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Morning" Scenes at the Market
iriM,;--?. - ' - Mmr O
--HEELS of business start
Wtlons extremely early In the day. The
restless sleeper who thinks that 'the
early and rest disturbing wheels of
the 'milk wagon represent, the' earliest
of these revolutions, the beginning of the working
day, deceives himself. He-has. only to display the
most difficult of heroism, the sacrifice of the last'
morning snooze, and Journey out Into the early, early
morning to learn that while ,one part of town sleeps
another part Is up and doing, preparing, for the
creature comfort of the Bleeping fellow clt-1-zens.
It is conspicuously true that the earliest activity
1b aroused by the need of feeding the world. Witness
the milk wagon, universally synonomous with "early
morning." These earlier workers, too, have to do
wit hthe important business of feeding the city. They,
too, call up a mental picture of the country house in
which the flickering light of candle -'or lamp tells
that some one is up and about and preparing for the
trip "to town" to take In the produce for the suste
nance of the city folk. And again, even before the
travelers, themselves, are up and making ready for
their trip, some one else In the household has been
busy preparing for them the meal that precedes the
trip. So again it Is the one who feeds the household
who Is first about.
It would not be safe because possibly It Is not en
tirely true to say that the earliest of the city places
to show signs of activity was the market place, but
certainly It is true to say that this Is one of the most
, Interesting of the city's early .morning hubs and quite
picturesque to warrant a Herculean effort and an
early morning trip down.
Possibly you did not know thaat Omaha has a mar
ket place? . '
By the way, If you have not arisen with the definite
purpose of visiting and seeing the market, it would
perhaps be as well to feign ignorance of the ways
In which the market supply is brought to the city.
Information that you have seen the farm wagons
coming In with their load of early morning stuff can
not often be explained away with the plea:
"Oh, I was on my way to an early morning train."
It, Instead, makes one liable to the suspicion of a
feetlvity prolonged beyond the conventional and
proper hour.
Neither will the excuse ttiat you were restless and
heard the wagons of the country folk passing on their
way down town satisfy the inquisitor who likes
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Tl: wonder, was tbat he hud not mndc
SIlbtrbei'K and Shsyne walk the plank,
aubdiicd Mhe civw, lul Aunt Marie off at
ome uafe place nd flown n tho captured
and perverted Hoc to Bomo" verdurous, lan
guorous, kensuoui tropical Iwland, there
Mlsa Suarei awoke from a nap arid va
glad to assure herself ihnt the ecstasy with
wblch ah had contemplated the com
innndeerlnct of the Roe and herself by the
young: bandit, was onu of those Inversions
of feeling to which, In dreams, we are so
prune. 8h rose, preened like a bird before
the mirror, ""and sat down to think. Tho
voices of her uncle and aunt and Mr. Sil
beiberg cumo to her ears from the. main
aalon. Opening her window for nlr, sho
noted that the roar of the wind from the
ea:th had oeasrd. and knew that they had
reached the calm area, of which YVtllett
had spoken, In the middle of the "low."
They would probably have ait easy landing
In t'h'.cuso. And tlienT
One thine w:t!i eertain; she would not
live lonjrer with the Shayne. They were
too sordid, too hard, too ci nel. They looked
iil'ou her too 'lunch as an animal to be
sold. They had Insulted. some one. Thv
had Insulted her by ai-ting as if tlia could
, cue any thins for the yountf fellow who
had saved her. And she woul( -not stay
w l(h them any longer!.
These words she emphasized by i liylhm
tcslly clenching and opening hr hands,
the was qui to fiercely resolved. She would
leave them aid teach school or paint
miniatures or something.
Oh! If she only ,had Junt one relative In
tho world save Aunt Marie!
Stay! The thought struck her of her
, V
if V
im i in in mi fcii .urn i Jl -'
their revolu-
to tease.
Furthermore, these
incoming wagons of
.fresli" garaen stuff ave
but a part of the Inter
est of Omaha's market
place, for she has a
market place, and one
. most typical, too, inas
much as in it home
products, representing
the surrounding truck-
ster industry, and
importet,d products, ni resenting' the fruit and vege
table wealth of west, east and south, aro mingled
and offered to the bidding housewives' minions
the peddlers.
At this market it is not the consumer who inspects
and purchases from the array of foodstuffs, but it is
the wagon merchant who wishes to sell to madam,
who does the bargaining. .
This market place differs from the famed market
places of this country In that the display of goods is
different even as the' purpose of the market is differ
ent. In the wee small hours these country producers
who have arisen while it was yet night, come clatter
ing into the city,, their wagons filled with fresh and
dewy garden stuff. The commission men's men who
also have risen while dawn was still an anticipation
pass on the wagon load with quick and expert eye,
appraising and purchasing, .The country stuff is ar
ranged on the broad walk, which Is really the porch
of the commission house warehouse, in heaps and
baskets. The producer pockets his returns and lets -his
horses amble back to the day's work of gettfng
ready more foodstuff for. other market days.
To the array of garden stuff baskets of bright red
tomatoes; baskets of beans, , wax and green; baskets,
of 'green peas, mcunds of green corn , mounds of cab
bages, hills of potatoes and islands' of cucumbers
the commission people add walls of boxes. In these
boxes are the contributions of California, Texas, Colo-,
rado, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan and other states
to the breakfast, luncheon and dinner tables of
Omaha. Then the watermelons are rolled out . and
piled up among the baskets and the boxes and the
mounds of garden stuff and the market place is ready
for the hucksters.
These wagon merchants are not slow to arrive and
A New Airship Serial by
erbert Quick
- -.
of the
mother's father's people, somewhere In the
uotiih. Her mother had been disowned by
her family for a perversely contracted
man-lane; but they were southerners, and
they would not see an orphan girl of their
kin go hnmoleKs. Her grandfather was
Ions since dead; and Just w ho mlRht repre
sent the family now. she had no Idea; but
she woull nevertheless find out wKere they
lived, and go to them. Hhe would ask to
be cared for until she could find employ
ment. She would not humiliate herself vhy
staying with the Shaynes and the .Silber
bergs longer. She would leave Aunt Marie
a note of thanks for all her many klnd
nevses, take her really,' truly own belong
ings, and fly south. So there!
So resnlvlnsr, ehe became tqulte calm, and
-walked Into the main salon In a very matter-of-fact
way. Aunt Murle gave a hhrill
scream and fainted. Silbvrberg said that
he would be tormented. Mr. Shayno starel
blankly and reached automatically for his
w ife's smelling salts, wt Ich he applied, at
first, to the swollen nose of his guest.
"Well!" sal'd Virgnla, "do you think 1
in a ghost T'
' "Oh, child!" gasped Aunt Marie, "where
have you been with him?"
Virginia stood still, her eyes ablase. her
cbeeks burning. The Roc was coining Into
the ChicdKO garaue on the roof of the
Aerostatic Power building, in a most beau
tiful landing; but none of tho party knew
It. Sllherberg was sailing at th. enratfed
VlrginU in unbounded ' admiration her
splendid anger had won him back. Shuyne
spoke in foolish agrfrnent with his wife,
half believing for the moment that there
wa-s, something questionable In Virginia's
"With beggar!" sold he.
- -
mm nim- -. 'Jh'.i
-3. -
"A bandit!" said Aunt Marie, "an assas
rin!" "A befrgar!" repeated Virginia, in lofty
ecorn. "Why. even If he were one, in ra?
.and a hovel, he'd be worth a million like
you! An assassin! Why. he's the purest,
noblest man In the world! If he ever draws
a weapon. It's against a society that has
driven him out from It by its vlleneHf. A
bandit! And If he Is, what are you? You
rob by syndicate, assncslnate by general
managers and superintendents, and make
beggars by votes of shares! I loathe you,
and I 1 I admire him as much as I
loathe you. As between bandits like you
and bandits like him. give me the brave
man rather than the coward!"
Mrs. Shayne, restored, rose. Mood, and
was advancing upon Virginia-with reproof
In her mien, when Wlllett Interrupted the
rcene by announcing their nuccessful land
ing. They passed constrainedly into the
tower, went -down to the street, and to
Shayne's Chicago hotel in a motor car,"
all In silence. Vlrplnla bowed and retired.
Sllherberg shook hands solemnly with his
ho?t and hostess, as In the presence of an
affliction too gnat for words, and left
. In the mornln-r two letters were taken,
to the Shayne apartments one for Mr.
Shayne from Sllbert-erg. saying that "un
der all the circumstances'' he thought-It
better to leave them and go to New York,
whore his business really required his
prf sence.
The other was a short, tear-stained mis
sive of gratitude, penitence and farewell
from Virginia to her aunt.
"You have been as kind to me," It ran,
"as any woman can bo to a person h.
can not love. You have never loved me,
Aint Marie, and you will never see me
again. J blufh to be obliged by your 'ui
Jutv suspicions to say one thlmj more.
1 am not going to any one. You have mis
judged me terribly. I d'in't even know
where he Is. I Brail never know!"
And so It was. that while Carson stayed
on with Mr. Cralehead at the institute,
Virginia, with fluttoiim; heart but stead
fast purpose, fled southward to kiiiHnvn
whose very existence she was obliged to
at-i-urre. Younz Mr. Carson, a prisoner
of the perfect system of the Slstterv Insti
tute, had caused all this, and kivu noth
ing of It. So it has ever been sinc-.i knights
ye, and pages, too rode throuuh the land
and left trouble behind the casements from
which beamed ladles' eyes. Methanosa and
mechanical flight haven't made a particle
of difference.
Craighead and Carson walked tnrnuna
a atately peristyle, to a low building called
the laboratory, but ternnd by the natlt-nts
the "hot-towr." Theodoro was astonished
Place Show Quaint
1 1
1 . X .
soon the streets are filled with the wagons or the
peddlers. This is the scene which most visitors
catch: Lines of wagons backed "up to the sidewalks
which front the. group of commission houses at the
corner of Eleventh and Howard streets; sidewalks
banked with boxes, heaped with baskets and piled
with mounds of garden stuff; hordes of shirtsleeved
men gesticulating, chattering, pushing boxes here,
rolling melons there, loading baskets Into wagons, bar
gaining, buying, selling, it is an exceedingly busy
at the throng assembled for. the "shot"
treatment, of which he had as yet no con
ceptionmen of all sorts, anxiously watch
ing the clock, like school boys fear(tll of
being'tardy. They formed In two columns',
resting on two aisles, across the farther
ends of which stood two desks, exactly
alike. All slung their coats over their
right arms, disclosing silts in their shirts
at the left shoulder.
Craighead, with Carson and Bascom fol
lowing, sent back ripples of disorder almg
the line by offering bets as to whether
Carson fras himself or Wylle. Two young
men, easily classified as new-hatched phy
sicians, stationed themselves like sentinels
at the desks; the clock struck; there was
a Jostling at the rear caus d bv late comeis,
at which the serious young doctors frowned
fiercely; the lines moved forward; and the
men, as they passed the physicians, s-emed
to undergo some sort of operation, per
formed by means of glittering instruments,
of which 'Theodore caught glimpses like
Hi; htnjnt,' playing about those slittefl shirt
sleeves. Once beyond 'his ordeal the pa
tients threw on their -coats and passed on
to an imposing, smooth-shaven man to. the
left, who pave to each a handshake, and
something the sort of audience that the
populaco gets at a presidential reception
excepting tlmt the president is not In the
hulit of looking at the tongues of his
constituents, nor of feeling their pulses,
save In a way puroly figurative.
Theudor;- found himself in the human
current, and drifted with it. On closer view,
he saw that the doctors pricked, tho pa
tients with little, glittering weapons; hut
he reasoned that it could be nothing very
severe. More than any of the others, how
ever, Craighead seemed to shrink from It.
"Any locomotor ataxia germs on that
staaber?" he queried, "or cancer or any
of the extras of the curriculum?"
The doctor frowned as he rtaclied for a
"What did I tell you"" asked Craighead,
the physician received iirs inquiry with
professional (J om. "No more humor thin
a hearsc-di ivei s' union ouch'"
With this sincere protest auaimr". the
stab of the needle, Craighead passed 0:1,
und Carson took his place. The doctor
loi ked vcurrhingy In his face, s "emed
puzzled, and reached to another region of
the tray for a syringe.
"You should have rolled up your sleeve,
or cut It," said ho sternly. " Roll it up."
.Theodore rollfd up his sleeve, wh-reupin,
with an expertness quite startling, th-
man of medicine pinched up a bit of tho
brown flesh, shoved in the needle, pressed
down the piston; and Theodore was "fhot."
With a stinging in his arm, and wondering
as to why of It all though he knew by
14, 1010.
1 1
1 1
On The. Way Home
scene and In anN inc. edible short
have lost their cargo and the wagons have been filled
with their loads of edibles. .
Other purchasers venture into this market place.
Sometimes the housewives of little Italy, Greece or
some other of our Mediterranean citizens don their
headkerchiefs and vie, with the hucksters for the
choice fruits. If you are lucky and strike a day chosen
by these citizens of ours for their marketing you will
catch a glimpse of old worldism
this time that he had dropped out of the
nitrht sky Into full membership In a. drink
cure establishment he. passed on.
The imposing, smpoth-shaven man was
the great Doctor Wltherspoon. He met
each patient with a standardized smile,
clasped each hand with a grip of absolute
uniformity, and said: "Good morning. Mr.
Eascom" or whatever the name might he.
"And how Is the appetite this morning?
And the tongue, please. Pulse regular, I
observe. Have you had your constitutional
this moimlng? Improving nicely, Mr. Bas
com. Good nurnlng!" But he met Mr.
Craighead with a frown instead, of a smile.
"Please stand aside, Mr. Craighead," said
he; "1 wish to talk with you!"
"Tho bowstring, tho .scimitar, or the
Grand Vlzlership with the title of Emeritus
Superintendent of IopC O lllustrissimo?"
Inquired Craighead. "Or wasn't my Jogfry
done! right?" -I
Doctor Wltherspoon was holding out his
hand to Theodore, smiling, the standardlz-d
smile, somewhat hardened at the Craig
head Irreverence.
"Good morning. Mr. Mr. "
"A Mow me." said Craiphral suav?'y. "Let
me present Mr. Carson-Wylle of 'Yphen
Court,, 'Yde Park Terrace, I.on'on. The
bets ure even as to whether Mr. Curson
Wylle came in a day coach and a trance
last evening, or dropped from an airship
In the night and was treed by old Tlge.
whose honest hai k terrifies all who do rot
know that his is a case of vox, et praeterea
nihil. Mr. . Carson, Doctor Wltherspoon.
Tell the doctor the secrets of your ali
mentary canal, Mr. Wylle. Know each
Paraphrasing a Departmental Ditty, "Rd
and ever redder grew the doctor's shaven
gill," as he stood In horror and Indignation
coi templatiiig .this lost creature, so far
below the ordinary D. T. victim as to
stiipd and so brave hi ni, here in his hold,
hi!' vassals neap In the vry laboratory.
The patients stared In amazement. The
great doctor could scaicely credit hi own
Impression, he was so outraged and upset.
Yet, never for a moment did the Iron dis
cipline relax. The doctor looked at Mr.
O'Grady, who. llko a silent and substantial
ghi.ft. floated forward, wafted Mr. Cralit
head to an Inner door which closed behind
him as tho portals of the Inquisition might
shut In some doomed heretic.
"Good morning, Mr. Wylle," said tho
doctor, "and is the appetlf better? Put
out your pulse, please. Tongue very regular,
considering last night, My. Wylle. Don't
omit your exercise; and no more nights ill
the greenhouse. Mr. Wylle! Good morn
ing!" If any one noticed the transposition of
tongue and pulse In the ritual, nobody al-
Phase of
'' SI '
- ,
time the sidewalks have received
wit'h will quite re- and reluctantly
.lowed himself the luxury of a smile; and
the routine of the great drink cure went
on. Carson departed, now fully resolved
to escape.
He went with Mr. Evans for a long walk
through the country town. Mr. Evans'
pleadings had made him reluctant to run
away he saw the Evans family dying one
by one of Inanition If he did but he must
get away. He might appeal to Doctor
Wltherspoon; but he felt that the uncon
vincing story of his arrival must be re
ceived with Incredulity by that great man's
thoroughly practical mind. The departure
of Carson would throw the books out of
balance. A credit Item of one man was
demanded. Theodore supplied the man. The
accounting department would refuse to
adopt the incredible notion that he was
Carson, who had dropped from the clouds,
thus forcing the corollary that Wylle had
vanished Into thin air.
He allowed these things so to depress
his spirits that he was glad of the arrival
that evening of Mr. Craighead, from whoso
excited manner Theodore sumlsed that
something unusual might have happened.
"You." said he, "are a Jjitinlst, Mr.
"Not a very profound one." replied Car
son. "We engineers rre stronger In the
modern languages, you know."
"A mistake," replied Craighead. "I've
made a' specialty of the educational value
of the dead ones. Sort of sympathy with
'tin, you know. Maybe you can give mo
the passive form of the Latin verb possum,
however? Ponsi.T.1. moiiiilng 'can.' "
"Possum," repeated Car'on. "Why, It
hasn't any passive."
"It hn'n't?" grOaned Craltftcud. "Stung
aguln! Hut I must htve th passive of
Possum foi the motto of my armorial crest.
"Possum'' 'can,' passive' 'to he canned'
my lilghcM. achievement. Knlr youth, look
upon me!"
Obeying, C'rson noted thnl he still wore
the evening waistcoat, the colored shirt,
the frock coat, and the clucked troustrs
and that he had thrown himself Into a
despairing altitude with his firgers c utched
In his hair.
"In The." he went on, "you see the world's
most symmetrical character. To but one
vocation have I e'er been true tinware!
To that am I ever attached. Kired from
the kindergarten, for what? For becoming
liored by basketry and piling straws, and
heading a revolt. I never finished aught,
save matters belter never undertake". I
was six months shy. to coin a word, of
graduation at the village high school. At
the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute
was I expunged from my maligna mater.
The diplomas to which I am almost entitled
would paper this room. I thought expulsion
City Life
some or Tea
A'-. -
1 .
ward you for the loss of sleep the trl
to the market entailed. Watermelons
are carried as the Bible women carried
their pitchers of water, balanced on
the head. Arms are filled with husk
sheathed ears of corn, the green salad
treasure or bright-colored carrots via
with tomatoes for the favor by reason
of their color.
Sometimes a hill housewife with
preserving or canning ambition per
suades her accommodating husband to
neglect hia morning paper and Journey
to the real source of the city's vegeta
ble supply. You. then have a com
plete picture of the contrasting ways
of different nations the laconic, Im
perturbable salesmen, the chattering
hucksters, the anxious housewives and
the bewildered, embarrassed, obliging
But, to return to the real bu?4(?8
o fthe market place, when the wiona
their load of wares , and the drivers
have settled their accounts with the purveyors, the
procession starts for the uptown residence districts.
It Isn't a procession Tor long, for each man has his
own particular route. Then up among the homes
rises the well known call:
" "Ve-ge-ta-a-a-bles, nice, fresh ve-g-ta-a-bles."
The sleeper turns and looks at his watch, smells
the fragrant aroma of the breakfast coffee, yawns
makes ready to begin bis day's work.
from Rat Mort the limit; but now,
I am
canned hence because
e because I am corrupting tha
the Inebriates! Is it not! the
crown, the apex of lnfamjr, tha A
if the spectrum of disgrace? I
morals of the
height, the c
ultra rays or the spectrum of dlsg
sympathize with Mr. Tomllnson of Berkeley
Square. I see In his post-mortem career a
prophecy of mine own! But, old sport, what
a wonderfully and unsurpatsably complete
structure it makes of my character!"
"It Is too bad" began Carson.
"Too bad?". Interrupted Craighead. "Ow,
down't put it that strong, owld chap! But
It Is pronouncedly unpleasant, down't y
kneow." And then with tragio Intensity h
concluded: "In the world's fields of high
est endeavor, many are called, but few ars
chosen. My unique claim to distinction,
sir, Is In this, that, whatsoever ta-ran-ta-ra
the bugles blow, I, Craighead, remain tha
Great Uncalled! Me for the blind baggaga
and the lomuto-ciui hat Happy Hooligan
Craighead, minus the happiness. Begone
dull fun! Tears, happy tears! And eke, O
ye tears! Great Jumping genuflcxlonlata,
what a world!"
"But?" ventured Theodore, In a sincere
desire to comfort his friend, "you've had
the treatment, you know!"
"True. Ellphgx-Zophai ray, I will dub
thee Kliliu, for you have not been cured
of your right to call yourself a Uoozlte or
Gillie still true. I have had the treatment;
its dish-water Is In my veins. Its dope in
my assimilative system. The Witherspoonjr
truths, so well adapted to tho second reader
grade, miiRt remain In whatever vermiform
appendix the volume of my brain provides I
for the retention ejf platitudinous ponder
osity. I shall lose my sense of humor. I
shall become bourgeois, un-llohemlanlzod.
Philistine, crass. I must go forth and rob
folks like any other good citizen. Would
that the chance might present Itself ere I .
depart for home. By Gwrje! That remlnda'
me I have no home!" '
This was delivered In exactlv the tone
III which one might announce t(ie leavin
i.ei.inu 01 a handkerchief or cigar ca
vjiine at a loss wnat to say, Carson sal
nothing; Craighead, meanwhile, smiling as
If at a-new and amusing thought. Into this
silt nee entered Mr, O Grady. Mr. Evans and
a slender person of about Carson's sUe,
who at once begun the courting of Imagin
ary game on the wall paper, slapping hi
thigh und laughing at every failure.
"This," said Mr. O'Grady, Introducing tha
n-.ooor nuntsman, "Is Mr. Wylii
ie, MtVjU
My worst fears confirmed
Cialght-ad. "The one man ever loved
turns out to be oh, ye gods! both a teller
of truth and a victim of regular hitkltal
Tho last straw, and no Julep!"
(To Be Continued,)