Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 21, 1910, NEWS SECTION, Page 12, Image 12

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Store Open Evenings Till Christmas
I tT-
Till 5 STORE
tf4 U1
or ia tie Morning.
Yon'i! Find It More
Convenient and Yon 11
Get Belter Serrice.
i I 1 1M Mil A
i I J
m j a
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sV- ;jaiii
flake the Host of the Honey Yoa are Spending
For Christmas This Year
It Is Just as Important that you get your money' worth at Christ
mas time as at any other season. Do your buying where you get the
best selection of pra tlcal Kf t moderate prices.
Your Christmas money will buy more desirable gifts at BrandeU
Stores. This great, perfectly arranged store, with Us 1,000 clerks, Is
ready to help you.
Never was there a toyland like this. Every toy that Is new, every
game that Is popular, every Hind of doll made here or abroad. You'll
find Just the things, to delight every child In this great, well lighted,
well ventilated salesroom. The prices are very moderate.
5 . J
:": Dainty Waists Are Welcome, Gifts
special sale Dressy Silk or Lace Waists
For Wednesday we have grouped scores of stunning waists of
i&ilkg, laces, nets, chiffons, Persians, messalines, etc., in white,
cream and all the most desirable shades for every fr AA
occasion. They are worth $8.00 and $10.00 eachat. .tftJ.UU
W Dne Great Group of Women's High Class Waists In the most
ff. exquisite styles and colors have been selling up OQ AQ
J to $15,00-very special at $0.10
Your Choice of Amy Imported Waist at i Price
(With the Exception of Iri3h Lace Waists)
All the $20 Imported Waists $10.00
All the 125 Imported Waists $12.50
All the $30 Imported Waists 915.00
All the $35 Imported Waists $17.50
Rogers' and Hamilton Triple Plated Silverware
Guaranteed for 20 Years
Gifts That Will Long Ba Appreciated and Used
Hollow Handle Knives and Forks,
worth $10, set of 12 pieces. .7.98
Tea Spoons, worth $1.50, set of six,
at $1.00
Dessert Spoons, worth $3.00, set of six.
at o tyK
Table Spoons, worth $3.60, set of six,
at $2.75
Coffee Spoons, worth $1.76, set of six,
Oyster Korks, worth $2.50'i Buttnr Knife
. kV a-t vkI Shell, worth
and Sugar
net, at
Plain Knlvo and Forks,
worth $4.6il, set of 12
pieces, at 93.75
Berry Spoons, worth $1.50, each,
at '.'91.00
Orange Spoons, worth $2.50, set of six,
at -91.75
Cream Ladle, worth $1, at, each, 49
Gravy Ladles, worth $1;25, at.. 75
Oyster Ladles, worth $2.76, at $2.25
Medium Ladles, worth $3, at 92.50
Cold Meat Forks, worth $1, at. . 75
Salad Forks, worth $3, at. .. -92.50
Salad Set, spoon and forte,
worth $3. at... $2.25
The Popular Aviator Knit Caps at $1.50 and $1.75
Hera's a gift that will please the girls and young women because It Is strictly the fad, and it Is a
practical gift. These Knit Caps, in either large or small shapes black, white and every solid color, as
well as combination colors.
Women's Irish' Hand Embroidered Sheer Linen Handkerchiefs, Swiss
Embroidered Handkerchiefs, Armenian and Val. lace borders, Mexican
hand drawn, cross barred, also plain hemstitched ' . (ICm Ciln
linen Handkerchiefs; worth up to $1 each, at. ..... . . . .wC"3uC
Women's and Men's Fancy Boxed Handkerchiefs Fine embroidered in
itials. Ine Irish linen and cambric, neat block and
script letters 6 In a fancy box, at, a box
Ileal , lurhesse and Rose folnt Laco Handker-
chiefs, at, each, $10.00 down to
.p8, $2.50 and..... ...
IWl -Madeira and French Hand Embroidered,
also, sheer linen handkerchiefs, at, each, r7C
$6.00 down to $1.08, $1.50, 08c and I'
Chi'drijn's Handkerchiefs ia Fancy Btxes
Tine Presents for Children, in neat, iZttJXft
pretty boxes, at. a box
Fine French Kid Gloves All the
newest shades for street and even
ing wear 2 and 3 clasp effects, at,
per pair S1.75 and S2.00
Women's Fine Lambskin Gloves
black, white, gray, green and blue,
at, per pair 91.25
Dainty Christmas Boxes free with.
gift gloves. .
Buy a Glove Bond for a gift. The
gloves may then be selected and fitted
after Christmas.
S Select Your New Suit or Overcoat for Christmas
?i V From Our Great Sale of the Surp us Stock of Hlrsh-Wickwire & Co.
$ Highest Class Hand-Tailored Clothes for Men
hi 'These clothes are known everywhere as apparel of highest grade.
&j) They , are all lumd tailored.
AU the Hirsh-Wick wire $25.00 Suits and Overcoats, at $16.67
All the' Hirsh-Wickwire $'27.50 Overcoats and Suits, at. .... . .$18.34
All the HirshAVickwire $30.00 Overcoats and Suits, at ..$20.00
All the Hirsh-Wickwire $35.00 Overcoats and suits, at ..$22.67
All the'Hirsh-Wiekwire $40.00 Overcoats and Suits, at. . . ; . . .S26.67
S All the Hirsh-Wickwire $45.00 Suits and Overcoats, at $30.00
Sensible Gifts for Ilen
;:!. 1
I res, Ml
r'Jt Ti - .1 V 1 - -
' Buy Him a Comfortable Blanket Bath Robe
Men's Warm Blanktt Bath Robes, in various styles and colors; very
ipedally priced, at 92.25 93.50 93.08 94.08 up to 920 00
Men's Neckwer, Hose and Handkerchief Sets to Match
at i, 91.00 91.25 and 92.00
Men's Suspenders and Necktie HeU to Match, at 50 75? and 91,00
Men Like House Coats -They Give Comfort
House Coats save nearly half the wear on your everyday business suit
-all desirable styles. (4 00- nft.f7 CA
Christmas Neckwear
The best selection of Christmas
Neckwear of hifh fradf is found
here. Stunning -new Resigns that
are the rage on Broadway spec
ially priced at :
25 50 75 and 08
Sweater Coats
Men's and Boys' Sweater Coats, In i
all The most desirable colors
specially priced at
08 91.30 9ll0S to 94.O8
Pot Your Prmoti in Holly Boxes
It adds greatly to their appear
ance. Kmpty Holly Doxs. vari
ous sizes, to hold handkerchiefs.
Jewelry, books, etc., In Stationery
Lpt,..r...5 10 and 15
00 For complete
One Outfit, worth j. . . . . 1 -92.5
Oae 18-ln. Placque'for fcurning, regular price
4c; one PQStal Crd Box, regular price S9c;
one large Caff and Collar Box, regular price
69c; worth $4.32.
set with wool
for born of
D J Your Sapping on i Transfer It's Eisle
A Toyland Full of Merriment
Th exclamstlons that are henrd mmlnR from the hearts of the little
tot every minute of the day In our hl(f Toylnnd Is enouh In Itsplf to
hrlnit grown psrsons here with their children. Never will children forget
the sluhts and Joy tl-.ey have at looking at this wonderful display of Santa
Wednesday Bargains Will Never
Be Repeated
Soldier's Policeman's and Fireman's Suits, com
plete 390
Grocery Store, filled with real edibles 390
Gray Beauty Racers, two horses and wagon.. 35o
AU Tin Wagons and Two Horses 850
("ollapslhle I).i;ls' 0-Carts ..Sao
25c Drums, with sticks 190
One lot of Teddy Lion, worth up to $1.76, for 8o
61.00 Wool Dogs to go at 490
Artificial Xmas Trees, on stands S5o
Roly Polys at 190
Xmas Tree Candles, two boxes for lOo
Phonographs that play any Edison record, (3.50
allies; Wednesday t 91.49
V. hlte En-imeled Hlh Chair. 2ic value, for. .16o
Schoehelt's Humpty Dumpty Circus specially
priced for Wednesday 11.26 style..... 980
$1.50 style 81.19 (2.00 style 83.83
$2.60 style ...$198 $3.f.O style 88.75
Buy t Pair of Hojse SI ppsrs far Somi Membir of the Family
600 pairs of men's extra fine alligator Slippers. In black or tan, taht sell
regular for $1.00 and $1.25; your choice Wednesday, as long as they
laat, at 49o
Laadles' Kur Top Slippers; extra value at 62.00; Wednesday, one day only,
t 81.83
3 Great Bargain; from the Greatest China
Department in the Entire West
One Lot of Genuine Parian Marble Busts Worth up to
$2.50; to close them out, your unrestricted
choice Wednesday
10O Fancy Austrian China Berry Set, in dainty fruit decorations,
Wednesday a big value, as long as they last, for. '' QV
only UflL
BOO Japanese China Sugar and Creamers, very pretty designs, heavy
gold traced; regular sold at $1.50 per set; Q0
Wednesday only, at fOC
VISIT THE CHINA ANNEX, on the Majn Floor, in th DresB Goods
Section, to the right of the 16th street entrance. Daily bargain
sale of rare value Hand Painted Chinaware Gifts at popular prices.
Ladies' Fancy
Hakefjpainty Christmas Gilts
Hsre'sjnst a fsw soggastions that
will lid appreciated by tho women.
Pretty Jabots ot every sort, priced
very reasonably, at 850, BOo, 75c
and op to 85.00.
Persian Auto Scarfs, 27 Inches wide,
In beautiful patterns, at, B8o up
to $8.00.
Satin bordered Crepe Auto Scarfs.
In all the new colorings $1.75
Bradley Mufflers, in all colors, at.
each 600
We also have beautiful Novelty
Auto Scarfs, In all the new plain
and fancy colors and patterns, at
from $1.60 to $7.50
Ladies' Hosiery
Makes Charming Gilts
We are allowing a most stunning
assortment in 1 the very finest
gradea of plain and embroidered
Ladles' Black Silk Hose, garter top
and foot of cermerlzed cotton, at,
only 3o and BOo
We also have an exceptional dis
play of Indies' Silk Hose,
at 89o and $1.00
Our finer grades of beautiful Silk
Hose, In hand embroidered. In
black and colors, is unmatchable.
at $1.60 and $5.00
Wednesday's Ladies' Wearing
Apparel Sale
$25 i
Ladies' Coats Wednesday there are about
00 of these big coat bargains Wednesday
We went through all our $26.00 lines and culled out all the broken slr.ea
the materials are gray Zebellnes, Scotch Mixtures and black and blue
Broadcloths seml-flttlng models. This special sale, Wednesday, offers
the greatest coat values of the year at $15.00.
$30.00 and $35.00 Tut Bats, $16.00.
About 2b ladles' Kur Sets go on
sale Wednesday, In black Belgian
. Lynx, black Wolf and Isabella
Fox one big day's opportunity,
just, before Xmaa, at $15.00
Women's Bilk Psttiooats Made of
plain taffeta, with plaited flounce,
with floral design, In the new
spring style $5.96
Oae-tfcjTd Off on AU High-Orade
for Bets, Including black Lynx,
black Kox. black Wolf, KUher
Raccoon, natural . Raccoon and
natural Mink big sale price this
week Ozfn-TKIBD OTT
Women's Bath Bobes, In all-wool
elUeidown. beautifully made, In
gray and red and figured patterns
big value Wednesday at.. $5.00
Lot Our Big Book Section
. ...... Sol vo Your Gift Question
Thousands are buying Books for Xmas Gifts.
Wednesday Specials
Boys' Books One lot of 700 popular
boys' Books, by famous m
authors",- Wednesday IzJt
a...j. w
Girls' Books One lot of $1.00 Girls'
Books, axtra good Xf
reading; Wednes- JzfC
day at w
SPXCIAX. MAQAXXJTB OTTXM Ladles' World, Modem Prtscella,
pletoslal Kevlew all thiee for one year for
only i
Book Certificates Issued for any amount, redeemable after Xmas.
Buy Christmas Candy Wednesday
Our famous Fluffeata Creamy Center Chocolates, regularly sold at
60c a pound, special Wednesday, at 20
Assorted Chocolates, 40c and 60c candy, Wednesday, 291
Chocolate Dipped Caramels, the regular 40c grade, at 10f
Candles put In Christmas Boxes for gifts.
Bennett's Big Grocery
Bennett's Excelsior Flour, sack,
"at. l.o
0 Stamps.
Bennett's Gulden Coffee, special.
pound 88o
0 lbs. Granulated Sugar 81.00
60c can ireen Turtle Soup for 860
$1 can Oreen Turtle Soup for 6oo
bonnett's Cspltol Sliced Pineapple,
per csn 800
Bennett's Capitol Pure Muple Syrup.
' gallon. . . .' . .600
Mothr's Favorite Tomatoea. per
Bennett's Capitol Evergreen Corn,
per can 100
Bennett's Capitol Early June Peas,
per can loo
Tel mo. Strawberries, special, per
ran loo
Beauty Asparagus, special, can, l6o
f 6e bottle Dalldet Maraschino Cher
ries for .. 400
Quart :an Oalllard'a Olive OH..T64
Loyble Stamps on Cheees and
. ttutterlne.
Feed Raisins, package .....100
(titer's Uoullllon Cjtea, box....36o
20 Htainps.
Plsmark Mincemeat, quart jar..30o
Eppa' Cocoa, H-lb. can 84
20 Stamps.
The biggest and best assorted stock shown in Omaha.
Toy Fairyland, on Main Floor, south room, ii a bower of
Holiday Beauty. Gift thoughts for the little folks. Gift
thoughts for older ones, too, on every hand and in all cases
at very lowest prices.
All Our
at Just
Half Price.
laa '--Tii Ul'l r issfi li ' rf i in nWiH i i n sn ml J
Fur Coats,
Fur Sets,
Muffs and
at Half.
Holiday Gift Suggestion
Greatly Undorpricod
Thousands of Dainty (Jifts
at 10f,25c and 40c
Ladies Handkerchiefs for Gifts;
very sjwinl values, prices from
5c, 10c, 12Vic, 15c, 25c, 50c Up
Fancy Box Handkerchiefs Spe
cial bargains at
49c, 00c. and $2.00
$1.00 Ladies Neckwear
at 49l? lncludinc n
fine line of Lace Collars, Jabots, Silk Hows, etc. Don't
miss them. ...
$2.00 Hand Bags $1.00 All
leather lined with purse
and card; matchless
value at $1.00
50c Ladies' Neckwear 25c
An immense line in all the
latest novelties for selec
tion; special 25 C
25 to 50 Saving on
VJhy (lot GIovgs
Fine Meercham Pipes Reg
ular $4.50 to $7.00 values
nt $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4
Briar Root Pipes, that sell
regularly 50c to $4.00; spe-
'cial - holiday bargains at
25c, 50c, $1, $1.50 to $2.50
Cigar Cases, 50c up to $4.00 :
Meerchaum Cigar Holders
Greatly underprieed at
85c, $1, $1.25, $1.50
"What would be nicer for a gift than .a nice smoking
jacket or house coatt Don't miss this:
$6.50 to $8.00 Smoking Jackets at $3.50 Your . unre
stricted choice of -our entire stock and: a finer line of
styles and patterns were never shown in Omaha. Here's
your opportunity to give a nice, present at a very (slight
expense. See them in our windows.' , ' ,
All $5.00 Quality Smoking Jackets at... $2.50
or Umbrellas?
Best assortment of Fine
Ladies' and .Men's Gloves
in Omaha here for selection.
Ladies' Fine .Kid and Lamb
Skin Gloves All newest
shades and best makes
at $1.00, $1.50 Up
Specials That - Are ; Savers
Ladies ' and Children's Kid
Gloves and Mit tons, manu
facturer's samples; valueB
to $1.25 pair; on sale 49c
Ladies' and Children's Golf
Gloves and Mittens Val
ues to 75c pr.; special, 25c
Ladies' Gold Handled Um
brellas Big assortment
for selection; regular val
ues to $15.00; on Bale at
$3.50, $4.50, $0.00
Men's Fur Gauntlet Gloves;
regular values to $2.50; on
sale at... 98c and $1.50
Men's Work Gloves or Mit
tens All kinds, lined or
unlined; values to $2.50; on
6ale at.... .98c and 49c
Ladies Fine Silk Umbrellas;
newest style handles; a big
line of matchless values
special Wednesday, at
$1.50, $1.98, $2.50
Men's Umbrellas $1.50 to
$5.00 Special bargains for
Boys' Fur Gauntlet Gloves;
regular $2.00 quality; Wed
nesday, choice 98C
Vines and Liquors for Christmas
Best Goods at Iiowest Prices. Wte Guarantee Quality. '
Fine Old California Wines full quarts 50
Fine Old California Wines ppr gallon ' 91.50
Choice of I'ort, Hlwrry, Tokay or Angelica.
Six Year Old Whiskeys.
Maryland Rye or White Corn.
Per full quart 75
Per gallon $2.50
Home-made Grape Wine, red or
white, per gallon $1.00
Klifht Vear Old Whiskeys.
Gurkenhelcier, Wfldon Springs,
Cedar Brook, etc., gal. . .f 3.50
Full quarts fcl.00
California Grspe Brandy, fine, ptr
quart 75 nd $1.00
For the Freshest Nuts, Oranges, Canned Goods, Butter,
Cheese, Crackers and Fresh Vegetables for Xmas,
It Will Pay You to Try Hayden's First.
tO lbs. granulated sugar 98c
48-lb. suck bast Uigli Patent Klour,
nothing finer for your Xmas pud
dings, pies and cake, per sack. fl. SO
I lbs. good Japan Ulce 10
10 lbs. best Kolled Breakfast Oat
meal 6
10 lbs. best White or Yellow Corn
meal I1'
1 lb. package Golden Rod Macaroni.
at 100
Tall cant Alaska Salmon lVc
011 snd Mustur.l Sardines, can..4'c
Imported hardlnes, per can SVjO
Large bottles Assorted Pickles. Wor
cester Bauca or Pure Tomato Cat
sup, per bottle Wc
1-lb. cans fancy Sweet Bugar Corn,
at 7ve
J-lb. cans Wax. String, Oreen or Lima
I-lb. cans Oolden Pumpkin, Hominy,
Hiuimh or flaked Means cau..7V.:
Fancy Seeded Italnlns, pack 10c
Fancy Muscatel Cooking ilalslns, at,
pound ' loc
Fancy Cleaned Currants, lb Hie
Fancy Mulr I'uaches, lb lOo
Fancy California Heedless Raisins
pound 10c
Fancy Sultana Kalsins, lb. . . . . . 1 1 V2c
The Kest Lemon, orange or Citron
Peel, lb .son
Fancy No. 1 Craniery Hulter, lh.3nc
Fancy No. 1 Country Hutitr, Ib.iHo
Fancy No. 1 Dairy Butter. lb....26o
Fancy full cream Young Amerlion
'beese. per lb 2uo
Fancy full cream Ilrlck Chee . . . 1