Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 04, 1911, Page 9, Image 9

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ssfe. all sites and makes, bsrrsina Amer
ican Hupp! j Co ill himtm Bt-
WE HATE on hand a number of In
barrels whir h we will sell for 80 rents
eech. They ere fin for mm wsier or ehea
Call at preaa room. Bee Publishing Co.
Fine cinders fnr sidewalks i
and ronrre'a work, Only lie a load.
loada lor IX Omaha Gaa Co, 2mh street
and Lincoln ireniif.
A lire Johnson, 80C-8 Brand els Theater bid
D O. BARNELL, fuloi Lik. TeL itsd 7117
WILLAKD A.DDY. registered practitioner
In U. S. fat. office. 61 Pexton blk. K. L
DR. EUGERS, private confinement home.
114 Martha Bi Tel. Dougie sJ
TH B SALVATION ARMT lollilH raet-off
clothing. In fact, anything you do Dot need.
We eoliect, repair and sell at 14 N. Ill a
t , fer oust c4 collection, to the worth
poor. Caul poos JLmu iu 41 and anluoi
HI call.
jf MR& PNTDFR bee opened massage par.
lore la The Dunaany, room a, luta and
pierce Slav., where aoa gives aait Clow.
Swedish movement, vioraior aud rauieior
treauueat. i'bon Red eMxt.
Grippe, rheumatism, drug less treatment.
It, Margarita HaJlorau, Neville ik.
I. T7l. -
f A W si A f IV treatment. Mr. Steele, 111
4"ijJJ"u' a. 17th St.. Sd floor, room a.
JOSleS WASHBURN'S book. 'The Under
world bewer," at All book store, trice, II. Ml
FRIVATIC HOME durlnf - confinement;
babies tor adoption. Good hamnritan Sani
tarium. 140 1st Ave.. Council Bluffa, la.
ooooooooeooooo o
DR. riCKrX. o
o 7J4-7T City Naronal bank Bid. o
0 peg to announce that he has enlarged o
hi dental otliee. being now better o
than ever eguipped to five the ecel- o
lent denial service for which he is o
well knoi. o
If your leatn are senartive ana you o
wlah a more detailed knowieage oi o
gentle, modern . operative methods, o
send atamp for hie book, "The Gen- o
tie Art of i'sinleaaoei-e in Dentistry. o
o o o
ll?AVTl View Maternity home, private
UlUuM noma fur women during con
finement. Address ox il7. Florenoe. Tel
Horence S32.
IMTUTrTTJP pile, 'tc.. cured; no knife;
HUriUlVU book free. German lectors,
44 broad way. Council Bluffa la.
TO UNO WOMEN coming to Omaha as
ftransers sr Invited to visit the Young
Women Christian Association building at
Seventeenth, street and ft. Mary's svenue,
where they wfll be directed to suitable
boarding r'acea or otherwlae aaatated Look
tor our traveler's aid at the Union station.
Dr. Rlttenliouse. Old Boston Ptore. 4th
floor, elevator entrance. VM 8. 16lh. Open
Sundays ttm. sv. m. to II p. m.
OMAHA Stammerers' Ins.. Ramgs Bldg.
STRICTLY private horns for confine
ments; excellent cars; babies for adoption.
iLU Davenport.
treatment. Mrs. Steele, 111
S. 17ia at.. Id Xloor, room (.
PRIVATE maternity boma Mra Dr.
.King, 1114 North 2 4 lb fab Web. ISik
ind. b-llJ
TREATMENTS at hotel or residence.
Neuropathy. Swedish movement. Maaaaga
and magnetic chlrepracUoe. Phone B-l.k
Dr. Bacsen. ' '
WlfJK and ttnipeg for men. Griffith,
uluo"U and 14 FREN21LR BLOCK.
SUPERFLUOUS HAIR permanently re
moved, no pain, bo loss of time, no Injury
to the skin, work guaranteed; lady attend
ant. 1 McCagua Bldg.. 16th and Dodge.
MASK 8U1TS to rent at LI KB EN'S.
.Qwi tnVina from eombtngs. H SO. Mrs. a
1 -"'-"Matthewa. U paxtun blk. !.(.
dr. burke sxiss-jsxrv.
r. 1IU as Douglas, Omaha. Call or writ a
MAGNETIC . rim?rt': k,,mei8rTlth-
la n. 14th. third floor.
Prof. Diniian 'n aia v
a w. Jiou Brandela Thea. Ph. D. ISA
HINDOO TABLETS will build.
Strengthen, loc. BELL DRUG CO.
liATlIS Plllt l" Bntl maaaae. 16
.t. todge. Jd floor, opp. po.t-
otflce. Kmt. Allen of Chicago, Doug. JSi.
WE RENT and repair all kind of ew
Ing machines, lud. A-lta; lougla 16tl
ltih and Harney Sis.
-M.AVJilljlll, BRQTTi m lgTH RT
A NICK healthy baby girl for adoption.
lil Martha Sc Phone Douglas C30.
Screenings, 11.3 per JOO. Wagner, 801 N.16th
Lew AV. Eaber, Printer pJ:0"
- Pe Bldg. Entrance on Court.
RlKft-HALL Pig. C. K 8. 14th. lad. A-J&U.
Both phones,
PHUNK IND. A-M!v for good printing.
Lingktad Printing Co.. ISth and Capitol A v.
Midland Guarantee and Trust company.
Lonued abetracteia, 1714 Parnam BU
PETER JESBKN. lr.. Co. Tel. Doug. ESI
RRFD ABSTRACT CO.. Et- 1S6 prompt
aervire; get our price. aj6 biandeis theater.
t t nth floor City National Bank Building,
closeTn. new
containing four houses complete, with svp
arale basements, furuatea and laundries,
oak finish and floors, strictly modem, gas
ranf-, ahadva am curtain rods rmuplnn.
Tliis property Is located hr i4th and
Farnam and la rapidly devvioiing a a
Miaineaa location. Annual rental. 11.1.'
or -lter 14 per cent net on me price!
vt. Ernest Sweet,
Bungalow $4,000
t-ruouia lust N. cf DoUce on Suth; unique;
a I. Ills a.flcrent trout auy you l.av imi
anailaule w Partiaia car, wr aa.kiiif dis-
tanue. O a aer anusl sell.
I LI ! 0 H.i...
hath. 14 000. CJO Burt, half blok of
I ear lines. Harney and C'unuuing; asp). ait
si. uanar. Burt bt. lei. Harney 1J.
SIX-ROOM modern rottsce fir aaie oa
easy isiiua by vsusr, Atiauu be
I ITV PHUt't.R I 1 ruB B I IB.
C 'or.i.nued 1
lm FAI.B--Two lots. l-'ian. on Hutn
l-h ft near Vinton; all special taxes paid.
ill sell tp one pieve or divide N nnng
to U at sacrifice. Apply at 83 Houtn
iinl tSt.
K'iR PALE-IImm" J trx ma. water, sewer,
toilet, etc.; nice trees and shrubbery.
nouti I1M PL
A rlsnwsv.
FINF land can be bought cheap. Borne
inernmrM and relinquishments, beat
atrr In Arizona and the fineat climate.
Apples and other fruits grow to perfection,
ror partlrulsr write Wlllcox Realty Co
Wlllcox. Aria.
FDR BALFr-f-O to t"0 per acre; U cash,
balarce lung term; the last of the big
ranrhea to he colonized and In the greatest
Irritation district In the world, where each
land owner haa equal right to water and
It never five out; rich, level, sandy loan;
roil flora i to 7 cropa alfalfa yearly;
dairy product called for eeci day by tb
four bis creameries; no land anywhere
r.ear so cheap, any where lo district; will
double In vaiue In 2 year; investigate
this. Tuiiock Uaraen Lend Co.. Modest.
MN JOSE Income Home Orchard.
6 a., adjoining the city limits of
Fan J one; assorted fruit ornnard. pay
' per year; two food new cottafea; rent
tor .0 per month; mill and tank and all
outbuildings; land adjoining aeillng for
Jl.tim per a.; beat proposition in tle Blafa
J. M. KKLtON. U N. 1st tt.. baa Joaa
txoo IiO down; I acrea food level land. 4
miles from Merced; adapted to aifa.fv
fruit, etc; 1 ml! from acuool; aiuall bousa
ahedK. ter rtfht
l."n 4 down; H acre food level' land,
4 mile from Merced; adapted to alfaUa.
orcbarda, etc.; water right
J. HUSsKLL. Merced. CaL
PW-ACRB Improved farm, adaptable to
lice, cotton, corn, alfalfa; food locality;
li.s per acre If sold by Jan. 1st- flare bar-
gain. Forster A tfsunders Co., Iln Bluff,
FOR SALE At a big bargain. IMS acres
pf rich bottom land, above overflow. In
southwest Arkansas; about 4.0U0 In cultlva
tlon: Cm acres deadened and ready to take
In; good storehouse and atock of merchan
dise on R. K. system; gin, mulea, farnuDg
Implements and corn and hay a plenty.
Will sell for 15 per acre and give a bar
gain In the personal property.
Want to sell all to one purchaser. No
agents need apply Addreaa A. W. Mills,
Pin bluff. Ark.
ARKANSAS FARMS Big list; apodal
bargains; aent free. Writ today. Caplaia
Klgga. r'ayetteville. Ark.
FIXTF.EN successive years of good crop
mnke northeastern Colorado wheat land
the best offering before Inventor and
home buyers today. Price advancing, but
on crop still pay for the land. Write J.
B. Reiiih&rdt, sterling, Colo.
Now Is the time to get ready and boy a
cboloe garden tract for next spring; hav
a chotc lot to select from, tai good
bargains In ranches, cnicken rsnchea Call
on The J. R. Harris H salty Co., XXi Main
fcU. Littleton. Cola.
rVs-acr tract, or part, plenty of fruit:
alao suitable for chicken ranch; a bargain.
If taken at once; cloae to car line. Call er
'phone Roland 4s Huffman, beal tta
Arvada. Colo.
Florida Tou cannot lose on any well
alerted property In Florida, but ar surs
of quick and substantial profits. We hav
many good properties for oolonlsatloo.
fruit and vegetable lands and Improved
farms. Pope A North, Wll Atuuatlo National
Bank Bldg. Jacksonville. Fla.
Gears; law
FOR RALE How Is thU: A lot 10x14
feet In a progressive city, and 48 Acres
farming land, ail for fSJu, on terms of 11
cash and tit monthly. Addreaa. F,
Thomas. 12M Klvar road. Coluiubua. Ga.
FOR SALE Corn farms; 153 acre la Bu
reau county, Illinois. 1112.50; SC acrea, Ofl
county, lad. O. A. Holcomh. Aurora, 111.
FOR 6ALE Best W0-acre stock srraia
farm In slats; K. R. station, store and
elevator on farm; gravel road; will bear
Closest InveaUg atlon. Price I1U0.SW. At. A.
Brock. Clsana Park. Ill
FOR SALE Or exchange splendid S2B.
acre wheat farm in Manltoba'e moat fav
ored dlatrlct. near town and school. What
have you to oil art W. It. Ferguaua. La
Grange, 111.
Situated mi lea from a good county seat
town In North Dakota. Every foot tillable;
will trade In a town dwelling to amount
f fl.i'OU to 2.tM0. Address Lock Bex til.
New Albln. la.
Do You Want a
Good Kansas
Here It Is: C4U acres, one-half new land
ahich heretofore has not been cultivated;
ha good it-room house, well built; barn 40
aw), with cement floor, aiso numerous otner
outbuildings, ail In good repair. This farm
la located In I'owely county tn southeastern
Kansas, within I mi ma of good railroad
town. The owner of this farm Is of ad-
kneed years and unable to properly work
the land, hence he his decided to offer the
land, totit-lher with about t;.(J9 of live
stock and farm machinery, at a bargain.
0'Neils Real Estate
lot'.i t-'amatn St.
Loin Phonos; Bell. Tyler IvH. Ind., A-3311
wo AC'KKS, I ml. town, Nes. alx room
lioue. bain, aheils. W0 plowea, balance
ferued pusture. all smooth, tillable. Rural
route, trleplione. Good road. null. ncigU
IboiH. Cr.i bird aith acusuca. cauie lor
stliing. ! ptr acre; utne if wanted.
W. Aibrikiit, lrt-wster, Kan.
LliUS your lace in a smile. It wont
catci ci Id Now s the lime to "lxp"
tarins, rand.?, uly propeity or muse.
i Hot ' bairams for "cold ' uas. Price and
I describe our pi uposiaoua K. B. W aus
woitti. ..Mtii City, Kan.
CRAWFORD county. Kansas. Farms;
2.11 acres improved, bargain, u.0ou; saay
It. Mu.-., so and luu, Uiso . lu and k acr
iru.t snd poaitry. Pur particulars win
ueu. . Btiicklcr. Guaj a, Kaa.
luO. TEN miles Lmpor.a; VM culti
vatri; house rooms, one Iso rooms; good
baiu. ailaila. clover, umber; aciuwi twenty
ivUs. Vu. J. T. iuilon. Lu.poiia, Kau.
U,o ACKKd allalfa grain and siix k farm,
rich bottom . laud. on mile Cherokee
county. Kansas. uffercU snort lime, lu
' l"'r Acl yulck. L. J. Voiaw. Wicuita,
i Kali.
1 MR. KKNTtK Baraina lu west central
I Kaiia. Nice luO acres, unproved, 1 luiiea
istauon; easy terms. acres raw
'ana. J.aoo. Ld. Lwaig. iJiainon. Kan.
4UV ACHE grain and Hock farm; lm
p:oved; i miis Inarsrt; acres bottom
and upland n p isiiu; springs, well and
ilvi-r. 4C Hcider A Uusirup, Man
haltaa, lCull.
Xjuj AfKl.S. solid tract, 4 sets Improve
ments; 2 nines loan, best soli; can t be
duplicated in state. Boat lerma. Kan
sas-Colorado luvesiment Co., aVuit City,
Ji AlilKS a heat, corn and alfalfa land,
aouthern Katiaas, i county aat; M
a. res a heal, tw acres alfalfa; Well lm
lioveX Price V-i. L. L. kiti. Li LHjrauo.
Kau. ,
7W ACRF.8. ell Improved, ad loin R. R.
town In southern Kaniuui Allalfa corn,
wheat, stixk and fruit larra. I'nre tj0.i;
beist of terms. W. I. Cai ler, ftterllng. Kan.
FOR 5AI.E- Louisiana orange and fig
tr s are muney ma Hera
Will sell you acres of fertile land with
it orange and fig trees bearing In I year
for M; I monthly payments; will culti
vate and take care of trees and pay tax
for 2 years; no interest; title guaranteed,
trees this season In ims section have netted
from 6 to tie; Inducements on larger
tracts. For further particulars address A.
1. Uodard. Abbeville, 1-a.
TOR SlALHr U, acres ef snlmprored
fruit and farm lamda In eight tomnships
In Lake. Osceola and Mason counties. Mi co
if an; formerly bard wood timber lands:
situated in well settled country; titi per
fect; sbsiract furnished. Hepresentative
at Land thw and at Hotel New Southera,
where aajnplea of aoll and products
are shown. U. W. Mars a. owner. Mas
Utea. Mich.
Best on-acre farm in Mich.; black sandy
ksam; 14 bldgs; 1 mil from town: set
yearly earnings SO.UUU. Arbogaat.
Leld. N. J.
Term: flZOW hardware and Implement
and eLOne buildings for farm to maiuk La
corn belt. Box 14a. Adrian, Minn.
In Mower oounty, Mlnn-j well Improved, ail
tillable; 1 miles to town, half mile to school,
11 miles to Iowa Price, trt per acra
6elh A. Cheney. Grand Meadow, Minn.
have over 1&.000 acrea Minnesota land t
effer at foreclosure prices, about one-half
value; liberal terms; part or whole, grand
opportunity for retailer. E. W. Taylor A
r-oD.. Nat. Gar. -A mar. Bank Bldg.. be Paul,
FOR BALK Best rut-over lnd In north
ern Minnesota and Wisconsin; $2 7o per acre
and up; farm, timber and Iron lands. J una
U. A. Crosby, t Paiiadio Bldg.. Luiuta,
BTOPI Don't go a step further than
Douglas Co.. down !n the beautiful Oiaika-
Raise anything; corn. II to bushels per
acre; sil other crops In proportion; cheap
est good land on earth; 6 to t'Ji per acra
aree Information. Globe Keal Latata Co.,
Ava, Mo.
J6S-ACRE valley stock farm near Leba
non, Mo.; well Improved, good soil. 60-acra
field, low-acre pasture, several springs. !
Terms, no trade. Ed C. Bauman, 4t4
BoonvUle Bt.. Springfield. Mo.
FOR SALE 720 acres splendid Vernon
Co. (Me.) stock and grain farm; every acre
good, plenty of water. Price, ScsO per acre;
as good a $100 Iowa land and far better
climate. Write for better description. H.
AU bpurgeon. Owner, Olatba, Kan.
MISSOURI LANDS for sale. M acres ta
l.Ois) acres; terms and prices to suit pur-
Chaser. Write lor particulars. w.
Stevens. Clinton, Henry Co.. Mo.
BAROAIN 60-acro farm: 4 mile from
Warsaw. Mo.: X acres cultivated, ba lanes
pasture; near school and church; price
fl.euo; terms easy. Addreaa T. U. Owen.
v araaw. Mo.
OZARK LANDS, Ozark Land Co.. u
140 ACRES 4) miles to town; good, level,
well drained land; on mall route and
school house on one corner of the farm;
l-room nouse, new; bam SttrtW; bog ana
tew house; windmill, plenty water, about
I acres Umber. Tbia la a good place, piiued
at e per acre.
D. CKUTCHER, DraxeU 11a . .
GRAZING, farmlna-. timber and frutt
land la south Missouri. From ti-M to Ui
per acre. ,
HALF INTEREST, 40-acre farm, under
laid with si no and lead. T. Chap,
Webb City. Mo.
Old Cass county; to miles frota Kaasaa City;
both well Improved: . fine black . Umutnii
land; bargain; choice, 106 per acre; good
terms. v. uuraeua, Garaeu C.ty, Mo.
IMPROVED farm of about WO acres la
Colfax oounty, Nebraska, all good lefel
land, new buildings. M acres In wheat.
lays ciooe to town. u. P. R. R. run
tnrougn in farm. Price, gw per acre.
wouia uii some city property, a. si,
Hammond, SU Board of Trada.
1.600 acres Kimball county. Nebraska,
4 miles from good railway station, all good
farm land, some improvements. For ouick
sals. i4 per acre. cash. bal. L I and t
Warner & Williams,
441 Be Bldg.
Hortk Dakota.
S20 ACRES Stutsman Co.. N. D.. clear.
for good residence, clear. In Des Moines.
Price of land 10 per acre.
440 acrea, wail improved, 3C miles from
Winnipeg. Manitoba, for Inoome- Fries
t per acre; mtg.. H.bOO equity. Lock Box
iva. optnt jxo. la.
N acrea only IflOOO per acre.
Address L. I). Oakea. Gaston. Ore.
ARE you seeking Independence? Then
como locate with us on a ten-acre farm.
close to Houston, Tex., tn the balmy gulf
coast country; you are close to markets
and can i?et rich by raising winter garden
truck, and by developing a fig and orange
orcnaro, wun ceitain yearly inoome; eev
era! hundred cf us have formed an "Iowa
colony" and are farming here: you can
buy a farm among us for lis a month.
writs me today for particulars. G.
Huffman. Manvel, Tex.
tMli PER ACRE buys 4 736 acres richest
Nueces river Irrigation land, south wes
Texas; Investment or colonisation; fl.(
developments. Part cash; forced sale, rar
est opportunity. Wire or wtile Imroedl
ately. Jes. F. Wolfe. Trustee, 11 a N. Flore
bt., ban Antonio, ltx.
ORANGE orchard near Houston are big
Investments. Our five-acre orchards are
sold on easy monthly payments. The Alvln
Japanese nurseries adjoin and their ex
perls develop and care for our orchard
thrcs years. V r!:i ...; for
U Lt?U
orange booklet. Vederal Land A in
went Co, licustou, Tex.
FOR BALE Cheap, 10 acrea good land.
about t acres slashed; good men, new
pump ana anea; for &; 1 mile to bUeri
dan dock; la minutes ride to Bremerton,
Addreaa Box ss, tuemonun. asii.
Five acree of good aluer land nartl
cleared, near good road; good new house
and chicken house; too laying hens, ducks
ana a lot oi p geona. two miles from good
new town, near boat landing; ten mile
licm city of 4e,oj people Price, );
flown, balance per month. bee Mr
Morrison. Bond b-. Kverett. tNaah.
TWO t-ecr tracts, fronting on Iak Che.
Ian, Wash 1-year-old winter apples, fine
toll, fine lake, tine cliruate. fin fishing
and boating, low pr ce to close an eataie.
Addreaa W. H. Norris, 4VA Lth Ave.. N
E.. bealtie. or C p. Bennett. Lakesida
Cn electrto line, aubirngated. near $750
laud. Cheap. Part cash, ba ance a yeara
H. T. RoBklHTS. Box bpokane, S aj.ii.
Good land cheap and on very easy terms
lurm i0 te fit an ao-s. 40 acres for
No Interest, no taxes, insurance clause la
the contract. Fertile eolL plenty of rala.
good ivads. good marketa. goud ecuoois eaj
tnui clies.
feend for map Jid book to Dept I. G. F
BA.NBOHN CO.. Eagls Klvar. Wis.
pta-acr farm, atock machinery and all for
15 MO. email peynit doan; so acree under
plow; new modern eeven-reom house; tw
miles from Mauston s. ; art quick A it
er ess H. M. UhlkcRlU Wis.
FOR f ALE Cheap, good Improved farm,
A.4W. half down, balance eaay tsraia ie.
I tea Mauaton. Wia H. 4.
th'ST land In Wisconsin; any aisad tract;
wholesale price. Unauaar lnd Mk, Mark
neete. Wis.
TO esrhange 1J acres good level farm
land. Oneida county. Wisconsin; sear
rauroad and town; country rspidiy settling
p and pricee dvanclng; price I1.IK). clear,
want good, aound young registered Perce.
eron or Belgian Italian, to weigh Be lea
than l.M pound and a euro foal getter.
Address Lock Bos sot. Khinelander W
M berellaae-esia.
wanteFto but
There are thousand! el people In Iowa
that want to buy farms Improved and un
improved In set tied and unsettled districts
Tb way to beet reach them l through the
classified pages of THE DEd MOINE.S
CAl'lTAL. Average circulation last monia
44.44s copiea Pubusbed for twenty years si
Pea Moines, la., by Lata I sung.
w a NTCD City loans and warrants, W.
rarnam bmlth A Co... 1U Far nam Si
WANTED City loan a Peters Trust Cex
ISM to IS 000 ea Omaha homes. C Keets
Real Estate Co, 1K N. T. fa louguu
er .. ..
flW to 110.000 mad promptly. F.
Wead, Wead Bldg. lth and Farnam.
OARVIN BROS. Id floor N. T. Ufa MM
to iluO.OCs) on 1m proved property. Ne delay.
b-lU Brandeta Theater Eidg.
LOANS to homo owner and bom build
ers, with privilege of making partial pay
moots semi-annually.
60S First National Bank Bldg.
MONEY TO LOAN Payne Investment Co.
CLIENT want SO acre In Douglas Co.
n-vrr.l.lil ukAI. lcSTATE CO..
101 N. T. Life. Doug, or A-EiO.
ir Torr have any kind of wu sines or
properties to trad (or South Mleeourl land
e osark Land Co., 4U se xuug. u"s
itRhinri nronertiea of merit. H. U.
Culver. 8U-K1S N. T. Life, tsouglaa VM.
nu hraind new Ne, to Colt's acetylene
gas machine and gas ran a to trad fof
good toga cows or chlckei 40 Uraad
Ava. pnone eo. . . -
TO EXCHANGE for land; 00 head regis
tered shorthorn cattle and on Percheroa
stallion; will trade stallion for good auto
mobile. George Fischer. Caatana, la.
Chotc 40-acre tract, clo to town of W.Ono
reople In eastern Oklahoma, clear; price
h0. Also a nice M-acre tract In same lo
cality; price $1.0UO. WU1' exchange one or
both for vacant lots or equity in small
bouse. Might put In small amount of cash.
S. K, Walt Co., 17 Be Bldg.
BEST Drioe nald for Id-hand furniture.
carpets, clothing and shoe. Tel. D. tsTL
SECOND-HAND clothing: party after
noon dresses. John Teldman. D. HA; A-ssat,
WANTED Storeroom, near Auditorium,
for first hall of January-. Address, F 838,
oar Bee.
FIRST-CLASS., practical, nurse can be
engaged. al . Looaiasi i4 4. . - - v-.
YOUNG man dentres psace. to work fof
board ; and room 4u private rfamily s while
attending college. ' Boyart Couega. Botn
phones. ns . .
COLLBGE graduate wishes evening em
ployment at tutor or an other capacity.
K 667, Be. ... .
EDUCATED young man stenographer.
saperienced, - eight year', . correnpondont,
destrea responaibla aecreiaxtal poaltlon or
assistant; busy man; fnr referencea. Ad
dress li 500, care Bee. .. .
FUIST CLASd. carpenter would Ilk a
position In aooie. large offlr building or
store. Addreaa . Vi... 2a et, douui
Omaha or caii AuW- iii- .
SEALKD PROPOSALS will be received un
til Januaxv la. 1M11. at 10 0 a'dock a. m.,
for furniahina the PAPER for the PUB
LIC PRINTING and B1ND1NO for the
year endlns the' Xrth of Fwbruary. litis, th
aid proposals to be opened before and th
award of contracts to bo made oy tne
Joint Committee on Printing to th lowest
and best bidder for the Interests of the
Government, tb committee reserving to
itself the rlsrht to relect any And All bids.
aa Its judgment of the beet interests of th
Government may dictat.
Detailed schedules of th description
nuantitv. and oualltv of the paper required
acoompanied : by sarrrplea and blank pro
posals, and giving tbs regulations with
which bidders must comply, can be ob
tained by addressing Sam I B. Donnelly,
0. 1 1.1 1. Tf-lnter WuhlnitDL D. C
The contracts will be entered Into for
supplying such quantities wf paper as may
be needed and no more.
The approximate estimated 'quantities set
forth in detail in ths cbudul comprise:
140.0UO reams machine-finish printing
naner. I4x3S.
16,000 reams machine-finish printing
psprr, 3Sx48.
gg.OO reams ld hd gnper-calendered
-"W hite or tinted" printing paper,
various sixes.
1,300 reams antique - machine-finish
printing paper,
1.500 reams wove mchin-flnlsh print,
ins nancr.
4.800 reams white writing paper, loft
dried, various slsee ana weigiua.
C.2&0 reams colored writing paper, loft
dried, various sixes and weights.
S40.0UU pounds white writing Japer. ma
chine dried, -various sires and
weights. .
lANii nnu.'i. tablet 'irritlpg Tiaper
K.OoO pounds white writing paper, watar-
marked U S M O.
I,0u0 reams cover paper, various sixe
and weights.
10ft ") pound loft-drled linen map paper.
Mo.OuU pounds superfine (single and double)
coated book paper.
470.000 pounds mantle paper, various sites
and weights.
1.0UO pounds plated bullet patch, various
14o.Wt puunds bond raPW, various colors.
sixes and weignt.
Si 000 pounds blue bond paper, water
marked I BM O.
aaO.OOO Kunds safety bond paper, water
marked U U O
tono pounds parchment deed..
Ha.ivO sheets cardboard, various colors,
and weights.
(OoO.OuO pounds bristol board for V. 8.
postal cards.
h6,i pounds superfine bristol board.
pounds colors briatel board.
Ho (0 pounds manlla tag board.
c0 reams first-class ledged paper
wove, various colors, sites, and
4. it) reams second-class ledger paper,
whits or blue, wove, various slses
and weights.
l' reams tissue pap textra an pert,
yu teams blotting pc per, any standard
1.CJ0 i earns marble.- comb, and lining
paper, various sites.
5Ji reams t a liter paper, various
sites and weights
2it teams letter paper.
S.Uuv pounds white paraffin paper, Xixjg
S 000 sheets parchment, lrxll Inches
In canes where more than one thousand
reams are called for proposals will be re
ceived for one thousand reams or more.
By dlrecltou of the Joint Committee en
Public Printer.
W asi.lngton, D. C, Dec i Per 14. lsio.
Mock holders' meeting of the Union, Land
Notice Is hereby riven that the annual
meeting of the tfx ahoidera of the I nloa
Land company, for the election of five
director and th transaction of such other
business as may Irgsuly come before the
meeting, will be held at the office of the
Gnerai follrltor. Union Pacific Head
Quarters Bulldiug. Ninth and Farnam
streeta. Oman a. Nebraska, on Mor.aay. ins
ih day of January, line at 10 o clock a. m.
1 be stock transfer book will be closed
10 days previous to the meeting.
ALtA. MILLAR, secretary.
New York City. N. V.. Dec Is. isiO
of Lee-Guxaa-Andreen Hardware com
paxiy. Omaha. Nebraska, December , 11.
Notice Is hereby given to the stockholders
ef Lee-Glase-Andieeeen Hardware Com
pany that the annual meeting of the stock
holder of the company will be held at th
office ef the said company, corner of Ninth
and Harney streets, in th city of Omaha,
in th state of Nebraska, on Tuesday. Janu
ary, M, A. D , mil, at t o'clock p. m., for
th purpose of electing a board of director
for th company to serve during the en
suing year, and to transact such other
bustneso aa may bo presented at such meet
log H. J. LEE. President.
Attest: W. H. QLASS, Secretary.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of The euth omaha and Western Rail
road Company, for the election of seven
director and th transaction of such
ether business as may come before th
meeting, will be held at the office cf A. L.
Mohler. comer of Ninth and Farnam
street. Omaha. Nebraska, on Wednesdsy,
the eleventh car I January, A. d. liu.
at 11 o'clock A. M. T, M OMR.
DJudltt ' Secretary.
nual meeting or the stockholders of ths
Be Building company will be held at the
office of the company In Omaha at 4
o'clock Tuesday afternoon, January 17,
1WL for the election of a board of director
for the ensuing year and for the transac
tion of such other business a may prop
erly oome before th meeting. By order of
the president. N. P. FEJL, Secretary.
Cailoxt Pactflo
. Depart. Arrtvs
Pan Fran. Overland L..a 1:14 am all pta
China and Japan F. M..a 4a0 pm a 4 46 pra
Atlsntic Express a 44 am
Oregon Express a 4:00 pm a 1:10 pm
Los Angeles Limited all 46 pm l:M pm
Denver Bperiai a 1-M am a T:I7 ara
Colorado Express a I H pm a 4 50 pm
Oregon-Wash. Limited. ili w pm a l.JO pre
North Piatt Local a I . IS am a 4:46 am
Columbus Local a R SO pm al0:BV ara
Stromsburg LocaU bU;40 pra b 1:30 pm
0,1cm gee aV Nerth weaterw
Twin City Express a T:40 am al0 pm
Sleux City Local a 1.45 pm a IH pra
Minn. A Dakota Ex. ...a 7:00 pm a :15 am
Carren Local a 7:00 ara a 1:50 pra
Omaha Express a T 40 am a 0 40 am
r-hit-aao Local ail UJ o a t M am
Colorado-Chicago a 6 :1V pm t I it pa
Chicago Special a :ut pm a ( 4 am
Pacific Coast-Chicago. .a 4:06 pm a 1:21 pra
Lo Angeles Limited... a 1:60 pm alt U pm
Overland Limited all 45 pra a 7:46 am
Carroll Local a 4:10 pm elO 00 am
Fast Mail a I (W pm a I X pm
Lincoln-Chadron a 7:50 am all 44) ara
Norfolk-Dallas a 7:60 ara al 44 pm
Long Pine-So. Platte. ..b 1:15 pm b 4 M pro
Hastlngs-eiuneno im d m.w pro
r.s,taood-Hot Springs a ( pm a 6 20 Dm
Casper-Landsr a 1:66 pm all :M ara
Fremont-Albion b i:M pm l.STpm
Mlseoeirl Paclflc-
K. C. A 8t- L. Fx a t.10 am a 7:40 am
ir r A He L. Ex.. ex
cept baturaay aii: pm a ;o pm
K, U, a n. n-a..
Sat ar days onty u:w pm .
CaleavsTOt Roelx I slaved A Pmclfl
. EAS1.
Rocky Mountain Ltd....all:H am al0:45 pm
Chicago Day Kxprea..a (:& am a 4:80 pm
Chicago Local Pass..'..bl0:M am b M il pra
Dea Mottles Local Pass.a 4:0 pm a 12: 30 pm
Chicago Express a 4:40 pm a 1:18 pm
Chicago Limited a :0i pra a 1 :ut am
a . WEST.
tM.-Nb. Ltd., Lin coin. a 1:20 am a 8-4T pra
Cnln. A Cal. Express. ..a 1:6 Pra a 4 SO nm
Okl. 4k Texas express.. a s:u pm a I SO pa
Kucky Mountain pm ana
CwicaeTo, Mllwtake A St. Pee
Overland Limited all:48 pm A 7:68 ant
rimaha-Chicago Ex b 7:16 am .
Omai-a-Bavanna Local. a 7:16 am all: 46 pm
Colo-cai t,xpresw a s.w pm ai:apm
Colorado Bpecial. ...... .a 7:42 am a 4:W am
Perry -Omaha iocaj a s.u pm b 10:00 am
UtBOla Ositrmi
Chicago Express a 7 AO am a 1:46 pm
Chicago uroitea a uo pm a 1:0 aru
V Inn -tit. Paul Ex b 7 KM) am
Mlnn.-at. Paul Ltd a 4.O0 pin a 1:00 am
Chleavsn Great W eater
Chicago Limited a 6:41 pm
Twin City Limited..
a 8:80 pm b 7:63 am
clO.30 am
Twin City Limited..
Twin City express..
Chicago Express....
a 8:00 am a 8:M pm
Omaha-bt. Louis Ex... a 4 0 pm a 8 25 ara
Mail and Express a 7:02 am all:ifi pm
bum by Lcl. tromC.B.jb 6.1M pm bitl.U tun
Batrliagtoa Statloa
-lot. a.d M.MK.
Depart. A rri..
Denver A California... a 4 lo pra a 8 46 pm
Puget Sound Express.. a 4 10 pm a 1 46 pm
Nebraska points a I to am a 6:10 pm
Black Hills a 4:10 pm a 3 46 pro
Lincoln Mail b 1:10 pm aU:16 nm
Northwest Express ....ail:u6 pm a 70 am
Nebraska points a I At am a 6:10 pm
riewiMa sv a. as eua a f:lf pm
Lincoln Local b 6 KM am
bchuyler-Pettsmouth ..b 8 06 pm blO JO am
Lincoln Local a 7:26 pm a 7:60 pm
PLattsmouth-Iowa a 1:18 am a 8.60 am
Belieruo-Platlsmouth ..al2:A0 prr, a 2:40 pm
central jveoraska
Chicago Spec-la) . .
Denver Special ...
.all:66 pm all:2S nm
.a 7:16 am all: pm
a l 'W ara
Chicago Express
.a 4:80 Dm a 1:65 nm
Chicago Fast Express.. a ( M pm a 8:00 am
Atlantic coast juimuea. li so pm
Iowa Local
.a 1:16 ana alO.M am
Creston (la) Local.
St. Louis Express....
K, C. A Bt. Joseph...
K. C A bt. Joat-ph...
K, C. A. be Joaepb...
..a 8:80 pm alO st) am
..a 4:80 pm all 46 am
al0:4e pm a :4a am
.a 8:16 am a 8:10 put
.a 4:20 pm
Webster tatlea -15tb and Webster.
Mlaeearl Paclflo
Depart Arrive.
Auburn Local b 1.60 pm bU:66 am
Chicago, bt. Pawl, aHaasasolls
Sioux City, Express b 1:15 pra bll:46 am
Omaha Local e pra
(Sioux City Passenger b 8:20 pm
Twin City Passenger.. .b ( 80 am
Sioux City Local e 8:36 am
Emerson Local b 6.66 pm b 8:10 ara
tb) Daily except Sunday, tc; Sunday only.
Mlaa Metal Krll lajared W aesv Blase
Is tehee la f'ottoa Trias
es I ags.
Mis Metal Kell of 1T23 Dodge street had
a belated Christmas celebration last even
ing that came very near to a fatal end
ing. In ths act of lighting the candlea on
a little Christmss tree In her room, th
flames caught on th cotton trimming of
the tree and communicated themselves to
Miss Kail's dress. The woman screamed
and Mrs. Ellen Rocho, the landlady, came
running ta her assistance, wrapping a
blanket about Miss Keil and smothering
the flames.
MIhs Kell's fat and arms were badly
scorched, but she waa not seriously
burned. Assistant City Physician Langdon
was called In and dressed the bums. Tbs
woman refused to allow herself to be takaa
to s hospital.
Ths firs caught on some of the articles
of furniture in the room, but the fire de
partment was called In and the flames
quickly extinguished with chemicals.
A Querent of Business prosperity
Th Peralatent and Wlae Patronage of
The Bee Advertising CuluuuA-
Y. M. C. A. it Thrown Open for Annual
Kew Tear's Keception.
Riklkltlssi t.lvea la Ike Cysaaaalaaa
and sslxamlagr Pwol, as Well ae
Meale aad rtraeaatlee la
The Toung Men's Christian assoelstlen
building ws thrown open from the top
noor to the basement Monday night for
the third annual New Year' reception and
house warming la the new building to giv
a Joyou welcome to the young men of
Omaha, and especially those living here
away from home.
Th building was decorated throughout
with flowers and pennants and a varied
program of athletics, dramatic and music
was given. Upon the fourth and fifth
floors the dormitory men held aa open
house and visitor gathered In the various
rooms for a oclabl chat.
A part of th venlng entertainment
was the production of a play. "The Bach
elor's Wired," by pupils of th Boyd and
Brandels School of Acting.
The auditorium on the second floor of
the building where the play was given
was filled to capacity at both the per
formance at l it and at 10 o'clock. '
Th character of th play were taken
by Bruce Burgess. Garnett Underwood.
Mildred Scott and Adeline Bpecht. Bur
gee gave a good charaoterlxatlon of th
bachelor and Miss Undrwood a the for
tnn teller who tell him h I to be
divorced from hi first wlf after six
month was equally pleasing. Ml Scott
took the part of an artist admired most
by th bachelor, and a such captivated
hr audieno. Adeline Bpecht cam In for
her share of favor. The play was well
FIbo Klectrlcal Exhibit.
All unusually Interesting exhibit era
given on th third floor by the class In
electricity. A larg room entirely dec.
orated with a multiplicity of colored eleo-
trio lights bore evidence of th boys' In
Tho boy wired th whole of the dec
orative lights," said Ouy Zlegler. Instructor
of the junior electricity class. Among th
display in this room were an arc lamp.
an electric switch board and an electrlo
motor made by Eddie Johniton; a minia
ture electrlo railroad mads by Loo Cuiodo;
telegraph Instrument mad by Clifton
Cooper and a atatle machina manufactured
by Otto Schmidt. The bulbs of the electrlo
lights were colored with a solution mixed
and applied by th boys.
Tha athletic program under th direction
of Physical Director i. T. Maxwell, con
stated of both gymnasium and swimming
events. Jak Gehrig took the class through
various complex gymnastlo movements,
displaying the skill and strength of muscl
of th athletes. J. W. Wharton and Harry
Lincoln put on a hot boxing match, pura
mellng each other well, and Band berg and
Nelson, two of th "Y" wrestlers, divided
a two-fall match. -
In tha swimming pool th most Interest
Ing swimmer was Prof. H. H. Corson, who
la to be In Omaha this week teaching th
business men to swim. Prof. Corson wsnt
through a part of his accomplishments,
showing th different stroke and way of
swimming with on hand tied and finally
with both hand and feet tied.
C C. Wendell headed th local swimming
expert In a number of events, a 10-yard
race, an 80-yard relay race and an egg and
candle race bringing out rooters from th
crowd. Wendell himself went through th
suicide's reoue," allowing himself to be
tied In a sack and be thrown In ths water
and then escaping from tb sack under
McClelland Man
is Found in Denver
Albert Thomas, Who Left Family,
Located by the Police of
Weitern City.
Through the efforts of the Omaha po
lice. Albert Thomas, th McClelland, la
merchant, who waa reported missing last
Friday afternoon, haa been located In Den.
ver. In answer to a description sent out
and a request to locate, th Denver aa
tharatlves telegraphed Captain Dempaey
last night that they had located Thomas
at the Oxford hotel In that city.
W. M. Thomas, father of th missing
man, started for Denver last night, in.
tending to find out the causa of his son's
sudden disappearance and, if possible, to
bring him back to his deserted wlf and
family. Th wlf la reported in a precar
ious condition.
Thomas left McClelland early last week
saying he was going to Omaha In order
to buy a atock of shoes. As ha had
largs amount of money w! him. It was
feared, upon his failure to ahow up at any
of tb wholesale houses, th man had met
with foul play.
Th father la at a loss to explain his
son's Strang action tn deserting hi fam
ily. An unbalanced mind was one hy
pot heals advanced, but the Denver pollc
say that tha man la mentally bright.
Foaad Lylagf 1st lasw la Alley aad
LI vea Saved by Trip to
Although it Is usually considered unfor
tunat to bi arrested, two men had good
and sufficient reason Isst night to thank
tb pollc for putting them "In duranc
Frank De Gam a of Honey Creek. Ia,
and Jame Tadlock, who gave no address,
possibly because he had none, were found
huddled up In dark alleys, peacefully sleep
ing off the effects of a fall from the water
wagon. obltiou to th world and th bit
ing cold and well on their separate way
to an Arctic fate. When taken to tb po
lice station thy ware revived with diffi
culty, and when brought back to life
shivered so with th cold that they shook
the Jail floor. Both were locked up on the
charge of drunkenness.
A Guarantee of Business Prosperity
The Hee Advertising Columns.
Two ef Thesa Have Klaht, Oae
Belag Severely Cat aa
Alex Malllntck and Alex Pallock, two
Russians, cngagsd In a dual with knives
early last evening at 70;v North Klgh-tee-nth
street. Officer Walker was called
tn by other occupants of the house and
the two men were separated, but not until
Mallinick'a face was badly cut by bis oppo
nent. Both men wer arrested and taken to
the police station where titer were charged
with fighting. Police Surgeon C. 1L Pep
pers dressed Malllnlck's wounds, which
wer not serious. Malllnlck Uvea at 7716
Second street. South Omaha, and Pallock
at 707Vt North Klghteonth street.
Sixty-Four Dollars
and His Gold Watch Thugs
M. P. Lyons, Bnrhnirton Clerk,
Forced to Leave Traveled Street
and Yield Valuabki. ."
M. P. Lyons, a rate clerk at the ltur-
llnfton headquarters, while on "Is a
home last night shortly after 7 o'clock
was held tip and rohlel of 64 and a gold
watch by two unmasked men who mrd
from the shadow of the trees on lrtx
treat Just South of ths high school build
ing. Th men took his aatrtt whetl they first
presented their guns, but as they had some
trouble in finding his pm-krthook and ths
street cars and automobiles pstng marts
he search dangerous, the stlck-up men
walked Lyons to Twenty-second street and
Into an alley. With the wtixtie ' of a gun
pressed against hi bark Lyons wiarhed
along at their bidding very wllllnaiy.
When they arrived at the alley the rob
bers 'frisked" their victim again and dis
covered the purse which, rontalnod three
830 bills. ,- .
The watch was presented to Lyons by his
mother fourteen year ago- and he disliked
to part with it.
"Look here, you fellows."' h said, "that
watch will be of no value to you; It haa
my Initial on the back. You had belter
let me have It."
"Well, If we can't use It we 1 return
It to you." was the civil reply, and they
took his house number.
Lyon live at 110 North Twenty-fifth
street. He 1 wondering If he will get his
tlmapleoe back. ' '
Two Families Driven
From Beds by Fire
Six Persons Forced to Brave Cold in
Bight Clothing; Fifteen Thou
sand Dollar Lost. '
Firs drove two families In a double flat
at 618 South Seventeenth street ' out Into
th cold at an early hour Oils morning In
their night-clothmg. The building, a two
tory structure, was completely gutted and
together with Its contents Is a total loss.
Th damages ar estimated at tuVOia).
The families of A. C Chrlatensen and P.
Wolf lived In the flat. Mr. Chrlstensen was
awakened by ths falling of planter on th
bed. He gave tbj alarm and tlx persons
hastily made their exodus from ths build
ing clad In th first garments they could
put their hand on.
Mr. Chrlstensen begged to ba allowed
to go back Into tha flat to rescue a Pt rat.
but waa restrained And the animal was
The origin of the fir ha not been
learned. i
Zion Baptist Church
Spreads Big Feast
Surprise for Women of Congregation
Cleverly Executed Touts Ee
. iponded to After Banquet.
Laymen of th Zton Baptist church.
Twenty-third and Grout streets, Rendered
a banquet Monday night 4o the -women
members of the church. . It was A sur
prise banquet, th women being Invited
without the Information, a to tha natur
of tha entesmmentvrqr',trT;ihem;
Mora than 108 couples .aUended. A splen
did feast waa spread -aad the churerr par
lors were beautifully decorated with flow
ers and feraa for th occasion.' , , -'
Th layman w er prof ua with their toasts
for th women of the Congregation and
women In general.' ' The principal toasts
were given by Rev. W. F, Bottg and the
Rev. W. W. S. Dyett and John Grant Pegg.
Inspector of weights and measures. Mrs.
Dr. August Q. Edward's respunded on be
half of the women. ,
Frightened I a to Kits ' . .
by fear of appendicitis, take Dr. Kings
New lire Pill, and away goes bowel
troubla. Guaranteed. 2ic For' sale by
Beaton Drug Co. "
Starts Daaugs Salt- for SSO.OOO) la
District Coart Against Thar Bee
aad Victor Uosrwatrr. ,
Cadet Taylor started a SAO.000 daman ao
Uon against Tho Bee Publishing qbrupany
and Victor Roaewater, editor ef Tad Omaha
Bee, In district court Tuesday, alleglnt
that the defendants damaged his character
by publishing libelous statements regard
ing his character. Tha petition reofles that
the plaintiff haa a good reputation, that
h never has been auapected"of being a
bank wrecker or a crook; that on Decem
ber 18 th defendant caused, to be pub
lished a nw story from a staff corre
spondent In Washington, D. C, which re
cited that Victor Roaewater tad filed ob
jections to Taylor's appointment ta the
offfos of ourveyor of custom t for tluj purl
of Omaha; that In the course of tha ttoiy
the plaintiff was refenned to as a bank
wrecker and a crook. -
Sedentary habits, lack of outdoor ex
ercise. Insufficient mastication .of food,
constipation, a torpid liver, worry and
anxiety, are ths most common causes of
stomach troubles. Correct your habits
and take Cliamberlaln'a Flumach and
Liver Tableta and yon will soon te well
again. For tale by ail dealers. ,'
lowarllaaea Meet with Mayer Dahl-
aa aad Hear frwiat tave ly
Klect rielaat. , -.. -
Proposed charter changes weje fli'cusd
by the coundlmen at a mwcltng held in
the office of Mayor Pahlman at the city
hall Tuesday morning. Sidewalk, and
curbing regulations weie subject of long
and animated discussion ' over technicali
ties - 1 ,
Waldemar Michaelsen city .electrician,
was present to present to the countilmen
lilt views on the plan under consideration
for an ornamental linhiink; system fir ths
downtown streets. Mr. Michael sen takes
the ixisitton that the Property owners bene
fited by the Improvement should pay for
It. Construction, lie says, should be tinder
the direct supervision of the city to Insuin
uniformity, so neccsary to ths effect
Pole) 'a Kid svey Pill
Are Ionic in action, quick lu results. A
special medicine fur all kidney and blsd
dtr disorders. Mary C. Abbott, Wolf.
boro. N. H.. say: "I waa afflicted with
a bad case of rheumatixm, due to uric
acid that my kldueya failed to clear out
of my blood. I w as so lam in my feet.
Joints, and back that it was agony ior rue
to step. I used i oley Kidney pill fur
three days when 1 waa able to get up and
movs about and the pains were all gone.
This great change In condition J owe lo
Foley Kidney Pills and recommend them
ta snyune suffering aa I Lav." Avid
by all druggists.