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Council Bluffs,
Minor Llcntion.
Ta Council Blaff offlo of Th
Omaha Be la IS Scott Street.
Both 'phone 43.
Iavl. drug.
Corrlg-an. undertakers. Phone 1.
Majestic rii,(o. . c. Ie Vol Hdw. Co.
Picture framing. Jenwa. Masonic temple.
Woodrlng 1'ndertaking mniunjr. Tel. !.
1-ewu Cutler, funral director, l'lione 'J"i.
Borwlck first for painting, 211 S. Main.
Schuster a and storx- Mult Kx tract for
aale by J. J. Kline Co., Ki tiroaiua.
Nellie Hcn.lcr announces her cluna sale
Holiday, J ceinlr u to 1". Hn Par uc
Miss Arkwriglii china sa'e. Saurdav.
I'effrabfr t to iprmiir lo, v MvnMer St.
Ir. Schurch of Jipnvfr in visit n at th
home of Mr. and Mrs. ljuiKiimiie.
Alynster street.
I lav your glasses fitted or repaired br
J. W. Terry, optician, 411 Broadway, olftc'e
with George Gerner.
Jnstlcn Cooper last evening united In
mains Henry lent of Fremont. Neb.,
and Misa l,eiia Kortu of Spetn er. Neb.
Neat, up-to-date picture framing at
teaaonable prices. e plae our custom
ra. Walter Mcholaisen &. Co., 14 S. Main.
Pictures and picture sTor Xmas
trad la our long suit. We please every
body. Bring your picture In now. We can
hiy them aside for you. C. Jensen, Masonic
Mr. R. C. Meneray, sr., entertained at
dinner Sunday for iln. John of
Battle Virtu, Mich.; Mr. and Mm. W. J and daughter. .Margaret, of Oak
land, Cal., and Air. and ilrs. Andrew i'ler
on of Omaha.
With a' temperature of twelve d
above aero yeaterday and lelow freezing
all day Ice foini.-.l on Indian creek and
ahallow ponda uff,ciently heavy to bear
.peron ' weight and aeveral thoiifiaml
school boya are complaining because
thanksgiving came a few days too early
to b of any value aa a holiday.
Anticipating the heaviest business ever
done during the Christmas holiday season
the express companies have bgun a cam
paign of education of their 'patrons and
appeal to them for co-operation in the .ef
fort to get quick and satisfactory service.
Circular letter are belli sent out bv the
thousands giving minute direction about package.
P. O. Alleahouse, formerly of the Firm
r" Realty and Ixian company, has dis
poned of his entire interest and will here
after hav no connection with this firm.
In the future the business will be con
ducted by M. Solomon, president, and Jos
eph A. Solomon, secretary and treasurer,
who are the original Incorporators, with t.
Solomon, recently appointed vice president.
Major Hugh J. Oallager was yesterday
discharged aa guardian for his mother.
Mary Oallager, who died last May. P. J
Oallager, the other brother, who was ap
pointed administrator of the mother's es
tate, will soon be discharged, the estate
having been fully settled. Mrs. Csllater
left property valued at about ScO.Ouu, and
the appointment of her aona before and
subsequent to her death were merely tech
nical to permit their better car of the
aged woman and her large estate.
Wallace Patterson of Fairbanks, Alaaka
is visiting at the home of his brother-in-law.
City Engineer Ktnyre, and expects to
spend aeveral weeks enjoying the hot I'e
cember weather In Council Bluffs, Mr
Patterson left Alaska on October 2, and
expects to return there during the winter
season- He is engaged in the tranHporta
tlon and freight business and la well con
tented with oonditiona and environment
close to the Arctic circle. Mr. Patterson
ha spent many years tber and the longer
he stay there th better he like it
County Attorney J. J. Hex has returned
from an extended trip In the east. Includ
ing New York, Boston and other coast
cities Ke also made a short excursion
into Canada, and returned In the happiest
kind of state of mind, for It has been con
fided to h.s frlenda that he really and truly
ahot and killed a deer and got the deer
on one of his hunting expeditions in the
Adirondack and Mr. Hess
will devote the next few week to cleaning
up the business In hia offic preparatory
to turning it over to his demooraUo suc
cessor, Frank J. Capelt.
Henry Tinnell Dies;
O www U VJt4
Man Once Wealthy Pioneer Passes
Away in Extreme Poverty in
This City.
Henry Tinnell, whose age was thought to
be nearly 100 years, died yesterday at Mercy
hospital after two day of acute illness
due to extreme old ag. He was taken
from hia Uttl horn at Fourteenth avenue
and Sixteenth street two day before his
death, owing to th fact that hi aged
, wife was unable to car for him. He died
peacefully and apparently without pain.
Mr. Jlnnell had lived in Council Bluffs
f iir th 1 a t lainttf.flo i , .
respected by those who knew him beat In
the prim of hia manhood forty-flv years
go he was doing duty a on of th pio
neers of Nebraska. A year or two after
th war, during the uncertainties of th re
construction period.' he went to Seward
county -with a colony from Missouri and
aettied near Oak Orove. Th colonists
brought with them large herd of cattle,
horses and sheep, and took up tract of
land.' Mr. flnoell waa th guiding spirit
of the pioneer community, and while he
waa unable to read or writ tie not only
eared for hi own large business affairs,
but waa th truslud and safe counselor or
bis neighbor.
- Rev. Mr. Langdon of the 1'nlon City mls
. Blon. Council Bluffs, recalls many arduous,
but plea-ant day a a member of that
' community, beginning about 1S.0. and dur
ing nearly fifty years of intimate acqualn-
tanc with Mr. Tinnell say he cannot re
" call an ungenerous or dishonest act. His
word was all th bond that waa vr ex
acted from him by those who knew him.
Although wealthy once the last year of
- his life were spent In extreme poverty. W ith
Ids aged wife for year he had been de-
; pendant upon the county for aid. His
youngest brother died last spring at the ag
of SI yeara His wife and two daughters,
lira. Nancy Fowler of Jackson, 8. 1)., and
Mra Martha Trophler, Kllxabeth, Col.. ur-
" vtv him. Three step-daughters, Mrs. Rich
ard Van I.ouven, Mrs. Charles Day and
Mrs. Charles Beats, leald here. Through
out hia.jjthole life lie refused to Join any
church and had no faith In any of them.
Arrangement tor th funeral hav noi
been made, but it is the detei-minatloa of
)d.t friend that h!s whit head shall not
rest In pauper s grave.
Fublle AtteafloH.
A. Hoep Co. now occupies three floors
uid basement at 07 Broadway with a
larger stock of piano and player pianos
than you ran find inoet any place this aide
of Chicago. Anyone having credit certifi
cate will find a much larger Iln of pianos
o aeleet from, and find they can do much
better by bringing them in, no matter who
laaued them. Take them to llofpe'a M r
than three times the number of standard
made piano than you will flud In any
other house, and five times a many a In
most house. Uet a piano from A. Iloap
Co. They are her to stay atid their guar
antee I good.
Marrtag Llrtmee.
alarrlage license were Iseued yesterday
to the following named pcrsnna:
Name and Keatdenc-
Henry Tetst. Fremont, Neb
Iwna Kor h. ISpencer, Neb
Otto salng Uncoln
Martha A. Liiertnaa, Omaha
....... 4
N. T. I'luinbiiig Co. Tei- JtA Night, LelTUX.
Council Bluffs.
Charge i of Bigamy and Larceny Hang
Over Bluffi Mn.
WessliX to l.olee llnenatela of !"
la (nynlr, ehraska, Will Re
laveetlaaterf br Kstbet
f VonMr Woman.
Chief nf Police Froom has received as
surance from Chief Richards of Fioux
City that Pick Gallup, under arrest there
on the charge of larceny, will he held 10
answer the charge of wife deeertlon lodged
against him by hi wife In this city. Oallup
Is a Council Rluff man. well known here
and well connected, who has given his
friend a great deal of trouble. He mar
ried an estimable young woman, M
Stevens, and provided io illy for her that
she waa obliged tn return to the home of
her parents.
The charge of abandonment has been pre
ferred since the man's arreet In Sioux City
on Monday on a complaint preferred by A.
J. Pany. who accuses Gallup of the theft
of two overcoats, a pair of cuff buttons
and a revolver from his room In the Boyd
Gallup secured bonds, tut was im
mediately arrested on a charge of bigamy
made by August Hoensteln, who ways Gal
lup married his daughter, Louise Hoen
steln. In Pouglas county. Neb., on Octo
ber 22. Gallup was living with th young
woman at the Boyd hotel at the time of
his arrest. It Is said that he claims the
marriage was a mock affair, sustained by
a boqus cert: deny e.
The father the young girl resides at
Onawa. He announces his Intention of
prosecuting Gallup to the fullest extent of
the law, and Is making a careful investi
gation Into the bigamy feature of the case.
It is claimed that Gallup' connection with
the hotel pilfering Is a strong case which
will make him much trouble and if the
other two charges are pressed as vigor
ously as promised there Is much grief in
store for him.
Byers Announces
He -Will Make Race
for Senatorship
Attorney General Writes Letter to
Friend in this City Ontlininfj
Attorney General H. W. Byer ha an
nounced himself as an applicant for th
vacancy in the United Btates senate caused
by the death of Senator Dolllver. He has
written a long letter to on of his local
friends, who will be on of his supporters
In the next assembly. In which he states
his platfyrm. The letter waa made public
yesterday and in part follow:
"Before you fully commit youreelf to my
candidacy I want you to know just where
I stand on some of the Important govern
mental problems which are now pending
and whloh must be solved and settled be
fore It can truthfully be said that anything
ilk government ha been accomplished. In
commercial greed, official Inefficiency and
corruption will be found the sum and re
sult of all the element in our commercial
oclal and political life that hinder and re
tard progress in the right direction, and .10
man should be selected for so Important
an office as United Btates senator who Is
not only equipped to fight these enemle of
good government, but who I willing to
make such fight even though it may In
volve torn of hi party aseoclat and
Mr. Byer approve fully everything done
by Benator Dolllver and ay: "I am mor
than evr convinced that he waa vrlat
ingly right" He says he la in full aooord
with Roosevelt:
In, hl conservation speech at 8t
Paul In September lat he stated the who)
case in a nutshell when he said:
-What this country needs is what every
free country must set before it a the great
goal toward which It worke-an qual op
portunity for hf. liberty and the pursuit
of happlneas for every on of it citlxen.
- wu oim w must put a stoD to
the improper political dominion, no lea.
than to the Improper economic dominion
of th great special Interest. This coun
try, its natural resource. Ha natural ad
vantages. Its opportunities, and Its institu
tions belong to all It cltixens. They can
not be enjoyed fully and freely under anv
government In which the special interests
aa auch hav a vole. Th uprm. pout
leal task of our day, the indispensable con.
dltlon of national efficiency and national
welfare, is to drive th .pecial Interest
out of our publlo life." ra"
I stand for the sentiment expressed In
thl. quotation, and I indors. ,nd Approve
the course pursued and the policies advo
cated by Senators Cummins and Dolllver
during the last two session of congre...
Mr. Ryr say he does not intend to
make a formal announcement of hi candi.
dacy. but will leave th matter to th ju
dlclou car of hi friend. In th le,mia
Thrown to Pavement by Contact with
tar He la Glvea J a dement for
Half ad for.
George Baker, driver of a United State
mail wagon,- secured a verdict last evening
against th Omaha A Council Bluffs Street
Railway company for $io0 at the end of a
dlatrict court suit In which he asked for a
Judgment of $1,000. The raae ha been on
trial for two day and th Jury spent Dearly
six hour In reaching a verdict '
On April 1 last Baker, who 1 frail and
partly crippled, waa driving a mall wagon
on Pearl etreet en rout to th temporary
poatofflc in the Merrlam block. Th wagon
wa rattling over th brick and Baker did
not hear th approach of a car from th
rear. He wa driving outside of th tracks,
but not far enough away to glv clearance
room to th car. Th motorman rang hi
bell a he approached and aaid the driver
of th vehicle seemed to b pulling hi
hors toward the curb and the car con
tinued to advance at th uaual Speed. When
Uo lat to top. th hor wung In toward
the rail and th car caught th wagon and
overturned It Baker wa thrown out and
against th curb, receiving painful Injurlea.
The wagon wa also badly smashed.
Ther were two motorman In th cab and
both testified that th accident wa un
avoidable under th circumstance. Th
car waa on of thos operated oa th Iowa
School for th Doaf Una, and a feature of
th caa waa th tesclmotiy given by a
number of silent pupil whoa keen eye
w th aocldent but whoa deaf ear
heard no sound. Their testimony wa re
markably clear and dlroct. given through
on of th teacher using th sign language.
Heal F-ataf 1 ran fen.
Th following tranafai were reported to
Th Be December l by th Pottaw.ttamie
County Abatract company. Council Bluff;
H. C. Meier and wife to fharle a
Smith, lot T in fclk. I in Meredith
addition to A v oca. la. a. w. d.. . r
John I. Frlton and W;f to JamVl"
relton. n n. er". Be- of 1J-77-U. w d 1
Dons Chrtatenatrn to 1 homa C. Chnl
v. ,-, iui a ln u.. j,. uiiaiu a first
addition to Council Bluffs, la 0,. e. d
Thro transfers, total...
Balect your Xmaa gifts now at Faubl
art shop, formerly Alexander',
Council Bluffs,
Citizens' Committee
Will File Injunction
on Hydrant Bills
. i.
Action Ordered by Meeting of Citizens
Improvement Club to Block Com
promise on Rentals.
The payment of the long-deferred fire
hydrant bills, which the city council at Its
meeting on Monday nUht agreed to pay
upon the bals of the compromise effected
with Manager K. W. Hart of the water
company, will not be made f a committee
appointed at the meeting of the Citizens'
Improvement club, held last night it the
city building, can prevent It. The club
selected a committee and Instructed it to
employ an attorney early this morning
and secure an Injunction to prevent the
payment of the money authnriied by the
council's action. A fund of $W0 waa
pledged by th members present as a
nucleus of a fund to be used in fighting
the payment of the bills, amounting to
138.77S.37. The committee was instructed
to engage an attorney this morning and
begin the necessary action. The commit
tee is composed of J. Chris Jensen, W. J.
Leverett and A. C. Keller. After each
of the other members had declined to ac
cept the chairmanship of the committee
Mr. Keller waa named, but not until after
he had left the building.
The city council came In for soma sharp
criticism for its action on Monday night
In settling the fire hydrant bills on the
bais of ") per hydrant when tho existing
rate ordinance, which went Into effect
after the waler company went into th
hands of a receiver, fixed the price at 140.
The original bill, amounting to $46,320, for
hydrant rentals, dating from the last quar
ter of 19C8 to November 1, 1910. was com
puted upon a charge of PM per hydrant.
The council committee compromised ' by
splitting the difference and making the
rate ST.0, reducing the bill to' the extent
of $6,922.71 The amendment to the rat
IVr-si, A j ( . '; .e? 1 j
C ) Ws6, ntotS V
r v'-Trr- ioaW iflx fi48.4 tix m J
LJ '- tC0 ittM ' Ooa 8 W
jflSzjij Miller, Stewart & Beaton Co. iffilte
if 1 415-415-417 South 16th Stroot Omaha L j
At thU aeason of the year, mors than at any other, I Q
on must not be uncertain a to Quality; the Chrtirt- , r
mu spirit admit of no concoaalon In this matter. ' 'I
1 " .lL;--T I
r W? ' jTi. tZ? -Zz fSS
Council Bluffs.
ordinance, row supposed to b in force,
but which the company refused to accept,
practically fixes the hydrant rentals at
$." and remits the water company's taxes,
approximating nearly t.( In considera
tion of the free water service for all mu
nicipal purposes and for the hospitals and
charitable Institutions.
There may be an Interesting race today
between the members of the city council
responsible for the payment of the water
bills and the club committee to see who
shall triumph. It Is doubtful If the bills
can be paid without the receipt of Man
ager Hart, who happens to be In Boston
and Is not expected to return until next
Monday. It Is also said the compromise bill
mut be approved by the regular commit
tee of the council before the auditor can
legally Issue the warrant.
Aldermen Younkeinian and Harding
were at the club meeting and took , an
active part In the. discussions. It was also
Indicated a the purpose of the committee
to arrange for a further conference with
Attorney General Byera relative to attack
ing Hie fifty-year franohise of the street
railway company.
. "H
At Creon He ays C.otbrle Crater
liandlea Qneatloa Best of Ay
wkfW Invrn.
CRKSTON. la., Dec. . (Special.) Pro
fessor Thomas McDonald, state highway
commissioner, of Ames was the principal
speaker at the meeting held in th In
terest of the BJue Grass river to river
road here last night and gave a very able
and practical talk on making roads in the
state without increasing taxes. He advo
cated using the levy made for roads for
the benefit of the principal roads, employ
ing a crew of men constantly at work on
the main roads leading from one town to
another. This he maintained could be
done without additional coat if the work
was systematically planned. He especially
praised the work done at Guthrie Center,
In which he claimed there are the beat
roads in the state. Other speakers follow
ing him were Judges Towner and Maxwell
! Iowa.
and the member of the board of supervis
ors, and all were in favor of pushing the
road to complet'on. and pledged their sup
port to the enterprise. A committee was
appo nted to draw up plans to present to
the board of supervisors of the county.
Aged Recluse Found
Hanging by Arm
Mrs. Jennie Handling f Breda Canght
by Trap Door When Ladder Slips
from Under Her.
CARROU la., De?. 1 (SpoclaU ap
pended by her arm, with her hand held
firmly tinder the heavy trap door leading
to th attic, where It was caught when the
door fell upon It and held It, and with the
flesh of the hand and part of the cheek
eaten away by rats, the body of Mrs. Jen
nie Huendllng, aged N. was found yester
day in her hermit home nine miles east of
Breda, Carroll county. The news did not
rech here until today. Mr. Huendllng was
the mother of Rev. Mr. Huendllng, editor
of the Breda Ostrinslsch Nachrichten.
The woman's body was found hanging
from under the trap door, which waa di
rectly over her bed. There sh dangled
by her arm until unconsciousness relieved
her suffering and death followed. Near
the bed was an old ladder which had been
used to reach the garret. From the appear
ances of the ladder and the body, It is
evident the old woman had tried to get into
the garret and the ladder had slipped and
her hand had been caught under the trap
door, which fell when she fell.
It Is believed that the accident happened
Saturday. John Christenson, a son by her
first marriage, was the last person who
saw her alive. On Saturday he visited his
mother, who lived alone, and carried in a
pall of water and did other work at her
home. The pall of water was found wher
he had left It. Mr. Heundling lived alone
for year, having repeatedly refused to go
and live with her ion.
Th Key to the Situation Bee Want Ada
Wv.tM, -5- oI iA.A .
Booae Rank Misuse.
BOONF, la., Iec. J-(f5perial Telegram )
K. I). Carter, president of the Heaver
Pavings bank, has bought a big block of
stock In the p.xine National bank and will
move her aa vice president. E. E. Hughe,
president of the bank, will devote most of
his time to the Unite-! Mercantile agencj
of Chicago.
I - i w
Cacra csjiy cws C3
Omaha's Pure
Food Center
Specials for Saturday I
Old Kashloned Undrled Corn, lb. 150
Evaporated Peaches, Fears and Apri
cots, per lb ISO
New Layer Kaisins. per lb 40o
Navy Beans, Split t'eaa, per lb 6o
l-oi pkg. Beaded Raisin and Cur
rant 1816
New Maple fyrup, in bottle 35
Johnson Sweet Cider gallon Jugs,
ftOe; bottle 150
"Lotus" Assorted Pickles per bot
tle, 15oj per doien bottle Sl.gS
Imported Sardines, In olive oil, per
tin 11
Citron, Orange and Lemon Peel, two
lbs, for 460
Mincemeat, bulk. lb. 10c j jars, 85o,
o and 76o
Large Queen Olives quart Jara,
60o; pint jar 85o
48-lb. sack Kxcellenca" Flour.. $1. MO
HO-lb. sack 85o
Swedish Health Bread, per pkg.lSHo
Japanese Kl Wafers, per pkg...8uO
Educator Crackers, bulk, per lb.. Sao
Butter, Zgg and Ch Xpartinnt.
"Lotus" Butter tcartoim), per lb.. 350
Our Best Country Butter (In sanitary
Jars i. per lb 340
Country Koll Butter, per lb 30o
Strictly Fresh Kggs, per dozen... 300
New York Full cream Cheese, lb. 85c
Imported 9wlss Cheese, per
Pearse's Ie Luxe Clieeac, In Jars. . SSo
Koyai Cheese. Jars... 1 So, 85o and ftoc
Chow Chow, Sweet and Sour Pickles,
per quart 200
i O3851 C Cfi?'fyil C5N?3
( llaloa' l ibrarian lirna.
Pl'HrvM'F.. Is , lco. a isiwclal Tele
gram After an Illness of a week. Miss
Grace Mullancy, llhtarlan of th public
library st Clinton, la , died at th home of
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J.ihn I. Mul
laney. In this city tonight.
Persistent Advertising Is th Road t
Big Return.
CrG Csir c Cj
rresh rrait and Tegetahl pt.
Fancy Apples, per box. . ta.89 to SJ.SO J
Fancy Florida Urape Fruit at.
ech ft and 10 .... , -i . . 1 .. .--1.. ...
Two Plain lettuce to kj
Bellevue Celery, per do 30a. too. so
Kngllsh Hot House Orapea Beeta
Mushrooms Brussels: Sprouts
Fresh Mint New Carrots
Impcrted lLtidtv Oalon
Head I.eituce Turnips
Coffee and Tea XMpartmeaV
Courtney Iotus Ankola" Coffee,
uqequaled for flavor and atrength. (t
per ir. boci s ins. Tor 91.00
CVurUiey'a "Iotus" brand Japan Tea;
Per 1-lh. - M
Per U-lb. pkg 3SoCl
"Lotus'7 Sphe. can... lOo, 15a, Mo V
Demonstration of Cocoa at Corfea
'-lb. cans Suchard Cocoa 8
H-lh. can Suchard Cocoa 4oo
Cognac Biajidy, full quart $1.00
Jamaica Kum, full quart SI. 00
Swedish Punch, quart $1.85
Moncgram Whiskey, full quart... 750
Duckenhelmer Hve, full quart. . . Sl-OO
Port, Sherry or Claret, bottle 35o
White Tokay, full quart ft 00
Virginia Dare, large bottle. CSo
-year-old Port or Sherry, quart. .600
Sniu;fle Scotch, ?1 years od.. 91.00
of wine, between & and P. M. with
each bottle of our 8-year-old
Straight Kentucky Lotus" Wh!akv
t. per full quart 91.03
C C93 C3 CO