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Debut Dance
American Beauty roses, violets, orchids,
chrysanthemum and myriads of roses of
different shades, literally a wall of flow
ers, formed the background for the re
ceiving; rartjr at th receptlon-danre Klven
at the Horns hotol last evening by Mr. and
Mrs. Charles H. Pickens to formally Intro
duce their daughter. Miss El rabeth. These
flowers were the gifts of the hosts of
friends of the young debutante.
Japanese cherry blossoms formed an
arbor effect throunhout the promenade,
ball room end supper room. These flow
ers and pendant Japanese umbrellas, to
rether with the Japanese lantern Illumina
tion, made the scene seem a bit of the
Flowery kingdom.
The towns worn at the ball were un
usually graceful and attractive.
Miss Pickens wore a dainty gown of
white chiffon, draped over white satin.
The gown was designed with a train of
the white satin and was elaborately
trimmed with crystal. Pearls were the hair
ornament. She wore a large bouquet of
orchids and lilies of the valley.
Mrs. Pickens wore a handsome Imported
costume of white lace over white satin,
with trimming of pearl embroidery.
Mrs. Frank I. vn Redman of Fait Lake
City, lister of Mr. Pickens, was gowned In
crepe de chine, ashes of roses color, with
oriental embroidery.
Miss Jean Barkalow of Penver, who Is
visiting Miss Carolyn Harkalow and Miss
Alice Carey Mcdrew, wore a dainty gown
of white chlffcn with crystal trimming.
Miss May Noyes Norman of St. Joaoph,
Mo., guet of Miss Frances Nnsh. was
gowned In American Beauty chiffon over
white satin made with broad sash of white
ratln. Both Miss Norman and Miss Jean
Barkalow were school friends of Miss
Pickens at Mrs. Somer'a school In Wash
ington, D. C.
Miss Marcia Perkins of Fremont, guest of
Miss Amy Gllmore, wore a pretty costume
of yellow chiffon and Miss Gllmore wore
white chiffon and crystal.
The debutantes wore attractive evening
gowns. Miss Dorothy Stevens was becom
ingly gowned In pink crepe de chene trim
med with crystal fringe and bands. Miss
Mildred Rogers wore a lingerie gown hand
embroidered with trimmings of lace. Miss
Nannie Page was gowned In j a e pink chif
fon trimmed with hand-painted bands In
oriental design. Miss Louise Pinning had
a pretty coftume of blue chiffon over pink
satin trimmed with white mirabeau.
Several of the brides of the year wore
their wedding gowns. Mrs. Denlse Barkalow
was attractive In her gown of white chif
fon over white satin. Mrs. Harry Kelly
wore her wedding gown of white corded
crepe. Mra, Fred W. Thomas wore an
evening gown of pale green satin trimmed
. with white mirabeau and oriental em-
broidery veiled with f.tlle.
Among the debutantes of the last two
eaaons present were Miss Besa Baura, who
wore a pretty evening gown of pale blue
with self-tone trimming. Miss Imile Irfird
wore white chiffon as did also Miss Gladys
Peters. The lattnr's costume wss trimmed
with rarl embroidery. Ml.s Alice Carey
McOrew wore orchid chitfon. Miss Dorothy
Morgan pink chiffon, and Miss Carolyn
Barkalow evening gown of black chiffon.
Miss Frances Nash wore a beautiful cos
tume of apricot pink chiffon draped over
white ratin with elaborate trimming of
crystal In bolero effect.
About 800 guests were present and those
assisting were Mesdamea Franklyn Red
man of Salt Lake City, Ben Gallagher.
Oeorge A. Joslyn. Gould Diets., M. C. Tct
ers, M. A. Hall, J. P. Iord. Rebe Morgan,
C. F. McGrow, 11. II. Baldrige. C. E.
Johannes, Richard Cummlngs, Frederic W.
Thomas. Harry Kelly: Misses Franoes
Nash, Brownie Bess Raum, Alice Cary Mc
Grew, Dorothy Morgan, Josephine O'Neill,
Agnes Burkley. Gladys I'eters. Louise Lord!
Dorothy Stevens, Louise Dinning, Nannie
Page, Mildred Rogers, May Noyes Nor
man of St. Joseph, Mo.; Jean Barkalow of
Denver and Iftabel Doyle.
Pleasures Past
The largest social affair today was the
luncheon given by Mrs. Charles C. Rose
water at her home, S.T03 Dewey avenue
The guests of honor were Mrs. N. P. Fell,
who has recently returned from Cleveland
to reside In Omaha, and Miss Blancho
Rosewater, whose engagement to Mr. Mil
ton Ben Newman has been announced. The
dining room was prettily 'decorated with
yellow chrysanthemums, a large Japanese
basket tied with yellow tulle the same
shade as the blossoms forming the center
piece for the table. A profusion of white
chrysanthemums and ferns were used in
the other rooms. Assisting were Miss
Ethel Tukey. Mrs. Charles Marsh, Mrs.
W. L. Tetter, Mrs. Arthur Smith and Mrs.
Lee Herrtnian. One hundred and forty
guests were present
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Chandler entertained
at dinner Wednesday evening at their
home for Miss Wilbur and Mr. Covington,
who are playing at the Orphoum this
week. Those present were Misses Wilbur,
Ollle Burnett, Gladys Chandler, Alice
Chandler, Mr. and. Mrs. W. A. Chandler,
Dr. Gladstone Derby, Paul Anthes, Mr.
Covington and Mrs. Millie Ryan.
Mr. and Mrs. Gurdon W. Wattles enter
tained at a beautifully appointed dinner
party last evening at their home for Mr.
and Mrs. Fred W. Thomas, who have re
cently returned from Mexico. Covers were
placed for Mrs. George W. Llnlnger, Mr.
and Mrs. F. L. Haller, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Thomas, Dr. and Mrs. A. F. Jonas, Miss
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thomas and
Mr. and Mrs. Wattles.
Mrs. Frank Hall and her daughter, Mrs.
J. E. Elder, entertained informally at a
tea thla afternoon at the home of the latter
In honor of Mrs. Hall's daughter. Mrs.
Paul Schmidt of San Diego, Cal. Fink car
nations brightened the dining room and
American Beauty roses were In the living
room. Assisting were Mrs. Francis A.
Brogan, Mrs. C. A. Hull and Mra J. J.
McMulten. About thirty g-uests were
t resent.
For the Future
Next Tuesday evening Mlsa Gladys Holm
gren will entej-taln at the Orpheum the
members of the San Souct club. Those
present will be:
Misses Misses
Berttia 1'lxton. Reglna Andreesen,
Jennie Nelson, Mi.jd Wilcox,
June Corey, lngeburg Keneon,
Kthel Corey, Polly Hurst,
Stella Olson, Jessie Corey,
Nell Hurst, Gladys Holmgren.
Captain and Mrs. W. T. Wilder will give
a dinner Friday evening at the Hotel
Loyal. There will be beautiful floral
decorations and the guests will be seated
in the private dining room. Those present
will be:
General and Mrs. Frederick Smith.
Major ajid Mrs. Omar Bundy.
Co.onel and Mrs. William W. Gray.
Colonel and Mrs. John M. Ranlster.
Colonel and Mrs. D. E. McCarthy.
Major and Mrs. William P. Burnham.
Major and Mrs. Joseph T. Clarko.
Ms.Jor and Mrs. Frank F. Eastman.
Mm Jor and Mrs. Harrv I Gilchrist.
Major and Mrs. Atkinson.
Lieutenant and Mrs. Post.
Major and Mrs. Daniel J. Carr.
Captain and Mrs. W. T. Wilder.
Miss Arabella Clarke.
Major Harry C. Hale.
Lieutenant Watson.
Lieutenant Ralph D. Bates.
Mrs. J. J. McMullen will entertain at
luncheon Saturday at her home for Mrs.
Vine Gayler of Seattle, Wash., who Is
visiting her sisters, the Mlsees Sharp. Mra
Gayler was formerly Miss Georgia Sharp.
Complimentary to Miss Mildred Rogers,
who Is a debutante this season, Mi and
Mrs. Arthur Crittenden Smith will enter
tain at dinner this evening at their home.
Pink roses and stevta will be used In dec
oration and covers win be placed for
Misses Misses
Mildred Rogers, Elizabeth Pickena,
May Noys Norman Nannie Page,
of St. Joseph, Mo ; Dorothy Morgan.
Fiances Nash,
Messrs. Messrs.
Jack Baldwin. Ben Gallagher,
Jack Raum, Frank Keogh,
Paul Gallagher, Robert Burns.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Mrs. Morltx Meyer has Issued invitations
for a bridge party to be given next Thurs
day at Metropolitan club.
Mrs. Juliua Kessler will entertain at
luncheon tomorrow In honor of Mrs. Paul
Schmidt of San Diego, Cal.
Mr. and Mrs. J E. Elder will entertain
Informally at dinner Wednesday evening
at their home.
Wedding Bells
Miss Katherine Cavanagh, formerly of
Denlson, la., daughter of Mra. W. H. Kelly
of that city, and Ernest U Hecht of Ida
Grove, la,, were married Wednesday by
the Rev. Father Dowd at the residence of
St. Peter's church. Miss Irene Majors
acted aa bridesmaid and Ernest Simmons
Sandwich Possibilities
longer exclusively plcnlo
fare, but are In daily use
during winter for afternoon
tea, the hostess who Is going
to make a hit Is she who serves sand
wich novelties.
There is one or two essentials to all
sandwich making. Chief of these are
good bread and butter. Bread should
be preferably a day old, of fine, close
grain, and evenly baked. When much
Is used there should be special pans
for home baking, and sandwich loaves
are to be ordered from the baker. Thla
saves waste.
The bread should be cut evenly and
thinly. If the knife be heated cutting
Is more quickly done. Crusts are not
cut off until the sandwich la filled.
Butter should be soft enough to
spread easily, but not melted. Some
persons butter before slicing, but un
less the loaf Is square the slices are
not put together evenly. Otherwise
put the bread slice upon slice and but-
ter the two Inner sides before filling.
The modern sandwich Is small and
shapely. The favorite form Just now
Is round, though triangles and narrow
oblongs are also used. The thin slice
Is spread as for a sandwich, then
rolled In on Itself until about the
thickness of two fingers. Sharp bis
cuit cutters are used for round shapes
after the slices of bread arc put to
gether with the filling.
Too great care cannot be taken In
shaping, as sandwiches of uneven s'ro
are not appetizing and reflect upon
the social knowledge of the hostess.
If made aeveral hours before they
are used sandwiches are packed
closely together and wrapped In a
linen cloth wrung from loe water, then
In a dry cloth.
Tasa on silver sandwich plates, with
lace dolly underneath, or neatly
heaped on a flat china or glass plate
covered with a dolly. Where many
sandwiches are served a small chop
piste Is often utilised. Where there Is
a muffin stand the sandwich plate Is
set on one of the shelves, with a
plate of crackers and a basket of
small cakes on the other two.
And wtlh all this preparatloL you
have no sandwich worth eating It the be wrong. Right here Is where
the clever hostess racks her brains
for novelties.
Sandwich fillings are of three order
meat. In which Is Included fish and
egg sandwiches; cheese mixtures, and
sweei sandwiches.
There are also various grsens, though
lettuce is so much used with all forma
that It can scarcely be classed by It
self. In this class may be put celery
or endive run through a fine meat
chopper and mixed wtlh mayonna'se;
cress and nasturtium tendrils and pods
mixed with French dressing, and pars
ley chopped fine and mixed with
shredded peppers or shredded onion.
For tea purposes decided onion mix
tures are better omitted, though f nely
chopped white onion la relished with
capers and anchovy fillings.
For ord nary purposes, cold meat or
poultry, run through a fine chopper
and mixed to a paste, with rich cream
and seasoning of salt and paprica, are
delicious and not ao rich as the may
onnaise fillings. Chicken and tongue
mixed In equal parts are a pleas ng
novelty; ao la shredded bacon and
ground chicken, with strips of pi
mentos. Moat of the meat and fish salad left
overs can be used as sandwich filling.
Hot lobster Newburg makes a de
licious sandwich; so does creamed crab
and red peppers, and finely chopped
shrimps with capers masked In may
onnaise. Green or red perpers ehorped finely
and mixed wtlh mayonnaise Is a fa
vorite filling.
Hay den's Meat Depf
Martin Reum Tes the Truth
when he says the prices of meats are down and if you
are not convinced, compare these prices with others.
Spare lliha, threo pounds for 25o
" Pork ltonst ...IOC
Mutton Lops Go
Mutton Chops, threo pounds for 25o
Mutton Stew, seven pounds for 23(
Tot lion st . 7C
Shoulder Steak 7c
Round Steak 10c
Sirloin Steak 10c
No. 1 Hams ....12V&C
No. 1 Bacon 23c
don't Trw nnvnrnoi cidct it
iiii i mo I
was best man. The oocaslon was secretly
planned as a surprise, but friends of the
pair discovered the coming event, quickly
assembled at the residence of Mrs. S. P.
Majors, and selecting her as their leader,
prepared a supper.
Aiiiuiig kiiv oui'Ul-iwnii ncuui.'iKS Dl in
terest to Omaha residents was that of Miss
Aston Hembrce, daughter of Mrs. Rose
Hembree of David City, la., to Mr. George
K. Howell of Omaha. The wedding was
solemnized Wednesday morning at 10
o'clock at the home of the bride's mother
In David City. After an eastern wedding
journey Mr. and Mrs. Howell will be at
L horns after December 15 at 1613 Plnkney
Announcements have been received In
Omaha of the marriage of Miss Edith Mar
tin of Plattsmouth to Mr. Mathew Furnas
Morton of Fairfax. & D. The wedding
took place in Plattsmouth on Wednesday.
Miss Martin was formerly a teacher In the
Omaha schools and la an accomplished
Personal Gossip
Mrs. C. T. Smith left Wednesday for Lin
coln and expects to return Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Poppleton returned
Wednesday from a two weeks' stay In New
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Mandelberg are
expected to return Sunday from their wed
ding Journey.
i Mlsa Florence Rosenthal of San Fran
cisco will arrive this week to be the guest
of Mr. and 'Mrs. Henry Rosenthal.
Miss Infred Schee will leave December 8
for Copenhagen. Denmark, for a visit to
relatives there a&d a short tour of Europe.
Mrs. J. J. Dickey, Miss Bertha Dickey,
Mlsa Helen Scobie and Ralston Bcoble of
Omaha arrived from abroad yesterday on
the Celtlo and are staying at the Hotel
Wolcott while In New York, before re
turning home. The young women have Seen
attending school abroad for two year a
The Key to the Situation Bee Want Ada
Pork Loins
Pork Roast fH4
Spring Broilers 124
Steer Pot Roast .8 We and GC
Steer Rib Roast. 12 H and J)?
Young Veal Roast
Lamb Chops
Steer Steak 8He
Steer Boiling Beef 5H
Young Veal Chops 10
Veal Stew nu
I Lamb Legs 10 U
10 and
Lamb Stew , 4W
Sugar Cured Bacon 20 and lfW
Armour Skinned Hams , 14
Choice Lard 12 He
Mall Orders Promptly Filled
v thy ova. ruiuo kabiit bpxciax..
Nut. per ton 96.00 Lump, per ton 18.60
Yellow Pine Wood for furnace or grate, per cord 98.50
Rock Springs, Saginaw, Kenton and Carney Soft Coal.
Pennsylvania Hard Coal all sizes.
Kindling Wood With Kaoh CaHh Order.
TE&EFHOCTB DOTJO. 6643; A-3948.
Fartrldae fit Thompson Co.,
Fresh Dressed Chickens, lb. 10ic
10:80 A, M.
AND 8 P.M.
ITIUGt Bo Thrown on Salo and Disposed off Within ONE 11 EE I
Most Marvelous Valuoo Evor Offorod In Suilo, Coato and Drosses
tat Wmh
" 47."'
W Ms 1
: m -
li ti
mvj mm
Jh Aw,
t m
! I it
I'S I. H'M
:t I. U Ir ,if ; ; . 1
A PROMINENT New York manufacturer, located at 130 W. 28th St., New York City, making only the highest grade Ladies'
Garments for the most exclusive trade, was unable to withstand the long siege of the garment makers' strike and was forced
to liquidate. Our staff of New York buyers, being on hand with the ready cash, were enabled to purchase the entire stock of
high-grade tailored SUITS, COATS, SKIRTS and DRESSES at about thirty cents on the dollar. There were also in this purchase a
great many garments which the employes had left unfinished when they went out on strike, and these we brought to our factory here
and had them finished. Commencing SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3D, and continuing all of next week, we will place on sale this enor
mous stock at a mere fraction of their actual value.' You have never seen such values at these prices before, and we doubt if you will
have an opportunity to do so again in the near future. Every garment represents the acme of perfection in style, quality, workman
ship, and worth many times over what we ask.
BaauWu! Tailored Sul. at Ona-Haif to Cna-Third Kholstals PIca
800 Suits, tailored In this season's
most favored styles. Made up in
diagonals, worsteds, imported serges
and other leading materials. New
York manufacturer's whole- tfy nr
sale price 127.60, at V7e9
Some Exceedingly Nifty Suits, in
broadcloths, two-tone tweeds, wor
steds, mannish mixtures, basket
weaves lined with guaranteed Skin
ner satin. Jackets SO to 32 inches
long, skirts the newest and prettiest
designs. New York manufacturer's
wholesale price 137.60, J jy (J
50 Ladle Tailored Salts, In serges,
fancy weares, handsome 7 08
styles, worth 119.60, at. . . . 9 ' V3
Oilk and Cloth Dresses
923.00 Silk Dresses, silk taffeta and
meBsallnes, newest styles, ' leading
.shades on sale gjj
$18.00 Cloth Dresses, mohairs, serves
".d..7..... $198
Misses' Suits, made In panama and
fancies, Tery pretty styles,
worth up to 112 00, at. . . .
Coats at Less Tin n Cost of Raw Material
Full Length Ladies' Coats, made In
good Quality kersey, actual a qq
$18.00 Talues, at 9efd
Coats Worth $18.00 to $22.50 Full
length, handsome coats, made In
best kerseys, gray mixtures; splen
did appearing garments, J J (jg
Luxurious Seal Plush Coats, made of
finest Imported seal plush, lined
throughout with guaranteed satin,
large Jeweled buttons. The usual
price of these Is 35 0; Q7C
sale price e? life la
Beautiful Long Tailored Coats, made
in finest black broadcloths, lined
with guarantoed satin; overpl&ids,
gray mixtures; Polo Coats, with
plaid linings, collars and cuffs. The
New York manufacturers sold these
coats for $27.50 and they 1
would retail for much j 1 1 MS
more, at
Other Handsome Coats np to f 27.50
Handsome Caracul Coats, striped ef
fect, sold by New York manufac
turer for twice these prices, whole
sale OlO to G25
Garments Our
During this sale we will make
Special Re
duced Prlcoo
on Made-to-Order Suits, Coats,
Skirts and Dresses made here
in our own factory.
$9 Skirts panam&s, serges, Tolles,
taffetas pretty fa no
designs 0
$S Skirts, well made, at- 4 A J
tractive skirts, at $rM
200 Haitdsome Taffeta and Messallas
Silk Waisu, worth $4.38, g
Ladies' linen Tailored Waists, $1.38
values In sale
Tailored linen Waists, regular 7 So
sellers on sale 3QC
91.08 Lon Flannelette 7 -
Kiiuouoa, at sC
Beautiful Silk Kimonos at less than
half regular selling prices.
Short Flannelette Kimonos, prettily
figured, light and dark 1(1
shades UC
Ladles' House Dresses, pretty shades
and designs, $1.60 values, J
Checked Gingham Aprons, Just a few
of them on sale . ftg
Amoskeag Checked Gingham Aprons,
full dress size, with sleeves, 4 u
worth $1.00 at wJC
Pure Silk Taffeta' Petticoats, regular
$2.98 value sals ff Q?
price Jlsef J
Black aiid Fancy Petticoats, worth
up to $2.50 on sale G9C
Black Russian Lynx Sets
Wholesale price $25.00; our
price, $15.00. Other Fur
Sets, $5.00 to $50.00.
Come early and take your pick of
these wonderful Talues.
We guarantee every garment to be
Jnat as represented.
If you see anything In the windows
that you prefer, we will take It out
for you.
OTHER WONDERFUL VALUES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION! These prices may sound ridiculously low, but we bought
these goods at such low prices, and YOU GET THE BENEFIT OF THIS REMARKABLE PURCHASE.
Manufacturers and
Retailers of Ladies' Quits,
Coats, Skirts, Etc.
C7PP n v rn
U 13
(O) 214-16 llortli lGlli