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    KMBKR 3. 1910,
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Qvorcoats, Raincoats. Silk Rubberized Coats. Slip-Ons
At a special mootinc of tho Board of Managers of the Good
year Raincoat Co., hold at our Hew York Headquarters, it
was decided, in order to meet pressing obligations, to sacri
fice as much stock as may bo possible, and at an utter disre
gard of the cost of manufacture, All of tho 90 branch stores
have been ordered to sell below cost, so as
To Roioe $200,000 Within Ten Dayo
This Is an Unparalleled Chance to Duy Any Garment in Our Stock Tomorrow
For Women
No other store offers the variety o?
styles and fabrics of Women's Water
proof Cloaks and Raincoats In heavy
winter, also In medium welghtsl that
we do.
No other store can afford to sell
their Women's Raincoats at the low
prices we do. We are manufacturers
but In this sale we cell at 60c on
the dollar.
10.00 Coats, CZ nn
sale price )2 mJJ
$15.00 Coats, OH
sale price v?W
$18.00 Coats, fJ 1 fl QA
sale price WVT
$22.60 Coats, fj? fl O Rf
sale price V 1 w J w
$25.00 Coats, (11 C Ofl
sale price... V 1
, .iinswnnpiwimimmirinn' i i ir i TT""i' i'"
EM u
An opportunity such as this pomn perhaps once In a llfatlmai
Now Is your chance to buy your Christmas Raincoat Olft or Water
proof Overcoat at less than the cost tn manufacture them.
We need the money and If you need a rout get here early aa pos
sible Saturday nmrnltifr.
We guarantee every purchase or refund your money.
The garment 1hat are on Bale now are the world's best the. very
kind that have made the name of "Ooodyear" famous for the finest
made Rainproof garments In the world.
$5.00 Coats, sale price $-.03 I I $10 Coats, sale price, $6.00
$7.50 Coats, sale price ftt.50 $12.60 Coats, sale pr., $7.50
S. E. Cor. 16th and Davenport
Our stock of Men's Raincoats
is unmatchable as to variety of
shades, - fabrics and make, and
especially as regards prices
but now you buy at 60c on the
$10.00 Coats,
sale price . .
$15.00 Scats,
sale price . .
$20.00 Coats i O ff
sale price . ..P I UsUU
$25.00 Coats,
sale price .
$30.00 Coats,
sale price .
Mrs. Henry F. Dimmock Seeks to In
duce City to Build One.
Prraldent Taft ' Will Onn Seventh
Convention o' National Rivera and
Harbor f'onftresa December
Juror Challenges
Himself for Cause
Rises in His Seat and Asserts that He
is Not Competent to Serve
in Case.
Just as the (10.000 personal injury damage
action of Eva Belle HalKht against the
street railway company was about to fro to
trial before Judge Bears ln the law division
of district court Friday afternoon, a Jury
satisfactory to both sides having been se
cured, C. T. Cummins, one of the Jurors,
challenged himself for cause. He arose
In his place and said he doubted his com
petency. Asked why, he said that some
years ago, when he was a fireman, and
W, M. Glller,. of Weaver fc Glller, attor-'i
neys for the plaintiff, was a member of
the Fire and Police commission, the at
torney shuwed him some slight favors.
Glller had forgotten tho man, but Cum
mins remembered. It took another hour
to get a Juror for the vacant cha r.
Death of Michael t'ndahy Makes a
Change In the (Snardlan
ahlp. The children of Jack Cudahy and Mrs.
Edna Cowln Cudahy will at once be made
wards of Mr. Michael Cudahy's widow. By
the terms of the settlement between Mrs.
Cowln and her husband nt the tlmo the
divorce was secured, the children were
placed in the custody of the Cudahy fam
ily, Michael Cudahy, ) the grandfather,
being made the guardian.
It was provided that In the event of his
death his widow should become guardian,
and If she, too, should die before the chil
dren come of age, the guarJ anshlp will be
vested ln two maiden aunts.
A clause of the agreement never pub
llHhed relate to future conduct of Mrs.
Cowln. It Is provided that In case Mrs.
Cowin should ever cause any further no
toriety to arise, which would In any way
reflect upon the Cudahy name, the In
come which 'she gets from the Cudahya
shall terminate at once.
K. A. Cudahy Is expected here from Chi
cago Monday.
WASHINGTON. Dec... l.-(Speclal.)-Mts,
Henry F. Dimmock of New York, presi
dent of the' Oeorse Washington Memorial
association, has set her heart upon hav
ing erected In the national capital a con
vention hall tn be known as the Washing
ion Memorial hall, to cost in the neigh
borhood of S2.000.000. Mrs. Dimmock, who
Is a most charming woman, with energy
sufficient to drive a good-sired dynamo,
made It clear to representatives of the
Chamber of Commerce of this city that
the success of the movement depended
upon Washington's Initiative, and that If
the capital of the nation would agree to
raise S200.000 she would undertake to raise
the balance. There is probably no city
In ' the country that needs a convention
hall as badly as Washington. Of right
It ought to be the convention city of the
republic, but the great conventions of the
country will not come here because of the
lack of ball facilities for their entertain
ment. Mrs. Dimmock wanti to see the
memorial hall to the first president started
before the end of President Taft's admin
istration. .
Hirers and Harbors ConirresM.
President Taft will p-n the seventh
convention of the National HI vein and
Harbors congrtss on Wednesday, Decem
ber 7, In the assembly I. all of the New
WJMard, this city. The hall la capable of
seating 3.000 people and, as It was crowded
to the doors lat year when the president
delivered the welcoming address, it seems
safe to predict an even larger attendance
this year.
Hashing- Census Work.
The Importance of the c mlng conven
tlon of the National Itlvera tand Harbors
congress cannot be overestimated. It
means much for the Improvement of the
waterways of the V'nlted Plates, f r should
the closing session of the Sixty-flrnt con
gress full to pass a river and harbor bill,
the Sixty-second congress would have no
precedent to follow and might refuse to
make appropriations, except as has been
tho practice heretofore, a bill every two
or thre years. The National Itlvera and
Harbor congress Jias been fighting theje
np. radio appropriations ever since Its or
ganization ten years ago, and now that
victory is in sight officials of the con
gress, including ltepresentatlve Joseph K.
llanxdull of Loulslunu, v. ho Is president
of the congress, are urging with all their
power the attendance of the friends of
waterways upon the forthcoming conven
tion to the end that tho fedeial congress
may realise how vast the trentlment Is ln
tha I'nlted Etates for u yearly river aid
harbor bill.
taiupnian ruLlleltr.
Onaus lJiiector Durand gives assurance t turian and the First Congregational
that from now on population totals ot I churches ' will hold their fair December 18
siues by counties will bo riven out rapidly I and 17, and not as then announced. The
Tractive Power of the Mallet Com
pound Compared with Other
A standard passenger engine of the
"Atlantic" type exerts a drawbar pull of
about 22,000 pounds. The heavy switch
engines employed by the Rock Island and
other roads, having six drivers and no
trucks, have a tractive force of 30,000
pounds. A heavy road engine In freight
service will double the pull of tha At
lantic type passenger engine. The Mallet
articulated compound locomotive gives a
pull on the drawbar of 84,000 pounds, with
a maximum of 100,000 when "down in the
corner" under especially favorable condi
tions.' '
The boiler tubes of the new engine are
twenty-four feet long. The wheels show
the 2-8-8-2 arrangement, which means that
there are two sets of eight drive wheels
each, with two two-wheeled trucks. The
total weight of the locomotive, exclusive
of the tender. Is more than 208 tons. The
sixteen drivers carry 180 tons. The fire
box Is ten feet by seven and one-half
larger than many a St. LouIb hall bedroom.
Why build such leviathans? Because the
Mallet engine will haul more than two
locomotives, each of half Its weight, with
half the number of men. On account of
the number of wheels the weight upon
each Is not excessive. The new type Is
"articulated;" that is. It Is composed of
two separate engines and boilers, which
are bolted together in the middle to make
Thirty years ago such a machine would
have been worse than useless; It would
have required a train stretching over the
breadth of a township and would have
straightway pulled It In two and ended
the trip. But since that time the maxi
mum load of freight cars has Increased
from twenty to fifty-five tons; automatic
train brakes have been perfected for
freight equipment and the strength of the
"draftrlg" gYeatly Increased. Nor do these
facts convey the full achievement of
American railroads; the proportion of dead
load weight of car has gone down from
70 per cent to 35 per cent The 40,000-pound
car weighed 28,000 pounds (It was some
times a few thousand pounds lighter); tha
car whose load limit Is 110,000 pounds
weighs 38,000.
The prophet will do well to lay his hand
upon his mouth when he contemplates the
American railroad. Twenty years ago two
great motive-power experts proclaimed.
through The Engineering Magazine, that
the limit of speed and size ln tha American
locomotive had been reached, bq reason of
the Impossibility of enlarging tha fire box.
Then came an Inventor who calmly lifted
It above the drlvsra and made It one-half
wider than the track, and new the Mallet
engine merges two consolidated locomotives
ln one. We wait, hat In hand, for the next
achievement. St., Louis Republic
Tha Key to the Situation Be Want Ads
II I Mr Church Basar to Open In Lobby
of The Bee Dulldlnw Next
Beginning Monday morning, December 5,
the Hillside Congregational church, Ply
mouth Congregational, Trinity Methodist
and the First Christian church societies
will hold their fairs In the Bee building
bazar headquurters. These are the flrat of
the series to be held.
In announcing the dates of the other
churches' occupancy of these headquarters,
recently an error was made. The Benson
Presbyterian, the Ixiwe Avenue I'resby-
No Ba'htnba In Hospital.
A hospital without a single bath tub. That
Is the forward step ln sanitary construction
which is announced for the great hospital
building which the Harrlman lines are now
constructing at a cost of nearly J.'.OO.OOO.
In the place of tubs numerous shower
baths have been provided, and It Is claimed
this Is done In the Interest of both the
physicians and the patients. It Is pointed
out that frequently a patient cannot be
moved from his cot or Is too weak to be
placed in a tub, but that he can be rolled
under a shower and given his dally bath ln
I'hvBicians and surgeons claim It li much
more convenient for them to step under
the shower than to be compelled to use the
old-fashioned tubs, and in these days of
advanced Burgery the physician must be
as thoroughly sterl'.sed as his Instruments.
The big tub. with Its broad surface and
many pipes, Is also held to be much more
unsanitary than the shower bath with Its
dash of running water and simple equip
ment. Denver Republican.
until the list Is Completed. Atirlcultui al
statistics of the. states will ho also comilu
along from time to time. Karly in Janu
ary the bureau will begin turning out
populations of the ttales by civil sub
Karrells Plan lnre.
ITousa Clerk McDowell will hive tha in
teresting privilege euily 111 Dtctmber of
being thu first to sian the figures of
money spent in the congn sslunal elei'tlnn
bv the catnpaijjn committees, the names
uf contributors, the amounts they gave
and for what purpose the funds were ex
pended, it will be the first event In the
operation of tho new so-callid "cumpa'gn
publicity act" In vkw uf the characur
of the utatule otid the tact thut the pen
alty far Us violation Is a fine of f 1 .0ox. im
prisonment for one yecr. either er both.
It is believed that lchrf money was uaed
1,1 the recent rampalgn thun fjr many
ears past.
date of the fair of Temple Israel is Decem
ber :o and 21.
Articles which will be featured at the
fair which opens Monday are:
The Hillside Congregational will have
dolls, gingham aprons, fancy white aprons,
handkerchiefs. Japanese display, home
made candles, fancy articles and 'home
cooking. The Plymouth Congregational will have
hand painted china, aprons, home-cooked
foods and a large variety of Christinas arti
cles. Trinity Methodist church will feature
hand painted china, dolls and children's
clothing, plain and fanry aprons, fancy
work, handkerchiefs and a home cooking
department, which Includes home-mado
The First Ci.rlstlan church will offer for
sale 173 aprons, all styles; seventy-five
drrtsed dolls; JiO pounds of home-mad
candy, home-cooking, rugs and fancy work.
au Aurrla Health t'oiuiutkniuuer ton
nell. Who ;! Out Ills
He port.
Tho hoalth roimith n of Omaha's citizens
rurtli'ticH to be fatisfaclory. Durlug the
mouth t f November tturo were ten cares of
dii thena, thiiiten of ari.-t fever and
twenty-four of typhoid. Ti ls U compsra
tively a tt'ol rrcoid. accoldln to the
tuallii coiiniii.-i.-iont r.
Juhu Si'uri Charged with Martler.
TKKNTN. N. J . Dec. tA coroner's
jurv toddx' returned a verdict that Itev.
Anul I.. Armstrong ami h s wife, wiio were
murdered In their home nt Dutch Neck,
came lo their tltath through bcfni; hot bv
,lohn boars the mulatto, who lived at the
Armstrong home.
Pope iMuri lterree.
liOMK. Dec : -The official bulletin ef
the IT. .1 .' K'1ay publish a puoal de
cree forhleidinK tcclesiH-tius t occupy ad
min: st r all v I'OPtf. iierc now held they
mui-l be resigned within four niuiiths of
tho date of decree.
Ilti own account tl hit celebrated expedition. Splendidly
illustrated from photographs by Kermit Roosevelt and tha natural
ists of the expedition, as well as by full-page, photogravures from
"This," say tho Nrm Ytrh Tribune, "is, of coarse, the book of
the year."
At the Villa
A betctivQ Story
Py A. E. W. MASON,
"An klnorbinf bMt-twlUr."
A'ra tvk Lvtmimr itm.
iiimutrutvd. JO
Rest Harrow
Bring to a close ih romance
uf Seimtjtit and Snchi.
" li i in thought, style, ftDrl
eaproseion 4 treet bOuk."
S4.00 n4L Postpaid fjjj
nee upon a
IIU 6rt book of Stories la
nine veers,
" Each one Is en absorbing
and upcthn; human docit
metiL fAuUMiMm Artk
The Furtive
Tells of a. boy who, ruiuiinf
way frwa college as the only
way uf getttrg out uf a d: ft 1 cult
luation, pauos through a
nenesuf amei entertaining ad
ventures, lLmtrmud. jjo
16 Illustrations la color by
Peter Pan
A new edition of this classic for' children, now so
famous both for text aud illustrations, at a moderate
Pr- ft jo tut
Romantic California
Charmingly illosrrated with his own sketches, the booh
presents picturesque conditions of life to-day in many parts
of California unknown to (he tourist, ft.jomtt. Fvitfaxi fi.jt
The Poems of Eurfene Field
Here for the first time all the verse written by Eugene
Field has been collected into one volume one that
resembles in form the one-volume editions of the New
England pcets, as does the author's hold on the people
resemble their popularity.
Complttt tJitttn. With portrait. 5W. $ oo mtt
Molieret His Life and Ills Work
By BRANDER MATTHEWS. Professor of Dramatic
Literature in Columbia University.
Arilliant study of Molitre, his plays and his times. At
the same time he gives a striking picture of the period ia
which Mol.ere lived and his relation to it.
Illustrated. A . Sj.oo net. Pottpaid
Mr. Dooley Says
By the Author of " Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War." etc.
" 1 h mutt ccnfianjr Amanran bumuritt and lh aiomt dutincUr
AlMfiiao phil.upUr auic Stark 1 aia." Mrm irri iimtt
" far vtv new D"oU-r boos vs are
Dooley tiiarvfuL" V-
$1.00 net. foitpaid f.O
Cupid's Cyclopedia
Compiled for Daniel Cupid by OLIVER HERFORD and JOHN
CECIL CLAY. With twelve full-page ill mlrs lions and many
decorations in colors and in pen and Ink.
A little book of exceeding wit and wisdom.
ft 00 tut. PMtptid 3 1 JO
CHARLES SCRBEEffS S0"S, 153 Fifth Ave., II. Y.
liO Douplao fitrcct
Announce Their Annual Sale of
ONCE a year, at the beginning of tho winter season, Orkin's Douglas Street Store
holds an annual Fur Sale, offering thousands of scarfs, fur muffs, fur sets and
fur coat at extraordinarily low prices.
Tomorrow We Open Our 1910 Fur Sale
Although our past sales have all been very successful we predict, however, that this
sale will meet with even still greater succesSi for the reason that we have planned this
sale for months ahead, buying for spot cash at the very lowest cost; the result being
that we have assembled thousands of fur scfl-rfs, fur coats and fur sets which will be
sold at extraordinarily low prices.
THE SALE OPENS SATURDAY MORNING You will find a tremendous stock
of fine furs to choose from at a wonderful saving.
$3.50 Fur Scarfs and Muffs $1.98
Over 600 separate neck pieces in various sizes, also a big lot
of 'separate muffs, made of Coney furs, ln black and brown;
$3.00 and $3.60 values Annual Sale fif no
Price 5I."5
$5.00 Fur Scarfs and Muffs $2.89
This lot consists of 300 scarfs and muffs ln various lengths;
trimmed with heads and tails; made of French Coney, ln
black and brown colors 14.60 and $5.00 values; on
Annual Sale Price e)0
$10.00 Fur Scarfs and Muffs $5.75
Elegant scarfs and muffs, made of river mink, genuine French
Coney, natural and blended squirrel, in various styles and
sizes; worth $10.00 Annual r nr
Sale Price $,)
$15.00 Fur Scarfs and Muffs $7.95
This lot consists of over 200 separate fur scarfs and muffs; a
great many of them being samples, Jap mink, Isabella fox,
etc., in various sizes and styles are to be found. $12.60 and
$15.00 values. Annual Sale n nr
All our higher grade furs will be on sale at 25 to 40
less than regular prices.
Perfectly Matched Fur Sets
$15.00 River Mink Bets, $0.75 Perfectly matched, natural or
blended, trimmed with heads and tails. Regular $15.00
values. Annual Sale (A nr
Price Jj.i)
$20.00 Squirrel Sets at $12.50
There is a great variety of these sets, in natural or blended
styles ln different sizes; regular $20.00 19 Cft
values. Annual Sale Price 51Je3U
$25.00 Jap Mink Sets $16.50
Stvllsh sets, perfectly matched, made of finest quality Jap
mink, trimmed with heads and talis. Regular
!t :
$25.00 values. Annual Sale Price.
$35.00 Black and Blue Fox Sets $22.50
These sets are made of selected skins, in various styles and
will certainly be appreciated. We have but a few of these
Bets. Regular $35.00 values. Annual (44 CA
Sale Price iaJaJ.UU
$40.00 Jap Mink Sets, Annual Sale Price $25.00
$50.00 Trimmed Fox Sets, Annual Sale Price S35.00
$76.00 Genuine Mink Sets, Annual Sale Price $45.00
Beautiful Fur Coals
,55.00 Runslan Pony Coat, full lsnnth
Annual Sale Price $39.60
,70.00 Russian Pony Coat, ln hand
some styles. Annual Sale Price $47.50
f86.00 Russian Pony Coata, beautiful
fitting garments, lined with heavy
colored brocaded lining. Annual
i Sale- Price $63.60
$65.00 Near Seal Coata, in three
quarter and full length at vies.
Annual Sale Prloe. $43.60
$75.00 Near Seal Coats, handsome fit
ting coats, lined with first quality
lining. Annual Sale Price.. $50.00
$90.00 Near Seal Coats, made of best
elected skins, elegantly made
they are beautiful garments.
Annual Bale Price 165.00
All our high priced coats will be on
ale at from 25 per cent to 40 per
eent leas than regular prices.
We advise our customers, whether
they anticipate buying now or later,
to attend tills great fur sale.
$ Royals J
Worcester y
tvli lift - 1 11 I IV( V-j:?.
Are Selling Agents in Omaha for
Royal Worcester Corsets
and Bon Ton Corsets
All the newer models are shown here
The Royal "Worcester Corset with, its adjustable
bands, offers the only safe, practical and hygienic method
of reducing the abdomen.
Bon Ton Corsets have made the American figure fam
ous. Perfect comfort and perfect style are two essentials
in your corsets for winter wear. You'll find both in Bon
Ton Corsets.
Rronrlpis Stores
if m
Xmas Photos
A . dozen good photographs
makes a remembrance for 12
friends, nothing cheaper or bet
ter. The Studio Grand Is the
only first-class Studio ln
Omaha, making High Grade
Photos at Low Prices, $5.00
and $6.00 Cabinets $3.00 per
Open Sundays, 4 OH Far nam St.,
Across the Street From
Paiton Jlotol.
1. J. MAKTEL, Manager.
Whose Cirthaay ToJayT
Look at The Ue s birthday book
on the editorial page of each
Issue. It Is sure to interest you.
Sleeping Cars
R'ftKO IM 1. 1.
uumrous .oo 1. a.
CI1C100 U 01 Kiat.
ItiUallPOUl Lot a. a.
PatMngsrt may accupi karths anlll 7.30 a. m.
IudlunnpolU Hayllght Train with Parlor
Cur, Ill.rry bmokluw t uf and Cato ar
vhr, alo Cim-Ii". U t;bliB o0
a. in., dully, arrives luUiauapoluW p. ia.
tot nitulj uuull avwu. v a.liii
W. H. RowUua, Travlii Ptumv Amto
21 Buai s tt Tfaat EWs- Ooaaaa, Ksk. M1
I ini.1 toil ttument post
dva, it it fact. Manypopl
bava aipanmautad aritb pataot
mtdicioaa aad appliraiioDa, or
with doctors of inautticlojat !
parianra to proprly traat them.
M y ootira pracitca la devotad to
the treatmani of Pilaa aad Rac
ial Liaaaa. Mr rora ia abao-
luie-Muick and harailaas. tt la cuaraotead by ma
for thai painful, oft time fatal dlseaiaa. Com
plicatiooa oftea ariaa in Ractal Uiaaaaaa that
yiaid to aarly contuhation and proper treat
ment. Soma of tba worat aiiatitif caaea bava
been my inuat auccaaaful onaa. All uy Uaat
mant ia dona
Without GbUrafvriwi rthar 1 ttMaMl
ao there It perfert freedom from danrr. How
ever weak your conantution fioiu Buttering do
not heaiiate another day. 1 el me eiamina you.
If I accept your cut, I gutu antra to cuie you.
Cxamlnatlan Fraa anal Pay ana nt Whaat
C ureal
1 want no payment omil you era cured.
Could anything be more fair I1 Could yon Lake
leaa riak. Thia put the burden all on me.
1 h Iwufd a now illitntratlfxt Ixiohlrl telling
all atiouL Hrv I 1 tlirl' tiialnt-n l ftod ura
yiiia lrtiiii. it lit ft out iiiMii. 1 1 ft multrimr, tll
ftnti on) If jfiu fMji t Jl, jle wiii loUavy.
1xm ei tta la liiiiUeu.
Suit 2a4 Km Dwltlaa Omaka,Nau