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    TTm BFK: ("WATTA. RATITnPAY, PF.OEMP.ET? .. 1010.
sTer Boot rrmt Ik
fceadlns; Umvi Hnrri.anii4i Co.
ak Ton matter to th Tlmea
inhart rhotogrsj.her. llth rsi-m.
. 4 Creedoa ft Boa Coal.
California Land Im ( pin.- to in
vest pert of your ftivlngs. We HI the
beet vall.y land on easy lrms. I!aUng
Heyden. 1614 llarny street.
Ideal money earns no dividend. Invest
ments in the .h. Savin 4 l,,n Aiin
Py per annum. l0i Farnmn Htree:,
Brd of Trade Building-, Omaha.
tolas Automobile The owner doesn't
worry, for our automobile fire 1nuram-a
policy alio cover thoU of the machine.
Crelgh, BalilrlKA Co., phone louKla
200. MobI llheral policies, lowest rnten.
Ladles, Bee Ont Line of rubber coats
and gloves. We carry a full line of auJo
mobile accessories and rubber goods.
Omaha Rubber Company, li 11. Sprague.
president. 1101 Harney Bt. "Just around
th corner."
Admits Stealing Watch Pleading guilty
to dealing a watch from 11. P. rleron.
1718 North Fifteenth atreeta. a patient at
the Norwegian and Danish Young Peo
ple's home, Paul Jensen wan sent to Jail
by Polio Judge Crawford Friday morn
ing. Jensen wm also charged with at
tempting to pans bogus checks on a lodging
house. -
Ooo art erf titers to Zavenwortb Paul
Brady and Frank U Markham, who
pleaded guilty before Judge Munger to
passing counterfeit money, started to the
federal prton at Leavenworth Friday
morning; In the custody of United States
Marshal Warner. Brady waa sentenced to
one year and one day In prison, while
Markham received a sentence of three
Tw Scheme In Advertising' The new
stein of educational advertising which
Is being put In force by tha Union TaiHflc
railroad Is announced to be a great success.
Tha plan instead of advertising Just the
railroad and Its service gives figures and
Interesting facts on the states through
which tha road runs and advertises the
resources and chances for young men In
these states. Figures ootnplled that are
being placed before tha people of the
east about Nebraska are bringing many
inquiries for further Information.
V. B. Pur Too Oommisloner O'rarral
"The day of cheap farm lands Is vanish
ing." says Mr. P. A. O'Farrel of tha United
Htate Pure Food commission. He adds:
"And this leads ma to say that western
Canada, and British Columbia are the last
great and valuable divisions of tha world
left for tha whlta man to transform from
wilderness to smiling, fruitful countries."
The Orank Trunk Pacific Land company,
with offices at 112 New Tork Life building,
will send full descriptive circulars upon re
quest, describing tha last now country.
Olrl Does Hot lose Money Tha two
men who held up and robbed Miss Jennie
Gordon, a stenographer In tha offloe of
Robert Smith, clerk of the district court.
Wednesday evening, did not get 125 from
tha glrL Mlsa Gordon had experienced a
premonition that she might be robbed on
her way home, she says, and locked the
money, her salary for half a month, in a
desk In tha clerk's office. After she had
been held up at the corner of Nineteenth
street and 8C Mary's avenue, she told of
ithe occurrence and said her purs was
taken .but did not explain that tha money
waa safe in tha county building until
Thursday afternoon.
Bait Case Batoned A ault case con
taining 30 In money, a gold watch and a
quantity of valuable clothing, atolen No
vember t from in front of the Madison
total, Twenty-first and Chicago streets,
waa returned by detectives Friday morning
to Its owner, Henry F. Kaysen, of South
Omaha. The suit case waa found at the
Omaha Lodging house. Twelfth and Dodge
streets. The watch was found In the pos
session of Tom House, tha proprietor of
the plaoe, who was arrested with Thomas
Finch, Lee Bloomfield and Nellie Mo
Mahon, roomers. There have been a num
ber of petty thefta reported by guests of
the lodging house during the last few
Oniiu Women Benefit hy N. Y. Oar
meat Makers' Strike.
A pronilnunt New Tork mfgr. of high
grade ladles' wearing apparel waa unable
to withstand the long siege of the recent
garment makers' strike and was forced to
liquidate. The entire stock was purchased
by the Novelty Skirt Company of this city
at one-third of the cost of the production
of tha garments and will be placed on sale
by. them Saturday, Deo. 3. Their ad ap
pears in another section of this evening's
Consul Would Realarn ava Answer to 1st-
ilniatlnne Acalnst Him.
EAGLE PASS, Tex., Dec 1 American
Consul Luther T. Ellsworth, at Ciudad
Forlflrlo Dlas, Mexico, has telegraphed a
request to the State department, through
American Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson,
at Mexico City, that he be transferred to
another post If a transfer be Impossible,
he asks that his telegram be accepted as
his roalsnatlon.'
Mr. Ellsworth, It Is said, takes this means
of resenting Intimation that he waa the
author of reports on the Mexican revolution
that Injured trade with Mexico.
Persistent Advertising la tha Road to
Dig Return.
Kdrrard Path Utid.
CRE8TON, la., Dec i (Special.) Bid
ward Pugh. an Englishman, who tor
twenty-one years baa boen an assistant
at the Wilson at Stream livery barn here,
was found dead near a pile of lumber, with
his throat cut, and a bloody knife lying
beside him. Bulcid la thought to be the
bf teste."
Nothing tickles the palate
like t cup of good OKI
Golden CoiTea. You can't
imagine ks delichtul flavor
till you've trieJ it.
Al CrottriKc pouni
TCSE ESSt. Cri USiHft. Iowa.
mniut af tlx baas Teat . Sakss. jj
Contract Let for Winff of New Bath
House at Twenty-Fifth and 0.
Drreiallea ar t lllaene to Wit Kail.
v r Officials ta Srrsre Conces
sions Aaeerted t Have w
Heeo Promised.
The contract was let yestrday to Nets
Peterson for a section of the new bath
nous which is to be ereoted at Twenty
fifth and o MreMs by J. B. Watkinn ft Co.
t a cost of 10,0ry. nils will be but a
lng of a larger building which it Is In
tended to put up on the site, which stands
Immediately east of the office of the Wat
xlns Coal and Lumber company and which
It la estimated will entail an expenditure
of tTS.fTiO. When the entire structure has
been raised it will constitute one of the
f nem architectural additions to the city In
reent years.
Ground has been broken for ttie building
contemplated at present and it Is expe. ted
to have the grading completed within sixty
nays If the present favorable weather con
tinues. This section will be 22M feet and
will be a two-story structure with base
ment. It win be so constructed as readily
to fit Inio the general plan and will con
tain two sets of bath rooms and cooling
rooms and will be supplied with perfect
ser.itary equipment. Provision will be
made for the treatment of rheumatism
and such ailments. The bath house, when
the plans which have been prepared by J.
Jeffrey Dave architect, Omaha, have
been carried Into execution, will be a
building 60x101 feet. It will be of flre
pioof construction.
The necessity for proceeding with the
work at the present time arises from the
desire to move the present bath house from
Its location at Twenty-first and 8 streets
to a more central position and one that
will be In Immediate touch with the street
car system. The Twenty-fourth snd "cross
town" cars pass by the site selected for the
new bath house. The old bath bouse has
stood for twenty years at Twenty-first and
8 streets.
The baths are supplied from a mineral
rrlng. and In expectation of rapid progress
on the new building the pipes have already
been laid from the spring to the new pres
sure tank. The connection will be made
this week. y
Cross-Town Travelers.
The question of transfers in the city of
South Omaha in connection with tha cross
town line was the principal topic of dis
cussion at the meeting of the Commercial
club yesterday and it waa decided to send
a deputation to the president of the Omaha
& Council Bluffs street railway company
to take up the matter with him. The fol
lowing form the deputation: John Flynn.
0. II. Brewer. John M. Tanner. Joseph H.
Koplets and the secretary of tha club, Erie
B. brown. It was stated at the meeting
that when the president met a deputation
of the club a year ago at 'tha Stockyards
exchange ha agreed that transfers should
be Issued In South Omaha. Since the cross
town sen-ice has been established trans
fers. It was affirmed, were refused In tha
city and thoaa applying for them were in
foimed by the conductors that the transfer
point was Twenty-fourth and Vinton.
Tha question has been agitated pretty
vigorously recently by tha merchants and
traders of tha city whose case Is that
people c'olng business In tha stockyards are
prevented atopping off In South Omaha
and spending soma of their money there.
Tha matter Is under tha consideration of
tha legal department of tha city and may
soon ba brought before tha city council.
"It was thoroughly understood," re
marked one of the members of the meet
ing, "after tha conference at tha exchange
with President Wattles, that transfers
should be Issued at Twenty-fourth and N."
The Lata Michael Cafakf,
The Commercial club at Its meeting yes
terday passed the following resolution
anent tha death of the lata Michael
Cudahy: ,
Whereas it has pleased the All-Wise
Father to call to nis eternal rest that
great and good man, Mr. Michael Cudahy,
who for so many years had been the di
recting head at one of the city'a largest
Be It resolved that we, the Commercial
club of South Omaha, deeply regret hfs
untimely death.
Commercial Clab Diaaer.
The apeolai order of business at the next
meeting of the Commercial club will be
to make arrangements for the second an
nual dinner to be held In February. Tha
first dinner, which some 400 attended, was
such a succeas In advancing the commer
cial Interests of the city by generating a
spirit Of co-operation find harmony that
It has been decided to make tha affair an
annual one.
Hlgk Sen mI Basket Ball.
South Omaha High school boys are be
ginning to show Interest In the basket
ball game for the coming season and about
fifteen candidates for he team have or
ganised. These Include three of last year's
players. They have been practicing twice
a week for the past three weeks. The
regular squad will be chosen In four or
five weeks. The girls havt also organised
and there have been from twenty-five to
thirty out each niuht at practice. The
pracUce Is at tha r. M. C. A. building.
At tha home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Lucas,
SU Munroe street, took place November
2S the marriage of their daughter, Madama
E. Lucas, to Barney B. Urunfc of Pulaski,
la. The ceremony was performed by Rev.
B. A. Jordan of tha First Christian church.
After the ceremony Miss Grace Pool sang
"O Promina Me." Following the marriage
a three-course luncheon was served to the
thirty-five guests. The rooms were pret
tily decorated. The bride wore a gown of
pale yellow chiffon over silk and carried
a bouquet of bridal rotes and lilies of
tha valley. She was attended by her sis
ter. Miss Ruble Lucas, whose costume was
of pale bide. Klie carried a shower bouquet
of pink roea The best man was Earl
McManua. The young couple, who received
numerous presents, left In the evening for
Chicago to pend the honeymoon.
Maalo City Uoeaip.
Storm tiaati tte Howland. 'phone South T.
The two new hose wagons for companies
4 and a have arrived and are houed at
Nos. and I fire halls.
For Ken- Six-room, modern except heat,
with barn; Si Is U street. Inquire Hot .Nona
street. 'Phue bouth lut
The alumni tlasa will hold an Important
meeting Monday evening at the South
Omaha High school. All inemoers are urged
to attend.
The women of the North Presbyterian
church intend to hold a handkerchief
apron, fancy article, candy and home
cooking sale.
This evening will witness the production
of the play, "I'nlon Station for a Day," at
tha high school. The performance is' for
the benefit of tha (.'hrtxlian church.
Magio City lodge No. M0, Modern Brother
hood of Amerta. will meet this evening at
Danish brotherhood hall for the purpose
of electing ofiicera or the ensuing year.
The women of the First Methodist cburcb
will hold a home baauig and mine meat
saie and baxaar Saturday at eVhmollar A
Muellors store, 4Jl North Twenty-fourth
sueet. South Omaha,
Clar.oe E. l-a. Paohe. aged M, eon of
Mrs. M. M. Martin and brother of Mrs
1. I. Clancy of 8outh Omaha." died Nl
ember JO at Denver The funeral will be
he.d from 8t. Martin's church Twenty
fourth and J streets, tiouth otnaha. Friday
at 1 p. m Interment at Laurel lull ceine
tory. Friends aie Invited.
'Phone bell Bouth Sos, Independent F Util
1 1 mk i o
Men's Gloves 69c
We placo oil Kale Satur
day a special lot of "Ad
lor's" gray Mocha gloves
for men. These axe real
$1.00 values, but we have
-priced them ft On
ppeeial at v I
iMen's Initial Handker
chiefs, in boxes of six
each; any initial you
wish, special
Men's pure linen Hand
kerchiefs, in leather
folders holding 6 each.
Special, per M QA
folder Ql.yV
Men's Neckwear
A wonderful ghowlng of the
newest shapes and colorings la
Men's Neckwear
! nnnr iiuiii In
a':- Wthis department.
fM You will find
JL every late crea-
flnn hot's tn
i - of them exclusive
' with ?Ma ntnrd
Put in Holiday
boxes, these will
make handsome
and very accepjU
able Xmas gifts
for any man.
Special values at
OME time ago we resolved
to devote the first week of De
cember to a' display of Suits and
Overcoats at $15. We also resolved
that, in the variety of
it's assortment and the unusual
value it should offer, this show
ing should be justly called "The Greatest Display of
the Season" of $15.00 garment. We were deter
mined to not only surpass the records of others, but
to outdo even our own best efforts of this and past
seasons. To insure the success of this event we have
spared neither time nor care in the selection of these
Suits and Overcoat's. They have been tailored from
specially selected fabrics of the most popular shades
and in the latest correct styles of this season. They
are strictly hand-tailored and possess every good
point that the term implies. And because they ARE
so finely tailored, they'll fit you perfeotly the first
time you put them on, and retain their stylish lines
The suit fabrics consist of all
wool cheviots, eassimeres and worsteds, in patterns
and models that aro as truly made for you as though
you had ordered them from a custom tailor.
The overcoat fabrics are high
grade, all wool kerseys, in black and fancy shades;
bcotch cheviots and eassimeres, in
checks, plaids and overplaids of all
shades; "Military," "Convertible,"
"Presto" and "Regular" overcoat
Great Shoe
This headline la got meant as
a boasts though we've really
the right to boast of our $2.50
shoes but U a simple state
ment of fart. The proof Is In
tho style, the fit, and the ser
vice of these shoes. Shown In
Box Calf, Gun Metal, Patent
leather and Tana for men.
Velvet, Mat and Cravenctte Top
Patent Colt, Gun Metal and
Vlcl Kid for women. All slses
and widths.
and Women
Ladle Felt Juliets In all
colors. Two splendid val
ues, at $1.50
and i . .
Men's Warm Iilned Sho
Of good quality,
"The House
of High Merit."
Very Special
Values in
Bpwial at S5.00
Special at $4.00
Special at $2.00
for a ca of Jtter Gold Top. Prompt do
ll very to any part of clt. (William Jotter.
John Bchmldt, need 62, died yoiterday
morning In tho county hospital. Ho had
livod for some years in South Omaha. He
has relative In Fremont and tha body Ilea
In larkln undertaking rooms analtltig
their arrival.
Tho following firemen are tho first of
tho deportment to be laid off on account
of the state of tho fire fund: Assistant
Chief John Hasburg, Charley Kaufhoid. No.
; John Uurklewlu, No. I; John Hannlgan,
No. l. Each will have a compulsory thirty
dayV vacation from yesterday.
The following Is tho program for the
West Rids Methodist church jubilee serv
ices, which are betng held In connection
with the completion of the new church at
Thlrty-seoond and U streets: Friday night.
Dr. Hlslop, district superintendent, will de
liver an sddresa; special music Saturday
night. Omaha IToung Men's Christian as
sociation male quartet will give a concert,
assisted by Mis l'avls of Bouth Omaha.
Sunday, 3 p. m., Rev. Dr. Frank Lynch,
First Methodist church, Omaha, will
preach; special music. Sunday night, Miss
Wilson, superintendent of the religious
work of the Young Women's Christian as
sociation, Omaha, will deliver an address
and there will be special music.
Doeameat Sewed la Coat Llalaa; of
Burglar Contains Oath of
NEWARK. N. J., Deo. 1 A secret docu
ment, sewed In the coat lining of John
Howard, arrested here today, leads the
police to believe they have discovered a
widespread society of criminals whose
members are bound under penalty of death
to carry out Its orders. The paper waa a
certificate of election numbered 796 on the
roll of membership? Attached to it waa
an oath, which bound the members of the
order r.ot to reveal its secrets and to
obey commands of th "high order of
"It I should betray this order In any
way," the oath reads, "I shall have to sub
mit to the penalty which shall be put upon
me. which Is death In its worst form."
Burglars' tools were found in Howard's
room. He was committed to jail for ninety
A Largo Coneera Holds Imports
Th heads of the Goodyear Raincoat
Company held an Important meeting In
New Tors City November 16, and It was
decided that immediate actloA must be
taken to raise at least tO.0OO.
They Instructed each manager In their
ninety stores to cut prices to sell their
stock at 60 and W per cent on the dollsr.
A representative of this paper Interviewed
the local manager and this Is what he
"When I was instructed to do my share
In regard to raising the necessary money
I quickly advertised a reduction of 0 per
cent oft on all ladles' and men's garments
In this house. The people of Omaha and
vicinity responded nobly and the business
of th last eight days fully realised our
H Is making an effort to cave Satur
day's business, which Is th last d'ey, th
biggest In the history of this store. Their
ad In this paper folly explains th reduc
tions that they ar making on their gar
ments for the last day of their sale, to
morrow, Saturday.
Useful Article For One Day Special Helling
Soft brown fumed finish, constructed of selected oak, top is
26 inches wide by 40 inches long. Has one drawer and under
shelf with panel end; sells regu
larly at $15.50, special Cfl75
for Saturday only. VU
(Like Cut)
This pretty
desk or dresser
clock is Ger
man made and keeps good time, has very
pretty mahogany finish frame is 3
inches wide by 5Vz inches high; regular
price $3.00 for Saturday only,
each ,
'0t. :
"Tho Nortn western Lino."
Th Twin City Limited at 11 p. m.
on Saturday Nights
Now leave at 1:4b p. m. daily.
City Office. 1401-1 Farnain St
Bigger. Hotter, Busier That 1 what
advertising la Thjs Be will di for your
Knrrell Pln litim.
Last night at a banquet of the Farrel
base ball team the boys decided to give
dunces 1 1) the winter mumhfi, the pro
ceeds of which will help defray th ei
penses of the summer snd also help pay
for their weekly soclni events. Th dances
will be held at liaright's hall. Nineteenth
and Farnain streets, every Saturday night,
vuuimenuug tuuiorrow.
7 fect lang, 6 fect wide, filled
with white snow flake cotton,
covered with silkline. Price
each, $2.75; special
In Roman gold oval square--medallion.
Very pretty. Your choice
Saturday, each.., vJ.C
Toy Department
"Doll Special11
. Fr Saturday Only
Full Jointed Bisque Boll 24 inches long,
sleeping eyes, sewed wig; sells regularly at
$1.35; Saturday only, each
fy ' ' '-'1'ir
ftoaael! MeMtllen Derides to Leave
His Trnoe sss Settle Dtwi em
Western Kara.
TECUMSEH, Nb.. Deo. . (Special.)
Russell McMillan, who has boen In th
harness business In this city for several
years past, will close out hit stock bo
twn this Urn and th rtrst of th year.
Mr. McMlllen and his brother, N. W. Mo
ll 1 lien of MoCook. have invested In a
thirty-acre fruit and alfalfa farm adjoin
ing the city of Provo. Utah. Th To
ouraieh man will move bis famtry to the
farm In the near future and take charge
of th plar. Th move Is mad necessary
on acoount of Mr. McUitltn's health, the
long-continued bench work saving been
hara on him. Th out-of-door employment
will no doubt be beneficial. Provo Is a
thriving city of 1,000 population.
AmcrlMia Boat Not Loot.
CHERBOURG. France, Da L-Lsl
Bight's rumor that an American picket
boat from th visiting fleet had been lost
with several men was disapproved today.
It grow out of th swamping of a f ranch
launch, th crw of which wer rescued
by bluejackets from th Battleship Louisiana.
Dyaanslt Wreck Hnlldlags
as completely as coughs, and colds wreck
lungs. Cure them quirk with Dr. King's
New Discovery, tue and 11.00. For sal by
fieatoa Drug Co.
EP0SITS made on or before De
cember. 10th in the SAVINGS
will draw interest from Decem
ber 1st. .
THREE PERCENT interest is paid on
savings deposits and COMPOUNDED
SEMI-ANNUALLY. Funds may be with
drawn at any time without notice.
The combined capital and surplus la $1,340,000.
It is the oldest bank in Nebraska.
Established in 185.
United States National Bank
of Omaha, Nebraska
M. T. Barlow, 'resident
O. W. Wattles, Vioe-rres. o. B. ISavarstiok, Asst. Oaah.
. B. Caldwell, Tloe-Pres. . r. Korsmu. Asst. Cash.
VT. S. Khoades, Cashier. j. o. MoClure, Asst. Cash,
Open on Saturdays Until 0;OO P. M.
Gn December 6 and 20
At the lowest xt tvtt Buned daring- tie winter seuoa. FoIWiBg
are tie round trip fares via L & K. R. R. frea St. Leais and Chicago to
CKlcaso St Leuis
St, Augustine... 935.1 5 2.C3
fertriorco 41.15
CelnesYilio 3S.8S
Ocala 3 CIO
Fort Meyers S.S0
Palatka 38.40
West Pains Beach- 42.90
Kissimmoo ........ 36.50
D eland 36.50
Raters Kasit 1 sWa,
Saniorel ,
TitusTilU .
Chfeai St. Lotiia
.333.75 326.60
.... 38.53
. 44.90
Tampa............ 36.5Q
Penitacala 30X)O
Mariaoaa ....... ..31.75 .
UWal stessr snvilcsa 2S imr ratmra limit.
J. E. DAVENPORT. D. P. A, St Loui, Mo.
P. W. MORROW, N. W. P. A Chicago, III
Whitman's Candy
for Xmas
We hav the exclusive agency and an
immense line of tills popular candy.
You had best leave your older
early that you may have It specially
(IHei snd sei'iire h11 vuii nee)
. B. Cor. 17tu aud farnam kits.
Ik beat rsrsi faor.
wtU root .sat Teoaot fcoaeo. fJU
ho natal toceuo. or
ksarders a snovt aoto. at veir l
asaail oost to yea. Try It