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    T1IH TtKK: OMAHA. "WKDNESnAY. DF.CKMnETi 7, 1010.
From the House of Flark Cross
They'll solve everyone's
Christmas perplexity, from the
lady who wishes "a cigar case
for a gentleman with blue eyes,
residing in California," to the.
buyer desiring "something in
blue" for a young lady recov
ering from bronchitis.
ST sftk
A o'lvlilfMl allrlnrf hrtwwn
art anij utiiltr.
Fealns; tfsslcet, of hml willow, with
leather edge, tufted satin IlnliiK,
shears, thread anil needles, thimble
ami several rimpartrrier.ts. at tt.SO
t-i J8.50
A . 1
1518-1520 FARNAM STREET.
Baiin Namei Able' Committee to
Arrange Exhibits Here.
Prof. Dittnu'i Wvrld-Rraowatd Dis
covery, Winter Kmmrr, Will Be
Anion- Prodnels on Kshlbl
tlom at Auditorium.
BASIN. Wyo.. Dec. . (Special. ) It haa
been decided that the Big Horn Dasln ahall
be well icprearnted at the Western I-nd
IToduots exhibit to oe held In Omaha, Jan
uary U-2f. 1911.
Thla la considered a good opportunity to
let the people of the central states know
of the wonderful opportunltlea to be had
In the Big Horn Basin In the way of farm
landa In the midst of other undeveloped
natural resources of untold value.
The executive committee that will have
charge of the Rig Horn Busln exhibits con
sists of H. O. Shedd. chairman; R. R.
Crowe, George Randall, U. A. Miller, C. C.
Kills. C. K. Robertson, J. 8. Brown, Ralph
Hoover. H. L. Loux and W. A. Stcklcr.
Mr. Shedd has had a wide experience In
exposition work, having had charge of the
Nebraska exhibits at the Portland exposi
tion, and la considered a moBt capable
man for thla work.
Other Able Men on Committee.
Mr. Crowe haa extensive land Interests
In all parts of the Big Horn Baaln; Mr.
Randall la one of the owners of the "Baaln
Gardens;" Mr. Miller has charge of the
Wyoming Lnd and Irrigation company's
project; Mr. Ellis Is one of the pioneer
real estate men of the Big Horn Basin;
Mr. Robertson was promoter and builder of
the Hanover canal and la at present the
mayor of Worland; Mr. Brown Is the
prlae winning apple grower of the Big Horn
country; Mr. Hoover of Basin and Mr.
Lous of Cody are both leading real estate
and Insurance men of the baaln country,
and Mr. Slckler baa charge of the govern
ment Bhoxhone project.
Thla Is considered one of the strongest
committees ever named to take up work
for (he Big Horn Baaln or any part of
Wyoming and there can be no question
about the results being beneficial to the
basin or that the visitors to the Omaha
land show will fall to be entertained.
It la expected amongst other interesting
products of the Big Horn Baaln placed
uion exhibit In Omana will be I'rof. Buf
fum'a new winter emmer, now attracting
world-wide attention.
Commercial t'lnlis Arrange for Space
In AaSltorlnm Daring; Show.
The eta to of Montana la taking great In
terest In The Omaha Bee's Land Show, as
they are appreciating the benefit of keep
ing In touch with the people of this eo
tlon. ,
The commercial clubs ct the principal
cities are arranging this week for display
apace, aa It la not possible this late In the
season to arrange for a state showing.
However, different organisations will vie
with each other as to which can make the
flnert display, and it is expected to make
a good showing of grains and fruits, which
will equal, It net excel, tbuae of any other
section of the west:
The following la from the Billings
"Space la the Western Land Products ex
hibit, to be heid in Omaha January IS to
2i la rapidly being taken by the various
states and communities throughout the
northwest, and everything point to a suc
ceatful exhibit. The show Is being re
stricted absolutely to the northweet. and
reveral applications for apace fir displays
fs-om ether stat.-s have been lffuseil by the
committee In charge of the arrangements.
Few persons possess the necessary knowledge
of Diamonds to buy them on their own judg
ment. For the past twenty years we have
known it. For that and other reasons we have
always sold them under guarantee to buy them
back at any time within one year at price paid
less 10 per cent. It gives one a year to find out
if it is satisfactory in every way, and the co3t
of wearing it is nominal. We have them from
$30 per karat upwards to $500.00 per karat.
Diamond Rings $5.00 to $600.00
letter Than
a Jet
Men's "Vani
ty Hooks'' for
cravats. Hang
ing la none too
pood for them.
Three and four
arplil 1 a t a il
arms or clri'le,
colored lea
ther and itfr
akln straps
$2.00 to (3.80.
8rme wlb pjn
c u a h I o n At
tached. Cross London Gloves
Kor men. womm and children,
style clasping hand with com
fort. Huy a pair Just to keep
. Fvfi:e..Joilar-FiH
rthf'ra fl.75 to ta.SS
"Lotila W. Buckley, a special representa
tive of the exhibit, was in Billings yester
day and Is much pleased with the country
In this vicinity and has been afmrl of a
good display from this section. An effort
la belnr made, to get an exhibit from the
state, but it has thus far been unsuccess
ful. The Midland Empire will, horn-ever,
send n larire display.
"The show Is to take. In only state that
are Immediately tributary to Omaha and
which will benefit only the northwest, aa
far aa bringing e-t tiers Into the country la
concerned. Colorado has taken 2.000 square
feet of floor niaec for a state exhibit, Cali
fornia haa taken 1.8(10 eriuaj-e ftt, Oregon
has taken 1.200. The United Commercial
clubs of Idaho held a meeting Monday at
which action was to be taken upon the
proportion of taking a targe floorspace.
No word haa aa yet ben received from
there aa to whether or net the space will
be taken, but from the general sentiment
expressed by the individuals it Is confi
dently believed by Mr. Buckley that they
will accept.
"Several of the railroada tinder the name
of the Hill lines have taken 1.600 aquare
feet and will exhibit products from along
their lines In this section. The roads are
the Great Northern, Northern Paclflo and
"There are about 19.000 square feet of
siace In the large auditorium at Omaha In
whloh the show will be held. Several
rooms will be fitted up aa lecture rooms
and twenty-minute Illustrated talks will be
given on the farming and orcharding meth
ods uaed In this section.
"The matter which la attracting most at
tention to this section is the orcharding.
From displays Bent out from the Midland
Empire It has been proven that It la possi
ble to raise good, marketable apples here,
and the low pricee of land aa oom oared
with other orchard countries la expected to
prove attractive to prospective buyers."
(Continued from Flrat Page.)
Wright and George W. Franshelm, presl-
... vi ine v neeiing Enam
eled Iron company.
Llt of Witnesses.
These are the witnesses who gave testi
mony here.
Walter J. Kohler, president of the J. M.
Kohler tSuna company, Khebuygan, Chicago,
.San rranclsco and New York; Oscar A,
Kroos, 8lieboyga'.i, Wis.; John A. Kelly ol
the Iron City Sanitary Manufacturing com
pany, Pittaburg and Zelienople, Pa.; Jolir
L.. SullwolU, president ot the Western Sup
ply company, St. Paul, Minn.; Henry
Mullock, president of the Illinois MalleabU
Iron company, Chicago, 111.; James K Gil
more, preaident of the U. M. Gllmore com
"' Minneapolis, Minn.; Charles 8
Hlrschreld. secretary or the r-ntr.i ii,.-..
I' Hllliulv mmninv K' aw v,.,b , -t . . . .
. lioardman, general manager of the
""'""" juiuimm company, xsew York
Brooklyn, Philadelphia anj Camden: Ed
ward W. Holchklss, president of the Hotch
Kim. vail & Uarrlsun company. New York
SCALP medicine that glvea quick and last
ing results. One bottle will convince you
oi its effectiveness. At druggists, barbers
and hairdressers.
Roads Offer to Divide Rate.
ST. I3UIS. Dec. .-FolIowlng a hearing
bt-fore the interstate Co innerce commis
sion In Washington last week to declare
the Manufacturer' railway a common
currier, three roads, the 'Frisco, Chicago
Kasiern Illinois and the Missouri, Kansas
S: Texas, announced today they would
divide tales wltth the Manufacturers' road
Port. ArrTvu. fallfd.
US YOHK Dura ai Omoa.... Bnunls. ,
HAIJKAX Kirlllan
HAMHt'KO .Amerlks
Montkvikf.O. ..lodimea...
IIAMttl Hi)
. Pennsylvania.
. Atunnioutb.
. Ayniarlc.
Pl.VMwl TH...
. llHllll
. ( 'allfornia
,.K. P. Wllhelm. ...
.Niruw Amsterdam
LlAI-TlMnHE Boania
J . I
First Witness Placed on Stand After
State Bests in Case.
Tito Wtlarnfi Plureil an , bet
tlmnl Tireslr Are 1-1 tn He
Examined In nekalf of
IVtNCA Neh. Iec. . I Special Tele
gram.) The slate In the Flege murder
case today rested, after the Introduction of
final evidence Including the weapon with
hlch the d ed waa said to have been
committed and the clothes worn by the
dead woman.
The defense Introduced testimony of one
witness before court adjourned until to
morrow, which did iiot outline definitely
the course of the defense In the case.
Iietectlve, Davenport :ild whenever he
had an opportunity to talk with Albert
MrJitcnramu about the murder of Ixuilsa
Flere the defendant would always appear,
so that he had no chance for a private In
terview. But always Flece would say that
Albert Flchtencamp knew nothing about
the murder. Mr. Davenport haa been a
deputy sheriff, t 1'nlted Statea marshal
and la now a detective and lives in Lloux
City, Ja.
He was examined at length concerning
the revolver used in the shooting and ex
plained alleged contradictory statements
that he bad said the gun was "broken,"
which, he said, had been used only In a
technical sense, meaning that It unhinged,
as all modern weapons do.
Aalo Not l.enklnsr.
Henry Helndrichs, jr., waa recalled and
isked whether he had noticed the auto
mobile of the defendant on the afternoon
of June 30 as to its leaking, he said the
auto had not been leaking and waa not
when he saw It.
Ilenrv Lessman waa recalled and aaked
about the presence of Albert Elchtencarap
and William Flege at the ooroner a in
quest on the morning of July 1. He said
they were and that they were near eaoh
other. This waa to show whether the de
fendant exerted or attempted to exert any
Influence over the hired man In testifying
before the coroner'a Jury.
County Attorney Kingsbury was recalled
and anked about the cartridges before men
tioned and stated that he. had seen them
and had three In hla posseaalon, which he
produced, and they were offered aa ex
hibits. Eugene Cook, deputy sheriff of Dixon
county, produced the clothing removed
from the body of Louise Flege, which was
placed in evidence, after which the state
Counsel for the defense requested a re
cess to arrange the order of witnesses, aa
they had expected some twenty-five or
more. An hour waa given by the court
for this purpose. 1
llelndrlrh'a Testimony.
On reassembling the court, on Its own
motion, ordered the teatlmony of Herbert
Helndrichs, relating to a conversation
with the defendant at the German hall,
near Emerson, In reference to Flege keep
ing company with his alater and promising
trouble if anybody else went with her, In
March, 1610, atrlcken out because the state
failed to show It to be relevant and did
not use it to establish anything In this
The court then instructed the Jury to
ijeglect any and all evidence which waa
ordered atrlcken from the record.
The defense called some nine or ten
witnesses te be sworn.
Jacob Koch, a young German, who
worked for Christ Soren at the time of the
murder, said that he heard Just one loud
shot the day of the murder, about S
o'clock, and that the noise heard came
from the direction of the Flene farm
house. He said the wind waa blowing
In the direction from him toward the Flege
Maggie Robert, a girl 15 yeara old. Bald
when she drove paat the Flege place on
June 30 ahe saw no one about the place
except a man driving a team out In the
field and that he was about In the middle
of the field. She started -from home at
8:40 o'clock that afternoon, aa aha- looked
at the clock before starting.
Adjournment waa taken until tomorrow
morning. v
(Continued from First Page)
tlnulng New York postofflce construction,
1190 000 for Oklahoma City postofflce com
pletion, KKO.OOO for completing reconstruc
tion of Wchmond (Va.) postofflce and
court house, $1,253,094 for a site and com
pletion of erection of a building for the
bureau of engraving and printing at
,.,,.i-.n t C 1300.000 for completing
a postofflce' at York. Pa.; $1,500,000 for
commencing the erection o. a
building in Washington. D. C. and $..OoO
for commencing erection of a building for
..... iiistie.R and Commerce and La
bor departments in this city; $UM,000 for
building two revenue cuiier., . -
$150,000 was appropriated previously.
Kor Canal Defenae.
For the defense of the Isthmian canal
the eatlmatea ask T,000,oo to be luimadt
atelv available, and ask authority for $1,
in all for this fortification project,
with a view to completion within three
years Thla work will Include altea, em
placement., guna. carriage.. '1
camps and post, and la baaed on the joint
".rd of army and navy officer report.
The estimate, also carry $2,000,000, Imme
diately available, for the creation of a
naval est.bli.hment In -The canal .one aa
a ne-ccsrary Pt of the defense
The total appropriation asked for the
canul service reach fc.K.M7.
For examinations, au.v.ya and
tlngencies of rivers and harbors, for which
here may be no special appropH. Ion.
ed. Tn. -era and ar
I' redact., n of I.73.W ,'
Secretary Mcklnaon. and as against $11.-,
r"lU appropriated for the same purpose,
tn the current j
For KH!" M"A "nm,eUon statl0n
Sew York. $mS0.'0 Is asked.
Aheraatuy ihi't Inve.tlgmled.
WASHINGTON. Uec. S.-Chargef v.hirh j
WAfcMlNtJ , I . i-pited States !
t.,XhirJaok" Abe rnatl-y. former hint-,
,V,:-rcomP.nKm for .-veral season, of Colo
'nil UooJcveU. -ve been Uv.-s, Uated l; .
ri,.'C'.t dSr. now in the hind, of Attorney
Ceneral VUckersham. The attorney gen
eial will not dUcu.s he subject. Aber
r.thyVcffloc is a ,.reldent:a one and t he
term 'has cne year more to run. The
cl'.arges are not oi a, t-"".
Corps of UralUti for Xn.
WASHINGTON, rtc. .-A cora o
th'rt dentals in to be a permanent part
oi the navy If the action of the house
committee on r.aval affairs today is jf
tirnied by tne house. I he committee fa
vorably reported the bill entering memtwrs
of the dental corps as acting assistant sur
fin:'. T'lea rred lu - n I - !.
Vou drucglst will refund money If Paio
O'niment fa Is to cute art rase of Itch nir
blind, MexSmu or I'lo'.riHliUi; I 'Ilea in C
to 11 Uaa. i'.-v;.
Charles Bryan Says
Liquor Interests
Are Keeping Busy
Growing Signs, He Declares. They Are
Making Attempts to Organize
I From a JMaff correspondent.)
LINCOLN, lee. . (Special I L'pnn
leaving Lincoln tonlRht for a two weeks'
business trip through Oklahoma and
Texas, Charles W. Bryan gave out the fol
lowing statement:
"There are multiplying siRns that the
liquor Interest will try to organise the
senate and house in the Nebraska legisla
ture, to the end that the will of the people
aa expressed In 'avoi of county optlin
and the Initiative and referendum be de
feated. I think It important to the wel
fare of the state generally, as well as to
the Interests of the democratic party, that
the aenate and the house be organized by
tha county option democrats. To permit
the opponents of county option and the
Initiative and referendum to organize the
legislature might mean not only the de
feat of these reforms, but would mean
also that theae fights must be carried Into
the presidential campaign of 1!'12. The
liquor Interests have already damaged the
democratic party sufficiently. They should
be forced to keep their hands off the leg
islature, and the best way to keep them
off la for both branches of the legislature
to be organised by men who are committed
to county option and to the initiative and
referendum, a&alnst both of which reforms
the liquor Interests are conspiring."
Democrats Insist .
They Keep Their Jobs
Number of Tliem Think Republican
Governor Should Reward Them
After Election.
(From a Staff oCrreapondont.)
LINCOLN, Dec. . (Special.) Amuse
ment, voclferoua among republicans, quieter
among democrat, who are not hankering
for appointive positions under the incom
ing administration, la heard at the Btate
house and on the streets over the attitude
taken by democratic office holders toward
the appolntmenta already made by Governor-elect
Aldrlch. Democratic office hold
ers generally! are putting up a roar over
what they charge Is the partisanship of tne
governor-elect. They declare that he prom
ised to be nonpartisan In hla selections,
whereas he Is turning down most of the
horde of Shallenberger Incumbent, who are
asking for places.
Mr. Aldrlch's pre-election declaration was
that he would make the best selections
possible without regard to politics, and
thla haa been Interpreted to mean that he
would appoint many democrats.
Superintendent D. S. Woodard of the !
hnsnltaJ for the Insane at Lincoln. Is one I
of the disgruntled. A day or so ago he
gave vent to hla grievance aa he walked
up from the depot, valise In hand. Ha
argued that the governor-elect waa going
clear back on hi. promise to be non
partisan. He was extremely bitter In his
remarks. He explained the valise by say
ing that he had been to Aurora, but friends
at the asylum declared he had mads a trip
to David City In the hope of persuading
Aldrlch to retain him for the beat interests
of the Institution. The superintendent had
b en an ardent worker for the democratic
candidate for governor until after the elec
tion, whereupon he declared he had always
been against Mayor Dahlman.
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Tftcro 1st Only Otto
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Owing to the Unprecedented Demand for Beat, for the
Engagement of (
1 r.lllc. Anna Pavlova
with the
Imsriai tlimian Billet aid Orchestra
Will be Jiten
Thursday Afternoon at 2:30 i
I'KK'KS $3.00, t?2.0,
RaQ Jewelry
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La Val'lere.
(nit Glass
and All
Precious and
15th ardloof'tt
Final Decision that Interment
Be at Cambridge.
lf-Perenatlnst Hortr A nwln4e4 aty
Founder ef the Organisation
same Direction of
BOSTON, Dec. . Final arrangements
for the funeral of Mrs. llary Haker F.ddy,
the head of the Christian Science church,
who died at her home at Chestnut Hill on
Saturday night, will not be perfected until
the arrival of her son, George W. Glover,
who Is expected here from Iead. S. D.,
some time tomorrow.
It was decided today that the body of
the leader will be curled In Mount Auburn
ctmetery, Cambridge.
in the meantime the directors of the
Church. Archibald McLrllan, Stephen A.
Chase. Alllaon Stewart. John V. iMttemore
and Adam II. Ilckeyr have taken full
charge of the church management, and the
scope of their power Includes matters of
organization, of finance and of dlnclpllne.
They are supreme in the mother church
and control branch churches. All were
the personal nominees of Mrs. Kddy and
they are a aelf-perpetuatlng body.
Mr. Mclllan Is editor of the periodicals
gotten out by the Chrlxtlan Science pub
lishing house the daily Monitor, the
weekly Sentinel and the monthly Journal
and llerold (German) nd Is a native of
Moncton, N. B.; Mr. Chase is treasurer of
the mother church and a resident of Fall
River; Mr. Stewart Is the publisher of
Mrs. Kddy's works and was born In Penn
sylvanla; Mr. Dittemore, who la clerk of
the organization, comes from Indianapolis
and Mr. Dickey, recently appointed to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of Ira O
Knapp, was Mrs, Eddy'a private secretary
for many ytars and came from Kansas
At the mansion st Chestnut Hill where
the body lies In an upper chamber, there
are no outward signs of grief. There Is
no crepe on the door, the window urjades
are . up and the members of the household
come and go aa usual. The undertaker
haa performed Ills duties, with the excep
tlon of laying the body in a casket.
The Weather
For Nebraska Fair.
For Iowa Fair.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
Work. Rapidly and Safely Requires Ho
aixeroisisf ana Allow. Ton to Eat
What Ton Like Out Thla Oat.
For the benefit of those who wish to
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will give the receipt and dlrectiona In
full for a simple household remedy that
can be obtained at trifling cost from any
good drug store: Vs ounce Marmola,
ounce Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic
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three are cheap and wholesome, but you
should take cara to get an unbroken
package so that you get Marmola and
not a substitute. When you get home mix
the three together by shaking them to
gether in a large bottle and take one tea
spoonful after each meal and at bedtime.
Follow theae directions and you will
have the best fat reducer that money can
buy. It will take off the flesh at the rate
of at least two pound, a week without
disarranging the stomach or causing
wrinkles, while, best of all, no exercising
or dieting Is required to' help it out. You
can get result and at the same time take
things easv and eat what vou like a
much as you like and whenever you, like.
. '
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2.SO. 1.50. ft. on.
rBiyi WJaV
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PBtCES ISo, 35c, 60e
Seat Sale Wednesday.
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