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V- Rumors Are Current that a Long Vitit
it Contempbted.
af Wldw of Former t "Ion ru
tin. PmKril S to Krro the
Property Completely
Some Say Fever
and Some Say it
is a Bullet Wound
City on Isthmnt Proposes to Have Big"
Show of Its Own.
Ranald Vanderbilt Confined to His SOW GOING AHEAD WITH WORK
Room and the Tongue of Gossip
it Wagging.
NEW YORK. Sept. ll.-Sieclal Tele
gram.) On the anniversary of the death
of ths lata E. H. Harrlman, the rumor lit
again current that Mrs. Harrlman la worn
out by the tremendous responsibilities Im
posed on her by the great fortune left by
ber husband and In shaping hrr affalia so
that aha may take a long rest and re
cuperate. When It la considered that fur
the past year ahe has capably managed a
alreet railway and lighting plant and a
hotel In Georgia, a gold mine In South
Dakota, an Iron mine, a dairy farm, a bank
and a road building company in New
York, a blast furnace In Pennsylvania;
given final judgment upon huge flnanriul
transactiona 'n Wall street, besides direct
ing an army of workmen at Tower Hill,
at the aame time being an old-fashloncd
mother to five fatherless children. It Is not
strange that she should feel the strain.
Her Bole Aim.
No woman of the present generation has
taken ovvr the control of such complex
business affaire aa did Mrs. Hirrlinan. Yet
aha baa approach! her added duties with
quiet reserve, and determination. Her sole
aim, covering the' laft year, appears to
have, been to perpetuate the things under
takes, by Mr. Harrlman for his country
and -sea. One of hetl first acts was to
lift lha mortgage on 'the building owned
by the Boys' club, at Tenth street and Ave
nue A. This cost Mrs. Harrlman $133. CM).
A canvas of a number of the properties
of which a controlling Interest Is now
vested In Mrs Harrlman shows that not
so much aa a single $12 clerk has been dis
turbed from his living. In fact, wages
have been increased where possible, and
In several instances, businesses are being
conducted without may profit whatever
from purely sentimental reasona on the
part of Mrs. Harrunan. In the manage
ment of the vast estate she has had the
valued aervlcaa of Charles C. Tegethoss,
twelve years associated with the late Mr.
Harrlman In a special confidential
capacity. . A permanent broker In Wall
treat today stated tbat Mrs. Harrlman
had not withdrawn a dollar of capital
from the great railroad and Industrial en
temrlses Identified with the name of
Harrlman. . . . r ,
Kept Property Iatact.
With the exception of Mrs. Harrlman's
disposal of 4.818 shares of Guarantee Trust
company stock to a. Morgan syndicate re
organising that banking Institution, and the
sale of holdings In the Equitable Life In
surance society she has retained. It Is un
derstood, her stock In Union Pacific,
Southern Pacific, Wells Fargo, B & O.,
railway sureties companies, National City
bank and other corporations.
In her attitude to the Wall street prop
erties, ' Mrs. Harrlman has received the
counsel and "advice of Charles A. Peabody,
who was Mr.-Harrlman,' s confidential law
yer. eVr. Peabody :' Is president ' of the
Mutual? Life Insurance company. Mrs.
Harrlman .has found no time for a trip
to Europe this year. Her yacht, Sultapa.
, a masssl pj-afWgyXwlsh others owned'
by., the millionaire set, has been In com
mission, alnca July 1, at Morse's basin. Bay
Ridge, but Mrs. Harrlman has taken only
two cruises In her, ohe to Bar Harbor and
one, to Newport. , Tbe old . crew man the
fe yaoht and ttielr wages have gone on -Just
the same as If the boat was the busiest
craft in these waters.
NEW I-ORT, Sept 11 (Special Telegram)
Doctors Austin Flint and Harry J- Knapp,
who are in sttendance on Reginald Vander
bilt. denied with htat and In most positive
manner a story printed In New York that
Mr. Vanderbilt Is laid up with a bullet
wound inflicted by the husband of a young
society w oman at whose house in Kay
street Mr. Vanderbilt was a frequent
caller. They declared the story false
Mrs. Kedinald Vanderbilt and Mrs. Fred
K. Nelson, her mother, have gone to New
York to attend the funeral of Frederick
Oeuhard. Mrs. Vanderbilt's uncle. Conse
quently they could not add to. the Indig
nant denials of the physicians.
Friends of the stricken young millionaire
chai acterized the story as malicious and
witnout the slightest foundation.
Ever since Mr. Vanderbilt became 111 a
week or so ag.i. gossip has been bu.-y wltn
th cause. Announcement by the family
and physicians that he had been stricken
with typhoid fever fai.ed so far to satisfy
the incredulous. It was declared that the
fever was the only ailment. Access to him.
even by his Intimates, was of course Impossible.
The woman whose name has been
dragged into the case Is young and beau
tiful and a favorite In the set to which Mr.
Vanderbilt belongs. Her father has in of
fice In the Wall street district, and h- r
husband Is wealthy. Confidence that ...hatantiai n.t,.r.
nothing of the kind occurred is varmly
professed by frienda of all partiea involved
and In support of It thoy point to the
appearance today of the young woman and
her husband together driving.
Another phase of the was that
the Indignant husband and several friends
waylaid Mr. Vanderbilt at night cn the
country road leading to Sandy Point,
hauled him film his automobile and
severely thrashed him.
Husli cables to the family were aent al
most Immediately when Mr. Vanderbilt ns
stricken down. His mother, Mrs. Cor
nelius Vanderbilt, the Countess Zjchenyl,
his sister, and Alfred G. Vanderbilt, his
brother, were summoned In this way. The
brother gavo up hit coaching plans in
England and has since arrived, and it.e
others are on the way.
lfe to lie I. orated! oa the Rslsi of
Old Panama, Destroyed by Pirate
Moras a Foar Ilawdred
Years At.
tor Vast Amount
of Insurance
Tbs key to the situation Bee Want Ads.
Leader of Texas State Raaa-ers Finds
Revenae Agent Too Tame a
Job far Him.
AUSTIN, Tex., Sept. ll.-Speclal Tele
gram.) Captain W. J. (Bill) McDonald,
who resigned from the command of a State
Banger company four years ago to accept
the office of state revenue agent, will again
become a member of the band of fighting
mea with whom he Jserved for more than
a quarter at a cenuiry. Preparations aVe
being made by Adjutant General Newton
to reorganise the Ranger aervlce. A place
will ba made for Captain MoDonald, and it
(' Is probable he will bs given back his old
The veteran frontiersman Is anxious to
get back "on the flrlngV line." There was
not enough excitement in bis present job
to suit him. Another thinu. that worried
him Is that he was obliged to lay aside
his "shooting Irons" when he quit the
rangers to take the Job of state revenue
agent. It did not occur to him when he
accepted the appointment of revenue agent
that he would have to cease carrying pis-
1 tola. He continued to wear them for sev
eral days after hs had received his ap
pointment. Governor Campbell heard of It
and called him into his office.
"Bill, I hear you are still wearing your
runs, sekl the governor.
Admiral Young
is for a Navy Yard
Wanti Some Point on the Southern
Coast Designated Where Warships
May Be Handled.
MOBILE, Ala., Sept. ll.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Admiral Lueien Young, U. S. N.,
commander of the Pensacola navy yard.
While here gave some very valuable informa
tion concerning the need of a first class
naval yard on the southern coast, one
capable of repairing the largest of naval
"There Is not a first class navy yard on
the southern coast," said Admiral Young.
"When I say that I mean a nevy yard
capable of caring for the largest vessel of
the navy afloat. .
"With the completion of the Panama
canal It is Imperative that there be a flrft
class naval yard at some point along the
southern coast line. Pensacola, in my
Judgment, Is the most logical point.
When It Is considered that there are
3.000 miles of coast line from Chesapeake
bay to the Rio Grande controlled by the
south, which is as large as the combined
coast line of the north Atlantic and the
Pacific and there Is not what could be
termed a first class navy yard In that area.
the situation Is immediately grasped.
On the north Atlantic there are first
class navy yards at Kettery, Me. ; Boston,
Newport, New London, New York. Phila
delphia, Norfolk and Washington. It is up
to the southern congressmen to get busy
at the next session of congress and to the
south to wake up to her possibilities and
natural resources.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (Special Tele
gram.) While New Orleans and San Fran
cisco are fighting desperately for the Pan
ama canal exposition In 1S15. Tanama Itself
is grlng ahead with an exposition which
will mark the completion of the great
work of Joining the Atlantic and Pacific.
For Its exposition Panama will have one
supreme exhibit which no other city can
It Is the canal Itself. The Worlds fair
will be situated on a beautiful plain three
miles northeast of the city of Panama.
This plain runs down to the sea beach. A
feature already provided for Is "Panama
Vienna." or old Panama, the city destroyed
by Pirate Mnrsan.
The picturesque ruins of the ancient
city, its walls, towers and arches, are In
as good condition t-day as they were after
Morgan finished his work, 400 years ago.
The space within the walls of the old city
w ill be transformed into a veritable Coney
The object of the fair is to entertain and
Instruct the many thousands of visitors
who will come from all parts of the civil
ized globe, and more Important still, to
provide a permanent mark that will mean
a new era In the business life of South
America. The fair buildlnas will be 'of
with a view to their
further use for business purposes. It Is
planned to have In them everything that a
buyer could see If he took a trip to the
I'nlted States or Europe, thus reductna-
the cost to merchants snd permitting a
larger purchase.
Everything that experience can suggest
for the entertainment of visitors will be
provided, and an opportunity will be af
forded for the world to learn the vast re
sources of Panama, much of which remains
to ba. developed. There are thousands of
seres of rich virgin soil, that under the
direction of skilled American or European
rarmers. would yield fortunes. Two crops
of staples are grown each season. There
are vast belts of timber and gold mines
that have not been properly worked, in
other words, Panama remains to be dis
covered In aji Industrial way, and visitors
to the Panama World's fair will be af-
loraea every opportunity to learn what
the country Is like.
Sums Aggregating Hundred Thousand
Dollars Asked from Companies in
Which Policies Were Held.
CHICAGO. Sept. M.-A fight to collect
H05.000 In accident Insurance held by the
late Ira O. Rawn, former vice president of
the Illinois Central railroad and later preel
dent of the Monon Route who was shot to
death at his home In Winnetka, was begun
here today by attorneys for his estate.
Proofs of loss were forwarded to the var
loue companies together with affidavits of
Identlifcatlcn. The question of who fired
the shot causing death was not considered.
If the companlea resist payment under the
policies they will raise that question and
seek to prove that the former railroad of
ficial committed aulclde. J. F. Dammann,
Jr., counsel for the Maryland Casualty
company, will represent all the Insurance
companies In the legal fight It Is ssld he
will depend largely on testimony offered at
the preliminary hearing In
Social Set Unable to Fathom Marital
Troubles of Young Man.
Report tbat tbe Scion af tbe- Aators
llaa Tamed Tortane Over to Cav
alerl and Is Allowed Small
Monthly stipend.
NEW TORK. 8ept 11. (Special Tele
gram.) No problem has so puxxled and in
terested New York society and stage land
In a long time as the exact marital rela
tions of Robert Wlnthrop Chanler, scion
of the Astors. artist, politician, and all
round "good fellow," and his wife, who was
Mme. Llna Cavalieri, former operatic star.
When the annoucement was made a few
days ago that Chanler had suddenly come
to New York, leaving his wife behind,
coupled with vague talk of a Russian
prince and a rich American, there was a
mild sensation. This was followed yes
terday by a atatement to the effect that
Chanler had made over his entire fortune to
his wife who kindly allowed him tX a
the criminal j month for expenses out of the $25,000 a year
cases against Frank B. Harrlman. John M.
Taylor and Charles L. Ewing. charged with
graft In the Illinois Central car repair af
fairs, to decide whether thers was a motive
for suicide. Rawn's name frequently has
been mentioned In . the trial as having
owned stock In companies which had car
repair contracts.
Banker Morse
Goes to Dungeon
New Yorker's Treatment in Federal
Prison Said to Include Harsh
"Why, certainly governor, you know I
Could not get along without 'em"
The governor told him It was In violation
sf the law for . him to carry weapons.
"But. governor. I wouldn't know what to
do without these gtins; If 1 didn't have
them oft somebody might throw me down
and take my tobacco sway from me,"
pleaded Captain McDonald. He discarded
the weapons, but It waa several months be
fore he quit wearing the belt.
for medical and family use buy your
liquors from Kosenfeld Ll'iuur Co., ,iU S
Main SU
tole tberk Hrtorned.
IDA -UKOVB, la.. Sept. 11 Speclal )
The Grain Shippers' Mutual Fire Insurance
association 'of this city today received
from the postmaster at Ames a letter
which had been missing for over a month.
The letter contained a check for S.M07 from
F. O. Martin of Floyd, la., and was In a
pouch stolen from the mall st Ames on
July . The thieves burled the pouch. In
the ground sfter taking all the currency
they could find, and the pouch was Just
found and dug up by the secret service
men a day or two ago. The letter containing
the check had been opened, but the thieves
were evidently afraid to attempt to cash It.
ATLANTA, Oa., Sept 11. (Special Tele
gram.) More Information regarding the
confinement of Charles W. Morse, the
fomer New York banker. In the "cooler'
solitary confinement, has become known
here today. Despite Warden Meyers report
to the government to the contrary. It has
been learned that Morse was put In soli
tary confinement and kept on a diet . of
bread and water for two days, and having
been taken out of the dungeon, hs col
lapsed In his cell and had to be carried to
the hospital ward.
It was said today by one connected with
the federal prison that Morse after being
taken out of the cell was a ghastly sight
and had aged fifteen years. His mustache
had been shaved off, and he had to be
carried to the cell.
The offense for which Morse was put In
the "cooler" was that he received money
from persons on the outside and had dls
triDuted it to a few prisoners who are to
be released shortly, to help thera get a new
start. He had given some money to an
other prisoner to give to a crippled Italian
boy about to be released. The prisoner was
seen slipping the money to ''le Italian boy
and when questioned where the money
came Irom, admitted It was Morse who
was supplying It Morse was then sent for
by Deputy Wsrden Harrison and confeased
to having money. He was then ordered to
face the wall." a method of punishment
much dreaded, and upon his refusing to
comply with the order, ass sent to th
dungeon and there kept In solitary confine
ment for two days on a diet of bread and
More Graft in the
Illinois Central
Labor Situation
Grows Critical
in Great Britain
Four Classes of Workers Are Involved
and Rank and File Disposed to
Regulate- Leaders.
LONDON. Sept. U. (8peclrJ Telegram. )
Labor disputes are developing rapidly In
Great Britain. Hitherto the leaders have
generally dominated the course of events,
but a peculiar feature of the present crisis
Is that the rank and file are disposed to
regulate the loaders and take affairs Into
their own hands. Formerly the danger of
Industrial war was considered to lie in the
spread of organisation; now Is It seen to
spring from the breakdown of organisation.
Four classes of workers are Involved,
They are the northern shipbuilders, the
Welsh miners, the employes of the Great
Northern railway and the cotton spinners
of Manchester. The particular body of
shipbuilders concerned are the bollermakers.
Overthrowing their leaders, they voted two
to one to tear up the arbitration agreement
In force between them and their employers,
The latter retaliated with a. lockout.
The Welsh miners and the Great Northern
railway men are also In revolt against their
leaders and their arbitration agreements.
The situation Is almost Identical In Man
chester, where the operatives of the Oldham
mill are on strike, and the employers are
declaring that unless consent is given to
arbitration by next Monday they will de
clare a general lockout to begin in October,
Movements of Officers of the Forces
la I'ncle Sara's Flghtlng
Corpa. (From a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON, Sept. ll.-(Speclal Tele
gramsArmy orders: Captain Wlllard A.
Moiorooit, Fifth cavalry, will report to
Colonel George K. Hunter, Seventh cavalry
at Fort Riley, Kan., for examination for
promotion. Captain Walter C. Babcork,
Thirteenth cavalry, la relieved from duty
at the general hospital. Fort Bayard, N. M.,
and will proceed to Fort Huachuca, Arts.,
for duty pending the arrival of his troop.
First Lieutenant Shelley U. Marietta, medi
cal reserve corps. Is relieved with Sixth
cavalry at camp of Instruction, Fort Ben
jamin Harrison, Ind., and will return to
his station at Fort Des Moines. First
Lieutenant Henry C. Wlerbower. medical
reserve corps, will proceed to Fort Ben
jamin Harrison. Ind., and report to com
manding officer of the Sixth cavalry for
auty. i aptain riooert l. Goodwin, acting
Judge advocate, relieved from duty, De,
partment of Vlsayas, and will Join his
regiment, the Fourth Infantry. Major Ed
ward K. t-chreincr. medical corps, and
First Lieutenant Frederick H. Mills, medi
cal reserve corps, upon abandonment of
Fort Walla Walla, Wash., will proceed to
Boise Barracks, Idaho, and Fort Missoula.
Mont., respectively, for duty.
Changes In duties of officers of slrnal
corps: First Lieutenants Shelby C. Leasure I ,raclorB- Ulelr purpose apparently being
and Walter H. Smith are relieved from ! onljr to etnd we" w,tn th officials, who
and will pro
Charge that Officials Built Fine
Houses Out of Material Stolen
from Company.
CHICAGO. Sept lL (Special Telegram.)
A new avenue of graft In the Illinois Can
tral railroad was opened yesterday when It
was disclosed that some of the officials
Involved In the car repair frauds built
luxurious homes at the expense of the
road and almost entirely without cost to
Detectives working under the direction of
William J. Burns found thst. several fine
residences for officials during the last few
years were built of materials stolen out
rig from the Illinois Central. The con
iraciors am uie work tree. It Is said be
cause they were Interested In Ulinola Cen
tral contracts. Investigation developed the
fact that thers was no graft bv th.
he had given her, and that he had left her.
Mrs. Cavalierl-Chanler denies there has
been any quarrel while Chanler refuses to
discuss the matter at all.
Two Stories of tbe Affair.
Two stories of the sffsir are current to
day. One Is to the effect that Chanler
Lorimer Quits
Hamilton Club
Correspondence Shows He Received
Three Invitations Before He
CHICAGO, Sept 11. A terse note
resignation from the Hamilton club.
which he had been a member many years,
was the reply made here yesterday by
United States Senator William Lorimer to
the action of the club president, John H.
Batten, in withdrawing his Invitation to
the Roosevelt banquet Thursday night
While Senator Lorimer urged that his
resignation be accepted immediately, it Is
said his friends on tbe club board of gov
ernors probably will refuse to vote Its
The correspondence from President Batten
to Senator Lorimer revealed. It was shown
today, that the senator was to have been
one of the guests of honor at the banquet
inis correspondence also showed that It
had been the hope of the club to maka
the dinner notable as a harmonious oc
casion at which all factions of the republl
can party could break bread togeteher.
At leasi inres invitations were sunt
Lorimer, each urging him to attend the
banquet and to the last of these hs sent
his acceptance.
duty at Fort Wood, N. Y.
ceed to Fort Omaha for duty. Canlain
Reynolds J. Burt Is relieved from duty, at
Fort Omaha and- will report to the chief
signal officer for duty. Major John K.
Cree. coast artillery corps, has been re
lieved by the president.
Leaves of absence: (Major Hugh L.
Scott, Fourteenth cavalry, three months;
Captain Sherwood A. Cheney, general
staff, extended one month: First Lieutenant
Edmund L. Daley, corps of engineers, two
months; Second Lieutenant Hugh H.
Broadhurst, Fifteenth cavalry, two months
and ten days. '
A Reliable Mrdlrlne Not a Nareotle.
Mrs, F. Marti, 'St Joe. Mich., says
Foley Honey anil Tar saved ber little
boya Ufa She writes: "Our little boy
contracted a savers bronchial trouble
and. aa the doctors medicine did not
curs him. I gave htm Foley's Honey and'
Tar ia whk'b I-have great faith. It
cured tbe cough as " as the choking
and gagging spells, and he got well in a
Short tlma Foley's Honey and Tar has
many tines saved ua much trouble and
ws ara aver wthout 1. In the houaa." bold
by ail druggists.
Haralar Fire I. amber Yard.
PGDEN, la.. Sept 11 tSpeclal.) Burglars
caused a serious fire Saturday night which
destroyed the lumber yards of the Ogden
Supply company, caused a panic In the
audience at the opening of the new Tre
loar opera house and during the excitement
got away with SM0 worth of Jewels and
watches. The firs, which It Is commonly
believed was set by the burglars, broke
out st 0 30. When Pie theater audience
saw the flames through ths opera house
windows a panic ensued, but all got out
without Injury. During the excitement the
show window of the Ikes Jewelry store
was broken and the contents of the window
was stolen. The loss In the firs Is $1.M
with K.000 of Insurance,
i-uuui uo mem Dig services In case there
should at any time be a tie In bids. This
evidence will be Introduced next week at
the hearing of the charges against Frank
B. Harrlman. Charlea L. Ewlng and John
M. Taylor.
The case today was under adjournment
to Monday when Fred Peck, formerly
bookkeeper for the Ostermann Manufac
turing company. Is expected to conclude
his testimony.
Iowa Cbnrrk of God Meets.
IDA GROVE. Ia.. Sept H--(Speclal)-The
Iowa Eldership of the Church of God
opened Its meting here Friday night with
an address by Rev. A. E. Schwenk of Alns
worth. Is,, on "The Glory of the Church."
The business meeting took up most of the
day Saturday and there were several ad
dresses by prominent visitors. Sunday
President W. E. Kelley of Shambaugh. Ia.
win aenver the principal address. Sunday
afternoon the delegates will be taken for
a trip Into the country In automobiles and
will visit Hayes Chapel, a country church
ol this denomination.
Tbe Gratltado of Elderly Poopl.
Goes out to whatever helpa give them
comfort snd strength. Foley's Kld-
t ey Pills cure kidney and bladder diseases
promptly, and give comfort and relief to
aldsrljr people.' Sold, by all druggists.
German Maneuvers Bad with Advaa
taar la Favor of tbe "Baa.
slan" Army.
PREt S8ICH-HOLLAND, Prussia, Sept
11. The imperial maneuvers ended touay
with a grand exhibition of powder burn'
Ing by the artillery, machine guns and In
fan try that continued for three hours, along
a sixteen-mile area.
Ths "Ted invaders, theoretically ths
Russlsn army, with slightly Inferior forces,
won. cutting off one division of ths
"blues," the German defenders.- When ths
firing ceased Emperor William assembled
300 of the higher officers and gave them
a forty-five minute criticism of the opera'
The commanders of both armies reported
officially that they were greatly assisted
on the first day of the mimic warfare by
the observations made by ths crews of ths
dirigible balloons.
al reply came over fmm his harry home In
Pans to get the trustees of his Income to
pay his wife the HS. s er he settled
on her by sn ante-nuptial sgreement and
which the trustees refuse to pay.
As a matter of fact, according to this
story, he Is still very mu -h In love with
his beautiful w-fe and she has promised
that If he'll come bck with the annual in
come she'll love him as much as she ever
did. If not more. Meanwhile the beautiful
singer wife of Mr. Chanler has been balked
by the six hard headed financiers who were
placed In charge of Robert W. Chanter's
heritage when his father and I'ncle Delano
The practical Americans who are in
charge of the Chanler es.ste received the
copy of the ante-nuptlal agreement with a
great many cynical smiles. They tabled
It It Is still tabled and the hard headed
gentlemen of the trust fund declare they
won't pay a cent to Cavalieri. agreement
or no agreement, unless some American
court orders them to do It.
Here's Another Story.
Mrsnwhile the cables say that she has
gone cf mooning with the rich Russian,
Prince Dolgoroukl. and the Chanler family
say she hasn't. They admit she got all of
Bob's ready money before he came away,
but they declare any wife does that.
Another story ia that a family conference
over the affair was held today at Staats
burg. Duchess county, New York. Those
In attendance were said to be his brother,
former Lieutenant Governor Stuyvesant
Chanler; his sister. Mrs. Richard Aldrlrh;
his sister-ln-lsw, Mrs. William Astor-Chan-
ler, "Sheriff George Bob." his wife and his
lawyer, Sidney Harris. The conference. It
Is ssld, decided to take steps to set sside
the agreement transferring Chanler's I"
come to his wife and the Chanler family
lawyers were advised to consult with ths
Gould fsmlly lawyers, who have, througl.
the turgid married llf of Frines Anna
become exrert In such mstters. and take
such steps as will get Sheriff Feb out ol
his difficulties.
Business Houses
Replace Shacks
Trinity Corporation Tears Down 180
Tenement Houses in New
York City.
NEW YORK. Sept. 11. tSpect I Tele
gram.) Within a few wreeks ths Isst of ths
tenement houses owned by ths Trinity cor
rorstlon will be torn down and In their
places will be erected modern buildings.
Since January. 1W, when the Trinity cor
poration was charged wtth maintaining un
sanitary tenements, 1M housea of tb.s type
have been torn down and have been re
placed by eight new modern mercantile
buildings aggregating an outlay of H.SOo.XV.
The Trinity corporation, with the excep
tion of seven tenements. I now practically
free of all such possessions, and these will
be torn down In ths nesr 'future to make
room for other large improvements thst the
corporstion will make.
A Total Beltnoe
of the functlena of stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels, la quickly disposed of with
Electric Bitters. 80c. For sale hy Beaton
Drug Co.
William Norton, a Dakota Boy, Is Be
lleved to Havo Lost His Life
In Montaaa.
DEAD WOOD, 8. D. Sept U- (Special.)
Word has been received here from Setser,
Mont, telling of the death there of William
Norton, a Deadwood boy, who waa burned
In the forest firs In Montsna last month.
Norton's mother, Mrs. Thomas Norton,
sho resides here, was notified by ths
sheriff st Setser that several bodies had
been recovered and one of them Is believed
to bs young Norton, although ths mother
still hopes that later word will disprove
this. Young Norton bsd been Uvtng st
Setser with his wife and went out to fight
the fires, sine which tims he hss not been
seen or heard from. Hs was ZJ years old.
A contract has been let by ths Consoli
dated Power and Light com ran y to Mullen
aV Rourke, local contractors, for sn addition
to ths big plant at Pluma, ths work to be
commenced st once. The addition will cost
about HO. 000 and will bs used as a trans
former house, making It possible to control
all I ths circuits from Pluma and doing
awsy with ths small plsnt of ths company
hers In Desdwvod.
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