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Socletj E?enla of Holiday Week Dedi
cated to the Students.
"sally natkrrlns f"r-doinlna te
' Sfasy Affairs I1annr4 tor !a
ni'i Debataates - Krent for
- Cornell Mnalral ilea).
'Tar abort Cayuca's waters. in waves tt Mur.
Standi our noble alma mater
. Glorious to view!"
. Ccirnell Sane
Social Calendar.
MOXDAT Cornell alee olub esnrort, re
ceptlon at Horn hotel, luncheon ior visit
tn( Cornell men at Omaha ciuo; Air. anl
Mrs. Clamant Chase, afternoon ivoepuoa
Cor Cornell Glee ciub; weeding 01
(race Connor and Mr. Henry Wa., nt
TLIiiHUAY Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Steven,
fsceptlon-dance at Rome hotel for M,sa
iorolhf fcitevens; Mr. and Mri. Arinur
Crittenden Smith, dinner and theater
tarty; Miss Halryon Cotton, luncneon;
reunion of class. li10. Omaha High achooi,
Mlm Nellie Mgutter; Mlsa Uertruda lrtz.
theater party; Los Hlbou.T reunion.
WEDNESDAY Mrs. W. 11. Millard, tisnctnf
party for Mr. and Mra. Harton Mi.iar
and Hl lodd; Mr. and Mra. oaugnei ty,
vanlnK reception: reunion class, l'Ws,
Omaha Hlah achooi, Mr. rrank iateneer.
Ti V KUA V Mr and Mra. Clement Cnass,
Venlnc party for Miss Mildred Radars;
Wellesier club, luncheon at Omaha ciub;
Mr. and Mra. A. H. MeComieu. oancina
party; Mri. Herman Hehfeld and Mrs.
Nathan Manteil, bridge attfinonn at
Metropolitan club; Mr. and Mis. Alex
rick, bridge dinner; reunion ciuss. 1
Omaha Hlah achooi. t'nlverlty of Omaha.
FfUOAY Omloron club, Jhriima uance;
Mr. and Mra. J. 8. Hrady, mnner for Mr.
and Mrs. Meredith iNlchoienn; junior
lianclni claaa party; Mine Catherine
Baum, luncheon; Pair club dance, Muto
politan olub.
BV.TUKDAY Mr. and Mra. If. J Dinning,
afternoon reception and an evening eoit'.-i
for Mlaa Louise Dinning; Mr. and Mra.
r. W. Baoon. flanctna. party mr Vuse
Luele Baoon and Miea Marsi'f rue v in
ter: Mrs. Charlea Offutt. dinner; New
Year's eve dancinc party at Metropolitan
Culmination of all the weeks of pre
paring and beginning of the mid holiday
weak of festivities the family Chrletma
dinner rules today, even as It rules tha
year as tha event pre-eminent. In Omaha
today there are many Interesting family
celebration!. These festivities Include all
tha distinctive Christmas customs, and in
novations. Cornell alumni and the college people of
Omaha are anticipating with much interest
the festivities of tomorrow, xvhon the
Cornell Glee, Banjo and Mandolin clubs
Visit Omaha, give the holiday concert and
will ba the lions at numerous social enter
tainments. From the time the fifty-five
young men. who are the university's
musical emissaries, arrive in Omaha, until
their departure, they will be feted.
The local Cornell alumni give a luncheon
at the Omaha club In their honor. In the
afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Clement Chase give
a reception at their home for the visitors.
The concert wilt be followed by a danco
at Hotel Home. The patronesses for tha
Rome reception will be:
Meidamea J. J. Brawn, J. C. Cowln, 13.
A. Cudahy, F. H. Davis, Leonard Evorelt,
J. C. French, C. J. Grean, Benjamin
Gallagher, G. A. Hoagland, E. I IClrken
dall, Themae Ktlpatrick, G, A. Joslyn, C.
W, Lyman, R. C. Moore, C. F. Manderson.
Kathan Merrtam, W. B. Millard, . W.
Nash, K. P. Peck, J. N. H. Patrick,
At via founders. General Smith, . Wakely,
O. W. Wattles, J. L. Webster, C. E, Yost,
H. W- Yates, Herman Kountse, . Charles
Bhlvarlck. Edward Rosewater, J. 8. Brady
and John L. Baldwin. '.,
The reception committee Includoa the
wives of the members of the Cornell Alumni
association: -
Mesdomes, John W. Battin, Archie W,
Carpenter, Clement Chase, Harold Glfford,
Russell B. Harrison, Edwin C. Homy,
Lucy1 C. Howe, Herman Kesslar, Arnold
C. Koenlg, Alfred Millard,' Ernest C. Page,
James Richardson, Charlea C. Rosewater,
George Caaaels . Smith, Eunloe . Stebblna,
Ansel Cteere, William Btult. Walter L.
Bel by, George H. Thummell, John V.
Tewle, C. C, Blocum, Arthur C. Wakely,
Edward 8. Westbrook, Oscar B. Williams
ef Omaha. Frank A. Broad well, James A.
Van Dusn of South Omaha, John B. At
kins, Samuel Etnyre, William Sendentopf,
John F. Wilcox and Roy F, Wilcox . oZ
Council Bluffs.
Youth Is, written large over holiday
plana, for with its natural arrogaaoe youth
has pre-empted the Joy sua season aa pe
culiarly' Its own. This meana not only that
the returned college people demand a great
deal of the calendar, but also that this Is
the week most favored by the aeason's
debutantes and oontaina two pf the debut
receptions. Tuesday evening is the recep
tion dance which Mr. and Mrs. T. K.
Stevens give for their daughter. Miss
Dorothy Stevens. Saturday Mr. and Mrs.
R. J. Dinning will give a large afternoon
tea td Introduce their daughter. Miss Loulso
Dinning, and in the evening there will be a
1:10 coffee, when the guests will be the
younger society people, and they will watch
the old year out and the new year In.
Holiday week favors first the danulntf
party, and these events will be numerous.
Mrs. W. B. Millard glvea a dancing party
t her new house on South Thirty-ninth
treat In compliment to Mies Todd and Mr.
and Mra. Barton Millard. The Omlkron
olub gives Its Chrtstmaa party at Cham
bers' Thursday evening. Mri and Mis. A.
B. MoConnell give a dancing party that
evening to the college people. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank W. Bacon will give a dancing
party New Year's eve. At Rrownell Hall
Mcnday evening, January 1, Mlaa MarsUen
gives a danolng party. Mr. and Mrs.
George A. Joslyn give a large danoUii;
party Tuesday evening, January 3, fur Mi
Jewel Joalyn ud Miss Mildred Rogers.
Three large receptions will be given holi
day week. Mr. and Mra. John M. Lauh
erty will be at home Wednesday evening.
December 18. Thursday evening Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Chase will eateitain the mem
bers of the younger set in cuinplimeni tj
Mlsa Mildred Rogers.
Mra. Charlea Offutt will entertain thirty
of the younger set at dinner December 21,
the party attending the dance to be glvtn
at the home of Mr. and Mra. F. W. Bacon
the same evening.
Mr. and Mrs.' 8. D. Barkalow and Mr.
and Mrs. Denlse Barkalow will be at homo
to their friends Monday, January X, from
4 to 7 o'clock.
When the college people come borne for
the holidays they like to compare notes
with nigb school classmates who have en
tered other college worlds, or the business
world or have taken the step Into the so
cial world. This makes holiday week one
In which class reunions are popular. This
year tke three latest high school classes
will hold reunions.
The class of ll0, O. H. 8 , will have a
reunion Tueaday evening at the home of
Mlsa Nellie Elgutter, tos Dodge street.
The class of 1 will have lis third an
aual reunion Wednesday evening, Decem
ber . at the home of Mr. Frank J. La
tenaer, HIT Poppleton avenue. There will
be a special musical program In charge cf
Mlsa Jessie B pence.
The tecond holiday reunion of the class
mss I4OUI6F DlimNG;
aehixdne reception will
n 1909 will bo held Thursday evening at J
the University -of Omaha, Mr. Sam Car-1
rler la president of the. class; Mr. Stanton
Kkllsbury, secretary. ,
t,. . ' ,w 1.
The Lea HIBoux. the promlt.ent high ;
school club.'' have their third annual re-
Union Tuesday, evening at the Henshaw
hotel. The alumni members come from
colleges In the east and west and soma
from the land of the southwest where they
have begun to carve their fortunes.
Pleasures Past
Mrs. Charles T. Kountz4 entertained at
a box party Saturday afternoon at the
Orpheum In honor of her nieces and neph
ews. Those present were the little Missel
Elisabeth Nicholson, Gretchen Eastman,
Katherlne Davis, Eleanor Kountse. Mas
ters Meredith Nicholson, Jr.; Lionel Nichol.
son, Denman Kountse and Mrs. Kountzc.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Fairfield enter
tained at dinner at their home Friday even
ing, .when covers were laid for:
Mrs. Edgar Moraman.
Miss Daisy Doane.
Mies Mae Hamilton.
Mr. and Mra. Fairfield.
Major Hale.
Mr. Karl Gannett.
Mr. Francis Krogan.
Mlsa "Marlon Tyler entertained the Ama
teur Bridge club at her home Friday.
The guests of the club were Mrs. Charles
R. Hannan and Mrs. George Van Erunt
of Council Rluffa. Mrs. Harry Montgomery
and Miss Mary Richardson. The memberj
of the club present were:
Misses Misses
Eugenie Whltmore. Jx uise Dinning
Nannie Page,
Mildred Rogers.
Fred Thomas
Dorothy Stevens
Dcnlse Uarkalow,
The second of the Informal hops was
given at Fort Crook Saturday evening'. The
hall was decorated witli Christmas greens
and the guest list Included:
Ainy Ullmore.
Louise Dinning.
Dorothy Btevens.
r.ugenle W hi I mo re.
Mmam Patterson.
Frances Nash.
Edith Thomas.
Randall Brown.
George Bohnisn.
Jack Howen.
lien Wood.
iit"i'( Kngler.
Kd (.ieorgc.
Lieutenant Watton.
Captain Taltot.
Edith l.ocke.
Alice Carey MeGrew.
DoioUiy Morgan.
Brownie lleks Baum.
Louise Lord.
Katliryn MeClanahan.
Katherlne Moorhtad.
Earl Gannett.
Jaek Baldwin.
IJe -ard Baum.
Robert Burns.
1.1(m dueod.
New Yi'ik.
Captain O'Connor.
LieuUnsnt Bales.
'ihe senior hop of the c:u of Uli o?
the Omaha Hiuh school nas held Friday
evening at Chambers' and was an ex
ceedingly pleasant expression of the ho'.:
day spirit. Thess Christmas tiecu d. rel
ated with Christmas trinkets shared h n
ors with llu dururat.. r. of the cla
colon, orenpe and black, and the h.s
school colors, purple an1 wl'ite. A frut.:: e
et the decorations was Les Hlboux cozy
corner. The color si heme was gruy and
black nnd colored llfhts lined the curtains
that formed the entrance to It. The coir.-
mlttee, which Is to be congratulated on
the good time they gave their guests, In
cluded Messrs. Voyle llevtor and I.-ancrJ
Marshall. The grand march was lead by
Mr. Lcanord Marshall and Mies Muriel
Chrlstmss trees and Christmas bells
brilliantly Illuminated formed an appro
priate decoration for the Christmas danc
ing party given last evening at Chambers
academy by the members of the Omaho
Junior club. A large Christmas 1 ell of
holly and mistletoe completely covered the
large central chandelier, and Christmas
trees were placed around the room. The
loom was canopied with ropes of Christ
mas greens which extended from the center
rhandelUr to the balcony, wheie wreaths
of red and g'een were suspended. For
supper, which aa served at K o'clock,
the guests were seattd at small tables In
the supper room where Christmas decora
tions ere also used. The committee in
charge was Mr. Hurry Koch. Mr. Edward
t ' f if
4 0
6" :' ' V-
: V r ' if v
'fi i
daughter of Mr and Mrs
be ttc fast large event of
O'Brien, Mrs, A. C. Potter and Mr. luy
mond Low. Those present were:
Mioses Misses
!"' ayls, Mk lurn 1 Patterson,
T bs Davis, ; Joseph ne O Nell,
Menie Davis, .Kraiices Nash,
Prances Hochstetler. Hens liaum.
' Marguerite Burdsval, Ruth Hammor,
It! I 1,1 i.l Ui-ia l. Inakntli tltxif
Mildred Rogers,
Kllzabcth Bruce,
Martha Dale,
JKugenie Whltmore,
Clara Bull,
Mane Holllnger,
Katherlne liecson
Mildred Butler.
Caroline Congdon,
Mary Alice Rogers,
Caroline Rarkalow, Habel French,
ifiilxabetn uongaon, nutn naming,
Nannie Page, Caroline Harding,
Alice Carey McGrew, Dorothy Morgan,
Dorothy Stevens. miaa Hammer,
Louise Dinning,
Helen Forbes.
Agnes Burkley,
Esther Byrne,
Wilson Austin,
John Baum,
Richard Baum,
John Baldwin,
Hal Brady,
Kdward Cudahy,
Robert Dinning,
James Dickson,
John Doherty,
Like Deuel,
Herbert French,
F.ank Frederick,
Paul Gallagher,
Ben Gallagher,
Percy Hall,
Wylie Hafer,
Harry Koch,
Ray Lowe,
Hugh Millard.
Gladys Peters,
Carmelita Chase,
Bryant Coe,
Clement Chase,
George Thurmell,
Mignon Hurke,
Robert Wood,
Robert Howe,
John Looinlsi,
Elmer Redlck,
Hal Yates,
R. F. Burns,
Samuel Rees,
Robert Stout,
Walter Roberts,
Bernard Smyth,
E. Bloodgood,
Chester Dudley,
V. W. Clark. Jr.;
Fred Doherty.
Miles Standlsh.
Gerald Wharton,
Alex Loomls,
John McCague,
Frank Hall,
Jrsfe Robots,
Ned M Han.
Lloyd T-omax,
Ted Millard.
Sanford Glfford.
Edward Murphy,
Edward O'B ien,
Cuthbert Potter,
Cfdrlo Potter,
Harold Prtiohet,
Doilse Tlllson,
Ben Wood,
Blaine Young.
John Caldwell,
Robert Thompson.
Ceutain O Connor.
Mranrt M-s. Benjamin Cotton.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wharton.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Thomas,
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Congdon.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 1- Dav'.s,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pickens,
Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Brady,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. French.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Koch.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harding,
Mr. and Mrs. Snmuel Burns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. IxjuIs Clarke.
Mr. and Mrs. f'hsrles Kountse.
Mr. and Ms. Denlse Barkalow.
Mr. and Mrs. John Iiedlck.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crtighton.
Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Stevens.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tsge.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ward Hosford.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip I'otter.
Christmas Dinners
A number of family reunions are being
held today. Willi Mr. and Mrs. A. P. TuUey
will be Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bryant of
Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Fdwln Morrison of
I rni'im City. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tukey
and small ton, and Miss F.thel Tukey.
Mr. t.nd Mrs. Frederick M. Wing of Chl
ctt'o ariivrd Saturday morning to spend a
week with Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Moorhead,
"" to be l'rsent ' " ftt"11!" uln:ler
I urty Christina
On of the large families which always
t 1 luns an enjoyable time at Christmas I
tho Iiedlck family. Saturday evening there
was a large Christmas trea at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Hedluk. when all
members of the family were prefent.. The
tree v. as elaborately tilmimj and ths gifts
of the family placed on it. The guests at
this celebration were Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge
Hedlck. Mr. and Mrs. John RedlcU, Judge
and Mrs. W. A. Kt-dick, Mr. r.lmer Kedick.
Mrs. bwartzlander, Mr. and Mrs. O. C.
tUdlck and the children of Mr. and Mrs.
Ciooigo Dedkk. Today there will be the
Urge Chrlbtmas tree at the home of Judje
and Mrs. Kedick. when the entire Redlck
family will sttend. Judge Redick. as the
oldest meu.bcr cf the family, always has
the t'a.lstr.'.as clnur at his home.
A Christians dinner will be given by Mr.
and Mrs. John 1. Ker.nedy, complimentary
to Mii.3 Jsnnlo Hanscom snd Mies France
of New Tork. who are their guests.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Al.lson will g'.vo a
large family dinner at their home tody.
In IJncoln Mr. and Mrs. Heury T. Clarke.
if. d Dinning,
fcnef - cen hundred- fan
r., formerly of Omaha, will give a family
Inner. Those attending will ba Mr. and
Mrs. ' James Love Paxton. Mrs. W. F.
Alltn,. 'Mrs. Elizabeth Bishop, Kansas
'lty; Miss Elizabeth Paxton, Mr Henry
'larks, Mr. Edgar Bishop, Kansas City;
Master James Love Paxton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Merrlam will en
ertaln nt dinner today Mr. and Mrs. Bar
ton Millard. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Millard
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Merrlam
and Mlsa Mildred Merrlam.
Mr. and Mrs Charlea Kountse wilt have a
family dinner party today w hen the out-of-town
guests will be Mr. and Mrs. Meredith
Nicholson and fnmlly of Indianapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Smith, who have
had a Christmas tree celebration for the
last nine years, will have the same this
year. Six children will enjoy It besides
a number of relatives who have an annual
Invitation for this Christmas tree.
A family reunion and house party is be-J
Gave Up Stage for Home
ill.- J jf ! : ( '
J :r rrtrrtaln--d I v Mr and Mrs. John A. J
I HrRpr,o;o. 1 nov arc planning to Mtve a;, xniw nirninic. wnrn lour rnrra
llone of IM f.inilly will lo prosrnt to rn
jny it. IncludlnK Haby Jrnnne Iloeallnd
stropt. da-iflitT of Mr. and Mr. Harry I
Ptrprt of Chlr.iKo. nnil Mrs. Kilmund
Rit Moil, niotlu r of Mrs. John A. AVako
fl.ld. Maetr K.iivanl Westbrook. son of Mr.
and Mm. 1'.. S. West brook, who has but
rtcrntly pielrntr,l his 1st birthday, will
bo pr?i;inK amltis nt the Christmas tree
celebration. Thirty children will be his
For the Future ,
Mf s Catherine Ha urn will entertain at
luncheon Friday at her home.
Mr. ant Mrs. Ale Fiek will give a bridge
dinner at their home on Fouth Thirty
sixth street the evening of leeemhr 28.
Mrs. John J. Hnnnlghan wilt entertain at
dinner Morday evening, January 2. fol
lowed by a thenter tarty at the Prandels.
The guests will be about thirty of the
school set.
Mr. and Mrs. John 9. Hrady will enter
tain at dinner on Frldny evening, compli
mentary to Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Nich
olson of Indianapolis, who are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Kountse.
Mrs. Utnest Hart will entertain at a
dance dinner Monduy evening the Omaha
toys and Rlrls who are to be guests at
the canee to be given at the Grand ho
tel by Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Stewart,
In honor cf their daughter, Miss Marie
Stewart. A house party will include the
following guests froTi Omaha:
Flirnbeth Heed. .iano Tatterson,
Gertrude McCarthy, Miriam Howe,
Frances Hoehstctler, Mnrte Stewart,
Mese:s. Messrs.
Casprr Offutt, Robert Howe,
Jarvis Ofrult, Hnry Hart.
Francis Gaines, Kldred Hart.
Wedding Bells
One of the first of the large January
weddlngB will be that of Miss Cora Roth
schild, dp.ushter of Mr. anil Mrs. Lee Roth
schild, Kit) South Thirty-seventh street, to
Mr. Morris Joseph of l)es Mo ne, la.,
which will be celebrated Thursday even
InK, January 6, st o'clock at the Metro
politan club. The bride's slstor, Mrs. Lou
Vcr Veer, of les Moines, will be matron
of honor, and Mr. J. Joseph, brother of
the groom, will ba best man. The ushers
will he Mr. Ralph Rothschild of Chicago
and Mr. Burton Joseph of Des Moines. Fol
lowing the ceremony and reception, dinner
will be served at the club and 186 Invita
tions have been Issued.
Personal Gossip
Mr. R. A. Van Orsdet has gone to Fre
mont to spend Christmas.
Miss Anna Glfford and Mr. Sanford
Giffoid are home for the holidays.
Mr. Ray Dumont of Boise City, Idaho,
has returned home for the holidays.
Miss Leota Holdrege will spend the holi
days with friends In Sheridan, Wyo.
Mrs. C. W. Morton and family have re
turned to the city from Boston, Mass.
Mrs. Joseph Metcalfe and Mlsa Rose
Cotfman will spend the holidays In Parts. ;
M'.f.s Jennie Peters, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. R. C. Peters, Is home from Smith
Mies Winifred Shepherd of Denver, Colo.,
will spend the holiday with her aunt, Mrs.
Emma Petersen.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Wing of
Chicago, are holiday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. G. p: Moorhead.
Mrs. H. A. Wharton, of Auburn, Neb.,
has been visiting her mother, Mra. J. II.
Musgrave, for the last wsek.
Mr. Babcock of Chicago Is spending
Christmas as a guest of his brother. Cap
tain Campbell Babcock at Fort Crook.
Mr. Paul Hudson of Mexico wilt arrive
about the middle of January to be the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keeilne.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry By ram of Chicago
arrive today to spend tho holidays with
Mrs. Byram's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P.
Miss Margaret Linahan, who attends St.
Mary's academy at O'Neill, Is spending the
holidays with her grandmother, Mra. Mar
guerite Heelan.
Messrs. Stanley B. Mackay, Douglas
Cavers and Keith Cavers are home for
X) J
f 1 I
the Christmas vacation from Hoidertiesa
school, Plymouth, Ma-a.
Mr. Maurice J. Novoson of Ht. !oiils.
Mo., arrived Fildsy. to remain In Omaha
until after New Year. Mr. Novoson Is
tho fiance of Miss SJe Keteliuan of
this city.
Kivlne Prandels arrived from New York
Saturday morning and will remain in
Omaha until Thursdsy, when he will re.
turn home, accompanied by his fat'ner,
Arthur D. Iirandcls.
Pr. David . II. R l'ntten of Chicago,
brother of Frank C. Patton. treasurer of
the Rlrhardsun Drug company. Is visit
ing friends nnd re'atlves her during the
holidays and Is the guest of his parents,
Rev. and Mrs. William O. Patton, K.V.M
Mandnrson street.
Mr. and Mrs. 11 H. PaMrldge and son.
Malcolm, will spend Christmas at llolll
days. Pa., the former home of Mr.
P-fildrtdge. The day after Christmus they
leave for Maine to attend the wedding of
Mr. Joseph Puldrldge and Mrs. Dudley
Miss Irene McConnell, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. A. 11. McConnell, will have a
house party commencing Monday. Her
house guests will be Miss Jnefinn Cardenas
of Salplllo. Old Mexico, and Miss Mary
Nerney of Chicago. These young people
are classmates at St Mary' s college, Notre
Dame, Ind., and other Omaha women who
have been attending this same school are
Miss Gertrude McCarthy, daughter of
Major and Mrs. D. 10. McCarthy, and Miss
Helen Ilayden. who will also spend a few
days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mo
The constitutional amendments giving
women the right to vote in the slate of
Washington was adopted at the recent elec
tion by a majority of more than 24,000.
Mrs. Antoinette;' I). Leach Is said to be
the only woman In the country who is
president of a bar association In which the
membership Includes men. Mrs. lea'h Is
the only woman lawyer In Sullivan county,
Illinois. She was a candidate for the legis
lature at the recent election.
Miss Louise St.inwood, a special student
In Radrllffe college, has won In the play
competition of the Harvard Iramatle club.
Miss Stan wood a play "The Progress of
Mrs. Alexander." has been accepted by
tha club and will be presented In Dece n
ber. The competition was open to both
Harvard and Radellffe students.
Miss Delia Sharp has Just been declared
elected circuit clerk In Jasper county, Mla
Bourl, after a strongly contested campaign.
Her opponent was one of the most popu
lar farmers In the county Miss Sharp Is
described as a kern business woman and
very attractive In looks. She was admitted
to the bar In 1901. She was deputy circuit
clerk for more thsn twelve years before
her election as clerk. During her campaign
she visited the mining districts, where she
went nown into the mines and talked to
the men at work. It was In this Dart of
the county that she received her largest
Miss Edith Cameron had one of the finest
exhibition at the national apple show In
Chicago. Mlsa Cameron's home it at White
Salmon. Wash., and she Is the executlvo
secretary snd field representative of a com
mercial league composed of 500 business
men and ranchers In her state. She Is said
PRIVATE SATE-$3.00 per year.
You get two keys the only ones that will
unlock it.
STORAGE VAULT for trunks, chests of
fiilver, eto. Itntes by tho month or year.
We will ba glad to show you through at any
time. .
Omaha Safo Depssil & Trust Co.
Omaha National Bank Bldg.
Street Entrance, . 1614 Farnam Street.
f)UT of the full satisfac
dan of a prosperous
season; from the pence of
well being and well doing
we offer to our friends and
to those who should he our
fullest wishes for a
Merry Christmas
C. B. Brown Co.
322 South
r i r Mil
Sf s
1407 Douglas St.
Plaited Milk
Perfectly Baked, Wholesome, Nutritious.
EpiK'cially Suitable for IK-Iieato Stomachp.
The Children Thrive on It.
fW)L? AT
t, - ,
to hsve ridden more thn frO miles on her
ponv to gather the apples for her exhlMt.
Miss Acnes Deans-Cameron has been
sent to Vnglund by the Canadian govern
ment to le tore on the advlsabllltv of eml
srstlng to Csnnda. Hefore going over
to the mothrr country Miss I ean-Cmemti
traveled extensively over Canada for the
purpose of Invrstlcntlon. the means for'
doing this being furnished by the gov
ernment. She proved s successful thst
the Australian government has fo'lomed the
example of Canada bv sending Miss Pes
ttlee Urtmehaw to explore paima. I'rltlsh
New Otilnea with reference to Us optxr
tunltles for settlers.
)svBeti FBailcv.
This Institution is th only one
In the central wast with separate
luulti bnuulrj lu tlicir own
au.ple grounds, yet entirely dis
tinct an J rendering It possible to
classify cases. The ono building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of noncontagious and
noiimental diseases, no others be
ing admitted. The other, Rest
Cottage, being designed for and
devoted to the exclusive treatment
of select mental cases, requiring
for a time watchful caro and ape
1 la I nursing.
We arc- exclusive agents for
50c to $1.00 Per Pound
You want this for your Xiuas
Gift or Dinner.
17th and Farnani.
Removal Notice
DOUOLAS 8333 OB A-3333.
16th Street
Bottled Blessing
Undeland's U. D. Quinine
Hair Tonic
Ahead of all others is the head
that is clean
It cleanaa the hair, invigorates
the scalp, and promotes a healthy
growth of hair.
A. L. Undeland
Omaha, Neb.