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Former Sta.e Senator Aryaes ia Fa-
tot of Conoliditica of Citaei
AMlrin tfce Oppoaltloa e4 ete Oat
Rnronl Wk the Meve Will
Be Ii-lnl ta the Prop
erty Osvavra.
The rtmpiiri f .r ihe union of tie two
Orrahss is taknm "n cmsviiraljle headway
in Soutn Oman. wtire the initiative waa
:aken. Business m-n and property uwneii
in tna parkin center are moMnj wlta
vigor to 111 ami tnat a proper reprenta-
two- may be hat and the (juration be voted.
on at the romirnt election. Petitions aali
1ns; tliat Me jjeUn be submitted are) be
in prepared, and will be filed in due,
so that the eier'Win may be ordered.
In a'ipion of the aiiprxiaod consolidation.
Senator L. C. Gibson maaes cue tuliuwlng
"pernaps ono a vm.d not delight In tho
distress and sadness of his fellow citizens.
Oat one cannot help but be amused wlta
the resolution" cmung from the ufnee
i.uJui or sii.iy agtma of tha said oi'icc
liunlers' meeting whli n was beid In the
tuoma of the organization known aa the
Commercial ciub In Soutu Omaha U deplore
tlie fact that annexation was btlna; ataied
and la felicitate eves tlie present deplorable
lji.itii.ul cundttlon of South omana. but
n-ore panlcula.-ly aa to their own personal
satisfaction wits the salary they draw or
tha pricea they get for tha material tney
"Honestly, t waa tha beat comedy of
errors ever perpetrated on a long-suffering
public, Modesty preventa me from offering
their names, but reed the account offeraU
by their able penrll-puaiier.
"There were federal officer, dty offlcera
and ecfiool board offlcera. I am advised
that one prominent office-holder tearfully
remarked that his campaign for the posi
tion he holds had cost htm good money and
he would never aubmlt to being pried looae
mithout a f I (lilt. I don't blame him. They
adopted several resolutions, the first one
deploring repeated aaltaUon of the (luna
tion. I would remind them that the present
condition making It possible to aubmlt the
question to a vote of the people waa a
legislative enactment of their own making,
or at least acquiesced In by them, aa a bill
waa offered at tha sama time which would
have been equally beneficial to both el ties
and was apumed by them, they preferring
the present bill. I pretend to say that the
stagnation in bunlneaa which baa been ap
parent to everybody since that time would
not have existed If the Contract offered for
consolidation bad been adopted instead of
the meaaure now existing.
Met ree,?e ta Iadlvldaala,
"Their second resolution refers to 'certain
Individuals' without authority who have
been carrying on negotlatiuna in Uie city of
Omaha endeavoring to have the annexation
question submitted.
"I infer their reference to certain Indi
viduals simply means those not drawing
salarlea or acting aa agenta to supply those
who do draw the salary and I presume they
mean by unwarranted that they who profit
by tha system were not first asked to give
their sanction.
"Their next resolution it-cites that the
businesa and commercial Interests of South
Omaha have expressed Uiemaelvea against
"I would remind them that the only argu
ment aver offered against consolidation
from a businesa man a standpoint baa been
civic pn.te, love of home, and a protest
againat toiling one'a Identity. I agree with
them in this one statement, aa there ia no
other logical anrtitnerrv against the iaeue.
I would remind themi however, that the
bird leaves its nest when it fails to keep
It clean, and to my notion the time has
come when South Omaha can better afford
to lose Its much cherished name than to
continue under the mismanagement being
perpetrated, and particularly by our last
city charter. These changes, and there are
many of them, were written and con
reived pure and simple by the same Indi
viduals whp organized Uie so-called Com
mercial club and who comprised the per
sonnel of the individuals who offered the
felicitation and enthusiasm at the last antl
annesatian meeting, the report of which In
ffcil can be found In the South Omaha
leaia ml tha RriMiat,
"I would suggest to you, thoughtful
reader, that as yon prise tha morals of
your home fireside and children that one
of the moat reprehensible changes made
waa the repeal of that section of the char
ter which formerly provided for the ap
pointment by the governor of the tire and
police commissioners to the preaent condl
l on which now makes this board elective.
Tin oretlcaJly the proposition may look
r'-Kht. but under the present practices in
South Omaha it ta pernicious. If you don't
Wileve it come with ma for aa hour and I
w ;i convince you.
1 'Tha additional enlargment of the ex
V penaa of the city printing of about fs.000
per year surely could not be of any bene
fit to anyone, except It might be to tha one
who conceived It.
"The change which eliminated the Board
of Review for taxation purposes making
the present duties of the tax commissioner
only that of a copyist Is a change that was
not made for the small home owner.
Their next resolution red tee that there
ia not tha least semblance of doubt but
w.iat tha votera would defeat the question.
"Nay, my dear office holder, you are
wrong. I believe that patience has ceased
to be a virtue and I am quite aura that
you know that your protest cornea from
tha fear at loaa af gain, about the aame
feeling; . that cornea over tha man wbo
stands at tha bar af Justice.
Sfawvaaerat la Pepalar.
"Seriously I am- Inclined to believe there
are a majority of tha good citizens of
South Omaha, who now favor consolidation
under an enactment which would not de
prive South Omaha of any of her present
vested rlghta I furthermore believe that
a majority af ear citizens have coma to
a final conclusion that there la more to
this question than that which pertains only
to tha office holders and supply agenta
"It the reputation of an Individual
amounts to anything, how much mora Is
a dty department on her reputation. Did
you ever stop ta think and consider the
causa for the growth of any city, or the
reason why ana location Is mora valuable
than another. Did It ever occur to you that
Investors either In manufacturers or those
making personal Inveatmenta depend
largely aa tha reputation of the city In
which they Invee.
"Pa you believe that the population,
bonded Indebtednaaa. character of the of
fice holder, conduct of the buainesa, or
the consolidation of any interests where
they are Identical is always beneficial Do
you knae tfcat Commerdai ciub of
Omaha docs things Do vou know that
twenty-seven large manufacturers have
been located la (he city of Omaha dur
Is. the last year at their behest? Do you
realise that with our superior trackage
facilities and the aid of this Commercial
club. South Omaha could largely incnaase
her population and volume of business
Way not eocuuder this question from a
etaadrotnt af facta and benefits to the
w.mle. tatnrr ti'nn frem purly personal
Interest. U C. GIBi-ON.
Malt'f af A
Sr.fTH oMA HA. N-b.. Sept. 2a To the
E.iltor of The ??. It has ben cirrer.tly
rr.oited that one of the leading office hold
era of Soii-h Omaha haa. in the heat of the
iromer.t. si, id that the people who are in
favor of annexation to Omaha are neither
Ttitied to a fair election or a fair count
on the Tii'stlon. That surely la a funny
i.K-trne for a sworn official representative
if the peipln to advance.
Home of the hottest antl-annexatlonlBts
want to prevent the etrsulatlon of petitions
'ailing; for an election on that queation.
They are scared to death for they know
that the sentiment In South Omaha la
simply overwhelming for annexation and
will carry tremendously If voted on. Our
forefather f jusSt for the right of petition
and it ia a pretty late day In the history of
the world to try to ffevent what the revo
lutionary soldiers fought and died for on
many a battlefield.
.4ome who are opposed to the circulation
f the petition came from countries where
thn right of petition la forhldden. and either
they or their Immediate ancestors came to
thia country to escape the tyranny of such
govemmenta It now comes In poor grace
for them to try to prevent what has been
considered a God-given rght for more than
13B years in thia country, and to try to
Russianlse the free Inatitutiona of America,
Toura truly. F. A. AGNEW.
Omaha Danes
to Attend Meet
Two Hundred and Fifty Member of
Brotherhood Leare Wednesday
for Quadrennial Meeting.
Two hundred and fifty members of tha
Danish Brotherhood of America will leave
Omaha Wednesday via the Rock Island
en route to Fresno, CaX, to attend the
quardlennlal meeting of that organisation.
Tha train will travel there over tha tiock
Island. Denver A Rio Grande and the
Southern Pacific lines, arriving In Fresno
Monday morning at S o'clock.
The meeting place of the eastern mem
bers la Omaha. All thia week tha mem
bers will be gathering here preparatory to
going out Wednesday. At present the of
flcera of the association are in Omaha for
a preliminary meeting to arrange d Mails
oi the big convention and go over accounts
to submit to the meeting. Tha list of of
ncera la: Supreme president. H. H. Vogt of
Davenport, Ia; supreme vice president
M-ertln Larsen of Racine, Wis.; supreme
secretary, J. Mlchaeleen of Omaha; su
preme treasurer, R. Rasmus Ben of Chi
cago; supreme trustees. H. Gydesen Of SL
Paul. F. Petersen of Council Bluffs and
T. P. Nielsen of Seattle.
uaea Seleeteel from Xea Reelatasj
at Dlffereat Place Over
The following ta the Jury drawn for Lin
coln at the coming term of federal court
over which Judge T. C. Monger will pre
side: A. A. Arter, T. W. Adams. Columbue; H.
S. Barnhart. Peru; Lon J. Berg. Keneaaw:
Roy Bit-bee. Arlington; C. M. Black, North
Bend; H. L Boyd, Bladen: C. H. Bonney,
r'airbury; John Brut, Omaha; Adam Brady,
Columbus; Samuel Burns, Jr.. Oman a;
Charles W. Chambers, Table Rock; Janea
Cleary, Grand Island; Frank Clements,
Eagle; George Collins. Glenvllle; Bruce
Enslow. titeinauer; J. W. Erwln, Blair;
Longren Folda, Clarkson; James Forsytlie,
Omaha; F. E. Garrett. Hastings; John F.
Gordon. Wiener; Herman Uehulse, Jr.,
Grand Inland, liana Johnson, Loup City;
Morris Kates, Lincoln; Daniel Keller. Lin.
Tolnt Bert Lewis, Tekamah; D. C. Leaeh.
Huxley; E. E. Lincoln, McCool; August
Loerke, Stanton: W. B. Martin. Albion:
Jacob A. Maxwell, Fremont: S. S. Nelson,
Newman Grove; Henry Nejddis;, Madison;
J. E. Philips. Omaha: Homer B. Robinson.
Columbus: Ed M. t-pear. Genoa; hamuel
Htury, Tekamah; Jacob H. Sanders, Ash
land; Chester J. Tracy, Loup City; Robert
SIobs, North Bend.
Mrs. C. B. Keller, Waa Lawt THaket
Sat with Elrvea Game, Offers
2SO for Ita Retarau
A diamond cross containing; eleven fine
atones loat by Mrs. C. B. Keller of Twenty-first
and Cass streets last Monday night
will bring a reward of $350 to tha lucky
finder. The brooch was probably dropped
from Mrs, Keller's waist while sba was
boarding a street car Monday night, and
when ahe waa crowded In the Jam that got
on and off the cars at Twentieth and
Dodge during tha confusion caused by the
viaduct accident when tarifflc waa badly
The cross was concealed on Mrs. Keller's
gown by her jacket and she did not know
of Its loss until she reached home. The
reward will be given to whoever returns
the Jewels and no questions will be asked.
Mrs. K
Hlatt Gives Ltaea
la Haut af lira. Ray
W. Phillip atsuraay.
Mrs. Kenneth Hlact gave a linen shower
Saturday afternoon at ber boms 4511
Grant street. In honor of Mrs. Ray W.
Phillips, a September bride. The luncheon
table was decorated with yellow dahlias and
yellow ribbon.
Those present ware:
Misses Grace Berger. Elsie InhnrfA.
Jsiiie Ervin. Theckla WIckstrom, Gertrude
naury. .iinyr. "lurtKia, Katie Connell
Anna Redfleid. Mayme Hale u,. rr . .
Irene Vannoy. Mesdamea Ray W PhllllDs,
Lee Goaselln. Evelyn Hall. Kenneth Hlatt!
Rrpabliewa Caadldato far Geveraaf
WJ11 Deliver Addreaa at Craiarktoa
Hail Wtaarsaay Bvaalaux.
Cheater H. Aldrlch. candidate for gov
ernor on the republican ticket, will speak
to Omaha voters Wednesday. Tha meet
ing, which la to ba held under tha auspices
of the Douglas county central committee,
will be In Cretgbton hall at Eighteenth and
Judge Ben g. Baker, eonnfy chairman,
will preside over tha meeting; and all the
candidates for state offices of tha republi
can narrv will ha nmuiit th. .
- . uw awil.
making-, however, will probably ba the ex-
elusive duty of Mr. Aldrtch, la whose honor
the meeting- will bo called.
Mrs. E. A. MeyerdlaeT
After Laws; Ulaeae af Csasaap,
tloa at St. Paal.
Mrs. E. A. Meyerdlng of St Paul. Minn.,
after a long Illness, died la tha hospital at
that city last Thursday night.
Tuberculosis was tha cause of her death.
Mrs. Meyerdlng was 3 years old. She Is
survived by ber husband, a prominent phy
sician of St. PauL
She waa a daughter of Mra J. Milton
Stiay of 1628 Chicago street, and la ajults
well known In this city.
Sate w,e41ela. ear (kdsiea.
Foley Honey and Tar la a aara aou
affective medicine for children aa It
doaa not contain actatae or kanaful drura
j Get only tha (an ulna Foley Hooey and
I Tar la tha yeilew naoaaga. Sold by all
I oruggia"
Schmoller dt Xaeller Company Plans
Bij Plant
PreeteVat af Caaapaar Bark trass
Earapa aae Steps are Take ta
bat Fartary Site far Paaterr
for He are Oatpat.
William H. Schmoller. president of the
Schmoller A Mueller Piano company, re-
I turned from a two months' trip to Europe
Friday and In connection with his return
the company announces that It la open for
negotiations for a factory site or factory
with a capacity of 5.00 pianos a year snd
room for enlargements of the works.
The new factory is to build the make
known as the "Schmoller A Mueller" ex
clusively, this make being valued at POO.
thus making an output of n.508,') the
first year. Two hundred snd fifty to 309
men would be needed for the first year.
One of the main requirements of the new
Ite Is that it shall have trackage facilities,
aa the company is handling a large per
sonal mail order business of X.0OO planoa
besides supplying over 160 wholesale
agencies In Nebraska, Iowa and South Da
kota. If pcssible tho company wishes to settle
in Omaha, but may be obliged to go to
Ralaton or soma other small town near
One of tha chief reasons for the need of
a new factory is that during tha last year
the company has found Itself at times as
much as thirteen car loads of planoa be
hind on Its mail order business. Orders
have been filled by thia department In
Cuba, Hawaii. Haiti. Mexico, Canada and
one from Nazareth. Palestine, during tha
last year.
Parrtasri Dramatised Tersloa at
"Teea of tka Stores Caaatry"
far Bar Owa Tae.
Miss Lang does not propose to end her
days playing leads with a stock company,
be that company ever so good, nor tha
parts she has to enact tha best that may
be obtained. She feels tha promptings of
an ambition to go out and show tha world
that she has talent and ability of a proper
sort. To do this, she has contracted for a
new play, now under construction by a
well known dramatic writer, and to be
delivered to her at an early date. It la to
be a dramatisation of 'Teas of tha Storm
Country," the popular novel by Grace
Miller White. The play is being made from
tha book by Rupert Hughes, and will noon
be In Miss Lang's hands.
This departure by Miss Lane does not
Imply that any change Impends at tha
Boyd, for It Is understood to ba her Inten
tion to conclude the work of tha stock
season there, and take her new drama
on the road next season. The play will be
offered In Omaha soma time during the
present season at a data to ba determined
on later.
Mea Wis Are Rtwaraet for Havlsg
Perfected Sanaa lsves
tioaa. Official list of letters patent for Inven
tions issued from tha United States patent
office at Washington. D. C, to Inhabitants
cf Iowa and Nebraska for the week ending
September M. as reported from the' office
of W 11 lard Eddy, solicitor of patents and
counselor In patent causes, &U Paxton
block, Omaha. Neb.:
Robert Chadwlck of Lexington. Neb.,
train ventilator.
Daniel S. Dlllenback of Hastings. Neb.,
coipilng for neckyokee and vehicle tongues.
John M. Gamble of Burlington, Ia self
locking ticket window closure.
Joseph Karmann. Jr., of Stanton, Neb,,
band cutter.
Albert H. Neller of Fairfield, Ia,, coupling
for pipes, shafts, etc.
Bennoni Phelps of Hawardan. Ia, picture
Micajaa L. Poulter of Stockport, la..
William Schumacher of Readlyn. Ia., door
Samuel A. Steadman of Manchester, la-.
nerkyoke center.
Theodore J. steen or St. ram, -en., ouna
fastener for harneaa
Albert J. Swanson or Stockport. Ia,, auto
matic music leaf turner.
Andrew J. Wtlfong of KnosrvUla. Ia., ex
tensible mail box aupport.
R. W. Reymolde Takaa Pataam eaa At
tempts ta Hide Faet that tt Waa
(Hrlf-A stasia latere.
Robert W. Reynolds, teamster, who
Uvea rear of 1310 South Tenth street. Ilea
In St- Joseph's hospital, following an at
tempt at suicide Saturday.
Reynolds, wbo Is married, and haa a wife
and child, la said to have been drinking
heavily and gambling. Last night he
came home about S o'clock and told his
wife ha bad been poisoned. She evidently
gave little heed to his tale, for It was al
most an hour later before tho police sta
tion waa informed. When the ambulance.
with Dr. Bishop, got to tha place tha man
was unconscious and ha was at ones taken
to tha hospital. His breath amelled of
carbolla add. Tha police give no heed to
tha man's statement that ha was poisoned.
They believe ba made It to deceive his
wife and to account for his losses.
Steal Masnasvta la Fareeel ta Drop
Fifty Dalian ssl Bay a Drink
Wham Ha Mlaeee Gaeae.
Charles M. Schwab, who passed through
Omaha twice In tha las., two weeks. Is
one of the best Judges In tha world of the
spaed a train Is making. It ta told of him
that several times, both In going and
coming back, ha spoke up and offered to
bat tU or SI'S) on tha speed of tha train.
and almost always won. On a bat of S&0
ha Judged tha train to ba moving- sixty-
seven miles an hour, and when tt w
measured accurately with a speedometer
It was found to be going exactly aixTy-elx
and one-half mllea,
Tha drinks were on Schwab.
As usually treated, a sprained ankle will
disable a man for three or four weeks, but
by applying Chamberlain's Liniment freely
as soon as tha Injury Is received, and ob
serving tha directions with each bottle, a
euro can ba effected In from two la four
day a For sale by all druggtsta.
A baby daughter waa bora to Mr. and
Mra Forest Richardson yesterday morning.
Fred Ftaher la visiting in Omaha with
his brother Mr. F.aher makes his home
at Anaconda.
C. C. Roeewater. general manager af The
Baa. returned yaeterday frem a vacation
of several months.
Rev. a. D. Tyner. rector of St. Andrew's
church, and wife an n ounce tha arrival af
a baby boy yesterday.
Mra Jaanette K. Chambers has returned
from a visit at Hot spnnit, 3. D . where
she spent a fortnight wiia her daughter,
Mra S. B. Jones, She ia now with her
W. T. Chambers, at axsa Bun street.
The Thing
To Do
mid Mf el
the last number of The Ladies' Home Journal
Ever)' boy and dealer was sold out.
450 Thousand Copies
almost a million and a half are printed
a a
The Number Out Today
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Grand Prix.
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Premier Typewriter Company,
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nternational t
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It i
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