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    he Omaha Daily
Wit, humor, fiction and comic
pictures tbf brst of rntrrtai-i-nient,
instruction, amusement.
VOL. XI-NO. 144.
Our Toy and Doll Display is the Largest TjW TTTTO
West of Chicago. Brine the Children Saturday wJ A V3 IVl W U ui
Chicago. Bring the Children Saturday
We have one of the most magnificent Toy and Doll displays ever seen in this part of the country
every new electrical and mechanical device, including A:rships, Biplanes, Electric Railway Systems
bin&tion Sots not a single new model made for this season omitted. A day spent at thi3 great exposi
posi- k y
rtainlV k i I mi-A L11' Homi Journal rattern wltn 9 jJ
tion will be remembered by the little folks as one of the happiest days of their lives. You certainly
could not deprive them of such a memory.
copy cf tl ew Winter Style Book
!!!!!mmm r , m , , . .
if i
Inducements for Early
Trains, to wind up with track, on in box, 11.08 t1",
Saturday BOO
Wind-up Trolley Cars, good mechanical toy. Saturday, 7 So
Bucky Ami mechanical toy, regular too value, Saturday.
Grocery P tore, completely furnished with real eatable.
Saturday Boo
Sewing Machines, guaranteed to work BOO
Mechanical Walking Santa Claus Boo
Hill Climbers, all kinds and stylos BOO
Large Box of Doll House Furniture Soo
m .f
I I No
f$1425 the Dest $22.50
Hen's Suit Saturday
We bought in the early season what we knew to be the
best $22.50 suit sold by anybody. The success of this sea
son Men's Clothing Department
more than proves that we consid
ered quality first of all on every
garment we bought.
Now, In order to give us room for our large
lines of men's bath robes, smoking jack
ets, etc.. we sell for one day your un
restricted choice of any
of our regular $22.50
suits Saturday for
oniy .....i
These suits come In fine worsteds, serges,
rough fancy mixtures In gray, brown, blue,
black and tan; tailored by artists of fash
Ion In conservative business suits for solid
minded business men, as well as the more
elaborate styles for the young fellows. You
will certainly find bargains here Saturday
that will give lasting satisfaction, so much
so that you'll be glad to come again.
Convertible Presto Coats, for men of any
ages; Saturday from $10 to $25
Big, Warm Fur Coats Special all day Sat
urday. v
Ei.ra Specials
lien's Furnishings
For Saturday
Here la an opportunity to buy a
very fine Boys' Sweaters for a
Xmas gift.
$1.50 All Wool Sweaters. In red,
cardinal, blue and gray; extra
well made, has double wrists
Saturday special at $1.00
Men's Wool Underwear Our reg
ular $1.50 garments, extra good
for tender skin; Saturday spe
cial at $1.00
Silk Mufflers for Men, a very use
ful Xmas gift, $1.00 kind; special
Saturday at 75
Men's Pajamas, regular $2 suits,
extra well made of best outing
flannel; special for Saturday
at 81.50
Neckties Four-in-hand ties, all
shades, in special Xmas boxes
regular 60o ties for. . . ; . . . JJ5
3 for $1.00
Men's Joined Caps For cold
weather lined with wool or fur
largest assortment of styles In
town at 39 to $1.50
Give the Little Tots
a Table and Chair
for Xmas
arraexxx. ius bituioat
'Ci Jf
id wr
We have these like cut In solid
golden oak or Early English; extra
well made; special price for Saturday
Come In and see them Sd floor
A Kodak Hakes One of the Best
Xmas Gifts for Either He or She
Our Camera section handles all the very best standard makes of Cameras;
also they give Instructions as to how to handle them In order to get the bent
results. You know you couldn't think of a better place than Bennett's to buy itr I m f t r rift fnr rn . . , ,nvnn.
5x7 Album. It leaves
7x10 Albums, 1 leaves
Sx7 Albums, leather back.....
4x7 interchangeable Albums
7x10 Interchangeable Albums.. '.
. . . .ISO
. . . .600
. ...86o
f ., ;
We Have Just Received
500 New Hats
direct from a famous importer of Par-'
isian models. These are absolutely the
swellest shajH's and the most beauti
fully trimmed hats ever shown in
We Ask You to See Them.
Shown for the First Time.
Early Child Visiting the Exposition Saturday
Will Be Given a Useful Present
We have arrnngetl to give to every child who visits our Toy
and Dbll Display Saturday a prfsent, such as a China Bank,
a Horn, a Trumpet, a Top or a Fnn, together with many
other trinkets. Kring tho lit t lo tots or lot them come with
other children Saturday. They will find It very amusing
as well as instructive Come early nnij stay as lonn as you
wish. Toys in this display sell for from 5 to $15.00
wider assortment to be found anywhere.
1 I- . J
It Pays To Buy Xmas
Gifts Now
Decorated Tin Ulshe. In colors, wlt'.i trsys B5o
Meohanlrnl Teddy Pears they turn summersaults.., 530
Talking Machines they play l-Mlson phonograph roconU
Typewriters that write
Hurea.i'., Chiffoniers and China Closets
rnt Card Projectors or Mlrrorscopcs, gas or
light. Saturday
Ptsmplpg and Prlntlnp (lutfits, 2Sc valuer
Holy Poly Toys. Saturday
.Numenl Counting Uames
..i.oo 'i
... s5o fh ?i
electric "ft-!".
. $3.03
. .. 100 U(
. . . t.Oo
. . . S5c
Saturday's Rousing Bargains in the
China Section
Brass Candle Lamps, consisting of a candle 6ticlc, shade and
shade holder and a candle many different colors; worth
75c- come one iu a box; special sale Saturday only. .25c
7-iIete fancy decorated China Berry Set. in fruit derations, worth
2; Saturaay extra special, for only DSC
3-pleoe breakfast Seta, conslstiun of tea pot. sugar and cremer;;
Holland blue, scenery designs, 3.00 value; rare special for Satur
day only, at $1.25
Bennett's Candies Ilave No
Equal Special for Saturday
Bennett's Fluffots, Chorolates, extra
soft creamy center; regular 60c a
pound kind; special Saturday ... .890
Assorted flavored "Anple-food" Tafty,
regular 30c a pound; Saturday onlv,
pound 170
Fresh Yankee Peanut Hrlttle, resrular
26c, per pound; Haturday 15c or two
pounds for 350
Our famous Maraschino Cherry Choc
olates, 60c a pound; Saturday for
Boys' Suits Fcraarkably Low
Priced Saturday
While hero Saturday it
will pay you to see the big
values given in Boys' Wor
sted, Serge . and Cassimere.
Suits, in plain and fancy
mixtures, worth up to $5.00
and $6.00, at
$2.98 and $3.98
Extra Special for
Saturday Night
(From 8 to 10 P. M.)
We will place on sale our entire
sample line of mouldings for made-to-order
picture frames at 25 per
cent discount. These mouldings
include satin wood, oak, gum and
walnut, as well as the new antique
gold patterns all slies and ovals.
This is a great opportunity to buy
picture mould
ing at a great
saving. ......
Saturday Evening
(From 8 to 10 P. SI. Only.')
1,000 pieces of fancy China Vases
and Bric-a-Brac, actually worth
up to $5.00; unrestricted
choice between 8 and 10
P. M: Saturday evening. .
Flower Specials
3.000 beautiful fresh cut Roses
will last wel.l regular $1.25 qual
ity; Saturday, for only... 39
8,000 Carnations Fine, Mr ones
nll colors; regular 73c and $1.00
kind; special here Saturday at 35o
Frsh American Bsanty Hosts... 10c
Saturday Will Be Another
Big Value day on Corsets
$1.50 Corset, Special
at 89c .
These pre models that are made to
fit the average figure, in coutll
and batiste. with turable pair of
hose supporters, the boning is of
extra quality, corsets are trim
med with beautiful lac making
a remarkable value Sat
urday at only
$25 and $30 Ladies' Coats, Repriced for Saturday $19.50
Saturday morning we place on sale about 100 Ladies' Coats, taken from our regular stocks
where lines have been sold down to one, two or three styles. These coats were taken from our
regular $25.00 and $30.00 grades they are a very fine line of black broadcloths
and fancy tan and gray mixtures; Saturday we place them all on sale at one
price, your choice ........,
Women's House Dresses Odd sizes
and broken lines of our $2.50 and
' $3.00 lines; Saturday. $1.05
Women's Outing Flannel .Gowns-
In pink and blue stripes, also plain
white; with o without collar; Sat
urday , $1.00
Children's Honnets In white, red,
brown and cadet, of bearskin and
felt, regular $2.50 value; quick
selling Saturday special, at 50
Black Jersey Top Petticoat, with
flounce of black mercerized cloth
and sateen, regular $1.50 and $1.75
values; Saturday $1.25
$23.50 and $25.00 Ladles' Suits Re
duced for Saturday, at 915.00
Just 50 suits. Including black and
Scotch mixtures; all 'from our reg
ular $22.50 and $25.00 lines; great
ly reduced for Saturday, at $15.00
Children's $8.00 and $9.00 Coats
Saturday Choice at $5.00 One rack
of beautiful $8.00 and $9.00 girls'
heavy winter coats, sizes from ages
6 to 14 years; all colors, extra well
made; special for Saturday only
at $5.00
Girls' Plush and Caracul Coats Sizes
from 6 to 14 years; some all wool
garments; odd sizes of our regular
$10.00 and $12.00 lines; choice Sat
urday .. $7.50
s -"A. 1 1 -1 Y -m w . i m m &
iiaiurrn n ixtnntris aiaae Ot ieu
and silk, large shapes; red, white
or cadet; slightly mussed val
, ues from $3.00 to $6.00; quick
. Saturday special $1.00
Silk "and Mossaline Waists Two" dif
ferent models, one open front, tho
.othsr open back all colors as well
as black; excellent value at, $3.05
Eyery Thing in Readiness for the Xmas Book Buyers
Our department is larger titan ever, 11 the Holiday Goods are here, the most wonderful display of the
year's Xew Writing and Novelty In Stationery lines. TTow is the time to buy your Xmas books, calendars, stat
ionery, seal, tags,- etc., while our storks are at their best, ami the assortment Is .at its height, added help, and
extra wrappers and cashiers make purchasing easy.
Noted De Luxe Sets Of standard
authors, at very moderate prices
16 volumes, leather, Dlcken's $13.50
8 volumes, 94 leather, Hugo Irving, Elliott,
special Saturday $6.75
2-volume set of leather, Plutarch Livss
1 Conquest of Peru $1.80
Hundreds of Regular
$1.50 ROOKS
Special Saturday at
49c 1
Juvenile Books We have the largest
display of good books for children in the
6 Little Peppers 25
Helen's Babies 25?
"Hans Brlnker" . .25
And hundreds of others, make It a
point to see them.
Post Card Albums That will hold 400 cards, best values we ever offered, Saturday, at
Big Xmas Jewelry
Sale Saturday
Entire surplus stock of Hecht, Stern & Co.,
Importers, at a trifle of its actual value. Come
and see these beautiful goods.
Opera mirror. In sun metal, gold
or silver, 60c value, sale price ISO
Opera Chains, regular iiuc and 75o
vaJuea. at 190
Coin Holders, for two' coins,
60c value 13c
60c. Coin Holders, for nlckles 100
Head Neck Chain ICO
50c I'.awIoi- Puff Boxes, with mir
ror in I id 100
Waist i'in fet, 6 on card, regular
25c value 60
25c Collar I'lns, beautiful stono
settings. 25c value lOo
Waist i'in Sets, one large pin and
two small ones, regular 60c
for ISO
Helt PIiih, 25c value 150
$1.00 Enamel Brooches, In all
kinds of designs, chantlcler,
pheasants, enanisl flower, choice,
at 15a
Jewelry for the Men
lOo st of 4 Collar Buttons,.. 3o
60c Cuff I, Inks, choice ...... ISO
25c Stick I'ins, choice 160
60n Cuff Links .and Tie Hn
choice for sso
Saturday's Great Fruit Bargains
We just received a new car of Fancy Colorado and Idaho Ap
ples; Saturday, per box $1.49
Saturday we will givta a truaranteed stiver plated Orange
Spoon free with our regular 60c oranges or our 35c dozvu
Fancy Florida Grape Fruit, each 5a
Fancy Mixed Nuts, per pound 15o
2 larite bunches plain hot house Iettace, at Be
Fancy Cape Cod Cranberries, t quarts for 8o
Young Onions f bundles for 50
Old Carrots, Beets, Turnips, at per peck 15o
Extra fancy White Potatoes, bushel 85o
Heats at Specially Low
Prices Saturday
10 lbs. rmb Isaf Lard;
extra quality, Maturday
for SI 00
I'ln Pork Loin, per lb., 10 4 o
Full Lamb l.i'Hi. Ib...l0a0
Choice Pot Roust, lb.,' So, 7o
Slrluin Steak, per lb.,.13e
Loin Lamb Chops, lb. ..lae
Veal Chops, per lb lSViO
Veal Shoulder Roast.. 7o, So
Veal Stew, per lb Be
Lamb Shoulder Roost ,.THo
Lamb Stew, pt,r lb 50
Cudahy's Sugar Cured Bacon
per lb lSVio
Cudahy's Skinned Hsm, skin
and fat removed; Saturday,
per lb 13V40
Imported Holland Herrlnx.
per keg S5o
The New Stage Last in black Velvet and C
Suede Shoes, Worth to $5.00, Saturday at
These are the most popular shoe for this season, hare the plain toe and high Cuban heel.
We just received a new shipment of these shoes, made to sell for 91. OO, $1.50 and $5.00,
extra sieclal for Saturday only, at
100 Fairs of Ladies' 14.00 STaoeS In Patent
Colt, button and lace, turn and welted soles
Kllra special Saturday at hulf price, per
p14 '. Si.00
Misses' sad Children's Bhoss, Special Extra
good sIkm'S, broken sized, reduced to cleai
cut stocks, Flri to k, Saturday B&c
k to 11, Saturday SoO
Sizes 114 to t. Saturday S6o
Boys' Klxs. Cut Boots lu HuanUn Cnlf and
box cai7, si .J.OO to 54.00
Msa's Sa.50 Shoes Here are The beat 13 00
and $3.60 Shoes in ixnaha. These shoe are
made especially for us in dictated styles and
leathers that we know ere HkI.i and that
will k,v? lasting satisfaction. You'd do Weil
by trying a pair now. They are extra good
winter shoes.
lor Large Girls and Misses We carry a beau
tiful lire of high top pony and Jockey i!Oo;s
In patent colt and dull leathers, at.
fioin S2.60 to 93.50
Big Xmas Sale Saturday of Community Silver
We have tho largest and most complete stock of Com
munity Silver in Omaha. Every piece of this silver is guar
anteed hy the factory as well as by
Special Prices for Saturday Styles
are Flower, Do Luce, Classic ami
Louis XVI.
Teaspoons, set of C special 81.75
Dessert Spoons, set of 6 special. . . .$3.15
Tablespoons, set of 6 special 83.50
Soup Spoons, set of 6 special 83.50
Bouillon Spoons, set of 6 special. . . .$3,25
Orange Spoons, set of 6 special. .. .$2.50
Oyster Forks, set of 6 special 82.50
Gravy Ladels. each 81.25
Hollow Handle Knives. $5.25
Flat Handled Forks, per set 83.50
Community Silver. Triple X or 12 dwt..
6 Knives and 6 Forks special, set. . .81. 00
6 Knives and Forks, 12 dwt. special sot,
at 83.00
Large 3-piece Carving Set special. . -87.00
2-plece Carving Set 83.25
Fruit Knives, follow handle,
get of 6 special, at 84.75
We also have sets of 20, 32 and 47
pieces, in beautiful genuine mahogany
Community silver is the best plated
wear made and costs no more than
other kinds. Every piece fully guar
anteed for 25 years. See it Saturday.,
Hosiery Specials
Misses' and Boys' Ribbed Hose, fast
black, seamless: 20c , values Sat
urday, at pair..., 15o
Women's Silk Lisle Hose, black only,
rerular 60c seller, for 35c, or 8
pairs, for 51.00
Women's Silk Hose, mercerised garter
top and foot: our regular 75o qual
ity, for Saturday only 390
Women's Heavy Thread Silk Hose,
blank and colors; 1.25 values, for
Saturday, at 69o
Women's Heavy' Cotton Split Foot
Hose, Moco yarn our 35c grade,
Saturday, at 85o
Big Sale of Sample '
Gloves at Half end Less
100 dozen Ladles', Misses' and Chil
dren's Sample Gloves, In golf and
cashmete; values to 69c; Saturday,
at 850
Men's Fleece Lined Work Gloves, val
ues to 75c; Saturday only.... 390
Ladles' Lamb and Kid Gloves, nil
food colors; values to 11.25; spe
cial Saturday, at eao
We carry the very best makes In
Ladles' and Men's Kid, Cape, and
Dog Skin Gloves, fitted to the hand
and guaranteed, at f 1 to $3
600 Boxes Men's Initial Handker
chiefs; regular $1 00 qualltj, sis In
box; Saturday, at . . .700
300 boxes Women's Initial Handker
chiefs, 6 In box; regularly sold for
75c, Saturday, at 390
Our wonderful stork of Xmas Hand
kerchiefs are on display now they
are found from at 35c bos to 910.00
We also have a very fine Handker
chief stock ut 6o and lOo
Underwear Specials
Women's Heavy Fleeced Union Suits
at 60o, 79o and $1.00
Women's Merino Union Suits, 11.50
value, for $1.00
Women's Heavy Fleeced Vests and
Pants, at B5o and 50o
Women's Merino Vests and Pants,
Saturday SI. 00 values for 690
Neckwear Specials
Jap Silk Auto Boarfs all the good
colors; 75o values at 490
Fancy Persian and Flowered Auto
Scarfs, values to 12.00; Saturday,
at 98o
Pretty Persian Bows and Jabots, 85o
and 50c values, at 9 So
Dreg and Toilet Specials for Sttor.ay
I -lb. Borax, Saturday, at ..100
1 lb. Epsom Salts at 10a
Scott's Rmulslon 4 So and 890
White Pine Cough Syrup .20o
lb. Peroxide, at 8o
$1.00 Plnkhain's Vegetable Compound,
at 89o
S dozen 2-graln Quinine Pills.... loo
25c Laxative Cold Tablets 18o
Anti-Chap, per bottle lfio
Glycerine Lotion, perb ottle ISO
1 lb Imported White Castllo Soap, 800
8 bars Brown Windsor Soap. eoODS. ,
25c Hose' 'ream
25o Sanltol Tooth Powder...
25c (Julnc'BS .Shampoo
J 5c J,a Trisle Talcum
50o La Klano Powder
25c Anti-cure Soap
4711 Knap per box
25e Toilet Soap, pi-r box
60o PHlniollve Cream
60c Carmen Powder
60c Plxzonl's Powder .......
. .SO
Grocery Specials for Saturday
Bennett's Capitol Flour, sack... 91.30
Double Stamps on Granulated Sugar.
Bennett's Best Coffee. I lbs for... 91
Free, 3 sauce dishes or cup and
-Teas, assorted, per lb 580
Free. 3 sauce dishes or cup and
BIO BPXCIAI. OrriB Bennett's
Capitol Coffee, pound package,
oar nsnol price 8So per lb., spe
cial sale, at per
mday and Saturday we place
3,000 pounds of Bennett's Capitol
Creamery, finest mad i7t
pound brick, at ""
Teas, assorted 58o grades, special
at, per lb 4so
Tea Siftlngs, lb. package, special,
at, per lb lao
Bennett's Capitol Mincemeat, t pack
ages for 854
And 10 Stomps.
Bennett's Capitol Pure Black Pepper,
-lb. can, Saturday, per cau.. loo
And & biajnps. ,
alllard's Pure Olive OH, quart can,
at, 6
B. C. Pure Maple Syrup, qt. can. aoo
SOo Jar Tea, Garden Preserved 1ik
for 8uo
Bennett's Capitol Hawllan sliced
1'lneapple. large can 80o
C. C. C. Brand Asparagus, t cans for
2sc, 1 can, at 16o
Old Mission California Itlpa Olives,
50c can for , 36o
Chief Brand Boneless Herring, 3 10o
Jars for 8So
New Navy Beans, 5 lbs. for 850
Ijouble hlamps on Uutterlne.
Diamond Crystal Table halt. 1 park-
age for 850
And 10 Stanips.
Sterling Corn Starch, 4 1 -lb. pack
ages for 850
Swansdown Shredded Codfish 3
packages for '.850
And 10 Stamps.
20c-plnt can Franco-American Soup
toT 160
Monarch Cut Asparagus, large con
And 10 Stamps.
Macaroni. Star and Crescent,
agra for
And 10 Stamps. .
Seeded Uaislns, lb. purkage.
.Aim 10 blauipa.
3 park-
California lOvaporated Peaches,'
And 10 titaiups.
lb. only
Bennett's Capitol Kxtract. bottle. 180
And 20 Stamps.
Bennett'r Capitol Oats, 2-lb package
tor no
And 10 Stanips.
Cheese full cream, lb 850
And 10 Stamps.
Cheese, Original Swiss, per lb... 880
And 10 Stamps.
4 lbs. 10c Jap ltice 8 So
Cream Honey bookUs, fresh made,
at, par pound lao
Lima Beans wtth chicken can.... 15c
And 10 Stamps.
Hulled Beans with thicken. .... .18c
And 10 Stamps.
Candled LtMnon, Orange and Citron.
per lb 85o
And 10 Stamps.
Currants, cleaned, per lb ..110
And & Stumps.
Hartley's Pur Orange Maranalade
Jelly, per Jar aoo
Best We Have Fancy French String
Beans, 25c can tor 160
Snider s Chill Sau f. pit bottle 85o
And 10 Stamps.
Gillette Pre pa i ft MuM.rd, Jar.. 10c
And 5 Stamps.
Preserved Glimer, pat'kaxe 180
And 5 Mi-iiipa.
Bennett's Capitol pancake, pkg..H
And 10 tjluinp.
Castile Toilet Soap, 10 Lukes for. 850