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Three of Them Determnied to Talk In
Bank Guaranty Case.
BKnatlnn RrrnlU an InrMrnt In (hr
Mlllnmn Umtr (' Hamnr of
W. D. Mrllaah for the n
prrmr tlrnrh.
fFrom a Ktaff CrrrpnnilenO
WASHINGTON, ln. 2 Sprlal Tele-
Taf t's Message iu the
Hands of the Printer;
-Said to Be Long One
Cabinet Members Sucrrestions as to;
Changes Headed by the President
In Conference.
WASHINGTON. Peo. 8. President Tart
today completed his message and sent It
to lha government printing office In Its
rinI form. The document was laid before
flam.) There I merry war between tlie I the cnbinet at a special session which be-
attorneya representing the elate of Ne
braska In the bnnk guaranty esses, all
growing out of the appearance of Arthur
Mullen as attorney general.
Mr. Mullen, who lies yet to be admitted
to practice before the supreme court, has
concluded that he Is the proper person to
present the cane of Nebraska In the guar
anty cases, which, while on call for this
week, may go over till aftr the Christmas
holidays. Attorney General Mullen Is In
Washington, as are his associates In the
ease, I. L. Albert of Columbus and C. O.
Whodon of I,lncoln. anticipating that the
case wilt be called on schedule time.
Mullen and Albert drifted Into Washing
ton today with the determination to fhow
tha supreme court that they would take
charge of the argument on behalf of the
state, leaving Mr. Wbebn to hold the
sack. But as Is usual with counsel hav
tng causes before the court, they failed
to ascertain whether the bank guaranty
cams Involving laws on the subject affect
ing Nebraska. Oklahoma nnd Kansas would
be reached on call as scheduled, and as a
result Mullen and Albert nre In Washing
ton for an InfWInlte period.
Whedon I.lea In Walt.
Mr. Whedon In the meantime has taken
lodgings In the suite of his old law part
ner. Governor Charles E. Magoon, In the
Marlborough, a fashionable apartment In
tho northwest quarter, and Is prepared to
stay all winter, or until the case are
The clerk of the court said today:
"Really you cannot tell when these cases
will be called. Certainly not this week, and
probably not until after the holidays."
Should Mr, Whedon be shut out of pre
senting the case of Nebraska by reason of
n attorney general who has but two
months to serve, ha can reflect on the
parallel of the maxlmum'rate case. When
C. J. Smyth waa attorney general. John L.
Webster waa retained to represtnt the
atate. C, J. Smyth Invited W. J. Bryan
Into the case as associate counsel The
esse coming on for argument, Mr, Webster
opened. Mr. Bryan followed, and when Mr.
Smyth arose to address the court,
t 10 o'clock this morning and lasted
riea 3 In the afternoon. The mes
sage Is aid to be unusually long, the esti
mates running from SO.OOO to 40,000 words.
The president went over every feature of
the document with the cabinet advisors
and It Is si.ld that some changes were made
at their Huggestlori.
President Taft will send a special mes
sage to congress nct week embodying the
report of the board of engineers appointed
to examine Irrigation and reclamation
projects In the west. At the last session
of congress IZO.OOO.OOO waa appropriated to
complete the worthy projects.
Osborne is Guilty
in Second Degree
Jury at Fremont, After Deliberating:
Day, Returns Verdict to this
FREMONT. Neb., Dec. 3. (Special Tele
gramsAt 9:30 o'clock tonight the Jury in
tho Osborne murder case returned a ver
dict, holding the defendant guilty of mur
der in the second degree. He was charged
with killing T. Hoctor in the Fremont rail
road yards several months ago.
Wytnore Water Plent.
BEATRICE, Neb., Deo. 2. (Special Tele
gramsThe proposition to vote bonds in
the sum of sr.7.000 for a water plant at
Wymore was carried today by a majority
of 315. Bonds for a new lighting plant also
carried by a major tv of 2SS.
Leaders Assert Opponents Changed
Policy to Catch Votes.
Ther e In Attempt Chases Issae
Effort to Rea-ala Power at
the Ssrrtflre of Prla
OOCCOCCCCOOCOC L cooooooccccccccoocoo
most graciously informed by the chief Jus
tic that tho rule of the court was that
but two attorneys could appear on a side
unless otherwise agreed to by counsel and
What would follow If Mr. Whedon occu
pied a similar position T Nebraska pauses
for an answer. In tho meantime Attorney
General Mullen la enjoying himself at the
wellest hotel in Washington.
Appropriations Early
Tho opening of the short session of con
gress next Monday will find appropriation
bills In shape for earlier action than In any
recent year. Tha appropriation bills must
11 originate in tho house of representatives
nd tho committees of that body are now
at work upon them, with prospects of hav
ing several of the big bills ready for tha
first week of tho cession.
Tho river and harbor committee of the
house began work yesterday on its $30,000,
W appropriation bill and Representative
Alexander of New Tork, chairman of the
committee, expects to have the measure
ready for the house within a week.
Many of tho separate appropriation bills
originate with the chairman. Subcommit
tee of that body are now at work upon tho
bill which carries funds for the legislative,
executive and Judicial branches of the
government, tho measure providing funds
for the District of Columbia.
Both of theso will bo ready for the house
before Christmas recess. The unusual
activity upon the appropriation bills is
duo to a destra to have them before the
bouse aa early as possible so that there
will bo ample time for their consideration.
Tho rules of tho house have been so
changed during this congress that appro
priations cannot be given as speedy con
sideration as In the past.
It Is expected the Indian bill will have
pasted tha house before Christmas ad
journment, and that one or two other ap
propriation measures will bo under consid
eration by that time.
Attachment oa Book Stock.
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. 2. (Special.)
The sheriff this evening levied on the
stock of the Beatrice Book store, good
by T. P. Matthews, who r;Cently came
here from Grand Island, to satisfy a claim
of $560 held by the Peoplis Department
store of Sioux City, la. The store was
closed tonight Pending a settlement of the
he was l Clnm n the case.
Mary Walker Making Contest of
Will of Father la Dearer
BEDFORD, la.. Deo. i (Special.) Mrs.
Mary Walker of Bedford is fighting the
will of ber father, the late Rufus
("Potato") Clark, in the Denver courts.
Mr. Clark died in that city In September
and his fortune of nearly $500,000 was
largely bequeathed to the Clark Missionary
and Training school In West Africa.
The daughter is seeking to have tho will
set aside on the grounds that her father
was suffering from insane delusions and
prejudices against herself and mother,
brought about by tho missionaries who
surrounded him.
By the terms of tho will Mrs. Walker
was left $20,000 and her mother a like sum
together with the Clark homestead in Den
ver, and the rest of tho property went to
the missionaries, who, it Is said, will bit
terly conteet the action of the daughter.
Rufus Clark was a most unique char
acter. Born in Connecticut eighty-seven
years ago, he ran away at the age of 13
years and went to sea,, shipping aa a cabin
boy from Bar Harbor, Me., and tor fifteen
years obeyed the "call of the sea," In 1S60
the lure of the .gold mines In Colorado
drew hlrn to that place and he tried his
hand at mining. ' In this he waa a failure.
kuc turning his attention to farming he
filed on large tracts of land in and near
Denver, and In the first year sold $30,000
worth of potatoes to the miners. It was
this that won for him tha sobriquet of
"Potato" Clark. As tho city of Denver
grew his land became very valuable and
today his holdings ther are estimated at
near the $1,000,000 mark.
LONDON, Dec. 2 There Is a possibility
of an unexpected result In the attempt
by A. J. Ralfour, the oppos'tlon leader,
to remove tariff reform from the Immedi
ate f!eld of politics. The question looms
larger than ever in the campaign tonight,
so that Mr. Balfour himself, in a speech
at Reading, was fain to explain that his
party had not altered Its views on this
subject and that tariff reform was still
a chief plank In the party's constructive
policy; but he explained the unionists
needed to obtain the formal and explicit
consent of the people thereto. The policy
of the referendum, he said, was con
sistent with the true Idea of popular gov
ernment. ,
Mr. Balfour'a pronouncement on Novem
ber 29 that he was w iling to submit tariff
reform to a referendum, has rather sur
rendered than knit his party and supplied
the liberals with another effective argu
ment against tariff reform, namely that
Mr. Balfour has been compelled to side
track It.
Asqalth. Makes Reply.
The interest In the speeches tonight cen- 1
tered In Premier Asqulth's reply to the
opposition leader at a meeting In Wolver
hampton. The premier said:
"We are living In times of rapid move
ment, when It Is a relief to wake any morn
ing and not find some fresh part of the
constitution reconstructed."
He described Mr. Balfour's "turn about
face" on the questions of reform of tho
House of Lords and tariff reform as
unique, almost Indecent. He said that he
could not Imagine a greater caricature of
tho referendum than putting a few ab
stract questions to the people without
concrete embodiment of their proposals.
If anyone but a responsible statesman had
contemplated such a scheme he would be
called a madman.
After a study of the working of tho refer
endum In foreign countries, the premier
continued, he had arrived at the conclu
sion that It had proved a moat unsatis
factory and disappointing method oT as
certaining publlo opinion.
Winston Spencer Churchill, home secre
tary, addressed several meetings at Dun
dee ton ght The home secretary will have
a special guard of detectives against suf
fragist attentions.
Our inability to secure a renewal of our lease compels us to resort to deep price cutting in order to reduce this im- (
mense stock. We are actually compelled to force ninety days of ordinary selling into the next thirty days. It is far w
more rractical and a frreat deal easier for us to sell P-norls at nrlnn.1 coat. If nrenssarv. than to have to stand the enormous V. J
90 (Days ofi Selling Forced Onto SO
f y cost and probably great damages which would result in our altempt to move this gigaatio stock. Heavy inducements ( )
throughout tho entire house for Saturday's selling.
All Goods Sold for Cash or on Very Easy Paymonts
i e
Cracksmea Discovered at Work at
Raasel, la.. Tie Toatk ssi
Make K scape.
OTTUMWA, la., Dec. 2. Discovered while
seeking to force tha safe of the State Bank
of Russell, near here, robbers bound John
Stearns, a youth who saw them, to pre
vent his giving tho alarm and left without
faking any money. Steams was found In
tha bank today and told of seeing the men
when he passed the building an hour before
midnight He, said he was seised and bound.
8 m
O. 0!!-!5
Bn Our Ladies' Cloak Depart
ment Saturday and tach One
a Corkinc Good Value
Cosh or Very Easy Payments
Saturday only we offer you
your unrestricted choice of any
Ladies' Tailored Suit in the
house regardless of former
selling price many values up
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that we sell regularly up to $45;
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Saturday only your unrestrict
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Petticoat in tho house black,
plaids, stripes, Persians and
light shades; values
up to $12.50, for
Saturday only your unrestrict
ed choice of any Ladies' Hat in
the house regardless of former
selling price. We must QC
reduce our stock for. . .OOiwJ
en's Iknd
Tailored Suits and
Swagger 0 coals
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Overcoats Well tailored,
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prices rango from
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Men's Nobby Fall Hats
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The Key to the Situation Beo Want Ada.
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Thesa words tell you briefly the story of our condition. To
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Bale price $11.60
9 fV yr"W tw'emr' ,V'yrMi.,e "Urn 'uivTV W
A14rmaate Committee Sabmlts Peace
Proaosltloa Coafereaeo Will Ba I
Held Immediately.
Wendling's Words 1
Used Against Him
Chief of Detective! Carne Testifies nf I srm worker, .uim advance a pc
..... . . today when an aidermanlo committee, at a
CHICAGO, Deo. 2,-BetUement of the
Remark Made by Prisoner when
First Arrested.
IX)ri9YILJ.H, Ky., Dec a-"If I killed
tha little girl, no on saw mo but Qod and
Ho can't como down and testify," said
Joseph Wendllng when arrested In San
Franc.'sco for the murder of Alma Kellner,
8 years old, according to tho testimony of
Chief of Detectives Carney at Wendling's
trial today. Tho prosecution rested Its case
today. ,
Tho words attributed to Wendllng by the
Eoutsvllle officer had previously been testi
fied to by Detective Sergeant Thomas F.
Burke of Ban Francisco, who assisted In
tho chase of Wendllng.
Next to the testimony of the two de
tectives, moot Interest was excited by that
of Mrs. Cora Munea, a milliner of Hume,
Mo., to whom Wendllng paid court while
she waa visiting relatives at Houston, Tex.
Mrs, Munea testified that Wendllng repre
sented himself to be a rich Frenchman and
ahowed her a wound in his head which he
claimed to have sustained during the Boer
war. Wendllng displayed no emotion dur
ing tho examination of the three strongest
witnesses against him. The defense win
offer its opening statement tomorrow and
testimony In Wendling's behalf Is expected
to occupy at least a day and a half.
Kebraska Third la N amber of Jfe
Societies Itarlag Last Two
BOSTON. Deo. 1 Denial of statements
Contained In a report of a recent meeting
of Sunday school missionaries at St Paul
to tho effect that tha Christian Endeavor
movement !s declining was made at the
headquarters of the soe'e y here today.
Rev. Dr. E. Clark, president of the united
society, oaid that In October and Novem
ber more new societies of Christian En
deavor were reported at the headquarters
than over befora in tha same length of
Unie when no special efforts wore mads to
gather statistics.
Tha states which hare furnished the
largest number of new societies during
the last two months are: California. S7;
Indiana, 3; Nebraska, U, New Jersey, 13.
ard kllchlgau, 'H.
Tho officers of the Tutted society report
that this growth of the society Is gen
eral. Tho number of the new societies
recorded In sixty days was 670.
conference with strikers and clothing firms,
submitted a peace proposition. Tha sub
committee of tho strikers is said to have
looked favorably upon tho proposition, but
returned it to the council committee for a
few minor modifications. Theso modifica
tions will be discussed and submitted at a
conference tomorrow.
Any proposition that does not include
formal recognition of the union Is said to N
ke acceptable to the manufacturers. While 3
the details oi today s plan were guarded l
ciuBeijr, mi proposition was aaia to nave M
been based on a plan for arbitration; an 1 A
agreement -oy tna manufacturers not to
discriminate against union men or thoie
who havo taken part In tho strike, and
refusal of clothing firms to treat wltn
representatives of tho unions.
Aalmals from Porta ia Asia aad Africa
Will Mot Bo Permitted to
WASHINGTON, Deo. J.-A special order,
effective at once, has been Issued by the
secretary of agriculture prohibiting the
landing at any of tbe ports of the United
States, Its territories or dependencies, of
horses, asses, mules, sheep, goats and
swine from any of the countries of Asia
and -Africa.
The order Is the most sweeping prohibi
tion of the kind over promulgated. It was
Issued because of the prevalence in Asia
and A.'rlca of surra, affecting horses
mules and asses; foot and mouth disease,
affecting horses, sheep and goata and
swine, and tinder peat, affecting sheep,
goats and swine.
Bis $oeiety Weddlagr with Miasm of
KaclasiTO Families Preeeat
ia Now York.
Tho Key to the bltuaUun Bee Want Ads,
NEW TORK. Deo. SvVTlllam Thaw,
thfrd. and kilns Gladys Virginia Bradley
of Bridgeport, Conn., were married today
at tha Hotel St. Kegts. Tho bridegroom Is
a nephew of Harry K. Thaw, although
the two are nearly of an age. The bride
was attended only by her father, Charles
Henderson bradley. Frank Dorman of
Pittsburg was beet man. Rev. Daniel
Dorchester of Christ church, Pittsburg
came on to read tho service. There wer
neither ushers nor bridesmaids. About IS
guests attended, most of whom wen
Thaws and Bradleys and Drexela and Bid
dies of Philadelphia, two families related
by marriage to tbo bride.
Next to the Presentation of Gifts
The Greatest Pleasure of the
Christmas Season Comes from
Early Selection of
the Gifts
Heedless delay makes gift buying burdensome task a series of vex
ing, tiresome and quite frequently dia appointing experiences. Many find
excuse for such delays in the Idea that they must be in tha crowds to en
joy full measure of the spirit of the season.
The real Christmas spirit lives in the farsighted shopper who comes
to the last week or ten days before Christmas with all gifts ready for pre
sentation. They possess that great pleasure of satisfaction that follows the
knowledge that in each gift the rljfht selection was made chosen with
ample time and intelligently.
Much of the real Joy of gift-giving Is lost in the hurried selection and
immediate presentation. Much of the atmosphere that surrounds the gift
depends upon the care and the little personal touches given the wrappings
and the tying all of which is quite often neglected in the late selection.
So let u again cmphariz the Importance of ar)y Chriat
, mat Hoppinjnow and in tht airly miming hour
wh$n assortnuntB are in bitter order thin can poatibly he
maintained later in the season, and in the day'e busier hours
Shopping Early in the Day
Tie Increasing- lines of
tho accompanying tablo
Indicate tho increasing
number of shopper oaoa
hour kg tfe day grows.
Chris nisi crowds art al
rady oo largo It U noceg
sary to botfa at one to
ImproM tbe psblle wrUi
the cos Toaie noes, tbo or
derly - arm a g meat of
stocks and tee personal
serrlo which the early
morning hours afford.
10 A.
U A.
1 9.
These early hours of the
AT sre the best time for
i !
VariFUXiict iivir&rfrri r.2!"w k i i vru 11 i'vhji mwrv ai iairai kitbtvi
9. K.I
CpfrWTttt OVER t
toNE BURNER ' , , 'MM
. rWmlV-tV irV "
"Triple Trick"
A BOON for the Houseivifc
A FIND For Her Daughter
comfcrt conyenicrice. food and inel
cccscaj. A whole kitchen outfit in
itself insures a reater measure of leisure
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ful foods for the family.
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