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Only 19 More Buying Days Till Christmas is Nov the Cry
You hear on every hand. Short enough time to make your preparations, too. Host of our holiday stocks are now complete and appropriate ana attractive grn
suggestions are displayed on every hand, while bargain offerings from stocks that must be retired to make room for complete displays afford the spice of
economy to the great Saturday sales at this store. Come early.
r t
Neckwear and Handkerchief.
Some special bargain offerings for Saturday,
tht should Interest the holiday gift buyer. Note
500 Fancy Mallne Rows, Jabots and collara, ."C
$1.00 Gold and Persian TabB, pretty assar.ment for
selection, at 4?)
Fancy Box of Handkerchiefs, 3 In box, 60c values,
for 25c?
$1.00 Fancy Box Handkerchit is, butterfly Initials,
6 In box, on sale, per box, at 50
$3.00 Boxes, Embroidered Linen Handkerchiefs, op
t $1.08
$2.00 Beaded Auto Scarfs, at .
$5.00 Fitted Hand Bans, at
Ooat Seal Leather, tan leather lined, a match lets
$2.00 all leather, leather lined Hand Bags with
Purse and Card Case, at f)S
$1.00 Hand. BagR, at 4j?
Some Saturday Spechls.
35c Fancy Belting, rer bolt......... 10
50c Elastic and Suede Belts U."i?
$1.00 Elastic Belts, each , f;)
35c Skeleton Waists, each i . i . . ; '. . J)f
50c Military Hose Supporters
20c Children's Side Supporters
85o Rope Shopping Bags. If ?
25c White Rucblng, per yard, i . k , . . . 15
$1.00 Keep Clean Hair Brush 4l)?
Omaha's Greatest Sale of Winter Underwear
and Furnishingy Olfirs to Buyers a Saving of 35 Per Cent to 50
Per Cent on First Quality Goods oi Neatly Every Description
ry k. -f-rw. Ladies' and Children's Union Suits
r. Vv t " Finc fleccetl, in gray or ecru, nil sizes;
Men's 75c Quality Underwear 35o 1,000
dozen men's -wool and cotton fleece
fOiirts or drawers, in all sizes and colors
greatest of all bargain opportunities
in Saturday's sale at, garment 35c
Men's All-wool Union Suits Soil regu
larly at $3.00; choice $1.-15
Men's All-wool Shirts or Drawers All
sizes and colors, regular valiie3 to $2.00
a garment, at 08c
Men's Finest Oualitv Union Suits Val-
nos un to all sizes
at. . . S2.00, S2.50, 83.00, S
Men's Union Suits that sell In a regular way at
$1.50 grey, white or ecru on sale at..gO
Men's and Toys' Outing Flannel Gloves 69c to
$1.00 values, all sixes, on sale, choice, at 49c?
Men's 25c Wool Socks In grey or black, per
pair, at .. 12 Vs
Boys' S1.00 Blouse Waists With or without
collars, all colors, on sale, each, at ....494k
Boys' A 11-Wool Sweaters Values up to $2.00.
choice, at OS
Men's Blue Flannel Overslilrts A'l colors, $2.00
to $3.00 values on sale at. -OS and 81.45
Women's Outing Flannel Gloves- In all colors
and sizes, values to $2.00
40S 75 nd OS
3.50 WWT tfi$A?T$
Women's Knit, Wool snd Heavy Outing Flan
nel Skirts and t'mlersklrt Regular values to
$1.50, at 40 and 08
Women's Wool Knit Sliawls Values to $1.60,
to close, at 23 and 40
Women's or Children's SWc Fleeced Hose
Great snap Saturday, at 12V4
$1.00 and $1.50 Corsets Long hip, up-to-date
models, good assortment of sizes and
styles, at 40 and 75
Perfect Fitting Ilrasslers 75c values, 50
Any Bust Ruffle In Stock That sold to $1.00,
Saturday, choice, at 25
great bargains at 49c
Ladies' Union Suits that should sell at
$1.50 gray, white or ecru; in Satur
day's sale at S9c
Ladies' Howard Mills Underwear All
wool and part wool, in gray or white,
pants or vests, all sizes; to $2.00 values
at 75c and 98c
Ladies' Fine All-wool or Silk and Wool
Union Suits Values up to $5.00, in
all colors and sizes; in two big lots
at 1.98 and $2.98
Ladles' 3.00 Kayzcr or Swan Brand Silk and
Wool Vests or Tights Some slightly solleJ,
actual values to $3.00, your choice, at . .08
Women's and Misses' Wool Sweaters Values to
$6.00, all colors and styles, Saturday special,
at $1.50. $1.08. $2.45. $2.08
Women's or Children's Wool Gloves or Mittens
Regular values to 50c, pair, at 10 and 23
Women's or Childrcr's Kid Gloves or Mittens
Regular values to $1.25, mostly samples. 40
Children'c Toques All colors, values to $1.00,
at 25 and 43
Children's 75c Quality Rompers at . ...35
Women's or Children's Cashmere Ilose Very
special values, In Saturday's sale, pair, at 25
Big Shoe Sale Saturday
We hope to make Saturday another record
breaker and have made arrangements for extr
help, so all may be waited on without very much
delay. Th pr'00 on several lines will be cut
deeply to move them, In order to make room for an
Immense purchase ot Christmas slippers, which will
be placed on sale next week, at prices that will
create lots of excltment in Omaha
Women's Black Suede or Black Velvet Button
Shoes, also a patent colt with cloth or kid top
worth up to $4.00 a pair, at $2.50
The Celebrated $3.50 Fidelity Line ot Men s Shoes,
all leathers and styles, except patent colts
at $2.50
Men's and Women's $3.00 Shoes, all styles, all
feathers, lace and blucher, at $1.08
Odd Sizes of Women's Shoes, worth up to $3.60 a
pair, at $1.39
Boys', Youths' and Little Gents' $1.50 Shoes
at $1.10
Misses' and Child's $1.60 Shoes, at $1.00
Men's and W'omen's 69c Felt or Plush Slippers
at 30
$30 Tailored Suits Sat'dy $W
i Another big manufacturer's stock purchase of high class
S TVnlnrpfl KnitH nil rlpver now dosijrns. in vorv Vipaf nnlnr-
ings, in diagonals, tweeds, serges and plain and fancy suit
ings coats Skinner 6atin lined; made to sell for, and well
worth $18.00 to $30.00 all at one price Saturday
i m a w v
I - I I Kf - TT 1
m i r f j iv t. i
1 Ml ll
aTj yi ? ?
As shown in ICth St. windows.
Sale begins at 8:30 A. M. sharp
uuuu suiu uciore mai iimo.
Seal Plush and Velvet fTrmtm T.t
.vfS? Plete lines and choicest values shown la
1 UA9 Ob -flLf.W, faVUV, Qi()-UU
ana $25.00
Oliiffon Rroadcloth Coats Wjrth $30.00,
hnndnome long garments In semi and fit
ted styles, Skinner satin lined througb
out; .-very special bargain In Saturday's
ale, at $10.50
$2.1.00 Coats $12.00 275 of them, about
100 sample garments, all newest models,
in colors and black, plain and novelty
effects .: $12.50
Children's Winter Ooats Values to $5.00,
sizes 1 to 12 years; in bearskins, velours,
frieze, $1.05
Children's Winter Coats--Values to $12.00,
In all colors and Blzes; snap at. . .$0.75
Children's Heavy Military Capes Made to sell to $7.50; on
sale at ....$2.95
See Our New Line of Misses' One-piece Serjje Dresses.
hlillinery Specials Wlhch IV Bring the Crowds Saturday
Absolutely authentic styles in almost unlimited variety,
marked at prices that represent but a small part of the
actual worth of the merchandise. Don't miss these.
Untrimmed Beaver Hats A tremendous stock, in" all new
shapes black and colors; values to $10.00; your choice
at .u $1.9
Your Unrestricted Choice of Our Big Stock of
Trimmed Hats, worth to $6.00 , Trimmed Hats, worth to $15.00
at $2.50 at $5.00
inmmea nais, worcn 10 f iu.uu
Trimmed Hats, worth to $26.00
at sin on
French Ostrich Pinnies Black and colors, 16 to 20-lnch long, regular
value to $3.60, at $1.00
All Millinery marked In plain figures here.
If " ' X
Fur Coats, Sets, Scarfs at Greatly Below
Actual Worth in Saturday's Sale
..Closing out Blankets to make
room for toys. Sweeping price re
ductions for Saturday.
6BO Firs of Gray Blankets, to be
closed as follows: $1.00 values.
76ct $1.60 valusa, 06c; $2.00
values, $1.23; $1.50 values $1.63
200 Pairs of Wool Blankets, go at
almost half price: $4.00 values
$2.50; $5.00 values. $3.2.1; $6.00
values, $8.$; $7.60 values $4.00
Deep Trice Catting on All Our
Comforts in Saturday's Sale. -
See the bargains at 50c, 00c, 75c,
$1.00, $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00
12 He Outing Flannels 8 He
Hew Books for Christmas
Former $1.08 Books Now Wc
Handsomely bound, many of them beautifully
Illustrated: . The Man From Brodney's, by Mc
Cutcheon; Lavender and Old Lace; The Squaw
Man; Clara Louise Burnham'a Right Princess and
Open Shutters; The Climax; The Firing Line;
Mary Jan's Pa; Range Dwellers; Nedra; That Girl Montana; Little Brother
ot the Rich, Etc. Hundreds of other popular titles in this line for selection.
Madame Illustrated with scenes Mistress of Shenstone, companion
from the play, at $1.08 book of The Rosary, at. .$1.35
The Rosary Best Belling new The Master of the Vineyard
book, at .$1.35 By Myrtle Reed, one of the most
The Siege of the Seven Suitors popular out this season, $1.50
Meredith Nicholson's new book, KeJth of the BoraePIUndall
profusely illustrated, at. .$1.20 PurrUh'. nw hoot of fh. niain
at v "81.35
Oood Valoe Books In Handsome Cfloth Bladings Tn
Saturday's sale, at flbo
Wldo rsnpo of titles for your selection, suoh as Hans
' Drinker: He en's Bahlea; St Elmo; East Lynne; Jane
Eyre; Gold Elsie and over SOO others.
The Busy Hardware
$1.SS Galvanised Wash Boilers. .89c
Mrs. PotU 6-pieca Sad Irons, $1.25
, quality, only 0c
$1.4$ Food Choppers, on sale for. 08c
95c blue and white Enameled Water
Pails 40e
$1.95 Ironing Board, with stand,
ll.SB Waffl Irons, on sale for. . .75c
Largest slss Japanned Bread Boxes
for 49o
$40.00 Steel Range Only $28.00
Full ilu, best make, 18-lnch and 20
- Inch ovens, duplex grate; closing
out sals $25.00
4-b.ola Cook Stove, with reservoir, 18
lnch oven $18.95
The Magic Unsay
Invzried Light
Complete with globe and
mantel; on sale 49c
Gas Lamp With burner,
shade and G ft. of tubing
complete; on sale.. $2.25
Electric Lamps Complete
big assortment for your se
lection; on sale at prices
from... 4.25 to $30.00
Fancy Shades, $1.00 to $6.00
Light .t,r-
Cut If
( h
'Maryland Rye and White Corn Whis
key, six years old; per full quart, 75o
per gallon .....$2.50
Eight-year-old Cedar Brook, Gucken
heimer, Willow Springs and Schen
ley; full quart, $1.00; gallon, "$3.50
Ilome Made Grape Wine, white or red
per gallon $1.00
rc&t Try Haydon's First S.ys
riT (coa
Long Marmot Fur Coat
A beautiful brown,
Skinner satin lined
$100.00 value; on sale
at ...$69.00
Fine Russian Pony Coat
52 inches long, fox
collar, $150.00 value;
just four of them, all
beauties; to close
at $98.00
XXXX Near Seal Coats
$75.00 values, with
v Jap mink, blended
squirrel or beaver col
lars ; great bargains
Saturday ..,.$49.00
Russian Lynx Fur Seta
$15.00 values, with
large rug muff and
shawl collar, match
. less at $6.95
Pur Scarfs Worth to $7.60
Coneys, Brook Mink and Russian
Lynx; nearly all styles. .$1.95
Women's Long Melton Capes
$7.50 values, in black only; on
sale at $2.05
Women's All Wool Sweaters All
colors, values up to $7.60; on
sale at $3.05
Taffeta Silk and Net Waists
M if I T
Values np to $6.00; on sale
at .$2.05
Women's Silk Underskirts Reg
ular $6.00 values, in all colors;
on sale at $3.05
Women's Eiderdown Dressing
Sacques Regular $1.50 values,
good assortment; at, choice f)8
Women's Flannelette Dressing
Sacqnes $1.00 and $1.26 values
very special bargains. . . -09J
Quality Lump or Nut, per ten S6.7S
Domestic Lump or Nut, per ton $8-60
We Handle All Grades.
Satisfaction and Weights Guaranteed.
What You Save by Trading at ttayden's Will Pay One-halt ot Yur Next Order
The great money saving grocery de
partment of the west, '
10 lbs. beat Granulated Sugar.... Ito
10 lbs. best Rolled Breakfast Oatmeal
for 26o
I bars Diamond C or Beat 'Elm All
Soap 26e
6 lbs. good Jap Rloe......".. Ito
t lbs. best hand picked Navy Beans J3o
Gallon cans Golden Table Syrup.. S0a
ISO pkg. Goldenrod Macaroni. lOo
Grape-Nuts, pkg ,...10o
BromangeJon. Jellycoa or Jell-O, per
pkg 110
ijtrge bottle Woroeuter Sauoe, As
sorted JPlcklea or fure Tomato Cat
sup, per bottle o
1- 1 b. cans Assorted Soups 7 Ho
6 lbs. best Bulk Laundry Starch.. lao
2- lb. cans Hweet fcusur Corn 7HO
I-lb. cans Wax, String or Lima Beans
for 7V4 0
4-lb. sack boat High Patent Flour,
being guaranteed to be first patent
flour, per sack $1.80
Fancy Dairy tiulier. per lb 2io
Fancy Country Creamery Butter, per
Fancy No. 1 Creamery Butter, lb.JOo
Fancy Full Cream V. A. Cheese. lb.20o
Fancy Full Cream White or Yellow
Cheese, lb. 20o
Fancy Full Cream Brick Cheete, per
lb. Ho
The best Bulk Peanut Butter, lb..lCo
S-lb. roll good Buttcvrlne 20c
1-lb. boxes lancy home grown Hot
House Mushrooms 3&o
t bunchei fresh Beets, Carrots, Tur
nips, Bhalota or KaUiahes. 10o
Lartie Head Lettuce, each.. 7 Ho
S heads fresh Hot House Leaf Let
tuce for o
t bunches of Parsley ............. .60
Large Kgg Plant, each.... ,.10o
1 bunchea fresh Celery 6a
Fancy Cauliflower, per lb ...7Vc
Fancy (
icas. DC
Fancy Cookfn
Jersey Sweet
er lb.
t Apples, pack. ,
ltatoea, per
. 20
, 30o
lb... .IHo Y
All 47 Tiey Will Be on Hand for the
tig Spread.
Imn Oewaealal Hawse Say Tker
Xrill Tvr Osts AU Tfcetr Tray
Itaa Ua Bail ( tke
BlaT Baaam.t.
SfoOung proposed by the Commercial
ahib has ever met so quick and so enthual
aado a reeponae as the traveling men's
dinner which wlU be held lu the Audi
torium the evening of December SO. Prac
tically ail of the larger bouses have come
te the front, registering with alacrity and
promising that every one of their com
mercial salesmen ahall attend.
Every line of manufacturing and whole
sal buauiee Is for" the dinner. Manu
facturers are for It. Jobbers and wholesalers
of hardware, dry goods, groceries, boots
and shoe, lumber, grain and coal, live
stock and eoniinlialou men, brewers and
bankers, railroads and express companies.
Every mail delivery at the Commercial
club Is loaded with answers giving liats of
traveling men who will be present.
Many of the houses have taken occasion
to write endorsing the dinner. Charaeter
latle of these endorsements ar the follow
tin, picked at random from a host of more
remarks In the same vein:
Lee-Gla-Andreii Company Intend
1 1. at our entire aalea force ahall attend.
W feel this to be one of the best moves
the club has made In a long time.
Lliiint'er Iinpleoieut Company The din
ner to Omaha's I.IaiO traveling men Is a
good thing, an excellent thing. We shall
endeavor to have all of our men at hand.
Wrlgbt Will aim Hap the club wuj
secure acceptances from all our force. All
traveling men spoke to seem eager to go.
All Ar Boosting;. 1
Others speaking In the sam strain are
the K. B. CarrUan company, Byrne ft
Hammer, Bradford-Kennedy Lumber,
Omaha Glass and Pa.nt. Dodds Lumber,
down Pipe Manufacturing. Walrath A
Sherwood Lumber, Independent Harvester.
A. F. Smith. Tagg Bros., Loose-Wiles, D.
J. O'Brien. Nye-tichneldar-Fowler. gran;
Johnston Electric, Richardson Drug and
American Hand Sewed Shoe companies.
Chairman Haverstlck of the committee
in charge of the aftalr. announce the fol
lowing subcommittee: and Publicity F. L ElHcit,
Joseph Barker, Paul Burleigh, L. Davis.
Arrangements S. W. Umllh, W. L. Bur
gess, J. J. Dcright. E. A. Hinrichs, L. E.
Entertainment and Music Gould Diets,
F. J. Farrlngton. A. W. Jefferls, 11. G.
Kelly, F. T. B. Martin.
Invitation, Attendance, Reception, Admis
sionClement Chase, J. B. Redfleld. W. H.
Rhodes, E. T. Bwobe. 11. . Weller.
Menu and Menu Cards T. B. Coleman,
C. D. Beaton. Euen Duval. F. E. Zeller.
Speakera-G. E. Haverstlck, Gould Diets,
J. M. Guild.
Kaciak Day See More Arrlvla Tkaa
t the Same Time Last
Thirty-four more cars of grain wer re
ceived Friday by the Omaha Grain ex
change than the sam day last year. Re
ceipts each day this work have been ahead
of the corresponding day in 1909 and the
promise of Increased receipts tills month
over la it Is now well toward fulfillment
Another atpct of the market prices Is
also gratifying. Corn has ben a little
liUhtr and (juvtatiun showing a better
Miller Children
to Stay in Omaha
Until Case is Heard
Judg-e Estslle Decides to Keep Chil
dren in This Jurisdiction
Pending Hearing'.
Defeated In the first engagement of the
war betweea Mr. and Mrs. William Coul
ter of Broken Bow. Neb., en the on
and Theodore Miller ot Omaha on ' the
other for custody of Mr. Miller's two small
children, when Judge Le 8. Estell over
ruled a moUen t quash the habeas corpus
writ under which the children wer taken
from the Coulters. II. M. Sullivan, attor
ney far the Broken Bow couple. In the
district court Friday morning asked the
Judge te at least permit the children to
return to Broken Bow and live with their
foster parent pending hearing and final
ruling In th matter. Judge Eatell denied
this request and erdared that th children
remain In custody of Mr. Miller until the
cause s finally determined. Th court
set th hearing for December It. Mr. Sul
livan left for Broken Bow,, saying that he
and th Coulters will be on hand to fight
when th time come.
Alleging that when hi wife died five
years ago Mr. and Mrs. Coulter took the
children and later secured a decree of
adoption in the Custer county court, Mr.
Miller secured a habeas corpus writ from
Judge Eatell last week and Sheriff Brailey
Beat to Broken Bow, secured th children,
and brought them to Omaha.
At a bearing Thursday Mr. Bulllvan
moved to quash th writ on th ground
that th children wer not In th JuriedJo-
Uon of th court when It was secured. He
set up the argument that ta action should
hav been In the Custer county district
After th motion to quash had been over
ruled Mr." Sullivan mad his request for
temporary custody. Judge Estelle said that
whll he doe not doubt that th Coulters
hav given and would give th children a
good bom h believes they should b kept
In this Jurisdiction until th oaus Is de
termined. Edward T. Miller, th older child, who Is
. prefers to remain with his father In
Omaha, while th girl. Anna, aged B, would
return to th Coulter. '
Edward said Friday that Mrs. Coulter
told him to pray to God to hav him go
back to her. "I would rather stay here
with my father." h said'but I pray to
go back every night because eh told me
to, and I must obey her orders. I should
Ilk to be in both places, but I would ralhar
be with my father."
Co arts Aakea to Deeld Whether In
terstate ar Stat Rate Take
Whether th Intersta'. Commerce com
mission rulings regarding freight tariffs or
the laws of Nebraska are superior must
be determined by Judge Howard Kennedy
of the law division of th district court,
when h rules In the cas of th Kats-
Craig Construction company against th
Omaha railroad, trial of which was com
uienced Friday afternoon. Th railroad
charged th construction company tf.lA)
for hauling 60S carloads of stone from Chi
tin to Florence. Neb. The construction
company claim that under, rulings of the
Interstate Corumerc commission this
charge was 60 per cent too high. Th rail
road contends that th rat 1 on fixed
by the Nebraska statute.
Charles 8. Elgutter represents the plain
tiff. C. C. Wright of Chicago, general
solicitor for the road, formerly of Omaha
and Frank Galon rtprekeut the defendant.
Joseph Baldrige
Proposes to Play
at Santa Claus
Has a Regular Stout He Does at the
Ynletide Each Year Tor
the Children.
If In the course of a few days a mere
acquaintance should see Joseph BaJdrtg.
th Insurance man. buying quantities of
toys, dolls and games. It should not be In
ferred that he Is th father of7 a family
of Rooseveltlaa :e, for he Is not Mr.
Baldrige Is a bachelor.
He will be buying these toys. If he fol
lows again his custom of several years,
tor th children of th Child Saving In
stitute. Mr. Baldrige Is on of the several
unoftclal Santa Clauses of th Institution.
Many men and women, and also some
more fortunately a tuated, co-operate In
making Christmas happy for th orphans.
Iast year the four children of B. Q.- Solo
mon mad thirty sack of mixed candy,
popcorn and nuts, wLlch wer hung on th
two Christmas trees, brightening th insti
tute at holiday time. Th Solomon children
mad th sacks, cooked th candy and
popped th corn themselves. ,
Another adult contributor for several
years Is Harry Hunter. 'Teacher of th
public schools have generally given th
tree which hav been used previously tn
school exercises and which come to th In
stitut arrayed In all that splendor of or
nament which doe not aeein cheap tinsel or
tawdry gew-gaw to th youthful eye, par
ticularly to th eye ot a 1HU orphan boy
or girl.
Bom of th Injtltute's wards have
parents living In Omaha, and some of
iLea parent sew their children at Christ
ma time. Thee ar the parent who ar
trying to help their children and who oc
caslonally contribute to their support
Other parents, on la sorry to say, have
run away from their boys and girls and do
not seem any more eager to e their
children at Christmas time than th rest
of th year.
At th several orphanages, at the hospi
tals, th Old People's borne and th Creche,
the advent season has reminded all that
Christmas Is coming, and, although the
Goodfellow movement yet lacks Initiation
In Omaha tn anything like an organised
way, yet plenty of good fellows ar get
ting ready to share in the real Christmas
spirit, which Is being happy In som one's
else happiness.
Bigger, Better. Busier That Is what ad
vertising tn Th Be will do for youi
Interested Property Owscn Deeld tm
ray the Difference la
Troubl over th disagreement of Mis.
Mary Cassldy and children and th Board
of County Commissioner regarding th
sura th Cassldy family should be paid
for property taken from them for th
opening of Forty-fourth street from L to Q
streets. South Omaha, was ended Friday,
when South Omaha cltisens who desired
th road opened at one paid th Cassldy
th $300 that was th difference betweea
them and th commissioners. The commis
sioners wer willing to pay 1700; th Caa
sldys wanted tl.GoO, but finally said they
would accept $1,000. Th commissioner
would not meet this offer, so the property
owners desiring th road raised the differ
ence. Th road was opened Friday.
v. a. l u.
Breakfast Cocoa
la absolutely pure, healthful, and
make a moat delicious drink
Cet the genuine with our trade-mark, on the package
52 Highest Awsxua In Europe aid America
Dorchester, Maaa.
fsW IT 80