Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 14, 1910, NEWS SECTION, Page 5, Image 5

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Wo ET. Sttoeckesv Democratic Candidate for Congress
Ideas on Conservation, by W. F. Stoecker, for Congress
As a democrat I am a conservationist, I have believed for years our great
resources like forest, minerals and public lands belonged to all of the people
and should be carefully conserved for the masses of this, and future gen
erations. As Is it, and has been going on, a few men 'have got possession of the
nation and have been exhausting, wasting and monopolizing such resources
for their own useless aggrandizement, until today the American people find
nearly every blessing God has given to the masses Is the bands of a few.
and now when the people everywhere are aroused Xo this fact, these multi
- millionaires start the cry of conservation and talk eloquently of saving such
resources, when nearly all of our coal, iron and other metal mines are In
the hands of a few.
When our forests, lakes of oil in the earth, and all other valuable gifts
of Ood are gone, now the cry of conservation is made.
This was a fundamental principle of Jefferson and all subsequent dem
, ocracy that such resourtra should carefully be reserved, but extravagance,
waste and slaughter to make money kings, has been going on for forty years,
gnder the republican policies.
The last congress spent over a billion of dollars and today the American
people pay an average federal tax to support the government of $13.60 per
head or $67.50 per family for the average number of five.
One half of this vast sum should support In a liberal way our govern
ment. 1
Even Senator Aldrlch, a republican, openly stated In the United States
Senate that at least we were using over $300,000,000 too much money per
year; this would leave nearly four dollars per capita in the pockets of the
people if not collected and so criminally squandered. I am for economy In
all directions along careful conservative lines. I am for the preserving of
. our resources. I am a practical conservationist In earnest. I ask the people
of this District to carefully consider the issue and to remember we are drift
ing along a dangerous shore.
Republicans are inconsistent In their pretended conservation talk, they
hold such congresses to blind the people, while at Washington they squander
the cash which has been extorted from a suffering people, today in times of
peace, seventy-four cents of every dollar paid to 'the government goes to sup
port the preparation- of, and machinery for war.
1 Above words are Congressman Tawney's,
Congressman Tawney of Minnesota, chairman of the committee of
appropriations, says himself this will bankrupt the nation If persisted In,
yet each year it goes on and even Increases.
' - ' " Americans, we must call a halt, and It can be done by a change being
made, and now, in congress, and in two years more a true, tried and trusted
Democratic President of Jeffersonlan simplicity and wisdom.
I am for true conservation in the Interest of all, not a few.
Hon. W. F. Stoecker, Democratic Candidate for Congress
Is a self made man who has been successful in his business and has
come up from the mechanic's bench.
He knows of the trials, tribulations and struggles of the toller, he Is
not a man who can be called a politician In the sense as this term Is so
often used.
There are good and bad politicians and these we must have In a repub
lican form of government, but the man who Is a politician because his heart
yearns to do good for his fellow man and aspires for place and power, In '
order to gratify this most laudable ambition, must be classed among the
benefactors of mankind but no condemnation can be too severe upon the
man who aspires to politics to simply get power to combine with corporations
to rob his fellow man.
, Thus -the constltuancy should not class all men alike In politics any
more. than in any other pursuit In life.
Mr. Stoecker has traveled, read and thought over the pending problems
before the American people and aspires, as a crowning effort ot a well spent
life, to go to Congress, to help check the Inroads of cruel monopoly, greed
and avarice upon the liberties of the people.
Mr. Stoecker is not a man of theory, but practical, true, tried and ot
firm convictions.
Another reason which makes him a strong candidate is that he Is neither
a banker or a lawyer with no disparagement towards either profession, yet
It is a most notorius fact that these two classes have for years monopolized
congress, and if trusts and monopolies are In control they who make our
laws are responsible.
In a Congress ot 366 members we find 189 attorneys and 126 bankera.
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leaving S5 to represent fanners, mechanics, business men and laboring
people. "
Is It not time we consider this Important fact?
When an attorney goes to congress If he is a bright man he Is at once
located by corporations and retained for their Interest and thus his useful
ness to his people Is over.
Fellow Citlsens, to avoid such see to it that you go to the primaries
August 16th and vote for W. P. Stoecker for Congress.
Remember, all other Issues sink Into Insignificance as compared to the
Issues before the National Congress.
. The life of this Republic Is trembling in the balance and mighty Issues
are Involved before Congress and upon the proper solution depends the lite
and perpetuity of this republic.
Please read and reflect and remember the primaries August 16th and
W. P. Stoecker.
. " "A friend of man. the Irlend ot truth.
I The friend of age and the guide of youth."
; Respectfully yours, Personal Admirer ot Mr. Stoker.
A Few Reflections on the Tariff; Cost of Living, and Wages
of the Workers
I have been considering the claims of high tariff advocates and find all
such fall to the ground when carefully examined, the first claim tor a tariff
beyond a revenue basis was to protect our infant industries, and surely we
no longer have any such; every Industry In our land Is a giant and should
look with shame upon a protective tariff so high that It only creates mo
nopolies and trusts.
The monopolies that have control know that the tariff enables them
,o exploit the American people and to sell many articles cheaper abroad than
ut home and to Influence the cheap labor ot all lands to come here free in
competition with labor In this country. - - -
'Economy In high places Is despised and Justice side tracked, the Income
tax declared unconstitutional, all in order to retain the high tariff as a neces
sity to support government. . ,
A high tariff drove England to the Verge of revolution In 1841 and Blr
Robert Peel, a life long advocate ot protection, reversed his efforts at' once
when the crisis was on and he Joined such men as John Bright, Sir Charles
Bradiaugh and Cobden In the fight to repeal the tariff, and In 1849 tne cruel
navigation laws, and from that moment England began to prosper, revolu
tion was evaded and she became the roaster ot the sea and today her Imports
and exports are over four thousand millions ot dollars each year, and aha
la also the master of the world's finances.
In the United States we produce eleven-twelfths of the world's cotton,
many of our mills are In the south near the fields where the cotton is grown
and yet in 1909 England came here and bought 60 per cent of our cotton,
took It to her mills J, 000 miles away, manufactured it into cloth, and after
supplying her own people sold $900,000,000 worth abroad.
Philllplnes, which we own and support, England beat us in cotton sales.
Oar mills have been idle at times, while In England they were busy.
It will not do to claim wages are the reason she beat us in this busi
ness, for a careful comparison shows that per day wages In this country are
a little higher In cotton mills. "1
Yet facts show the cost per yard hers for. labor Is less than in England,
because of the greater genius and dexterity of labor and greater amounts
ot yards produced per hand employed. '".-"
The question of wages as used is' deceiving. It Is the resulU per day
that tells. -'.
It is well known that American labor In nearly all lines is nearly twice
as productive as any labor in Europe and thus the constant prating about
the labor protection is a false cry. !
The only benefits for twenty-five years, from the high tariff has been
to create millions and higher cost of living In this country wages of fifteen
years going up from ten to fifteen per cent while the cost of living has gone
up from fifty to sixty per cent
Workers, wake up, think and use your ; own Judgment. If you wish
to continue such policies keep on voting the ticket which is responsible tor
conditions if dissatisfied, change It.
It you had a physician to attend yon when sick and yon kept growing
worse and he kept calling and aaylng you was getting more dangerous, but
take the same medicine and days passed and he, the same Doctor, kept up
his calls with the same treatment, what would you doT
Why. naturally, change doctors and medicine. Bo with the people we
propose to make a change. j .
And will help to elect to Congress, W. F. Stoecker.
W. Fo STOEGKEJR, Democratic Candidate for ongress
Tuesday, August 16th, from 8 A. M. to 9 R M. Paste this ticket in your hat Z Then Vote It
The importance of a good delegation to the Legislature from Douglas County, cannot be over-estimated. The integrity and business
interests of Omaha are of more consequence than machine politics and minor issues. Y
We favor the enactment of laws that mean good government and progressive methods in the conduct of affairs in Nebraska, We
therefore recommend to the Voters the following candidates for the legislature.-
State Senators
State Representatives
J. C. Robinson
President J. 0. Robinson Seed. Co., Waterloo.
Roosevelt Presidents! Elector.
v 25 Years in Douglas. County. .
Frank A. Snot Well
Lawyer. "
Graduate Ohio State University
Formerly Assistant County Attorney.-
Fred D. Wcad
Real Estate
President Real Estate Exchange
Owner Weed Block
25 Years in Douglas County
This ticket stands for good government and a square deal.
It is unpledged, unfettered and a free agent for Douglas
It has no favors to ask or grant, save those demanded, of
right, by the people.
It stands for Home Rule and a way to get it.
It tands for Labor and Capital and a fair distribution of the
burdens of taxation.
John A. Dempster
; Insurance
Civil War Veteran
39 Years in Nebraska and ! Omaha '
4 Years in Legislature
Henry H. Gcnau
German American
Spanish War Veteran
Educated University of Nebraska,
28 Years in Nebraska and Omaha.
Byron R. HEostinos
Real Estate
President Hastings & Heyden.
14 Years With Byron Reed Co.
21 Years in Omaha.
W. R. Homan
Real Estate
Formerly Member Board of Education
30 Years in Omaha.
J. W. Schopp
v Lawyer
German American
Treasurer Omaha Musical Association
Graduate of Creightoh College
Literary and Law Department.
Ralph T. Van Ness
Switch Tender. ...
Born in Omaha and Resided Here Continuously.
Herman G. Bbcsche
Lawyer. .
IVf. O. Cunningham
Graduate University of Nebraska.
It is against bossism and one man power but welcomes advice
and suggestions from the masses.
Ex-President Roosevelt says no potent device can secure good government. Good men in office means good government.
David Cole,
Charles C. Blden,
Crelgh, Sfns & Company,
F. J. Adams,
i J. E. George,
8. M. Sadler,
1. O. Detweller,
Lloyd D. Willis,
John W. Robblns.
Benson & Carmlchael,
D. C. Bryant,
George G. Wallace,
Albert Edholm,
H. C. Judson,
M. F. GroBsman,
J. A. Sunderland,
Qeorge M. Ribbel,
F. J. Beard,
A. C. Burk,
H. K. Burkett,
B. E. McCague,
C. B. Brown,
0. M. Nattlnger,
Allen P. Ely,
Geo. E. Turklngton,
Lathan Davis,
J. II. Dumont,
F. B. Dale.
W. G. Ure.
State Senators
State Representatives
In l
ittor Wmnm