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Second Defeat of Series for Wichita; Lincoln Takes Two; Cubs Win and the Pirates Lose
i :
Omaha Takei : Second of Wichita
8riei Three to Two.
Few Raaoera . Aet Fast First Mi
t tllll Ptirtr Paet troonil
Blf Dnrlns the
' r - a'lOie,'', '.
a. ri. l.i i .
Ths Kdurket "baUMf LiOTham for nln hits,
on of them a homa run, and took th se
cond game of the aeries from Wichita. Mel
ter allowed the lisle seven hits, but kept
them well spread out. Excepting In the
first Inking, when Wfehjia two runs.1
The Kansans never seriously threatened the
platter. . . .
I"ait fielding "was the' order of the day,
and both teams played good, clean ball.
After the first Inning .only 4 one Ksnsan
rescind third Hughes- in three-bagger
and but two saw second, lt was almost
a bad for the Rourkes. Aside from the
three Innings, In which the three scores
were made, no Rourkes reached third, and
only two were privileged to hold down sec
ond. , .
ntggeM'a Homes; a. featars.
Rlggert'a home run" was the real play
of the game, because the ball did not go
over the fence. It vias a long, high fly,
far over the center's head, even after he
had tried to run It down, and fel! some
where -nan tha .feet of the cow. Reg
gie was past flrat before it struck
the ground, and was nearly to thlid
when the center f I elder, picked It up. He
Wat the throw, to the plate by about fifty
Mlddleton single! to. right field In the
first He inlght have been put out at
first had not th ball made a audden bounce
over Kane's, head out. of his reach. He
went to second on Davis' sacrifice. Wester
sll was hit,- Belden flaw out to Corrldori
and Koemar brought: in Mlddleton and
Westerall on a long two-bagger. Hughes
walked and Koerner and Hughes died when
Schmid went out to Rlggert In left field. ,
Omaha acored first In the second Inning.
Rlggert took first on Hughes' error and was
sacrificed to seoond by Kan. Graham sin
gled and Rlggert eroased the rubber. Oond
Ing singled, Oraham went to third, and
both died on the third out
In the third Schoonover started with a
single to right. The right fleldfr let it
get through his hands arid SohoonoVer went
tj' third while the ball waa rolling out to
ward the right field fence. Ha acored on
a single by King. "Kane batted out a safety
to left field, whereupon two more Rourkes
died on .bases. Rigfert's homer was the
whole show' In the .fifth. The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Schoonover, rf.
Corrldon, ss. t.:
King, cf
Kltcgert, If
Kane, lb
Oraham, 2b. ....
Thompson, 8b. ,
Oondlng, e
Melter, p
.... 4 1 X
v 4
. 1
' AB. R. H. O.
Mlddleton, ef 4 1,2 4
Davis, rf 10 1 3
Westerall. M. .1 , :..
Belden, if T..l. 0.1 4"
- -
" 0
Hughes, 2b. 0
Schmid. as. ..-. ....... 4 J 0
Clemons, o. .,'..,At, S 0
Durham, P-..i....(."...'8 . 0
Shaw, ....... 0
Total ;....... ' 2"'; 7' 24 IS 4
Batted or Cm0na In the ninth,
Omaha ', ( .
Runs .i , 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 -s
Hits u '. )':. l i t 6-0 -
Wichita , ,
Runs ...i.. .;..! 0 0 0 0 fl 0 0 02
Hits 0 0 1 1 1 0-7
Two-tase-hlt: Koerner. .'Three-bass hit:
Hughes. Home run: Rlggert First base on
balls: Off Melter, 1. , Struck out: Py Melter,
4. Stolen w base: Huahes.- Saoriflce hlta:
Kane, DsVIs, Weeterstl. Left on bases:
Omaha, T; Wichita, I. 'Dwibla plav: Schmid
to Hughes to Koarner. " Hit by pitched ball:
By Melter.. i Tlmei 1-96, VmP'r's: Flynn
and Haskell.
, Motea f the Ossis.
At this rstte th lead held by Wichita,
could soon be overcome.
Melter- walked only on man and Clem
mons mads everyone hit
Omaha fans have not aeen a homa run
inside the fence for a long, long time.
A double-header today and the Rourkes
leave for Denver. First game at 1 p. m.
sharp. ;
Fentress will be In the box in the first
game today and Rhodes will twirl the sec
ond. 1
The Rourkes not only played an error
less game but they went through the game
without a strikeout .
Schoonover opened his engagement with
the Rourkes on two hits In four times up.
Ha also proved that he can get over the
ground In a way far from alow.
Kneaves, the new shortstop recently pur
chased from Hutchinson, failed to appear
yesterday as per schedule. He la expected
today but will probably not appear in the
Sloax City Loses by Score of Jtlae to
aUCUX CITT, Aug. 3.-Tlmely hitting by
Denver and Sioux City errors at critical
tlmea lost the game for the locals. Olm
stead pitched ateady ball until the aeventh
H. P.O. A. K.
16 2 1
18 10
10 0 0
16 11
4 0 0 0
0 10 0
0 0 0 0
2 2 10
O 0 t 0
14 17 16 7
H. P.O. A. E.
16 0
2 10 0
0 0 0 0
.1 T 1.0
1 1 0 0
112 0
110 0
10 0 1
H 27 8 1
Andreas, 2b
Stem, lb
Mreia, If
OulUin, lb
Miller, o
Fenlun, rf
Welch, rf
Neighbors, cf...
llartman, ss
Freeman, p
Chabek, p
1 1
0 '
. 8 '
40 5
IJoyd, 2b 6 r .
Fisher. If 4
Dolan, Sb 4
i.tnany, lb 5
Heall. cf 3
Cranrtpn, ss 4
t'assldy, rf 6
Weaver, c 4 '
Olmstead, p 2
Totala 84
HaUed for Welsh In the ninth.
Sioux. City 0 0 0 0 0 I 1 18
lenver 11101011 00
Two-bass hits: Myers. Chabek, Hartman
,41 l.lnBlv i'aaatrlv Hnma run'
Chabek. sacrifice nits:, weaver, uivsieaa
ill. Stolen basee: Andreas. IJoyd. Beall
lKlan. Double plays: Andreas to Stem:
Lloyd to Cranston to Lindsay. Hits: oft
Freeman, 4 in one and two thirds Inning,
Base on balls: Off Freeman, 1; off Chabek.
4; off Olmstead, 1. Struck out: By Free
man, 1; bv Chabek. 8; bv Olmstead. S. Wild
r Itches: Chabek (2). Passed ball: Miller.
Time: 2:26. Umpire: Mullen, .
t'taaaa wis l.ooeriy PlaVed Game
Nine to Ktaht.
DES MOINES, la . Aug. 14 -Dee Moines
defeated St. Joseph todsy in a loosely
played gam. St. Joseph came near tying
the score in th ninth In a batting rally.
Kcor. 5 y,. ;
' " ab. n. H.
O A. -
O 0
. 2.
0 a
8 4
1 4
Powell. If ,.....,.. -
Fog. lb v,;....,a4 10
Jones. lb..,.'.. 7.1 1 J
McOhesneyjrf V. I ' U - t
Kellly. lb ...........
Coihan, ss:
Oiortr1oh. cf... 4 01 1 1
Frambes, c 4 0 '0 5 3
t ruiciit-i. i 1 v V V 1
Hwift, p .....'.'.'. 1 0 0 0 2
Bole 1 0 0 ' I) l
Coo ..'I 0 0 0 0
To'all ST 11 14 16
AH. R. H
ti.A. E
.Villlani. s it
' 0
it, ib 1
. l-hff. 8b....
rtis. if
.er, lb
iticK, cf
l.y. rf
i'mmon, c.
Mitchell, p
8 27
Batted for Crutcher In slsth.
Coe hstted for Hwift In ninth.
8t. Joseph 2 V 0 0 0 I 1 0 28
Des Moines 1 2 0 0 5 0 1 0 8
Two-hase hit: Powell. Three-base hits:
Mchaney, Corhan. Home run: Dwyer.
biiu balls: utt Mitchell, 2; off Herche,
4; otf Crutcher, 3; off Swift, 1. Paused ball:
Krambes. Struck out: By Mitchell, 4; by
Herche, 7; by Crutcher, ti by Swift, 1.
Stolen basee: Dwyer (2), Williams (2).
Kelly, Rellly. Hacilflce hits: Davis, Mai
tlck. Mitchell. Time: 2;20. Umpire; Stern
berg. Attendance: 4U0.
Flrat Gani Ka Second Iteanlta in
Hnrd tight. '
LINCOLN. Aug. 14. Lincoln won both
Itiiipa io today's double-neudpr with
lopeka oy to 1 and 4 to 3. Th flrat
was an easy victory, but the Kansans made
a hHid light for Uie second, taking the
lrad In the seventh. In th n4tn inning
the locals bunched four hits with two
errors fur three runs, brore: 'r'
AB. He. H
Jude, If
Uagnler, ss
Cole, cf
Cobb, rf
Cockman, 3b....
Thomas, lb
Weidrnaaul, 2b.
Clark, p
Wolverton, p. ..
4 ..(
V-f 1
1 1
U 2
i f a v
1 o 1
- 7
Totals ...
29 6
AB, ft; H. O.
A. E.
0 V
1 0
0 1
Wooley, cf. .
Fcekley, lb.
Klley, If
Rellly, as. ..
Welch, io. .
Tugnte, rf. ..
Ptofer, 3b. ..
Drown, c. ...
Ensley, p. ..
4. . 0 0 .6
4 0
4 : 0
4 0
Lincoln ,
32 1
S 24
0 0 2 1 0 1 0 2 -
0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-1
Two-base hits: Cole. Riley. Brown. Stolen
bases: Cobb, Thomas, Weldensaul, Stoffer.
Sacrifice hits: Weldensaul, Clark. Struck
out: By Wolverton, 7; by Ensley, 2. Bases
on balls: Off Ensley. 6. Wild pitch: Ens
ley. Passed ball: Brown. Hit by pitched
ball: By Ensley, 1. Left on bases: Lincoln,
8: Topeka, 4. Earned runs: Lincoln, 1. Time:
1:40. Umpire: Clarke.
, Score, second game:
AB. R. H. O
Jude, If
Gargnler, ss
Cole, cf
Cockman, ; 8b. ..
Thomas, lb
Weldensaul, 2b.
Kruger, c
Fox, p
Totals 8..
31 4
8 27 8
AB. R. H. A
Wooley, cf. .
Beckley, lb.
Riley, If
Rellly, ss. ...
Welch, 2b. ..
Fugate, rf.
Stoffer, 8b. .
Shea, C
Browne ....
Jackson, p. .
- 0
0 . 0
n 2
Batted for Fugate In ninth
Batted for Shea in nintn.
Lincoln ,.. 0001080 -4
Topeka ....0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 08
Two-base hits: Oagnler. Cole, Kruger,
Relllv (2). Double play: Welch to Beckley.
Stolen bases: Jude. Cobb. Sacrifice hits:
Oognler, Thomaa,. Welch. Struck out: By
Fox, by Jackson, & Bases on bulls: Off
Jackson, 8. Hit by pitched ball: By Jack
son, X' Wild pitch: Jackson, 1. Left on
bases: Lincoln. 9; Topeka, 8. Time: 1:45.
Umpire: Clarke.
Superior Shuts
Islanders Out by
Good Batting
Cement Makers Outclass Beet Sugar
Experts at All Branches
of Game.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb... Aug. 24.-(Speoial
Telegram.) Superior outplayed Grand Isl
and at all points today, puttlpg up a fast
and perfect fielding gams aild doing strong
stick work. Warner drew triple, a two
bagger and a sacrifice out of four times
up and Landes, two two-baggers ' and a
walk out of four times up. Grand Island's
hits wars scattered. Boors: R.H.B.
Superior 3 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 04 t 0
Grand Island.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 S 3
Batteries: Justus and Hartley, Murray and
Carroll. Umpire Williams.
FREMONT, Neb., Aug. '247 (Special Tele
gram.) Kearney took today's game from
Fremont by a 2 to 1 score..; in the last half
of the ninth Mason made a hit which struck
the Kearney third baseman and bounced
off the diamond. On a close decision the
umpire called it a foul. If Orflled safe the
hit would have let Smith over the plats
for a tla score. core: ; -i R.H.E.
premont .',,.'.'.'.'.'.'.0 0040100 0-1 10 6
natt.rion- Keurnev. t ana Town-
send; Fremont, Campbell .and Bonner. Um
pire: Boswell.
COLUMBUS, Neb., Aug. 2V-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Columbus shut out. Red Cloud
Red Cloud presented only twenty
ien to bat. Score: R.H.E,
Red Cloud 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0M 1 2
Columbus 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01 6 0
Batteries: Red Cloud, Jarrotl and Moss;
Columbus, Bovea and Agilew. Umpire:
.. .. Peoria V ia
SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Aug. 34.-ln a pitch
ers' battle today McGulrtS' error in tne
eighth gave Dubuque tha game, 2 to 1.
Scuie: R.H.E.
aprtngfleld ...loOOOOOO 0-1 a 2
Dubuque 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0-2 6 1
Batteries: Lauderrhilk and Johnsin; Kaber
and Houoher.
DANVILLE, 111,. Aug. 24-The pitching of
LXHimis was m reaiure nr. ui uanv., It
Waterloo game which Danville won in the
i twelfth. Three times tne visiton nsd two
on baas, but Loonile tightened. loubles by I
Hopkins and Burns With two down in the 1 Bresnahan of the St. Louis National team
last won th faatest game ever Jiiayei!has declined to Join "Tex" Hlokard's two
here. Score; ' ' ft II. E. all-stsr tesms. with which It Is Intended
Danville 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 l-l 7 1 to tour the country after the close of the
Waterloo 600e04a 00 7 o I seaaon. Uresnahan gives as his reason that
. Hatttriee: Uoomi a. a v(4i,i, v'hspmbri I Iresldent Robinson of the 6t. Iouls club
ana oeariea.
tLUUUi.titu., in.. Aug .n.JJlnomlng -
ton won a fast twelve-inning game by
timely batting. tore: R.H.E.
Bloomlngton 0 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 7 li oi
Rook Island 1V101002000 16 13 1 j
Batteries: limine ana uj.ii; m.ui.,,,,11,
and Starke. - ' i
PEOKIA, Aug. 24. t'rabb, a recruit, was
driven to the bench In the third Inning,
Peoria winning. 10 to 5. Rowan and t'nau-
man made home runs. Score. RUE
1'eona 1 ' I t i 1 -!!
D-arenporl i...O- 8'-0 0 0 6 11 0 8 10 &
t roas Teaaa Prarlleea Tharaday.
Tha J.'. CroSs base bal) team will mi nM:M- A .'J.V'-"-. "' "'
Im nrartW Thur.dav enln ar Th.rrt IT.' '"? .nh umaiia Wlants defeated I At
end 'Plerco street. Kaiser I. 1 J Tod.v a i?1 n .V fnd ' 1
rjA.B"h- 'r1 IV'"".. wV,m.U..nV WiggTn.N.c'F'.'.r.; I Baturles:
.... ... 1 ituer ana Buaiamau. j
Chicago Takes Final Game of Series
Eleven to One.
Visitors Oatclaaeed Easily lne Base
Hits for l.oeaJs Archer Lands
Three-Bag ;er Two Hires'
Hack Hlta.
CHICAGO, Aug. 24-Cliicago made It
three straight from Boston today, winning
the final game, 11 to 1. Curtis was wild In
the sixth Inning, Issuing four passrs and
forcing In two runs. Evans had no better
control, forcing In another tally and making
a wild pitch that counted a run. Score:
AB.H.O.A.g. AB.H.O.A.E.
Crert, lb 4 1 1 I OCollItu, It ... I I
herkanl, If.. 4 1 1 0 llrnof, ID...S 0 0 (
Kuia. cf t I RhMn, b....l 1 t 4 1
An-hrr, lb... 4 1 II 2 e Shurpe, 16... 4 I 1
Klm'mtn, ib 4 I I I OMlll.r, rf.... t 0 11
Schulte, rt...t 110 Otwoeoor, .. I 3 9 SB. .. I 111 0 Hid, cf 1 2 4 0 0
King, c I Oil SGrahtm, e... 1 010
Nthsm, c. 0 0 ORsrldsn, c. .1 1 1 0
Klchl., p.... 1 1 t OCurtu, p I
gvan, p 1 0 1
Totals !117
Toltli M 4 M IS 2
Chicago 0 10 10 8 0 0 11
Boston 0 000100001
Two-baae hits: Beck, Zimmerman, Three
base hit: Archer. Hits: Off Curtis, 7 In flvw
and a third Innings; off Evans, 2 in two
and two-thirds innings. Sacrifice hits:
Shean, Schulte, Tinker. Double plays: Bvers
to Archer, Shean to Graham to Sharpe to
Graham. Left on basr: Chicago, 4; Boston,
2. Base on balls: Off Richie, 8; off Curtis,
6; off Evans, 2. First bas on errors: Chi
cago, 1. Struck out: By Richie, 2; by Evans,
1. Wild pitch: Evans. Time: 1:30. Umpires;
Klem and Kana 'i-..a.
' M lifts Timely Homer.
PITTSBURG. Aug. 24. Philadelphia to
day mado its last appearance of the season
In Pittsburg and won the game In the sixth
Inning when Magee mads a home run with
the bases full. Score:
AB.H.O.A.g. AB.H.O.A.g.
Tltua, rf t 111 0 Byrne, lb.... ( 2111
knabe, lb.... I 17 4 I Uioh, cf ... S 2 110
Batu, cf 4 1 t 0 OCUrke, If ... 1 t 0 0
Ure, If.... I 1 1 0 lWi,n.t, 4 2 4 4 1
Orvnt, lb.... I 10 0 I Miller, Sb.... I 0 10 1
Br'nsfleia, lb I 1 10 0 0 Flynn, lb.... 4 110 0
Doolan. M...I 1 1 T 1 Wiimn, rf.,. 4 110 0
Moran, e 4 1 I 1 OOlbaon, e 1 0 4 2 0
Bln, p 4 10 1 OAdtma. p.... 10 10
Leavar, p...,0 0 1 0
Totals 14 10 27 14 1 Campball ..1 0 0 0 0
L.flM, p.,. 0 0 0 0 0
. Totala M 12 rt 16 I
Batted for Leever In eighth.
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 1 S 2 2 0-10
Pittsburg 0 1 0 0 1 0 S 0 05
Two-base hits: Leach, Wagner, Brans
field, Moran Three-base hit: Ewlng. Home
run: Magee. Sacrifice hits: Miller (4),
Knabe (2), Doolan. Sacrifice fly: Miller.
Stolen bases: Clark. Bates, Magee. Double
plays: Knabe and Bransfield; Doolan,
Knabe and Bransfield 2); Wagner and
Flynn. Bases on balls: Off Adams, 4; off
Ewlng, 4. Struck out: By Adams, 2; by
Lelfleld, 1; by Ewlng, 2. First base on er
rors: Pittsburg, 2; Philadelphia. 8. Left
on basee: Pittsburg, 10; Phl'adelphla, 4.
Hits: Off Adams, 7 in six and one-third
Innings; off Leever, S in one and two-thirds
Inning. Time: 2:00. Umpire: Brennan and
Brooklyn Win Pitchers' Battle.
CINCINNATI, Aug. 24. Rowan had the
uener or jiucaer in a ten-inning pitchers
battle here today, Cincinnati beating
Brooklyn, 1 to 0. Score:
Bnoner, If... 4 110 ODavlaaon, cf. I 1 1 0 0
r.nan. id a 1 l 0 naubert, lb., t 0 14 0 0
Hoblltial. lb 1 111 0 0 Wheat. If 1 S A A a
Mitchell, rf.. I 0 10 0 Hnmmal, 2b. I 0.1 10
Paakart, ef... 4 1 0 Burch, rf.... 4 0 10 0
PlMlan, lb.., I I 0 OLtnnoi, ft... I 10 10
Lobwt. .lb...- . t 0.0 0 Smith, a,.. ..4,1 I 1
c... a a a v a Bargan, a.... 4 1110
McMillan, set 1,1 ( ORackar, p.... 4 0 0 4 0
iiowaji, p.... s s40 -..j
Totals II SW 1 0
l Olall (4 .9 SO 14 0
One out when winnlnar run imrnt
Brooklyn 000 0 0 0 0 4 0 0-0
Cincinnati ........0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 11
iTvo-Dase nit: yaskert. Thr.hiu hit-
McMillan. Bases on balls: Off Rucker. 4;
Iff Rowan, 5. Struck out:; By Rucker. 6;
by Rowan, 4. Time: 2:06. Umpires: Rlg
ler and Emslle.
United State Service Teaaas 1st Foa
aesaioa of First Plaees.
CAMP PERRT, O., Aug. 24. The nd of
the second day of th national match finds
tha United StAtes servics rifle teams still
led by the Infantry, in possession or all
the first five places and with New York
ranking sixth, heading the thirty-sight na
tlonal guard teams, but hard pushed by
Massachusetts, only two points in the rear,
The ten leaders finished In th following
Team. Rapid. Tot
Infantry 643 2162
wavy 646
Naval academy 626
Marine corps 630
New York 531
Cavalry 630
Massachusetts 56
Wisconsin 636
District of Columbia 6LS
t 2088
nr waa no record breaking today on
account of tha poor light and a howling
gals later.
Tha Evana service skirmish match
awarded last week to tha United States
Infantry, goea to the Seventy-fourth New
York, according to corrected bulletin Issued
today. The committee held that Okla
homa's protest that the match should, by
the rules, be decided on points, not men
eliminated, was well grounded. Oklahoma
got second place and the Infantry third.
Mason City Track Record Pat at Low
MASON CITY, la.. Aug. 24. Three thou-
sano. attended the opening day of the nurin
lows races.
N. J. Konln of Fremont, Neb., acted as
starting Judge. Th track record was
lowered by one-half second, when Prince
t-agar paced a mile in !:WV.
In the first heat of the .W trot, Regal
Parole fell at th quarter pole and several
horses went over blm, but no one was
seriously nut.
2:30 trot, purse 81.000: Al Preston first In
three stralHht.. Prince W aver v second
Oracellne third, Dug B. fourth. Best time
2:16 pace: Prince Edgar won. Best tlms
Three-year-old pace, purse 8600: Lady Jane
ctta rirst, Henry second, Josephine Lm
press third. Best time: 2.21V.
Mason City defeated Eldorado in a ball
game, score f to 4.
irlnis I.ynd la Teaals Mateo, at Ilea
Moiaea Toaraey.
DES MOINES. Ia.. Aug. 24 tSDeolal Tel
egram.) Potter of Omaha won his inattn
in trie state tennis tournament today, de
eating i.ynac. --, 9-m. s-.
llefae to Jola All.gtora.
ST. LOUlfl. Mo.. Ans I4. r.ih.r- -
if oppuara io ma piayers playing out o
i season.
Tairataasl ot Tabor.
TABOR, la.. Aug. 24 (Special Telegram )
las ball tournament results, first rams'
Tabor, 13; Sidney. 2. Batteries: Tabor!
Brek and Hall; Sidney, Hickev and Flem-
lng- Afternoon game: Plaitamouth, 17;
Randolph. 6 Batteries: Plattemoutn,
Barker ard Mann: Randolph, Addle and
"Pencer. Tomorrow morning. Sidney and
.Plattainouth; afternoon. Tabor end. Piatt-
Uiaala Wlaalaa Games
-us- 21. ireoisi
Standing of the Teams
W.L Pct l W L Pet.
Sioux City.. .81 44 .v Chicago 75 S5 .R2 '
Denver 74 S Pittsburg S6 43 .fts) I
Lincoln Tl SO .b New York til 4"
St. Joseph.... 5.1 .4JS Brooklyn ...44 7 .SM
Pes Moines. 71 7 g, Louis. .. .44 :
Topeka 89 .28S toston 41 74 .K
V'.LPr-M W.LPct.
Philadelphia T3 34 . 699, Minneapolis M 44 .
Boston ti" 4n" .fcw Toledo 70 W .MS
Vew York.... .65 fO .M(. St. Paul 71 62 M.I
Detroit M 61 ..Sft7' Kansas Clty.tM el .527
leveland ..60 63 . 44421 Columbus ...64 84 . 5u0
Washington 51 uft Atllwaukee . 67 111 .4
Chicago ." 7 .4iii Indianapolis Ml " .4"'t
St. Lou!sN..31 H ..30JI Ixiulsvllle ...47 81 .27
W.LPct. i W.LPct.
Frea.ont ,...M 39 .5:"i Clarlnda ....50 SS .M
Od. Island.. 52 4.1 .547 Falls t'itv....49 SS .63
Columbus ...61 46 ..&26 Auburn 41 44 .42
Superior .... 4t 4b .521 Neb. City. ...43 43 .500
Kearney ..,.47 4ft .49.H Shenandoah 40 47.460
Seward 43 f.3 .4"' Maryvllle ...35 61.407
Red Cloud ...41 51 .4411
Hastings ....39 66.4161
Yealerriuj's Hfaalt,
Omaha, 8; Wichita. 2.
Denver, 9; Sioux City, 6.
Lincoln, tt: Tooeka. 1. Serond ri ma ' T.ln.
coin. 4; Topeka, 3. ,
JJes Moines, ; St. Joseph, 8.
Washington, 8; Chicago, 2.
Philadelphia, 3; Cleveland, 1.
New York,' 6; Detroit, 0.
Boston, 6; St. Louis. 2.
Philadelphia, 10; Pittsburg, 6.
Cincinnati, 1; Brooklyn, 0.
Chicago, 11; Boston, 1.
New York, 4; St, Louis, I.
Columbus. 6: St. Paul. 1. Second earns:
Columbus, ; St. Paul, 8.
Kansas Olty. 12: Louisville. 8. Second
game: Kajiaas City, 1; Louisville, L
Minneapolis, t; lnaiunapolls, 0.
Milwaukee, V; Toledo, 8.
Superior, 4: Xrand island, 0.
Columbus. 1; Red CI Oud, 0. . . ,
Seward, 11; Hastings, 4.
Kearney, 2; Fremont. 1.
'Nebraska City, 0; Shenandoah, 0.
Falls City, 10; Clarlnda. 6.
Maryvllle, 1; Auburn, 0."
Games Today.
Western League Wichita at Omaha. Den
ver at Sioux City. Topeka at Lincoln. St.
Joseph at Des Moines.
Amerlcsn league Detroit at Washington.
Cleveland at Boston, Chicago at New York,
et. ixmia at r nitaaeipnia.
National -League Brooklyn at Pittsburg.
Philadelphia at Cincinnati, New York at
Chicago, Boston at St. Louis.
American Association Minneapolis at
Columbus, Kansas City at Toledo, St. Paul
at Indianapolis, Milwaukee at lxiuisvills. -
Mink League Auburn at Clarlnda. Mary
vllle at Nebraska City, Shenandoah at Falls
City. , -.
Kansas City Takes First Game of
Last Session Ends Oae to One Score
ia Oaeaer is Twelve to Six
Barbonr Gets On for the .
...v.j.: .JE',; I---.'' . "h;. - i -Umlt.ltl-f.
Ausr. 24.ka,nsaa City
won the first MitfKV double-header to
day frorn LoirlsrUle, The second game was
called at thtf' nX Of th fifth Inning to
allow the visitor; to catch A train, with
the score standing 1 to J. Score, first
gam:. .
AB.H.O.A.g. AB.H.O.A.g.
Barbeau, lt. . 1 1.-4 1 Robinson,' as ( 11 10
Shannon, if.. 1 0 8 -0 0 Meyera, lb..: I 0 0 V 0
(moot, lf.,..l 1 2 C OStanlay, of.. 8 8 00
Hunter, lb... ( 4 10 Doyle, lb 4 1 1 1 1
Lore, ib..... 114 1 Rellly. If.... 1 14 11
Jmaa,e..... 4 I I 1 Pitk.rinr. rf. 4 0 10 0
Biliary, ef.. 4 1 4 1 OMafaa, ill.... 4 114 0
Dewnla. aa...4 1 I f o Allan, c I 1111
Bran4om, .. 0 0 0.2 0 RlchUr. .,. 0 0 1 v
Campbell, p. 1 0 1 0 Oa borne, p... 1 0 0 10
Shay, lb 6 0 0 CO.IbraJth, p.. 9,0 1 0
1 Byr4, p 1 1 0 0 0
TOUls H 16 mi lMu,B .... 1 0 0 0 0
. . . .. J'loumoy .. 1 0 0 00
1 Totals 17 11 87 11 "i
Batted for Rlchter In second.
Batted for Osborne in ninth.
Louisville 1 2100 0 0026
Kansas City 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1-19
Two-basa hits: Hunter. Downle! Love.
Three-base hits: Stanley, Robinson. Home
run: uaroeau. struck out: By Osborne, 2;
by Gaibralth. 1. Has on balls: Off Rlch
ter, 1; off Campbell, 1; off Gaibralth, 1.
Tim: 1:10. Umpire: Owens.
in second gam was called at th end
of th fifth Inning to allow Kansas City to
oaten a tram. . score:
Robinson, sat 1 I 0 OBarbaau. lb 1 014
Mayer, ln...l 0 4 0 0 Shannon, If,. 1 0 10 0
Stanley, rt... 1 111 Cncaah, rf.,,2 1 I 0 0
Doris, lb.... I 0 0 8 OHnnur, lb... 8 14 1
Floumor, If. I 0 1 Lova, tb 1 1 t I 1
Pickering, rf. 8 1 4 1 0 R liter, e 1 1 I I
Masaa, lo ... I 1 1 1 a Raf i.ry, ef... 1 0 0 0 4
H u baa. ... 1 0 10 Shar. as. 8 16 11
Hall, p f 0 0 8 Oloann, p....l 4 10
Totals..... .14 1 1 0 Totala 14 I II 10 I
Louisville .., 0 1 0 0 01
Kansas City 0 1 0 0 01
Three-base hits: Hunter, Love. Struck
out: By Hal la, 1. Time: 0:60. Umpire:
Matches Delayea br Bala Art Raa Off
la Pretty Fasaloa at Field
Past tennis? playing marked the progress
of th matches at the Field club yester
day for th Arthur Stor trophy. Delayed
last week by the rains, th contest has re
ceived a considerable Impetus this week,
and now Is nearlng Its close. Interest to
the highest degree centers in the event
by reason of th fact that there are but
few trophies to be striven for at the club
this year.
The second round was completed and the
third round disposed of up to its final
match yesterday. The remaining session
of the third round, wrhlch will bring the
contest to the seml-flnal stage, la to be
played off this afternoon by Arthur Scrib
ner and Lieutenant Bates C. Potter, who
had been out of the game for soma time,
put up a remarkably fast exhibition In his
efforts of th day.
Following war th Scores:
A. Scrlbner, 40, beat M. Colpetser, 15,
7 6. 8-4.
H. Kohn, Wk. beat Susman, --16, 4 S, (-4.
F. Webster, 13H. beat K. Potter, 16
-8. 6-8.
H. Koch, 80. beat 8. Caldwell, 1H4.
1-4. -2.
C. Potter, 16. beat Davis. -1-H15. e-4, 8-2.
Dr. Teal. -I-H1&. beat A. C. Potter. 40.
A. Gordon, H-16, beat B. Moysen Scratch.
H. Kohn. IS1, beat Webster. 1M4,
A. Gordon, -1-16. beat Dr. Teal, --m. 7-8,
Mary-Ill that Oat A skara Defeat
for tlartada.
At Maryvlllo cor R.H.E.
Auburn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 2 2
J Maryvllle ft- 0 0 0 0 0 11 8 2
1 Psttrrtea: Hlrach end Krsnlnser. Oawalt
r " r leirner.
r h si
Clarlnda fteoret
i 0 2 I 2 1-10 8 1
u.L .nA b-'i'-T
McCabe and Brath, Lud-
Delalr. StOCab ana Brath. Lud.
okersc .Umpir; MoUinnis,
Make Clean Sweep of Their Series
with Cleveland.
score is three to one
Bender Strikes Oat Twelre
Kaler Wild In Third Inalni
Morphy Seeares On
Two-Base Hit.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Aug 21.-Phlla-delphla,
by winning today's gam by 8
to 1, made a clean sweep of the series with
Cleveland. Both pitchers were effective.
Bender striking out twelve batsmen but
wlldness by Kaler In tha third lr.nlng,
and Murphy's fourth inning gave the homa
team the victory. Score:
1-oTil, If 4 2 0 Turner. 2... I I 1 0
OMrlnt. cf..l 114 SThomaa n, rf 4 1 1 0 0
folllna, Ib... I 0 18 OBIrm h m, cf I 1 2 0 v
Bakar, 3k..,. 4 0 0 0 Lalol. Ib.... 4 1110
liana, lb.... I 0 4 0 ngtovall, lb... 4 0 110
Murphy, rt.. 1 1 0 0 OKruagar, If.. 4 0 1 0
Barry, as 1 1 4 1 1 Hall, aa t I 7 1
lumma, e.,.i ill i 0 Land.
.. I 1 I 0 1
uanuer, p.... I 48 SKalar. p 1 014
1 0 1
1 0
'Mlaa ...
Totals IT I 27 I 1
Batted for Ball In the ninth
.11 14 11 1
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Pnlladelphla 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 3
Two-base hits; Murphy. Stolen basee:
Birmingham, La.1ole, Thompson. Bajtes on
belle: Off Kalen, 4; off Bender. 8. Struck
out: By Kaler, 2; by Bender, 12. Time:
1:60. Umpires: Perine and Evans.
tsr York Loads on Donovan.
NEW YORK, Aug. 24.-New York hit
Donovan freely In the seventh and eighth
Innings today and took the last gam from
Detroit, to 0. Score:
,, AIJ.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.E., ef..l 10 0 OMcInlyre, If. 4 1 1 0 0
Woltar, rf...4 110 I Il.h'nt, Ib 4 1 I 1 0
Cl.aae, lb.... I 1 14 4 OOobb, cf 4 0 6 1
Knight, aa .,4 112 Ocrawford, rf. 4 1 4 0
Lapofta. lb.. 8 111 OMorlarllr. 104 0 11 0
Roach, If.... 4 10 0 OBuah. aa I 8 1 0
Auatln, lb...l 0 2 4 it. Jona. lb. I 1 1 4
J'ser, e I 4 1 8 0 c... 1 8 10
vaughan, p.. I 1 0 I 0 Donovan, p.. I 0 0 4 0
J"'-1 & "2 W 1 Totala M "j 24 W "i
Jones out, hit by batted ball.
Detroit 00 0.00000 00
New York 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 8
Two-bas hits: Btanage, Crawford. Three
base thits: Mclntyre, Knight. Sacrifice
hit: Chase. Sacrifice fly: Laporte. Stolen
base: Bush. Left on bases: Detroit, 6; New
York, 8, Double play: Donovan, Bush and
T. Jones. Struck out: By Vaughn, 7; by
Donovan, t Bases on balls: Off Vaughn,
2; off Donovan, 8. Time: 1:20. Umpires:
Dlneen and Perrlne.
Sox Lose In Tenth.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.-A two-bagger
by Gray and a single by Schaefer enabled
Washington to defeat Chicago today, 8
to 2, In the tenth Inning. Score:
Washington. .chiuaoo.
AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A.g.
Milan, ef.... 0 1 0 Lord, lb I 0 14 0
.Schaefer, 2 b, 6 I I I Zald.r, aa.... I 0 6 10
Conroy, If... 4 2 1. 0 1 Maloan, rf...l 110 0
Geaalar, rf... 1 1 0 0 0 Dougherty, If 4 I 0 0 0
McBrlda, .. 4 1 I I Tannehlll, lb I 0 10 1 1
Elberfeid, lb I 0 1 1 v Conine, cf... 4 1 I 0 1
Vnileub. lb.. 1 10 1 OParant, lb... 4 0 4 4 0
Alnemltb, .. 4 1 l a Block, o 4 I 1 8 0
Gray, p......4 1 1 2 401mte4, p.. 4 1 1 2 0
Total 14 io 1 1 Totals il tu j 1
One out when winning run scored.
Washington o 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-S
Chicago 020000000 02
J.woba hlt: 0ry- Sacrifice hit: Tanne
hlll. Stolen base: Schaefer. Double plays:
Zelder and Tannehlll; Lord, Parent and
Tannehlll; Mcttrlde, Schaefer and Unglaub.
Left on bases: Washington, 6; Chicago. 1.
Bases on balls: Oft Gray, 6; off Olmstead,
4. First base on errors: Washington, 2;
Chicago, 1 Struck out: Bv -Gray, 4; by
Olmstead, 1. Time: 2:00. Umpires: Colli
flower and Connolly.
Colorado E Wins
Futurity and Sets
New Mark in Race
Denver Colt Stepi Two Fattest Con
secutive Milei to Credit of Any
NEW YORK, Aug. 24Colorado E, a
bay colt, by The Bondsman-Bess McGregor,
today established a new two-neat world's
record for J-year-old trotters st the open
ing of a five-days' Grand circuit harness
meeting at the Empire t-y track. Yonkers.
In th Matron futurity stake of 115,000 he
won In straight heats of 2:07U and 2:074,
the fastest work ever don fy a 1-year-old
In th history of the light harness racing.
Fashion etake. 2:11 pace, purse, 22.300, two
In three: Evelyn W won. Lady isie second,
orown inira. uest time: 2:U6'A.
Matron futurltv stakes. S-vaar-nld trot!
bure, 815.0UO; two in tnree: Colorado . K
won, Emelyne iiilen second. Native Deli
iniru. Best time: 2:07i4.
Speedway stake, :18 trot to wagon.
amatuers io drive, nurse, 82,500; two In
wiree; reier Dorsey won, Sible Maid second,
Baron Dell third. Best time: 2:1414.
UALBSBURG. III., Aug. 23.-Hedgewood
uoy, 2:024 beat Minor Heir, 1:69' and
George Cano, 2:034, In a sensational spu-
ihiiu r0 ner touay. ine ureal cult'
Wood afalllnn nnA HI., an,.. a. At
within one-halt a aecond of tha world's1
race reoord. and lowered his own mark
one and one-quarter seconds. Minor Heir
iiiiisneu none and nose with Hedgewood
-oy, wnne uano paced the mil In 2
Coaatlee Wins Haroa Handicap al
Saratoga Track.
SARATOGA. Aug. 24. Countless, well rid
den by Koerner and held at 6 to 1 In th
belting, won the Huron handicap her to
day. Results:
First rsce, seven furlongs: Candle Berry
(8 to 1) won, Scarpla (8 to 2) second, Belle
wawr t to l) third. Time: l:2UH-
Second race, five and a halt furlongs:
Rockvllle t8 to 6) won. Stinger (18 to 6)
sectmd, Eagle Bird (in to It tnlrd. Tims:
Third race, one and an eighth miles: Bon
nie Kelso (11 to S) won, Bad News (6 to 1)
second, Dorante (4 to 1) third. Time: 1:52.
Fourth race, th Huron handicap, one
and three-sixteenths miles: Countless (5 to
ii won, Hampton Court (20 to 1 second.
Martinet: (7 to 6) third. Time: LuUH.
fifth race, one mile: Helmet (even) won,
Csar (8 to 1) second, Barley tliorpe (4 to 1)
third. Time: 1:2S.
Slkth race, five and a half furlongs:
Bouncer (4 to 1) won, Zeelllah 7 to 2)
second, Thrifty (12 to 1) third. Time: 106.
Preliminaries at Maiiri.
24. Th preliminary sots o the Interna
tional lawn tennis tournament, up to the
close of play today, leave the following
contestsnta still undefeated in the oham-
plonshlp open singles: Hoerr and Drum -
mond Jones of St. Louis: Hall, McBichorn,
Burns snd I-ilrd of Toronto; Wick snd
oar 01 v.ieveiana; vv nun or ueiroit; car
roll of Buffalo: Mulvaney and Sivlnner of
L-onaon; ruiKint or Winnipeg, and Craw
ford of Cincinnati.
Bourne of Newport was eliminated today
when he lost to Burns of Toronto, 6-2. i-i.
In the women's slnglss Mrs. Beard of
Cleveland qualified for the semi-finals by
defeating Miss Evan of Toronto, 6-1, 6-X
Keeae Sells Horses.
belonging to i u" Keeiie .old Vn ill
psddocks her today and good prices were
eluded many stake winners. Twenty-seven
head sold for a total of 818,750. Th star of
M mri-r:-nv
spirited bidding sh was finally , nocked
down to E. Bradley for 27.ouo.
i.eie Meet, whiriaeiod.
boston. Aug 24 -Harrv Lewis of phiia-
deiphia. claimant of the weiterwrignt
"h V'T'.'.1,?,. LAri''l'A. hir.L"'i"d
Lisht and went down to defeat at the end
? i' i-eis mad a splendid
Uhowing for to rounda, but after mat
hi,,r fur tn runnila but aftxr Itiat I
lwa obliged to bold on to sav himself,
Sullivan Catches f.
Bali from Top
of Monument
Chicago American Player Accom
plishes Dificult Feat on
Twenty-Third Trial.
WASHINGTON, Aug. it. -Catcher Billy"
Sullivan of th Chicago Americans today
repeated th feat of Catcher Charles Street
of th Washington American league team
last year. In catching a ball thrown trom a
window at th top of tho Washington
monument, a perpendicular height Of 642
Th ball was tossed fi-om th top of th
monument by Pitcher Ed Walsh of the
Chicago team. It waa only after twenty
three attempts that Sullivan finally caught
the ball, although ha succeeded several
times In so gauging th sphere ss to get It
in his mitt. Th speed of th ball was so
terrific, however, thst he was unabl to
hold It. It is estimated that th ball was
traveling at th rat of ltl feet a second
when caught.
Several members of th Chicago team.
Including Conine and Doc Whit, trainer
Quirk of th Washington team and a few
government officials witnessed th feat.
While) th feat ha been attempted many
time In past years only Street heretofore
was abl to accomplish it. His feat was
performed during th summer of 1808 on
th thirteenth attempt.
Wright Loses
to Tom Bundy
NEWPORT, R. I., Aug. 24.-Beals C.
Wright of Boston, a former national
singles champion, was decisively defeated
today In th final round of th all-comers
singles tournament on th Casino courts
here by Thomas C. Bundy of Los Angeles,
one of th Pacific coast double champions.
Bundy's victory furnished th greatest sur
prise of the tournament that has been In
upsets of favorites. Bundy defeated
Wright 8-8, 6-1, 8-1, 10-g.
Estrada in
of Managua
United States Officially Informed of
Success of Insurgents in
WASHINGTON, D. C. Aug. 24.-The first
authentic confirmation of th success of
General Juan J. Estrada to th presidency
of Nicaragua cams to th Stat department
today in th form of a cablegram from
General Estrada himself.
Estrada aald tha first official act of ths
new president was to assure tha American
people of th warm friendship for them
by the victorious party and th eagerness.
If necessary, to maks restitution for th
taking of Cannon and Oroc, th two
Americans, under Zelaya's rul.
Official confirmation of th departure of
President Madris from Managua for Co
rinto on tha Pacifio coast, after 'turning;'
over hit authority to Jot Dolores Estrada,
was reeclved at the Stat department this
Afternoon In a long dlspatoh from American
Consul OUvares at Managua, It was dated
William Pittman, th American engineer,
he says, had been released from prison by
Madris and was sheltered at th consulate.
MANAGUA, Aug, 2S.-In a lengthy de
cree Issued today, Jos Dolores Estrada,
who temporarily assumed tha reins of gov
ernment when President Madrli vacated
his office and fled th country, gives full
recognition to th provisional government
formed at Biueflelds. In doing so, however,
he stipulate that a regular and free lec
tion for th office of chlf executive of
tho republic must be . held within sis
Th decree also names th members of
a commission, th duty of which will be
to have drawn up and signed by th hos
tile factions, a permanent treaty of peace.
Nebraska Men
Engage in Fight
to Save the Fort
Program at Eiley Today Inolndes
Sham Fight in Effort to
Capture Place.
cial Telegram.) Both Nebraska regiments
spent th entire time her today resting
in camp, following th hard march yester
day, whan mors than fifty man succumbed
to th heat. Colonel Mack and Ebrly of
the two regiments were much opposed to
ssndlng their men out end orders trom
headquarters early this morning relieved
them from participation In th maneuvers
for th day. Th Kansas men. who suf
fered from th heat far mora than did th
Nebraakana, were alao allowed to rest. Alt
men In the hospital were reported as get
ting along nicely today, A number of them
wera discharged 1st this afternoon, but
will bs prmlttd to lndulg In no further
maneuvering during th encampment.
Tomorrow will be th big day of the en
campment. Tha "Reds." . represented by
tha Nebraskant, and ths "Blues,"iepr
sented by the Kanssns, will oppose each
other in a sham battle. The general move
ment will be In th nature of an attempt
to capture Fort Riley. The advance will
b mad by the "Blues" from the vicinity
of Battery hill, north of the fort, and the
"Reds' will constitute the defens. Por
tion of th regular army now encamped
here will also tsks part In th fray.
A Shooting: grrap
mlth both rjartlea wounded, demands Buck-
tn; Arnica Salve. Heals wounds, sores,
I . . -., ,. k - . '
1 hums or Injuries. 26C. For sals by Beaton
Drug Co. ...
1 Malaria is . y.f emlo blood poiwa, a dlaea-a which RraduaUy de.troy tha
richness and nourishing elements of th blood. When tha malarial poison b
to abrb th. rich r.d corpuscs of th cUcuUtlon w. sh pal, sallow com-
plexlons, and a general lmpairmant of halth. But Malaria mans mor than
tai anrj b th blood become weaker from th poison, tho appetite fall, dl-
Ke-tlon is dlturbd, chills and slJgr.t ht.r sn fr.qu.nt. and In aTatad
cases boll and .ruptlons, liver spots, had even abscsses break out on th flesh. .
To gum lt -U up iisiarU mean blood poTcrty, and th only way to cur t-f
troubl is to nrich and purify th blood. Nothing 1 equal to 8. 8. S. s a blood
purifier and lt it specially adapted to th. cur. of malarial troubles, becau lt
contains no harmful mineral, nd whll
8 S. 8. build ud th. .ntir. ytm by
th malaria, begin th. us of 8. 8. 8. at onci, and by cleaning the blood, rtl
; -,ourgejf 0 thu wasting disease. Book on th. Blood and any medical adric
Toursou vi v u -aai,.- w-v -..-. CDrr,wr. n sttamta na
I fr. to all.
Endursvnca Ran Has Tina Start
Wednesday Morning:.
' Is Oa-BHa
Ia Baeltesneat Paeeaaaker Loeis'Oat
aad Maxwell Take Lead Cars
Well oa Way to " 1st
Capital CHr.
Th Omaha Motor club ndurnca' run
la on. The rac has started. Tha car ar
wall on their way, with Lincoln
tneir goal for last night. It Is now simply
up to svery driver and every ear to show
the stuff they are made cf. and maks
good. Never has a local automobll con
test excited aa much interest nor as much
rivalry among th contestants at th prt-,
nt on, which very driver swear will
bring h car to victory with th best
At 4 o'clock Wednesday morning ths
confetti car. which blaset the trail,
left th starting 11ns at Twentieth
and Harney streets, followed at S o'clock
by ths Murphy at on s Frayr-Mlllr
Teuton truck. Th first of th contesting
cars No. left at 7 o'clock and shot
off down ths road with nothing ahead cf It.
In th excitement of starting th pace
maker lost out, and was not In hit placs
to dtctata the speed, so the little Maxwell
let her out and mad for Rhenandoah, with
nothing but a trail of dust following unUi
the next car started a minute later. It was
a very Jolly way that It ended, though, for
th pac-makr started out in hot pursuit,
after all tha other autos war fair on their
way, being th last car out cf th city.
It waa not only tha strong sex that took
interest and active part In th run, for
several women went as passengers and
one young woman. Miss Besse Amos, drove
her own car. She laughed aa she took her
place at th steering gear and let In th
clutch, "w'r off for the raoes," ah
oalled back as th car. started en Its way
and ah settled down In her seat for th
weary drive which lay before her. In th
car accompanying her was Mtsa Chelsea
Jones, who will shar th driving honors,
acting as an interchangeable driver with
Mr. N. Amos and son, Nicholas, aa pas
sengers and F. A. Roberts aa observer.
Taos Who Started.
, Th ears, drivers," observers and pas
sengers Who started' on the run were:
( Maxwell, R. A. Doty. drvtf; H. R.
Bell, observer; time. 7 :ut. -
(15) Hupmobile, W. F. Huffman, driver;
j. u. ioiicei', ouaerver; nine, 1 .vi.
(1) Chalmers 30. H. E. Frederlckson.
driver; Fred Dull, observer; time, 7:08.
(a) muck model 17. A. L. ntaniew. anvir
J. C. Waldman, observer; time, 7:03.
(2) Bulck, H. K. Obderklrk, driver; K.
M. Bromwell, observer; time, 7:04.
(7) - Maxwell, L hi. Doty, driver; C. L.
Powell, observer; time, 7:06.
(1) Cols .-, Fay Knott, driver; C. D.
Pritchard, observer; time, 7:08.
(17) Ford. J. M. Monnleh. driver; L. C.
Gibson, otVerver; time, 7:07.
(IK) Htoddard courier, A. Merrill, anver;
A. C. Stott, observer; time, 7:0.
(20) Ford, Max Uottberg, arlverj & 8.
Shesjn, observer; time, 7:00.
(21) Chalmers 8u, Walter Smith and
Frank Walker, Interchangeable drivers;
Elmer -Hardlemart, observer; time, 7:10.
(22) Chalmers 80, Dr. D, C. 6oukup and J.
Rachman, Interchangeable drivers; A. H.
Krauss, observor; time, 7:11.
(26) Chalmers 30, Miss Bessi Amos and
Mis Chelsea Jones Interchangeable drivers; .
F. A. Roberts, observer: Mrs. N. Amos and
Nlohola Amos, passengers; time, 7:12.
(4) Bulck, A. B. Cameron, ".driver; C
Shorbert, observer; . time. 7:12.
(5) Bulck, m. c. uuggan, anver; jrrans:
Parmele, observer; time, 7:14.
(8) Columbia, William Hall, driver; N.'
j. Marion, observer; H. B. Ureen, passen
ger; time, 7:16. . ..a
(8) Klsssl car, Arthur Ove, driver; H.
B. Ray, obssrvsr; Mrs. C. B. Bogus and
Miss Patterson, passenger; time, 7:16.
(10) Velle, B. Silver, driver; F. H. Schu
macher, observer: time, 7:17.
(11) Midland, C. H. Carney and W. E.
Nutting, imerchangatl drivers; W. Klopp,
observer; time, cis. . . ' .
(121 Whit. E. E. Mocket and C. A.
Sadler, interchangeable drlvrs, and LT
f:lhnn observer: time. 7:18.
(in Franklin. Guy L. Smith and B. C.
Russell, Interchangsble drivers; C. Pagels,
observer, and J. M. Plnkerton, passenger;
"(24) Chalmers. B. H. Bpragua and John
Parthurst, lntarchangabl drivers; H. L.
Preston, observer; time, 7:30.
The pacemaker, a Veil "40" car, carried
C. Mlckell and B. Uhllg, interohangabl
drivers; H. H. Wooten pacemaker.
The official car waa a Klsssl car and
carried OI Hlbner, H. Wilson nd O. C.
Beck; driver. H. W. Holtslnger. 1
Two press cars, carrying correspondents,
photographers and sfithuslasts, entered Into '
th list and will accompany tha autolat
ovsr th eours. '
All Reach First Control. '
SHENANDOAH, It., Aug. K-(8pclaJ f
Telegram -A 11 cart in and parked. ,PAo
tlonlly all cara checked out. Presti
Hlbner reports a fin run this far with
no accidents. It It reported that th road
sr In good condition, with farmer along?
th rout working them for tour. Big truck,
of Andrew Murphy and son In good ahape,'
making fin run on schedule time. There
is very llltl troubl among th car. First
oar to leave at 11, noon. Car with tb
lady crew cam through with flying aolora.
Th car driven by Fum Smith, a 6hnaa
doah boy, I without penalty. Th oonfattl
oar came through her at 8:10 this morn
ing, making th run In threo boar and
fifteen minutes.
Pairings ia Stat Toaals gwtDash
aael Gllmaa-Potter,
DE8 MOINES, la.. Aug. 24 -(Special
Telegram.) W. B. Oilman of Bloux City
defeated J. T. Bailey of Albion, Okla., this
morning In th state tennis tournament,
4-4, 10-8, 6-1, on th courts of th Country
club. In one of th most bitterly contested
matches ever seen In an Iowa tournament.
Cuthbert Potter of Omaha defeated !
teammate, Webster, also of Omaha, In th
third round match, -8. 8-0. Palling In
th seml-flnal will be Hweet vs. Dosh and
Oilman vs. Potter.
Detroit Hires Pitcher,
WINNIPKG, Aug. 24.--Davld Skeels,
the Indian pitcher of the Western Canada
league, 'Jumped" to the Detroit Americana
today. Detroit's option of 81,200 expired
August 15, but representatives from th
Detroit team persuaded Bkeel to go with
Woman Foand Not GnlHr, .
NKW ORLEANS, Aug. 24 With th un
written law as her plea, Mamie Mclaugh
lin, 18 years old, charged with tha murder
of Hugh Kmlth. today was decJsred not
guilty by a Jury today. r. . ,
ridding th. blood of th malarial poison .
It fin. tonio efl.otg. If you ar. suffering