed down his
decision In the week of preparation he
had pursued the law of contracts te. Its
lair. lie had chased Bishop on Contracts
nd doubled back on Blackstone. He had
taken little filer In Justinian and was up
on the Code Romanus; he bad even tackled
the proceedings of the Saxon Wltanage
mot and thus run down the common law
clear to the boys who made 11.
Then he hired a stenographer, and for
on whole day he dictated, read, destroyed
and redlctated. When done, the decision
covered ten type-written pages. It re
ferred to "contracta ex dellcta" and "con
tract oralea." It referred to Justinian enJ
the Wltanageraot. The Code Napoleaon
was mentioned and numerous decisions of
other courts were quoted. It wss consld
erable decision.
But finally Mr. Leeder discarded his
polite erudition and got down to cases
the boy In the old fire engine house would
ly. He concluded about thus:
"Wherefore the learned court la of the
opinion that the painter plaintiff, or plain
tiff painter, as you prefer, worked hard
and needs the money. The defendant are
rich and owe the money to somebody.
Wherefore the learned oourt finds for the
plaintiff and judgment I entered In the
sum of SITS and cost. Q. E. D. and Ipse
Loral Itanka Corporations Meet
Taeaday to Report to Stockhold
ers noil to Declare Divi
dends of Profits.
Itohfcery Probably Motive Bat Inns
See red Was Not Over Tea
Civil Service Men
Choose Delegates to
Washington Session
Omaha Branch of Association In
strocts for Formal Protest Against
Annuity Bill.
Omaha bran oh of the United State Civil
Service Retirement association at a meet
ing held yesterday afternoon elected del
gates to attend the national convention
and make protest In Washington before
con gross against the passage of the Glllett
bill. George Kleffner, a postal employe
at Station B, and T. J. MoGrath. chief
clerk of the quartermaster's department,
wer ' chosen, to represent the Omaha
The meeting, held In Bar! gin's hall, was
attended by M0 civil service employes of
Omaha and vldnlty. The membership of
the Branch here Includes Omaha, South
Omaha, Council Bluffs, Fort Omaha and
Fort Crook.
The association stsnda opposed to the
Glllett bill and In favor of the Goulden
bill. whTcT proposes a 76 per cent retire
ment pay.
T'ROVTPEWE. R. 1. Jan. t. Indications
that Mis. Mlnka Fine, whose mutilated
lmlv was found . In her little store laat
niKlit. was tortured before her death de
veloped at the autopsy today. It was first
thought the woman was killed by a blow
w licit crushed her skull and broke her
neck, but a closer examination showed
that she was stabbed and hacked appar
ently with' some four-pronged Instrument
like a fork.
The stab wounds near the heart. It was
ie'ldod. were the real cause of death.
The xlctlm'e clothing was tore to shreds
b the murderer In his search for the
money she was supposed to carry.
One of the woman's sons told the police
tonight that while his mother was expect
lug a payment of II 01 insurance on the
ilfe of her husband, sha had not received
it. and he doubted If the robber found
more than 1 10 on her person.
Tom Dare Escapes
from Deadwood Jail
With Aid of Confederates, Man Who
Tried to Hold Up Bank, Secures
DEADWOOD. 8. D.. Jan. S.-Wlth th
aid of confederates, Tom Dare, who last
month attempted In broad daylight to hold
up th First National bank here 'and who
hot at Cashier Fozansky, escaped from
the county Jail this afternoon. He was
under sentence of nine year In prison and
would have been taken to Blouz Falls to
Proposed New Cowstltatloa for A
aacc-Lorralae Not to l iking- of
Many la Slrasshur.
Superintendent Davidson Likes the
Idea of Giving the Pupils Two
Weeks' Holiday.
Any of that SSX.OOO.OM come your w av
rhls Is the amount of early January
ut-up as estimated by New York authori-
es. The little melon Is being distributed
the form of annual, seml-anntiual or
uarterly dividends, and the several slices
thereof are coming In quite handy for pay-
Ins the bills which fall due right now,
provided any Is coming In one's way.
Omaha will partake of the melon feast
o a considerable extent. The S3K.OnO.000 is
the estimated amount of dividends de
clared by corporations of national scope.
the railroads, the great national industrial
concerns. But Just how much of this K'X. comes to Omatians almost no one
111 hazard a guess. One banker said
Monday that Sl.000.0"0 would be a conserva
tive estimate or guess.
The same atuhortt spoke pleasantly
of snother little million dollars or so.
discoursing- with airy grace of the exclu-
lve Omaha cut-up. Thla Omaha melon
dissection Is presided over by the banks,
the manufactures and big Jobbing houses.
Stock Is closely held In some of the In-
usttial concerns, but others have manv
stockholders, and the distribution of divi
dends will be fairly widespread.
Whether Sl.onp.OOO Is too large or too
small an estimate for the local dividend, is
hard to say; It is more likely to be above
than below the figure given.
Not all of It will be dealt out In cold
cash. A considerable part of this and
other dividends also will be "put back Into
the business" and the stockholder will be
come richer that way even If his actual
bank balance Is not Immediately fattened.
Some of the largest concerns In Omaha,
as for Instance the M. E. Smith & Co. dry
goods house, ha grown of their own Incre
ment and not by selling capital stock to out
slders. It Is In this way that the M. E.
Smith plant and business was Increased
1300.000 or S400.000 a few years ago to a
figure somewhere around 6,00o.000.
Tuesday Is the day when Omaha stock
holders of banks and corporations will hear
officers give account of their stewardship
Successful deeds will be recounted In
practically every Instance and the benign
and Jovial smile will be the fashionable
face for Tuesday afternoon and evening.
After two weeks of plsy, Christmas good
ies and the accompanying complaints, little
Willie tossed away his skates and little
Mary chucked her dollle Into the corner
nd hied themselves away to that horrid
Id school Monday morning.
Willie tried to work the sick "racket."
but papa was too wlsei He had been there
himself. Po Willie profited by papa's ex
perience. Little Mary demurely put dolly's
clothes In the little dresser where (TTe 'books
had lain for two short weeks.
But when the school house was reached
nd dear teacher's welcoming smile greeted
the little tots, the old school was not so
horrid after all. Willie forgot his skates,
his new sled and the air gun. And little
Mary is as happy as she can be.
Superintendent Davidson Is well pleased
with the attendance after two vacation
weeks. "The attendance Is all that could
be expected," said Dr. Davidson. "The plan
of giving two weeks' vacation and have
school open after the first week of the new
ear works to the advantage of all.
"Instead of beginning school directly
after the new year It Is much better to
give the children a week's play. By that
time they have forgotten the excitement at
tending the holidays and are ready for
work. And the little ills that necessarily
accompany the vacation weeks are gone.
'The principal!, of the various schools
report a gratifying attendance. As there
have been no changes In the teaching staff,
the schools will be running right up to
the mark after today."
Mr. Davidson reports the children un
usually free from minor Ills. In some
sections sore throats have been prevalent,
but not to such an extent as to Interfere
with the work of the Instructors.
Dying Woman Gets
Release from Husband
Crawford Gives Man Another Chance
Arrested for Nonsupport
Would Stay By Child.
Lying at death's door, the result of the
ravages of consumption and refusing to be
separated from her 7-year-old son, Mrs.
Irma Hoffman, who Uvea at 163 Dodge
street, gained another chance for her hus
band, W. II. Hoffman Monday morning.
when Police Judge Crawford paroled Itoff
man that he might support his wife.
Hoffman was arrested Sunday afternoon
on a charge of nonsupport at the Instance
of Humane Officer Wooldrtdge.
The pitiful condition of the Hoffman
home was brought to the attention of the
humane officer. After Investigation he
ordered Hoffman's arrest.
The case was brought to the attention
of Miss Ida V. Jontz of the Associated
Charities. Miss Jonts interceded In behalf
of Hoffman and he was granted another
Mrs. Hoffman's condition Is so critical
and her surroundings so pitiable that the
Associated Charities have taken the case
In hand.- They will do what they can to
alleviate her sufferings.
Mlas Jonts. whu made a personal Invest!
gatlon, wished to send Mrs. Hoffman to
the county hospital, but she refused, as It
would' mean separation from her child,
Mrs, Hoffman will not listen to sugges
tions which mean separation from the boy,
Victim of Elevator
Accident is Dead
John Berg's Injuries Prove Fatal
End Comes at Hospital
Lodge Member.
John Berg, 4644 La Fayette avenue, died
at Bt- Joseph'a hospital last night from In
Juries received In an elevator accident
the Omaha National Bank building last
Berg was crusnea ana received severe
Internal Injuries.
Funeral arrangements have not been
made. The dead man was a member of
the Woodmen of the v orld and the Red-men.
Nine times out
of ten
rlotlit's in
is BERG.
when the question i nskptl, "who sells the most
town?" without stiunnirr or hesitation the reply
Thnt'a right. He's entitled to it.
Kuppenheimer, Stein-lMoch, Sehloss Bros., Hiix-h-Wick-wire
and Society Brand clothes are the acknowledged BEST in
the world. Therefore "Berg has the Best" and more of it, it
prices within reach of nil, and away below nil comietition.
. Suits and Overcoats
J7L, $10, Jll $125, $15, J17L 20
Just Half Their Real Value
Young Man Succumbs to Wound from
Osgood's Oun.
Sleeping in Box Car
to Save Their Cash,
Victims of Robbers
Laborers Lost $375 Because They Try
to Conserve Earnings Cer
tificates Taken.
Bleeping in a box car as a measure of
economy, two laborer were robbed last
night of their savings of more than a year
amounting to S3T5.
Carl Thompson and John Carotkow used
a Burlington car near the Dodge street
crossing for a rooming house. They piled up
money at great rate, with the cost of
living reduced to a shadow.
Bound asleep in contentment with their
property made them ready prey to the
prowling thief. They tiid not know they
were "touched" unfit morning. Thompson
lost a certificate of deposit of 11TB In the
Nebraska National bank and Carotkow
was robbed of a certificate from the same
bank for S-W.
Teamster Crushed by .
Switch Engine Dead
Andrew Hansen Expires at Hospital
After Loss of Both Leg in
Shock, fallowing the loss of both legs
when run over by a train Sunday after
noon, caused the death of Andrew Hansen
3 years old, a teamster, at Pt. Joseph hos.
pital this morning.
Hansen, while driving a wagon for the
water company, was struck by a switch
engine, at Kighth and Davenport streets
Both legs were cut off above the knees.
He was dragKed several feet and sustained
internal Injuries.
The young man came here from Red Oak
la., a few week ago.
Issuing Invitations
to Omaha Land Show
Union Pacific Sends Personal Letters
to Prominent Farmers of West
Urging Attendance.
Invitations to attend the Omaha land
show are being mailed to prominent agri
culturists and farmers In the western
states and throughout the Missouri river
valley by the Union Pacific Railway com
These letters are to call attention tp the
Importance of the land show to the man
a ho makes money from the soil. The rail
way company la urging the attendance of
farmers. Special features In the big rail
way exhibits are being made the subject of
Body Will Be Takes ta Family Heme
at Oakland, la., for Serial
Three Inquests Will Be
. Held Today.
Ray Johnson haa given his life for the
attempt to save Mrs. Grace Osgood from
the murderous wrath of her husband. The
young man died at St. Joseph's hospital
Since 11 o'clock Saturday morning when
he was shot by Walter Osgood in the des
perate enactment of the murder of Mr.
Osgood on Fark avenue, Johnson had been
at the point of death. He had no chance
for recovery.
The sturdy young butcher knocked down
Osgood In sn effort to prevent the shooting
of the woman. Braced for a return attack
from the maddened husband, he received a
bullet wound In his neck, which felled him
on the spot. He was unconscious when Os
good killed his wife and himself a moment
"I'm sorry I did not get there In time.
I'm sorry I did not stop him." said
Johnson not long before the end csme at
the hospital.
The nventa of Mr. Johnson sat at his
bedside when he died Sunday morning.
They will take his body to the family home
In Oakland. Ia., for burial today.
The young man had been In Omaha about
ono year. He was 27 years of age.
Coroner Crosby will hold Inquests for
Osgood, his wife and Johnson this afternoon.
amber of l.eadlna Oniaha Offlrlals
Will Make Addresses at rreeby
terlaa Charcb.
This will be railway men's night at the
First Presbyterian church, the Men's club
having a number of leading railway men
on Its program, which begins at o'clock.
Railway men in general will be welcome.
The program, with Edson Rich chairman,
is this:
N. H. Loomls. "The Law of the Case;"
D. C. Buell, "Kducatlonal Work Among
Railway Employes;" J. C. Young, "Modern
Signal Devices on Railways." stereoptlcon
views; C. J. Lane, "History of Transpor
tation;" J. A. Munroe, "The Railroad and
tfie Public;" Gerrlt Fort, "Twentieth Cen
tury Travel," and H. J. Stirling, "The
Gospel and the Railroad."
Preceding the program the club mem
bers and their wives have dinner in the
Skinned frosa Head to Heel
was Ben Pool, Threet, Ala., when dragged
over a gravel roadway, but Bucklen's Ar
nica Salve cured him. 26c. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Wlfo Insists she's Ianoceat.
PITTSBL'RO. Pa.. Jan. S.-7. M. Stro
baker. the grain elevator superintendent,
who was taken to a hospital last night
suffering from poison sd ministered In a
"strychnine sandwic h," regained conscious,
neas today and the physicians give some
encouragement for hia recovery. In the
meantime the police are Investigating. Mrs.
Minnie Strobaker. hia wife. Is detained,
"ending the result, the maintains ner
Bis- Sana In Diplomatic BUI.
WASHINGTON. Jan. It -Between St.flfti..
in i and to.0ftw will lie carried in the
diplomatic and consular appropriation bill
huii the house cojiiinlttre on fortlgit af
lairs will report this week.
STRAMBIT3, German, Jan. Im
mense socialist and radical demonstrations
were held here today In protest against
the proposed new constitution for Alsace
Lorraine, the draft of which was adopted
by the Bundesrath on December IS. Bern
hard Boehle, a member of the Reichstag,
made a speech In which he demanded a
republican form of government.
Year's Merer Reveal Mack Balldla
AetMltr tn orhwest
Doctor's Best Formula
Break Bererest Cold In a Day aad
Cure Any Curable Conga,
'I'lii haa been published bere for several )
miners and has pro en the mnrket audi
must ieiU.ll frrau' obtainable tor
t-uuhs ami toUlt. "Get tao uuncti of i
Gtvrerine and half an otim'e of Concen
trated 11o Then get half a
pint of good whisky and put the other two.
ir.k'rcenriis Into it. t'liake it .) and take J
lie to two teaspoonfuls after ea li no-al '
and at bed time. MtieHer d4je to rhli
Iren -oidmtf to age. it aura to ret only!
the genuine (Globei Coin entiateU I'ln. I
CHADROX, Neb.. Jan. . (Special. )-The !
esr'a record for the city of Chadron Is j
satisfactory to Its citizens. Vnltlng the Im- j
provenients made under contrarts the total i
show ttv?Vtt for the veer 110. Many
mailer and some large buildings haxe been
erected by onners l awn workmen by the
day, so that an estimate of ITW.OX) Is mod- J
era to for the year. Some of the larger ones
are: Chicago Northwestern railroad nia- ;
chin shops, round house and hospital, 111) !
0f; city, for aewer connections. 11" MO; city, '
for aattr connec tions. SjOCu; state of Ne-
braska. .-"tste. Normal building. S.uOV: ce- i
I ment walks. $10,000; city, cement crossings, I
U.ixO. Seventy new residences, a majority i
of ir.ern being large, two-story buildings,
have been i
Alr. aov plans and financial arrangements
are being lomi lelej . for a new Catholic
school building, public whool for the .-- !
end ward. Carnagle library and many
other buildings tor the coming year. i
The census gave Cliadron a imputation I
f l.UoJ In lo and !.Cs7 In V.V Other Ma- j
Treat Yourself
To The Best
Among flaked cereal foods
Ktt' h ha.f uuiM-e buttle 4 vines ,11 m sealed 1 titles are: l'.ecirlits Chadron postofflce .
tin wivw-tcp ae. Any dr.,iMt has it I i.orj, T.i. ;4; receipts i:-!1. JS.J1C ; ter '
rnVr .'.Vm," .p,. i.?. .,; com.!
Don 1 eMK-rlnient "n preparations be- mlfrslc-nefs receipts lvlu. I..J4W On Jan-
of cheapness, ll uon I pay to foidii-eiy 1. Vfll, there were twelve miles of!
! cola. 1 o ater mains . In ser ice and 4.1
, meters.
Post T
A prominent l.x kl druKKist stairs thnt
If this nilvi'ire were uel rij notlv bv
err . ne rati-t.ini: t-oM there w viid le
f tttaiiut ii'utu puauiiioiii AC .
wUt .
N. V. Plumbing Co. Tel. iiJ. Nut. L-1101
mi. V
A pleasant surprise at first,
then a happy, healthful habit,
Serve with cream (or milk
hot or cold) delicious.
"The Memory Lingers"
Postum Cereal Co., Ltd, Battle Creek, Mich-
, Ji
"--..!. JJET s --7V
f 5 ; rf ill
- i mm .-? 'I :'.
A Hotel ofrcfirKxl eK
. egapce. located in
Newark's ocial centre
Easily accessible to
tlieatre;and sljoppirA
ftwdte Does, erf Bath f399
KaU Bwa erHa Both 3 13 ro M
Wetherbee Wood
Fifth Av..nfVfff?hSt
15,000 Families Moved
to New Mexico Last Year
Co before too many go before 70a. Buy a farm ia this
region of health and prosperity. Mora f rea homesteads
than in any other part of the Union; more certainty of profit
than farming promises in almost any other region.
You can buy prise acreage, from eight to fifteen dollar an
acrej and, without fertilization, produce thirty -fire bushels of
corn and a proportionate yield of wheat, forage and all the
other big money making crop. .
A year ago the bank of Tucumcari bad $90,000 In deposit,
bow it has more than $400,000.
The country is rich, the people are rich go down and
change your luck from a suburban lot to far stretching acre,
barest a little bit and leave your children rich.
Write right now for more detailed information and stata
bow much you hare to invest.
IMPORTANT Ths Rock Ulaad's AtrlcuW.I Bursas wit h-H yM
make tout farm a succims, supphr npsrt information as to who to rako.
srkoa to plant your crops, and too ssorksts wkoro your produca fa aaost
la S ad. atata where 7011 want to an what jmm wniM seats
Aadroasi L. M. ALLEN,
taVMc wTrt-ific Muufir
2039 LSIUSUtia
Third Vice-rrasldsaU
The Barber says
If dead easy to stop Calling hair. "VVV
Cnlock" will atop it suic? aUrt it crowing;
ain. "Wavonlock" make th tcJ?
bcslthy aad th Lair strong.
fteld by arufftet
TVrn1kT ntl1 ftf till, at. L ,m. m . a
ojuAiun uauu wu., - U 10. Ail A AUIiWISJ.
Tit BK-tttI.ll MM