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A now, 'arrived gathering direct from the center of Fashion
(New York) chic, masterful creations, expressive of the lat
est njiroved ideas of renowned exclusive junior suit milkers.
Are Two
of many; but study
these and you'll
admit their charm.
.m del oiie (on f
left) la In plain
tailored el tc. t
with form-flt'l-g
linen, nklrt In kilt
ed effect with sh. f
hand i and panel
front; navy, brown,
tan and nmhogany
color. ftlzes 15 and
17, at
r Mil
Never nr I tl 1
Disap- ?' 111
points, i Jfyl
Model two (to
the extreme right)
clever form-fitting
suit with decora
tive fronL In k f
l.andH straight, modified hobble
eklrt width. Two-tone basket
nm and plain sprites; mah gary
or wine ahadea. 8lira 15 and .17.
Norfolk Suit3
The newest novelties of the senon
Cheviot suit with Htr.iu leamii front
ame material panel front and aide
r Junior L'oats
sls tS, 18 and IT.
18 and IT . , . . T w w w
m xrs-
'l 1518-1620 FARNAM STREET
', he World-Herald -5iti Hitchcock's denials
'of the Hartley harlA.
iicjf u.a wiuimwu me neip 01 an lenanig
-' -.'democrats1 -whn' will , sacrifice ' principle to
1 make, a. personal CHh.vans to deny'the liart
r ley ojhrg's.vC'orivifyanees are furnished to
bring thif voters Into Pender,. Bancroft and
pthhT pi&cev' where Hitchcock spoak. Min-,-letera
and ft-Min of any. prominence what
cver'' (ir(j-betn: sought for-tlie purfose to
Vsmlrcli the chrffes against Hitchcock,
j vMarev ' .thinking ,.Urnpcrats are being
''whlppefl tnto line 'and made to believe
some of the moat dtiWabl statement that
. h Ingnnulty erf Kuui can -conceive of. In
fact, the iiltchcock follower are beoom
Ing desperate, rt hV lie', and Mbel and false
representations" at jMong the line.'
latta Is1 klng -'Votes! every day 'he has
: een cantWlgTilng. tth Hitchcock
Many fArii'iers wW ifi busily engaged In
, tho com tlefilf and who do Hot get time to
. 1read mrttfp&hK ibught out'nd urged to
vfead thet'a!uh gten themr by tlie des
; ierate WijUcvfs of (h World-Herald.
There a'n thinktnir republicans in this
Rn.rt of the swte wn will support HUch
'" cock, s,ltho4gh? thsre' ts i .rnucW to prejudloe
their niJrM. .4 " Mt 'V. : pAUJUBH.
... j
7 . kl
ilrr, llrtutrd.
LOyj'TTjf; fcofcKOc4vt-(r.the Editor
Mf TJ,el 3'U.i' i,i,j.(. lacing". circulated
that crW'tVliichj-rn ,p'ttetuerits de
rogatory to UieUamdng -men of the stale
"in his address n Livp City la false, as
'jtlll appear bywiepliowlng affidavit:
l4 State of Nebrask,. tjlmrrnun County, ss:
" Ksra S. Hayhurst, William Larsen, J. 8.
'fedlsr, A. 8. Main, M. A. PhllUps, R. J,
SNigJtitlngle, ;C. tYncu O.. 8. . llnln-g-r."
U. W. MbuUomery, H. C. Harper,
Ira K. Williams and W; 8. Waite, anu
each for liinitq;f, being flrat duly sworn,
depose and satht they were personall
present 'and. hurd the 'address of Chestei
H. - Aidilyb, reD(iblluait:ndldate for governor,-
at.I.oUuCuy, 'painbe lth day oi
Ootot ar.'.jai. ,hm wcre vrenent during all
the Wrie and ,he,r4 1I oB Said address ana
that lh kaid Cistervjf. Aldrlch did not
y bat, the JtraVtllng men of the state
wero a Walkiat, 'Dtartisement for- -tne
breweria nor aiDUjiiirt' that could be so
construe,)., 'an(VW rtipoYta to the contrary
re abiojulely vuntiu. '
' ' J'l ? 'V; fi. lJATHURAT.
. ill A? ilLUPS.
, U 'lJ.'NTajl lINaALE,
' 0U fFltli.NCH,
. O. -tV. UiilNIN(3ER,
' IRA- id, V I bl J Ail8,
.W..S.. .VAITK.
State of .N'ebrnck Sherman County, ss:
Subscribed' aniV.iM'Urli to by the subscrib
ers. X- fl. .JlaylmrrirWJUUw A- w,
Maln. ."M.' A lMlHi. , W,; JF. IghUngale. C.
11. VYenah, O.". Llninger, V. W. Mont
gomery, It. C. Harper. Ira K. Williams and
W. aV Waite. before, me, the undersigned,
a notary public tn and for said county,
this list day of October, 1V10.
J. a rpDlMH.. Notary Publio.
. Vly commission expires November 19, 1910.
. ubecilbd and, sworn,; to by the sub
scriber. J. 8. Pedjer, Oils list day of Oo
tobar, m.
1XJU16SJ TATlURi Notary Tublla
. My oomndsaloa expires July 13, 1911
" Ls rolUlte far Ntrrli.
MADISON,' Wis.,-Nov. 1 J. It. McCarl,
Chairman Kepublltan. Committee, MoCook,
..eb: logresaive republicanism every
where demands the re-election of Ne
braska's great progrvsalve trader, Oeorge
W. NoitIs. Proved by the record a fearleas,
gnlUlant servant of the people, failure to
wiurn hliu to congress would be a national
- I regret that my physical strength has
aut sufficiently returned to enable me tu
join you In your campaign for Judge N or
ris. Make the iu t:itr and ..u
fighting on every point.' 1 have faith In the
poople and look "with tonfidence to tne le
LAWkuriiiiiii a J K?
(Continued- lrotu lint Page.)
a week ago. One piece of testimony was to
the affect thai, len of the Jurors shortly
after the verdict was delivered were wined
and dined sumptuously. They "chipped in '
to pay the iU4 which were heavy.
.Two witnesses today are aa,d to have
corroborated. . Htacv In part. The lattei
stated that after rucelvlng the first in
ttUlinent of the alleged bribe he boulu
himself a suit of clotiiea at a west Midi
stur. Two' clerks from tills store wore
feeard today and are sa.d to have idenitruo
tMacy and te garments he was wearing
.The Indictment as not unexpected by
Mr. Erbstetn. He declared that Wayoia..
had been trying to get him" for ji
SJid that the Indictment waa merely an in
cident of VwsveuUva by state's attorney.,
i rNfc" a 1
VA Vr It
V; . W J iV nappl
VV' v JrVA men
I r -- ' . Hi, ft ,Ont of
lUhitfi I writ.
f-W - V P .1 .
(MM;' &;H.Tv
for Juniors
a chnrmlng cadet bin
and hack and belt of
Kspeclally the model shown above which la
of fancy black and white check with wldo
allnl rui'.r.. n . I ,.lln . .. . f f ,. . . M . I , . 1
avr. w Uiiu ttfrAV vrvr
. .f 29.75
ftonn ,
D.XWltllllfcSUSutll YUUD
New York Democratic Candidate Uei
Inveotive in SpoecJi.
Mayor Oaynur la Letter to Herman
HMder, Fresldlav Officer, Says
He ta for Democratic
NEW YORK, Nov. 2.-John A. Dtx. dem
ocratic nominee for governor made his
first public address In the olty tonight at
a meeting at Carnegie hall, which also
served as the occasion for Mayor Qay
nor's announcement of his support of the
ticket. The mayor's voice . still being
weak, this came In the form of a letter
to Herman Ridder, who presided.'..
Mr. tlx devoted the greater part of his
speech, to a denunciation of'.', Theodore
Roosevelt. He charged the former presi
dent wttn- irtifu - falsehood vrft"Tepfat:ng
the' accusation for wloW Itr Dlr Jn'hls
Buffalo speech demanded an apology. ( He
declared that Colonel Roosevelt, "because
of what he deems to be, h la. political itie
cesFlty .of ' the hour, struck hand . .and
made polltjcal alllanoa' with. Wllilmn'R.
,!,,J"t whom four years ago .Rooaevelt
had publicly branded as ' responsible for
the assassin's bullet that made him pres
ident." ; .
Dlx la Dtatnrbe.
"This campaign." said Mr. Dlx. 'like so
many In the past, Involved questions of
policy and expenditure; of reform and re
trenchment and the other questions which
necessarily bave to do . with carrying on
the well ordered business of government.
' Such questions would bave been settled
in the usual way by appeals to reason and
to experience and by that application to
common sense Judgment which is so dis
tinguished an attribute of , the average
American. ' ' .'
'But this was not to be. , Into the cen
ter' of the stage there Lias been hurled,
by the Inordinate vanity, the dangerous
ambition and the reckless conduct of a
man who has become the apostle of the
tumult and he protagonist of misrepre
sentation, the momentous question of
whether or not our very republican Insti
tutions sheuld survive, or under the as
saults of the agitator and the egotist
should go down to destruction, as have
other great countries under similar as
saults." IMayar Gayaor's Letter.
Mayor Oaynor'a letter follows In part:
"Nine-tenths of the voters of each
party are honent and true." ' They want
honest and Intelligent government. When
their party falla to give It, they know
that' the time has arrived when their duty
and also their Intellectual self-respect
requires them to vote with the opposite
"To keep government up to the mark
on party should itot be kept in power
continuously. It were fortunate for- us
If our political parties In state and na
tion were mora evenly divided, so that
one party could be put out and the other
brought In readily, e a e
'The assertion that Mr. Plx was se
lected and his nomination forced by a
political leader bereabovts I know pt my
own knowledge to be false. It Is easy to
stand up a man of straw and then thump
it over, and that. Is what some distin
guished republicans or new nationalist
campaigners seem to be principally en
gaged In. but they will learn on election
night that the voters of the state know
a man of atraw or a scarecrow when they
see one, at least as quick as a crow
Sawael A. Ramsey aag Charles Srfcall
Reinstated Into Good Graces
of tae Coart.
1'IERRK, 8. D., Nov. t (Special Tele
grum.) In the supreme, court tuday the
disbarment order egaliut Samuel A. Ram
sey of Woonsorket was modified to sus
pension to end of December I, next. The
suspension order against Charles Bohull
of Watertown was modified to end No
vember a." In circuit coqrt In Btan'ey
county today the attorneys for Rev.
Father O'Hara, charged with criminal as-
ault, objected to the Jury and the mem
bers were all discharged and a new panel
was orde ed. This as followed by an af
fidavit of prejudice .egatuat Judge
lioncher and Judge Bottum will be hers
tomorrow to hear the case.
sr Vi'hK...
M W Yuh fc . ...
Nt Yi lilt ..
AST t MP ....
U V fc-HruuU. . .
-. Vt nlis
K w 1r o
...... i - L- nu.
t Ulllu.4
n i ri.v
Granti Mandamus to Compel County
Clerk to Prepare Them,
ays that the Marhlaes Are Adeqaate
to Carry All the Names Taxes
Costs af Case to C. O.
I,o beck.
Voting machines w.ll be used In
Douglas county at the November I elec
tions. In an opinion hsnded down Wednes
day morning In the metter of Chsrles O.
Lobecks motion for a mandamus writ
commanding CVunty Clerk Havetiy to use
the machines, he having refused to do so
unless ordered by the court. Judge A. C.
Troup held that the writ should issue.
The Judge made a ruling conforming to
the opinion.
County Clerk Haverly. who had prepared
himself to act In accordance the
court's ruling, whatever It should be, by
beginning the printing of paper ballots and
voting machine ballot labels, dropped the
work on the plan against which the court
ruled and continued preparation for the
election according to the court's ruling.
Last Thursday Dobeck. democratic Candi
da. e for consresiman. In district court
filed his motion for a mandamus writ.
The hearing was set for Saturday morning
before Judge Troup. Saturday and Monday
were consumed with testimony and argu
ments and the case was submitted Monday
night, the Judge taking it under advise
ment and announcing that he would rule
W ednesday morning.
While sustaining the Dobeck motion for
a mandamus writ Judge Troup did not ac
tually issue the writ. He said that the
motion should be sustained, but the writ
would not be Issued unless the relator,
Dobeck, Insisted upon Its Issuanoe or
County ' Clerk Haverly indicated that he
would not comply with the court's order.
Mr. Haverly personally and through his
attorneys, A. W. Jefferis and John P.
Dreen. said he would comply without the
formality of Issuance and service of the
Judge Troup, In his opinion, approved
County Clerk Haverly's action In refuelng
to use the machines at the time he took
such action, saying that at that time It
appeared that the machines were Inade
quate and their use was Impracticable.
Therefore, he ruled, that the costs of the
mandamua action be taxed to the relator,
Troop Gives His Reasons.
Judge Troup's opinion was given orally
and at some length. Its delivery ocoupylng
nearly three-quarters of an hour, in sub
stance he said:
"At the beginning of this hearing con
siderable time was spent In argument and
testimony over points of minor Importance.
If they were of any consequence at ail.
Chief among these was the question of
whether or not the county actually owned
enough machines to hold an election by
their use. I think the testimony made it
clear that there was an understanding be
tween the county and the city that either
should be freo to use the machines owned
by the other when occasion required.
"The case was submitted to me on three
main propos.tions: First, the constitution
ality of ths state voting machine law;
Second, whether or not the use of the
machines ever was authorised by the Btate
Board of Voting Maohlne Commissioners
and the Board Of County Commissioners;
Uitrd, whether, or not tne maonjnes In the
particular Instance' of "tRe c'dfnlr.g election
'at adequate to "the - legal ' baiiot. The
first two questions Involve some fine
points, but they were not for my consid
eration at this time. Mr. Haverly made
neither of them the ground for his refusal
to comply with the county board's order
that he use the machines. His sole ground
was that the machines lacked the capa
city to carry the ballot In legal and sat
isfactory form." -
Judge Troup then In detail explained the
reasoning which brought him to the con
clusion that while the machine Is not pro
vided with sufficient horisontal Unss to
permit of placing of names of all petition
candidates for an Identical office In a
column. It carries .blank spaces sufficient
to accommodate the names of all candi
dates. He held that the arrangement,
while departing from the customary form
of ballot to some extent, really placee no
eandldate nor voter at. an actual disad
vantage.' Illustrating his- finding on a
copy of a machine label pasted on the wall,
he showed how the petition candidates for
county attorney will be at no disadvan
tage. The candidates for deputy assessor
in the First ward, South Omaha,-, he said,
might be at some disadvantage if the
voters were not Instructed how to vote for
them, but it Is customary and contem
plated that whenever and wherever the
machines are used there shall be provision
for instruction of the voters.
The machines as arranged by Mr. Ous
tavson, agent for the empire Voting
Machine oompany, are practically adequate
and satisfactory, he said. At the time of
County Clerk Haverly' refusal to use the
machines they were not adequate and there
appeared to be no way of making them
so. Since heavy registration In some pre
cincts of the olty Indicates that the vote
will be too heavy to be met by one
maohlne, the county clerk will bring sev
eral machines In from the country precincts
and plaoe two machines In a olty precinct
when necessary, paper ballots being used
In the country precincts from which the
machines are taken. In this matter Judge
Troup told Mr. Haverly to use his own
discretion. .
Mr. Haverly has not decided whether or
not he will appeal ta the supreme uourt.
He said no appeal -will be taken, at least,
until after the election.
Deabla Machines Used.
On account of the heavy vote indicated
by the registration, the county olerk will
place two maoninea In tne Tnird precinct
of Uie Seventh ward, the preoinct of
the Fourth ward and the First, tfeuond
and Fourth precincts of the Twelfth ward,
he said Wednesday afternoon. It If de
velops that other precincts will need more
than one machine the necessary machines
will be provided. Faper bailuts will bs
used in eleven of the fa teen precincts out of Omaha and bouiii Omana. The
machines that have been ustd there will
be available for use In the cities. In
Dundee, Florence and the two Benson
precincts machines will be used.
County . Clerk Haverly has Installed a
voting machine In the basement of the
court house, where a man will be in at
tendance each day until 19 p. m. up to
elect on day.
Iodic Pale Tew a Hall.
SIDNEY, Nab., Nov. 1. (Special Tele
gram.) A fire of Incendiary origin last
night destroyed the town hall at Dodge
Pole, eighteen miles sast of here, the gar
age of Hoy Dlbby and the meat market of
W orris Tinsman. The loss amounts to
about t&.fett partially covered by Insurance.
This Is the second fire that has occurred
there In the last slrty days under the same
suspicious circumstances.
Heavy Laws at BartasT.
FORT MADISON. Ia.. Nov. l-The busi
ness section of the Utile village of Baring,
a coaling station on ths Eanta Fe railroad,
aixty milt west of here, was destroyed by
tire today. Dosd about l),v
Repubi.c of
Portugal Faces
Army Revolt
Regiment! Which Helped OTerthrow
Monarchy Demands Pension!
and Promotion!.
LISBON," Nov. I The r.ew republlo of
Portgual Is threatened with a military
revolution. The Second and Fifth regl
ments today addressed a round robin to
Provisional President Brag a. declaring
that they were prepared for an tnsurrec
tion If they were not granted the promised
promotions and pensions for helping over
throw the monarchy. The government
probably will yield.
The royalists, who adhered to the repub
lic, demand the same rewards as the revo
lutionists proper seeks to exact. The revo
lutionary crew of the cru.eer Sao Raphael,
which bombarded the royal palace during
the revolut onary outbreak, has been dis
missed. The crew of the cruiser Adam-
aster, which also fired upon the home of
King Manuel, has refused to leave the
vessel unless the members are guaranteed
a pension of 115 a month each for life.
In order to avoid disorder, it Is likely thst
the government will grant all of these
A secret committee, representing an ele
ment that Is dlsnat sfled with the course
of the new government, has been planning
a revolution for some" time. Last night It
held a meeting to protest against the leni
ency shown by Braga and his associates
toward the rnembors of the old regime.
There are also troubles In the provinces,
where .the people refuse to recognise the
government's appointees to positions of
trust on the ground that the new officers
are Incapable.
Telxelra de Souaa Abreau. Malhelro and
Reymao, former members of the Franco
cabinet and Jointly charged with having
issued Illegal decrees, were arrested today.
(Continued from First Page.)
been at this work at the end of the week,
for fifty days.
Friday he Is to speak at Eagle, Elmwood,
Union and Plattamouth. His campaign
winds up Monday night at Lincoln with a
monster meeting at the Auditorium, where
he will greet his home folic.
"My opponent has been indulging In con
tinuous misrepresentation of my record In
congress," said the senator, "but it has
done him no good whatsoever. He has Just
now brought to his aid a little Washington
whipper-snapper, who 1s emphatic in as
serting some malicious misstatements and
far more numerous basty conclusions and
bad guesses.
"The state Is easily safe for the whole
republican ticket. In the state at large
Mr. Aldrtoh has been making one of the
most successful campaigns I have ever
known and his .opponent has had com
paratively small and ,unenthuslaUo audi
ences. With respect to my own candidacy
I have no qualms whatever, but on the con
trary unbounded confidence.
"Mr. Hayward will be an easy victor, and
so will Congressman Noriis. Klnkaid Is
absolutely sxoure and so far as I can learn
I have been through the whole district
former Congressman Boyd will defeat
Latta by a good majority. The outlook for
tne whole ticket is very good Indeed." ',
Visits '.toimerclal Clab.
An' erroneous Impression prevailed that
Senator Burkett was to speak at the Com
merdat'Mub atfro3H. As It was, the
senator simply too' luncheon there In
company-of A:' 1 W Jerferls, Dav'd Cole,
B. A. Bensorr; Jdhn L. Kennedy, B. F.
Thomas and' Charges Harding.
President Wead of the Real Estate ex
change, which was holding, its regular
meeting. Invited Senator Burkett to ad
dress the exchange, and after luncheon
Senator Burkett stepped Into the room
where the exchange members 'sat, to say
he was glad to have the opportunity of
meklng their acquaintance. Aside from
this the distinguished visitor did not talk.
What amounted to a veritable levee was
conducted In the halls and library of the
club. Hundreds of noon-hour visitors
shaking hands with Mr. Burkett and pay
ing their respects. Many others visited
him during the morning and afternoon at
the Rome, where he Is stopping.
Will lie a Most Busy Man fro
Time Until Election
Judge A. L. Sulton will be active until
the finish of his campaign for election to
congress. He spoke last evening with
Senator Burkett at the meeting of the
Grant club In Idlewild hall, appearing flrat
at the big downtown Burkett meeting at
the Rome.
Thursday night Judge Sutton will Intro
duce Senator Burkett to the voters of
South Omaha at the meeting at National
hall and will accompany the senator
through the Magic City during the day.
Friday night Judge Sutton will stir the
voters of Sheeley and Saturday night he
will have two meetings in South Omaha.
Likewise Monday night he will make two
more speeches In his borne city, which will
poll a majority for him Tuesday that will
astonish some of his best friends.
During the last few weeks Judge Burton
by dint of fast traveling when oourt baa
adjourned has managed to speak in nearly
all the towns of his district and has
shaken bands with hundrede of voters.
Bellalre, Kan., Bank Robbed.
SMITH CENTER, Kan., Nov. 1.-Robbers
last night blew open the safe of the Bank
of Bellalre. - this county, and secured ti.uue
In cash. Bloodhounds have been plaoed on
trie trail of the bandits, who escaped after
the ro b bery.
Buys Alfred Judson & Go's. Well j
Known, Iligh Grade Jew
elry Stock.
Judson & Co. Fails Stock Sold
to Bennett's at 50o on the
Dollar.- I
Again the Bennett Company clearly :
showed themselves to b hustlers, wide
swsk business men. Just the other day
Alfred Judson A Co., the well known
high grade Jewelers of Chicago, failed.
Our buyer knew this stock to be the
clsaneat, best stock for miles around,
full of. standard makes and a large ae
sortment of watches, dlamonda, solid golj
and gold filled Jewelry, so they rushed
to Chicago, arriving Just in time to get
In on the receiver's sal.
In order to bring the sals to a quick 1
finish, Bennett Co. offered to start st
iOc on the dollar, and closed the sale.
Thl beautiful stock will be her Satur
day, and will be placed on sal at once.
Watch Friday's ad for announcement and ,
sal price. I
General Writes Letter in Which ne
Adriiei Friend to Fig-ht Him.
Had I'aderatood Hem or ra tie Candl.
dale to Be Opposed to Ite Hand
on Llqnor Qaestlen Teach
era Association Opens.
rrom Steff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES. Ia.. Nov. t.-(8perlal Tel
egram.) The political sensation of the day
was the publication of a letter to his po
litical friends by General James B. Weaver
In which he states that he will vote against
C.aude Porter, the democratic candidate
for governor, notwithstanding they have
been life-long friends. He bases this on a
letter printed some weeks aro In a German
paper In Davenport In which Porter states
In effe?t he had prior to the democratic
state convention pledged himself to abide
by the platform adopted and is therefore
fully committed to the democratic plank
In favor of local option saloon law. Weaver
had previously stated he would support
porter, but not the platform. Now he ad
vises all hie friends to vote against Porter.
Teaehers' Association Opens.
The annual State Teachers' association
opened here today with a session of the
subordinate association of county super
intendents and a banquet. This was fol
lowed by the meeting of the state educa
tional council to prepare the committee
reports on topics to he recommended to
tbe general association which holds se slons
tomorrow. More than &X more teachers
registered for the assoclstlon today.
Assistant to Attorney General Makes
Trip to Iowa to Help In the
FORT DODGE. Ia.. Nov. 1 (SneetaJ Tl.
egram.) W. 8. Ke-nyon, assistant to ths
united state attorney geieral, arrived
today from Wash in ton to eamnalffn In
the county before election. Interviewed
about his attitude toward the senatorihlp,
he refused to talk, but reiterated the senti
ment of a recent editorial that a tem
porary appointment or a political struggle
is not attractive to him at present If the
legislature elected him, he would accept,
it ia thought here.
Auto and Wrecked
Buggy as Exhibits
Unusual Evidence to Be Submitted to
the New York Supreme Court
in Rosenheimer Caie.
NEW YORK, Nov. !.-The doors of the
supreme court room were taken itnnm
this afternoon and a bis? sixtv.hnrar..
automobile, the front badly battered .r4
bent, was pushed Inside. A wrecked buggy
was next earned through the door and
when these two unusual exhibit had been
placed In front of the bench, the r.i t
Edward Rosenheimer, for the murder of
atise uraee Hough, was resumed, . it la
charged that Rosenheimer. a wmithv
needle manufacturer.
Hough with the machine aa she wa drlv
Ing along Pelham parkway on the even
ing of AugusfU.
- colds cAiran headachb.
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E. W. GROVE. 2&0. signature
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1 Round
BtoY weather Is allrtf ht If you don't hav stars troubles.
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"The (loms of
Spanish Fanatic
Destroyed Maine
Says Col. Brady
Electrioian Employed in Moro Cattle
Alleg-ed to Hare Exploded the
Submarine Mine.
KANSAS CITT, Mo., Nov. l-That Jose
Zavaldo, a Spanish electrician, working
In Morro Castle, and probably a fanatic,
was responsible for the destruction of the
battleship Maine was the statement made
here tonight by Colonel Joseph tw. Brady.
Colonel Brac'y says he was on of a
oommtttee of four men who Investigated
the explosion and reported their findings
10 President McKinley.
"Of course 1 did not see this man turn
on the switch which set free the powerful
mines that caused the d.aasisr," said the
coionel, "but the evidence In the ease
pointed directly to his guilt. Threw
army officers, whose name I do not oe.r
to give, and myself, reported to the presi
dent that In our belief Zavaldo was re
sponsible. He was later vxecuted upon
the command of General Blanco. None,
nowever, was ever to lam for what lea-
Colonel Brady In aa address last night at
St. George's Episcopal churoh here dis
cussed the Maine disaster and attributed
It to a submarine mine explosion. His state
ment brought forth denials from Washing
ton, among other things being that being
that no military board had been appointed
to Investigate the case. Colonel btady ex
plains that the board never convened to
make Its report, but reported Individually
to the president
Colonel Brady was quoted aa saying- In
hi address last night that Cubans were
responsible for the disaster. He denied to
day that he made such a statement Colo
nel Brady I a brother of Rev. Cyrus
Townsend Brady, reotor of St Oeorge
churoh and author.
Prominent Boon Capitalist Passe
Away After n Long;
BOONE. Ia., Nov. I.-(9polal.)-'Wllllam
D. Johnson died Tuesday night. For many
weeks he ha hovered between life and
death at the home of his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Ira Johnson. No arrangement have
been made for the funeral. Mr. Johnson
was one of the wealthiest of Boone's
cltlxen. At one time he owned a
ranch In Texas containing 80,000 acres of
land. He also owned enough cattle and
sheep to cover this land. He at one time
owned the ranch which la now the famou
101 ranoh of ctrou fame. He Invested
some of his money In Boone county coal
properties, and the W. D. Johnson Coal
company of this olty was his. He was
financially Interested In the Boone National
bauk, the Boone Brick, Tile and Clay
work and other business Interest.
The Weather
For Nebraska-Fair and warmer,
For Iowa Fair.
Temperature at Omaha yesterday:
... 90
... n
... t
... 80
... 34
... 37
... 40
... 43
... 44
... 4K
... 45
... 4
... 44
... 41
t a. m....
6 a. m....
1 a. m.,..
I a. m....
a. m.,,.
Wa. m....
U a. m..,.
it mr... '.','.
i P. m....
I p. m....
P. hi. I..
4 p. m....
in. m....
5 p. m....
7 p. m....
P. m....
S Sins
Oak" Sfoves
the Long Ton1'
t sr Twt
w sua nr
ilk r
w r n v lj
r. i
1 s -'i - n ' 1 . r 1 '
a m
keep your teeth
vrhiteand sound,
your breath
sweet until old
age. Remove
tArUr, will not
cratch enamel.
250 and 500
I All Drugglste.
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"fbe aiiojughi alaid!..
I 1 ' V
Nov. Eight
Don't Forget
Paddison wait)