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November no, imio.
Dresses and
at Saving of
S10.25 to $22 50
In addition to these splen
did price differences they
arc the most recent handi
work of New York City's
most exclusive modistes
arriving in Orruha by fast
express only Friday morning-
Many f them arc
characteristic ef the forth
coming styles for next sea
son, and they all show
marked superiority to any
gowns yet shown in Omaha
at even a great advance over
the regular price of these.
S23.03 Dresses & Gowns $14.75
$ r 7 Exquisite creations in mes
I l saline, crepo do chine, mar
I ii" quesitte, voile and novelty
Louisenes and taffetas re
seda, maize, helio, corn, sky blue, brown,
tan, black, white and practically every correct new
hade. Choice of nearly a hundred new styles
$39.75 & $47.50 Dresses & Gowns $25
The wonderful and beautiful colorlngB and stylea
In this array of a hundred and fifty garments can
not be told. Persian models with all the beauty
and charm of Imported gowns, in marquisettes.
hand painted chiffons, Crepe de
Chines, Crepe de Metres, etc. No color
Is forgotten In this showing. Choice
of this large lot
rMany of these gowns can now be seen in our south window where they have already attracted great
attention. The genuineness of the values guarantees busy selling on Monday and we advise your at
tendanco in the morning If possible. I
- y
Asqulth, and Mr. Balfour has been detected
whispering to Mr. Lloyd-George.
"If lArd Cawdor would be good enouirli
to pass the time of day with Mr.
Churchill," says a London para&rapher,
' all mlcht be well," .
Neither of the principal' British parties
takes kindly to a solution of the problems
of home-rule and a "privilege veto" by the
creation of "DOS peers to vote the extinction
of their own order."
That n.nul mtmtwtvn. . A wkil. Am -
pi re, according- to an Independent commen
tator In summing up the case.
Tariff reformers are determined not to
allow their speciality to be lost sight of
In the din of dispute over other Issues. Mr.
Halfour a sudden seul-for colonial prefer
ences gives them great encouragement. Mr.
Littleton and Bonar Law, who expect to
be In the next unionist movement. If there
Is one to come, are also advertising "this
superb policy." It Is their best rallying cry,
though Sir Robertson Nlcoll, one of the
most capable personalities of the liberal
press, Implies that Joseph Chamberlain, by
revtrlon of this old Idea of federation on
the Canadian mod"), provides them with a
bettor shibboleth.
statement by harchlll.
Colonial preferences Is treated by the
liberal orators with hostile hilarity.
Mr. Churchill declares that the cabinet
la a unit In opposition' to any project which
could not be canted out without a tax on
food. The fiscal position of the Asquith
government shows no signs of weakening.
At the meeting of the labor party,
mora numerous and more largely at
tended tliun ever before, the Osborne
Judgment which has all but paralysed
the political activities of trade unionism,
la a more permanent toplo than the veto,
home rule or tariff change,
John Keilmond has risen to the situa
tion with promptness, dignity and tact,
modifying his tone discreetly as condi
tions have become move and more acute,
hut not abating one Jot of his original
demands. As during his absence in the
t'nlted Ftates a mistaken version of his
utterances there led to considerable er-
ef the Irish leaders,
"That they want, what "Ireland wants,
he asserts, 'a not a parliament on col
lege green, having soverei$u authority
like the Ixndn parliament, but a par
liament with at least a much authority
ever local affairs aa la possessed by the
parliament of the BouUi African com
monwealth and by the legislature of
very state in the German empire. tie
admits that his demand I somewhat
ltas sweeping than FarneH'a, but de
nies that ha has yielded a foot of the
ground occupied three years ago, when
after full deliberation the people of Ire-
lmrtA UtA (Via rtfill.'V i t revnluHtin.
Thla definition of home rule by anal
ogles accompanied aa It is by Red
mond's promise that. If such a measure
of Justice la given, there will be iu part
of the empire more loyal thau Ireland
to tit crown, the central authority and
the imperial system, strikes th mind of
Die ordinary britou favoiabl.
row or next week, but It is bound to come.
"I am unable to say from where or by
whom the independents are being directed.
Neither do I know who is furnishing the
money for arms and ammunition. It such
things are beliif? bought outside the re
public. At to Americans and other for
eigners In the republic, they will not be
molested by the Independents, since the
revolution Is against the government and
there Is not the least feeling against the
Mr. Madera says he may remain In San
Antonio a month longer.
Labor Federation
Committees at Work
No Session of the General Convention
Before Monday Socialists
Call Mass Meeting.
ST, IOIJIS, Mo.. Nov. 19. Meetings of
committees of the American Federation of
Labor were held today. The annual con
vention will not meet again until Monday
The most important meeting was that
of the adjustment committee, which con
tinued all day. Its deliberations were
secret. None of the important questions
before the convention has as yet been set
tled, and it Is' predicted that the sessions
of the first days of next week will be
productive of results.
The socialist delegates have called three
mass meetings for today and tomorrow.
At the meeting tonight Victor L. Berger of
Milwaukee,, socialist congressman-elect,
will be the principal speaker.
testified that in their opinion at the time
of the shooting the defendant was insane
and Incapable of distinguishing right or
wrong. Court adjourned until Monday
morning, when the state will Introduce
rebuttal testimony.
Ilarrlaou-t larke.
LONDON, Nov. 19. Mrs. Sumner Clarke
of Peoria, 111., and Colonel J. J. Harrison,
the explorer and discoverer of the pygmies
In Belgian Congo, were married at ft.
George's, in Hanover square, today. The
bride was given away by William N. McMillan.
Sniallpm Epidemic Kxnsjaerated.
CIIEYKNNE. Wyo., Nov. 1!).-An official
Investigation of the smallpox epidemic on
the Arapahoe Indian reservation shows the
scourge to be not vo bad as at flrnt re
ported. There have been only thirteen
deaths. Instead of ninety-throe, as re
ported. The disease is in virulent form and
much excitement prevails, as new ca-tes
are appearing dally.
The Key to the biiuation Bee Want Ada
The Weather
For Nebraska Rain.; colder.
For Iowa Cloudy and colder.
Shippers' Bulletin 1'repare thirty-six to
forty-eight hour shipments in all directions
from Omaha for fleecing temperatures.
mmm KiriF.n in mm V ,1,1 A. W a . iiiv I W
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building a door was opened by a woman,
wlio shot the chief. A fight then teian
between the police and the occupants. A
bomb was thrown from one of the windows
In the midst of the policemen and ruralea,
the latter havtna been called to assist the
wffuers. The bomb exploded, killing many.
1 be other casualties occurred in the course
of fighting which look place In the street.
Ha far as known there were no Americans
H.rvUdoi ta Predicted.
SAN ANTONIO. Tex., Nov. 11 "A revo
lution In Mexico Is Inevitable." said Kran
clco I. Madera, antl-re-electlouist candi
date for president of Mexico, now iu exile
In Ban Antonio, when seen tonight retard
ing the news from Mexico.
" U luajr cot break looae today, touioi.
Sister of Mayer of Attorney '1 nomas
at Mortis, 8. I) Telia of Iter
Krrmtto Actios.
STVRGIS, S. D., Nov. 19. The defense In
the case of the stata agwinst McMabon
was outlined to the Jury tnjs morning, the
defense being insanity The defendant's sis
ter, Mrs. Brooks, narrated the life history
of the defendant, showing that the defend
ant had brain fever two years ago, result
ing in the loss of the sight of one eye. She
also testified to various erratic actions of
the defendant for a number of years and
her melancholy, nervous condition at the
time of the tragedy. Evidence of various
threats by Thomas were Introduced. De
fendant may take the stand this after
noon; The defense concluded the Introduction of
testimony at S o'clock today when (he at
torneys for the defendant announced that
they rested. The afternoon was taken up
lit the testimony of various wltneasea as
to the action and stats of mind of the
defendant. The defendant took the witness
stand In her own behalf and related a
iiiea of most harrowing experlsncea and
li.Ulsnittei suffered by her at the bands
of the deceased, David Thomas, the testi
fied that Thomas frequented her borne un
invited and In spite at lir protests, enter
ing the home without invitation or knock
ing at the door, coming frequently at night,
and If the doors were locked, broke them
cpeu. Khe testified the deceased made Im
proper proposals to her and tried to Induce
her to sell what property she could. Insure
the balance and be would burn It and col
lect the Insurance; that la thla manner they
could clean up a large sura of money and
leave tba country. She testified the de
ceased threatened her life, accused her of
poisoning br former husband and that be
would retain posaeeaka of ber deceased
husband's la office. Insure the law books
In his own name and burn them and col
lect the Insurance.
The defense Introduced a number of wlt-ne.-B.-s
who testified that when the defend
ant i .-.,! tneia cn the street after tho
shcoilng a': exclaimed: "I shot him, but
did Aot Intnd to."
Two phytlclana on behalf of the defense
Hours. Deg.
6 a. m 24
6 a. m 23
7 a. in 'ii
a. m .3
9 a. in 25
10 a. in 29
1! a. m 36
12 m S9
1 P. m 43
2 u. m 46
3d. m 47
4 p. m 4
R p. m 49
P. m 48
7 it. m iG
United States Challenges Quality of
Food rroduct.
Flossie Khook IMeeharaed from Mltrk
ollvllle Reformatory aoal Imme
diately Married Framrhtsa
Cose Near Settlement.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOlNKH, Nov. 19. (Special Telo
grsm.) The canes of the United Btatua
against 1U0 bags of apple chops, claimed to
have been In such a condition as to vio
late the pure food laws, was begun In
United States court today. The ault Is
one In which the apple chops were sent by
a Chicago concern to A. Delser & Son of
this city, apple butter manufacturers. The
stuff was seised by the government offi
cers. The defense of the company Is that
the consignment of goods was purchased
on samples shown and that the samples
were all' right.
Flossie Urtm Ifosbaod.
Two minutes after Flossie Shook was dis
charged from the reformatory at Mltchell
vllle by the action of district court, fol
lowing a hearing on petition for a writ of
habeas corpus, she secured a license and
was married to Max Koch of Runnella. A'
battered family Bible served as a mute
witness In her behalf and the testimony of
three women, who remembered when she
was born, served to relsaso Flosslo from
the stata institution where aho haa been
Franchise Matter Up,
John J. Hamll'on, formerly a newspaper
man, today coi. dieted arrangements with
the Des Moines City Railway company to
assist the company n bringing about a
settlement of street car franchise nego
tiations. Ha will handle the publicity
campaign whioh the company Intends to
institute. The company also made a pro
posal today to the employes which will
probably avert a strike because of the dis
charge of a motorman.
UoT-rnor'i Son to Marry.
The engagement of Paul W. Carroll,
elder son of Governor Carroll, to Miss
Heese Llllie of Platnvlew, Minn., was an
nounced today. The wedding will take
place November 90 at the home of the
bride's parents in Plalnvlew. Mr. Carroll is
connected with the Kqultable Life Insur
ance association.
Candidates' F.xpense Aceoants.
Running for governor In Iowa is not as
expensive as It has been advertised. It
cost Carroll Just S287.W to get elected and
It cost Claude Porter $m26 to scare the
governor badly in the game.
The national republican committee in
vested $1,000 In Walter I. Smith, according
to bis statement filed, and he spent In all
$2,676.34 in getting his majority. Judge
Towner reports that he spent 11,160.93 in the
Eighth district, James Good used 133.41 in
the Fifth and Charles Pickett $1.2111 In
the Third district. I. 8. Pepper broke into
the game In the Second by using $1,844.
Frank Stuart expended $348 la his cam
paign in the Eighth and M. M. White used
$373.90 in going against Congressman Hub
bard. The prohibition state committee made use
of $2,193.36 in getting out the vote. The
democratic congressional committee in the
Seventh used $590.73 and has a deficit of
$2S6.73. The republican committee In the
Third used $388. B. W. Garrett spent $10.83
running for clerk of the supreme court.
Other reports were: John W. make, state
auditor, $:, Carl Keuhnle, state senator,
$116 9(1; J. T. Mulvaney. Jung. $n 46; C. E.
Walters, attorney general, $4K9.7; Hugh
Hrennen, judge, $M).
atato Finances ho.
The biennial report of Stata Treasurer
Morrow was Issued todsy. In this report
there Is a very complete showing aa to
the finances of the state. The report shows
warrants redeemable by payment out of
the general fund during the biennial period
amounting to $4.07,P, and the receipt of
taxes under state levy for th same period
was $4.Sil,K7S, which Is the largest amount
of state taxe- ever received. The tables also
show that the state will collect on this
year's levy a larger amount of state taxes
thsn ever before. The state has had no debt
of any kind slnoa 1X93.
May Recommend Heaahmtaalon.
There Is a rumor current that Governor
Carroll will recommend In his message the
resubmission of tho prohibitory amendment
to the constitution and ak that it be In
corporated in the constitution. The tem
perance people insist that he owes his elec
tion entirely to them and that especially he
was nominated through their Influence.
It Is not known what recommendation the
governor will make, but two years ago ha
was opposed to rssubmlsslon and it was un
derstood he would again oppose It,
Plana for More Road.
A meeting of a number of persons Inter
ested In agitating for a different method of
building roads in Iowa was held here to
day to plan for the legislation that la to
be asked next winter. It Is expected that
some drastlo legislation will be enacted
and that the funds available for road
building will be greatly Increased.
Job for Parole Roord.
Charles Davenport, colored, who got a
life sentsnce for committing burglary In
Earl Graham's house nearly two years
ago. In Des Moines, gets no relief from the
supreme court. He was fully Identified
by Mrs. Graham, whom he assaulted and
removed a ring from her hand, and toward
whom he later burled a heavy poker with
Intent to kill her. The supreme court in
passing on the case stated that Judge
Miller went wrong in giving him a life
sentence contrary to the present laws of
tho state, but statea that the parole board
Is the proper tribunal for fixing a limit
to the term of commitment.
Rank Robbers Make Uelaway,
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. 19. (Special
Telegram.) Edward Peterson of Cushlng,
owner of the team stolen by parties who
blew the bank In that village and escaped
with It to this city, arrived today. The
recognition by the dog that followed the
team of his master was only part of the
Identification, and Peterson left late this
afternoon for his homeward drive. A
bloodhound brought from Lincoln was put
on tho trail, but followed that of the offi
cials made yesterday. There Is no definite
Attempted M order at Meeteelse.
MEETEETSE, Wyo., Nov. J9. (Special.)
Unknown persons attempted to assas
sinate Charles Manning while he was at
work In a local saloon at an early hour
yesterday morning. Three rifle shots were
fired through a window, but Manning
escaped lnury. Immediately after the
shooting a man was seen running away
from the building.
Mlastnar Best Fast In loo.
SEUKIRK. Man., Nov. 19. Part of the
crew of the Northern Fish company's
steamer, Wolverine, who have been missing
In lUe Winnipeg for three weeks, arrived
In Helkirk today. Tho boat la safe at
Swampy Harbor, surrounded by ice. Twenty
passengers and the balance of the crew
remain aboard. They have an abundance of
XL ,
Solo of Fashion
able Hair Goods
Starts Tomorrow
Stock Of Switobss, clns
tsre, pnffs and novelties,
bought a 40 oents oa the
dollar, trill be closed ont
bargain prices.
The most annsnal sale of Us kind that baa ever oome within nettoe
of well-dressed women.. A Mew Tork Importer, one of the biggest and
best In the business, deolded to qnlt. We bougnt his entire stock. If ever
before haa there been snob a large, high olass stock of mtatr Ooods la
Omaha. Every color and shade Imaginable. The eats yon have triad so
hard to find and couldn't. We have now on sale all uext week, begin
ning tomorrow, at lass than wholesale price. We list a few of the many
Cluster of 1 5 TufTa fl.OO
Large Cruater of 24 Puffa. .1.7B
Large Cluster of 34 Puffs 3.ft0
Large Cluster of 40 Puffs f 4.00
Puffs In all shade of gray,
7.tM) to B3.0O
. Natural Wavy Switches.
20-lnrh fl.OO
S 2-inch ta.oo
24-Inch ftiMX)
28-inch 4.fH
80-Inch a, fA.OO
Gray WaTjr Switches.
18-inch, in all shades, from $A.OO to 98.00
WTien ordering by mail
Beijd some of hair and
address Dept' 13.
mi MAXM SKXata.
With every purchase amount
ing to 8 00 or over we will
dress the hair In the latest
I'arlalan style, without cost to
Y do Manicuring, Massago, Chiropody, Make Toupcea.
I'hon) Douglas SA9B8, for appointment.
1411 FARM AM
Save 2S Per Cent on
No safer Investment than Diamonds. No more profitable one,
wither, when you can buy them for 25 under price, which we guar
antee. No better thins for gift giving and it would be well to shop
now, while line is complete. Make a selection, a small payment down
will do.
Diamond Gold Brooches f. 914, 9 18, 92.1, 940.
Diamond Stick Pins 912, 9 IS, 920, 2ft.
Diamond Ear Muds 910, 920, 923. 938,
Diamond Culf Links, Solid Gold . -93.50 to 930.
A few more of those Ladles' Diamond lUngs for 9A3,
Fritz Sandwall Jewelry Co.,
THIRD FLOOR PAX f ON BK0CK-16t1i to. Firum Street
I.ochI Vtecord.
OMAHA, Nov. 19.-Orrelal record of tem
perature am! prt-clpnaticin compared with
the corresponding peiiod of the last three
years: lsrtO. two. IDOT
Higheat today 4! f Ul 4H
lowest today it . "4 41 III
Mean temperature :W 4.1 to 40
ITetipitatiun (W .00 .00 .00
Temperature and precioitatlon departures
from the normal at Oinahu since Murch 1,
and compared with the lattt two years:
Normal temperature W
Total excess since March 1 741
Normal precipitation 03 inch
Deficiency fur the day 03 inch
Toial rainfall sine March 1 IS. ',8 inches
Ieficiency since March 1 14 33 Inches
Kxcevs fur cor. period In 1H09 t.4 Inches I
UelKiency for cor. period In 1 1.07 Inches
..A,;.;,;;f.,ir..-;i -n,:, -;,m ,i
Good Points
Frm Loans
Price does not
fluent uute. Ku-si.d-S'j
much Is p;iid
in. t)(-aiid-so much
lau l.e drawn out.
1.' fluctuations in
liontjM and Hlocl.s
liivdi, liiunce, of
pruflr, it nui nec
fMuily mean tho
fc'uno chance ot
i per cent and
per rent Intereau
to 110.000
aiwuys on
at piicofl to
6 per c"tit.
esTeiismD li'Sk
t-VtlllAJ LA lV07
Miller, Stewart & Beaton Co.
413-15-17 South Sixteenth Street.
Dining Room Furniture for Thanksgiving.
The dining room furniture
department contributes hun
dreds of remarkable ojferings
for Thanksgiving purchasers
and in this department, as in
the others, the sale array is
noteworthy by reason of the
wonderful variety.
There are complete dining equipments of practically
every desirable grade, and in a wide range of weods and
styles of design, at .moderate prices, the foremost makers
are represented; the qualities are sucli as to make every
item a good value at the regular price.
W mention below a few of the many opportunities.
(ioldeii Oak G-foot Extension Table,
non-dividing pedestal. . . ,$9.75
(Jolden Oak, claw foot, 8-foot Ex
tension Table, duo style lock,
at $14.50
Quarter-sawed and polished table,
6-foot extension, non-dividing
pedestal 17-50
Quarter-sawed and polished oak
Extension Table, heavy claw
loot . '$31.50
Other tables in mahogany, old oak,
fumed oak and wax golden oak at
moderate prices.
Box Seat Dinei-s, leather uphol
stered, up from.. $2.50
1 ,f- J . . We offer all our
MOnClay remnants of
Draper' Silks and Upholstery goods
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The slcK:k consists of more than
200 pieces suitable for covering odd
pieces of furniture, window or door
drapery cushions, table covers and
fancy work. Don't miss this
: in nil
Solid quarter-sawed oak Buffet, silver
drawer lined, largo linen drawer,
double cupboard, price. ...$15.75
Solid quarter-sawed oak Buffet, silver
drawer lined, large linen drawer,
mirror top $21.00
Quarter-sawed and polished end Buf
fet, claw foot, largo shape mirror,
sih'er drawer lined, price $30.00
Finely polished quarter-sawed oak
Buffet, pilaster front $35.00
Other Buffets in mahogany, old Eng
lish onk, fumed oak and wax golden
oak at moderate prices.
Special Sale of Ruga Monday.
rolisbed aud quartcr-aawed oak China
Cabinet, bent glasa and 812.50
Full swell front China Cabinet, polish!
oak $19.00
Triple swell China Cabinet, with mirror In
top ihelf 920.00
Full bnt glass front China Cabinet witli
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Other China Cabinets in mahogany, old
English oak, Fumed oak, and Was Golden
oak at moderate prices.
Oriental Rugs.
We hav Just received another large
shipment of ORIENTAL RUGS In the popu
lar weaves, in small and medium,
on sale in Oriental Rug department, fifth
Cedar Chests and Com
modity Boxes.
Have you ever visited our Cedar Chest
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Matting Covered Commodity Box, sUe 27
Inches long, 15 Inches wide, 14
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tfG.OO. SO. 75 anl 8.H). w
Cedar Cheat. sUa S3 Inches long, 16 inches
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Others in larger sites, 815.00 810.5.0
and 822.00.