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J pmt li.'o lo t'ne (jcrXci tins or the 'voice ol ! V' s ... ' , i
Adelir.n. And thtro U tho worshln of Pit tro ! j'' f ' ""t 'X J
i , t.o youns composer, who Is trusellnt; 4 1 j ' '' I
I with hi t mavtei piece, "Ths Sjr.g of the y 'iiif. - ? y V I
'-'-'. Sot:l." tti.Uli li lo iiiher Adeitna to in? I J!;V ' " i
: ' i norld us a ccat prima dunaa. This sen- ' i"'V't;;i i;;;;- V ; vv ' ' . -X 1
V j io:i tho company precenthis; "The Cl'rnax'' i-'ii'i S.'v V.'i , .A J V I
I ,. IB t the lirar.deis for four ? r"'?. iVi ; , V-: f ill
M lie Oj"pImun
lTKAItlNG lor the t.vzl time
as star and piiiytvright, Robert
lCc;in will bo presented by
Km.y It. Harris fo.- six per
formances at the DrandcU,
comminclnc to-.!ht and Includ
ing a We.hiBMilBy matinee, r.nd a special
Christmas mattneo on Mum'.ay. In his own
play, "Where tha Troll Divides." Taking
as his basis Will Ullibi idse's novel of the
sanso nan:e, Mr. Edcson lias written a
play of the grtat wt-st and the Indian
race. Mr. lMiin will play How I.andor.
a Sioux of fine education, who has been
brought up tit a white family and hus ab
sorbed the best trmU of the race without
acquiring the mcane.- vices. The opening
of the play finds him riiKagnd to marry a
white gil, who loves l lni thoroughly with
never a thought of the fact of his red
skill making any difference. A white man
loves her also, and In IiIm Ucjlre to pre
vent her iiiarr!ut:e to the Indian, lie brlnn
to btar m-on her all the old arguments
against Intcr-nu'Ul inanlagn. Failing he
tries to stop tho marriage by force, but
it foiled by How. The ceremony take!
place ond (he Ctrl Is Immediately shunned
by ail her wh.te friends and leads a
lonely life, while the while imin remains
on tha scene, and they see entirely too
much of each other until How finally dis
covers his wife In the white mans arms.
Kvents move rapidly from this climax to
the final curtain, which generally comes
as a great surpiina to the auditors. Mr.
Kdeson has a apendld role In How Iandor
and In the final scene Is at his best, giv
ing a wonderful characlerixatlon of the
Indian under the stress of emotion. The
scenes of tha play are laid in bouth Iakota
and tha piece has been given a magnificent
mounting. Mr. Edeson's leading woman
this year will be Miss Kva Deunison.
Others In Mr. Kdeson's support are Cordelia
McDonald, ileorge V. flarnum. A. H. Van
llureu. Joseph Rawley, Charles Chapelle,
Ship Camp, John 1'rescott and E. M. Dres
ser. The beautiful thing in 'The HTimax" Is
the manner In which Edward Locke lias
diawn the character of Adeiina, the hero
ine, who la working hard to become a great
Mima donna, the Is beloved by and lovta
lr Raymond, a young physician. The
woman fights against the natural Inclina
tions fur a home, motherhood and all
cf the Joys and sorrows which coma with
hapi lly manled life. Against these Is tha
life of a gratified, towering ambition,
v In re genius lias lo pa the price, In tha
kliape of distance, lonely oeyond human
viiduranie On the one hand- Is her lover,
whom she sdoies; on the other the tender
loving la.e of her old maestro. L.uigl, who
!c kua bvst leuigimng In tus nearly
sic fa. JjriIUCJg 1 , . :. - -.. . . i w g
r.o.once el)Dr l tne Adeiina. i nomas -Tirf f ZllU , V VJ ' ttv 1 .
Clnclalr. I)r. Raymond; Chester Harnett, I 1 1 f-.? ItTirfitPfSi 1?tA s 1 1 ' i 1' i ' 111
In "The Fortune Hunter," which will be
seen at the Brur.dels theater for the week
beginning Sunday evcr.lns, January 1,
Wlnchell Smith has succeeded In transfcr
U to the iitate one of tho breeziest, most
whimsical and altogether charming stories
of American H'e evolved by any author of
tha ptesent day. The play met with In
stantaneous success In both New York
and Chicago, where two companies pro
r inted the piece In all-seaaou runs. The
company, which will be seen here la headed
by I''red NIblo, one of America's most
popular young actors. HIj Interpretation
of the title role, convrs perfectly the xpiilt
of the play and each subordinate role has .
been entrusted to players with national
At' the liuyd the holiday week will be
celebrated by a great revival of "t'e'-er
ran," the beautiful fantasy 'by James M.
Ha trie. Miss 1-ang has played the piece
here before, and with such success that its
revival Is warranted. She is seen at her
very best in the part of the boy who would
nut grow up, leading his band ot boys who
were paientless In Never Never Land. It
is a story that appeals to every heart, and
Is piesented with much force. The Incidents
of the play from the time the Darting chil
dren leave home to follow Peter Pan until
they return again, aie those that bring
back to all the dear Illusions of youth, or
confirm tha young In their fixed belief In
the unreal. It Is a play for grownups and
for the children as welU Manager Wood
ward has prepared eluborately for the
mounting of the play, and will equip It
with a spleudld set of seer ery. as he did on
former occasions. It will be presented at
a matinee this afternoon, and daily at
matinee end evening performances through
out the week, except on Monday evening,
when the house will be given over to the
Cornell Clee and Mandolin clubs. Tha
prices will remain the same.
Something quite out of the ordinary In tha
way of ecientric end character dancing Is
promised tor William Rock and Maude Ful
ton, who will appear at the Orrheum for
the week starting this afternoon In their
original dance creations. This act em
braces comedy, tragedy and melodrama,
with every detail given In true artistic
manner. "The Dunce of the Devd 1 Is one
of the Hock and Fulton spectacular fea
tures. A comedy hit consists of a melo
dramatic extract given with clog-step ac
companiment, the villain slaying tha lead
Ipg lady to the time of the double-shuffle,
whll the hero makes the discover)- end
voices his grief In about the same tempo.
Eugene aid Willie Hoviaid, popular en
teitaliivrs, pirnent their uw skit, "Tha
i v? A2iiuir ww. :.. , r - sv " - Mil
l..,i.,.,V. -J,,,.i' .N 'J , ,.W tllMli. ,.1111 IW fcIJa Wa iUMi fill IT U. ff :!::. i II
t'oucr and tho Kaleaman,'
which abounds
In mlrth-provoklns situations. Mr. mid
Mts. Jimmlt Harry corne with their rural
comedy kKH. "At Hcnsfoot Corner," which
gives ample oppoi lui'lty to make glad the
heart of those who fclt out In ft out. "Witt's
Koses of Klldaie," consists of Misses Witt,
Miller, Bcheafer and Sttvens, two sjpranou
and two conti ultos, who ring liith melodies
and recent song hit in a pleasing way.
llr. and Mrs. Eiwin Connelly offer Sir
W. S. Gilbert's "Sweethearts," this being a
story ot a bashful ycutli and rebellious
maiden, who are reunited after a separa
tion of forty years. Neus and Eldred are
grotesque aerobat who have deviled a skit
they call, "Yapl.ank National Guardsmen."
Goff Phillips is a mlnstiel, who blacks his
face before appearing on the stage. "Al
most a Hero." a, id "A Jar of Cranberry
Sauce," will be the new kinodrome views.
Director Huster of the Orpheum concert
orchestra is lehearsing some new tunes for
next week.
"Checkers" Is the offering at the Krug
four days, starting matinee today; special
Monday matinee. For the benefit of those
who may possibly not have heard tho story
It may be briefly described aa that of a
manly, sporty young American with a
nimble wit and a clean record, unblemished
by even the slightest streak of "vcllow."
j Harry H. Heaumont will be seen In the
tltlo rolo this sesson. and 1'ava Hruham,
jr.. und all the old favorites ore nt til In the
'T-um-ii in Arizona." by Miss Lillian Mor
timer. U I be seen at the Krug three days
trt:ns Thursday with iiatlnte Satur
day. A characteristic scene Is
of a saloon In the midst of
mining and ranching notion ot lht
novates, e-owuojs ana miners are drink-
lng to the health of Jim Hlunt. a miner.
who has made a lucky find In his mine.
The congratulations are short-lived as Jim
Blunt U Informed by an English adven
turer that he Is the rightful owner and
endeavors to prove hi claim by forged
deeds of an anterior date. Jim takes the
dispute phlloapohlcally.. but hU great eon
corn Is in tho foar of losing tho affection
of lila Intended, Mlsa June, the camp
school mistress. She Is I'.forined of Jim's
reversal of fortune and Immediately in
forms him of her continued devotion. Jim
Is overjoyed and orders drinks for the en
tire crowd lo the success of (hi future
Mrs. Hlunt.
At the Uayety. commencing this after
noon. Ham Howe will offer his company
of funsters called "Love Makers In Af
rica," In a two-act travesty. The company
i enguged by him Includes his old partner.
Hob Scott. James Dixon, Linton and Lanier
Dewolfe. Vera Desmond, Llbby Illondell,
tha Harmonious Four. Hurna Sisters and
a chorus of thirty pretty girls nnd ten
dancing boys. It Is clean and full of mirth,
with most beautiful costumes und scenic
effects. Holiday matliu-e tomorrow.
Starting Tuesday thire will be a matinee
dally, the. engagement closing with the
Saturday matinee performance.
"A Prince for a Day," which will be I
presented by Hits Kdlth Spencer toek
company at the Guyety next l-'aturday
night onlv (New Year's eve) Is a farce I
comedy In three nets. The action tufces
place In the London home f Daniel)
I i ru-heritiari, a wen in) reurea roap inaa
j ho Is anxious to break Into tocleiy.
; There are, good parts fur Miss Kpencer, Mr.
Hennett and the other members of the
The new American theater npen.i on New
Year's day. The name has been ehanped
from the American Mus'c Hall, a id It will
! ''"ve a" manager and owner Mr. D. J,
! Hondy, formerly owner uf playhouses in
. M. Paul and elsewhere. Ihe Mtllivaa and
!" i.'uiura m m- . . -mat. civ
I booked by the .New American tluat. r. Each
performance will ronl-t of seven acts, all , Ugoua ,,.remony of (lie Sioux nation, and
features and the best of their kind. Three I u executed with all the Impressive slg
perfoimances aill be given dally, a mutine-e ! nlflcame involved at the council of the
at 8. IS and evening performances at 7 C I tribes. "A Trip to Japan" was last year's
and D JU. Attractions will change tvery
1 '
Sunday and run the full week. An Idea
cf the class of attractions coming to the
New American theater can be obtained
when it Is laid that uinong the features
of the opening week will be Madam He
d nl's trained Arabian horses, and the sec
ond week will include Anna Eva Fay,
while the third week will find lb? venerable
Bob Fltiilmmotis befora the footlights.-
This most momentoua amusement event
of the early year will be the appearance
of the New York Hippodrome company at
tip) Auditorium here, where It will play an
enaaKetrent, beginning January 8. The
undertaking Is the rnont colossal ever at
tempted In the hi; of a theatrical tour.
Fix hundred performers, half a hundred
horses, a tribe of Indians, a complete
Lilliputian circus and fifteen ears of scenic
del ices are some of the staggering figures.
Tim Shuherts. who direct the destinies of
thy New Y'ork Hippodrome, assure theater
goers that the production they are sending
to Omaha will come Intact and unchanged
from the New York presentation. The
three spectacle which lliey have selected
frc in the Hippodrome's repertoire were the
cionnlng achievements of the world's
greatest play house. A feMtival of spec
ial le. melodrama, circus and ballet Is
promised, the principals being those who
orliiir.aiv won public favor I'l New Y'ork.
'' 1 VI... ..)!-.. f. ....... t.l.l. .....
i .urn' i line, Ji noil l ui ..iiiiii. ji-Biiiiin tiuwit
I at the New York Hlpodrome since It was
opi ned. 111 have a conspicuous part.
Nellie ' Melville, premiere danseue. and
1 MIts Nanette FlacV, prima donna, are
other features loaned lo Omaha.
"i'loneei- Days." "The liapi t of Jewels '
, and "A Trip to Japan." remembered by
, ail with the history of the lllppo
dr no- v. ill eoiopi leo the entertain!. i ut.
Th I'liilulii Mill rl.u tlrt i,..n .UI,,n-.
,,,,y1... ,-0W)Oy coivgl.i, and sixty In
. dian(
an- enlisted. The sun ilsnee. Per
formed bv the led ll.en. is the creattut rn.
I uigstet pleca at tha Hippodrome. It was
Nt orenlnic their treasui o. tliey j
m unriril i:illVf '.,,11 nu
if I fiBli!:Htn and mvrr'.j.
I ThH Is receded if the Wise
.1 klm itnlH an.i
Mon fitmt t'. t n r.o Jour
l'cyil r Kolhlehetii.
It Ml the fhat Christmas, amf thtse !
tl.a fiist C.irlsL'r.a prn-a
Valuable Leyind intKftue win e the..'. .' I
gold ai gold in tl.ise d-o. Just 8 now.
But fianklnce:is and my r ill do not im-ait
so mui Ii to our modern rars. l.e; u hit If
we ran find what mode them so valuable.
tl Is leiorded In the Mosaic law thai
f rnnkliH ense was :ie of the rulm .i.ul ht-
ciedlents of the "most holy" iiei fiiiiic "fi r 1
the Lord." instructions sitte erj specific
for Its comrosltion, a nitiiess the I'ol low
ing: "And thou ahalt make It a ivrn'r.ic.
a confuttinn after the ait of the apothe
cary, tampered together, pure ant l.oly
And as for the ptrfume whU'.i l .ou
halt make, ye shall not make to yni.r
aelves according to tha rcmpositto.i the;eof
Whosoevar shall make like unto that,
to smell thereto, shall even be cui off from
his people."
And tha pura myrrh' was one of the prin
cipal tDloea In the "oil of holv ointment."
. . !
wiu.lllviK Villllin'UllU.U KIIBI lll I ( l (
the apothecary." Tha laa concerniim this
f ere also direct and positive: ' t'pon mait'a
flesh shall It not ba pouied; neither shall
ye make any other Ilka IC. after tl'.e com
position of It; It la holy, and It shall ba
holy unlo you. Whosoever compounded)
any like It, or whoeoevnr putteth an;' of It
upon a (tranter, shall even ba cut off from
his people."
To lis outcast and ostracised fur darlna
to make other compounds or confections
after a Riven form, was certainly a very
sevaro penalty ; and as and
myrrh were principal parts of those com
pounds, the law irlvfa a very hlh standing
among spices and things, to those two par.
tlcular Ingredients.
So frankincense and myrrh were valuable
Christmas presents. And. together with
told, they were offered by Wise Men ss
first tribute to the Spirit of Ol.rlmmas, to
the Christmas Spirit which permeated the
little town of Bethlehem.
And ever since that time wise men of all
ases have given their money, their gold, the
holy oil of their worship and the sweet
perfume of their good wishes. In honor of
the Bplrlt of Christmas.
To-day In hundreds and thousands of
churches, aubjeou like these will be dls-cussed:-"The
Mystery of the Incarnation:"
"The Human Birth of Divinity:" "Th
Arrival of the Messiah". Some will affirm.
and gome will deny, and aome will e,y
little on one aide or the other. Rome will
say that the Messiah haa not oome, others
will nay that the Meastah has come, and
othera will ay that there la no Messiah
at all.
But whatever the differences theological,
there will be a unity of aplrlt, and perhaps
unity of spirit la greater than unity of
belief; at leant It would seem to be mora
potent In its Influence.
And that seems to be the whole trend
and tend of Chrlstmaa. Unity of Spirit.
Men and women of the moet varying
shades of belief unite In celebratln tha
Chrlstmaa spirit. The moat earnest Trini
tarian, the moet positive Unitarian, the
most absolute Judaean. all agree on one
point, namely, the celebration of the Christ
mas Spirit. Whether the belief Is In the
Christ that Is. or In tha Christ that Is to
be, the relation towards Christmas Is tha
same In aplrlt.
And what la this spirit of Chrlstmaa? It
la the spirit of Olvlng. Instead of getting.
All day long we may ba spending our time
In Dlannlnff hrnv u. emn mnM t.
Chrtatmaa It Is entirely different: now wa
are planning how we can give best, and we
spend much anxious oare over the prob
lem of how and what to give.
Sptaking of gifts, two Itams appeared In
tha newspapers last week which ware vary
suggestive, and which may point a
Christmas lesson.
The first item was as follows: "John D.
Rockefeller has completed the task ha
I for himself In the founding of tha Univer
sity ot Chloago. Today public announce
ment was made of a 'single and final' gift
of IIO.OOO.OOO, which Includes all the contri
butions Mr. Rockefeller had planned. This
sum, to be paid In ten annual Installments,
befrlnninar January 1. will make, approxi
mately, 35.000,000 he has donated to the
university." (
The second Item Is this: "IV.ncoln, Deo.
20.-(bpeolal Telegram.)-Mrs. L. C. Keck,
the wife of a prominent business man of
this city, owes her life to the heroism of
; John doodnough, a university student,
, whose home Is In Chadron. Mrs. Keck was from an acute attack of blood
suggested and scenkally handled by Arthur
Voegtlln, the famous scenic artist of tha
big show place, and R. H. Burnside, gen
era) stsge director, supplied the dialogue
and lyrics. Manuel Klein, director of tho
Hippodrome orchestra, composed the In
cidental music. The piece recites tha
thrilling attempt of a young oriental ad
venturer to smuggle Into Jspan an Amer
ican submarine, the plans for which have
been stolen, but In the end are happily re
gained. The audience Is transported In
vision from tha Occident to the orient. A
wonderful, view uf a departing ocean gray
lioond Is seen; also the l'lumlnated harbor
of New York, a fleet ot American battle
ships, a street in Toklo and the garden of
the mikado's palace, all of which will sur
pass the wildest flights of the most ex
travagant Imagination. "The Hallet of
Jewels" Is promised as the most dasxllngly
beautiful terpsiehorean divert isetnent aver
planned and executed. It Is tha concep
tion of M. Vlncenso Romeo, master of tha
ballet at the Hippodrome. Every gem
known to science Is typified and no grander
treat for tha eye was ever conceived,
tierson's Lilliputian Circus Is an old
world undertaking. It numbers several
scote of tiny participants, whose exploits
are aa skillful as anything ever seen under
tha familiar circus tents.
There will be dally matinees at tha Audi-'
toiiuin during the engagement. Tho sale
of seats la now on.
J. Welnatock'a Yiddish Opera company
will appear in repertoire at the Lyric thea-
, ter two nights. Friday, December
23, and Sunday evening. December ,j. when
two standard pieces will be produced The
plays will be In the original Yiddish and
the cast will Include, In addition to tre
star, Miss Jda Blum, iliss Rose Vermant,
Miss Sofa Levensohn. Mr. J. Ovei lander.
H. Gershenvang, Ievensohn and Mr. .1.
Welnstoek, manager of the company, 'ihe
engagement opens Friday, December 1.
with the New York success. "Dob I'lntcla
Jud," by Jacob Gordon, the Yiddish HhaJtes
pearean. Henele, the daughter of Isaac
Hokoloff, a Jewish Innkeeper in Russia,
confesses to herself that she Is Infatuated
with the Christian government official, To
messo Nikolensky, who has sworn to re
venge himself on lieoele's father for some
I! ,n- ilcpslrcd of
' c lt reanrt Hood.
1 . o Skiinian n"rt
.I'mi.s'i 'i aorely !n
Mor.d. v tun "k
nt t 1 1 ivnsi;n1 r.
f Ii s l-'mvl ''11
need of inone w which to continue his
tmlviVNttv voi'. ii tn 1 reielvoil $100 for h.s
lilivd ihe him inl'ii'i . as perf-trmcd Mon
ilux nl:1il end to Is now on '.he
tcai' to ri co ev . i loi'omv.inh Is now in a
c;.U-nc' ci't'dlt i -v 'i t will pull throuKh."
I! do' not seem to thotiRh thos two
lioii.t i in 'Id he pr'nted in the same cen
tui.j. i:nl it 1' hs on t lir fame day. In the
tr.tiiH tiev'.'l at er. doe It?
'! he la ten nillll-n dollars of n thlrtv
fi e-i.-Ullo i clo'.lur donarion to one univer
sity; a:u1 !'i another university a student
buyiiic a little r.undred dollars' worth of
edtie tloti I :' hla actual and moral heart's
Now tl.." -tive miliinti dollars is lvcyond
a:y ordina'j t'lan'i comprehension. Tttit
lot t:t tul-o I; this wav: One thousand dol
lars within oir com 'ire hen si on (even if
not wltl-i t oi. ,ras-pV Thirty-f ve of those
thousani'- loilai' Mils would be only thirty.
fle tl.o. i.'inil dollnrs iw'ilrh Is gcttlntr be
yond innt of tin. n I'll In thought!. Thirty
five hundred of thc: o t housand-dnllnr bills
i:i .'Ihjor.nK', K'ul nn tints to only Ihree
iiiill oti n-o hundred tlinunand dollars, and
It will lak nrttially thirty-five thousand of
those thousavid-doUnr bills to make thirty
five million dollars. (Hut one's head
grows dlrry ar.d he Is lost In the financial
heights. I
Three hundred ami f.fty thousand bllU
of one hundred dolUira rticli to a university
for educational put-pines: and a night's
Jonrne..- away from the plni'e which re
ceived that donation a student gives a
quart of hl own best life's blood for a
paltry llltlo hundred-dollar b'll's worth of
What's the answer'.' One knows not. and
yet such a condition of ihlnti makes one
pause and think til Hum Christmas time!
The problem la .'nterorftlnir und you may
enjoy working It out.
Another Chrlatmos Item: Mr. Carntgle
has Ten niillloti dollars, (ai;aln an Incon
colvahln sum), for the promotion of Toace.
Jtiat huwjt will bo diatrlbuted, and Just
how It will go about the accomplishment
of Its mission remains yet to be aeon, but
It Is a suggcatlon of tangible reallcatlon
of tho old, old F.nKlish message "(llory
to Gud In the Highest, and on earth Peace,
Qood-wlH to men".
With Mr. ivockc-tellor and Mr. CarneRle
offering gold; and young Uoodnough, the
student, offering fmnklnoense and myrrh,
and his own life-blood, tha signs of the
tlmne are not discouraging, as regards the
Spirit of Christmas. J-r the Spirit of
Chrlstmaa lives always, not only around
the month of December, but all through
tho year. At the Christmas season It shows
Itself more materially, and It manifesta
tion Is the Epiphany.
Today we have the holly and the mistle
toe. The green of the bolly-leaf Indicates
the Immortality of the Christmas Mplrlt.
The red of the holly-berry Indicates th
love whloh that spirit pours forth from
the hearts of men; the white berry of tho
mistletoe suggests tha peace which the
Spirit of Chrlstmaa sheds abroad.
They are priceless gams, tha Kmei-ald,
tha Ruby and tha Pearl. And we find them
all In the emblems of Christmas. The Rmer
ald. of the Holly LaX; tha Ruby, of tli
Holly-Berry; and the Pearl of the Bud of
the Mistletoe. The Pearl of Peace. The
Ruby of Love. The Emerald of Immor
tality. Immortality, Lovr, and Peace. These are
the priceless gems of the Chrlstmaa season.
These sre the great gifts. And the Spirit
of Christmas will never die.
Mnelral .otes.
More than one critic In commenting re
gretfully on Mine. Seinbrlch'e contemplated
retirement from professional life has de
clared that the art of pure singing Is dying
out: that with the departure of the little
prima donna for her well-earned rest there
will be left no great exponent of the
"bel canto'1 school. Mine. Hembrleli her
self, in speaking of the rhsiiKca that have
come about In singing methods, loin said:
"The modern operas aim first of all tu
be .sensational, while the modern com
posers bother little about the voice. They
rely upon the dramatic situation, upon
artistic personalities, upon crashing orcheH
trsl effects. Singing pure and simple Is
losing vogue, and a pity It Is.
"When 1 was a girl, while we were
taught to act, while persuuulity was al
ways a valuable asset, the great art we
were forced to cultivate was singing, sink
ing, singing; first, last and all the time.
There were great singers all about us.
There were glorious traditions behind uh.
There were teachers who knew what was
necessary for us to do to achieve good
Mme. Sembrlch will lisve the assistance
of Frank la Forge, planlat, on the oc
casion of her concert at the Hranrtels
theater Tuesday afternoon, January 3, mil.
Imaginary wrong. Henele, suffering be
tween love for Tomasso and duty V her
aged parents and her Jewish faith, at
length weakens and meets Nlcolensky by
appointment, who, on threatening to com
mit aulclde, succeeds In persuading her
lo elope wtlh him at tiie very time when
In her home tho family Is celebrating the
feast of Pentecost. Her only brother, Men
dele, a aoldier on furlough, rushed out to
stop the conversion and marriage of his
sister. Mendole, dinguiHed ps an old man.
attracts the attention of the heroine nnd
threatens to kill both herself and her lover
if she does not return p her parents. He
nele Is forcibly dragged into the church
and la baptized. Mendein rushed Into the
church and stabs Toiiiupsu. The noio
drama Is a sermon against intermarriage.
"Tho Storm of Life. " by Count Leo Tol
stoi, will be the b II on Sunday nl;;ht.
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lsclietljr Method
Pupil of Wagner huajne, Paris
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