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Stockmen Plan Big Delegation to
Frontier Day at Cheyenne.
Attorney! for Democrat in Primary
Injunction Beiort to Technicality.
tawyrrt lor Stat ftonamltt itt
Mr. RomwiIm S Not Iatretea
Klaaaotallr, Ileae taa Caa
koala fall.
Firemen's Tourney
Stolen Horse and
Buggy Recovered
Big Taken by Automobile Thief Near
Stella it Found netr Horton,
Begins at York
Tommy Breaaabaa ' aaa Ml Mary
Large Crowd Wltnenei Competition
Meehaa Married at St. Mary'
Charrh -Two Batebere Cat
Ksek Other.
Number of State Teams En
tering Bacei.
Krom m Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., July 27.-(8pcla!.) Th
application of Victor Ros-waler, republican
national committeeman, for an Injunction
to prevent the aecretary of atate from
certifying , out to the county clerks the
names of democratic and populist candi
date for office who flied double, and pre
sented only one receipt showing that only
one filing fee was paid was heard before
Xtstrlct Judge Frvat this afternoon. The
democratic committee was represented by
former Supreme Judge John J. Sullivan,
democrat, and T. J. Doyle, . a democrat
representing IXck Metcalfe, appeared with
Assistant Attorney General Ayres. Mr,
Kosewater was represented by John O.
Yelser. Thomas M. C. B. Birmingham,
who la trying to get hia name on four bal
lot as a candidate for United States
senator, appeared In his own behalf and
made a stump speech.
The attorneys representing Mr. Junkln
practically admitted that the law required
two filing fees In cases of double filing, so
they based their objection to the Injunction
on the ground that Mr. Hosewater was not
the proper party to Institute the suit, as
he wss not financially Interested. Judge
Frost has taken the case under advisement,
Isaac Paakharst Killed.
Is3 Pankhurst, aged 19 years, residing
at Belmont, was Instantly killed by the
explosion of a traction engine Wednesday
morning. The traction engine, which be
longed to Nick Kramer, waa working on
the farm of Mayor Love, five miles north
of the city on First street. The top of
the young man's head was blown off.
The explosion occurred at 11:30 on Wed
nesday morning. Pankhurst waa working
on the engine. Death was Instantaneous,
Kramer, the owner of the machine, was
Injured, the side of his face being scored
with thousands of little outs. Harry Ras
mussen, employed by the threshing gang
and on the separator 100 feet away, waa
thrown to the ground and severely bruised,
The stacks of grain were destroyed by
fire and the separator Itself was partially
Little Is known about the cause of the
accident. Both ends cf the engine blew
out at once, showing that it was probably
not due to defective boiler heads, but to ex
cessive steam pressure, lack" of water or
some other cause:' . .'
YORK, Neb.. July 17. (Special Telegram.)
The State Firemen's tournament opened
her yesterday with a large attendance of
companies and spectators from over the
atate. Nine nor teama took part In the
program today and two hook and ladder
companies. Tork had prepared the track
and grandstand to the satisfaction of ev
eryone and the proceedings were conducted
without a particle of friction.
The town Is gayly decorated, more than
t.000 pennants and streamers being dis
played from the public and business build
ings of the city.
In the parade this morning Btromsburg
won the Ito-banner for the largest delega
tion of visiting firemen. Lexington won the
120-trumpet for the best uniformed com
When class A of the ttO-yard, straight
away hose raoe waa called there was anx
iety between the friend of the old time
rival, York and Fremont In this event
there were four entries aa follows: Friend,
Seward, North Bend and York. The result
waa aa follow: Tork first, time, 0:S0; North
Bend second. 0:W; Seward third, ;;
Friend foarth, 1:1117.
In class B Sargent was first In 0:3J
Clarks second, 0:13; Fremont third, 0 U.
In the hook and Udder event Exeter won
over Fairmont, time, :K and 0;7V4, respec
tively. The firemen's race waa won by North
Bend, which city on the whole, carried off
the honor of the first day for all the fact
that York won the hose contest In class A.
STELLA, Neb.', July 27.-(8peclal Tele
gramsWilliam F. Stoltx, accompanied by
John Tolly, waa called to Horton, Kan., this
morning to Identify the horse and buggy
stolen from him Monday night by the thief
who made his escape Monday afternoon,
when found In. the McOlnnls corn field with
the Wheeler automobile he had stolon Inst
Thursday night All day yesterday Sheriff
Fenton was hot on the trail and found the
horse and buggy late In the evening on the
road between Powhattan and Horton, In
Brown county, Kan. The thief made his
escape in a corn field, which was guarded
at night and today the pursuit was to be
kept up. n
The horse was a big bay, but Identlfl
cation of the rig was from a big milk can
tied to the back of the buggy, the thief
having taken the ean filled with milk from
the Stolli farm. A word was telephoned
far and wide theVjnllk can waa mentioned
and so as the rig pased through Brown
oounty, passers-by noticed the outfit and In
this way the sheriff was able to keep on
the trail.
Droatti I Working; lerloa Iajary to
Cera , Croa.'
STELLA, Neb., July X7.-(8peclal.) Rain
Is seriously needed In southeastern Ne
braska and the corn Is suffering. On good
ground the corn is holding its own fairly
well, but on the poorer land much of the
corn is practically ruined.
Experienced farmers today conervatlvely
estimated that if there Is a rain within a
day or two there will be at least a half
crop or perhaps a trifle better than half
a crop. The heat today is intense with
no clouds, and this afternoon the thermom
eter registers 107.
If the heat continues until the last of the
week withount rain the corn crop here will
be a total failure. The uaat good soaking
rain was June S, and no more until July 3,
when there was a good three-hour'
shower, since which time the rainfall has
only been a very light shower or mere
s " '
Mother Trie, to Have i. Hint frona
'. Wheat Bin, and Is Nearly
s Drawn la Herself.
"tECUMSEH, Neb.. July " 87 . (8peclal
Telegram.) The 13-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. IX Morrow, as well as the -lad's
mother, came near' being killed at Miners
vllle, a atatlon on the Burlington not far
from Brownsville. The boy was playing In
a bin of wheat at the elevator as the wheat
was, being loaded -into-a- car v H.-e
caught In the suction of .' the ' escaping
grain and drawn under it. His mother. In
an: attempt to save him, also got In the
wheat and had she not caught hold of a
rod running across the bin would have
been drawn under. The mother was soon
released from her position, but the boy
was under the wheat for aeveral minutes.
being released finally by one of the work
men grabbing an axe and chopping a hole
In the bin, allowing the grain to run out
-upon th ground until the boy's body be
came uncovered. It is thought the boy will
recover, though he had a rough experience
and certainly is close rail for his life.
Car Driven ay Sam Anstlne Strikes
Bnara-r nad Serloasly lajares Boy.
8EWARD, Neb., July 27.-(Speclal.)-An
automobile driven by Sam Anstlne ran into
buggy occupied by Mrs. Henry Schroeder
and a young eon of Milton Sampson at
Goehner oorner Tuesday night All were
thrown out and the vehicle was wrecked.
The Sampson boy, who ' Is about 12
years old,, had one arm broken and a fin
ger badly cut and bruised, but Mrs. Schroe
der .escaped Injury.- The boy was taken to
the fofepital, wheresucgicar aid was ren
dered. Mr. Anstlne ' will appear , before
Judge Oladwish to answer the charge of
driving hi auto at a greater speed than
allowed by law. , ' ,
Meeker Takea with
While la Svrlmmlnar,
BROKEN BOW, Neb., July 27. (Special.)
-Late yesterday afternoon, Ouy Meeker,
aged 19 years, lost his life while bathing
In a swimming pool , on J. O. Taylor's
farm, eight miles east of here. Meeker was
considered somewhat of an athlete and had
given severs! exhibitions, so when he went
Into the watir with life preservers on, his
companions commenced bantering and mak
ing fun of him in a good natural, way. He
thereupon ' took the life preservers off, and
had hardly entered the water the second
time when he was seised with cramps and
disappeared beneath the surface. When Dr,
Talbot ft this place, arrived at the scene
In snswer to a hasty summons by 'phone,
the body had not been recovered, and
was some time later before It was loaated
t.zi brs'JSbi to shore. Life by that time
was extinct. I. E. Cole left hero oday
to take charge of tho body and make fun
eral arrangements. Inttimont will bo mad
at Lee's Park, near where the boy to
aided. Meeker belonged to the Modern
Woodmen,- at Berwyn, and wa insured In
that order for $1,000.
Family of A ant I a lias arrow
, Karape from Death.
' BROKEN HOW, July 27. (Special.) The
home of Austin Loyd. a farmer living ten
miles north of Broken Bow. was com
pletely destroyed by fire, the family barely
escaping with their live. The fire occurred
In the early morning and Mr. Loyd wa
awakened by the smoke and flame rush
Ing Into hi aleeplng room; he then dl
covered that the whole Interior of th
house wa ablaa. HI wife and children
had awakened In the meantime and a dasl
wa mad for the open. Nothing was
saved In the way of personal goods, and
th Insurance on the dwelling and furniture
is small. It Is thought the fire originated
with a can of disinfectant, which bad been
placed on the stove In the kitchen over
night. Ther had probably been fir In
the tove, and during the night the In
gredient of the decoction gradually
heated until an explosion was the result.
This Is the second farm house destroyed by
fir within a week.
Poeketploker Basy.
BEATRICE, Neb., July 27. (Special Tele
gram.) Charles Sperman of Sioux City and
Ed Bowman of Leon, la., following the
Barnum St Bailey circus which appeared
her today, were arrested and lodged In
Jail on the charge of picking pocket. They
secured about ICO from two farmers.
Dlstret Caart at Nebraska Cttr.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., July 37. (Spe
cial.) Judge H. V. , Travla wa here and
held a brief aesslon of the district court
and adjourned the same until September
38. He refused a newtrial In the case. of
Weasel against Ha vena, ordered D. O.
Dwyer of Plattsmouth, as referee, to take
tho testimony In the case of Houston
against Mayor Jackson and the city coun-
cilmen. This Is a case affecting the fran
chise of the water and light company,
which was granted at a special election
some months since. , He also orders that
each of the litigants pay the money to the
clerk to cover all costs.
Nebraska Nam Note.
NEBRASKA CITY-Fred Welch, while
operating a planing machine came near
losing his hand, because one of the heavy
bits became loose and caught hia right hand
and nearly severed Ik
BEATRJCE Mrs. Charles Taylor died
here last night after a brief Illness of heart
trouble. She waa born at Ashland, Neb.,
and wa 33 years of age. She -leaves her
husband and five children.
I BEATRICE Mrs. Sarah Hoyle, an old
resiaeni oi neat rice, a tea in a nonpuai
Monday night at Omaha, where she had
been receiving treatment She was 78 years
of age and leaves a family of seven chil
dren. The body was interred her yester
day. NEBRASKA CITY-Mrs. Charles Bulger,
was called to Bradyville, la., by her
daughter, Mrs. Pearl Holdbrook, attempt
ing suicide by shooting herself in the left
breast. The young woman will recover.
She wanted to come home for a visit and
her hUBband objected. She then tried to
take her own life.
BEATRICE At the regular meeting of
the city council Tuesday evening the an-
I nual expense bill of $W,000 waa adopted.
The contract lor curbing and guttering
sewer districts Nos. 1 and 3 wns let to
Relmer A Kauffman of Lincoln. A com
munication from eight restaurant men,
wanting to abolish luuch wagons on the
streets, waa read and placed on file. The
restaurant men say they are paying high
rents and taxes while the lunch wagons
only pay a small license. . ,
NEBRASKA CITY The marriage of Roy
J. Anderson of Waterloo, la., and Miss
Laura Kuhlman of this city at Council
Bluffs, la., waa not only a surprise to their
friends, but the young lady's parents. The
bride, who Is one of the leading society
young women of this city and one of the
most prominent musicians of this section,
telephoned her parents yesterday what she
had done and asked their forgiveness.
The young ' people will make their future
borne at Anamosa, la., where the young
man la In business,
NEBRASKA CITY A colored man who
waa working In the rock quarry at Xe
hawka, went down to Union, with hia beat
Sunday clothes on, where he met another
colored man and a whit man. They In
vited him down Into the railroad yarda to
get a drink. He went and while down there
they gagged and took all of his clothing
from him, leaving him tied and( gagged
near in raiirutm wkcks, wiiere lie wa
found by a number of the train crew who
were working there. He was as free from
clothing as th day he was Horn. He was
given a pair of overalls and a shirt. The
officers are looking for th men who took
his clothes and money.
Dakota Tennis
Players Draw
Orlanell Girl Win Honors.
GRINNEL, la., July 37. (Special.) A
cablegram from Mlsa Jessie Christian In
Paris to her parents, Mr. and Mr. Oeorge M.
Christian of thla city, telle them that ahe
ha been appointed to the posllon of first
soprano In the grand opera of Bordeaux,
France, for the coming season. Bordeaux
Is a city of 200,000, and the appointment
carries a good salary in addition to the ex
ceptional honor Miss Christian haa excep
tional natural endowments In muslo and has
spent the psst three years In perfecting
herself In that line In Parts.
Team Killed by Lightning.
BROKEN BOW, July 37. (Special) A
bolt of lightning yasterday afternoon ln-
aianiiy killed a valuable tesm of horses
belonging to Jerome Taylor, six mile south
of here, and nearly, killed Myron Taylor,
a son. The young man was' rendered un
conscious for several minutes. A storm
clt ud had made its appearance and Myron
was unhitching the team preparatory to
going to the house when th bolt struck,
The narrow escape of young Taylor Is more apparent by the fact of his
being actually In touch with on of the
horse at, the time of the accident.
I'rro Methodist DrdH'ate.
PERU, Neb., July 27. (Spidal.)-Th new
Methodist church, a structure which, with
th sit, cost 1 19, 000, was dedicated here
rslerday. Dr. W. IX Parr of Kokomo,
Ind.. and Chanrellor Bradford of Kpworth
university In Oklahoma, wei present to
assist.' It ws neevssary to raise th.l'iO to
finish paying for the church and buy th
property Just north of the building to com
plete th grounds. H.fore the ging ceased
In the evening. - I10.0U9 had been raised,
which, aftr taking car of the debt and
allowing for etirlnkJt and interest, left
si am . start toward i pipe organ. This
fin new horn of tho Methodist emigree
tlou provide ample room for the lain
Kundir school. nd a sesling capacity for
church service of ovr 700. and I on of
tii flnt church In thla part of th tate.
Ponra Boy Areldeatally Shot.
PONCA. Neb., July 37. Olenn Putnam,
13-year-old son of Horac Putnam, flv
miles south of Ponca, accidentally ahot
himself Tuesday about noon. Th boy
found an old cartridge and get th old gun
that wa broken and when the cartridge
wa placed In prematurely exploded. Th
ball penetrated th right aid of th head
close to th and took out th right eye
clean and th left y wa thrown out on
hi cheek. Whcti-.Dr. Young arrived h
said th boy must have died Instantly.
Coaae Farmer Shoots Himself.
ABERDEEN. 8. D., July 37.-Speclal.)
Th body of Fred Welshlmer, a young far
mar near Conde. waa found out of door
with a bullet hole through hi brain. No
cause for the suicide Is known, except that
Welshlmer had been working very hard
In the hot sun the day before, and may
hav twtn mentally deranged.
Illrl I'seuaaclaaa Whole Day.
ABERDEEN, 8. D.. July 37. tSpecial.)
Gladys Eddy, tho U-year-old daughter of
W. V. Eddy, a Lemmon lawyer, formerly
-ounty superintendent of the Brown county
schools, waa thrown from a buggy, sua
talnlng Injuries which left her unconscioui
for twenty-four hours. She will recover,
Sing-lei Brought Up to Semi-Finals
in Annual Tournament at Sioux
SIOUX FALLS. S. D., July 37. (Special
Telegram.) Th afternoon play at th an
nual tournament of the South' Dakota Ten
nis association, now being held on the
grounds of the Sioux Fall association, aaw
the singles brought up to the semi-finals.
in th drawing for position In the doubles,
th following were matched against each
other for the preliminaries:
Macksy a-nd Burnette of Madison versus
Barton and Phillips of Sioux Falls.
Boa I Ion and Cone of Mltcnell v.rmia Ad
kins and Chrlstenson of Oldham.
Anderson and buikholder oi rtioux Falls
versus smith and Smith of Mitchell.
van me ana .Mciimght oi uianam versua
leigen ana uoutmt ot tttoux f ails.
The following drew byes, which brings
them up to the flm round:
Larson and Hoi brook of Sioux Falls var,
sus Webber and Nolt cf Mitchelh
mum ana BiocKstaa or vom versus
Beaumont and Carr of Sioux Falls.
Berkley and Gray of Siouk toiia vwmi
iiomnan ana Meleenholder of Parkston.
nerick and Bossert of Pr mihir. la.
versus Barkley and Urill of Hloux Fulls.
lurie ana uononoe of Sluux Falls versus
r.nrigni ana Downey of Mitchell.
ureasury and Ciirlstenson of Oldham
versus Branson and Smith of Mitchell.
ima evening, after play was completed,
the visiting tennis players were taken In
oharge by the member of th local asso
ciation and given an automobile ride about
the city. Wednesday evening th visitors
will be guest at a theater party.
Unusual Interest I taken In th coming
Frontier Day excursion to Cheyenn. Wyo.,
August 36 to 37, from th fact that th
Ak-6ar-Ben governor will aeompany th
stockmen on this trip. Th South Omaha
livestock exchange haa aent larg delega
tion for aeveral year past, and It I a
sign ot th Importance of th celebration of
Frontier Day and of the high class of
entertainment provided that these delega
tions hav been growing every year. In
addition to th Ak-Sar-Ben, a number ot
Important official of th Union Pacific
will attend. A special tram service Willi be
provided, and the dining car will accom
pany th excuralon for the entire trip.
Th Union Stock Yard company ha
taken great intereat In th paat and this
year haa offered two fine silver loving-cups
aa trophlea. On Is for th best woman
rider and th other for th best relay team.
It will be remembered In thl connection
that ex-Prsldent Theodore Roosevelt will
b present, which, asld from any other
attraction. Insures a great demonstration
and great auce.
It 1s poaatbl that th Ak-Br-Bn may
scour soms of th beat attraction for
th autumn carnival.
Board at Review Dae Little.
No protest wer filed before th board
of review yesterday and but few Inquiries
were made. A number of people called in
connection with their assessment but filed
no formal objection. Th board has no.
titled the aeveral packers, th Union
Stock Yard company, th Oa company
and the Omaha Electrlo Light and Power
company toth effeot that a raise of their
assessment la proposed. These companies
will probably appear before th close of
th week if any contest Is to be mad of
the ruling of th board.
Breanahaa-Meehaa Wedding.
Tommy Bresnahan and Miss Mary Mee
han wer married at 8 a. m. yesterday
morning at St. Mary' church by Rev.
Father Charles Mugan. Lester Murphy was
best man and a sister, of th bride acted
a her bride' maid. A wedding breakfast
wsa served to many Invited guesta at the
residence of th bride' mother after the
ceremony. The young people . will beg'n
their new horn lit at once. . Last night a
larg number of . young people, who were
friends of Bresnahan and hi bride, were
received Informally aid a fin evening wss
Saapeet Hela at Jail.
Eddie Mack and ' Charles Beacher were
arrested yesterday aa ausplclou characters,
and It is thought they may hav been con
nected with the robbery of M. Andrea,
Austrian groceryman at Twenty-eighth and
R streets, Monday night The groceryman
claimed to hav lost 336, and this amount
wa found in tba possession of Charles
Beacher, The men were not arrested to
gether but Mack wa arrested in Albright
and was found to be carrying two revolv
era and a larg bunch of key. ..
Batchers Cat -On Another.
Charle Lester out John Frlesh on the
arm yesterday at on of th local packing
house while th two men were playing, a
each now maintain. It i waa reported to
th polio that they, wer butchers of th
sheep gang ot the Omaha. Packing teompany
and that they got into a quarrel and each
had hia knit. Lester struck At Frlesh and
tba latter, throwing up his arm In defense,
received a bad out. Th wounded man was
taken to th South Omaha Jail, where Dr.
A. H. Koenig took aeveral stitches to close
th wound. It Is likely that both men will
be released, aa they claim they were play
ing in a careless fashion with their knives.
. Sararlaa for Charles Mahl.
Charle Mahl.was given a surprise party
last th laat entertainment on the part of
hi gentlemen friends before his approach,
Ing marriage. The party wa given at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Campbell
and was conducted on th initiative of
Ralph D. Campbell. .Th guests were Perry
McD. Wheeler, A. J. Bragonler, C. Brago-
nler, Charle Burke, Chris Horn, D. R.
Barclay, E. H. Robert, Harry Armstrong,
Emmons Dlmock. Fred Towl, J. O'Leary,
C. E. Campbell, Stuart Berger, and th
guest of honor, Charles Mahl. The young
man provided the groom-to-be with three
hammer and a hatchet. - lie also got a car
pet beater and a cook book.
Refreshment wer served during the
evening snd Stuart Berger and Mis Nell
Letter played several instrumental duets.
Magle City Gosalp.
Jo Kelser, 3111 L street haa a eon.
John Herdrina, 739 North Twenty-seventh
street baa a son.
Frank Fodyma, 761 North 40th street re
ports the birth of a eon.
Jo Hug, 160 South Twenty-first street,
reports the birth of a ion.
Ml Cora Barclay haa returned from a
visit at Mount Pleasant la.
Miss Mabel Davis ef Harvard la the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Jonea.
R C "MeNallv la attending the democratlo
convention at Qrand Island.
Frank Qood and J. J. Ryan are attending
the Urana island convention.
Morgan Heafey, Jr., Is spending a two
weeks' vacation at Randolph, ISeb.
H. C. Murphy and P. J. Tralnor attended
tUe atate oonveutlon at Lincoln yesterday,
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Yctu.ut hav re
turned from a vacation trip to th northern
Chris Horn haa returned to Bouth Omaha
after having been on th road for about a
Th resldeno of Peter Uugerick, UXS V
street, I quarantined on account ot scar,
let fever.
A. L. Beraulst haa received news that
his only brother died July 1 at hia old home
In Sweden.
Harry Armstrong, a government- Inspec
tor, has been tranaferred to South Omaha
from Colorado. He report a serious drouta
In th west
"slBBtnWnmfllv bVntaVJfcssvsnmtav Qanvamsmssam;
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Antinotti Olive Oil.
Olives (ripe and green).
Artichokes plain and in tomato sauce.
Several Brands Imported Tomato Sauce.
Italian Peeled Tomatoes.
Tunny Fish in Olive Oil.
Zgg Plant Salad.
Italian and Spanish Sweet Peppers.
Macaroni (genuine imported). '
Spaghetti (imported, superior quality).
A. Minardi (Si Co.
30S South ISth Street.
Opposite Court House
The Thing
To Do
If you log your pocketbook, imbrelta,
watch or some other article of value, the thing
to do Is to follow the example of many other
poop la and advertise without delay In the Loot
and Found column of The Dee.
That la what most people do when they lose
artjoles of value. Telephone us and tell your
Ions to all Omaha In a single afternoon.
Put It In
The Bee