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Council" Bluffs
Judpe Woodruff Confronted with One
Hundred and One Divorce Cases.
Want TT Doabt Rtltllnc as to Final
Termination of Marital Coatro- .
Yeralea Other Ordera Art
Confronted by a divorce docket numbering-
101 cun, Judira Woodruff of tha dls
trVt c-urt bench astslled the task before
Lim early In. the t: m, and devoted near
)y all of yesterday, It second day, to con
deration of the stories of marital ml
fits. He did enough other business to
malts a respectable day'a work, but when
tha day closed ho had practically disposed
cf fourteen of tha divorco cases. There
' good grounds for tiie suspicion that
Jurlso Woodruff looked over the docket
and picked out the obey oni for hie first
essay In the tournament against Cupid, for
default were taken In all of tha case
where decrees were entered.
' In there canes divorces were granted and
tha decreet signed: .
. Lulu i Murphy yo. Charles Murphy; Wil
liam Sutherland vs. Edith Sutherland;
Jeesio H. Walker v. Roda Wallrer; Au
fusta Boone vs. Brady lioone; Elva B.
t'Lary vs. Thomas A O'Leary: Emma
Hart vs. Charles . Hart; Lottie Whllsott
Vs. Kiar.k Whilactt; Olive Petersen vs.
Jers lJcioren; Francf-s, Klrkpatrlck vs.
Vt'llilam K'.rkpatrlck: T'.iomas J. Hatch vs.
Mollie Hatch; Emma Hurt vs. Charles
Hart: Haul) Mochn vs. Frank Mochn.
The evidence In two other default co.-es
was taken and submitted and the cases
taken under advisement.' They were Lucy
E. Calklna vs. John J. Calkins and Car
rie B. Wlncht'll vs. Adalbert Winchell.
' Seven Folly Divorced,
v. Whllo twelve decrees weve signed there
were only seven of the couples fully
granted their freedom. A rulo or me
courts, adopted several years, does not
permit divorce decrees to be entered upon
tha records until all of. the costs in the
case have been paid. The only evidence of
the granting of the divorces until the rec
ord Is written up is the notation In pencil
on the . Judges' duckets. In a number of
case parties securing divorce have
neglected to see to this Important part of
tha court transactions arid have gone away
happy in the thought of their freedom to
discover with great dismay several months
or years afterward that they were still
undlvorced. Eeven of the plaintiffs yester
day hurried, into Clerk Brown's office Im
mediately after the decree was granted and
paid all costs, anxiously Inquiring if there
might not be some other hidden danger
lurking In their pathway to freedom.
Mabrar Cases Up teos.
Judge Smith McPherson will convene the
September term of the federal court next
Monday, when another doien or sixteen of
tha Matoray cases will be tried. The
greater part of them, however, will bo the
suits of some of tho "Mikes" against local
men, whore they allege, failed properly to
protect them, when they camo here and
got their drafts cashed to win the money
of the reputed Pittsburg . millionaire.
Judge McPherson ordered a special venire
of petit Juror drawn for the purpose of
Insuring a sufficient number to try these
suits. . Tueaa. rianjoa.were announced,., yes
terday: : . '"
J. B. Ashby, Audubon; W. A. Acheson,
Pes Moknes; Allen ttullis. Gill wold; H. W.
Clark, labor; J. F. Coulthard, Missouri
Valley; James David, Maasena; A. C. ltl
er, Marsnalltown; J. O.Fry, Mt Ayr; H.
N Waiter. atsonblla: doors e Ooodale.
Lenox; Dennis liamblln, 8harpeburg; MitI
Hatten, Sidney; U. F. Klnikel, Redfleld;
Marten Kier. Audubon: 11. M. Long, Bed'
ford; H. W. Moeller, Charter Ouk; ifldward
Mohr, Arcadia; J. n. micnois, jiuanuc;
ttwaln Neal. Baxter: Charles Newell, Uray;
W. L. Orr, Logan; C. E. Oakley, Prescott;
Ooorae boll reck. Dedham; Samuel gloss
Uuthri Center; Amos Tlbben, Extra; Peter
Tent, Denlson; Edward vial, Adei; u. u
Wilson. Oreston; O. 8. Welch, Manning.
la addition to these the regular panel of
March term, which adjourned unfinished.
, will be on hand for duty. These are
E. A. JBeaaon, Audubon: P. M. Cad well.
Malvern.; C. L. Campbell, Atlantic; Charles
Dingra, Bedford; Julius Duer, Missouri Val
ley; W. C. KUIott. Audubon; William Er
mine. Cromwell: John Fetmell. Corydon; H.
K. Forsyth, Orlswold; H. B. Fockett, 8hen-
andoani' o. - II. rnns. uisrinaa; n. n.
Hough, Adair; Samuel Howlett, Anita; R.
T. Ilumton. Hussell: W. C. Johnson, Kan-
dolrh: ,E. a. Jones. Clisriton: Henry Line,
Albla: J. A. Loose, Thurman; W. K. Mor-
a-sn., Glnnwood: R. it. Russell, Ottumwa;
Hairv Kosebrook, OekHtooss; Samuel Salts,
Fair Id r F. K. Sheldon. Mt. Ayr; Willie
tte.iV . ..Loiran: T. K. Ktorv. Indlanola; J
J. : P-waln. Little 81e-.ix: Julius Tapnert.
Iaf.-npoi t: W. L. Van Kaion, Jr., Sidney;
W aiSfr;. Wilson Corn.ns; John Young,
The nte Of the new grand Juror were
also announced yesterday as follows:
Clsik Atdstrong, Lenox; Henry Bell, Oow
City; S. J. Uyers. Elkhart; W. W. Brown,
Hamburg: II. O. CuUr, Magnolia; L.
ljnlels, Adair; William Elkenberry; Wll.
ham Farrell. Menlo: "George Fisher. Un
derwood: 1'. .llowartliy, Lmnlap; James
Hart-la. Lewis; Carl Head, Enrllng; F. M.
Johnson, Greenfield; 11. C. Hechert, Mis
souri Valley; II. P. Moore, Corning; Clark
MannMeld. Shelby: W.'H. MeCltirkln. Morn
tng uo; W. i). Meyers. Missouri Valley;
I,. 1 F. Mulllns, Atlantic; Simon oppen
nelawr. Cl''lUm; Edward Newton. Anita;
Fred No?Jtrem.- Sneoandonh; F. E. Pay
ton. Bedford: W. W, Short. Mcnlo; Ous
PhelmiM. . Albla: C. T. Stephens. Bedford
II. H- Walters. Loasn; J. A. Williams. Mt.
Ayr. Mo Wilson, l.ognrc Oeorge Welgh-
ten, iAtKlubon.: ' . . .
Edwin Milton Royfe's play of ranch life.
"The Sauaw Man,", wtll be seen he" in the
rear future at the' Dohany theater. The
produclloa nd compary are said to bo of
the best th scenery having been painted
by C. W". : Wagner, who Is a brother of the
famous landscape pointer and is as well
known in hi line of work a his celebrated
brother. The engagement Is for matinee
and tilgu'. Saturday, Suptember t
N- T. riurr.Wng Co. Tel. 160. Night L-170
"' l.arae shipments Helnar Received aad
DUpoerd of mm Market Admitttaar -,
,- of Good Profit.
The Cr) jr4Jo pes eh crop la now being
rtioye,1," Mnd 'hundreds ,of can' are being
received at Council Uluffa and Omaha. On
t Satui-fay-afternoon and Sunday more than
4T )0 cr.' wer ecolvd. and th Union
' raulflo liad.tVT cara standing on tha tracks
at one' time. Soim of the members of
the stnpplng forces were compelled to work
until ,1 . o'clock. Sunday morning and all
others worked steadily' all day Sunday.
Nearly, all of ths fi-ult come from th
ClraHil - Junctio. fruit districts, and this
i year it W.!l handle! .. by the Palfesds
Fruit iirpsreca' association. Every car is
billed f rum. the. rltn.t!n- no hit to New
J). and they are diverted along the line
- . . ... . -. ..
market, ttkO brvker Simdiy diverted fifty
a-. smra.very Urge percentage of the
dally shipments. w!i!.;h r averaging more
than ifo esi uh day,' never get further
than ,lle , l.'.-.liMi.' rAcific jsrds on their
Jtur:uy oHad Ntw 1'oik. New ' York
gets oiy tils' ihipBKnts that cannot to
I Council Bluffs
disposed of on a bettei market nearer
Tha Grand Junction crop this year Is
tha largest and the best thst tha growers
there have aver produced. Tha crop was
aved by tha usa of fire pots when the
freeslng weather waa doing Its utmost mis
chief. Prices obtained this season ore very
much better than were realised last year,
and tho profits of the business are cor
respondingly greater. One grower says ha
will realise 7,O0O from a five-acre peach
orchard which la only I years old.
Tha fruit marketed here Is carefully
packed and graded, and bring a good
price, permitting retailers to sell quarter
bushel boxes for 85 cents.
Reuben Herner
Probation Officer
Sev. Henry De Long'i Resignation,
After Six Years' of Service, is
Accepted by Court.
Judgo Wheeler yesterday appointed Reu
ben Henier Juvenile court probation officer
In place Of Rev. Henry , DeLong, who re
signed In May with his resignation condi
tioned to take effect August IL Tho ap
pointment of Mr. Herner was' in accordance
with an agreement between Judges Thor
nell, Greene. Wheeler and Woodruff, and
the appointment announced yesterday was
really agreed upon several weeks ago and
after It waa definitely known that Mr. De
Long would not continue in the office.
The appointment of Mr. Homer 1 also
by agreement of the board of education,
whose mombera acceeded to tho request of
th board of county supervisors to combine
tho two offices. Each office waa paying
salary of 50 a month, and the school board
and the county board submitted th propo
sition to Mr. Herner to take a straight
salary of 176 a month for the whole year.
As truant officer he drew salary only
while the schools wer In session. Mr.
Homer will occupy the office In the corridor
of the county court house which has been
occupied by Mr. DeLong, and which he va
cated yesterday.
Mr. Herner ha been truant officer Cor
five years, or since the compulsory school
law required the service of such an officer.
He has been singularly successful In his
work, and bring tho finest qualifications
for tho discharge of the duties of hi new
office. For the last year or more h has
been studying the psychological line and
using th theosophlc inductive methods of
inquiry, and thoroughly understands child
"Uncle Henry" DeLong, who retire after
more than six years of continuous service
ha over 1,600 Juvenile case settled out of
court, and without publicity and several
hundred of court record to his credit. He
recently completed his seventy-second
birthday and feels that the remainder of
his life should be lees arduous, although he
doe not intend in any degree to dlmlnsh
his Interest in the dark side of youth life.
He will continue to conduct hi two city
mission and keep In close touch with the
work, the active part of which bo I now
laying down.
Boys and Girls
Observe Labor. Day
Free Celebration with Band Concerts
and Chorus Work the
- A free celebration for boy and girl on
Labor Day has been arranged at the audi
torlum. Whaley's band will play on the
streets and In front of the auditorium
from 1 to t o'clock. At I o'clock boys and
girls from S to 14 years of age will be
admitted first. From 8:30 to t o'clock boy
and girl from 14 to 21 year of age will
be admitted.
Frank C. Pellett, who ha been giving
Illustrated talks at th high school this
week, will exhibit his lantern pictures of
Iowa bird and butterflies and will handle
hi hive of live bee. A chorus of 200
voloe Is desired to sing patriotic songs.
C. W. Coker will meet tho boy and girls
from I to 21 year of age for rehearsal at
th auditorium balcony on Saturday after
noon of this week at S o'clock. All boy
nd girl from 8 to 21 year of age who
can sing ' are asked to attend this re
hearsal and take part In the Labor Day
celebration. Miss Julia Officer and C. V.
Coker constitute the program oommtttee
and Prof. 8- L. Thorns of th high school
faculty will have charge of th lantern
slide. '
Considerably Heavier Tale Year tha
for Sam Period Ooo
Year Aico,
Real estate transfers for the month of
August this year were considerably heavlor
than for the same period last year. The
total for the month as reported by the
Pottawattamie County Abstract company
were 161 transfers, representing financial
transactions amounting to 1229,224.78. For
the month of August last year there were
134 tranfers representing total considera
tions of SiSl,tC4.&3. There wo a greater
movement of city property during August
this year than a year ago, although a ma
jority of the heavier transactions continued
to b confined to farm property. In sev
eral Instances prices of farm property
broke all record for this part of the
state with tho exception of tho hysterical
condition worked up in the land market
two years ago, when agents for Edward
Harriman were buying up a fevr hundred
acre of farm land south of Council Bluffs
to be used In connection with the 12.500,000
terminal facilities then planned, when 1.150
an acre was paid for some tract. Fol
lowing are yesterday's tisnsfers: ,
Eva Morral to John Morsal. Int 1
f, I, 4. 6 and In U In Bt-nson'a first
addition to Council Bluffs, w. d....S 1
Iowa Townslte company to Roy Max
field, lots and 10 lu block 4 In Mc
Clelland, la., w. d ...i.. ' si
J. P. Ureenshlelds and wife to Albert
W. Casady, lot 12 In block 2 In
Casady'a addition to Council Bluffs,
q. c. d 47
Eugene F. Aldlnger and wife to W.
H. Kimball, lot I in block ST la
beer's subdivision In Council Bluffs,
w. d S00
Alfaretta B. Hulett and husband to
Mrs. Sarah M. Harwood, lot 4 In
block 4 in Stutsmsn's second addl
dition to Council bluffs, w. d 1.200
Leonard Seubert and wife to Ike
Kramer, es of lot in block 4 In
Baylies' first addition to Council
Bluffs, w. d
Oeorge P. Dolon and wife to B. O.
Franklin, s1 Of U-TC-44. w. d
Total, seven transfers.
"Tha Squaw . Man', a drama of ranch
life In 'Utah, will be seen at th Dohany
theater,' next Saturday, with a complete
scenic production and an excellent acting
company. .
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
ni Oeaaeil ToTeffs offloo of tae
Omaao, Bo Is M II fsoeW SMreot,
Bo yaoaea W.
Lavls. drugs.
The Clark barber shop for hatha.
Corrlgans, undertskers. Pnone 14s.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 23.
Lewie Cutler, funeral director. Phone 7.
Klein Co., 162 West Broadway,
t H,?.vyour 'asea fitted or repaired by
i..!VTry optician. 411 Broadway, office
with George Gerner.
Herman Stolts and wife of Err.eroon,
r;eb., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Herner at their home on South First street.
C. L. Barrltt, superintendent of the coun
ty poor farm, has announced September 30
as the Jaie of the county picnic, given
annually by the County Picnic associa
tion. The Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. V
Shirley died yesterday at their home, Ju5
East Broadway. The funeral will occur
this afternoon with Interment at Walnut
Hill cemetery,
The annual plonlo of tha Broadway
Methodist church or.d Sunday school win
be held at Fatrmount this afternoon. The
crowd will gather at the end of . the car
tracks In the park at 2:30 p. m. It is ex
pected that there will be several hundred
of the children and older member of the
church present.
C. M. Blevlns, who has had charge of the
Postal Telegraph company's Council Bluffs
office since last May, has been transferred
to the New York office of the company,
and his pluce has been filled by Kimer
Stuart, who resinned his place as train
dispatcher for the Hock Island railroad
here to take the position.
-I A KttTHlAn r,,A n .ft.. t .
, . wuv 1 1 itt 7iiuiih, automo
bile speeders requlied to deposit a 26 bond
tO k.un nil t fall , . I I . .1 . . , . .
. . j . , ihjibu w rvpponu wnen nis
name was called In police court yesterday
...u...,,.n i, una was lorreliea. Me was
taken i n tit rtiutnHv . ... .... .. . n v.,.
j " wwwwn bu miu ill
case was continued from time to time to
iruui mm 10 snow that he was not in the
BvuuiTj inai orose ine speed limits, but
I ft t it Was soma i,t h r rwrinn Annn.i.
with the garage.
Prof. Lorenzo rMn f , v. . kai..i..m.i
.j w . iiv. UVUIIUI Bl
department of the Iowa Agricultural col-
t aiiitjs vm in ine city yesterday
V..J1I iUO aepanment s worit
the experimental orchard east of Coun-
Rlllffji. Whin Bar . . l .
- . . j . llllCTftftft
covering a long term of year were begun
viii- oc.Bi.u. Heavy ireeses in April
and May killed all the apple in the or
chard with the exception of six hardy little
fallow whlnh V. a K... ........ 1 .... . i. .
, . ' . 11 T,iv.iic Willi irjfll-
der solicitude by Profs. Greene and Bliss.
MISS Hattla McOoffern of rVirnlnir T.
Will rAu.. a ni, . . . v. . '. . '
which she thought had been stolen from
her late yesterday afternoon. She was on
a car coming from Omaha with her suit
case by her side. When the crowded car
began to disgorge Its load at the Pearl
Stl lt I Kn I 1
. a. lib 1IinnJWllI
Ten minutes later It was brought to the
h"'"-" -inon Dy a gentleman who said
he had. taken it by mistake, leaving his
own, which he later recovered.
K. A. Hpsh inn nf T TJ II...
or the Hess fine stock farm lying Just
east of the city, is receiving the congratu
lations of his friends upon the handsome
prises he won at the Iowa state fair. He
iook a numDer or rirst prises for the car
load Of Rhni-thnm pattl. .i.unj K V. t .. .
One for the best short horn bull he values
"isiuy. ne is so greatly encouraged
uw;rtia Liiai ne win prooaDiy enter
the stock at other state fairs and many of
the county fairs.
That a mechanic' leln secured by a con
tractor tyrtnnn Kn ... ... , i .
BiHunnu wiian I L ib
shown that the contractor had not fullv
complied with the apeclflcationa. is the dic
tum Of a ria,.t,.n 1 jt .
Wheeler of the dlstiict court bench In the
vj . "iiiiam itansen against Edward
," juage wneeier held, m review
ing tha rnaA -Kb, .
failure to comply with the contract In
i "uiior mailers, wnicn not only
JusUfled th defendant's request to make
the final uvmnt hut Anting v.i.
damage. A Judgment of 1150 was entered
5 It " wonirucior, togetner with corns
of the suit Walker is a member of the
in. gtpurimeni located at No. 3 hose hou
and lost a leg In an accident while
on duty two years ago.
Clarence M. Bright of Council Bluffs
and Miss Pearl Wlnans of Imogene, la.,
were granted a marriage license In Omaha
.ji, luwuay me license was
returned to the office for cancellation,
with some sort of a statement that there
llSd been a ohnncra In . V. a ... t .. ...
"ei" ... ncuuuig M1B.
ii J 5,me" ot tne P"1"11" appeared In pub-
marriage licenses in Tuesday'
Omaha Dallv H. ruiiM
attention was called to It, and he came to
the Council ninffa . nffin- mi., t.
Pha''ca"y declaring that he had not ap-
m--enBe, ana was only reason.
ablV Wall i.nii.lniul in ,in
- -- --- nun misa TT lliailP.
His only explanation of the matter was
iumii louiisn acquaintance had se
cured the license, using his name and that
Of M 1MW Wlnana mm .. I I. .,.
, " " jao. lie: was very
indignant and was talking about making
n luua aiiair lor tne Jokers, who
auniy oj laisirying a public record
and perhaps of perjury.
John Reynolds, a 17-year-old youth em
ployed as a waiter at the Oak restaurant
on Bryant street, was In police court yes
terday morning charged with larceny.
Tuesday evening he served a customer to
a lunch that cost 20 cents. The customer
handed him what he thought were four
nickels, but as he turned to leave the place
he recalled the fact that he had a $5 gold
piece in the same pocket with the small
coin, 'An examination revealed Its absence,
but when he asked the waiter about it the
lad stoutly denied any knowledge. After
the disturbed customer left the place the
proprietor asked the boy about tho trans
action and accused him of the theft In
place of denying the lad ran out the rear
door and up the alley without coat or hat.
He was closely followed by the proprietor,
who overhauled him Just as the boy was In
the act of dropping the gold coin In a gar
bage barrel. The money was returned to
the owner and the boy was sent to the po
lice station, where ho is being held for
further Investigation. The boy's parents
have separated. The mother is living In
South Dakota and the father is employed
In the street cleaning department, trying to
keep his family together.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses wer yesterady Issued
to tho following named persons: '
Name and Residence. Age.
Jamea Martin, Rising Sun, la 49
Kllu Warner, Rising Bun, Ia... 52
ICarl A. Jackson, Omaha... 22
Hoi km. M. Empston, South Omaha 24
Charles Sudor, Council Bluffs 25
Anges Cook, Council Bluffs fc)
Ed McKern, Sliver City. Ia 84
Maggie Agan, Macedonia, la zs
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy I today the best known
medicine In uao for the relief and cure of
bowel complaints. It cures gripping diar
rhoea, dysentery, and should be taken at
th first unnatural looseness of tha bowels.
It Is equally valuable for children and
adults. It always cures. Sold by all dealers.
Frightful Spasms
of the stomach, liver torpor, lama back
and weak kidneys are overcome by Electric
Bitters. Guaranteed. 60c For sal by
Beaton Drug Co.
Bflnjofi rnieumallsni Cure
Got a
Vwr L i 'aiu to
If J curs
V - , money.
Iowa City Man Choien President of
Commercial Club Body.
Chios go Editor Make Talk oa Sof
frage at State fair (iroaade
Mrs. Julia Clark Hallam
oa Program.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Snt. l.-(Spclol Telo
gram.) The close of the first annual meet
ing of the Iowa League of Commercial
Club resulted In the election ot th fol
lowing officers: .,
President, Robert N. Carson, Iowa City;
secretary, H. E. Stout, Des Moines.
Louis F. Post, the noted Chicago editor,
addressed a gathering of woman suffragists
at the state fair grounds today. Hundreds
of little yellow pennants decorated the tent
within which the exercises were held. Mrs.
Julia Clark llarlam, the noted suffragette,
was another speaker. Local advocates of
the caus declare there has been a decided
increase of favorable sentiment in Iowa
sine one year ago.
The Iowa postmasters- convention re
elected all officers today as follows: Charles
O. Barry, Walker, president; L. L. Rey
nolds, Little Sioux, secretary, C. A. K.
Miner, Bussey, treasurer; telegatea to the
national convention, W, O. Bock of New
Albion, C. F. Lecompl of Corydon, Hans
Kelser of Elgin, C. O. Barry of Walker,
H. M. Henderson of 8tory City, W. W. B.
Keith of Mondamln, B. L. Gllgt of Elkader,
Minnie A. Phoenix of Ruthven. Th next
meeting place i Marsnalltown.
Dssker Sard for Bl 8am.
MAiSON CITY, la., Sept. L (Special.)
One of the, most Important cases to come
up in the court of Worth county this term
I that of Miss Laura Molsberry, daughter
of Posthaster D. C. Molsberry of Plymouth,
claiming from- Banker Chrlstianson of
Oraton (10,000 for damages sustained by her
by being struck by an automobile driven
by the banker. Miss Molsberry Is super
visor of music in one of the schools of
California and was at the time visiting
with her parents, who reside on a farm a
mile north of Plymouth. - She claim that
she sustained Injuries which are serious
and from which she probably will never
reoover. Senator Molsberry of Columbus
New York is the Second
Largest City in the World
WASHINGTON, Sept 1. Following Its
announcement of the population of Brook
lyn today, the census bureau will tonight
make a statement of the population of
Greater New York a -developed by the
recant census. No intimation a to the
exact figures has been given out, but It Is
known that the census bureau has pre
pared an estimate of growth, based on
the increase shown between 1900 and 17)6,
which was something over 82 per cent, by
which the present population would be
over four and a half ' millions In exact
figures 4,GG3,804. ' A gain of 22 per
cent for such a center of population will
The Wholesome
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Transfer to As 7 Boats Omaha Car.
ome Furniture Go. 24m and ists. sOTa
Junction, her uncle. Is engaged In the trial
of th case with Colonel J. H. McConlogue
of this city. The case will create consid
erable Interest on account of th promi
nence of the parties Interested.
Labor Pirate at Muns t'ltr.
MASON CITY. Ia.. Sept. l.-Speclal.)
l abor day will be generally observed In
this city. Th trade union will have af
fair in hand and have arranged for an
elaborate picnic which will be held on the
North Iowa fair grounds, Hon. Ed O. Dunn
la one of th speaker on this occasion.
All kinds of sports havs been arranged.
This Is the second big function undertaken
by th labor organisation of this city.
Iowa .News Notes.
MASON CITY New wu received In this
city of the death of Captain Ed J. Pratt at
his home in Orange Park, Fla. He was one
of the pioneer merchants of this city, com
ing here shortly after the war.
MARBLE ROCK-Two barns and two
large straw Slacks belonging to John
Kwald, three miles north of here, were de
stroyed by fire, said to have been of In
cendiary origin, last night. Th loss Is 2,tO.
ATLANTIC The 4-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. James Dill, who live here, nearly
drowned when playing in the yard by fall
ing Into a large candy pall filled with
water. The child was nearly dead when
pulled out of the water, but be soon re
vived. LOGAN Notwithstanding the drainage
plans prepared by different engineers for
rapid removal of the flood waters of the
Soldier river and drainage district, em
bracing 80.000 acres of land, snd their
egreement In the main facts, approved by
the Board ot Supervisors and sustained by
a decision by Judge O. D. Wheeler, fol
lowing an exhaustive hearing In the dis
trict court of Harrison county and not
withstanding the annual Ions of thousands
of dollars to the land owners of the dis
trict, the Soldier river drainage project as
planned by Engineer J. S. Wattles of Mis
souri Valley is again tied up In litigation.
Attorneys Hazel ton and Main of Council
Bluffs appearing for the objectors, At
torneys L W. Fallon, S. II. Cochran and
C. W. Kellogg have been employed by the
drainage promoters agsln to defend the
Wattles plan of drainage for the Soldier
river district.
Thomas Gillespie Allegea Douglas j
County Owe Him flOO for Coaaty
Chargre Tenants,
Douglas county ha been summoned to
appear before the Justice court of P. C.
Caldwell in South Omaha on September
as defendant In a suit for $100. Thomas
Gillespie has brought suit for this amount
on the ground that tenants occupying a
house belonging' to him, ' and who are
charges of the county, have failed to pay
their rent, and that, therefore, the county
is responsible.
be almost marvelous and the result will
be, not only to establish New York's posi
tion as the second city ot the world, but
to cause It to almost approach rivalry with
London. The British metropolis still sur
passes the American by about 2,000,000.
The population, of Brooklyn Is 1,634,351,
an Increase of 467,769, or 40.1 per cent as
compared with 1,166,6S2 in 1900.
Tho population of Yonkers, N. Y., Is
79,803, an Increase ot 21,873, . or 66.5 per
cent, as compared with 47,931 In 1900. The
population of Elmlra, N. T., is 37,176, an
Increase of 1.604, or 4.2 per cent a com
pared with 35,672 in 1900.
9x12 Seamless Brussels Rugs.
Of this grade we have put iu
an extra large stock, giving
you a vast assortment from
which to select This is an
awful good wearing rug, and
the patterns are most attrac
tive Home Furniture Com
pany price,
i-an peai apprruiaia our most remarkable
Tbsy All Vase Oa Door.
We announce with pleas-
ure the opening of oUr new department
that of Bedding, . :
This move i in answtr to oft repealed requests
of our friends ani customers and we take the op
portunity offered us here to assure you that the well
known Orchard & Wilhelm standard of quality
will be maintained at all times in the new depart
ment and you can rest assured that the quality of
our Blankets and Comforts will be right and the
Prices reasonable
Special Display of Our New Bedding
Main Fioor
Orchard & Wilhelm
1414-16-18 South 16th Street
St. Paul
Two fast, gplendldly equipped trains dally to the Twin
Cities over a track that la bo good as to Insure a smootb.
L.V. Omaha 0:00 am
Lt. Council Bluffs, 8:90 am
Ar. St. Paul'. . v . . .0:85 pm
Ar. Minneapolis. . 10:IO pm
Caf-Obervotlon-Porlor Cor
New York City
Atlantic City and other Ocean Resorts, including
Asbury Park and Long Branch
You can be ticketed through from your home and get the benefit of
the Low Fares by asking Agents to route you over Pennsylvania
Lines or by communicating with
Address W. St. EOWLUTD, TraT. FasrtM
819 City national Bank Bldg., Omaha, Tb.
.... Wf'v-
' aa
, bouin umaha Vm
Omaha Prices
ii!iltpj:' IN!
m Urn m
I U, BW-' I ififiJB tA !r IT'
-L-r.; - m 111
" pi, I K, ' 0' it
i 1 1
Lt. Omaha 8:30 pm
Iiv. Council Bluffs. 8: 50 pm
Ar. St. Paul 7:35 am
Ar. Minneapolis.. 8:10 am
Coaches and Chair Car.
Pullman Standard Sleeping Car
Buffet Club Car
Electrlo Light ,
1512 Farnam St
Phon Douglas 860 . .!
si 1 i r .
W 1