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The Omaha Daily Hee.
Entered at OmiM pcitoffict second
eUs mittrr.
' Delegates to conventions are ex
pected to carry out the instructions
given them by the convention or e
emblege by which they are appointed.
Instructions constitute the condition
upon which the commission to rep
resent a constituency is given, and no
one who does not want' to recognize
such conditions should accept the com
mission. The only possible excuse for
avoiding or evading instructions would
be a charge that the instructions were
procured by fraud or other illegitimate
It develops that for the forthcom
ing democratic and republican state
conventions the majority of delegates
in each are under Instructions one way
tlly Be (Including Hunnay). per week.. 10
Jully & (without eundar). pr wee.. .100
lei!y lie (without Sunday). one year. WW
Laliy faee and Sunday, on year SO
Evening Bee (without Bunday), per week.
Evening U (with bunday), par week....le
Hun day Bee, one year ,2!
balurday Hee, cna yaar ,": .
Addrea all cumplalnts of Irregularities tn
delivery to City circulation Department.
Omaha Tha feee building.
ISouilt Omafia Twenty-fourth and N.
Council .Bluffs li Pcott fitreet.
Lincoln 611 Little Building.
I, !- IMS llarauette Building.
" - - - . . i . i
New l ork Hoomi luu-ura r- " or the other as to county option.
iniriy-mira r.r-ri. 1 . ., .nn.ronttt
Washington Tib Fourteenth rireei, n. n. iu utwu'i mn. wumumu "vi"'""'
CORRESPONDENCE. . rlur tha delegate are
. - . - A I
ifflm.ue it Inserting a. county
iie,: Editorial Department. 1 option plank In the platform, and only
; ..i small minority inairutieu mi u.
....... i n-k. 1l lMhtlnh1nflr ComOinr. I r. KHan' innTnHnn thniA In
Omaha and aaatarn esohang. not aooepwu. . minority and those instructed
against county option also constitute
STATEMENT OP CIRCULATION. . mlnnrlt an that neither would be a
HUte of Nebraska. IJougisa v-ounw. .,.w .,i,.. ,v -
Uore B. Taschuck. treaeurer 01 1 ns " I majority wnuuui viumuu1
Pubii.hint Company, .na large body of unlnstructed delegates, ,a.. nt Tha Daily. Morning, I There is this difference, however.
Evening ana nunflay nee P"m 1 !,..,.. ,.(,. mrta rialats to
month of June. 110. waa aa follows: "
the land of cotton than ever. if the.
world's supply is to keep anywhere
near Its demand, as statistics show,
but, while it is essential that more
land be devoted to cotton and more
science be put into its production, so
as to increase the acreage yield, it is
also important to know that Dixie is
destined to become one of the great
corn-producing sections if its natural
resources are properly developed.
Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas the
states from which we are told the peo
ple are going to Georgia, Alabama and
Florida are not suffering. Nebraska,
at least, is continually drawing in
more people than it is sending out and
its available farming land is steadily
rising in price and being bought and
developed. It will continue to offer
superior advantages in the way of soil,
climate and market to anybody look
ing for a good home. '
ow wicked Omaha la just before the
convention. Cheap politicians always
play cheap politics.
If the assessor' return on automo
biles is correct almost anybody ran
fiord one. But at that it looks as
though f 100 is a little bit low. Still,
the assessors must be given some
credit for having got on the list 6,500
out of a total registration of about
..44,130 the democratic convention and the un
Instructed delegates to the republican
44.5SO rt .
41 BOO I L
44,100 the effort was to instruct against a
,44,seo county option plank and no lnstruc-
AA Tin .. . . i.ii i.l
...... .... i noes would indicate au luuiuyuiiiuuu
w I .n hf lanrth On tha rorillh,
B.A30 'v" r
45(iao Hcan side the effort everywhere was to
. .4i,eoo I secure instructions for county option,
45,410 and failure to Instruct would indicate
. ... 40,000 I, unima.t 1af aral n at Tnnlctna
!4,8o county option a political Issue, whether
favorable or unfavorable to plan
Total .1,381,600 1 The pronouncement against county
Returned Copies l,880 ODtion bv the democratic state conven.
i - -
Nav Total 1.811,180 - " ' .
Daily Averaga.. 4a,704 action of the republican convention
oeorqe b.'tzschuck. will be determined by tne unmstructea
Treaaurer. i . .
Rnhscrlbad in mv rrestnre and aworn to QeBiea,
before ma thla 30th day of June. iio.
44, 90
Notary Public.
. ahacrlbra leavlaar tke eltr
porarllr ahoald have Tke Be
tailed to thaml ' Addreaa will fee
The Texas legislature Is made up of
heroes. It assembled July 18.
Where Else Bat Kansas? '
Some absurd antic have been com
mitted in Kansas, but It has remained
for the town of Hutchinson to cap the
climax of nonsense by adopting an or
dinance, not only prohibiting the ex
hibition of the moving pictures of the
Reno light, but barring any newspaper
or magazine publishing anything about
Tha man hlrda ara rlrawlnr beaut! prize fights
fullv. anrl flvlnr almoat aa well. " wuuooa, ol uiuu uiuuc,
Kooseveit is associate eunor, recently
We fear the weather man has gone contained an editorial written and
off on a vacation and forgotten to reset signed by Mr. Roosevelt, condemn
bis gauge. Ing prize fights and prize fight mov
ing pictures, ayng they should be
Let' see, what are those other prohibited in evc.y state in the union
things that Mr. Morgan has not yet of course, under thi ordinance Hutch
cornered? inson had to bar this paper advocat
Ing the very thing the town was get
Uncle Sam Is finding trouble In get-Uing after.
ting workers to do his official building. This is a simple Illustration of the
Hard times, is it not? inrths of folly to which people can
go when they give unrestrained license
to their emotion and set reason and
common sense aside. It was in Kan
eas that a sensational minister once
undertook to conduct a dally news
paper as Christ would to give the
people an ideal newspaper. He' took
possession of a Topeka paper for one
As near as can be learned many oth
ers who were at Reno July 4 have had
difficulty in coming back.
As soon as Mr. Bryan has finished
his party in Nebraska he might go to
Ohio 'and wind It up there.
In Minnesota they always run their
state politic on national lines. For
instance. Just because Governor Eber-
hart is a Scandinavian, the democrats
insist on nominating John Lind, an
other descendant of that race.
Thoughts on Ingratitude.
Inspired by the torridlty of
season, we have culled together these
few thoughts on Ingratitude well cal
culated to stir some of our reader to
pensive mood:
How ahafper than a serpent's tooth It is
To have a thankleaa child!
King Lear: Shakespeare.
Ingratitude, thou marble-hearted fiend I
Mora hldeoua than whan thou showi't thea
In a child.
Than tha eta moniter!
Kin Lear: Shakespeare.
A man Is very apt to complain of tha In
gratitude of those who have risen far
above him.
When Jesus Dwelt: Thomas Olbbona.
I taught you to swim, and now you would
drown mo.
Don Quixote.
The man Is ungrateful who danlaa that
he has received a benefit, who pretends be
hat not received It, and does not return It.
Cicero: On Benefits.
I hate ingratitude mora In a man.
Than lying, valnnexa, babbling, drunken
Or any taint of vice.
Twelfth Night: Shakespeare.
Ingratitude Is montroua; and for the
multitude to be ungrateful were to make a
moniter of the multitude.
Coriolanua: Shakespeare.
Ingratitude la always a fornf of weaknees,
I have never known a man of real ability
to be ungrateful. I
Reflections and Maxims: Goethe.
If there ba a crime
Of deeper dye than all ths guilty train
Of human vices, 'tis ingratitude.
We seldom find people ungrateful as long
aa we ara In condition to render, them
service. .J
La Rochefoucauld.
There is nothing new under the sun
Poets and philosopher of old could
discern the truth and speak It as well
as any of u after these centuries of
accumulated wisdom.
Sapulpa, Okl., announces that It has week, and It took many weeks and
a new aviator. Good. It is new to month for that paper to recover from
.know that Oklahoma has a Sapulpa. tn effect" f tbe experiment of being
an Ideal newspaper. Whatever else it
Senator Davis of Arkansas will be was during that week, It certainly was
more eager than ever now to conceal not a newspaper.- But Kansas knows;
the fact that his front name is Jeffries, it knows how and where to lay the
1 ideal for everything and everybody.
Oscar Hammersteln ought to recover The prize fight at Reno,, deplorable
from his attack of nervous prostration as n was, was nevertheless the blg-
slnce the rest. of New York has 0r- gegt piece of news' of the day, and
ived. the vast majority of the people were
- thinking and talking about it more
Cannon, Cummins, Bristow and th . .nythlng else at the time. News-
Murdock, all speaking within one had 0 0ptlon about printing!
- 1- f.A A. I 1LI... 11 1 1 I
weea, ousui iV iu.a iuiuE uvr.y m the) matter; if they fulfilled their mis
Kansas. I ..,. nl rut thxlr
reader an account of current history,
they were simply compelled, whether
they liked it or not, to give them all
the news tbey could of this fight, and
the Interesting point is that many
Phlcaan. that celebrated aumnier r- newpajere iu.i y.iuu ujubl
Jack Johnson ha procured an outo
license numbered 4-11-44, but it was
the other fellow that needed the rab
bit foot.
anrt lake breexe and all. had It 10J were londeat in their con
Sundav. which atlll leaves Omaha In demnatlon of it. and they were per
tha ahade fectly sincere and consistent in it, too
i . . . . . . i . . . .
It is interesting to recall mat u
Minnesota democrats are finding it was In Hutchinson where a band of
difficult to make one vehicle do for the Holiness folk prayed for the triumph
band, wagon and water wagon at the of the black man and also mat Hutch
same time. inson is in Reno county. Kans(j. Per
haps we may now look for a law
Barney Oldfield's grandfather has changing that name
died at the age of 97. Barney has
been acting as if he were afraid he Migration Adjusts Itself.
might live that long. The west has no cause for regret
or alarm at the government reports
A Copper Trust.
From the excellent way In which
the country and its copper had been
getting along, the uninitiated might
Imagine that a copper trust, such as
Mr. Morgan is said to be forming, wa
not one of the crying need of the day.
That, however, is not going to in flu
ence the action of those engaged In
this gigantic financial operation. The
purchase of the Utah interests by the
Amalgamated Copper company is re
ported under way, If not con
The country has had enough expert
ence with monopolies to know how to
handle them better than it did a few
years or decade ago, and It ought not
be possible for the copper Interests to
gain such an ascendency In the mar
kets of the world a the steel and
Standard Oil monopolies have for
year maintained. From such expert
ence as the government ha had.
should derive the skill In power and
knowledge that would enable it to
limit the encroachments of these insti
One of the Utah Independent mag
nates, commenting on the supposed
merger, i quoted a saying that It will
be a good thing for the small producer
and for the industry as a whole.
the latter there can be do doubt. We
are not in the least Inclined to ques
tion the assertion that for tbe copper
Industry as a whole auch a monopoly
would be a good thing, and It may
offer some advantagea for the smaller
fry to sell out. But how will it affect
the general market, the consumers?
While, perhaps, this Utah producer, no
more than hia friend, Mr. Morgan, has
allowed that aspect of the question to
bother him greatly. It still ha a
cogency which the public will find
difficult to ignore.
A French duke has been located In that show people are migrating from
thla country who Is neither married lt, states to the south and investing In
nor looking for an American wife. But iandi aB wen a, cominK from Canada
he admite he thinks our women folks to DUy fartns in Dixie, for this matter
are fine. He Will do to watch. mlaratlnn U aomethlna: that adlusts
I I , 1 XT. malt., m k.l tha T,MjAmnn4
umana a Dase can team na turned
Celebration of Germans, Scandl
navlans, Roumanians and other rep
resentatlve of European nations serve
very well to remind us where we came
Some downeasterner la about to re
vive that distressing question, "What
Is whUkyt" Why can they not wait
until we bare settled thla one, "What
1 a democrat?"
It la gratifying to know that even at
thi late hour Mr. Morgan et aL have
monopolized copper, but lt seems
trange they overlooked thi little de
tail so long.
A New York woman ha aroused
much curiosity by "cooking her way'
through college. - Nothing strange
about lt. If her college 1 In session
right now.
Thua far we have not heard that th
governor of Texas has suspended any
official of Dallas, where that negro
wa burned at the stake.
Army Gossip
Matters ef Inter at ra aa Back
of ths rirlag XJaa Ctleaaet from
the Army aad Jfavy Beytatar.
. A.m.A th. under any eondltlona. Tom. IMrk an Harry
rnment la gclng to demand the
J.? aril t1 " o.d I. ardent and infant ,
I shutav his bed room door and aenda down
wcrrfl 'that wH sea wa-ewara-heap Java
Tha governmen
something which certainly ought to ba
When Bryan grabbed the vote that
should have gone to Watson nothing
wa said about robbing the populists
of their representation.
Setllaar 'Km Rlarkt.
Pittsburg DUpatch.
Nebraska papera think Bryan may bolt
Not o, the Nebraska democracy may bolt,
but Bryan, never.
Bo All Mar Know.
Springfield (Maes.) Republican.
Mr. Bryan's candidate for senator from
Nebraska Is not tha editor of th Com
moner, but the associate editor of the
Commoner a distinction with a difference.
rnaallaat Unci Sana.
Uncle Sajn wanta a lot of typists, but
specifies that there must be male. Uncle
doea not mean to be ungallant, but the
matter rests) on a business basis. Ths
feminine typist la fairer o aee than the
man of her kind, but leas amenable to
discipline, pouts at censure, takes refuge
In tears, and at the most Inopportune
time for the public Interests gets mar
ried. '
Can't Do Without 'Eta.
Springfield Republican.
More automobiles were registered in Ne
braska during the first half of this yaar
than In the whole of last year. Thar was
clearly no waiting to aee how tha crop
would turn OUT. crops or no crops, ina
people would have automobiles. Th Omaha
Bea flaurea out from tne registration, ug-
urea that there Is one automobile in tha
state to every twenty families.
8cbednU a Crowning; Event.
Baltimore American.
King George V of England and hia queen
are to ba crowned next June that la, if in
tha rapid march cf events characteristic
of th day there Is still a kingdom to
ba crowned in. As the event will be a big
business proposition as wall as a political
event, tha probabilities are that lt will
duly take place. But lt Is also probable
that coronations will ba out of faslon by
tha next century.
its face In the other direction and la
now winning games Just aa easily as
It waa losing a little while back. All
it needed waa to get started right
or trend is or has been, the west con
tinues to grow in population, wealth
and resources and, -while it steadily
pursues its mission of empire building,
lt la entirely willing that the south
A 5-year-old "child was hurt in a Bhould ake up and Bhare the Kener1
runaway at Jennings, La., and two nuran-
postofflce robbed at Bryan, Tex., on or " ,B " "-uui
Ihe same day. You lmply cannot ionai. not a even
keep that name out of the spotlight. uon 01 weun lo" oe" levenug i-ro-
ess ror any country, ana it is impos-
Governor fihallenberger' campaign Ulble where one section Is retarded in
for re-election may now be considered
officially opened. It remains to be
aeen whether his mud-slinging at
Omaha will gain him much support In
the state.
Speaker Cannon had to ease np on
his speaking In Murdock'a district be
cause of th heat, and Mr. Murdock
was forced to the wall by a sore
throat They certainly must have
been golqj some.
its growth because of dormant effort
or resources. The United States needs
the elements which the south pos
Besses, and therefore It is necessary to
get more people with money and en
terprlse Into the south. Land there
can be bought and cultivated cheaply
and much of It is maiden soil, or com
parattvely so, so that lt has all of its
productive strength and period before
Dixie Is and must become even more
Crnel taek of ysanaithy
Cleveland Leader.
It is certalo that tha present conditions
in tbe stock , market are leas dlcluroing
to bankers, leas Intoxicating to 'he ooun
try, safer and. sounder, than the boom of
1908. Ths change Is" bad forWall atreet
traffic, of eourae, but tha country is not
greOyconcer.ed with that phase of the
situation. It does (not matter to farmers
and merchants, manufacturers, mechanics
and other workers that theiarket value
of a seat on the New York a took exchange
has dropped to about $06,000 from $04,000
not many months ago Indeed, that de-
din in market values looks Ilk more
prudence, more common sense and more
saving on tha rrt of tha American people.
Tha rifle teams representing th infantry
and cavalry are preparing to go to Camp
Perry, O., about July SO, the cavalry team
from Fort Ethan Allen and tha Infantry
team from Camp Logan. 111. Doth teams,
since tha selection of their personnel, have
bean engaged on preliminary practice at thai
two places named and will continue tha
work on tha Camp Perry ranges. It Is
probable that th teama will tak part In
soma of the Ohio state matches which oc
cur before the national meet
An Important experiment in army for
age to be undertaken at tha instance ef
the military autoiitlcs and upon the recom
mendation of officers at Fort Riley. In
cluding Lieutenant Colonel Kit V. Hoyle.
of the 6th field artillery. Lieutenant Col
onel Daniel E. McCarthy, of the quarter
master's department, chief quartermaater ,
of the department of the Missouri at
Omaha, has been authorised to Invite bids
for the oats, corn and hay, of various
claasea, for us In those experiments. It
Is expected that there will be Important re
sults In demonstrating the moat economical
and otherwise satisfactory feed for army
horses In different sections of the country.
The War department ba decided to make
a protect against th decision of the comp
troller which prevents th army attending
surgeons In Washington from making uae
In tha discharge of their dutiea of motor
vehlclea. This decision would prevent the
use of an automobile by any officer wbo
is entitled to the allowances for horses.
The comptroller permits tha purchase of
automobiles, but refuses to permit the use
of them under certain circumstances. An
effort will be mad to have the comp
troller modify bis decision so that tha
automobiles, th purchase of which ha
been authorlaed, may b uaed. Another
automobile decision has been rendered this
week b ytha comptroller. The payment of
tha coat of auppllea, for repairs to the auto
mobile of th superintendent of the Mill
taxy Academy, Is held Illegal.
Ther are excellent propspects that. there
will b an unusual number of qualified
candidates for the army medical corps aa
a reault of the current examination and
the examination to b held in September,
The examination boards in session at
various military posts throughout th eoun.
try will continue their organisation so as
to conduct tha examination of additional
candidates, who will present themselves
on September 6, and th examination of
whom will be completed In time for those
qualified to join the next claas at th
army medical school, where tha course be
gins on th first of October. Th War de
partment authorised 1S1 candidates to apr
pear before the boards now In session and
of these candidate twenty-flv were In'
vlted to present themselves to the board
at Fort Jay, N. T of which latter num
ber eighteen are now under examination.
Those who are qualified In the two ex.
amlnatlons of this month and early Sep
tember will be commissioned as first lieu
tenant In the army medical reserve corps,
in which grade there are now thirty-four
who have met all the conditions. Th pros
pect la that the next claaa at the army
medical school will be composed of not lees
than sixty members.
An army corps to deal exclusively with
aeronautics la being formed by the British
authorities at Aldershot The nucleus of
the new organisation will be th two ex-
eating balloon companies of royal en'
gineera and the London territorial balloon
company, and experts will be Invited to
hold commissions on th same principle
as exists In tha army motor reserve, which
has proved a great success and la over
establishment strength. It la understood
that branches of tha corps will b astab
lished at Salisbury Plain and also near the
moat important dock yards and arsenals,
Experts in motor engineering and the
piloting of both heavier and Urhter-tban-
alr machines will be Invited to Join th
territorial section of th corps. Th two
establishment at Farnborough (th army
baloon construction works and the army
aeronautical training school) will become
permanent and distinct Institutions with
separata governance, thouxh the civilian
exports will work hand In hand with th
cleaned out.
General W. II. Iesslg. a friend of General
Orant and territorial surveyor general of
Colorado In the 'V died at Mont Vleta.
Colo. II was born In Pottsvllle, Pa., and
served In the civil war.
A young; Russian woman. Mil. Bandurln,
Is superintendent of a big engineering firm.
A graduate of the Women Technological
Institute In fit. Petersburg, she I the only
woman In Russia who haa proved her
blllty In practical work.
Dick Ferris of Loe Angeles,' widely
nown mining operator, theater owner and
promoter and th manager of th recent
vtatlon meet In Loa An galea. I a candi
date for the republican nomination for
lieutenant governor of California.
Franklin Adams, editor ct the Bulletin ef
th Bureau of American RepuMIca, wbo ar
rived In New Tork from Santo Domingo,
brought for the national soo at Washington,
five aolenodon, buahy-tailed, rat-suggastlve
creature about eighteen Inche long, with
snout resembling thos of anteatera.
Captain V. Edwards, a ranch' owner of
San Diego, Cat, who dror a team of
Angora goat from San Dlege to New Tork
City on a wagwr, arrived on th outskirts
cf Washington on his return trip. An axle
on hi wagon broke just beyond th district
Un and he was compelled to camp out
ther for a day.
Rla Dash. Tkreagk Kanaas Hl(4 by
William Allen Whit In Emporia Oasett.
It is probable that Unci Joe Cannon
enjoys tha sort of life ha is leading. If
he didn't enjoy It, he could easily quit it,
for he la rich, and might live In quiet and
luxury the remainder of hi days.
A man must be peculiarly constituted to
enjoy such an existence as he Is leading.
To say nothing of tha political worrlea
which afflict his old gray head, and the
thousand annoyances of traveling, and th
trouble of swatting th file In Chautauqua
tenta, be goea through an ordeal every day
that would kill a sensitive man In a week.
From early morn until dewy ev he ( at
th mercy of rubbernecks. Thar la no
refuge for him, or for any man who make
a trad of politic. He can't afford to of
fenij, a single Tom, Dick or Harry. He
cornea to Emporia and takes a room at a
hotel, and that reom at once becomes as
public a place as Humboldt park. No mat
ter how tired, sick or discouraged he may
be, he muat receive Tom, Dick and Harry
when they come rubbering. Ha must shake
band with them, and pretend to find some
thing fascinating In them, and say a few
foolish things for them to treasure In their
memories, and hand down to their grand
children a precious heirlooms. If Old Jo
Our Birthday Book
And now our democratic contem
porary,, the World-Herald, throw fit
over the ballot form sent out by Sec
retary of State Junkin, and Insists that
Rosewater 1 to blame for it. When
Mr. Junkin turned down the protest
against the misbranding of Mr
Bryan's presidential electors the
World-Herald hailed him as a great
man whom not even Rosewater could
Influence. When an Injunction was
sought to prevent Mr. Junkin from
certifying candidates who had not paid
their filing fees Mr. Junkin wa again
a great man because be would not let
Rosewater use him. The fact la the
restraining order doea not prevent the
secretary of state from certifying Vie
names of any candidates whose filing
fees have been paid, and there is noth
ing to prevent him from certifying
the democratic ballot in the same way
that he has certified th republican
ballot. We freely admit that the no
tion that prompts the secretary of
state to withhold the name properly
filed a democrat because they were
illegally filed aa populists has about
as much common sense behind it as
the ruling that a man may have his
name printed on four tickets on pay
ment of one filing fee.
It is merely a coincidence that Gov
ernor Shallenberger discovered just
July 86, 110.
Robert Fulton, for whoa Invention of tha
steamboat the centenary waa celebrated
last year, was born July U, 1706, in Penn
sylvania, and died in IMS. While he waa
th author of a number of useful Inventions
his fame rested with tha aucceaful experi
ment of the Clermont which steamed up tha
Hudson river In 1807, and laid th way for
steam Invention.
John D. Archbold, the' active head of the
Standard Oil, was born July 35, U48, at
Leesburg, O. Ha became associated in
business with Mr Rockefeller In 1876 and
has been one of his right hand men ever
George B. Cortelyou, former secretary of
the treasury. Is celebrating his 48th birth
day today. He Is a native of New York and
climbed up the ladder of fame from tha po
sltlon of stenographer. Ha la at the hitad of
the Consolidated Gas company In New Tork,
Oeorge B MoCutcheon, author and hum
orlst. Is Just 44. He 1 another mem.
per of tha Hoosler school of literature
and wa born on a farm In Tippecanoe
county, Indiana. "Oraustark" Is probably
his best known production.
J. C. Eugene Duval, better known a
''Gene," assistant general western agent of
th Chicago Milwaukee 4t St Paul railway,
la celebrating his 48th birthday to
day. He was born In Toronto and brought
to this country as an Infant, starting ou
In tha railroad bualneaa at New Haven,
Mlchs In 117ft, and going up ever since.
D. I Johnson, lawyer, with office in
the Bee building, was born July M, 1K,
Ha was educated In tha Ohio untvealty a
Athena, O., and atudled law while teach
Ing sihool. He was admitted to tha bar In
IBM, looattng four years later In Omaha.
Marshall 11. Craig, city paaaunger and
ticket agent for the Chicago 4 Ureit West
em at Omaha, Is ZS years old today. Ha
waa born at Allison, la., and first served
the Great Western In the engineering de
partment, and was also In tha engineering
department ef tha Northwestern, going Into
tha passenger trafflo department of th
Great Western In 1WT.
The experiments In mechanical flight
which have occurred at Atlantlo City have
called attention In a somewhat spectacular
way to th prospect of making military
uae or the aeroplan. On cf tha exbibi
tlona In tha tournament, which appear to
nave Had soma of the characteristics of an
entertainment for the visitors at that cele
brated resort, was the depositing- of mis
slles from the elevated machine so aa to
show th sccuracy of aim and tha certainty
wun wnicn an object could be placed in
Its relation to a tarcet to ba attack in
time of war. The report of th demon
atratlon is quite conclusive. Th aviator.
Curtlss, uset orange and lodged them in
cloe proximity to a small boat In motion
Deiow him and also within a prescribed area
on shore. It must still remain a Question
whether thla win worts out in actual service
aa satisfactorily and whether the aeroplane
can be depended upon to carry aloft
sufficient supply of destructive ammunl
Uon In any form which may be readily
handled and deposited In the places where
it will produce th most effective results
It I certain that th government should
take up th question in a thorough and
systematic way.
Hoaora and Years A bare the Aver
New Tork World,
Three aged men who had accomplished
something In different spheres of activity
have Just died. Curiously enough, one
passed away on the Atlantlo seaboard, an
other midway acroas th country and th
third on tha Pacific coast
Aloys Wirschlng, who invented the stock
quotation telegraph ticker and forty-one
years ago Installed th fire-alarm aystem
that Is still In use In this city, died In
Brooklyn Thursday night aged 78.
Zephanlah B. Knight who waa aald to
have first suggested that the now doanln
ant party be named republican at tha
Michigan .State convention In 1S64. died
Friday In Omaha, aed 89. H boasted that
he voted the straight ticket at every elec
tlon and never acratched the name of
G. O. P. candidate, as fine an Instance of
"standing pat" as could be found any
E. H. Dyer, known as the "father of th
bc-et sugar Industry" because In 1870 he
established the first plant for the manufac
ture of sugar from beet that waa built
In th United States, died Friday at Al
varado, Cal aged 88.
In each case these men accomplished
early In life that which caused their deatha
to reculvo attention.
olutocrat nd they'll go out and cainpln
against vcrybody wh I frtendty to th j
This thlnf of meeting rubbernecks U
after day, and shaking hands with them,
and Inquiring about th health of their
Uncle Ebeoeters, Is about aa exhausting as
any work under tha sua. Jo Cannon 1
tending w under It all th Utn. ia bote), 1
on th train. In th market place. He ha
forgotten what privacy I Ilk. Any shack
be Inhabit becomes a forum and a recep
tion hall and a padded cell. Teopl who are
obscure, who ean travel without attracting
attention, who are of no Interest to the1
rubberneck bav much to b thankful for.
"Would you Ilk a fin family eowf
"That thing T Sh can't glv mar than
four auarte."
Tain't th milk. Bha'll git right In
front of an auto, n ehe'o good for law
damages a season to any family." Judge.
Th rirat Horse Well, ther' en In
dignity thVll never put upon us.'
Th Second Horse What tnatT
The First Korea They'll never call on us
to dra a stalled airship Out of a oggy
cloud. Olerelaed Plain Dealer.
Teacher (of Blent school) Do yea know
that in tha atmosphere of thi town the
lung becom black T
Shaggy Haired Pupil Dunes 7 I know
three or four dot en ct 'em, all In tha
laundry bualnesa, and they're Just as yel
low a wnaa tney earn arv-'nicagi
Chollv had wit on hia necktie snd waa
looking over his nirnly of hosiery. ,
"I wonder, now,- ne eaua. turning peie. i
"whether the sock have to match the tie
or whether the tie ha to match th socks:-'
Chicago Tribune.
Bella I wonder why that good-looking)
doctor avoids roe o and I so cool to me
when we meetT
Nell I think It I because Ned throught
lesaly told Mm what you aald about him.
Befle What did I say that ha didn't Ilka?
Nell Tou said, don't you remember, that
he had auch killing way. Baltimore Amer
Pinch it to me a bit of tbe blossom. Just
With th lawn dotted o'er and In th 4
Tha scent of Its soul breathed rrywherk
Ten me i mere a man aoes net car
For ths clovert
More would I have; no stint of a nlggtn
for ma
If a be on the wlnr may slo and 1di
Then why may not I with a lover-lip
Take a deep and a uu deeper oip "t
In tha clover T '
Girt would I be; oh, try not my coaxing;
to tyl
For I know when tl gone, 'tis ton,
and I
May cleve heart t In twain wKh mighty
Tat vain: so her and now let m 1i
in the clover. -
3. E. FRET.
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That low an who claims to poeaesa the
longest whiskers In th world may feel
aad when he remembers that tha political
party which Would have recarded hia
whlskera as a certificate of fraternal good
faith has passed away.
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