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VOL. NL-NO. 110.
Commeicial Club Men L?ave on Spe
cial Train for Jaunt Into North
eastern Nebraska.
Railroad Men Well Represent" in
m .1 f It.rh- " "7-
Peter Mortensen
for Commission,
Says Big Petition
Application Filed to Place Name of
Ex-Treasurer on Ballot for Rail
way Vacancy.
Chairman Hayward of Trade
mittec HiRhly Optimistic.
Final lajnnrtlun lu Omaha Hooeters
I Nt to l-;reni4 All V.nrrm
mid Voire on First Town
oh float.
More than 100 husky lunged jobbers and
islttnvri men of Omaha, ambit lous-bent fnr
t-p.fle growth of their home dry, each
aimed with an umbrella proclaiming In at
tractive, color imd letter to rome scventy
flvo cities of the state the Importance of
this metropolis a o trade center; with
torches for nlsht parades and advertising'
matter galore aboard, nine roaches of a
reelal Northwestern train left Union Rta
1I00 at !) o'clock last night.
It was an auspicious beginning for the
tiilriy-acventh trade extension trip of
Today nineteen towns will he visited by
tho boosters and at each place they will
iiinrch two abreast, ten feet apart through
the, business district.
The, trade extenslonists are due to arrive
at 10 o'clock tonight In Fremont, where they
v 111 exseute thi-lr first torch light parade
of the trip. Advertising bunners will be
carried In the proeesMon with the glare of
ton-he directed upon them.
llarvrard Talks of Trln.
Discussing; the trip, C. S. Hayward.
chairman of the trade extension committee
of tlie Commercial club, said lust night:
"We never planned a trip Into better ter
ritory than In northeastern Nebraska, and
wo are going to vlt-lt nearly 100.000 of tha
best people on earth. From their letter
and press (tenia they certainly have a
neighborly welcome ready for us. While
this I called n trade excursion, it Is more
of a soeinl call. In order to become bet'er
acquainted with thn merchants and busi
ness men of our own state. It la unusual
for us to have a fall .trip, but we could not
and did not care to resist the persuasion
that our customers hsve showered on us
to make them a visit. Tt la eight years
since we were tip there and we expect to
'find many pleasant surprises In the de
velopment made Mncr then."
faM J. M- Guild, commissioner of the
, vluli mid in chare-n of the train; "All set.
Nothing . (i'c; Jo-oLed so far. F.cery man Is
on band and ready for four day" strcnu
oua work. We have the best train of cars,
the finest equipment ever assembled for
any purpose. We hove the general mana-ret-
of the road, the general superintend
ent, the division superintendent, the train
master, (he general freight BRent, the gen
eral passenger agent, the dining car super
intendent, the Pullman superintendent and
a regular army of men to nee to our per
sonal safety and comfort and the carrying
out of our schedule. Under such favorable
conditions we are going to have a great
trip. My only regret Is that It la only for
fmii- days."
Final lajanvllon.
Oit tli eve of departure Mr. C. S. Hay
ward gave tho boosters the following final
i.e ready to leave the train with your
i From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neh., Oct. 24. I, (Special Tele
gram, i A petition signed by 1000 voters
was filed with the secretary of slate to
night requesting that the name of Peter
Mortensen be placed upon the ballot as a
'.-liidldate for etate railway commissioner,
"). Mortensen niched the city this after
n and consented to make the race
; Unions differ as to the legality of elect-
state railway commissioner to sue
W. II. Cow gill, deceased. Some at
x hold that It Is the duty or the
to appoint, the appointment to
uruil the flection, a year from this
dne. Others contend that the appointment
could only run until the first of January
and the vacancy be filled by election.
One section of the law provides that the
vacancy must be filled by election where
It occurs within thirty days of the election.
If the vacancy occurs In less than thirty
days before election, some contend It
muft he filled by appointment.
The Mortensen petition was circulated by1
the. republican state committee. No petl
tlon has lieen filed for a democrat.
It is expected that Governor Shullen
berger will appoint a successor to Mr. Co
fill and that th person who finally gets
the placo will have to secure title through
the courts.
New York Game Trails
Exact Redaction of Deficit During-
Fiscal Year Eleven Million Five
Hundred Thousand Dollars. -
Kercrire F.-rtenriVrl as RanidlY Bl War 1
ranted by Increasing- Population.
Big Increases Are Made in Rural De
livery System.
Aldrich" Talks
at South Omaha
Appears at the Packing Plants and
at the Exchange with
Judge Sutton.
Chester 11. Aldrich and Judge A. L. Sut
ton made a whirlwind campaign through
South Omaha Monday, both men delivering
half a dozen addresses to fcemarkahly en
thusiastic audlenc-a. Thousands of work
men heard Mr. Aldrich a the gates of the
big Mnglo City packing plants, the party
going rapidly from one to another of these
big Institutions
At noon the campaigners reached the
T,lve Slock exchange. Here the addresses
were made In the rotnnca. which waa
crowded with live Btock dealers. .Indue
Sutton spoke first and then Mr. Aldrich
was Introduced by Jay I.averty.
Mr. Aldrich made a most favorable Im
pression at the exchange and was greeted
again and again with rousing cheers.
Several times during the day Mr. Aldrich
expressed his confidence not only In vic
tory in the state as a whole, but In a great
big vote In Douglas county, a remark
which-the applause each time fully justl
ed . Judge. Putton ens - also warmly
greeted by his host of friends in South
On. ah a. The congressional candidate fre
quently expressed his pleasure at appear
ing with Mr. Aldrich.
Thoesand of Men Gltee. I. m
plo;aaent, I'irsirat for Whose
work Kxeeeds t-2, SOO.OOft
Dnrlnsc Year.
WASHINGTON, wt. 21. -Figures. the
compilation of which as completed at the i
Postofflcn depai intent today, show that the
exact reduction of the postal deficit during
the fiscal ear ending June 30 last was
$U,Mi0.0(. The deficit of the previous fiscal
year was SlT.BnO.OW, so that in one year the
deficit was brought down to $.100.0HO.
In commenting tonlghl on the saving of
Sll.&OO.OUU last year. Postmaster General
Hitchcock said:
"This tremendous saving was made with
out the curtailment of the postal facilities
In any direction. On the contrary, during
the year there were many Important ex
tensions of such facilities. The. department's
policy is to extend the service as .rapidly
as Is warranted by Inrrciudng population
and to accomplish Its savings, not by Ihe
curtailment of postal facilities, but by
handling in a more systematic and busl:
ness-llke manner the constantly expanding
volume of the malls."
New Postorru-e Katabliahed.
The tables Indicate that In the further
ance of tills policy more than 1.500 new post
offices, with the necemsary officers, employee-
and equipment, were established
during the last fiscal year. Great exten
sions were made In the rural delivery sys
tem, 613 new routes, with a total mileage of
ll,2So miles, being put into operation. There
were appointed from the eligible list of tha
Cicll Service commission over 1.S00 postal
clerks to enlarge the working forces of city
postofflces and more than 1,000 additional
letter carriers. The railway mall service
was strengthened by the appointment of
about 750 new employes, all of whom were
taken from the civil service eligible list.
The aggregate salaries of the new employe
appointed during the yem from" the civil
nervlce list exceed $2,000,000. ' '
Salaries Increased. .
Tha I ahlau r-nnmllAit n lu, i shniv nnl
only that many new employee were iCLUB MEMBERS HONOR LEADER
placed on the rolls, .but that. ihe depart
ment -made liberal increased, under the
terms of the law. In tho compensation oft
V life Y (fi k vv
- - -?H r W
New Folicy of the Democratio State
Committee at Appears on
th Fnrface.
Sees Effort to Sink the Party Under
Terrible Load.
Other Candidates Have No Show to
Get Support.
Papers Ibat Holt Him anil 1ile Stop
port lo HltcheocW 4re Allowed
to llo No Without Abt
hYom the Hrooklyn Kagle.
Distinguished Officers of National and
Other Clubs at Function.
Missouri Pacific
Trainmen to Vote
Ballot on Question of Striking to Aid
Machinists to Be Taken
employes already In 'the service. Salaries
of postofflce clerks were advanced in the
aggregate $1,750,000, while tTie aggregate
salaries of letter carriers were Increased
$1,226,000. Railway mall clerks received
increases of salary amounting- to almost
$2b0,000.- :
Mr. Hitchcock explained that all in
creased in compensation were based upon
a system of efficiency ratings, which was
President of finicral Federation and
Other DlenUarlrs In Catherlaar of
Use II and red and Fifty at the
Ilenahatnr Hotel Monday.
Six Billion Feet
of Timber Burned
in the Northwess
ST. I'1S. Oct. 24. The Brotherhood of
Railway Trainmen employed by the Mis
souri l1clfic-lron Mountain system. It wns
tiinlirel.a and advei Using matter at Klgln , Bntlounced here today, will vote tomorrow
night on the question of a s mpathetlc
walkout to aid the machinists and other
mechanical unions win their strike. Ballots
wcra sent, today to the local unions of the
trainmen. It had been announced that
the trainmen, beginning today, would not
handlo cars In the local yards, but the
traffic is moving on schedule time.
tomorrow inui nln. 1 hla Is our first slop
unu mv wanrto sturl ilgnt. We will
at very opportunity, It is no more tioublo
- to pHradu up town than it Is to strangle,
in luuUe the ucxt showing line up two
abri-a.-l, ten feel apart tn the column and
me column spread out the width of the
Street. Kvery olio la expected to get oti
the train at every town whether Inter
ested In It partlculurly or not. Remember,
te are out to create a favorable Impres
sion for Omaha, the Market Town. Hanx
im to our umbrella and take no liberties
Vtltn that of your neighbor. We are to
visit seventy-five towns and the umbrella
parade is an Impressive feature. When,
liitihl purJ;-. aie made red fire torches
mil b cairled. Look out for your
other horiatoiy reuiarks f d ;
"Jluabaud our strength und i:ic;.-.
mi i t oui oc r, too. Vou'll need It all be
lore jou Kd Home. Those retiring lute and
' u.ot-e arising tailv (evidently not the same
ii.ii.ooul will i.'.u u mml,l,.r lh . ,ni foi i 1 f the SeSHOtl
,.rt ,!,.. ..r ih. i ai.ri. ..-n. nervous and unsettled
Mr. Jeffet-is u chairmao of a committee
!o receive any delegation from the next
ton. Please iitt htm in taking care of
kiKil parties.
I'hu liineraiy for Tuesday la as follows.
Town. ArrUt. Leave.
So) am 30 minutes
i 1.0 am 30 minutes
Renewal of Mqaldatlon la the Caaae
of a Sensational Break In
N K V YORK, Oct. 24. Thus' was a re
newal of heavy liviuidatlon In the cotton
market today and another sensational
break which carried prices from twenty
to thirty-five points below the closing fig
ures last week.
January contracts sold at 13.49 cents or
about 5.36 points under the high record
The market continued very
Justice Harlan Announces All Will
Be Heard Together.
l.i.-ln 7-;to am
ivirnitiuri ... (Plain
Lorrito am
Aioion H i am
Kradlsli lo ;i am
New n Orove .l" ii am
1. 1 nd. 7. .,..,.11 11 am
t ot lib a 11 M am
lluiiipnrey ....12 os pin
r-lon U pin
!,eiKb 1 -o im
) io i lls
t'o.iKe ...
Snxder ,.
.. 1 pill
. . ; .ft pm
.. 3 .10 pm
.. 3 : pin
.. 4 ti pin
... i M put
:l pm
r'renioni s.oo pm
am lo ininiites
I0: am 40 minutes
liVLM am ."i minutes
11 ll u m . nitnutes
Ibii uiu U iiunuu-s
12 el pm to ininut--I2::4
pm JO in nines
1:11 pin l.i minutes
1 41 pm iO nuniit- s
2.IU pin 1 itiinuics
2 l-'i pm l.i iiiinut- a
..'.i pm IJ iniiiuli-s
:i::"il pm iiuiiuls
I pm minutes pm 2.i niinutes
41 pin 10 nnnuies
10:00 Pin Kvenlng
Club women of Omahu, Nebraska and of
Iowa, who Monday morning attended the
breakfast given by the Omaha Woman's
club In honor of Mrs. Philip N. Moore, gen
eral Federation president, received from
I adopted by the department a little more president a most enthusiastic message.
than a year ago. He says the nystem ! a clear cut and Inspiring report or the
haa had a highly beneficial effect on the I work w hich the women's clubs of the coun
servlce. try have done and are doing.
"I believe." he said- "that the higher The breakfast was held In the Rath
standard Df efficiency secured by askeller of the HenshawNat 10 o'clock Mon
proper application of this policy is cer-1 day morning and included besides members
tain to Justify the resulting increases in ! of the Omaha federated organizations, c.luo
expenses. In my judgment the action of j women from Council Bluffs, South Omahu,
the department in this regarl lat year ! Benson. Florence. Dundee, members of the
was lsrgely responsible for the effective ! Asuoclation of ColleRlate Alumnae and the
co-operation the department received I Nurses' association, to the number of l:"0.
from Us officers and men throughout the Mrs. M. 1. Cameron, president of the
country In cutting out wasteful expendl-j Omaha Woman's club, presided most grace
tures and in making the postal service fully at the Informal and brief after
generally mure efficient. 1 breakfast speechmaklng Introducing the
"This heartjf co-operation I expect to several club dignitaries, each of whom was
be continued through this and future received with enthusiasm, and each of
years, witn tne result mat. we snail nave: whom gave a brief and pleasing talk. Mrs.
Harry L. Keefe of Walthlll. member of the
board of directors of the Federation, spoke
of the loyalty which the Omaha club had
always shown to the state and also to
the general federation and its Importance
in stale work. Mrs. I. M. Richards of
Waterloo, president of the Iowa Federa
tion, spoke pelasantly of her Impressions
of Omaha and Nebraska club women and
of the close feeling between the club
women of the two states. "It is this spirit
of fellowship and loyalty of one club
woman to another, one organization to an
other, which the federation is fostering and
promoting among club women of the coun
try," she said. Her talk, however, was
distinctuly huuiorous In quality.
DATE OF HANGING ADVANCED; mumatlon with the Island has been Inter- H. Col. The Nebraska
rupieo ana veriiioauon ui ins report is . , .
Damage to National Forests in Mon
tana and Idaho is Estimated at
Fifteen Million Dollars.
WASHINGTON. i. 24.-dix billion
board feet of lumber, valued at about
JlC.'Jt) 000 were destroyed in the recent for
est fires in Ihe national forests in Montanu
and northern Idaho.
The total area buined over tn this one
district was put at 1 260,000 acres.
The firnt rough estimate of the loss In
the district was completed today by offi
cials of tho government forest service. It
Khons that the licaMeHt losses were in two
Idaho forests, the Cveur d'Alene. where
.1,000,000 board feet of timber was killed or
Assistant Commissioner F. H. Ahhott
Tells that Measnre Enacts Xew
Principle with Respect
to Red Men.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24. (Special Tel
egram.) Justice Harlan In the supreme
court today announce! that the so-called
bank guaranty cases coming up from Ne
braska and Kansas would be advanced on
the docket and be heard at the same time
as the Oklahoma case. This means that
the hank guaranty cases will be reached
a seir-sustaining postal service ana i
cent letter postage."
Hundreds Drowned
by Tidal Wave
Island of Ischia, Off Coast of Italy,
Visited by Great
ROME, Oct. 24. The ministry of the in
terior this evening received word of a
tidal wave at Caaamicciola on the Island
of lschla that drowned 200 persons. Cora-
Marderer of Belle r.lmore Will Be
Eaecated la London vn
her Klirhth.
LONliON, Oct. 14. LT. Hawiey Crippen,
convicted of the murder of his wife. Belle
Klmore. the actress, will be hanged on
November s. The dato originally announced
wan November 15. but today the sheriff
advanced the day one week.
The ministry of the interior has ordered
four men-of-war to hurry to the scene I
with men and supplies.
Casamicclola is twelve miles southwest
of Poxzuoli at the foot of Mount Kpomeo.
It was nearly destroyed by an earthquake
in July, lsM. when about 1,700 lives were
loNt. It baa since been rebuilt and has a
population of about 4.0U0.
Secretary Meter Looks Over the lta-
tion at the Irearrat
en y
"I'll save this liest from certain death
and stop him In his tracks." He staggered I
forth; the other two in anguish turned
their backs. '
NKW ORLEANS. Oct. 24. -Secretary of
the Navy George Von L. Meyer, who U
here on a tour of Inspection of I'nlted
rltafe naval station, today said he could
see no ureal reason for a naval base St
New Orleans.
"It there is vver to be any fighting It
will not be on the Outf of Mexico." he said,
"but will be around the entrance of the
Panama canal. Of i-ourxe none of us antici
pates a conflict, but If It should come the
canst will he the p!aie which Kill need
f ortlf i lug. I don't think the Misslxmppl
vaKej Is in any particular danger of in.
Although It is thought the sevietary
favora uiakiu tjus ntanainn the naval baMtj
Judge Bcrka a Candidate
for a Carnegie Hero Medalj
In a lonely .-pot on a lonely road In far
Lust Omaha three councilmen on a curious
o,ust a deid of couiage saw. A deed that
. . 1 1. .. 1 .. ..... . . . I . I ..... L- ih.iv
.l ...Til L..e ,h hur:,, Hp ,,auwJ-
unoeni. anrea aim i-suscu mm ir6ii.iiv and seine. I a eafv 1 inb orr an ..M
bioou lu all liieii eliia to Iitwi. ; bruMii hrp and lurid It nut in flool of
Judge Beika, famous man of peace, the him. The horse had doubtless read Mac
oi ator and sage, took cluiiiccs that would I beth and thought of Duslnane. at any rate
lest the nerve of a stripling half ti Ls age. lie held his breath arid stopped as if In
As the coiincllnten were conning tier some pain Ihe Judgu advanced his olive branch
very pensive cows and trying (o find ty-1 extended as a shield, then suddenly he
phoid signs in the archness of their brows, j whirled It off and proudly stood revealed,
and wondering If the bovtm-a had tubercu- , jn mingled fear, chagrin, surprise, the
losia germs, and If 'twas shame or shyness j horse came to a stand und tried with
caused their sudden starts and S'lutrms-a pleading in his ryes to shake the Judge's
tound. the beat of many feet comes whiff i hand. The Judge declined the p.offeied
ling on the air. Paid Tom Mciiovern. "What , hoof and m.nle the leln secure, well know-
was received with enthusiasm,
but spoke most briefly and only Intro
ductory of the General Federation presi
dent. Mrs. Moore. ho has a quiet but most
effective manner of speaking, gave a con
cise but enthusing sxposltion of what the
clubwomen of the country have accom
plished, are accomplishing and aim to ac
complish. "Co-operation," she said, "ls the
! shibboleth of the fedi ratli n today. We are
J not scattering our forcee, but dividing
I them according to the interests of the dlf
I ferenl women included In our organlxa.-
i tion, that Is, the women interested in lit
! erature. art. cilcs and philanthropy."
and argued In all probability before re-
d.-strosed and more than 4i0,0o0 acres es!, of court for the holidays. The titles
burned over; and tho Clear Water, of Vl() 0BSOB are: Ashton C. Shallenber- leet was Kilted ana JUO.ouo acres Rer, Governor of Nebraska, against the
turned over. I First National Bank of Holsteln, Neb.;
it is oeneved that last summers fires Assrla State Bank of Aesarla, Kan.,
either burned or killed between 1 and Hiaa.lnst Jnsanh N. Dolly, bunk rommli.
pe:- cent of the total stand of forest limber. 1
At the present rale of cutting from na-
Kloner of the state of Kansas, and Noble
State Bank of Oklahoma against Uov-
tii.iial forests, 6.000,000,000 feet is equal to ernor Hakell of Oklahoma.
twelve years supply, but it Is less than one
sixth of a single year's cut In the entire 1
country, or enough to keep all lumber mills of Tndan affalr8- returneJ today from
uuffj ivi auiuciinug unaer iiioniua.
Indiana and Urown Bill
lrred II. Abbott, assistant commissioner
Higher Tariffs
Are Suspended
Commission Will Look Into Proposed
Raise of Rates from Middle West
to Eastern Points.
the Mohonk conference, and In a few
I days will leave for Oklahoma and from
; there will go to Aurora, Neb., to cast
his ballot. In speaking of the Mohonk
conference Mr. Abbott said the Brown
i bill passed at the last session of con
j Kress, w hich Is the pioneer Idea of tax
ing restricted Indian lands and which Is
about to be threshed out as to Its prac
ticability among the Omahas In Thurston
county, met with hearty support at the committee remain silent
In fuel resolutions were
COL-CM BPS. Neb., Oct. M. (Special. I
Kdgst- llownrd Is an mud at tbf apparent
abandonment of all others on the demo-
i era tic ticket for the Pin-nose of nulling fill-
bcrt M. Hitchcock out of his Hartley
frhortiiKe hole. It ha been Judge Howard's
fond belief that the democratic party In
Nebraska tr.xlnp to elect Its slats
ticket, but lie Is now convinced that the
stato committee has determined to let
everything; else go by default in a des
perate effort to ssve (he candidate for
I'nlted States senate who has been so Ir
retrievably connecttd ulth Hie looting of
Ihe Nebraska statu treasury. It Is In.
conceivable, according to the judge, that
the Interests of all (he other candidates
should be sidetracked to Kivo right-of-way
to the late partner of Joe Hartley, but
such now seems to bo the rase.
In discussing this phase of the question
today. Judge Howard said:
"In the newspaper published by o. M.
Hitchcock, partner of Joseph 8. Bartloy
In the tate treasury .shortage, there ap-
peured Monday morning mnny columns of
quotations from the country press of Ne
braska, all tending to show that Candidate
Hitchcock did no wrong when he helped
State Treasurer Hartley create the half
million dollur shortage In the treasury.
"A rcmorkahlo feature of this display of
fulsome eulogy of Mr. Hartley's; partner 1n
the state treasury shortage Is the fact that
more than thirty of the democratic news
papers which are boosting Hitchcock so
hard have openly repud aled Mayor I'ahl
man and are doing; all possible to defeat
Mr. Dahlman and elect Mr. Aldrich.
No Help for Mayor Jim.
"It Is nlso Just a little bit remarkable
that tho democratio state committee hns
never raised a hand to punlKh one of thiwj
democratic editors who has bolted the
nomination of Mayor lahlman. but the
entire power of th state commit ten wan
IriHtantte brought - tn. lia..-aaiust; ,uu
when r bolted (he nomination of Mr. Hitch
cock, the partner of Joseph S. Rarfloy In
the slate Ireumiry shortage.
"What does It mean? Hoes It mean that
the state committee was organised for the
sole put pose of promoting the cause of Mr.
Hitchcock, the partner of Joseph Hartley
In the stato treasury ' shortage T Does It
mean that 'the state committee has no In
terest In the welfare of Mayor Uahlmau,
but all Interest In trying to deceive the
people with reference to the share Mr.
Hitchcock had In helping Treasurer Hartley
create the $000,000 shortage in tho slate
"I do not ask a quarrel with the members
of the state committee. Many of them are
my personal and po I 111 ml frlemlH, with
whom I have worked In politics for many
years. But It does seem Just a little , bit
strange to me that the committee should
exert every effort to denounce me, simply
because I have denounced Mr. Hitchcock,
tho partner of Hartley In the Mate treabtiry
shortage, while uttering no word in denun
ciation of the thirty other demorratlu
editors who have bolted tho nomination of
Mayor Lahlman.
Harrison and llltcbruck.
"The meanest opponent of Mayor Dahl
man In all Nebraska is Frank Harrison,
editor of the Nebraska Capital. This same
Harrison Is doing all in his power to
promote the cause of Mr. Hitchcock. lis
was hero in Columbus last night, and
was closeted with some of the open
enemies of Mayor Hahlman and an equal
number of the friends of Hitchcock.
"Why do Chairman Byrnes and his slate
In the face of
I Krunk Harrison's slanderous I I'm I mi,i ,.e
I . , ... ----- w .
WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. -Tariffs filed
by several western and northwestern rail
ways with the Interstate Commerce com
mission muklng advances of freight rates
on grain and grain products from the mid
dle west to eastern destinations, have been
suspended by the commission pending an
Inquiry Into their reasonableness. All of
the tariffs are suspended until March L
The commission also suspended today a
special tariff filed by the Chicago & North
western Pjilr.a;- company on commodities
from the northwestern points to Chicago.
It was to have become effective on No
vember 1, and waa suspunded untld March L
How They Covered the Steal.
, Lincoln News Und.).
Before Mr. Hitchcock can secure a full
The platform of the federation Is the verdict of acquittal there are soxcral
points it stems he should clear up that
tContluued on Second Page )
wa that?" said Hi ui ker, "Hark, look
there"' A maddened steed with tall up
rvared and ears flat to the breexe came
plunging down the lonely load with the
harness round his knees,
it mas a fearsome mctiiuil. kittll and !-
r..r ii. ..:r in.inr rf..rt kiii h .nu.iu i lp.t iiMful tne three. 1 beu oi.t tepieu ' bail the silent two. and hail the i-itv t-oun-
lt bate the naval station here relalutd, - Louis Berks, hold and boldiy then spaiie Us, I ell all, and l.kewise ine and you'
lug that through all the years his brave
deed would endure.
Yes. Andy Carnegie may scoff snd hold
up bis l ea mil aud some may say that
hero s deeds must be done with a sword,
bul I say bail the fearless judge, auJ
Is your room just
what you wish?
Oofs it suit you?
it warm and cozy?
You will find an almost complete
directory of rooms In The lite to
day. Furnished, Unfurnished.
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he does not do in his answer. Hartley's
di lalcattoii was caused by reason of ids !
Inability to promptly collect the inono
of tin- state that he hud loaned out oil his
own account, it did not actually come
i to .ls-ht until at-vi tul months arter his
1 K-tlrc im ut Iroin office, but Ibele can be
little doiibt that he be-all loaning state
' looiiiy rt.oi'.iy iU;. i I.,- look huld L
ireaMinr. uhlch was more than four years
hi tore ids t-hortai;e was brought iu Ilgnt
He did not. as a rule, loan money direct
(roin Ihe treasury to the Individual, but
' lltiuiiKH ihe medium of various banks.
; His method, as It has been generall
silonted bv the conference endorsing the ' v i...... - ,.
, - ... . , iji 'uiiNiuu. ijocb i ue committee eu
; Brown bill and. going further, declared , or8e the , UrIlgon at Uok, ,, Nl.
'a general measure upon the same lines inu n-i... j ...
... ,,,... . ........ .j ,ioea me committee remu ti
wouM be b.neficlst In the general plan Bent ln ,he fue of f " '
of kin, the IdUn. full-fledged, -elf-1 aemourittlc , x .
:...t::" i-.. m" . ; "OB"i jv,ttyor ics mc co..,.
inlttee regard as a vliiun the attack of
democratic eiiltors upon Muyor Dahlman.
while regarding as vicious the attack of
one country editor upon Mr. Hitchcock,
the man who helped Treasm-er Bart lev
create the shortage In the state treasury'-.
Is the committee afraid to speak ill of
Frank Harrison and his assaults upon
Mayor Dahlman, lest" Harrison go bai. t
on his bargain to support Hitchcock T
"I have done the hest 1 could to pro
mote the cause of Mayor Dahlman. I fuel
no sense, of shinny in supporting such I
ii... .. .. . . .
I inaii. iaiiioiuii never Helped Joseph
Hartley create a slate treasury shorlaKu.
Jim Duhliuuu never repudiated one of hD
babts. even If it i outlawed. Jim
Duhlnian never blackmailed un- man Into
accepting 20 cents on tins dollar In pay
ment of hlo Just debts. I have uu quar
rel with any conn-ientius democratic ed
itor who cannot support a candidate for
pliilform which
citlsen. Henry Cloud, a full-blood of
Winnebago. Neb., who has the distinc
tion of being the first Indian to graduate
at Yale, was at the conference and made
an address strongly endorsing the Brown
Advances New Idea.
The Brown bill Is the first act In history
which alms to tax restricted Indian lands,
(Continued on Second Page.)
Will Hitchcock Put it Back.?
piirpu.ii: of beiiiH loaned for his own
benefit. Mr. Hitchcock does not Klve the
date upon which he borrowed the origi
nal amount, which ls important to his
case. Another thing remains to be cleared
up, and that is why the editor of a demo
cratic newspaper down In Omaha would office w ho stands upon
ro all the way to Atkln.-on to borrow
money from a bank of small cupltai that
in those davb, It may be presumed, did
not do a statewide business. Mr. Hitch
cock he was lu hard lines and waa
borrowing wherever he could get It. but
this loan was seemed from a republican
who was state treasurer. In a period l:.n
it was bt-t-imiigly ic raided as alt right for
the treasurer lo loan these fsndn lor bis
own private benefit and for Individuals
to borrow. Theie was. of course, much
prod-si from the people because of this
practl-je. but nobody ever took It into
court, and the job of treasurer was re-
I in, i ci Hood. s to deposit iu a bank in
! in-i oi ihe amount mat bank was ui-i guided as lnurinn a fortune for Its oceu
titled lo receive under tne depository bond j pant during his leini of office,
'it ha.i on die. i his excess Hartley dl-J Mr. Howard's charge was backed up
j redid tin: loaning of as he had arranged' by some lele.-ant evidence. fco far Mr.
t with individuals or llm bank, the Interest ; Hitchcock supports bis answer onlv b.
gointf lo bitu.-i.lf. This may or may noli his oivn woid. He i-avs the funds he bor-
havu li i n the case with the loan lo Hitch
cock. The money lie M-ccrnl from Bart
h inuv have l en Hartley p'lvate
funiis or it inaj have b'-en money of tin;
stale deposited thiM'aby Bartle for Hie
owed were from Hartley's bank and not
from the i-tsle triaeui-y. The truth
what we bhould have, and Mr. Hitchcock
.-hould bring forwuid whatever proof h
can gathii.
the editor cannot endorse Why should
those editors who oppose Mayor Dnhlinan
assault me for my refusal to support a
coiifci-se.d participant Willi Htnle Treas
urer Hartley In the state treasury short
age? Does the code of in-rals enter
tained by the styte committee snd tlj
bolting Daiiliuan editors regurd an ami
prohibitionist u a greater em luj to thu
state than Is Mr. Hitchcock, who helped
Hartley create the treasury shortage?
"Will the friends of Mayor Dahlman
never wnke up lo the (rue situation? Will
tl.ey continue (o sleep while Mi. Hitch
cock continues to complete his offensive
snd defensive alUance with tic cnomlos
of Mm or Dnhlninn? 1
.1 for llllracork.
"Hut neither the abua of tins:- demo
cratic ed tors who have botti-d Muv-or Dahl
man nor the of the democratic- stms
committee shall w-r e me from mv laii
is I of duty. 1 shaM aland run ii.ini
attempt to lil.-race t p democratic part,
which I love I hial! eland alone and
f nitfle-hsiided, if need be. :u opposlilvn t