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    inn ir,r,: iu,ii.. ll hM)A, .MIX KM HKK S. 1010,
Hii'l S oilier
I piily Hntl ri d
I .i t I'i'r wit r
An cpccinliy hap- ;nm
rlioici varit'ty
P')n ami llrl' 9t eaters. .. .
Tni;ng Men's Seiti;rf
1518-1520 1'ARNAM STREET
will have to -rteal With' the question ot
whether the "republican" county option
law shall stand. Th democrats have de
clared In their plat form .for the substitution
of a law providing for city, ward and
township finHs .ln nitlort elections and (lov
trnor Marshall has been maklni? a strong
campaign against th? county option law.
denouncing H a 'a mlaerablo failure" arid
a contravention of home rule.
X ('rawtlanr In miauls.
CHICAGO, Nov. 1. The usual cessation
of hostilities on the night before the battle
failed to materialir in Illinois tonlKht-the
last night given to candidates for impress
ing their, wtn and merits upon their
doubting constituents. Kxept In Itilcago,
In fact, the Interest shown has been so
little that opposing campaign generals, in
frenzied efforts to wake the populace at
largw from it lethargy kept up the fire of
argument to the- very last.. Only in a few
country districts was any real Interest
hown.Tlcagy baa several Hose fights on,
and here the battlers formed lest the nar
row margins they claimed be wiped out
over nlglif. On product of the approach
of election day'' wa stlia retirement of ex
travagan yropheoi' by both parties, and
acknowledgment at last that the apathy in
general 4nad( all estimates only guehses.
Ileivr Vote In California.
HAN FllANCICU, Nov. ".Although
rain la predicted for tomorrow in fan Fran
cisco and vicinity and In the Sacramento
and San Joaquin vUej':v both parties
prophecy a hru.y iota throughout the
state, and tonUlit both" made confident
claims. The republican managers claim
that Johnson wiy carry the state by not
les thart f,5,oW, an tbe dornocrats, in spite
of the betting of 'eVen miney that John
son's plurality for governor will be not
less tha4f,W,WV say :,timt Bell will carry
this city and vicinity and. the Sacramento
region by a plurality asiffMent to overcome
thw normal republican vote of Los Angeles
and the south. ' 'N ' '
JThe campaign cqntlnued through this
evening, both gubernatorial candidates
speaking at big mass meetings.
8T. PAt'L, Nov. 7. The Minnesota cam
llcan rally, phgocsocvmff gfdawd wdwdy
palgn -earn' to.a aloss togifght with a re
publican rally at the Auditorium here at
which Governor Kberhart was the prin
cipal speaker. -..
Jamas Gray, liis democratic opponent,
spoke at several vard meetings in Mln
ntapolis. Governor Kberhart' received a telegram
from C. M. King; of leer Kiver, calling at
tention to the Importation of "floaters" in
the mining towns of Itasca county for the
evident purpose of voting them tomorrow,
The governor will wire the sheriff of the
county to furnish ample police protection
It was discovered today that a law passed
by the legislature of ly09' requires cities
above the fourtl. tfesa-to keep the polls
open from 6 a. in. ( until 9 p. in. Formerly
the polls in ttiese ctu Closed at 1 p. m.
Mlrhlsan Legislature) Hepnbllravn. !
DETROIT, Mich,J, . Nev. 7. The only ap
parent certuJnty about tomorrow's election
in Michigan is tliat tlie next legislature
will be .republican,' w hlcji will insure the
flection of Itepreseutatlve Charles K.
Townsend, ot the Second congressional dis
trict to . sucooed United States Senator
Burrows. . . . .
Democratic State Chairman Shields pre
dicts that his party will have at least
thirty seats out of 132 In the legislature,
Republican State Chairman Knox con
cedes the democrataone senator and four
members of the house,
KAROO, N.: n.'. Nor. t'-tldremor Burke,
tlie demooratlo candidate" for governor
closed the campaign w)th a speech at the
democratic rally at Devil s Lake, his home
town, while ! Congressman McKinlay ad
dressed a republican rally at BlsmarcK.
The republican campaign" managers today
claimed tiiat C -A. -Johnson would defeat
Burke by 7.000 and the election of a re
publican legislature assuring the return of
Senator McCumber. Th democrats say
Buike will be. elected by IjfOuO.
Mo Tbii la. Raaiai,
TOPEKA, Kan Nov.. 7. Clialrmen of
both the democratic . and republican state
committees found no reason tonight to
change their election forecasts. Tha re-,
publican chairman claims 25.000 to 40,000 ma
jority. The democratic -chairman claims a
majority, but will npj.gjve out any figures.
RENO, Nev., Nov. 7. The night before
the battle In Nevada - finds the leaders
vf both, parties uiaitlng' strong predictions
of Victory. The republicans have concen-
tiateil their strength on congressional can
didates, especially T'nltcd States Senator
George S. Nixon, who seeks re-election.
The democrats, ltd by Key Pitt man,
democratic candidate for Cnlted States
senator, have made a hard fight.
DENVER, Colo., Nov. 7. -Chairmen ot
both republican and democratic state com
mittees tonight claim victory for their re
spective state ticket;. Democratic Chair
man Bradley toeley lalsed his estimate of
the plurality' of. Juhn hafroth for gov
rnor to 3U.O0O. 4-' . '
Kapubllcait Chairman McDonald says that
if the weather Is farorable. John Stephen
will be elected governor by 20,XO. Betting
la still 1 to 1 on Shafroth.
Wal( ( snpslfi HlMer.
CI1EYK.NNK. Nov. 7 With pleasant
weather tomorrow. It Is cnrtaln that a
heavy vote will be polled. The campaign
haa been the most bitter in the h story ot
Wyoming. A utose roue between former
l ulted Statea iehator Carey, formerly a
republican, but now the democratic candi
date for governor, and W. B. Mullln, re
publican, la expecteaV ' Many wagers have
been made that there will not be a differ
ence of more than 1.000 votca
Republicans claim F. W. Mondell will be
re-icatel to engres and that the legis
lature will be republican, assuring the re
turn ef United States Senator Clarence t.
Clark. , -,--. --- . -
IlKLEN'A, Mont., Nov. 7 The campaign
In Montana closed tonight with ratliaa in
practically every county in the state. J.
U Waiia. chairman of tbe republican state
ou ought to rt 1!: j w hat a ri'tiinrkable
ock of rs anu ivMtVr mi is here wait
ing for yon: It's ;-,t if you wr-rp to have at your
hand a hg !im:hI swiatd' fioru villi riothlnij
but cwi-atprs to mil.
The popularity cf the sweater
it- t
1 it rt I
j; ron t r t M n rri mi t tin h cvfr
L'iii'ihty i ri ttf!il7.P''. Hti'l 1 1 1 1 1
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in .rMlthful i:e
Sraill vosie:'s sweaters fit sweater coals
. . . .$1.35 to 3.00
12.00 to $7.00
octUral committee, predicts the re-election
of l'ray tnr congressman by a plurality of
i;.nn. The democratic chairman maintains
his figure of 5.000 plurality for the demo
crats candidates. It Is expected that the
legislature will be close, with chances
favoring the republicans, becsuse of their
advantage In hold-over senators.
HALT LA K U CITY. Nov. 7 Based on the
vote of two years apo, indications are thnt
tomorrow's election In Utah will be close.
An uncertain element Is the strength the
democratic promise of a state-wide prohibi
tion law will draw from the republican
ranks. Both party chairmen predict a
landslide for their ticket.
u Chnnne la l'ennsj-lnl.
rillLADKLPHIA. Nov. 7. Party leaders
have not seen fit to change the early day
estimates for their respective candidates.
The republican managers claim Tener'g
election by 15.000 plurality. The democrats
insist Grim will be victorious by 20.000,
while the Keystone party leaders are san
guine Berry will win by 125,000 plurality.
Borry delivered an address at Lebanon
today and departed for hi -home in Chester.
Congressman Tener returned to Charlerol
and Senator Grim toured Bucks county
today and tonight.
On the Philadelphia stock exchange wag
ers were made with odds of four to one
that Tener will be elected.
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Nov. 7.-The re
election of Governor Pothler by approxi
mately 7,500 plurality over Lewis A. Water
man, democrat, was claimed by the repub
lican state committee tonight. The mem
bers of the committee also
were confl
dent of the election of the entire slate
ticket and both congressmen. The demo
cratic state committee predicted the elec
tion of "Waterman by a plurality of several
thousand and the defeat of Congressman
William P. Sheffield by George F.
Claims iu Haasavt'hnaetta.
BOSTON, Nov. 7. Tomorrow the voter
of Massachusetts will decide whether the
republicans, with Governor Ehen S. Draper
at the head of the ticket, shall continue
In office for another year or give place to
the democrats, whose aspirant for the high
est office In the state Is Congressman Eu
gene' N. Foss, a former republican. Odds I
of 2 to 1 were laid today, that Foss would
win. Both sides claimed . the. election to
night, the republicans by 47,000 and the
democrats by 60,000. The democrats pre
dicted a landslide, which they seld would
sweep Into office not only Mr. Foss, but
the rest of the ticket.
The republicans maintain that the entire
republican state ticket will be elected and
that the congressional delegation would
show but little change.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 7.-Tlie most
active campaign the state has experienced
since the last election of Cleveland was
ended tonight with an address by Judge
Simeon E. Baldwin, the democratic nominee
for governor, at a ward rally in New
Haven, and a speech by his republican
opponent, Charles A. Goodwin, at a mass
meeting In Hartford. The leaders of both
parties claim the election of their ticket,
fhe republicans by 20,000 and the democrats
by ,000 majority.
Situation la the Boath.
OKLAHOMA City, Okl.. Nov. 7. The
most conservative estimate of the demo
crats aa to the probable majority for the
state ticket tomorrow is 26,000. With
10 per cent of the negro vote eliminated
by the recently adopted "grandfather
clause," the highest estimate is 40,000.
The republican state chairman claims a
victory by 10,000 to 55,000.
state campaign closed tonight with the
fusion forces, led by B. W. Hooper, re
publican for governor and 3. A. Enloe,
democratic nominee for member ot the
railroad commission insisting their ticket
will have front 30.000 to 40.000 majority.
The democratic leaders who are conduct
ing the campaign for Robert L, Taylor
for governor and J. W. Tbomaa. foe rail
road comnilHaloner, declare there is no
doubt of a democratic victory.
The - campaign baa been marked by
much blterneea. The fact, however, that
the republican factlona are practically
united and that many democrats wlli
vote the fusion ticket, enhances Its
chances for suces.
LOUISV1LLU Ky. Nov. T.-The close ot
the campaign In Kentucky found the man
agers on both sidea confident, but chary
ot making estimates of majorities. Four
judges of the court of appeals and eleven
congressmen are to be elected.
BALTIMORE, Nov. 7. All arrangement
for the election tomorrow In Maryland are
complete. The democrats seem confident
of gaining two or three members of con
gress, while the republicans feel reason
ably aure they will hold their own
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Outlook in Iowa is Bright for the
Entire Ticket.
eernl i nncrfaiilont I r ! 1VI
4. f ford llntllr (.mind for The
l:lrrtor t hulrmrn Io
llesort to Klaare.
i I Krom a Staff Correspondent.
1 ;-;m M'lINKS. In.. Nov. ". tSpeeial;
' Telegram.) Iowa republican i dosed their
, lampalsn today In utmost confidence of '
a victory for the entire state ticket and,
i practically every runves-lonal district.
i They admit the probable loss of the Sec- '
ond coiiRressional district and that the I
! vote for governor will be reduced, but
! aside from this. reB... d the outlook as j
satisfactory. The Injunction or the tem-
I peranee question Into the carnpnlgn the
I lust few days has made certain a fairly
I large vote.
The Des Moines Ministerial association
at a session today laid plans for getting
out the church vote on the theory that
' the larger the vute at this election the
I more dlflcult It will be for the liquor men
I to secure the saloons' consent petitions
! next summer.
Hooaetrlt's Islt.
The coming of Colonel Uooaovelt to tlie
state last week Is believed generally to
have had a goo'l efrecl. He spoke out
fearlessly and hopefully anil pointed out
that the nature of the fight be has been
waging in the east Is Identical with that
made by the republicans in Iowa for a
number of years. He declared that he had
been preaching good Iowa doctrine In all
his speeches and that In his own state the
things which seem commonplace enough
In Iowa cause a nightmare when spoken of.
But he pointed out how everywhere there
is unity among the republicans and he
especially urged upon the Iowa people
that they make a good record this year.
While the chairmen cf the two state
committees have announced they would
not make any definite prediction they are
both confident. Chairman Reed of the
democratic, committee has been most ag
gressive, but Chairman Franke of the
republican committee has done much ef
fective and quiet work. The reliance of
the republlcana is in getting out a big
vote on election duy. The democrats
their hope on scratching by republicans.
It is generally conceded that Claude
Tr,rtr the rtpmnersllc candidate for arov-
ornnr who has made a remarkable cam-n
palgn with about seventy speeches In six
weeks, will run ahead of his ticket, though
the republicans do not concede that he will
have enough to carry him through. The
only other fights on the state ticket are
against George Cosson for attorney gen
eral and against Clifford Thome for rail
road commissioner. This is a Joint fight
tt th 11bral element And corporations.
rhi flRnt lg ot for their opponents, but
distinctly against these two republican
candidates. They will not, however, run
very far behind their tickets.
Flahts for Contrress.
In the congressional fights the repub
licans, not officially, but privately admit
that there are three or four districts in
which there are hard contests. The least
hopeful of these Is In the Second district,
and next to this the Fourth district, but
also probably In the First, Sixth and
Ninth. They do not admit any danger at
all in the Seventh or Eighth districts Viere
at the outset the democrats had some hope
of success.
The legislature Is sure to be overwhelm
ingly republican In both branohes. Thens
will not- be very many changes In the dis
tricts. The Injection of the senatorial
matter into the campaign brought about
a distinct Improvement for the repub
licans. There lias been -very little money Bpent
in the campaign on either side. The com
mittees have not been supplied with cash
and have not used the same to any great
extent. There has been very little of a
literary or educational campaign on either
side, and only in the last three weeks
has there been much speaking. It Is ad
mitted on all hands that much less is
known as to actual Intentions of the voters
than usual.
Iowa Population Satisfactory.
The federal oensus report on Iowa popu
lation did not prove as disappointing to
Iowa ' people aa many had supposed It
would. The population of 2.24,000 will
mean, according to the best judgment of
many, that the state will not lose a mem
ber ot oongress after this time as It ex
pected would be the case. It is well
known that the state has had for some
years one mure congressman than fairly
entitled to. The Increase in population of
Polk county of about 30,000 in ten years
is regarded aa a good showing for Des
Will Not Get Pardons
Tha state parole board today refused to
report favorably on two Important life
term cases before it. One was the rase ot
O. A. Williams of Union county, who killed
a deputy sheriff who was trying to serve
papers on him. The board considered this
two years ago and has again refused to
recommend pardon. The other was the
case of of Wm. Adams of Marshall county,
who is serving a life sentence for pulsuning
a neighbor. His nephew, then a boy ot
IS, was the aola witness against him, and
this boy, now a grown man. Is pleading
for pardon on tbe ground that his own
testimony at the time of the trial waa
Wholly false. Thla case was not disturbed.
' "Will Bead Team to Kansas City.
-The Iowa Rifle asociation at a session
here decided Upon sending to Kansas City
for the Midwestern rifle tournament a
team from each of the tour Iowa regiments
to compete Jn a tournament The time for
the regular Iowa practice at rifle shooting
for the general report was extended to
November 30 to enable all companlea to
complete the outdoor work.
Work of Railroad Commlaaloa.
According to the monthly report of the
State Railroad Commlslon there was f led
health economy, too
now and always
Hitchcock's Defense Dissected
Tlio diootuMon whether Hitchcock
'put it buck n HfwumtnR lnrK" proportion)
I an'' een "'" are anked to give a i ni- j
I '.niiy iiup iu niiciicocK 10 uiiuiimi;
fur alleged abu.ic in tills campaign. I
j Y litre was there ever an outlaw of the
I worst type put on trial for bis crime but '
some good sympathetic souls would bless j
blm and shower him with flowers sent to
j his cell. They overlook the crime In soi -j
; rowing for his plight.
The Hitchcock ttympathiien foi '-t that j
his mode of discussing political question '
,,,, b.n to (r,dui,e ,ie character1
. ,. . ,
opposing ticket, now u . '
1 was at that time an utter stranger to Vt-
Uhlaers remember thtu, an,, Vies belnx a coupetent busl-1
nml1!' of tne,,e 'vn,l'"
attack of Hltchoock s paper upon tile
character of one of the most worthy, dig.
an(, ,c.rI.d mpn of ,P ,iprpme
bench of Nebraska, after he had reared a
family, had attained distinction and honor
In his profession and as a citizen. Hitch
cock's paper went hack to his boyhood
days and exposed him to public scorn.
Ignominy and dlHRrace, to the sorrow and
shame of his family, by holding up to
public gaie the imperfections of youth In
one who had by long years of upright
conduct become In their eyes something
to worship as a father, husband and re
spected cltlxen.
These charges against Hitchcock cannot
properly or satisfactorily be tried where
there is no Judge to puna upon the l.iw gov
erning the facts and upon the admissibility
of evidence, but enough has been produceo
In print to make it incumbent upon tin
attorney general to sue Hitchcock for re-
covery of the money which he refuses to
return, for the statute ot limitations, while
It may run against Bartley, does not run
against the state. A legal Inquiry Into the
facts both by the courts and by the United
States senate should Hitchcock be elected,
will be imperative.
Does the state ot Nebraska want to
send to the senate of the United States a
man who. If elected, is likely to be met
at the threshold with a charge of being a
during the month of October twenty-four
complaints, and during the same time the
commission disposed of fifty-seven cases.
Among the important cases filed is that of
the attorney general against the express
companies for a reduction In express ratees,
which will be heard November 3, Another
case was the application of the Greater
Des Holnes commltee for revision of the
Iowa demurrage rules.
State Fair Finances.
A final statement given out by the State
Department of Agriculture shows that the
last state fair had receipts of 1137,634, and
that the net profit on the fair was I'
Omaha Jews
Indignant at
Harris Action
Eesent Letter in Which He Purports
to Represent His People in
Supporting Hitchcock.
Leading Jews of Omaha are very indig
nant at the action of L. Harris, who pub
lished a letter In the World-Herald Monday
evening advocation thja, oandldacy of Gil
bert ,M. Hilchoock. , AlS-. Harris, they say,
haa a right to personally support Mr.
Hitch or any other candidate he may
fancy, but ha has no right to speak as a
representative ot the Jewish people in mak
ing his preference public. Least ot all is
he authorised to speak In the name of
B'nal B'rith or the Associated Jewish Char
ities. Members of these organisations are
especially wrought up over the apparent
effort ot the letter signed by Mr. Harris,
which does not say so in so many words,
but purports to be the expression ot the
organisations. Harris has no authority
to speak for either organisation, and his
position is strongly resented by the men
who are most concerned in tlie wellbeing
of the societies. Especially do they resent
the presumption of Harris In pretending to
speak for the Jewish cttlsenshlp of Omaha.
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position clear to the voters nor even set
forth his side of the question although it
was to have been paid for as advertising.
"Thousand of democratio votes will be
cast for Judge Sutton Tuesday. They knew
his record on the district bench, his wide
knowledge of men and affairs, his ability
worthily to represent this district in con
gress and they knew his willingness to
work. They will vote for him even though
we are to use voting machines upon which
Judge Sutton's opponent relies to carry
hlrn through, Judge Sutton is our next
All election officials are supposed to be
on hand by 7:20 so that things will be In
readiness for the earliest voters. There
have been delays in former elections caused
by Judges and clerks who have over-slept
and tha city and county clerks wank a
prompt atart tomorrow.
to cram cold iw osra day
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B rowninaiCing & Cq
t'Hrty 1o the crime of enihcazlfim-n: ir.'
Mate innnev?
If lliti hcock desires to lest bis rliKil'Hitv
to the senntehe Miould submit to arrt
land trinl for
being h puny to HhvUi v't.
Itirtley has expiated bin
crime. Why should Hitchcock be Immune?
If he be found guilty of being partbips
rrlminls to Hartley's emhcr.r.lemcnt tln-n hp
should pay the penalty us Hartley did If
acquitted, he should be lectured to public
confidence, but It seems that he refuses to
meet lfartlpy and face the rliarne even
before, a tribunal of his own friend"
"r" ""' campalfc-n niannnpri.
Hitchcock admits that Hartley. Ur
loan, rescued hlni from bnnVru'tcy
ness limn - pa. more, a business man uf lh.
first class was never heard of taklni, i
second mortgsne from a borrower and ad
vancing his own money. Then again Hitch
cock was nut making application to Wat
tles for a loan. He was not even ac
quainted with Wattles at that time. He
was making the application to Hartley ami
Partley sent him to th,e bank whore he
(Bartley) had funds belonging to the state,
and the 3.0no was taken out of Hartley's
treasury account by endorsement on the
check from Wattles to Hitchcock.
Again, would Hartley even loan his own
money to a man on the verKe uf financial
ruin without security? The Idea Is absurd.
Hitchcock would not have gone to Hartley
for a loan If Hartley had been u private
banker at Atkinson, as he was before he
became state treasurer and a man of op
posite party to Hitchcock. Hut Hartley
was, at that time, slate treasurer Mnd
..iimi.iK io oe a ranui.iate ror re-election, that they invariably endeavor to cover up
Did Hitchcock think that by not flgiulng their acts, and therefore, the courts must
him, although a republican, for that po-i rely upon circumstantial evidence for their
sitlon, he could coax a loan from Bartley conviction, as In the Crlppen case In Um
out of the state funds? The whole trans-1 don, England, and the Hvde esse In Kan
action lacks even a semblance of business City, Mo.
and every transaction connected with thatj It is said that Hitchcock threatened to
loan bears the evidence of a deliberate I have Hartley re-arrested and sent to the
endeavor to cover something up. i penitentiary. If that should happen, it
Individuals embarking on crooked deals might result In the state getting some of
do not advertise It to the world-they en-; that money back, for where thieves fall
deavor to hide the evidence. If this weie'out, honest men sometimes get their dues
Child Carries
in Water Pail
Eleven-Year-Old Girl Places Explosive
on Ground at Command of Her
Father Without Injury.
WASHINGTON, Pa, Nov. 7. Totally Ig
norant of the danger that surrounded her
and under the impression that she was
carrying water, 11-year-old Mildred Ander
son today tripped along carrying in each
hand a pall of nitroglycerine which had
been prepared for shooting an oil well on
the Cameron farm near here.
As she carelessly swung the pails laborers
stood breathless a hundred yards away
fearing every moment to see the child
hurled into eternity.
At a quiet command from her father the
child set the palls down and was taken
out of danger. The men, unnerved, sus
pended work for the day.
Her. Mr. Felliuan at Kearney.
KEARNEY, Neb.. Nov. 7. (Special Tele
gram.) The opera house here was crowded
to Its capacity last night to hear Rev. D.
F. Fellman of Omaha arraign Dahlmanism
as found in the state metropolis. The
meeting was held under the auspices of
the churches and local democrats.
Rev. Mr. Fellman argued that Dahlman
was opposed to the enforcement of laws,
would repeal the Sunday laws and abolisn
Sunday if elected, and was now attempting
to vote many foreigners at this election.
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to something. Try it. Advertise.
When the Conservative reported the condition of its affairs to
the State Banking Board the S4. 985,619. 77 invested in the Associa
tion was secured by first mortgages on Improved real estate (mostly
homes In Douglas County, Nebraska), appraised by our loan com
mittee at f 10,843.208.03. by a Reserve and Undivided Profit Ac"
count of $143,108.03, by aaslgned fire Insurance In tha sum of
16,966,840.00 and by cyclone Insurance aa well.
Besides this, all loans are payable In monthly Installments,
thus Increasing our members' security from the outset.
For investments of from $1.00 to $5,000.00 we comend this As
sociation. Its dividends are promptly paid January 1st and July
1st, and In eighteen years have never been less than ( per annum.
Money is received from parties residing in any part of the world and
dividends allowed from the date the Investment reaohea our office.
Tha CcRservdi.a Savings & Lcsn A::'n.
1(14 UMIT
Geo, T. Ollntore, Vresident,
Jai peel ul
a- special Neckwear offering. We have just received a large shipment
the beat neckwear makers, of all the short ends of his $1.00 neckwear,
to the different patterns and color combinations in this showing of high
a WILCOX, Maiuigexv.
7b. Etora of TL Tows.
by a Lawyer !
MrniRht transaction, why should Hitcn
cot k on October 1 M. have requested a
letter fitun Hartley siiMng thrt the 1 1 ""c
borrowed through Wattles was Tiioney
taken from Hartley's personal private ac
count. This la proof positive that Hitch
cock knew be was borrowing that iiionev
from Hartley Insttatl of from Watt'.es.
If be thought It was Wattles' money, he
n gettlnic, why ilul be want Hartley to
say that It was his ( Hartley's) money
Nine years had elapsed since he made thrt
renewal note to Wattles ami he had hern
accused of being a beneficiary of Hurtle s
embe7.r.lement. Now Hitchcock ss Hart
ley is a liar and blackmailer, and yet be
puts before the puhllc a letter from Hart
1 lev
ley and asks the public to believe the
tement of a man whom he, for one pur
pose, calls a liar and a blackmailer, anil
for another purpose, "dear Hartley." and
is still another purpose, asks people to
believe this same man. when his statement
Is In favor of Hitchcock and made at his
Is It possible that, if Hartley Is such a
liar as Hitchcock says be Is. nilht he at
that time, have been Induced by Hitch
cock, when Hitchcock asked him to write
that statement, to have lied about It? Cer
tainly, If he would loan state funds to
Hitchcock to Save him from financial ruin,
ho would not hesitate to He about It to
save Hitchcock from character bankruptcy.
Tlie greatest crime man ran commit
against his fellow men Is Ingratitude, but
Hitchcock to save himself. Is free to apply
the eplteth of liar and blackmailer to the
man who saved him from ruin and spent
five years In prison for helping him.
Criminals are necessarily convicted upon
circumstantial evidence becsuse of the fact
The Weather
FOR NEBRASKA Fair; warmer.
F) )H IOWA Fair.
Shippers' HullMtin Prepare thirtv-slx
hour shipments, north and west, for f'reex
Ing temperatures.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
Hours. Deg.
6'a. in 3
a. m TO
7 a. m 8"
g a. m :
a. m 43
10 a. m 4'
11 a. m M
12 m
1 p. m
2 p. m :
3 p. rn t
4 p. m o4
6 p. m 2
H p. m W
7 p. m W
8 p. m 53
Local Record.
OMAHA, Nov. 7. Official record of tem-
perature and precipitation compared
me corresponuirig perioa or
he last three
years: mio. UK), vm. 1X07.
Highest today R4 o t',5 57
Lowest today J7 4 i 42
Mean temperature 50 61 1,1 5
Precipitation ,., 00 M .00 .no
Temperature arid precipitation departures
from the normal at Omaha since March 1
ana compared witn the last two years:
Normal temperature
Excess for the day
Total excess since March 1....
Normal precipitation
Deficiency for the day
Total rainfall since March 1....
Deficiency since March 1
Deficiency for cor. period, 11K
Deficiency for cor. period, lij
Reports from Stations at
Station and State TemD.
. .06 Inch
. .06 Inch
.IS. 78 inches
.13.8.8 Inches
. 1.64 Inches
. 3.73 Inches
T P. M.
Max. Rain-
of Weather. 7 p. rn. Temp.
c neyenne, clear 48
Davenport, clar 48
Denver, part claudy 3
Des Moines, clear 62
Dodge City, clear 2
Lander, part cloudy....
North riatte, cloudy 60
Omaha, clear M
Pueblo, clear 5S
Suit Lake City, clear 52
Santa Fo, clear 42
Veal W. Xnkas, Secretary.
w-e I lU-s'
TICCSA I ttaf 1
' vl II Ar.0Sif I
u.a v y,v
Suit Lake City, clear 52 to .ft, V "r " VailUIUdltJ SJM
I Santa Kb. clear 45 rjj I A N
' VCV for xV
xt oSx
' I
Btii.u i, ,t. .,,,OH.hi.ilUtliA,bnUuUithti.talt
a iiu v.iiiuiijiitu
Instantly Relieved
Dy FRLE Sample
J i t u liitls Koinlon's purct ("at trf lial
jelly, fiulicil into thr nostrils relirvr,
soothes ar.jjj hrali thr atfri'trtj niri:ilranr,
which, raw or inrt.imril, brin,.s on catarrhal
D.i In tit4k? Ili: em'.'-. t-i.-!iri and
flrmanl, purr t i.; n nr , l it it. i-.-it ti'MtrSrS,
pruvi or smiS, tlt.,b nnutr I,..: u. n-H In t'f
Ask Your Druggist ij
Write u ft.ftav It.f Irrf Mm
pl tn a in- ot W luii.!'.
tiiurv tut- lonul-n im
harmful tlttta. ar,. it fr-M
atulrr our p .iuit tuaranlrc
Konilon Mfg.
Mlnaupolti, Minn.
Or. LyGn's-;"'
Tooth Powdsr
is packed in a dust-tight metal
box, with patent measuring
tube, which is both safe
and convenient for tourists.
g- -3-'r- s-tf.' ? .1
It Means
Original and Genulna
The Food-drink for All Ages.
More healthful then Tea or Coffee.
Agrws with the weakest cngestion.
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
Rich rn ilk, mnltej. grain, powdcl form.
V quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no substitute. AsIc fir HORL.'CK'S.
John Says:
"MY, bnt wouldn't
I be nervous TODAY
if X were a political
candidate instead of
the man who gets
votes for 'TRUST
BUSTER' So cigars."
Central Cigar. Store
321 So. 16th St.
Matinee Every Day, 2: IS
Every Night, 8; IS
soond Big Weak of
"The Diving Venua
In Connaotlon with Kew Zxeellsnt Bilk
Miss Kellermann will deliver a free
lecture, to women only, in the- Or
pheum at 11 o'clock this morning.
Tonlgut, Tue-Ntlay Httd Wednesday
roixY or Tin ciaoca'
Frloea. a6e to Bl.BOi Wednesday Mati
nee 86o to $1.
fjnnday Oeorge Uveas' Minstrels.
Not. 99i Mme. Rnhuminn-Ralnb.
Douglas ISIS. SBo.
Matinees I Tuesday, Tnnrsday, Saturday
MlfcSsWA LANO and Company In
Next Week Hoyt'a "A Milk White Flsg"
ia i.
lAth anal Douglas
Today 3:1S. Tonight 8:15
Lamb's Manikins, Edgar
Schooley & Co.; Walter James,
The Cromwells and
Four Other Big Acts
riucES rally Matlneea lOe and 25c
J.OOO Reserved Beat loo
Every Evening 10c, 2no, 60o
g I
I O ,Cv.t i-.CT..a'S,
I ii. 'Jr f ' ftnal rt 1
t ,. - -.-V-.. o m
tan iiiiii l i c.i 1 1 raw
I I Don't Forget.
Omaha's run Center.
Kgs., 16-aS-6u-7be .
Sally Mat, IS-SS-ftOe '
EXTmATAaasrsA abtd istJSBTn.x.a
Election Upturns Tuesday Night
Bast Barvloe In City,
ataad from Stage Between AetS.
Caflles' Dime Matluee Bvery Week Say,
Price, 15c, 2 Re, SOc, few at 7 So
Tonight, 16: Matinee Wednesday.
In ,., . , ..
Thnradtiv "Muarer air-own.'
. 4