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    Omaha Sunday
1 HE
K"r eat her rerurt .
Viii. -L-N..
MMiLK ("t'i'Y MVr. ULNTS.
r'UK UIIUSTJIAS Dies of Paralysis in TO BE TAKEN UP
Coming and Going in Omaha
Tea aci Oae-Th:rd Pfr Cent Iacrease
aa4 Ixprove-nent of Workuif
Canditinns Graatid.
Minneapolis, Minn.;
S-r.rr s.T
3Iercpa:s Prepares for tie Hobday
that Tint Year Will 2 of Tire
Days' Duration.
Consideration, cf Census Bareaa's
CeTtral City -faa Who Wii Lai-jest , Scheme by Jteaibers of Eoase
Cattle Feeder ia World Fuses Committee in Order.
Av lav iniu wnj.
yrm. SZCU2X5 ccxPHcitrss
CETvTBLAt. i jTT. eo . t-ee. i. ispe-ia.
Tinm i nimu Penton Hurt the iarg-
XilLtades Gather ia the letail Dit- (at ea.t'!; fwdr ;n TTi wrr;,d and far many Copies Will Be Xailed to SepmeaU
tricti to Firchaie Prwettti. ' p-- r-tnt her, di-i tins mrn- ; tires During Vftcation.
Sec are Control of Iectri
aid Ga50..e Cars.
- l -r.
in ji;nnfmpini, j:na.. wnsr :m dk I
!fun Mil' A fw rl v aTk tn -rn:i it a, an. 1
Diaaeri Are Set-red to Thoosaadj at
- . .
the City s Poor.
"" -ee'V la Kami f
Katrat irrln In n
- rtn r-iy for ChrWutJ- ,
p ri that r::-d tli ir wHi t.lrwnaa ;
an to trri in ti r'ft tnia memlnf aaI
Fatnir K n. TTVK-k- tcwk n tn lr of tha I
tr-aT'' ciehrai)on that haul tn-n
Th .i-ai-a in tn bumna, and Tnan-
atrtrt rbt th ao-md of tna '
r. kr hnhd and thouaanda kmd tl
1 '
j-at fiwl in the : pn. tlnraierr and .
:imi d'!"-s. arer ?1 ai-oi:!tuda rowd ,
a' -r.g th arTiia and rotx!d inta tha
torsa La gaihM- from tha traunira thr. j
to Tut a.l art fir tha rhtldrwn and
hat'-py ftr!(Jea fr tisa Itonm on tna aa- !
nvrwiry of the Wrtli nf -T,a Prtr of'
The -aietrat-.wa of Canatmaa aijl contlnua :
Uirou(i M-mday. In al! tne ctiurche there '
will ba apeiial Chriatmaa aerrtcea. tha j
theaiere a" puttlna an apetial bill, tha !
hMta xI .-area aperial cnridtmaa mniwil'". rmnim nooae lor ni imom t t)l mPmbera of conifT-na he:n-
ami entertainment, the ciuba and or1et5ea ; reatdenre. Within tha laat four year Hetvr j at t,,r)r nomM for thB holiday. FLepreaen
tedaJ Chriatmaa aayctioa j Hor h ul!t a realjence acroaa the rtraet I tatif-e Lunarwonh of Ohio waa one of the
Tha heavr rain wlilr-h beaan ear"y ia tha frnm tn ' hich hi father lived and j few memban at work. He ta (otnc over
mornlrtar afept th Teta cieaji. but th s n,s 'erted the ranch aa a Dvtn place. the whole question of a tariff commiaaion
pr-dlrted 'W Me Chriatmaa" baa not been ! T- a Hord u CenrraJ Orr'i ranrt pub- bid and will have compietod a draft of a
heralded th' even tna. aa tha weather ia
tl! damp and dreary.
rj1atanaa Traaa a Plaaty.
rwn nr TX" nmt &t rmm tff4av Innuainit of .
.. . t
M.j lir-atrra treea hava been acr-atN- ,
lied, "ha'ted" and boua;ht. Every com
m .ier lcnked Ilka a foreatar aa ha hurried
ha-h. yllt-w wood butt to Lire aldewauk. a
th. proTa CJa. could uMkV j
' '""' uu" " I
Kveryona of rhoae tinuaanala af yallow j
. . .
in. acrret rorear mr-ne to tna rrr-
riea, M.l. af It renewed tha aap-(
py. ui eaey au i nearDT waa tn
tradirJottai mart of dnae4 bedlaanlnsa for
the Lrraai Hare tha noraecarta atruna
alona; wtta wreath, boxes of paima and
tf teiiy. ......
ti, j . ,
..... .... , ua 1
Krar MiiMIUa. TrUIt.r and Paiu si
are r.arene r eaaoalMe caiabraOo
""""L ."ai - n-mcT iranr aooa
uxiar. when anarmaa care.i wra - ta
be 'ir at TM'M. OUierwIaa- tha-'
Cncnmal aiti-Srt w a ton, h'aa-, i
windy and m- aa a mnumalo aurfa. -
rwpt f tt the erode in tha tret-
Tber a.- a aror of downtown wtacea .
ware Chr'-t-nne. rttnnerr will ba served, ;
f nm the Aiatrian home In Broad street
to tlie Naw Tor sooety fir th rUrilef af !
trie Cr'Ooiad at FVtTT ik-obi! itihi '
w . I
!r. rTt -!! aMea tn FrtiaUia iv e-
n.tment store. In Eaat Side muhnari
iroroudiifa-na. tna wh:;i woi-d raed ta'Bl'G PAY DAY !I PlTTSSuFiG j
eve engaged in haspy cimmam taday. !
vi iial ia not so well known waa tha snoo
ting of tti. poor.
e prodded by the alvatlon Army at
Grand Central payees Monday w iiH-nlcg.
' . m-m - rl rm wt tx. . : . . . .
. ' .
-" mnnatroun tie aa harveated jf tov.
.lie Children-. Aid society la pr-p.rad ta j
'. cars cf about aapatltes,
siuatser band of aa many mora.
Big Tim arultTs.n s Bowery dinner will '
t.ghten th te.t of at leaat L Tha
- . . .
ne: Bni, ua
chr-arma day.
i.ast nigtit XV children gaiharsd at tha
Sufftaa Irag-ie. where a Christ in aa tree
us given under tha li.rection ef M rs O. ;
H P B-lmont.
AU il.e exchanges will be elnaed Uinaaj'
and but one afternoon ass sealer alii 1s
iie. But there at! I lie no holiday for the
postman or expesaamen. In n.i year L
tots haa th -rea pree a: Chris, ma.S
'f-n o r'gsnttc as it baa been this year
f . - up to UkLs. a.i jviiiiatet:-.
lirce at mall have een hanti ed aa U.e
a-neraj pustNifSca. f tills n.oitber A
p.ects a: least f" were Chnsrtnaa
Man on W ay Home to
O J ni TT'lt J
wDenCl LiiriStmaS lijileCl
J. Z. Free of Wichita Struck by Train
at Halt. Mo.. Jtut After FJiaj
a Telegrmai.
l"'i.T. Mo !we U -Ja..uo K. Kres. of
" ri -a. Kan . was stri.-a and k:.led here
t-' (. , passenger tra-n n tne rTilt-agu.
F ,r min v'. p. v razeed le was on
h s i from ' l. ."iil.i to siiei;d I'Vtstniaa
a ''ta Sroi ner a: h s oil borne in iiuncv.
' ft had 'eft nis rran ts send a ie.a-
.':T oa ' his broi 1e-. aa fo'nws
H.rr-s f.r i-ir'siiTiaa at S o'coca th.s
a '-i-nrn
Rct-irntng to h s tra.n :.s saa struea sy
'rota tlie 4ii-w.-i.on. His w.fs
and a l-v er o.d snu unt w m Mr Krees
Minneapolis Chief
of Police Resigns
Coloael Fraak T. Cornstoa Q.aits Of
fice as lUsalt of Charjes Al
lenar Graft.
il ,N FPCI4-. lee . aioeei Frank
T Cferristoa surw nterHlent at tns Xiinne
tre'is rsiks, tuilaj rvegned. to 11.1 e-."Tet
"T.arv 1. anJ "a(aia M-crtaei Meaiev. a(
.present asets;ant luefs mdsai an da'
ni .-. will socveed r-im. I'wnNea 1 rssig
t,; on f.wu e-i the ce :v. stigx2oa af
i (read jud, aad t: c Itii-iefa ef l ie
a. egad laa.:ty af the punca la aafraag
Lba lasa.
H ... -th paraivas
i about two ;mti ago and had not actively i
i'fIm",, in " t! "- ;
I II went to Eumoe this summer to the I
j a:iaM B.d g,r,n,a , r.,urT, I
; morm W. He and .Mrs. HoM went to '
.nn-poi. u-t Sutter and no mim.t'.on
had been received that he mi worn an- I
i Til the TttCflTlffl this mnntimm itniMinni
... ,
T. B Horn was known a. r"" VV.-
onjjia. For many T.
' r-or.t2ef ax t?i trai-at 'Ihiil vldual f 1-
r of catria in th Tnited U In-
I t?rpa r confined to bankina-. cartla
rajain. and tn burtn o .rasn. TTia b-ad-
auArter fur euBdurnn ha bualnna are
t(K-a 4 M centra! On. nm ba has a
imu, larara grain ufnc and ievminr
Th- K,irl ,om, , mt rn!raJ Otr. Tfca
tivrl ratt'e fmiina; a-d. nrar Cent-ai
otr. ar ,, ,h. :rt in th atat- ! f,t! ya-da Winamt tW th Hori '
,mnv r- l-.-f t. v- i
uf j ? a.:
E arora of t'.ia Hord Grain company ara
1tutd in aavrra' towna of Nebraska, and
Iowa Tho Caaitra,! Oty XaJlonal Bank
?a known aa tha Hard bank ard T. B.
Hord waa Ira prtwdm;.
For mint yr T. F Hird ifved on tha
Homo rancn. wmch la Jurt a mtle eaat of
"eatrj City. Thia farm annprws everaj
hundred acrea X few year in Mr. Hord '
ereeted a beaut; 1 remdenee in Central
Cty and moved from the farm. Hi son.
tie apti-ited dt':
Throuch hi donatlona j
i tfia park and public busidinita of tha town
er Improved. He Ji waa Interested
In bavina the town built ip and uad his 1
InCuance to l-t the propertv owner tn
. , , . . ' .
wuri au.Hiinaa. niTn tna result
1 that moat of CanrraJ CI;
y'a buainea sw
tiona I cumpoaed of bnrk and atone atme-
Mr. Hard irilved by Mr. Herd, a aon !
m a daughter. The children ar. mar- j
rta. The daughter live. In Loa Ana-laa
KrtV rTn70T1 tn lloifh :
wj iUu WW J-rutaKU. I
V.-- H J T?-l ,
'e:... TE-V- TXT.J.J a tt
w ae coroners .axy uiarw
Win Die Coroner's Jury Charges
Pareati with 5e-Iect
,. -rt .
ucAUi w 1U4 ticncic.fc.
- . - I
CR.IND PORS.3. X. D Dee. -Thai
tna year-aid ana or M rlael ott f Rich- :
anteon. sr. D.. froaa ta deaiii aa tha re- j
suit wf hi paraat acalort. i. tha vardlct I
of tha oorrmar a Jtrr that Invaatigraled J !
caaa today. A. i-ter. 4 year jld. wha waa
wtth th boy. win prabably die.
Tha children dtaappaarsd from tha house i
about noon, and It was evening before
neighbor war caHed to he p to search
for them. They were found at tha rear of i
tt)lr Knme one dea4 ud the rt ..r- wrH 1
j her leas froaen from ta, kaawa d-w and
' i
!. frM fntM r K. - - .... i
IBiBBaMe a la IaasateW Ptamta. Dla j
trtfcwta Severn MlUla
I Eaplayea.
rTTTSat'RG. Pa . Dae St. Pa v masters
) hi tha tnd'iaral planta ta the Pittsburg
djatrirt comr'eied thetr work today when
,. -nni eirrt..t to ts.
ft ow. of .. p.v, m th. ;
ht. t ,h -f-trtev asd twduded mm I
w-s hv th. mti coal and coke in- !
dustrle. aa well aa ti river iuterests. On I
.rtwaTion paid I. flat men on FYWay la I
raer tnat tnetr raniuej ram save ins
money ror anopoing eanv sajurua;--. ners
1-ava been distrfbur'ng fanda throughout
the week. The holiday wiil Ba snort.
Expert Who Will
Traveling Men
Artaur C. Chaae. eaa of l..a best knawa
travaiing tsea in 'ma ua. anil be a wpeakeri
mm to arotfrata ef ihe dinner to be given J
at the Cianoaerc'tal club. December ft. sir i
Chase la. soent taenty-two year an ttie
road and naa learned the) wa"S of tne
knight or rue gr'P so i laei ne naa oeeu
"re- "h t important mb
aons for t:ie Traveler s Preiax-uve aasovia-
Uun . seventeen years or nis sert- : a
bfrn wuj) Psxton a. Ga.'.ag:ier. so he Is a
fa.-r retreeeniAile uf the mtNiLin ffr
fisaa nouses
On t e pc.irau Air. i haae wit! nesk fir;
;. Xraveiers iiuie-;e .a.uxi. He
he a heeii a pciuinrnt merutH-r of PxtT A.
ihe t nna.ia cl.aier of tl a urganiaail'ii
. f-ji a gojd i.iy yesrs nad as ri . r. a
pijdcnt if It Twu-e he wa e;e-a
delegate to Ihe na'H-al i inr pnii"ti ti r
t -eent i:ie tnia.a pei. iite rfiiiiy '.t
was desired i make io a vmrciitee to I
' eooetdrr lie pr.ihmr of g-rd nwnia aod
' p,iljiil ui:iit;a Mr chase wss seie.-ted ai
ttts cma '.a rewesenta i' . in tins loin- .
mUlee. lercaaae ef liis general knowledge
of the tmuuiei ef; men in
l. ns coiair-.- m Nebraska and le iiM f
Lis interest In He a b.-n
aa eathustast m aui'tmoie'es f" 'en
jeert In rrw caunn tounrig.
U at let ftw th tra silng men s -,;i ne
on of the biggest affairs t .al tie Com
ipen lal club eaa trer attempted. It ie (toped
lluU er' man wdo trai el f.r an tniliit
.Htiiae wl.l be tnrr.
The program of sowx-nee wi,l be onuer
' lesoatsliio ef Krana lia: er n(
the Untnger l.-ainerraent .mt.anv, w - at, I
a.-t as toastmaster The general cf. airman
fur h whate eveang will be iCttgar A ilea.
preadert ef the 1 'nmmtnlai c :b
Whsa Mr Al'ea ca.:a t-ie ine;:n to or -
' er he will 1 nt rod -re Rigtit Reverend
torgs A. Dn rner bislep sf tn dioeese
sf su w.U detivsr ta itiv,-
Uoa. Cue ef tne aaoat lmfer:a-it Ueaan
BepreaeataiiTe Loazworta One of tie
Few Who Work.
wai-twel-w BUI ta Hrfmrit
M'm C
wltk Md.
I WASHINGTON. Ie. 24. T erruntr
boriii'i cwnrwlo'ni aoporiomtiit
! K-tirnii wiil ba bf r nwmtoera of tha
. Iiduw mm mi "! an trnTja fir r'nsdff
ation br'n now jd tha rm amma.lnt
of ron m. Januai-r &. Chairman rrim
pc!ir of that rnmrnitwi haa had nrnt1
'-ri'i prri y th ci-
u" httr"a- ' rn '"" of v"rtoUa
rajia m 11m 01 "i
ippn-antatlona of the d!ft-rnt atarea.
Thi-a h ma,i"d to th m'miwn of
tha pomm1fe. who ara at thrtr homea or
In TTashina-on for tha holiday.
Th;a Is d-irn'd to n"ilt tha cona!dr
ax;rn of the p'an "o that when that body
meets even member will hava had Dim to
ft over the table thoroughly and be bet
ter prepared for i-tion on the proooaal to
"eport tno bl'l to the house at thia aea
atnn. aatwl D'wrtea.
nftsur rne ntlna aa nearly aa poa-
slbia the view of tha majority of th way !
and mean committee by the time that
ccnTea i-e-aambien on Januan'j I
Mr. Lonjrworth a work on tha commission
ld!a follows h:a conferem-e w th Repre-
aentatlvea Good of Iowa and Lenraot of i
I Wiaeosnn. in both of ahoae b II ba found j
I fm d pnintii.
Many tliouaand of coritr af th re-port
and hein of the commlrtea that oon-
d jt-'ted the Bai'maer-Pincmit InveatiijaCuo
.1 be tU.-u.
1 W'll be dlatrtbutad throuchout
Ii i esumatrf tht cn will m
arrordln, to rtettreamtatlve Coooer of!
Penn.yivan... chairman of tha houaacotn-
'mitiee on pi-intm.
Mr. t'ooper and member of his rommit-
tea favored cetttn oat a lare edition to ;
meet th wldesnread demand for lnforma- 2
u h: ,h.
rsmmitM M uriru luni hma vet ta net nn 1
rha eenort. mt tha in va:itLa nonnur.l
which waa referred to rt-
Th tvport ef th Ba-noultnral counltteJ
w:;i a parftinrtory rev m f tha mait-r j
ta ihe knux without de4v iwtn the ne j
t ail.
'School Board Averts
t aW a -aa a .
ev - . y t ,
a btriKe 0I JamtOrS
Waj-0Ut at 5tTElT!11 11 Averted Oy j
Merabers IMakiaff Sabscriptioa to .
. w v :. I
w. w - ' .
uj lcj w a ia4.ti 111.
NEW HAVEN Conn.. Dec. :t if ember I
w l
of the Boerd of Eutucailon of 'ha Ne
j Haven pub,ic schools had the nniqua ex-
te tra
. ver-ence an msnt oi mvoiuing . -na- in,, evidenr was omr .iirl d-inr.g the
ci: jsmtors by voluntary ubsci-ptlon imy wilmu9..n ma ad;.nirrnient wa taxen
' of the amount of money demanded bv the j unui januaj-y ", w! .en tn arguments w;i
j janitors as extra compensation Cooking aiade and the of tr.e cauit proa
. classes have ih-en hrid cui:ng tha ftll tur I ,ni- ar.nounced.
! young women w.:o co-lid t rec-ri-e day :n-
..aoitors hava ohiected ta
working overtime and the school board was
onahia to secure increase- compensation
for them. The nitiinatiim came yesterday
and Uher the classes had to b 00
- - - - -
- l- - -1 - - '
cash enough t satisfy ;he wou:d-be strii-
t ra
Talk to the
at Their Dinner
ir.nuR. : cha.-k.
on tne pr'Hfram. "The 1 -oimnm-tal C'.uh."
s:.l be responded to bv A'bert w Jeffer s
an anomev w tn a reni;ta:ia fr hc'ltance
and f-ii. lty iu u.atory
Th las tra.euag men orgamauons
wi'l m rstreseTited. the Travelers Pooler -i
's sssoc-.stii.a by Mr. t'baae and trie
C'lltrd i -ftmiDrtTia Tra rlers ty t'hsr'ra
VA' H nof . grand cuonsr-i.ur ef thar oroew.
Mr liintir is a er-. a,i an.i
n trateiiaa
amofig nis
; nuu 'a hiick 1
associates as 'ijcaadia l'.laj'
lie .s on
' ti p:(i for M.i ord-fcrad.
J Thy 1 s-i'l oe several utttr ii,rti at
( t--s traveti.ig men dinner and ever-- seiea-
I maa 1 at'ends will ba to " ej : ial
corrmervr.a ester-rt.-e of tie -ty ap-
I pre-ia:es h s wora in sp
aing ns me
I goea and the reui
Lh.-o3u ji. ir. coavrj.
"V- ;
-X . ...-evLee'
;mks. paine would drop case
BotCB Woiaaa Withirawi CoapUiat
AjTLillt CoUat S Aalhy.
naaiaiar laaiata taat Trtau r
a.ltkaava Tawre la Llttlw Ckaaew
j faw Caav-trtlaa L
11 Dewt a
' DeMrayv.
- - -
TOCRi. France. I"w. ;. The aer-ee of
-iiBi;oCTa iiiai ca Mimota iiK kriai :
T.ount and ruitM u auibv
j Gatlamy reached a -nmai today, when th
: d -tehees of Cholaul-Praalln. farmarlv Mrs
...:ant-w rT a IT: I. U!l rniina 04jesi. atwu-
!a,n"4 her acct-a.1..n. thai rrAa.lry and ri.
wif had eonepirint to awtndla her out of
, rw.jH tn the sa-e of vpurioua paintlnir)
As the d-u -he,- lawyer, w.
th court m"m row'1
stood unurd. wondering wha
. i un'W irn v ...
of spectators
I stood unurd. wondering what would he
! tha next move in- the etrange case H.
Petard, for the defense, ask-d in public
. . .. i
prosecutor to ston t:ie protreediegs. Hut
a..d ,n, ,r.., nt nUed.
Prsseeatisa veeakeaed.
withdrawal of the Uut-iioaa -.;. ret-
.(&;! weaker.i 'f it does rot a.suoy t-;a
fovntiatiun tor tre prt-stcutiiift.
K is understoiei t.iac it tti a-ii-lil by
i ,h.
con.i.iiun .if a iiri a e Avr.-e-iie:it
. -
t le 1- tters
iD'ulby la a ieai-d .o have aa.U ha 1 hn
! wr tte-t t- Mrv. P;ne ar.d D- trie be.ipf
i that the ca.- w bmj ins.: a atveiotnreni -f aerial- aaviganoo from the her par-nts. w:io were re t)iese to nr. her. j acceotanre waa conveved
ireetrlt. arve - of the .ht -d-nr nf ert'a-. .-.andpclut of taa aa i made In report' The scene of the accident was high up ! ,a , -..wml ioa-T Vel In wntea
i wheV carrter ?e!;erse. the a- e-rrjer-. ,0 ;ei eiarv b- ilaptaln Waahlng- in th rirmiu hjli. the loftiest se.-un vw St jB, -rol.
ca:ied hv ;.-.e prw-jron. is firi Ut . .MA u Chamber-, wna waa delegated bv;rw.sered by railway in Engiand. ihe. trmrw,I?Hty eonw.-l-rm tha pro-
a-imit ur.drr e"-.ii-;'jn he sat u- ... the miasibility of i .Siila.ion of tne wreck .ated some delay :..i . ,h. i . ... ,
er indie ttent for ma:n:a.n:ns a sa:nOMr. j
, it)ibHp,'imen tn Ptir n
I to irw ,(- ?:;
i D'. u.'b'. H landon
! who y -.--.FaitrTl n
1 If,rt'r-. f'J ttiea B bfi Kwr rrn-
!fia;Vy j'a'itjr-i mnd xrat an aTtTntt ha1
! ij-i Tia-i- to b.:;'i '7i'3 nd ro hia
, Gtw. H ra'j'id ;ha' h had -n a re';
, T.T',r hy F'an. n ti- A "rT,.csi
"r.vrTil iVa j:cf-r rm-n
P ' i b' . A Tr i trir a4 'umr-d t-ir
i w-r oiz; .-: of -I dk !jv D Auilr."
vf-Af- wt-wi Ca-r P-i ft-,
TtHi" i- 4.r,t--ari and pTfv-m.r.a: Trin
of ir arti.-!a; !- ftrii t him-mv ar-!
' cMrt.ja. prai'Tji'v-a f i1 "i-f-n-iaaa w.-r.
a t. n-. n rba lr m.i. far t t--
" ft: cra 1 in T uur'
I.I Jm U'Tl fe-lPat li'Aiil ".--aJ ii"
ft-ui :n rn?n. r- nai n :
an.t If ihe. - y..f
, lerej-. ed tn 1 ll".r :
r. -n.v .;..a w.i
tn Pa.n-s v-rr:
n Pa. ia a..rj aj
for ; j ..i n jf i,..i'.
T'Ki, had 'r--n
If" ee s' arji at
nasf . 1 : es s
sines rn:ia.
eca.T.e an in. male nf Hr, a,
T-ia :tsi la-.erin- a :aef Vla-ia.iie
d'Autr. tl rse he3- i.ifte Rllfr, kf
dsnounca the on.j, ar.a-t as ere W- ;.au
w. .a :i iiriov ilis "isrpa-s a
The d'Aub s s-ers iucr.f .1 n s.nn-.g
tr.e a. "H'Silli- itf tie fis-.,.i t te t.ik - a '10
b"s atunie-i tip,-, s as on of tne t 'n .
an-i t ;,-i . t "lere ua. a n-i- p j' Vi fc
dem.ns)ra ln . w hen M. S' lsei. a- u e t.g
'tne rg in. an'i: t-f j'i,.iei; w.; t a
dr n ti.e pi &e-u...0 ! .'. ia. .f tii- - tc
t:rrn t- a t -.e rae na l ui xi s. d N-itn ng
i.e aa ! ha J ! n i-.-o-r-J a .a r.;
4" A ai b a
IfiltMrlli Itta-s la a laraatia.
Alf'.rT'.N . Tt -'.1s Anna
Lfiniacn i-.-d .i o.tja-pa at : :tr ig- .f
ita -j ars in rn.-nl ia -n- as Ih 11 pi
'jrnikii . ajid .a el --ei. ur-v ti . er If.wii
hirt!..i..' rtniMfrh.--. af a t.ui j.i. nir at
wtm s ape oimfl rr. frir n-v i-.i ana
( irmso aongs. e.lie is survived u
ef Otuatia ' ''tiiidrsn. tnir-teea sran.i.-u.i.irrn. sevra
teen ireu-i-uiacuuilrita aj.d mt giaat
i gi tai a-raautuio. t
Ereats of the Week, as Viewed by The
Calls Girl, Shoots
Self and Eesumes
His Conversation i
3e- York Club 33 Attempts ta Kill
Hiiaielf Iariaj CoaTersatioa
with. Toaa Womaa.
f NEW TO?Ut tec. Sa. Aftea- Crat a hul
; IaC tnio hia head.. John Rice, propped hlno-
aelf on hi. tlbaw on tha roor aad. call inn ;
for the telephone
eoraed a conversation he had been hold-
lng with a yuun woman at the otaer end I
nf tha line.
F.J a-aa atcung wita several friends
.n tjie t ltaindm cj-j early wnen u.iiieniy
I he jumred up and went to tha televhone.
j "T, that you. Ray'" be Inur-d. when tie)
I ring waa answered, and then, after he had
. th- reply, said t
1 m going to do it
With that he milled a revolver fr,,m hia I
1 , ear
firrd. Ir waa said at the hospital that he
r- .tsiiuf iirr
i tl was ttiought at firt Uiat but two per- 1 CB4ro. Visions nt art iratlon under tha
Cantata Ibsasen "raari4i t M hud been kiiled and that otnera had KrtmsjT act. on the one hand, and of a
Kara e raiser SVe Ea!f( I a me to esca; before the names inp-t : ins. destrucUve strike on the other.
with T ww, through the coacties A search of the de- brought the nrnonenta toeiher within aa
, bns, however, resulted in the discovery of i;uur after the conference began.
WA.-Sril '.1TU.. L"ec. Two aero- I charred bodies and by tne tlm that the' Thia agreement give, th engineer on
planes, or at :-atrt o-. iwo-sesiad machine, wroie wreckage had been ruin through, ail the sixty -one railroad, affected by the
should constitute part af use equipment of etgiit b-xllrs !-ai been recovered. of adjustment a torai of soma S3.a As) annu--aci.
itiut cruiser of tne United State tlie bodies were burned beyor.d recogr.itinn. ally er atpror imately XISI far every maa
arm;.-. TVs rvomrr.enuatjon. aa the initial '. Among trie dead w is a Mftia girl, who i affected.
step Of tfc ovemmfnt in the actual de-
th in warfare.
New South Omaha Postmaster
Popular Man
Iw r tlie new postmaster 01
Couth mai a. en tm at l" N. T .
'a NoejrUer. .',. and .am west wi,h
De. -.' i.-i T-e Sit -rs first seT",t
n !i!' Ij-it in t'.e retnov d to Suit i
fn-ai.a tvi-.'re Hi- i.a .e been hxaiel ever
rrre r.iie ;.ls fa r. ie p.-seni te
n-aster rissnil In t :.e r"irr 'ni. i-
r r.ri- -ur -i .n'o pHii-a :'le.
1 rrvt B'.ti.l" IJ.'-t'Stllt I1 c;f
t'j p-s Jernrmmt tn .-jh''i '
-,a" a a w
i e per' (vt
he d for r-e es-s
I "ir:n t
had fr-
re .1 .-frri
M'ig'-''ions ut h" effrienrT
; ir.g tl rtg f r n tne pacx n
tn. illf.rrt.
M-. tCiter'a ia- ft-a.'ms for his presen
i i'i'n a-e g nn v a imitted. He s a
c: r' tlcti-";- cnHii r a"d ei . .
tii r-.:s In list off.. He hss lie. e
aaesiart t
"f hrjn;
r. i. Mia il'i-tr-a r.a t-r
O'f'ce Or-j- . ItJt 1..
r-. as a "-aie-it -a n-s see d'smt r
...-i -.i 'r -s-s prt-.L':;a:i- ow.--k
'ie a-t . 1- - 1' JJ-. rtte- :i tr.e af.',. i-s
-. reoM.i' i-t rs"t r. t?'i::n liril-.t ir i
; :a ?v --r ai rri:- 5 tiui0r an!
r r.ItnaJ teis,ri ts .iral-i ami -.1
l!owa a 1 "Orrr.e-t m effl'iaied as ,
.1. ; a t' oun-'- Mr F te- Ha slwa: 1 to
1 r- i...r t iii.tii fil the arfti-re .
' ; s t a d va hew s ead-r utwiif t.
. isijer rer. ip"-s-'.s of i ns se-ton i
1 iuu as eouni l.e f-.aa bv hn eHi.ia
a. ti-. t-e. left no emh.tTared mem-ra. Slu.
a.l -r-:es are de iirMe-J at hi- m'vut ..
T'llH fre ir,' jt eecjee.l.v tl if.arr.t in !f
tii 'd f rejr-t a ihe pew p f'anSff 'a an
ent:i aia--T;e bnwler. liia name ha f-e-uurntiv o ign -,;p in t:.e wrea.y
aieraK-a t is tins Um t. as weil as I. In
pciru -eeire a l ai aiiu a tnat has mads
i.a ap(H.intiUKnt so cinerary pop'ii.r
4, ;tT- v w
t .Ta . . w -. J.-w t'TTT ?
Be - "s Artist
iht Paajeayers Silled When Scotch
ZxpreSS ia Destroyed.
Zxpress ia Destroyed.
pramrT) bt pilot ogue
lyestrta Taawea Vlra a a W lalc Trala '
,wa SCaeaM t-a au-. -
9mm - w (aa Tweaty.
r",Ta Hart.
r-TDr stsphw
England, D-j. -A.
. . . :3.4 ,m nt th.m
inetantly, and tne orners oumea f "
instantly, and the other burned to deaxu ,
and iwenry-Cv more injured n the wreck
of th Scotra express near Hawes Junction
, ,
The e-xnre- earned perst.n. bound f r
,r home ia Scot.aad to apetid Chr
lt wmj nnja at Its ordinary speed wlen
' . ,i im.ji . t 1 w.W r . . i .
' w " " "
I " "erm-ied.
! Fir broke out in t.:e srwlui t.i
wtit,!e tra:n with the eatetM.on or tu loco.
t m.rve a lri s !-ear bagXXga car II IV-
daeed to ashe '
perished in the Dames before the eyes of
.beX-jra puysinana vou.d reaih tne p.aee.
with Home Folks
1 n:
T;ri-- tai le n-i "i'n t of . l Jt
raiae:l flir.f.ili lilt t-e .11,1 ..r d l.'.e uffi.-
cf -irput; xtn!Mei.-r f r t a f 1.1 1nm
ar. htter win. ik C - -.r o;d. refM.1eB
11 N'.rt1. Tw tll e'li nf,-ft . .-i.'-i 1 H-..a
11.- is mmT.t d anil taa tr-e ci.ii.iren
Stoae Says Saffenng- aad Lots Woald
Art.-ad TaHtcaL
IIm af Irnllriliaa I awe (NiMI
Art ad I on x. Ite-rwtlve atpWa
Brian liMril Tl ir
H "
le. .re-5a! Teierrn.
ni:'n.-ers on 1 ne elxtyjna
. r e-eM w'il not trhe aa
1 ann .iini'rmrpt made tod a "
1 Th r '
1 -ir:nir irt ;
; bs- tii t"-ii'd Htjt nf la-
b-r. C P -i.l.
j Mr Vi .. aft t eor.fe m wuh repre
' ftiu:,!"!" if th Hrotherlrxxt of Lxeofua
' tiv. FjiMneers a' i'.e A U'lVorVim hot i.
iw'a.-M a rnmr mtiee had he n remehad.
r.,. wn no tr" he vajd. "V
i rrrr.t has bn reached and both side
1 have ir4 i af-e certain thins. Tha
! aett'n'rnt a hi'i ure-n tei which I
j run:tVr fair .ird etai and wre mad
j up-n ei.xetion frwn both rides." "
I Te irmwn and ra:lr ad ofTi-er con
! firmed -ne fatonwnt that a peaceabie at
jticment as a wured.
j iVminir'innrr Net:!. It Is understood.
i prect'i-ui:;- diet at d the (rm. He pUnred
: t- rr..-rt ihe general manajters' commute!
! d'lr nit the a.';em.on. It is thought that
tl;i!.n a f-w lays a n-v agreement w'll
j it signed vtsen the western ra. IrjaUa
and wer jngtnecr.
et Tew Per lil Balse.
niifv t an averaav increasa
per cert of their !! wane ra.e.
tivrt t'.ie.n an areraire of apt:mateiy
t: .i sch of tiic ii. men Involved for
, a'h avhee'inent yesr.
Spee-"tf-a iy te agreemeni provide for
' a re . f cen's a dav foe a.l enlneer.
, --h a difrer-nva: in addition ef S cents
! f..r T. "..- pound er.jrires and an added t!f
, f i-nt" a day for smaller
' Mallet mrine and a differential of S a
lay for heaviest Mallets.
rr . t rate.. ?ta:es t?ommlwhiniri-
P. Net,! Grand Chief Bnalnevr
Warren S. Stone of tha brotherhood aav
the reaeon for accrptJna th terma t f -fered.
the aufferinii ajid lots which would
! attend a eneri we-.tern atnke.
) Numerous iptvlCc working cncdiRuns
ltnPved by the ajrrra.-nt airned for-
, maily late toti&y. and orttinee-a ara Kivea
control of alectrlc and k aullne nKitarr car
tm Hoatlwa
i unler k,,,,, of ,j,e .-nrnerrs et
an Inarease of 2 trcnts it ay.
autre Kfwf 1 ve I aaBwlaaly-.
Tha new ra;e is effeciiv-t sail the He-.
;n of tha agreement toda..
. l (J t- tn of Mr vi!rs arrival. Uta
n::ners were seeking practically IT per
cent Increase in the old pay. Tne rail-
roaria h.l ajrreed to a raj aooroxlmating
per cent and there thev huna. Aa early
jt mM ncMlH by bo.v, md
on,y mu.pi, of .p.
arat-d them, t ut that each side f fared
i h.r fit. . . r mietttmea than that af
. - .
j were bring nroug .t tn.
ta i..m rul.v MTir.rnr waa lUMriia
Mediator Neill annouaenl that hi effort
, wrrs abntit cunciuded and t -at unleaa the
..,. MI.h.l . .tlunit Mil'' there
waa y.nle um for him to remain la Chi-
Artrptair mt ladserr.
' w. are of the opinion taat the offer wl'l
I not yveid the ena-meer cumpenaadoa corn
' mens irate with the ser-.1c performed and
!t i. with eiireme reiurtanca we laforni
you it !ll be acrepied.
"in thia conn ition we are prompted It
propr-altJnn through tha tnftu-
f and a desire nn our part
amity thar would bring suf
fering and loss on a large number of se
lie who are not parties to the crntrovarsy '
Asked for an inter- 'cw on the setiiement.
Mr. time rrviir-d.
M.. n h'df staieirrnt tan be found '.a tie
Ift'rr. e tVo'.ghi of tne coiintr and
seit That a ail."
Kslse rif !! a Day.
The -ii - iiii' v'O.nifs tor a general -n-
' 1 r ' .itii -i sf per -etit.
IT!- I. tt-i n." '-l-'i :'r ;un.r)H 1 1 to sooul
. n:., a j.i.
T-.t- .'if.
.t -1
t.'l ra.-.'ntt'.' se
1 n m."rt an s'-i
K 11 "nn a
-.- ,i . . r. 1 1 c 1
' - n tne ttj'i ef
"tn.r a:'S SI filnwa;
r. 11 '-ent a da
. ,e it cuts a da
m ' n tnrough frws.n.
wri,i;i ni Jir.' re-.unds
-in v'i.'-i; an aildtiiisil dC
f '-ibis .1 ta ' . on a
( t'.e Ml : t t. ie-. an adi'u-maj d.f-
ut f r-.m 7 t n--. to $L
I ' t-..'i.f. lu'wit. w;-"-ets. a m g
n. i-low and mi .ed trains sS
(klriii tiaie Mil rail aa
ley HaU Nse Is Masse la
V laat I Itv.
1 'ii. 1
d .r ,fty
I er 11 r , .,,!.,-! i 'i .-a
f 1 o i :rai'i N.tVmal IeaaT'ie
. 1 io a ,it-a -ei t ftav at a let
.J. r.ifT
te 'iai '1
w.tii a h'..a.'i a.--n. He
i'.ne 01. 1 - e'emg a tr dinner
ort saa near li hendaa mad
hinir, had epi 1 on an ii-' saik and fell
-fav 11 'is a.'n. ..r;ng it just
v- wnat a..rg!iai aileoi.on last
nig I fa '-d 10 a:lSfv 1,1m and (w had an
-ra.' ;ratt laaen of Ine tow
ia. ! ase.iie himself it I a4 ben carwd tar
r-jperi; .