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Low Cables Reflect Bearish Condition
in Other Countries.
Inrn Rales tVrnk and Lower wltk
tae on la Wkral ana the
Mark More Liberal
CM AH A, Dec. 8. 1510.
Imr cahle reflecting bearlshne
nlir"Bd and freer offering by the country
lifter the recent snow, cou()le1 with the
cither indifferent fortng a to the govern
ment caused wheat to decline, al
though tiHile v.a. liKlit unci Inactive.
I'mn followed wheat and general bearish
feeling in the result of lllxral Belling by
fi.nnere and the slackness In the shipping
dennnd. The outlook I tor a slowly de
t'llnlnir market.
Wheat broke (sharply and showed no sus
taining power, support being withdrawn an
the government flRitrea were taken more
benrlsh when prsint stocks and possible
recovery In the winter wheat crop la con
sidered. Local rash value were very weak
and dales were reported lc lower.
lorn ruled weak and lower, with the
slump In wheat and more liberal receipt.
The sh mark"t sagged off Vc. being fea
tureless and shippers staying off the buy
ing side, of the demand rash has fallen oTT
l'rimary wheat receipts were Mi.
bunhels and shipments were 1-.5.""0 bushels,
SKiilnst receipts last yeiir of ?:'a.0"0 bushels
and shipments of 2T3.OO0 bushels.
Frlrnary corn receipt were ti'O.OOD bush
els and shipments were S.X3.0OO bushels,
egslnst receipts last year of 841.000 bushels
and shipments of l!.0f) bushels.
Clearance were 15.0") bushed of corn.
$.000 bushels of oats, and wheat and flour
eifiial to bushel.
r.lverpool closed 4d to W lower on
wheat, and unchanged to d lower on corn.
Omaha f'nmh rrlera.
WHEAT No. 2 hard. WBSo; No. 2 hard.
,1'2v. No. 4 hard. Bu-!"; rejected, hard.
72i 7Hc; No. 2 spring. 'J"f'J2c; No. S spring,
f'dllS-No. 2 white. 4?','7?4ric; new. 10"?
40tc; No. 3 white. Ww, new, 8V(0
i'itc; No. 4 white, 41'i'iT4:,c; new, 38 V'
Riijc: No. 2 yellow, 42'-v a 4:iv4c; new, SSMytf"
40'ac; No. 3 yellow, 42VM3o; new, !
tfi'ic; No. 4 vellow, 41'(j-tl',4c: new. XSHW
ffl't-c-. No. 2. 42'u424.c: new, 4tf40Wc; No. :i.
4ya42H-e: new, 4040,,c; No. 4. i4f414;
new. ns-yWlo.
f "ATS No 2 white, M'WHr; standard,
Wi'COe: No. 3 white, :vri SOVjc ; No. 4
white, 2'.ifr1ic: No. 3 yellow, 2VlfVo;
No. 4 yellow. 2!i'.i"S.W4c-
HARI.KY No. 3, 7(Wr?6c; No. 4. MQlOc;
Ki 1 feed. fW.4c; rejected, frvJftfVs.
HTB-No. 2. "(yuTGc; No. 3. 74i,i&c.
The following cash sale were reported
U llfCAT No. 2 hard, t cars, WHc; No.
3 hard. 1 car, 894c.
CORN No. I yellow, 8 cars, new, 40Hv,
No 4 vellow, 1 car. old. 414c; 1 car, new,
SVic; 1 rar, new, 3!c; No. 3 mixed, 1 car,
old. 42'tc; 2 cars, new. 404c; 1 car, new,
4fl'4o; No. 4 mixed. 1 car, new, 3Uc; 1 car,
new, SxVic
OATS No. I white. 1 car, special. 30-vtc;
cars, .".0!y; No. 4 white, 8 cars, Wf, No.
3 yellow. S cars. 80io; No. 4 yellow, 1
car. 30'-4r: 2 cars. 30c; no rrade. 2 cars,
2yr; 1 car, SSVic
Garlot Receipts.
Wheat. Corn, Oat.
Chicago 11 384 236
Minneapolis 240
Omaha 23 37 34
Dulutli 47
Featnre of (he TradlnK and C1oIuk
Price on Hoard of Trade.
CMlCACrO, Dec. 8. Wlieat proved a
heavy load today for the bull. - (feat
acreage In this country, fine harvest In
Argentina and lower iiuotatlons In Kurope
were bearish. A weak close resulted, with
last prices He to Vfc'tlV" below last nlKtit.
I'orn showed a net loss of iiio to H'i'-4c
Oats fltiished Vic to 'iQS0 uff and provi
sion were unchanRed to 10a advance.
1 -at est sale of wheat brought the leant
money of any. Argentina weather and
crop advices became so Kood that carRoes
from ISueno Ay re were offered freely
at reduced figures. Every European mar
ket sent lower quotation save Paris,
where the rise was unimportant. Buffalo
reported 7.0H0.O00 bushel afloat there In
addition to warehouse total. Thla amount
In marine storage ia nearly double that
of the corresponding period a year ojro.
From start to finish the market felt also
the effect of selling;, due to the un
precedented extension of the area aown
to winter wheat. The May option ranged
from 9"eitc to WHiWiHc, closing at HtiiO
down at Dti'uStOUc.
Corn dropped because consignments from
Iowa were berlnnlng to arrive and a bl
run wa expected by the middle of next
week. May fluctuated between 470 and
47-V with the close KICo. net lower at
47Vci'471,4 Cash corn was weak. No. 2
yellow finished at 50C(j(Jo4o.
The oat market was relatively firm a
compared with other grain. May varied
from SfcirWtoC to 34-Vo and closed V40 off
at 34,c.
Realizing sales caused a backset In the
provision pit. At the end of the day.
pork held MilOo of the uplift, lard wa
the same a last night and ribs 24jo to
2SSK lower.
Lradlnu tuture ranged as follows:
Article. Open. High.j Low. Close.) Yes'y.
Cui n
I ec...
. .
!2H1 S2H
TU 47
34'4tfi S4H
34 SiUH
IS 20
17 25
IS S2,
17 3i I
IS 20 18 20
17 mi 17 30
IS 15
17 22H
9S5 I f2Vi S5 rv4l n
t 6ft
K5 IS 00-2
S7Hf 35
9 40 I
No. t
Cash quotation were as follows:
FLOl'R Steady; winter patents, U OfVij!
4.70; winter straights. S.17&rt4..fi6; spring
etralglit S4 STmM.W; bakers, il.&Oij'l 85.
R V K No. 2, 81c.
HARLKY Feed or mixing, 60JJ72c; fair to
Choice maltlllK. k.Vt(K7.i
SFi:i S Flux, No. 1 southwestern.
No. 1 northwestern, $2.ilVx. Timothy, Imoo!
Clover, SH.75.
I'KUV ISioXS Mess pork, per bbl.. ron
01S2u. Ijird, per 1W lhs., S9.87V4. Phort
ribs, side (loose). Ji 54,i 10.00. Short clear
sides (boxed). fci.S7Wai0.o0.
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
equal to llil.(kO bu. Primary receipts were
G47.0" bu.. compared with S22.0U0 bu. the
corresponding day a year ago. Estimated
receipts for tomorrow: Wheat, l"i cars'
corn. 347 cars; oats. It cars; hogs, ,24 0""6
head. S
Chicago Cash Price Wheat: No I red
94 i :;; No. S red, 82iri4He; No. S hard'
tKVti'."6'c; No. S hard. 2(i"j6c; No. 1 northl
ern. SI OS ul. OS 4; No. 1 northern, SI turf
LIT1; No. S northern. 1.04& 1.07; No 2
spring, l"S-i)tl.0S; No. S spring, 93c'(.-f.04'
velvet chaff, McfoJl.03; durum, SSyWSo!
Corn: No J. 4x'c; No. S white. 4,V4c; No
S yellow, &ol.,';iC'0-c; No. S, 4MMKtc; ji0 j'.
new. 44M'46'c: No. 3 white, 4&44SH0; No!
S while, new, 44Vu4.Vo; No. 3 yellow, ioi
ffli-c; No. 3 yellow, new. 4"i-(i4c; No 4
47uf47Sc; No. 4. new,; No. 4 white',
47y4,"Vc; No. 4 wlilte, new, 42l-'a434c; No!
I ehow. 4.'; No. 4 yellow, new, 44t
Uc. Oat: No. t, J1V; No. S white, 3;i.i
iH: No. 3 white, 3V4-(I:Ccj No. 4 white,
Sl't ttT'v.c: standard,
lU'TTKR- Moady; creameries.
da rie. 2.4iI7c. '
K(?"iS Receipts, t.WW rases. Market
steady; at mark, cases Included, lS'.jfriJic
firsts. ?lc: prime firsts, tic.
CUKESB Steady; daisies, IfX'TtSe; twin
14-"il4SiU: yming America, l4V(14So; long
lli'tns 1 41- (jr !fc.
I'OTAToES Firm: choice te fancy, 4w
4Sc; fair to good. SJ42c.
IY)l l.TRY-Firm; live. 17c; dressed, ?3c;
fowls, dreesed. lie; live, 11c; spring,' live'
11c. dressed, 12c.
YFAI Steady; SO to Mb. welirhts. iv)
10c; w to to-lb. weights. lUfllc; g to 110
1b. welk'hta, 12c.
Mlletaakee Grata Market.
northern. $l.urV-fi! O: No. 1 northern, $1.9'Jj
lu:v,; May. s"H, u ifcc.
OATS-Standsrd S3V.
11 AKIJ-:y fittiiiple. MijtfSo.
Minneapolis Grmla Market.
iMlXXKUnLIS, Pec. 8WMKAT-Pe-ceinlver
closed ll.Ol1,; Mav, SI 04W,; Ju'v,
$1 U.S.: ih No 1 hnrd $1 ("4: No. 1
northern. $1 "'?.. u 1.03V,: No. 3 northern, 93c
ti10- No 3 wheat, Sn'c ii $1 (i.
I'illl-X,i.' 3 jellow, 4-'T HV.
FLOCK First patents, $t-tj5 36; second
92 92Vi
patents, Jl Tr.uS r.; first clears, $3 3rri "S.
(wound clears, llii
oATH-No S while. JWVjSlV.
F I .AX Closed at
HI K-No 2. 7"iiii";v.
liKAX-ln 100 pounds sacks. I j 2.0a
Quotation of the Par
Com mod I lie.
NEW TORK. IVc. n -Fl,orR-Qtlet;
si.rmK patents. $,",. I.f.'ii5 R0; winter patents,
$4 44.7r.; winter extras. No. 1, $.14i3.70;
Kansas stralKhts, 14 XuA 7f; winter
strals-ht. $4.l"fti4 2T; sprlnK clears. 4 1
4 4"i; w inter extras. No. 2. $3.2,(i J.40. Kye
flour, firm $.'.i' per 1"0 lbs.
CORN M KA 1 Steady; fine white and yel
low.',i..U; coarse, JlJiriiLlS; kiln dried,
WHRAT Spot market, easy; No. 2 red,
!"7ic, elevator and H'tic, f. o. b., afloat;
No. 1 northern Iuluth, SI. 17V f. o. b.
afloat. Futures market was quiet and
easy on lower cables and further selllnir on
yesterday Kovernment report. elos:nif V'f
net lower. I cniber. Itilv''! !7'4C closed
",',c- May. S1.02S'u1 02'V closed S1.U2H; July.
JHS.: shipments. ,r"..s:a bu.
CORN Spot market, easy; No. 2 new,
Trirc; No. 7 natural elevator, domestic basis
to arrive, anil L.c, spot, f. o. P., afloat.
Futures market wa without transactions,
closing at VSC net decline. December
closed. Rc; Mnv, t".c; receipts, 3H.J75 bu.;
shipments, .". Wvi b'l.
OATS Spot market, easy; standard
white, 3s'..c; No. i. "c; No. 2, 3Sc; No. I.
37'irc. Futures closed unchanaed to c ni-t
lower. lecniher closed ?-vlic; May, 40c;
Julv, 4oc. all bid; receipts. f"'.4:'.i bit.
II V "inlet; prime. SLID?.-1.12'i; No. 1.
$1 10; No. 2. SlfKV,i.-,; No. 3. WCic.
lllDI-X-Wulet; Central- America. 21iC;
lloKota. 2-'i'J.ic.
I.KATH Kit- Firm: hemlock firsts, VMQ
21 Wc; seconds, 21Va23c; thirds. lH'yfs;; re
jects. p;--,;T7c
I'ROVlSI'iNpt-rork, firm; mess, J20.10:
family, J.'l Oiv,, :'4 .); short "'lears. S '".!)'1;"
22O0 j;eef. steady; mes. fl3 0011'i;
family, iS.M'n 19.00; beef hams. S'.'t.WW
27. W. Cut meats, steady; pickled belli"-,
M to 14 lbs., $14 Wit It! W. pickled hams,
Ji:..'" Inrd, steady; middle west, prime,
J10 L'OfrlO.ISO; refined, .pi'et; continent.
Men.,--: South America, 111.50; compound,
r.v,ii no
TALLOW Dull; prime city, hhds . 7Vjc;
couiitrv . 7,h';7c.
HL'TTF.R Firm; creamery specials. Sn'ia
"lc; extra, ffl'd .".I'tc ; third to first, zyalWc.
i '1 1 1'.ksr Sieadv ; skims, 12c.
KOOS Steady; wstern, fathered white.
S' fiesh natheied, extra lirst. 3t-'u40e;
fresh gathered, first, 3;V.i.'!7c; fresh gath
ered, seconds, 3tVji?4n; refrigerator, Hpeeial
luniks, fancy, In local HtoiaKe, 2o; refrig
erator, first, 24ViV4c; refiigerator, Bec
onfls, 2:1';; 24c.
POl'l. THY Alive, stea-; western chick
ens, 12.'((lSc; fowl, 13fal4',c; turkeys, 12
1". Dressed, steady; western chickens, 1J
17c; fowls, liil7c; turkeys, 16"Ulc.
Nebraska and Honlh Dakota ftenrra.Hr
t loody Fair to We.
OMAHA. Dec. 8. 1310.
Except the generally cloudy condition
that prevails along the Missouri river In
Nebraska and South Dakota, the weather
Is generally clear In the central valleys
and west to the Pacific slope. It is un
settled on the slope, and light rains are
falling on the southern Oregon and north
ern California coasts. The weather has be
come fair generally In all sections eantJ
Of me Mississippi river, except uuiibiuci wum
cloudiness prevail in the lower lake re
gion, with light snow In the St Lawrence
valley. A change to colder has occured in
the upper lake region and west to the
Mississippi river. It Is slightly warmer
In the southern state. A marked rise in
temperature, within the last twenty-four
hours has occurred throughout the ex
treme northwest and the Indications are
livorable slowly rising temperature In
this vicinity tonight and Friday, with
probably fair weather.
Temperature and precipitation at Omaha
dining the last twenty-four hour, com
pared with the corresponding period for
the three preceding years:
1910. 1909. 190H. 1!W7.
lowest last night 15 5 21 41
Precipitation CO .00 .00 .06
Normal temperature for today, 30 degrees.
Deficiency in precipitation since March 1,
14.87 Inches.
Excess corresponding period In 1909, 4.49
Deficiency corresponding period In 1908,
S.SS Inches.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
St. Loots General Market.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 8. WHEAT Futures
lower; December, 95c; May, 97!i''i71c;
cash, firm; track No. 2 red, ll.01fcUl.01; No.
2 hard. 94cf1.02.
CORN I x wer ; December. 44T4e; May,
4CVc; cash, lower; track No. 2, 4c; No.
2 white, 4flHc
OATS Lower; December. 81V4e; May,
SMc; cash, weak; track No. 2, 82c. No. 2
white. 3m,c.
RYE i nchanged. 8mo.
FLOUR Dull; red winter patents, S4.40Ka
4.80; extra fancy and straight, S3.60H.30;
hard winter clears, S3.304i3.DO.
SEED Timothy, S".00j9.u0.
C ( R N M E A L $2. 40.
RRAN Steady; sacked, east track, S1.00
HAY Iiwer; timothy. SUVOO19.00;
prairie. Si 2.0tMri5.00,
PROVISIONS 1'ork, higher; Jobbing,
$18.00. Ijird, unchanged; prime steam,
'J.ti7V,ti9.77Vti. Dry salt meats, steady;
boxed, extra short. $10.75; clear ribs,
$10.75; short clenxs, S11.00. Bacon, steady;
boxed, extra short, $12.00; clear ribs, S12.00;
short clears, $12.25.
POULTRY Firm: chickens, 9V4c; springs,
10c: turkeys, 19c; ducks, 13c; geese, 10c
BUTTER Steady ; creamery, 25jf29c.
EOGS Higher, 294c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 8.000 11.000
Wheat, bu 5S.000 000
Corn, bu 63.000 21.000
Oats, bu....,
Kiwi Cltr Grain and Provisions.
cember 90c; May, 944c. seller; July. 90Vf
flOic, sellers. Cash unchanged; No. 2 hard,
HMiOSc; No. t. 91(t)6c; No. 2 red, 95.1i!c:
No. S. 93(&c.
CORN December. 43"ic, seller; May
4'7o bid; July, 4;Sc, seller. Cash un
changed to 1c lower. No. 2 mixed. 43Hc;
No. 3, 42Ws?43Vjc; No. 3 white, 44a4ic; No.
3, 43c
OATS Unchanged; No. 2 white, 83ff34e;
No. 2 mixed, 81 V" 2.3c.
KYE No. 2. 7(ii74c.
1 1 AY Unchanged ; choice timothy, $14.00
614 50; choice prairie. $11.501912.00.
BUTTER Creamerv, 28c; firsts, 25c; sec
onds. 23c: packing stock, 19c.
EGGS Extras, 31c; firsts. 29c; seconds.
Receipts. Shipment.
U'-beat. bu 46.000 ) 00")
Corn, bu S9.fli0 20 000
Oats, bu 4.000 S.OuO
I Irernool Grain Market.
trong; No. 2 red western winter, 7 3d;
futures, quiet. December, 6s9'd; March
SsllHd: May, 7.
CORN Spot steady; American mixed. 5s
4d; futures, quiet; January, 4a 44d; Feb
ruary. 4s SHd.
PEAS Canadian, firm; Ts6d.
nalnth Grain Market.
PfLCTH, Dec. 8. A udden flood of
selling orders broke the flax market Just
after noon today. December flax going
down seven points to S3 47. and the Mav
i option going down 6V points to $J M. There
was no apparent cause for the break except
an unexpected amount of offering.
Peorfaj VerUet.
rBORIA. Dec. 8 CORM Lower; No 3
yellow. 4M4e; No. S yellow. 44Vj'45c; No.
8 mixed, 44c; No. 4 mixed, C'ffuyic; ample
40o. '
OATS Lower; No. J white. SZc stand
ard. SJc; No. 3 white, SlVts.
Metal Market.
NKW TOrtK. ree. S.-MKTAIS-Stand-ard
co;per dull; Iieceniher, January, Feb
ruary, March. $12 JTvof Vi 46: lxjndon firm;
s;mt. 57 2s tfd; future 57 15s ad. Ixical
dealers report a quiet market and while It
I said that small lots are being offered
at concession, lake copper la still quoted
at $13.XM13 2i: eltctrolytlc. $12.87H'U H 00:
casting, $12.5".il!.75. Tin, strong; spot Ste 40
ti f 7a; lieoember. $34 3b i as 75 ; January,
February and March, $:;s.2.. i 6o; Ixindon,
excited; spot 174 17s 6d; futures, 174 ISs.
lead. quiet; $4 4.S1f4.55, New York; S4 Stf'f
4 rvt. Fast Bt. lxxila. Ivndon. 13 Sa M.
Spelter dull; So le.Mi6.S0, Kew York; S6.7ii"cf
5 so. Fast St. lxul; LonJon. 11A 2s Sd.
Iron. Cleveland warrant. 4Ti 10Sd In Lon
don. Locally Iron was - nominal; No. 1
foundry, northern, No. 1 foundry southern
and No. 1 foundry southern soft. Sla.7.f
Id 2t: No. t foundry northern. $15 .ton 16 ou.
W'u.tatton are heard in the trade ranging
tih under and a love these price.
tT. UH'IU, Uec. 8. METALii Lead,
at $4.40. t-prlter, steady.
Refined rtoaar I Advaaeesl.
NEW YORK. Hec. S-AU grade of re
fined uer were advanced twenty cents
A hundred pounds today.
Trading Mostly Dull and Distinc tly
Ineg-ular on Market
l official Advices from St. Paal
Assert the Resralar lHrlteads
Will Re Sarelr Declared
Hext Mortk.
NEW YORK. Dec. 8 Trading during
the greater part of the session wan dull
and distinctly Irregular. The professional
cll(Ue wa rather more Inclined to buy
than sell, but in the early hours advances
were met with sales.
United States Steel fell to 70. the lowest
price of the present movement, but was
so well supported at that level that it re
bounded alinoKt immediately, and resulted
In an all around covering movement, which
was maintained to the close, when best
prices of the day, with some very material
net gains, were registered.
The Hill stocks were quietly firm, and
unofficial advices from Bt. Paul asserted
with some authority that the regular divi
dends of Great Northern preferred and
Northern 1'aclfio would surely be declared
next month In spite of Uh decreasing gross
earnings shown by both lines.
Trading here for Luntlon account was
very light, probably aggregating less than
o.'.'V shares.
The most striking feature in the weekly
exhibit of the bank of France are the
enormous decrease of $37,&UO,0UO in bills
discounted, and a decrease of more than in circulation. The bank's advanres
increased over $4,0JU,OU) while the gold loss
was nominal.
The bond market ws generally firm.
Total sales, par value, amounted to $2,110.
OuO. Government bonds were unchanged on
Number of sales and leading quotations
on stocks were as follows:
alM. Hlcn- Low. CIom.
AlllR-Oialmem pfd 1714
Amalnited Copper S4,'K) 6Mk 1H "4
American Artrk-ultural 2,4'"" 4f. ia 4f.v4
Am. b.t sur i.rtoo a ?v-
Anmrlrtin Cui ,,( , ,7. ,,4
American C. A r I.31M) 4PH U4 4
Am. Cotton Oil 1.800 67". 66" M
Arr.ertran H, L,. pfd 2c)",
Am. Ir Srrurltlro J00 17 ITS
Amtprlran Linntwd u
Amerlrui LocomotlT 419 -34 srlii S14
American B. t It, I7.i0 72S
Am. S. R. ptd J.j.n) 194 10:lV
Am. Steal Fixjndrte 200 a 40, 41
Am. guitar Refining. 7'0 114 m 117
American T. T 0 1404 139' 140
American Tobacco pfd 2i 4 KS, M
American Woolen 6K) II 30 3014
Anaconda Wining Oo 700 40 g 391,
Atobl.on lyo ai
Atchison pfd yi
Allantlo tXMtst Lin 1W) lis lis. Ill
maltlnmr aV Ohio. MOO 10tL lid
Bethlehem Steel jg4
Hrooklrn Rapid Tr 1,700 7tt, 73 74V,
(Canadian Paclflo 00 ltilvt 11S lli'i
Ontral Iallier S.700 II WVa 30V4
ntral Leather pfd ..... 106
Ontral of Naw Jerr.., J7S
Chesapeake & Ohio 400 loi, 7 l
Chlcaso r Al'on 14
Chicago Q. W., new 100 21 21V. SlU
C. O. W. pfd w 43
"Tllcro A N. W sod H4VJ 14(m 4JVl
"., M. st Rt. P ,M0 13114 mvt 121H
v-' "i. u juw 4 "M eo
Colorado r. at 1 1,4.x) si jo 3014,
(lorado Routhern 200 66"4i (4 6"Te
(loniolldated Oas l.toO 1S1 132
Corn Product too 15"4 14'4 16
Delaware 41c Huriaon 400 1: 12H4 lt
Denyer A R. O Mo !S 174 WV4
I). R. O. pfd BOO M14 "VI
Distiller Seourttie KM) 3114 31 "4 31l
Krl 1,8.10 27 MS 2H'
Krl let pfd LJO0 4.144 33 4:114
Kne M pfd 400 S3 If3 33 "4
tiVneral Bleotrte 600 161 H lr4 l.'.n,
Oreat Northern pfd S.O0O 12H4 12") lit
Oreat Northern Ore cits... 1,600 66 64 M
Illtnoli lnu-al 133
Interhoroujh Met 1,00 20"4 1H 20
Int. Met. pfd 4.SO0 IKii4 6.IV4
lmernatlonal Hanreater ... 100 lOSVa 10, l'
Int. Marin pfd 16
International Paper 200 IUT4 134 2
International Pump 1,100 40V4 40 40
Iowa Uentral frO 17V, 17 17
Kinauj tUty 80 400 3"4 JOVJ 3014
K. C. BO. pfd 3) 65 (547, (4
Laclede Gal 300 10314 103 1084
LouiiTlll A N too 143 141 141V,
Minn. Bt. Lout 300 z, 2u 24
St., , P. ft 8. 8. M. tH") 12X4 in 1274
M.. K. A T 700 i4 80V4 tn
M . K. A T. pfd... 1O0 02 (2 t
MlaeouTl Palflo S.") 4H 44 S 46'4
National Blarult 1(4) 103V, 108"4 107V,
National Lead 1,000 6114 UltilVi
N. R. K. of M. 2d nfd 66V1
New Turk Central 7.100 lirvl 10914 111
N. T., O. A W 44
Norfolk A Weatara "0 M M
North American roi) 2 1'4 "31"4
Northern Paclflo S.0") HS'A 112" 113V4
racino Mall 400 81 lo 30V4
Pennsylvania 7,100 1284 127 V4 12S
Peovle'i Oaa 2uft 104Vb 104
P.. O.. C. A Bt. L. 100 6 fXS 7
Pittsburg Coal 100 r'4 17 17
Pressed Steel Car 800 ta 3 29
Pullman Palac Car 16v
Hallway steel gprtn.g loo 31 31 3'
Headliw 144.600 145 143V4 144
Republic. B(e4 0 80"4 ) 30V1
Itepubllo Steel pfd 800 S3 214 93VL
li(k Island Co t.Ueo 29)14 MS 2)4
Hot k Im:u Cj. pfd l'O " 60 0
fct. U A 8. F. Sd pTd 0 3D 34 38
St. Louis S. W 100 221 2244. 22V4
Sl L. 8. W. pfd ll il t 67
Blnes-tSherrield 8, A I T 49 V4 4S4 44
Snuihsrn Paclflo 11,6110 113 1114, llji.
Souchern Railway 1.400 24 24V. 24Vi
So. Kx,llwar pfd 7O0 t M fcV,
Tennessee Copper 400 244 S3V4 84
Texas A Pacific too 2.V U 28
T., Bt. L. A W 100 21"4 2,1V4 SO"4
T , St. L. A W. ptd 700 634 82V4 63
Union Psdfto IM.loO 1K4 1(4 1K
Tlnlon Paclflo pfd JK) l 2
I'nlted State KeaJtr 100 68V. '4 47 U,
United Bta(e Rubber 8H4 S3 V 82V,
United State Bteel 3I,200 1Z 10 72V4
V. 8. Steel pfd. eOO 1164 1164 116V4
trtah Copper 1.0)0 464 4414 4f.4
V a. -Carolina Chemical ... S.Ono (ovk 6vi 6i4
Wabash ") 1614 lfS 16J4
Viabuh pfd 1.(00 13 V. 3i!14 1344
Weum Marrlsnd lis) 44V4 44 '4 44 "4
Westlnshous KlecUio 4 66V4 66 f4
Western Inion 300 70 . 4
Wheeling A U
Lehigh Valley 1th r 1 177 1744 lT4i
Total sale for the Say, 726.M0 ahare.
London Stock Market.
LONDON, Deo. 8. American securities
were quiet and steady during the early
trading today. Prices opened about un
changed and then advanced on light buy
ing. At noon the market was steady and
from V to V higher than yesterday's New
York closing.
Onsols. money . 7t 15-14 Loulerllle A N 146
do arannt 71 I 14 M.. K. A T 6144
Amai. OtppT 6 N. T. Central 114V,
Anaconda H Norfolk A W r
Atchison lo'H do pfd (0
do pfd l"Mv, Ontario A W 4I4
Baltimore A" Ohio. . .lot) Pennsylvania 46
Canadian Paclflo 1ST "4 Rand Mine H
Cheaapeak A O I?4 Readlni 74 "4
Chicago O. W n Boutbera Rr 1444
(Til.. Mil. A St. P.. 124 do pfd V,
Tie Beers -744 Southern Paclflo 1164
Denver A Rio O.... BO Union Pacific 172',
do pfd 70V, do pfC tv,
Erie 174 D. 8. Steal 744
do 1st pM 46V4 do pfd Il)v4
to 2d pfd 66V, Wabaak 164
Grand Trunk........ S3V4 do pfd 16
Illinois Central 114 npanlsh 4.... M
HIUVKH Bar, 25d pnr ounce.
HONKV 2 Vis? 3 per cent.
The rate of discount in the open market
for short bills is Z per cent; for three
months' bills, thi per cent
Local Bee-arttlM.
Quotations furnished by Burns, Blinker
ft Co., 44V New Omaha National bank
BIS. Asked.
Alma, Neb., municipal I luo
City of Omaaa se. 10U 101 (I 12
CI iy ot Omaha 4s 1121 1U"4 iuJ4
City ot Umaiia 4s. lo lu4'4
City Nat. iik. Bldg. 4. 1 Hi 74
CMdahy Psxkin Co. 6. 1M 4
Ce.umbus. Neb.. R. U 6a. 124 1 IKV.
Chicago Telephon 'o 123
Colorado lei. Co. (par M) 66 V
ralrtnont Creamery 1st (. 4 per sent 4 100
Hardy. Neb. (municipal) M lot
Hvdraullo Pressed Hrkk pfi) 4t
lows Portland Cement JM 4 ' tM
Kanaa elty Home Tel. Co. 6s, 1H3S.. M14 17
Metropolitan St. Ry. Cm. 6s. UU M
ldlchlan Stat Tel. la. 114 M 10 flat Tel. Co. pfd ti K7
New Knsland T. A T. Co. 4. ISM... 1
Omaha Gee ia. '1117 7V4 4714
Omaha Water Is. 144 WV4
Omaha tt. Ky. te. 114 lvu'e
Omaha A C. B. 8, R. is. 1M M VV4
Omaha A C. B. St. Ky. ptd 4 per ct U e4
Omaha A C. B. It ty.. com is
i Packer Net. fck. etoca. loalit Omaba 140 160
parirto T. A T. com 44V4 V4
Pacific T. A T. se. 1M7 rV4 t'V
KcHr Mountain bell Tel. Co 60 614
Union tiock Yards stock, ea-die 44 M
western Klectne Co. e. IM KM)
Kew York Mlnlnar Stocks.
NEW TORK. Dee. I. Closing quotations
on mining stocks were:
Allr 114 Utde CAl I
Cum. Tunnel stock. . II Mexican 7
do binds II Ontsno .......rtst
Con. I'sl. A Vs. Tl Opblr 10
Horn Silver so 8".ndar4 se
Iruo Blleer Is Yellow Jacket
sLe.d.ills Cub. I 1 , . ..
Baak of F.sglaad statesaext.
I.ONl"ON. I0. 8. The weekly itatement
of the Eajik ok L'ngland shows the follow
ing changes:
Total reMerve Increase, fl!9O00; circula
tion decrease. fl'.!.(M); bullion Increase,
fs.lM: other ecurltle de-rease. 1.0o7 0";
other deposits Increase, l,tiu,O0Q. public
deposit decrease, f 1,3.' . CO); botes reserve 1
Increase, tjjs.imj; government -curttles In
crease. t;;M"'0.
I'roportlon of the bank's reserve to lia
bility this week :).' per cent; last week
It was b) J per cent.
ew York Money Market.
NEW YollK, Dec. 8. MONK Y On call,
firm st S ij per cent; ruling rat, 3'4 per
cent; closing bid, SV per cent; offered at
SVj per cent. Time loans, dull; sixty day
and ninety dnvs, 4i4 per cent; six
month. 4'04' per rent.
per cent.
wltlT- actual buslnes in banker' bill at
$4.SJf4a4Jbrt for alxty-day bills and at
4 for demand; commercial bills. S4.M
4(4 W.
SILVER Mar. o4'e; Mexlcnn dul. . 4-.
lONl'Si Government steady; iilroud,
Closing quotations on bond were
V. 8. ref 2a. re,....l"H tnt M. M. 4's 44
do coupon 1( sj.pan 4s fc'H
" V. 8. .1.. re 1 dn 44 M-
do coupon Ii2 K. C. So. irt 3s . ";'"
V. 8. 4. reg 1M, u 8. deb. 4s 1P.U....
tn rouimn 114 U A N unl. 4e 4
Allls-Chsl. 1st 6.... 76', M K. A T. 1st 4s.. 7t
Am. A. 6s loin do gen. 4Vjs 4
Am. T A T. rt. 4..ln:ll Mn. Psrlflr 4s 7S4
Am. Tobacco 4 Ml N. It. K. of M. 4Ss (S
do s K. Y. ('. ( -,B 8!"4
Armour A Co. 4V.S. 91", do drb. 4 83 '4
Atchison gen. 4a t N. V.. N. II. A H.
Mo cv. 4a "M Cv. 6s 13.1"4
do ct. 6s iM N. A W. 1st c 4...
A. C. U 1st 4a f?.4 do ct. 4s. H"4
Hal. A otilo 4s S No. Paclflo 4
"lo "-, S3 do 3 7 '
do B. W. It, 9u O. R. U rMg. 4 K'i
Brook. TT. ct. 4s U Penn. cr. 3S 1916... fX-4
Cen. of a. 6s loti7, do con. 4s l'.u:.
Con. Leather 6a Reading gen. 4s 4
C. of N. J g. 6s .... 1 22 S. U A 8. F. Ig. 4s S"l"4
CTies. A Ohio 4V,. ..U.I14 do gen. 6s
do ref. 6s 4"4 8t. U 8. W. c. 4.. 7.,"4
"4ilcsg. A A. IS.. 70 do 1st gold 4s "
C. B. A W. j. 4a.... Sf.14 8. A. L. 4s 7644
do gen. 4s 74 80. Pao. col. 4s 9i'v,
C. M. A 8. P. g l"4s !2'4 do ct. 4s ft
C. H. I. A P. 0. 4s. 724 do 1st ref. 4a 5
do rfg. 4s g s0, Ralle-sy 6 1074
Colo. Ind. 6 76 do gen. 4s 764,
Colo. Mid. 4a. 44'4 Vnlon Paclflo 4s Ion.
C. A 8. r. A e. 4S ."', do ct. 4s 1(M
D. A H. ct. 4 '., do 1st A ref. 4.... '4
D. A R. O. 4s (', V. 8. Rubber 6e I"i14
lo nrf. 6s e.. 8 V. B. Bteel 2d 6S....10.JI,
Mstlllex' na 77'4 Va.-Caro. Oiem. 6. .lu"
Erie p. I. 4s 14", Wabash 1st is 1"4
do gen. 4 73 do 1st A ex. 4s 624
do ct. 4s. er. A.. 70 WcKlem MiL 4 46
uo series B SV4 eweit. Blec. ct. 6.. 0"4
Gen. Blec. ct. 6s.. ...148 Wla, Central 4 2i
III. On. 1st rof. 4a.. M Mo. Pao. ot. 6 il
Int. Met. 4Vi-s 7,4
Hid. Uttered.
Itoeton Stock and Bonds.
DOSTON, Dec, 8 Closing quoUUons on
stocks were as follow:
Alkwiei 87V, Mohawk 44V,
Amal. Copper 4.HV, NevaJa Con 1
A. Z. fu. A 8 2f.v, (NIplKsIng Mine iWi
Arlsona Com 14V. Nrrth Itutts exv,
Atlantlo 6v, oid Dominion S6'4
H. A C. C. A S. M. I" North Lake (04
Butte Coalition .... 17'i Osceola 120
Cal. A AHsona 4SV, Parrot t 8. A C 13
Cel. A Heel 625 Qulncr 74
Centennial 15 shannon 11
Copper Hang C, C.. 41V4 Superior 41
Kset Butte C. M 114 Superior A B. M. ... 64
Franklin ij Puporlnr A P. C 14
Otroui Con v, Tamarack 60
Granny Oon S74 U. 8. 8. R. A M... SI "4
Greene Canane .... 4 do pfd 4t.7j,
Isle Royall Copper. 14 t'tah Con lm
Kerr L4LK "4 t'tah Copper Cb 46
Lake Copper S2V, Winona V,
1 Salle Copper 74 WolTerln 116
Miami Copper 1DV,
Bid. "Asked.
New York Curb Market.
The following quotation are furnished
by Logan & ilryan. members New York
Btock exchange, 315 South Sixteenth street.
Bay State Oa 14 Greene Cananaa .... 4
Boston Oon H Inspiration v,
Hutt Coalition 174 Iyiroee 414
Cactus 23 Not. Con IH4
Chlno 2(144 Newhouae IS
Chief Con 114 Ohio Copper IV4
Fraction 14 Rawhide Coalition.. 4
DsTla-Dalr 14 Ray Central , l'i
Ely tntrl 1J Bwlft Pkg. Co 1014
Ely Con 3714 Sears-Roebuck Co. ..178)4
Kly Witch 11 Sllrer Pick 7
Franklin 4 Superior A Pittsburg 1.14
Olreui 4 Tonopsh Mining IV,
Goldfleld Florenc .. 14 Boheml IV4
Ooldfleld Daisy 4 OJlbwsy 81
Bavnk Clearing.
OMAHA. Pec. 8 Bank clearinr for to
day were $2,785,670.17 and for the corre
sponding date last year, $2,118,279. 9.
TiT'TT 1.T? ram.M, XT n - U .
the retail trade In 1-lb. cartons, 81c; No. 2,
in 80-lb. tubs, 2Sc; No. 2, in 1-lb. cartons
80o; packing stock, solid pack. i9c; dairy
in SO-lb. tub.. vtiu-uf v,
every Tuesday.
CHEESIS Twins, loHOWc; young Amer
icas, isc; daisies, 18c; triplets, 18c; llm
burger, 18c; No. 1 brick, ldo; Imported
RwIhs. 32c: domestic Swiss "An- hlwu
20c. ' """"
POTTTjTRY Treaseu4 hrnll... .... J e ,L
- - " v 1 . uiiucr e i i.e. ,
$o,00 per dox.; over 2 lba, 14c; hens, lSva
w.u, jvtu; atitas, luc; geese, ISc; tur-
kevs. .'in : ti I win u r,Ae ,i , an.
squabs, per doz., $4.0; fancy squabs per
broilers, under 2 lbs., 144c; over 2 lbs., SVfec
hens. S'aiii-lOo; old roosters, 7c; old ducks'
full feathered, 10c; geese, full feathered c'
turkeys, 13&Jl8c; guinea fowls, 2ic evcn:
pigeons, per dox., 6oc; homers, per do.
$&00: sauabs. No. 1. nr it,.. ti cu.. xt h
per doz., 60c. '
ish (ail frozen) Pickerel, llo; white
18c: ndke. lo: (rnnt I
20c; bpanlsh mackerel, 18o; eel, 18c- had
dock, 13c; flounders, 13c; green catfish 20c
roe shad, $1.00 each; shad roe, per 'pair'
5c; frog legs, per dox., 50c; salmon. Uc'
Vi a 1 1 til f 1 1 s
BEliK CUTS-Rlb: No. 1. 16c; No. t. 12c
No. . 8V4c. Loin: No. 1. 17c; No I U
No. $. 84. Cbuok: No. L 7Vo; No. I 7Vc'
No. 8. 7o. Round: No. 1, o; No ,1 1' 7o;
Na Wc1"' U :
FRUITS. ETC.-Oranges: California na
vel 96-126 sizes, per box, $2.76i.ooT small
rl. mm v'- Florida all sixes,
per box, $3 60. Lemons: Laurel brsnd ex-
yc, inu, eo.uu sou Size.
L, !b'60; cho'- le. per box
fill' H. j i 1. n.F V.r. w . . OA. at .A .
" , ev.w, i size. 600
S.elLb0it 'P fru,t: Florlda. 46-64-
vo. uua, M.tti ni on. rianana
rancy select, per $2.2602.60; Jambo'
hunch L!7rtf.17S p.e.. ..TTi'-J."?.?0'
, . . - ...... v .inn. 11 1 a. win
ter Nellis, per box. V2.86; New York Klfer
per bbl.. $3.7Bia4.00. Apples: Home-grown
cooking, per bbl., $3.5041 4.00; Missouri Jona
than, per bbl.. In. 00; Missouri Ren Davie
bHlZ. "'"f in"P-. . Pr
T. . -".o-vu, ,, pur DDIS., 14.00-
other varieties, per bbl., $4.00; New York
Greening and Raldwln, per bbl., (4 60' Col
orado Jonathan, per box, 12.10; Washing
ton Graver.steln, per box. 11.60; California
Uelleflower. per box. 1.60; Washington
Grimes Golden and Jonathan, extra fancy
88-15 size, per box. $2.25. Pineapple: Per
case, 84.60. Grapes: California Emperor
per crate, $1.75; New York Catawba, per
5-lb. basket, ?0c; Malaga. HOiitw lbs gross
per keg, I7.004i8.00. Cranberries: Per box'
$2.76; Bell and Cherry brand, per bbl '
$8.00; Wtbconsln Bell and Bugle and Late
Howe brands, per bbl., $8.D0. Dates- An
chor brand, new, 30 1-lb. pkgs. In boxes
per box, $2.00; bulk. In 70-lb. boxes per lb '
6;?c. Figs: New California, 12 12-oz pkgs'
85c; $6 12-oz. pkgs., 12.40; 60 6-os ukars''
$2.00. Figs: Turkish. 7-crown, per lb!. 16o:
(-crown, per lb., 14c; 4-crown, per lb 14a'
VKGETABLK.S Potatoes: Early Ohio'
In sacks, per bu., 90o; Iowa and Wiscon
sin, white stock, per bu.. iTvaoSc. 8weet
potatoes: Virginia, per bbl., J.60; Kansas
per bbl., $2 00. Onions: Iowa, red and yel
low, per lb., 2c; Indiana, white, per lb
8c; Bpanlsh, per crate, 11.40. Garlic: Ex
tra fancy, white, per lb., 15c; red. per lb
16c. Kxg plant: Fancy Florida, per doz'
$2.00. Celery: Michigan, per doz. bunches'
Sic; California Jumbo, per dox. bunches
76c. Rutabagas: Per lb., lo. Cucum-
K.,a ll.ilhni... ILL. en.l S . - - . . .
- " . - w.u uue., per HO X ,
$2 00.. Tomatoes: California, per 4-baaket
crate, $160. Cabbage: New. per lb., lv,o
String and wax beans: per market bas
ket, $160. Lettuce: Extra fancy leaf. pr
doz., 40c. Parsley: Fancy home-grown
per doz. bunches, 40c Beets: Per mar
ket basket, 36c
M1SCULLANFOUB Walnuts: Black
per lb., 2c. Hlckorynuts: lrge, per lb'
c; small, per lb., Co. Cocoanuta: per
.sack, $6.60; per doz., 80c. Honey: New 24
frames, $3.75. Cider: Mott's, New York,
per H-bbl., $175; per bbl.. $4.75.
Evaporated Apples aad Dried Frell.
APPLES Strong, with an upward tend
ency! 011 the spot, fancy la quoted at l'i j
14c; choice, 11c; prime, Vj iO!o; common
to fair, nominal.
DRIED FRUITS Prunes firm but less
active at the advance. Quotations range
from 4(l(rto for California up to 30-4oa
and 8Val0o for Oregona from 60 to 80s.
Apricots are very firmly held on the small
stocks; choice, l.ViiUc; extra choice, 13"
WUI40; fancy, UVijHc. Peaches firmer on
the small supplies and the strength on
the coast; choice, 7Vtf'o; extra choice.
I'Vat'ic; fancy. 8V,'o'c, Ralalns are firmer
en the Improvement on the coast; loose
muscatels are quoted at feti'sc; choice
to fancy aoeded, 6ld'7l4C; seedless, 6oc;
London layers, $l.miLSj.
Oaak liar Market.
OMAHA. Dec. 8-HAY-N0. 1 upland.
$12; No. 2 upland. $11; No. 1 coarse, B ; 1 , No.
1 course, r: packing. $7; alfalfa. i4, Utraw:
Wheat. $6.60. rye, $; oats, tl.M.
Beef Steen Axe Steady to Lower a
Tradlnsr Reeome Active Towarel Close
and Valnee Advaaeesl KHaktly
Sheep Receipt Are
SOl'TII OMAHA, Neb.. Dec. , 1910.
Receipts were: Cattle, llog-s. Bueep.
Official Monday 8,4.S i.W'4 .
Official Tuesday 7,ii"2 4.Si 11. 2U
tifflclal Wednesday 6,7s;, t.'.'75 8 014
Eatlinate Thursday 4.6tJ 7.600 2,Nki
Four davs this week....2.2!"3 11.185 W,07'.
Pame dnvs last week 16.670 22.116 42.113
Name days 2 weeks ngo..l6.7"7 IS 4 3 . 611
Same days 3 weeks ago..31.(S 21.646 109.2'W
Name days 4 weeks ago..l."i'-'l 11.170 KS.SHO
(Same days last year 24.664 U.0C4 28,7.3
The following table s-ows the receipt of
rattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
for the year to date, as compared with
last year;
1.063. 1"'7
Inc. Dec.
Hog ,
The following table shows
t;ie average
prices of hogs at South Omaha for the last
several days, with comparisons:
Dates, j 1910. 190.1908.19O7.190.19t'5-19'i
1 eo.
7 13"4,
7 12
7 26'
7 4.U
8 02 6 79
8 061 & "5
7 41
7 Jl
Receipts and disposition of live stock at
the l"nlon .Stock lards, South Omaha, for
twenty-four hours ending at 8 p. m. De
cember 8:
C. M. St. P 9 4 4 ..
Wabash 1
Missouri Pacific 14 1..
Union Pacific 41 14 7
C. & N. W., east 12 10 2 1
C. i N. W., west 33 21 1
C S, P.. M. & O.... 12 8 .;
C, H. & Q., east 2 14 4
C, B. & y., west 46 28 .. 1
c, ti. 1. p., east 9 4 1..
C, H. I. & P.. west... 2 .. 1 1
Illinois Central 8 4
Chicago Gt. Western. S 2
Total receipt 176 113 20 4
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
On.aha Packing Co 4:"") 1,415 4-'4
bwlft and Company 1.2H9 1.942 1,131
Cudahy Pecking Co 869 2.3C2 1,060
Armour & Co 1,0" 8,148 1(W
W. B. Vansant Co 28
Benton Vansant & Lush.. 75
Stephens Broa 48
Hill & Son 168
F. B. Lewis 73
J. B. Root A Co 110
J. H. Bulla 88 .... ' ....
MoL'reary & Carey 156
8. Wertheimei- 96
1 1. F. Hamilton 1
Lehmer Uro 16
Rothschild & Kiebs 94
Hmith & Polsley 35
Mo. & Kan. Calf Co 89
Kline & Christy 33
McConnehey 34
Other buyers 532 .... 611
Totals 6,272 8,847 $,936
CA11 Receipts o i-atue this morning
numbered 178 car, a very xair run for a
U hursday, making tne total lor the week
26,A4) head, a gain of 10,000 head over last
ween, anil 01 almost 11,000 head over tne
week uciore. bull the receipts are less
than 2.000 head larger for the same week
last year.
'1'he market on beef steers this morning
as sieauy 10 posxioiy a little lower in
spots, the tendency this week havlna been
steadily downward, owing to the large runs
nere anu at oilier market points.
Cows and heifers commanded steady
prloes, there being a good demand and no
material change In the market as compared
with yesterday. ,
Feeders, as Is apt to be the this late
In the week when receipts are liberal were
slow and lower. Buyers from the country
being few and far between, speculators
were not anxious to take on additional sup
plies with the prospect of having to carry
them over until next week.
Quotations 011 native cattle: Good to
choice beef steers, $6.2044.75; fair to good
beef steers, $5.4O4j6.20; common to fair beef
steers' $4-604i6.40; good to choice cowa and
helfors, $4 5")i'R25; fair to good cows and
heirers, $3.76ii4.60; common to fair cows ana
heifers, f3.Ojii3.76; good to choice (tuckers
and feeders, $4. 5047(5.60; fair to good tuck
er and feeders, 3.S04i4.60; common to fair
stockerat and feeders, $3.264i3.S0; stock
heifers, $3.0044.1S; veal calves, $3.504j8.,45
bulls, JLgs. eto., $3,2646.00.
Quotations on ramie cattle: Choice to
prime oeeves, $6.60',i6 25; good to choice
beeves, $5.00j5.60; fair to rood beeves, 14.40
t4.80; common to fair beeves, I3.704M 40
choice cows, $3.804f4.4O: fair to good cows'
$3.30S.6a; canners, I2.754j3.60.
Representative sales:
No. At. rr. No. At. Pr
24 10i 4 40 U (Kl ft gn
10 1114 6 10 44 1204 l 60
1 10.T7 6 40 4 U7 4 (A
81 Wl 46 25 Id 24 i 7
It") I K 10 100 4 0
4 7') I ti It 4 06
4 818 8 30 14 lm 4 10
440 t 50 4 U47 4 10
4 r IK nu 4 I5
104 I Ii04 4 It
4 1046 I 76 4 10f,i 4
11 108 I & 2 116 4 X
hWO 4 00 11 1101 4 44
4 1071 4 U0 It lou 4 M
I 60 4 00 I U7t 4 ,9
8 U36 4 00 10 Jjet 4 hi
8 M 4 00 U fJl 4 44
T .....ltbl 4 0
I- I 't 8 .. HO
10 707 4 16 10 740 4 16
10 Ill 4 10 2 lost 4 00
1 1108 I TS l... 1M0 4 16
1 1100 8 '8 1 l'iit 4 15
1 TOO I 76 I UM 4 t4
1 1210 I 80 1 1440 4 46
1 liift) 4 10 1 lint a 40
1 14S.4-4 15
I Ifto I 60 1 104 I 60
I.. t 4 W K ft 7 oo
417 4 60 t JW4 I 00
I stil 4 76 1 120 go
1 4f,4 t 00
tl 41S 4 26 4 ttO 4 TO
4 IvS 4 35 7 060 4 40
11 644 4 40 1 llfl) io
1 746 4 M
Chlvers Bros. Neb.
18 cows 921 3 40 - 28 cows 967 $ 85
13 cows 9h6 4 15 9 feeders.. 797 4 40
19 heifers... 798 3 66 10 bulls 1417 S 76
J. Sabra-Wyo.
17 feeders.. 1136 5 15 2 cows 90S 3 00
5 steers. ...12J0 6 00
W. J. Wright Wyo.
11 cows 101S 4 25 4 cows 975 I 75
28 feeders.. 1061 6 15 8 steers. ...lm 4 85
8 feeders. .1066 6 16 2 cows IOiO 4 25
4 cows 1060 4 25 4 cows 10.10 4 75
4 cows 967 4 23 8 cows 9M) I 75
F. J. Haggle Wyo.
7 cows 7X7 8 26 cows 90S 4 oo
6 cow 8l"l 2 25 6 cows 910 4 00
7 steers. ...107 4 55
Nels Jorgensen Wyo.
69 steers.. ..1101 4 9o 8 steers.. ..1155 4 50
H. Danlelson Wyo.
i steers. ...1144 4 90 7 cow 1100 190
P. V. Bommers Wyo.
6 steers.. ..1116 4 90 9 cows 1011 4 10
Ed Steel Wyo.
42 feeders.. 996 4 70 22 cows 835 4 26
10 cowa K"6 8 90
Thomas Jose Idaho,
t cows 878 8 4") 25 cow 11 t 80
14 feeders.. s4 4 25 7 feeders.. 861 4 16
I stelrs.... 403 4 76
E. P. McManlgal S. D.
8 cows IOCS 8 00 8 cows 666 I 60
HOGS The market opened this morning.
with buyers talking prices that were
around 10c lower than yesterday's general
market. Bellors were a little backward
about cutting loose and when both buyers
and sellers got together It was on the basis
of price that were generally btfiuo lower
than yesterday. If a comparison was mad
with yesterday's extremely weak close the
market today would hive to be quoted.
higher. Bonis of the hug that were car
ried over from yesterday brought as much
aa 6c more than was bid for them late -tarda.
The market while slow In opening
was reasonably active toward the close and
everything In sight wa aold In very fair
-eLon. A good many of the heavy hogs
brought $7 26(17.80, with extremely heavy
weights below these figures. Mixed hoar
sold largely around $7 47 85. with light
and butcher weights rsnging all the way
from $7 .8"f7 .40 and on up a high aa $7.45
for a few of the choicest.
Representative sales:
Ne. ! Pr- C- a".
Sin ... Tit to la to lm
67 tM 44 T 40 Id ... T 44
I! 144 40 T to Tv il ... Tee
ta......Ul 4 I 1X44 14 set 8V T 86
I I t 06 4 911 4 43
I 4 61' 14 81' 4 48
8 03 6 65 4 64 j 6 06 14 48
I 03 B 69 4 63 Uj 4 8l
I 6 51 4 671 12i 4 Mi 4 42
8 12 1 4 71 1 6 loi 4 83 : 4 40
8 221 5 41 4 63 6 21 4 92 4 36
8 22 i 6 42, I 16 4 87 4 29
4 Hit 1" f J 7 ) T ..
61 .Vil m 7 f 4 14 . I .V
47..'. '4 ... 7 ?:. 76 y 1
tl I I 4 7 M. .M 1" 7 ?S
t I i 1 ff. M it ... Ill
.Ml "J !00 T XX 44 ... T J.
H ... 7 J --. M 7 M
4 ft to T :5 in ...
o .in ; it ki ... T is
40 Mi 40 7 a M r ... 7 js
fit Ill 40 7 It 71 ro 40 T IS
47 r lo 7 js i jm io IB
M tJ 4" 7 X 74 SM ... 7 J.
64 2 1 T IS 4" :'4 4" i II
1 YI 1J0 T IS 41 1 t I IS
11 .K ... t It 47 Wl 140 7
40 KM ... T "S 44 ?: ... 7 374j
41 SS.S ... Tit 41 S3S ... T 7,
4 "Si ... T tt 11 J" ... 1 40
4 1T7 ... T W tt m ... 7 4.1
6 ISO T so II ?" ... T 40
m I4 SO T SO 40 1S4 ... 7 40
H 147 40 U 43 17 ... 7 4i
67 SHI ?" T 10 4 fsS ... T 40
M 104 MO 7 10 M Jon ... 7 4'l
64 I ... 1 ) 41 Ii 40 7 40
4 . IO "III TO Ml ... I (il
"1 T 30 71 14 ... T 4"
tt 'J T40 T 30 IIO ... 7 41
tl rt lie T at ?is ... T 40
tt 13! 44 7 SO M !'. ... T 40
. rt ... 7 30 : tn ... 7 cv,
17 t ... 7 Jo 15 f'l ... T 4.'.
f,9 SM 40 7 S' 46 2.1 ... 7 47.
76 170 ... T S2"4j 71 207 ... 7 46
ID J61 ... T IT"4
1 650 10 T JO
SH EEP .Sheep receipt were light again
today, only eighteen carloads being reported
In the yards. This leave the total for the
four day at 26.1KO head as against
head for the same day hist week and 6.N.
9"1) head a year ago. It will be noted from
thla that the arrivals arc running very
email for this season of the yeiir, but the
reason for this being the case Is to be
found In the sharp break that took place
at the close of last week and also In the
weakness developed on Tuesday of thl
week, when the large receipts created a
dull and weak market. It would look a if
the country were following a cautious
policy and Is holding bck supplies.
With a very fair demand this morning
buyer c;ot down to business In good sea
eon and picked up the offering In a short
time at prices that were safely l(Vi 15c
tdgher and in come cases perhaps as much
as 26o higher, iamb especially showing the
most advance. Today's advance make up
for any wenknns that may have been de
veloped on Tuesday and more, too, lea vine;
the market at least 26c higher than the
extreme low cloeo last week and In some
cases mure than that. It will be noted,
however, that the market Is very uneven,
due in part at least to the fact that pack
ers are discriminating very much In favor
of light weights, both sheep and lambs.
Thus while a packer in order to get some
thing light will spring the price all buyers
are bearing down hard on heavy weiuht
regardless of how choice or well finished
they may be. Shipper can hardly under
stand why their choice heavy native lnmbs
sre selling atlri.ODir6.50, while . light wes
terns are bringing a high a $6.00 and oc
casionally better. Thus today right good
western lambs of light weight sold up to
$6 10.
There were very few feeders In sight
this morning, but as noted every day this
week, the demand Is far in excess of the
supply and offerings have met with very
ready sale at good, steady prices, there be
ing practically no change In the market
for a number of days back.
Quotations on sheep and lambs: Good to
choice light lambs, $5,7546.10; good to choice
heavy lambs, $5.0tj'&.40; fair to good lambs,
$6.0O(?5.6O; good feeding lambs. $4.60"d5.1r;
fair feeding lambs, $4.0")4j4.60: light common
lamb, I3.004i4.00; handywelght yearlings,
$4.754f6.15; heavy yearlings, 3.8"fr4.50; feeder
yearling. $3.75Tf4.35; good to choice wethers,
$3.tX34.00; good to choice heavy wethers,
$3.004f3.50; feeding wethers. $3.154T3.50; good
to choice light ewes, $3 5043. 86; good henvy
ewes. $3.254rH.R0; feeding; ewes. $2.2n4?2.65;
canners, $1.5(M12 00.
Representative sales:
No. Av. Pr.
222 fed yearlings Ill 4 40
112 fed yearlings 110 4 40
138 fed yearlings 113 4 40
41 fed lambs 93 6 75
32 fed ewes and bucks 116 3 35
87 fed lamb 74 5 W
20 fed lambs, culls 56 6 00
100 shorn lambs 78 6 75
55 fed lambs 74 8 00
43 fed yearlings 77 6 (to
218 fed lambs 73 00
260 fed yearlings 87 b w
26 fed lambs, culls 60 6 (
337 fed lambs 77 6 1")
60 fed lambs 61 4 40
257 fed lambs 64 5 (4)
67 fed lambs 107 6 40
6 fed ewe 140 3 tx)
85 fed wethers 137 4 10
Demand for Cattle and Hosts Slow
ftheep "tron.
CHICAGO, Dee. 8. CATTLE Receipts,
8.000 head; market slow and weak; beeves,
$4.4037.20; Texas steers, $4,1035 26; western
steers, 4.104!8.a0; stock ere and feeders, $3.25
(fio.OO; cows and heifers, $2,204(4.10: calves,
$7.0O"i't 00.
HOGS Receipts, 82,000 head: market
low at decline; light, $71.r"t).7.6714: mixed,
$7.167.66; heavy, 7.164V".66; rouxh, $7.15
4)7.30; good to choice heavy, $7.30rj77.55; pigs,
$(j.6.V(f7.46: bulk of sale. $7.40417.50.
BHEBP AND (LAMBS Receipts, 2.1.000
head: market strong; native, $2.254T"3.50;
western, $4.50$.25.
Kanaa Cltr Live Btoek Market.
ceipts, 8,000 head. Including 700 southerns;
steers, steady, strong; cow, steady to 10c
lower; dressed beef and export steers, $5.50
Si8 75; fair to good. $4.K64i,5ft; western steers,
$4 .S0?r6.60; steckera and feeders. $4.0o4j6.25;
southern steers, $4.2f6.35; eouthern cows,
$2.5tX(f4.1fi; naUve cows, 2.75'ti5.00; naUve
heirers, 3.71kU6.50; bulls, $; calves,
$3.8047 25.
HOG-Receipts. 7,700 head; market
steady; close, strong: bulk of sales", $7,404)
7.50; heavy, $7.4547.50: packers and butch
ers. $7,4037.60; light, $7.4047-7.60.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt), 1.000
head; market 10 to 15c higher; lamb), $6.25
476.35; yearlings. I3.754i6.00: wethers, $3.5tY$
4.00; ewes, $3. 6633.75; atockers and feeders,
4. Joseph Lire Bteelr Market.
ST. JOSEPH. Dec 8 CATTLE Receipt
2.500 head; market steady; steers, $4.50ff
(60: cows and heifers, $2.6046.60; calves,
HOGS Receipts 6,000 head; market slow;
top. $7 46; bulk of sales. $7.3.va7.40.
8HEEP AND IAMB-Recelpts 1.000
head; market 154726c higher; lambs, $4.60
6(1.25. '
Btrerk la Blsrbl.
Receipts of live stock at the five princi
pal western markets westnrday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 4.500 7.600 2.800
St. Joseph 2.600
Kansas City 8,0
St. Louis S.9O0
Chicago 8.0O0
.26,900 62,200 33.200
Bt. Loots I.lve Btoek Market.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 8. CATTLE Receipts,
3,000 head, including 1,600 Texans; market
At this icasn of the year, when the
Cround and street car platforms arc
apt to be cpvered with snow or ice.
especial care should be taken by
pa.scngers in getting on and off cars.
Assist Us In Preventing Accidents
Hmolin ?. .T.tA..'$ri trial DK.XP
Street Railvay Company
st,ilv; nstne shipping and export "'r.
;sv,,T dr. Ped nod Mitcner
.;,..,-.; st.-er oii'ler 1.0" pr.un'1. $
i SO; ste. k.-rs and feeders, . VM '-.: lw"
and heifers. 1 1 7;.'o6 ;:. runners $. . i
bulls, $.: iv.n-..i'. calves. $v. '.'. n' TrJ""
and Indian steers. $ I : rows arwi
heller. :.4 . , .
Hot!. -4 Ueclft-. SOX) bend: market f-x
lower; pigs and lluhl. $7 :Mt7.M): rj'-
17 4.vi7.."4i; butchers and best nea, "
1'sHKKP AND I.AMns-Recelpt. 1400
head: mnrkrt steady; native muttony $t.0
4r.10: lnmbs. I'. .. .."': cull and bura.
2 tO-'iR.OO. stooke-, $j 2Ti :i
Coffee Market,
NEW YORK. Dec. 8 COFKKK,-Ftitire
oiiened stetidv Bt an advance of ten po nt
on Decern Iwr, but generally two P0,"'
lower lo five points higher, the irregularlt v
being due to easier Europenn market a
opp.'el to continued firmness In Itraril.
and lo the unsettling Influence of denial
ilint the valorirHtlon sale talked of ye
tenlnv hsd nctimlly tnken r'"- At
offer were pretty well taken, but selling
w heavy later Slid price rased off In
conscuuence with the steady. nl a
net devil tie of .In 17 slnl. Whereas. f
teidav there wn a feeling in the market
thnt a large amount of valorisation had
been absorbed without disturbing value
from the unsettled tone today suggested
some little nervousness as to the effect of
such offerings, should they actually be
made. Hales lU-7. bass; December. H.liV;
January, ll.Oi'.c: February. 11.03c: March.
l"i.!)v; April, 10.93c; May, lORSc; June. 18 8"c;
Julv, in.;2c; August. lOBSc; fHeptemher.
10 61c: (ictoher and November, 1") t"c. trtpot,
(inlet; Rio No. 7. 131"'; Santo No. 4. 13;os
tiomlnnl. Mild coffee, unlet; Cordova, 13
5iloc nominal.
Cotton Market.
closed quiet: 20 point decline; middling
uplands. 14.80c; middling gulf, 15.05; sales
T."H bale.
Cotton futures closed easy; December.
14 46: January, 14.50c; February . 14 .6TV;
March. 14 7:V; April, 14.7rK: Mav. 14 86c;
June. 14S2c: July, 14S2c; August, 14.60c;
October, 13 26c.
ST. I AH IS. Dec. S. COTTON Quiet;
middling, lr.'.o. Pales, none: receipt.
2.27S bale, shipments, 1.678 bale; stock,
19.424 bales. '
Philadelphia Prod nee Market.
extra western creamery, Slc;
nearby print. 33o.
EtillS Bcarce and firm; Pennsylvania
and other nearby firsts, free case. 89c, at
mark: current receipt In returnable cae.
?7o, at mark; western firsts, free cses, 79c,
at mark: current receipt. S7o at mark.
CHEESE Firm; New York, full cream,
fancy. Heptember, 15c; October, 14016c:
fair to good. llvM'ic
Tnrpentlne find llssln.
SAVANNAH. Ca.. Doc. 1-TrnPEff-Tl
KB Firm. Wu'W. sale, 425 bbl.; re
ceipts, 639 bbls.; shipments. 1,081 bbls.;
stock. 16.975.
ROSIN Firm: sales. 101.1 bbls.; receipt
I.8!Ki bbl.; shipments, 4.87") bbls.; tock.
77.0S3. Quote; B, $5.70: E. $5.7iV1f,.72H:
F, $5.72'4.T.'..75; O. t5.77Wo.80: H. $5.t5; I,
$6.40; K. $6.50. M. $7.06; N, $7.104T7.20; WO.
$7.46; WW, $7.55.
Dry (ioodi Market.
cotton goods market ruled steady ami
quiet; worsted warp broadcloth for fall
1911 are to be shown shortly at alight price
reductions. The cotton yarn markets rule
star Market.
NEW YORK, Dec. 8. SI 'GAR Raw,
firm muscovado, 89 test, 85nc; centrifu
gal. 96 test. 4.00c; molasses sugar. 89 test,
3.26c; refined susar, firm; crushed, 6.60c;
powdered, 4.90c; granulated, 4.S0c.
IVonI Market.
BT. LOT'IS. Deo. 8. WOOT-Qtilet; terri
tory and western mediums. 21i(22c; fine
mediums, 174flc; fine. 12Cal3c.
Tranters and Faenltr ef Yankton Col
lege Fntertaln Cltlsena Wednes
day at Bnpper.
TANKTON, S. D., Dec. 8.-(Sperlal.l
Wednesday night the trustees and faculty
of Yankton college entertained the cltlxens
Ul laimiuu Bl B 1 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 1 ci. tm f. " i - -
The Institution I In immediate need of
financial aid and 1 now $25,000 In debt.
The present small endowment, with all
oiner source oi revenue, sie nuuoiy in
adequate to the need of such a big, grow
ing establishment s the college ha proved
to be of late years. If the present In
debtedness can be wiped out the college
has assurances of substantial endowments
which will place the Institution beyond the
need of debt raising campaigns for many
years to come. The citizens were Invited
to meet with the college management to
discus ways am) means to solve the big
Henry Gunderson. a Yankton college
man, has been notified, curiously enough,
from far off Oxford, that ha has passed
the Cecil Rnodes examination and will be
admitted to Oxford next year. Gunderson
recently took the examination in thl
state, but had heard nothing of tt until
he received word from M. A. Brown, also
a Yankton man. now finishing at Oxford,
that Gunderson's name had been posted
there. Gunderson la from Crofton, Neb.
Dakota lodge. No. 1, the mother lodg
of Odd Fellowship In both Dakota, has
elected Frank Rlsling, noble grand; C. T.
Lingo, vice grand; 22. Rlchey, secretary,
and William Ward, treasurer.
The Rebekah lodge elected Mrs. Mae
Montague, noble grand; Miss Bessie Slear,
vice grand; Mrs. Nellie Owens, secretary,
and Mrs. Belle Lingo, treasurer.
In the annual declamation contest for
academy young women, Miss Margaret
Gardner won first place. Miss Edna Lee,
second, and Miss Zide Frost, third. Ths
cash prixe of $25 was divided between these
Coasrressman mil Flies Contest.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 8. Congressman Patrick
H. Gill of the Eleventh Missouri district,
filed a notice of a contest of the election
of Thomas F. Catlln, congressman-elect,
today. Among the charges In the notice
of contest wa one that Catlln attempted
to buy the support of a member of the
democratic city committee of St Louis.
Catlln denied all the charge made against
amd Ice