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Rain Shoots Holes in Base Ball Schedules Country Over; Denver Loses Twice to Lincoln
Run Over Griulies in Scond Game
After Losing- First.
Visitors Ircin Elevea nea, nt
Are Defeated After Har Foegat
ftessloa Have Treeble
In Last.
DENVER, flepl. 1. Denver won a closely
fought batting limn in the first content of
today'! double-header with Lincoln. Score:
" . AB. It.
2 .
Jude. If. ....
(.aiinler, ss
Cole, cf
Cor. rf
CiKman, So
Thomas, lb
Weideneaul, 2b...
Kruger, c....,
Knapp, p I
35 11 2
AB. n.
Lloyd, 2b
Fisher, If
Bull, ct
Lindsay, lb....
Ixilan, 3b.......
Kelly, an
Casisldy, rf.....
Weaver, c
McMurray, .ct
Olmitead, p....
r-,.i. ft .13 27
"" .9001111 9 ""!!!!! ' 's ooioi9o-
Stolen bases: Fisher (2), Cocfcman,
Thomaa, Dolan. Two-base hits: Cobb, VVeld
enseal. ' Three-base hits: Lindsay. Brail.
Home runs: Lloyd, Cassldy. Hacrlflce hits:
Cola. Olmntead. Knapp. Struck out: By
Olmstead. 6: by Knapp, t. Base on balls;
lff Olmstead. ; off Knapp, 8. Double play:
Olmstead to Llndaay to Weaver. Wild pitch:
Knapp: Hit by pitched ball: Fisher (2),
.i.idi. KVltv. Ift on banes. Denver. 11;
Lincoln, . Time: 8:08. Umpire: Flynn and
Uraves.. Aiienaance; i.ow.
?oorer second fame:
A B. R,
It. P.O. A. E,
0 3 9 9
3 0 3 0
10 9 0
3 2 0 0
113 0
0 9 0 0
2 4 2 0
19 0 0
3 0 10
13 27 8 0
H. P.O. A. E
2 14 0
12 0 0
13 0 2
0 10 0 0
0 3 10
0 3 11
0 3 0 0
0 0 10
0 2 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 10
0 0 0 0
4 27 8 8
Jude. If
Oagnlef, aw
Cola, , cf
Cobb, rf
Cockman, 3b....
Thomaa, lb
Wellensaul, 2b.
Kruger, c
Fartrlng, p.....
I 1
40 "10
A B. R.
Lloyd, , 2b.... 4 ) I
Fisher, If 4 0
Beall, cf 4 0
Llndeay, lb 3 ' 0
lolan, 3b 4 0
Kelly, as 3 0
Cassldy, rf 3-0
Weaver, c. 3 0
Huirsser, c 21 9
arris, p I , 0
Adams, p 1 ., 0
Ehmatl I
Totals 32 1
Batted for Adam In the ninth. .
Lincoln 8.1 2 0 0 0 0 3 2-10
Denver 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
Stolen base: Thomas. Two-hase hit:
Beall. Three-base hlta: Cole, Lloyd. Home
Tun: Cobb. Sacrifice fly: Cobb. Struck
out: By Harris, . by Farthing, ' 8; by
Adams. 2. Base on balls: Off Harris ! 2,
off Farthing. l;off Adams. 3. Left 'on
bases: Denver. 8; Lincoln, 8. Hits: Off
Harris, In three Innings; off Adams 7 In
six Innings. Time: 1:50. Attendance: 2,600.
Umpires: Flynn and Graves.
Locals, MaUe It, Foor Straight from
A V )' VlaMore. v
8IOVX CITY, la., Sept. l.-Sioux City
wan the last gam of the aeries from To-
ttka today, making re rour iirui.
nim'Tt city.
m R. H. O. A. E.
Andreas, 2b 1
Stem, lb
Neighbors, cf-c.
H. Welch, 8b
Towne, c 4.
qulllln, ct
label!, rf.
Myers, If
Hartman, as.,...
Loucks, p ...
Freeman, p......
12 0 6 11
Totals .
8 13 37 13
Rtllly, as
Abbott, lb
Riley. It
Welch, 2b
Btoffer. 3b
Barber, cf.....
Joins, rf
kfaxey, o
bnaley, p.....
Totals .i..v..
Sioux City
23 8 24 IS 8
0 8 2 0 2 1 0 0 -
9 0 0 3 0 0 4 0 0-0
Tawne, My era, H. Welch.
Two-tan hits
...nir. hit- Nflvhborc (21. Stolen oases:
. Myers (2), Andreas, Stem (3). Double
plays: H. "Welch to Andreas to Stem,
Freeman to Nelghbore to Andreaa. Welch
to Abbott. Base on balls: Off Loucks, 2;
otf freeman,., 4,; off iinaley. 8. Struck out:
By r'reemaja, .Xi; Ay nly.-. Time: 1:46.
Umpire:-Mullln. Attendance: 600.
Joaeith Wlaa la Klaveatk Through
Iea Molaes' Errors.
DES MOINE8. Sept. L St. Joseph de
feated Dcs Molnas In the eleventh Inning
In the flritt game of a double-header, i to 1.
Errors lost the contest for. Dee Moines,
gcora, first garnet -. . y.-
' A 14. It. H. PO. A
Powell. If .,. 5
x, !b fi
Junes, lb , 5
Metmesney, cf... 4
Rellly. Sb v..... 4
1 on, an, ss 4
Goodrich, rf 6
Boles, e 2
r'ramtiea, c v-".. 3
; 0
Johnson, p -.'... .
Totals ,',"..39 2 7 83 20 .1
AB... R. H. PO. A. E.
Kelly, rf
C.alie, as
Nlehoff, 8b.,..
Curtis, If
Dwyer, lb
Maltlrk, cf...
Krraey, 2b....
Cleiiunons, C.
Huesion, p..,.
v 0
Totala 87
7, 38 It
St Joseph 0 000001000 13
De Molnea 0008900010 0-1
Two-bas hits: Boles, Nlehoff. Bases on
balls: Off Hueston, 0; off Johnson. 2.
btrurk out: by Hueston. 10; by Johnson. 4.
Stolen bases; Rellly, Kelly, Dwyer. ftu-rt-fl-
hits: Clulre, Jonnson, MeChesney, Cor
han. Time: 1:8J. Umpire; Haskell.
Crack Batter Qmi to Allaata Teaaa
ol Soathera I.eaaae.
SIOUX CITY. Ia,. Sept. 1. (Special
Telegram.) Art Fenlon right fielder for
Sluux City and leader of the western
league In batt.lng. with a mark of .866. lias
beh sold 'to Wis Atlanta (.) elub In
tbe Southern league. Rellly, shorstop,
and Wooley, . fleloer, have been purchased
by Sioux City from Topeka. . Albert lsbeil.
who has been farmed out, has reported
for duty 'wHh Btoua City,
H. O. Taylor Is High Caa.
ABKRDHKN, 8. D Sept 1. (Special.)
The two (lays' shooting tournament at
Aberdeen closed yesterday, with J. P.
White of Wstertown. carrying, off the
honors In tha amateur class with 378
birds out of a nosslble 400. In the pro
fessional u:laa 11. U, Taylor of Mecklliig
wua first honors, brassing tti ciay
..icon. tut i-f the 400. Tha aentetlou
the tournament, however, waa George
Krager, a professional, who broke 13
l.irl! In aUccesa4on without a miss. How.
Kl. ...i.l n.a.k.i, t77 (ll.wiim
Brown. 8s, and A. J. wani. wre
otliar amateurs besides
White who made
letter than Sat). .
Key to the Situation Bee Want Ads.
Kearney Takes
Two Games from
Superior Team
Townsend Saves Game for locals,
Bringing in Three Scores by
Long Hit to Fence.
KEARNEY, Neb., fept. 1. (Special Tele
gram.) The Kearney Capitalists won a,
double-header from Superior here today.
Oreen pitched both games for Kearney and
held Superior to one hit In tha last game.
Townend saved the first name for Kear
ney bringing In three scores by a hit that
struck the fence and all but went over.
Score, first game: RU E.
Kearney 0 0 0 0 4 0 2 0 9 1
Superior 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 2 08 S 3
Batteries: Kearney, Green and Town
send; Superior, Miller and Landes. Time:
1:46. Umpire: Griffith.
Score, second game: R.H.E.
Kearney 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 4 0
Superior 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 1 1
Batteries: Kearney, tJreen and Town
send; Superior, Justus and Landes. Time:
:i. Umpire: Griffith.
SEWARD, Neb., Sept. 1. (Special Tele
gramsColumbus defeated Seward today,
12 to 1. Score; RILE.
Seward 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 4
Columbus 03101100 412 18 0
Batteries: Seward, Stewart. Walley and
Neff; Columbus, Buve and Agnew.
HASTINGS, Neb., Sept. l,--(Special Tele
gramsRed Cloud put Hastings' at the
tall end today, taking both games- of a
double-header. Score, first game: R.H.B.
Red Cloud 00100100090 13 4 3
Hastings 00011000000 02 8 4
Batteries: Red Cloud, Parrott and Mobs;
Hastings, Orth and Uaarde.
Score, second game: ft.II.Ev
Red Cloud 011140 0-5 8 0
Hastings 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 6 3
Bataerlea: Red Cloud, Garrett and
Logan; Hastings, Clegg and Donnelly.
FREMONT, Neb., Sept. l.-(Special Tele
gram.) Grand Island lost to Fremont to
day In a pitchers' battle, 2 to 0. Smith
pitched a good game and was given good
support. He allowed the visitor only one
lilt. Score: R.H.E.
Grand Island .000090000-0 1 0
Fremont 00010010 03 4 1
Batteries: Grand Island, Beltzer and Car
roll; Fremont, Smith and . Bohner. Um
pire: Boawell.
Open Season for
Base Ball Players
Magnates Meet at Cincinnati to Con
sider Drafts for Men from
Minor Leagues.
CINCINNATI, Sept. l.-today the base
ball drafting season opens and the Na
tional Base Ball commission will meet to
apportion the playera acordlng to the
drafting rules of organized base. ball.
Competition tor minor league ip'ayers never
was so keen, and every club hi the two
major league ' has representatives here.
who will present a list of minor league
playera they wish to secure for their re-
spectlva clubs.
In apportioning players tha 'commission
will consider a number of eases which are
on the docket of the supreme court of base
ball. ' ' ,
All the member of tha national commis
sion are here. ; Among thrf.. club, .owners
present are President Roblson of. the St
' After a full discussion the National Base
Ball commission. In session here today,
4 decided not to allow the proposed all-star
teams from the National and American
leagues to play a series of games after
the regular season.
A large number of major and minor
league ownera are In attendance at the
meeting. That the draft will be large Is
shown by the fact that close to 8125.00) was
deposited with Secretary Bruce of the com
mission to cover the draft. V It .requires
11,000 to bind the draft of each player.
Bird Orattaa iVoses Oat Victory ' ia
. Biz Heat Race.
JOLIET. III.. SeDt. 1. Fast tlmn w
made In today's races. It required tlx heats
to decide the 2:17 pace. Bird Grattan and
Bonnie Redheart each won two heats and
Jennie Gentry won one. The owners of
Bird Grattan and Bonnie Redheart entered
pleas to the necessity of deciding the event
by another heat and judges discussed the
case. A decision of President Knight of
the American Trotting association, given a
month ago In a similar case at Aurora, III.,
was Invoked and an extra heat was ordered.
Bonnie Redheart had the pole and led to
within 100 yards of the wire. There he
broke and Bird Grattan nosed out a victory.
Trotting, 2:24 class, purse ll.nnrj:
Doctor Treg, b. g. (Rash) Ill
The Angelus, br. h. (Colby)..... 3 3 2
Star Light, br. h. (Cox).... 3 4 8
Henry 11., br. h. (Dean) 4 8 4
Ashland Clay, g. h. (Hoffman)..,...: S 'dr.
Tlme:.2:HM4, 2:13, 2:11,
Trotting. 2:10 class, purse 8400: , .
Vlto, b. h. (Benyon) ,1 1 1
Don Labor, br. g. (Klmllne). 2 3
Bertha C, b. m. CC handler)...,. 7 6 8
Fair Margaret, b. m. (Renlek). ........ 6 3 3
Safeguard, b. g. (Murphy). .... 3 &dr
. Time: 2:10. JKIWi. 2:11. ' . .
Paclnar. 2:17 class. Duma STA):
Bird Grattan, br. m. (Klmllne) 1
Bonnie Redheart, b. h, (Bur-
chy) ......,.... 4
Jennie Gentry,' b. m. (Dean).. 8
Blanch May, b. m. Car-
1 2 4 2 1
3 4 0
2 3 0
nnlr - . '
2 8 3
. ,
I'lme: . .2:12V. 2:11U. ,2:124. . 2:15.
Seven-furlong dash: ; Tulip (Melntyre)
won, Casavary (Jost) second, Salnster
(Keniey tiurd. wine: l:".
Half-mile dash: Mobale (Mllham) won
Front Row (Melntyre) second. Pasquinade
taiaauenj mira. lime: viv.
Thornton, Palmer, Holdea, Jahsai
and Hall Are Dismissed.
CINCINNATI. Sept. 1. Brilliant matches
In men's singles today - permitted, the beat
players cf the country .to gel Into the fifth
round nr tne in-state tennis tournament.
Nat Thornton, former champion of tho
aoutn, defeated iruax fc-nieraou of Cin
cinnati in two fast sets. Palmer of New
York. Bishop. Holden. Johnson of Phila
delphia and Hall, who are expected to be
contenders in the finals, won their matches
with comparative ease. The feature of tne
women s doubles was a thirty-name sat be
tween Misses Aiken and Vau ts and Mrs.
Sanders and Miss Wark.
Clarlada 8 off era Shaloot front Falls
City Klaggvrs. ,-
At Falls City Score: R.H.E.
Clarinda 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 4
Falls Ctty 1 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 4 8 j
Batteries: H. Waiters, Ludwlg and Jok
erst; Finch and Smith. Umpire: MuUinnla.
Boxlaa- at Men Hall.
Clarence English and Jack FitXKerald
will box ten rounds t)ils evening at Mets
hail. It is a case of tha best Tn Omaha
ag:unst the best in south Omaha and con
siderable Interest has been worked up over
the outcome. Tommy Bresnahan of South
Omaha and Mike Malone of Denver will
boa in the preliminaries, going eight rounds.
Ilactors to Woodbine.
The Iloctor bae ball team will go to
Woodbine. Is.; Labor Day. The Hortors
would like an out-of-town game, for Sun
day, September 4. Any teams looking for
a same on this date address l. . ilarah
ot i :""?,e'"ln "r"h. rOUI" " nana.
cr . telephone i-oum .-.-lu.
I " T . ,
Reaavlllo Races roataoaed.
71 ' nttinVll.t E Mm Kr,1 1 Raln fall
tne I heavily tnis loienoon and tne track was so
soggy that at 10 a. ni. It was dec4dd
loatpone ail tha events until tomorrow.
The Key to the Situation Bee. Want . Ads.
Cincinnati Bunches Hits on Camnitz
and Wins.
PHOhara; Seearea Oat Raa la Sixth
Inning Loeala' Total la Far
lloblllsel Lands Three-Bagger.
CINCINNATI, Sept. l.-Beebe pitched ex
cellent ball, while Cincinnati bunched hita
on Camnlta and won. Si-ore: '
ABHO.AU. ab.h.o.ak.
Bwrhr, If... 4 S a
Kmn, 2b 4 0 1 I
HoblltMl, lb. 4 1 12
Mltrhall, rf.. 4 1 1
Paakart, ' cf.. t 11 1
Carle, c t SI
tVibort, lb.... till
WrMillan, si II
Ixr, p lift
op.rne, lb.... I
4Leab. rf 4
tfampbell. If. 4
OWagnarv as... 4
OFIrnn. lb....
OWIIann, rf.... I
OGlharm, a.... 4
McK'hnln, 2b S
0( amnlta, p.. I
Totals M 7 tl 14 O'Hxatt .
.... 1
. Total. W 24 12 2
Butted for Camnlta In seventh.
rittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 1 9 0 0-1
Cincinnati 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 4
Three-base hit: HobllUet. Hits: Off Cam-
nits, 7 in six Innings. Bases on balls: Off
Camnlta, 2; off Beebe, 3. Struck out: By
Camnlte, 1; by Beebe. 6. Time; 1:40. Um
pires: Rlgler and Emslle.
Chas. Evans Turns
Chicago Links in
Former Western Champion Leads Pro
fessionals for First Time in
Open Event of Kind.
CHICAGO, Sept. 1. Qualifying and first
rounds in the western open golf champion
ship at the Beverly Country club today re
duced the field eligible for the title to
eight five professionals and three ama
teurs, the latter all being from Chicago.
So keen was tha battle for the first sixteen
places that only six 'strokes separated the
leader from the four men who tied at 77
for the last tfree places.
Charles Evans, Jr., of Edgewater, the for
mer western amateur champion, accom
plished one of the best performances of his
career by winning the prize for low score
in the qualifying round with a brilliantly
played 71, which set a new competitive
record for tha course. It is the first time
that an amateur has' ever led the field In
the western open event. Jack Hutchinson
of the Pittsburg Country club finished two
strokes behind the leader, Grange Alves,
French Lick, Ind., professional, being third
with 74. Albert Seckel of Riverside, the
eastern Intercollegiate champion, also qual
ified and Ted Sawyer, the former western
amateur champion, joined uie ranks of the
elect by winning the play-off of the tie
at 77. for last place. ' He won at the fourth
hole ' of the play-off. Lawrence Auchter
lonle, Kansas City expert and former west'
ern and national champion, had the hardest
luck of the round, aa when nt was putting
on tha sixteenth green a bui played from
"behind 4strtlcfc!;bl baUj,wnle'l(
motion and knocked it from the green,
making him take six for the hole, when he
appeared to have a aura four in sight.
These strokes put him out of the first six
teen. All three amateurs won , their, matches In
the first round, Charlea' Evans downing
James Donaldson In a notable match which
went twenty holes, Evans doing a fifteen
foot putt for a 2 at the final stroke. Evans
had 40-35-75 and Donaldson, 39-37-78.
Summary of the first match play round
Jack H-utchinson, Pittsburg, defeated
Robert Simpson, Kenosha, 3 and 2.
D. - E. Sawyer, wneaton, defeated C.
Trtnemnn, Hinsdale, 3 and 1.
Charles Evuns, jr., Edgewater, defeated
J. Donaldson, ulenvlew, 1 up, 20 holes.
L. N. Nelson, Indianapolis, aereated J. A.
Croka, Grand Rapids, it and 2. -
Albert Seckel, Ktverside, defeated Arthur
Smith. ColumbuB, -6 and 6.
W. Lelth. Uuluth, defeated w. G. Sher
wood, Memphis, 3 and 1.
G. A. Simpson, xa Grange, defeated G.
Alves, French Lick. 3 and 1.
C. B. Devol, Riverside, defeated Harry
Turple, Edgewater, 3 and 2.
W. F. Kovargue, Skokle, defeated, L.
Auchterlonle, Kansss CI:, 3 and 3.
J. M. Barnes, bpokane, defeated D. Wil
son, Grand Rapids, 5 and 4.
U. M. Mcuonneu, r.ugewaier, aereated
H. R. Schollenberger, Beverly, 5 and 4.
Peter Robertson, Pittsburg, defeated J.
A. Simpson, Milwaukee, 2 and L
Robert 1'eemes, Lianas, deieatea Elijah
Horton. New York,, 8 and 2.
J. Morton, Peoria, deefated Chack Bart,
St. Louis, 1 up,- IS holes.
Jack Jolly, Arlington, N. J., defeated G.
Turnbull, Portland, Ore., 1 up.
Supreme Court Justice Forbids m
Farmer to Speak to Hla Wlfa for
One Month.
POUGIIKEEPSIE, N. Y. Rept. t-Su-preme
Court Justice Morschhauser Issued
an Injunction here today, which prevents
James. Turner.' a farmer of Pawling, from
speaking to his wife for one month. It
also forbids him going Qn her farm or an
noying her. The couple had aeveral quar
rels and the wife said her husband shot
at her. II told the court lie was shooting
at a cat.
"You people ahould stop this quarrelling
and live the right kind of a happy life,"
said the court, and he thereupon Issued the
Turner tpld the court .'he was satisfied
and will live in a bungalow on the farm,
Just over the state line.
Poisoned br "Ropy" Bread.
FORT DODGE, Ia., Sept. 1. (Special.)
"Ropy bread," not poisoned or spoiled
flour, Is asserted by the flour manufactur
ing company to have been tho cause of
poisoning in the Brooks family of Fort
Dodge recently. The remainder of the sack
of flour used by Mrs. Brooks was sent
back to tha company and they now have
returned a loaf of bread made from the
ssma flour, this loaf being perfectly good.
"Ropy bread" Is a common occurrence
In warm weather when care Is not taken
in making bread, and especially when po
tato yeast la used. If warm water Is used,
or utensils are not sanitary, fermentation
at excessive temDerature beams
not obliterated by the degree of heat which
Is required to bake bread. Fermentation
continues after baking and auch trouble as
"ropy bread" result.
' Births and Deaths.
Births John II. Elton. McArdle, boy;
Lawrence Carter, 2S17 Nopih Fifteenth ave
nue, kill: Geo rue llirmann, 811 South Thir
ty-fifth avenue, girl; Henry F. Hurst. 2431.
Blnndo, boy; Mike Irvine, 1121 North Nine- 1
teenth, coy; Isaac Hats, g il, Henry Jor
genson, fcot North Thirteenth, girl:. Henry
Zweifel. tij EaratoKs, gtil; Phillip Saks,
:77 Burt, boy; William McCann, lUi North
Twenty-first, boy.
Deatha-Andrew P. Larson. 701 North Six
teenth. M years; Myrtle Maaleajl, IS years;
John II. Woodburn. HI Caldwell. 10 years;
George Schule, Jr., Baby Camp, tines
months . , -.
Standing of the Teams
W.LPrt. W.LPrt r
Sioux City... US 47 .Si Chicago 0 8? .X4
Iienver HI M .f.'i Ilttsburg ...,9 47
IJnroln 1 fit .&:New York....7 48 .h3
Wli'hlta. 01 M .blH CInclnnatl ...1 69 .508
Omaha M 69 .4M Philadelphia. .59 69 .500
St. Joseph.... 59 72 4l St. Louis 48 71 .404
Iea Moines.. 59 77 .434. Brooklyn 44 n '
Topeka 38 98 t4 Boston 43 78 .V6
W.LPCt.l W.L.Pct.
Philadelphia. 37 .dial Minneapolis. ..92 49 .KM
,,!,, n 73 i) .MMTnlmIt) 74 R .W2
New York. ..SO 51 .575, St. Paul 74 67 .6a
Detroit 67 54 .554 Columbus ....71 t .-J
Wash nglon. M t7 .4H Kansas City.. 70 6)1 .S7
Cleveland ...51 68 .431 Milwaukee ...63 76 .453
Chicago 46 71 ?9l! Indlanpolls..57 01 .413
St. Louis 36 82 . 3u6 Louisville ....MM .391
tVI,Pcl. S'.L.I'Ct.
Fremont 63 3S .filHlClsrlnda 54 Ml
Grand Island 55 4 .53. (Falls City &4 40 ,t7
Columbus ...55 4 .534, Auburn 44 49 . 473
Kearney 64 49 ,K4.eb. Clty.....4i is .a.a
Superior . .... 41 50 .6nT!Shrnand. ah. ..43 49 .47
Seward . . ....46 67 . 447 MaryvlUe ..3 52 . 423
Red Cloud.... 44 67 '.;
llastlqgs ....40 60 .400
Vesterdar'a Resalta. ,
OmoJia-WIChlta game postponed; rain.
Lincoln. 6; Denver. 8. Second game; Lin
coln, 10; Dnver, -
St. Josepii, 2; Des Moines, l. becona game:
St. Joseph, 0; Des Moines, 0.
Topeka, 6; Slonx City, 8.
PhlladelDhla-Waahlngton game postponed;
Boston-NeW York game postponed; rain.
New York-Philadelphia game postponed;
Brooklyn-Boston game postponed; rain.
Pittsburg. 1; Cincinnati. 4.
Kansas City -Columbus game postponed;
Minneapolis. 3: Toledo. 2. Second game:
Minneapolis, 8; Toledo, 8. '
Milwaukee, 4; Indianapolis, 2.
St. Paul, 0; Louisville, 2.
Red Cloud, 3; Hastings, 3. Second game:
Red Cloud, 6; Hastings, 0.
Superior, 6; Kearney, 6. Second game:
Superior, 0; Kearney, 1.
Grand Island, 0; Fremont, 2.
Columbus, 12; Seward, 1.
Auburn-Maryvlile game postponed; rain.
Shenandoah-Nebraska City game post
poned; wet grounds.
Clarinda, 0; Falls City; 4.
Games Today.
American League Philadelphia at Wash
ington, Boston at New York.
National League New York at Philadel
phia, Brooklyn at Boston.
American Association Milwaukee at In
dianapolis. Mink League Clarinda at Falls City.
buys play tennis well
v4naa-aaaBa f
Fast Work Marks bpening Day of Lo
cal Tournament.
kid ; ' singles to be feature
Number of Prises Hung; Up and Small
eat Contestant Will Have Chaaca
'to Pail One Down.
Soma fast playing marked tho opening
day of the local lad' tournament,, the lads
breaking In and pulling off a number of
peedy matches la tha first two rounds. A
total of forty-sevan matches waa finished
Wednesday,, even. : though th committee
waa unable on account of tha soft condi
tion of the conrttr tw jrtart tha playing until
the middle of tlu5 flax.-, . ...
"TKdt 'tjSnery 'of1 treliT-fclatJ v was Vfilled
with enthuslastio spectators, who applauded
A new innovation In tha Junior tourna
ment was started during th -day's playing,
this being the "Kid Singles" aa it has been
called. All those entered in the tournament
who are under 15 years of age .'Are allowed
to enter in this tpectal event as they are
not considered to have an equal chance of
winning a prlre In the big tournament
against tha older players. By this method
these lads haye a chance for at least two
prizes, and some of them three and four.
Those who go out in the first round of the
consolation singles have a chance for -the
consolation prize and the kid prize and
those who are entered for tha doubles have
a chance for the prises In this event.
Thursday it Is the intention of the com
mittee to finish up the second and third
round of ' the 'championship singles, the
preliminary and first round of the doubles.
the prellminiary and first round of - the
consolation singles and tha same of tha
"Kid Singles."
E.' Smyths beat McNaugihton, 6-0, 6-L
N. I e France bat J. Hal pine, 6-1, 6-2.
R. White beat T. Nelson, 6-1, 6-3.
H. Caldwell beat J, Alnscow, 6-3. 6-0. '
J. Duffey beat C.HarSch, 6-0, 4-L
H. Johnson beat D. Klpllnger, 6-3, -6-0.
M. Hiller beat W.' Adams. 8-6, 6-2.
W. NelKon beat C. Paxon, 0-2, 6-4.
W. Xirueoll beat 11. Baldrldge, 6-1. 6-0.
W. Man lot ' beat E. Cbeuney, 0-6, 6-8,
8. Undeland beat, T. Sullivan, 7-6, 6-1.
L. McShane beat W. Ledwich, 6-1, 6-3. .
K. Eastman beat W. Robblna, 6-3, 6-0.
M. Brogan beat H. Norman, 6-3, 6-7, 7-8.
fr Daugherty beat R. McCutcheon, 8-7,
W. Driscoll bcat I. Herbert, 6-0, 6-1
W. Marriot beat E. Daugherty, 6-1, 6-2.
L. McShane beat E. Undeland, 8-1, 6-L .
. J. Halplne beat E. Eastman, 8-7, 6-0, 6-L
J. Adams beat P. Larmon, 6-7, 6-L 6-3.
E. Smythe beut F. Daugherty, 6-1, 6-6.
C. Offutt beat N DeFrance, 6-2, 3-6, 6-L
R. White beat Dj Bancker, 36, 0-7, 6-1.
H. Davis beat ii.' Connell, 6-0, 6-0.
II. Miller boat 11. 'Johnson, 6-1, 6-3.
L. Bushman beat C. Peters, 6-8, 6-3, 6-0.
Kimmeruian beat T. Nelson, 6-4, 6-3.
H. Caldwell teat W. Robblna, 6-0, 6-1.
Fuller beat C. Harsch, 6-4. 6-4.
Bierman beat F. Owens. 6-1, 6-0.
Participants ia America's Moat Re
cent War Select Oklahoma Cltr
... i f oi
for Nex Meetlnai.
DENVER, Sept l.After elscting officers'
nd selecting Oklahoma City, Okl., as the
next meeting place, the seventh a'inufc.1
convention ' of the United Spanish VVnr
Veterans adjourned today. The officers
r;: . ' ' I
Commander-in-chief Joseph H. 11. Jacoby, '
Seattle, Wash.- . .
Junior Vice Commander Charles A. RJ
nolds, Manila, P. I.
Inspector General W. J. Mickei, Hs
corsln. National Historian W. T. Tucker, New
Surgeon Oeneral Dr. W. K. Berlin,
Denver. ,
The Military Order of the Serpent also
elected officers today, with Charlea J.
Heinxe, Dayton. O., grandisslmo.
Velvet Bows.
Velvet or ribbon bows may be given new
Is : life without removing them from the hat.
iy ""'' a curling Iron. It should be made
-ull then covered, loosely with a wet
!cloth n1 nrted in the loops, opening Iron
as wide as loops demand, and holding it
there until loops are dry, when they will
look like new Boslon Herald.
Jtlarrlaae Licenses.
The following marriage licenses
been Issued:
Name and Residence. ,
Andrew Lutklna, Omaha
Lota Pearson, Shenandoah, Ia
Mato Seletkovic, South Omaha.
Annie Gaavocevlc. eiooth Omaha. ....... .
Dean Scott. South Vlmalia....,
Nellie Greer, South Omaha
Ray L. Smith. Dubuuue. Ia ,
May gulnllvau, Diapuque, Ia
... 84
... 20
... 8S
... 81
... U
... 1
Class Kaces Bring Out Good Horses at
Des Moines.
Twealy-Fiva racers Step Three Glib
Miles, with Caatala R. Defeatlaa;
Rob Roy Abble Frost
Wlaa Trot.
DES MOINES, Sept. l.-The state
races today were over a alow track,
the contest were good. Summaries:
2.20 trot:
Abble Frost 1 8
l.omo , ..8 1
May 3 2 3 3
Touch Down I 6 4 4
Time: 2:19. 3:20, 2:18Vi, 2:18V
2:20 pace:
Abid 1 1 1
Fanny Day 2 2 2
Venl . 3 3 8
Agnes B S 6 8
Time: 3:17, 8:184, 2:lt.
2:25 pace:
Captain R I 1 1
Rob Roy 4 3 3
Lady Qulckshot 2 4 .3
Harry C 3 3 4
Time: 2:14, 2:14, 2:13Va-
Slx furlonsrs. running r Dominion won. Dr.
Paul second, Versaln third. Time: 1:17. '
Taft Lays Corner
stone of Beverly
Y.M.C.A. Building
President Recalls Similar Oocasion is
Omaha and Other Cities Associa-.
tion Fills Young Men's Needs.
BEVERLY. Mass., Sept L In laying the
cornerstone of the new Young Men's Chris
tian association building in this city today.
President Taft officially announced that
Beverly would continue to be the "summer
capital" of the country, "at any rate" for
two years more. Melville Woodbury, tho
presiding officer at the ceremonies, referred
to the president as "Beverly's most dis
tinguished summer boarder." .
Tha president worked hard at tha corner
stone. The big block of granite measured
Sxl feet and no mortar had' been spread
when the president took up the sliver trowel.
He worked In alienee for nearly five min
utes and then with a somewhat reddened
face he looked up and laughingly Inquired:
"Where's tha mason, Where's my boss 7"
Everyone laughed and tho mason stepped
forward. Ha gave soma directions, but did
not offer to relieve the chief magistrate of
the trowel, and Mr. Taft resumed his Job.
When ho had applied the last of tha cement
the mason smoothed off the edges and the
stone waa lowered to Its place. To make
his service thorough the president seized
hold of the granite block and helped awing
It on the foundation. The crowd which had
watched with much amusement applauded
At tha conclusion of tha exercises the
president Joined with tha throng in singing
"America," ;
In his speech air. Taft said: , . ' . , ' . , ' , j
"It Is a. great pleasure for me to take
part. In. dedicating a, building that I believe
sincerely -will' oonttlliute greatly" to . the
comfort, the Welfare and tho. building up
of good character in the young men of
Beverly. I do not know how it happened,
but it has fallen to my lot to take part In
the dedication "of building like this the
world over. I began In Dayton, O. ' I went
on to Omaha and then to Seattle and then
to Shanghai and then , to Hong Kong and
then to Manila, and now I have swung
around to Beverly;. and It la an evidence
of the universal usefulness of the Young
Men's Christian association that It Is
adapted and well adapted to the better
ment of so different communities as those
I have mentioned.
"It serves a great many purposes, but
tha one that impresses me as the
useful Is the furnishing of a Christian
club to young men at a time when the devil
la very near and will get them If he can.
It Is in their idle moments that they con
tract the habits that lead them downward
and It is In their leisure that they ' can
make their character what It ought to be.
"I look forward to the usefulness of the
Young Men's Christian association of Bev
erly with a great deal of hopefulness, with
a great deal of interest, because I hope
to spend two more, at any rate, of my
summers here."
Claa Gordoa and Friends Par Trlbate
to Clansman and Ills Wife at
' Theater and After.
Last night Peter Donald and his good
wife were reminded that they have soma
excellent friends and warm admirers in
Omaha. First , of all the resident Scots at
tended the Orpheum tn force and enjoyed
the performance of the pair. Then, after
they had been called back and given a big
bouquet of roses and then a huge bunch of
thistle blooms, Colonel Sir William Ken
nedy put in a few words tu the audience
explanatory of the occasion and Mayor
Dahlman spoke briefly. Following this.
Clansman James C. Lindsay stepped upon
the stage and, addressing Clansman Don
ald, in the name of the Order of Scottish
; Clans, presented him with a handsome
Ovdge ot tne order, a Deautirui bit of en
gli.ved gold; but with characteristic gal
U.Mtty, Mr. Lindsay hung the badge around
M4. Donald's neck instead of pinning it on
tli' 01 east of her husband.- An outburst
I"' ,' J'w, , " , 'w-
cumvi vy uiu auuieiiva m t"vni aa well
as tv the Scots. the evening at the theater a num
"rn of clansmen of Clan Gordon, with
iivir wives and some invited friends, as.
rt'.nbled at the Rome, where a banquet
was served ln honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Donald. This lasted till into "the wee,
mi' hours ayont the twall'," and waa
made moat enjoyable by a breasy Inter
change of friendly wit and some excellent
singing. Colonel Kennedy presided over
the evening and called ln turn on Mayor
Dahlman, Colonel McCullough, Senator Tan
ner, Mr. Zlegler, Chief Donahue, Colonel
MacDanlels. William P. By me, Commis
sioner Wspplch and Mr. Donald, e.tch of
whom spoke briefly. One of the most en
joyable features of the evening was tha
song by Mrs. John McTaggart, "My Aln
Folk," a sentiment close to every loyal
Scotch heart, and beautifully expressed In
the words and music. Mrs. MoTaggart has
a voice that Is sweet and pure and of un
common strength, and sings ith excellent
expression. Mrs. Dons Id astounded moat
of those prevent by performing on ' the
pipes, ' an accomplishment so rare that
none ' could recall having seen another
woman piper. And flnilly they all sang
"Auld Lang Syne." ard "My .llalrt Aye
Warms to the Tartan
If you want ia turn a Business proposl
tlon quickly. The Bee Is the proper medium
lor"rea'hlng Ui people who are Intertsted.
Colorado E. Sets'
New Three-Year--t
Old Recon.
The Bondsman Colt Smashes
Marks by Miles at Readville
$75,000 Offered.
READVILLE, Mass., Sept.
E.. the bay stallion, owned by George II
Esiabrook of Denver; Colo., smashed tht
world'a record for 3-year-old trotters toda
at the Grand circuit meeting by lowerln,
the time of 3:0H. tnida by General Wattt
By winning the second heat of the Ameri
can Horse Breeder's futurity in 2:07. he
slso made a new world s record for twe
consecutive heats.
..U. mot "'arkable achievement
mo Hina was almost blowln
g a gale In
rncee oi the horses
On the home
Colorado E. reached the quarter In thirty-
kL. C ' th' h8lf ln 1-03' the
three-quarter. n 1:3314. Undaunted by the
atrong wind on the Is.t quarter, the grand
m 3;Pt ' T te" 'nU,B head
With tha pole, Colorado' E. led all the
ott-mx th "eCnd heat" n"kln" th tJm
fir 1 1 ii
uiiam v. uraaiey of New York todav
raised a nr.vio.,. f ZTJt J ..
var.M . rT V.:r.r rw'wu Ior tn
,7 ''u'"w' "" Mr- Kstabrook would
not sell if Colorado E. was to be driven
by any other man In the races except
Macey, and Mr. Bradley refused to accept
these conditions. Summary:
American Horao Breeders' futuritv for
U"ln 7' trtUn" I P 5S
(Mace?,.:'. by Th8 Bondsman
Emily Ellen, b. f. (McDonald)...'.'..'..'., g 5
Eva Tanifn.iv r aj;'; 0
Bon Viva-ntT' b rl, i..lW9'-
Tim., O .vts. , V v,
II rKv2 'm"?" 8 000: Ldy Oreengoods,
I!'""0- r-va Bellini and Emllv rii hi-m-'
W Jan . t ft - . . . .
receives $600. vu""'uu
foal, of ISOT.-rota. 'divlSSTa in S)
Directum .Regent, blk h.. bv Dlrec-
x, l"m"y (Milan)
tJ L?lntlLy' (McDonald)
1 1
8 2
a. tfieaiy)
tuuuaatiii, Dig. n.
1 ime
3:08U. lit 9 mi
3:18 trot. niira ii sinn tt i m.
(Murohv) .....
Captain Cute, blk g. (Skabeii)!.'!.'.
Tearolalne. ch. m. (Barnes) v
veixora. Dr. m. (Cox)..
Myrtle Granett. h m n...!
Olive F.; ch. g. Gahagan)....-.w
Oilean, b. h. (Hen von 1
Bronson, br. g. (Titer)
Border Knight, b. h. (Miller)..,..
2:08 pace, nurse II nwi in 9.
Asa Wilkes, ch. h.. by Roan' Wilkes.
Sr,autyw"ke"- b- m. (Oahagan)!!;.'.": 3 2
Dillon Queen, ti m rxuiui -a .
Caffeeno, br. g. (Menrlfleldl. ...'"""" s a
Time: 2:07. 2:0S4. '
Prince Edgar
Out-Games Field
at Des Moines
Son "of Iowa Sentinel Steps Sensa
tional Race Over Slow Track
John tine Wins Two Heats.
DES MOINES, Sept. l.-The 2:15 pace
proved the interesting feature of the pro
gram at the Iowa State Fair today. Prince
Edgar, owned, at Wapello, Ia., and John
Line, owned at . Waterloo, Ia., two of
Iowa's famous rival pacers, were pitted
against each other for first honors. After
John Line had taken the first two heats,
prince Edgar captured three, winning ln
the last two heats by a head., Dr. B. H.
of Mason City won the 2:12 pace and Tom.
Grundy, owned at Marion, was second. J.
C. Blmpson, owned at Rock Rapids, cap
tured the 3-year-old trot. . Savage's pacers
also paced an' exhibition mile, George Gano
winning In 2:10. Results:
2:12 pace: '
D. b. m.
Tom Grundy-... , i i
Go Tell . . i J ?
Bam a . .
Time: 2:124, 1:1314. 1:13.
2:30 trot: .
Early Storm . l i i
Ally Medium 4 4 2
Grace Line "... 1 1
Charley J , , 79
Time: 8:Z3. XMhi, 3:21tt.
Three-year-old trot:
J, S. Simpson 3 1 1
George Constantino . 8 3 2
Mode B , & X g
Time: 2:214. 2':33,i, 2:254.
2:15 pace:
Prince Edgar ,
John Line
Foster ,..
Dorsey Dorf
Time: 2:14, 2:13. 2:12H, 2:164, Z:H.
Five-furlong dash: Ada Hawkins won,
Tray of Apades second. Dr. Hallla third,
Time: 1:05.
Mrs la Irwla-Wraduortlaad Fifl4a
Charged with l'reachlng:
PITTSBURO, 8ept 1 Attorneys for the
coal operators, who have filed suit against
tho union miners in the Irwin-Westmoreland
coal fields, ' charging conspiracy in
preaching sedition against laws of' the
state and nation, today declare these suits
to be the first of their kind to be filed in
the United States. The legal action la the
outcome of the strike being waged aeatnst
the plaintiff compantea by several thous
and miners ln the Irwin-Westmoreland
field. .
Your kidney trouble may be of long
standing, It may be either acute of chronic,
but whatever It Is Foley'a Kidney Remedy
will aid you to get rid of It quickly and
restore your natural health and vigor.
"One bottle of Foley'a Kidney Remedy
made me wall," said J. Slbbull of Grand
View, Wis. Commence taking it now.
i r
Family Trade Supplied by
Cbas, Storz. f faoaes, Webber
12(0, ladepeBdeBlB 1281.
Colonels Win Tinal by Score of Two
v " to Nothing.
Locals Pat Two Mer lltrr Plate la.
First Inning Burke's llattlna;
Feature Three totrn
LOVISVILLE, Sept. I. -Louisville won tht
flnnl game of tha series todav from St.
Paul, 8 to 0, play being called In the seventh
inning on account of darkness. Both Kloh
ter and Ryan were effective, hut the local
ilfler had a Hhade the better of thlnss
and made It three wit of four frrnn the
viBitora. Burke's baHIng waa the feature.
Score: , ,
ionsviu.R. 1' ' st. At'i.; ' "
AB.H.O.A.B. AD.H.O.t I.
Robtnaon, i
IRnunhar. lb.. I 1. t
1 0V. lniff. if . I 1 1 i
(M.H-irt. aa. 11 0 1
1 (IJnnta. c( I 1 I
S IMurrar, lit)
0 t'8Uir, rt..l. l" 1 t
OAulray, lb... I I t 1
t 1, Hiker, Sb.... 2 0 1 0 0
!) !pnr, .... f S
Majtara, Ih ..
Stan)), ct...
Doric.' lb
Burks. It
Ptrkarlnt. It.
Main, lb....
Ilrahea, a....
Rlrhtar, p..,
t. Paul...
- Kjan. p...... Silo
t il 12 1
Totala ...'.. tlr I 1
i.t 0 it 9 3
0 I 1.1.1 0-0
Stolen bases: Stanley, Dovle, Murray.
Sacrifice hit: lTckerlng. Two-base hit:
Burke. Three-baie' hit: Burke, -lmublo
plays: Hughes to Magee. Robinson to
Magee to Meyers. 5truek out; By Richter,
M"p to Mey
8; by Ryan. S.
lilt by pitched ball;f Baker,
fencer. J" on bases
I,ou svl e. S: St.
Paul. 6. Time: 1:10. Umpires; Bush and
Ferguson. ... 1
Indianapolis' Aapport Poor,
'INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. l.-Cr"alg. a new
recruit, pitched a good game for ' Indian
apolis, but his support was poor, Milwaukee
winning. Score: '' , '' '
Itsndall, rf.. 4
2 S I OOTiar. cf.... I 3 0
t'barlea, lb... 4
MrOann, lb.. I
t i 4 J Wllliama. lb. t 18 t
0 7 0 0 Harden, rf .. 1 8 0 1
0 1 ICarr, lb 4 1 11 S
Dmroff. If.
Lawla, aa...
Clark, ib...
Sptncar, ef.
Hreen. e...
Cutting, v.
all nkioun it a , a a i
I 4 i Utowiay, c..,. I I I I I f.
y, c..,. 4 1 4 4 0
. aa.... 4 3 J 8 lS f!"
Sbv.l,.. 8 3 11 "if
p..,. Ml I'l
rman ,. 1 ( I t ' .
saw et ixrey,
1 4 e DMflata,
a 0 . literals.
Totla.....30 I 27 11 aaKama
10 6
. Totals..
,.11 10 37 11 8
Batted for Mowe In ninth.
Batted for Craig In ninth. . . , ,
Milwaukee ,,.0 0 3 10 0 0.0 0-4
Indianapolis . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 12
Two-bane hit: Coffey. Ktruck out : By
Craig. 4; by Cutting.' 3. Base On balls:'
Off Cutting, 1; oft. Craig. 1. Time: 1:4a.
Umpires: Bierhalter and ChllL .
Millers Split ; Donble-lleader.
TOLEDO, Sept. 1. Toledo and Mlnne- V
spoils divided a double-header today, the i'T
vlsttora taking the first game In eleven In
nings, while the Toledo club, took the sec
ond . contest In ten Innings. , Score, first
game: '
. AB.H..O.A.E.
C Nell, cf....t 110 OHallman, rf. i 1 1 0 0 aa.,'. I
111 OHVchman, lb 4 1 I I
1 1 .i 1 6 Sullivan, at.. 4 18
Oil V Hickman, If. 5 1 1 0
0 0 0 OFrerman, lb. 1 0 22 1
111 OMcKarttiT, IbC.l 2 I
CraTath; If... 4
Koaaman. rf. I
Wllliama. lb. 1
Ffrrla. Ib....4 111 OHvitler.. aa... . 4 1 0 T
Olll. lb I 110 l OHirtler. p...l 11 1
Uvana. c 4 4 11 6 Tingling, .. 4 0 4
Altrock, p.... 40140,.
Clymer, If... 0 1 0' ''Totala. ..;.. U'M 31 0
Tatala..,.,.ll 83 17 S r .
Toledo 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 ' 0' 0-2
Minneapolis ....0 0000002 0 1-3
Two-base hits: Hallinan Hartley, Altlier,
ONelL.Base on balls: Off Tingling, 1,
struck out: By Ylngllng, 1; Ijy Altrock, 3.
Time: 1:34. Umpire: Owens. "
hoore, second game: " -
llallmaa, 4 0 t 0 Ort'Nalf. cf. .. 4 110 0
Hl'ahman, lb I I t
Zlnn, at...,,. I.t 4
Kfckma,' ft: t 11
J. 4 AHItar, .-.. I, 114 1)
0 OCravath., If. , ST 18 0, 1
1 ORaaaman. rf. I 1 4 e.V.
8 VKfrrla. 3b.. r. I 0 1 I 0
orjill; rtt....... '1M 9 0
I OSmltb.' .....' .!()
I V Patlaraon, . 4 1 0 0
Frwman. lb. 4 1 14
Pick, ip 2 1 .1
Batrar. Wf.... 10 4
Abbott, c ... I 1 (
Hobliinon, p. 8 0 2
Totala 10 80 IS 1 Totals.. .i-ll ) . ;l
1 wo out when winning run was scored.'
hToledo 0 1 0 9 0 1 0 0 13
Minneapolis ..... 100 0 00010 ih-t
Two-base hit: Hickman.) Bases on bulls:
Off Robinson, 4; off Patterson, 6. Struck
out; By Robuison.'t; by Patterson, 2, Time;
1:45. Umpire: Owens., .... ..
Valentine 'Wins Again. --.
VALENTINE. Neb.."" Auir. Sl.MSpeelal
Telegram.) Stanton abfl Valentine played
their third and last game here today and
it proved another vletory for tne home
team. 3 to 1. and .waa like ail. tha rest of
them, a tight game. Scot- , R.H.
Stanton 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 8
Valentine .;. 0 1' 1 1 0 0 0 0 -3 4
Batteries: Stanton. Ifartmari and Hopper;
Valentine, Caylor and Fischer. ' Struck out:
By Hartman. 11; by Caylor, 3. Umpires:
Clark and Noyes. ,
Fkosc Ns. 8. JOis ui Y Street i
Scnlh Omaha.' Nebrash
C03fUawg' DISTBrJIOTSmSi t
Omabai -
auoo r. t n.s. , .
1384 Coaglaa Street,
raoaest Douglas x&j. laa. 1S43
Sontb Oinsbai
S&OB a St.
VhoDs so. sea
lad. r-iea
Con no 11 Blaffsi
1013 Mala at.
acta riionsa, so
M ill