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    TIIE BEE: OMAITA', TUESDAY, JUTiY 2fi. 1010.
tittsburg Women Meet to Discusi
Playgrounds Question.
rraeat Drtrta o Bleached Hair,
Brcomn Warm and tha Gather
iaaj Brokea Vp
TTEBTJRG, July . Bpecial Tele-
) Representatives of the Women'
club of Plttoburc, the Daughters til the
Revolution. tha Daughter! of Pioneer, end
the Woman' Southern aocletv, met to make
pinna for publlo playgrounds for Pittsburg's
poor children.
"Instead of which," an irate delegate
remarked In the heated progtesa of the
meeting, "the subject eeema to have been
Mra. Alice Roosevelt langworth, and
whether or not she smokes cigarettes, and
If so, ought ah?"
Just how Mrs. Longworth and the reporte
that sha occasionally smoked cigarettes
tame into tha discussion of playgrounds not
ven the delegates themselves can re
member, the doings were so fast and com
Imperial observera say Mrs. J. H. Arm
strong started It. She thought playgrounds
would counteract vicious habits, especially
cigarette smoking. Such curbing of the
cigarette habit was needful, she said, be
cause woniv. who were examples to the
whole United States, like Mrs. Longworth,
were notorlua smokers of clgarettea.
"I look on a woman who smokes cig
arettes," aald Mrs. Armstrong, raising her
voice so that it could be heard above
rising clamor of mixed approval and ob
lactlon. "as I do upon a woman who
bleaches her hair with suaplcion. I say,
with suspicion."
For a little while no one could hear any
body else. Some of the most conspicuous
persons In the assemblage had distinctly
brilliant blonde hair. Mrs. Dale of the
Daughters of the Revolution, won In tlta
contest for the floor.
No women of Pittsburfr," she declared
In acid tones, which compelled attention
"need get up their feathers because Mrs.
U-ongworth smokes clgarettea. iet some
,j T-Ardy else do the fussing. We know very
IpI1 that our grandmothers aat ' In the
I Isomer of the kitchen fireplace In Pittsburg
Aid smoked corncob pipes."
"Wow." "8hame." "Order," "Madame
Chairman, order!" and other cries of dis
tress rent the air. The meeting was ad
journed to assemble at a future date
when the playgrounds plan would have a
Jter chance.
apanese steamer sinks
i and manyare drowned
British Vice Consul and Five Other
First-Class Pnsnvnarera Are
TOKIO, ' July 25. The Tetaurel llaru,
plying between Kobe and Dairen, sunk laat
night off Chlndo, Korea. The ateamer had
346 pasaengera aboard, of whom forty were
saved. The. othera are mlaslng. Warships
have been sent to the rescue.
The captain and a majority, of the craw
were unable to leave the ateamer. Six
first class paasengeia were saved. Including
W. Cunningham, the British vice consul at
Osaka, as well as thirteen second claaa
One hundred and five third class pas
sengers and fifty-seven soldiers were taken
off in boats and there Is reason to believe
that these boats either reached land or
were picked up by the warships. .
Officials After
Liquor Sellers
Ton Saloon Keepers Arrested for
Trtifio with Indians on Rosebud
Alleged Illegal Acts.
LAM BO, 8. D.. July 15. (Speclal.)-Th
Interior Department, Bureau for the Sup
pression of the Liquor Traffic Among the
Indiana, baa been busy on the Rosebud
the past month. This week six saloon
keepers In Onegory, two hi Colome and
two la Winner were arrested by Deputy
United Slates Marshall Parmley, of Cham
berlain, on complaint of T. K. Brents, spe
cial officer of the service. The four latter
were tried before United State Commis
sioner Ziebach at this place on Friday
and all were bound over to the federal
grand Jury except one from Winner, who
proved a complete alibi and that it was
clearly a case of mistaken identity.
Sentiment on the Rosebud is very much
against the tactics of the government offi
cials and many threats have been made
that someons will have bad luck If the
square deal is not mors In evidence in the
future. It is alleged the system of the
special officer In this country was to travel
around In company with Boss Farmer
Moaner, of the White River Issue station,
and Special Officer Johnson, son of the
chief officer of the department, with Amos
Little Crow, a breed from the Fort Bel
knsp reservation In Montana. They would
go Into a saloon, buy the drinks and then
the Indian would buy a half pint of whiskey
to take along. This the special offloers
took, sealed up and presented as evidence.
In their operations In Gregory and Tripp
county on June 77 they drove from the
Whit River to Dallas, Gregory, Colome,
Dixon and Winner and then to the Rose
bud agency all In one day, and, in the
parlance of the west, "grabbed" ten men
on the trip. These men they had never
seen before In their lives snd they spent
only a few minutes in any one place.
Then they came back a month later and
made the arrests, and on the stand swore
positively to the Identity of every man.
Assistant United States District Attorney
John Holman of Sioux Falls acted as prose
cutor In the cases and Bruce Backus of
Winner and F. C. O'Hollaren of Lamro
defended before the United states Commis
sioner here.
Pickpockets Get
Large Sum from
Taft's Admirers
Light-Fingered Gentry Ply Trade
with Good Eesults Among Crowd
Waiting to See President
BAB HARBOR. Me., July 26.Prealdent
Taft Is once more on the water. He left
Ellsworth this afternoon after his visit
to Senator Hale and went by special train
to ML Desert ferry, where he boarded
the Mayflower, which headed for Bar Har
bor and the sea. The course from here
lies southward and a slow run will take
the president to Islesboro, where he Is due
to land at 10 a. m. tomorrow.
Mr. Taft' strained ankle, after a night
In compresses, was improved today and
his limp seemed less painful than on yes
terday. At Ellsworth President Taft and his en
tire party attended services at a Con
gregational church.
Chief of Police Drummey of Ellsworth
was busy late last night and today record
ing complaints from the townspeople of
losses of pocketbooks, watches and other
articles of Jewelry.
It seems that a band of pickpockets-
four men and a woman arrived In Ells
worth Just before the president got there
and piled their trade with unusual suc
cess. It Is estimated thieves got away with
several hundred dollars In the aggregate,
although the Individual losses did not go
above SIS.
Dr. Niles of Ames Conducting Ilog
Cholera Experiments.
Roamaalaa Societies Hold All-Day
Celebration In Honor of Dedica
tion of Banners Inspector
MrCana Dead.
One Faction of Republicans Will
Vre Liquor Issue In Campaign
for Governor.
SHERIDAN, Wyo., July to. (Special.)
With almost startling suddenness in polltl
cal circles comes the announcement that
one faction of republicans in Wyoming
will Virge the liquor issue in the campaign
now fairly under way for governor. The
men In charge of Attorney General Mul
len' candidacy and who are especially
Interested In bringing about the defeat,
) U possible, of Judge Carey for the repub
i Ilcan nomination, Inlst that the law passed
I at the last session of legislature prohlb
itlng the sale of liquor outside of Incor
porated towns and cities of the state should
be repealed.
The Mullen managers profess to believe
C that sufficient change of sentiment In the
w country dlstrtcts has developed to Justify
them In making a pro-whisky campaign
Importations on I.n.T.nrlea Jinn In
to Hure Flararea Americans
Bay Aitoi at Homo.
WASHINGTON. July 23. -Prosperity In
the United State I on the Increase If the
purchase abroad by Americana during tha
last year of work of art, diamonds, fine
furs and champagne can be taken as a
criterion. In the flacal year 1909 only 13,-
800.000 worth of art were Imported, but dur
ing the fiscal year Just closed art works to
the value of 121,100,000 were brought in. In
diamonds the increase was from $21,100,000
to 139,800,000. In undressed fur skins from
Iil.700,000 to $15,200,000; In dress furs and
manufactures thereof, from S3, 400.000 to S1L-
While no more automobiles were Imported
last year than during the previous twelve
months, their value in each case havlmr
been 12,900,000, this is accounted for by the
fact that most Americans are buying
machines of home make; and whereas only
$5,400,000 worth of automobiles were ex
ported in 1909, this country sent abroad this
ibsi year ,n,wu worm, increases are
Unlucky Day
on Branch Line
Four Trains recked in One Day
Five Men Hurt on Lake
Shore Road.
FRANKLIN, Ta., July 25.-It was an
off ag'ln Flnnlgan" day on the Franklin
branch of the Lake Shore railroad. Four
trains were wrecked; five men were hurt,
one perhaps fatally.
First, a westbound freight crashed head-
on into a double header, piling up three
engines and seven cars. A wreck train
rushing from Ashtabula, Ohio, Jumped the
track near Jamestown and was ditched.
Three locomotives con plea together run
ning to the telegraph office for orders col'
lined near the roundhouse here with an
other engine, one locomotive being demol
ished and the others badly damazed. Will
iam Dye of Ashtabula, engineer of the
wreck train, was seriously Injured.
Four other engineers were hurt, but not
Retired Brigadier General Geta Two
Hundred and Forty Dollars After
IV earl r Forty-FlTC Yeara.
WASHINGTON, July 25.-For services
rendered nearly forty-five years ago,
Brigadier General Parry R. Anderson, a
retired artillery officers, is to receive from
the govenment $240. This is because of the
fact that General Anderson served as
cadet at West Point from July, 1S64, to
January, 1863, six months and eighteen days.
YOUNGSTOWN, O., July 25.-In a scram
that this service in the academy was
actually service In the army and that Gen-
showmby the figures prepared by the 1 AnaerBon to pay lor the
bureau 'of statistics ' in" imnnrt. At , I time he spent at West Point. -
other article; and the total increased from
$1, $11,800,000 in 1909 to $1,658,100,000 last year.
The Imports of manufacturers materials
during the fiscal year 1910 were the largest
on record.
The exports of manufactures for the year
also exceeded those of any previous year.
The value of the exports was $1,740,000,000, an
I n ore as e of $72,000,000. The Increase in the
Imports was $2tf,0u0.
Dr. Niles of Ames. Ia., has arrived in
South Omaha and is conducting the long
promised experiments to test the efficacy
of a new serum as an antl-toxine for hog
cholera. Friday and Saturday a number of
hogs were Inoculated with the genuine
cholera germs and placed in the quarantine
division of the Union Stock yards. They
will be cared for there and when the cases
of cholera are well developed, several other
animals will ba Inoculated with the hog
cholera serum, and these will be placed in
the pen with the sick hogs. the. object is
to see how .much better the latter animals
resist the Infection than hogs which are
not treated in this manner. Should the
scrum prove adequate it la likely that the
government will aid in stamping out the
disease of cholera effectually by this means.
The Union Stock Yards company of South
Omaha Is bearing the expense of the en
tire experiment. It will require the better
part of two weeks to complete the experi
ments after tha cases of cholera are well
Bulletins of th progress of the experi
ment will be published dally. The breed
ers of hogs are invited to be present and
watch the progress of the experiments.
It is likely that the Industry of furnishing
the necessary amount of the anti-toxin will
be a thrifty Industry should the experiment
prove a success.
Roumanian Celebrate.
Th Roumanlun societies held an all-day
celebration yesterday In honor of the dedi
cation of two banners. A Roumanian ban
ner and an American emblem were dedi
cated to stand In the lodge rooms of the
Roumanian National society at Twenty
sixth and N streets. The Roumanians
marched to their hall at 9:30 a. in., where
the religious ceremony was held. At noon
the society, led by Franek's band, paraded
the streets, marching to Thirtieth and Q
streets and back by way of Twenty-fourth
to Rushlng's hall. They were Joined at
Twenty-alxth and Q streets by a delegation
of the Servian societies, which also bore
two elegant banners. At Rushlng's hall a
fine banquet was spread and afterward, a
long musical program was carried out dur
ing the afternoon. Mayor P. J. Tralnor
and P. C. Caldwell were present and made
addresses. The mayor expressed some sur
prise at th strength of the Roumanian
society and aald he liked the combination
as Illustrated by the dedication of the two
banners. The exercises continued in the
Roumanian language all the afternoon.,
In th evening the day waa given over
to the younger people and dancing and
merry making continued nearly all night.
Inspector John McCann Dead.
John McCann, one ot the oldest Inspectors
In the point of service in the South Omaha
branch of the bureau of animal industry,
died Sunday afternoon after a Very long
and painful Illness.
He was suffering from a complaint of
the liver and a complication of dropsy.
For days his life had clung by the merest
thread and might have ended at any mo
ment He had been a resident of South
Omaha for twenty-two years and during
the greater, part of the time, had, served in
the capacity of Inspector. .The deceased is
survived by his wife. There are no chil
dren. The funeral; win , bp,$eld irom th
Two Cabinet Officer Arrive at Van
couver and Take Government
Steamer for North.
VANCOUVER, B. C, July I5.-United
8tate Attorney General George W. Wicker
sham and Secretary of Commerce and
Labor Charles Nagel arrived from the east
this morning and left Immediately for
Alaska aboard the fish commission steamer
Albatross. The Albatross was lying in the
and asking th next legl.l.tu. to. restore h"bop ttB "V t0 Proced
. .h- .,.... ,n.. h. when their train arrived. The cabinet of-
they formerly were.
, However, tha church veoDle and manv
aethers here are thoroughly aroused In op
position to the move of the Mullen cam
paign manager and a new alignment of
forces prepared for battle at th primaries
Is piomined. They propose to fight any
attempt to repeal the sntl-liquor law ap
plying to country town. .They point out
mat police lobulation cf Hlnnni Is inade
quate to , cope with, the situation In th
dUirlcis affected and that without such
places law and order is better preserved.
The new Issuo precipitated comes at a
time when It was supposed neither fac
tion -of republicans would become Involved
In a liquor fight; during tha present guber
natorial campaign, and has caused a tre
mendous stir wltjiln party lines in Sheri
dan county. - ' "
ficlals expect to be gone until September.
Sirs. Hannah Reynolds Found
Smoalderlnar Embers In Woods
liar Re a Murder.
residence. 6'S North Twenty-fifth street, to
?t. "Afmrs"- church, Tuewdwy -at S0 a. m. -Totuinr
Hresnahan to Weil.
Tommy Hresnahan. popularly announced
as the pride of the tshamrock club of South
Omaha, the doughty little huxer of the
Mnglc City, Is to te married at 8 a. m.
Tuesday, at St. Mary's church, to Miss
Mary Mechan. Immediately after the cere
mony a wedding breakfast will be served at
the b'ome of the brldo's mother. Lester
Murphy Is to act as best man and a
younger sister of the bride will act as her
bridesmaid. Stanley Ketchell will be pres
ent at the ceremony. The heavy-weight
boxer Is an old-time friend of Hresnahan.
Mucin City tioasln.
Miss Margaret Lewis Is spending her va
cation at lewls, la
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mead have returned
from a trip to Minden, Neb.
Miss Marie M. Shultx has gone on a visit
to Kennard, Washington county, for a few
Harry Boyd has returned from a visit to
New York, where he spent nearly a week
on business.
' Miss Grace Stlllwell leaves today for a
visit at Shelby, Neb. She will be absent
several weeks. '
Mrs. W. B. Tagg and son, Richard, left
Saturday evening for a month's visit at
Louisville, Ky.
8TORT55 Delicious Bottled Beer delivered
promptly to your residence. Phone H. 1431.
Broderlck A Maslowsky.
The Southwestern Improvement club has
newlv organized and win meet lueeaay at
Forty-eighth and W streets.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cribble entertained a
large dinner party at the South' Omaha
Country club Friday evening.
'PHONO SOUTH 868 for a case of JET
TER GOLD TOP. Prompt delivery to
any part of the city. William Jetter.
Hank Elsfelder will begin his annual va
cation today. He says he la going for the
Platte, and will get cooled off if It takea
all summer.
Anton Vampole was arrested Saturday
night for raising a disturbance at Franek'a
hall, owing to his objection to hi wife'
dancing there.
Mrs. Paul Hennl and daughter have ar
rived safely In tvwltserland. where they
went to visit Mrs. Hennl' mother, who la
In falling health. ,
Henrv 13. Allen, editor of the Madison
Tost, and Miss Emma Eetzel were married
at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. J. M.
liothwell, Saturday noon.
The South Omaha government Inspectors
had their photographs taken In a body Sun
day morning. They were grouped on the
north side of the postofflce building.
Louis Lucas irrationally flourished a
knife In the face of bystanders at Twenty
fourth and W streets Saturday night and
frightened Mrs. Frank Macek into a faint
from which she did not recover for ssveral
Hours. ...
The regular meeting of the South Omaha
Central Labor union will be held this (Mon
dnv evening at Brennan's hall. Twenty
fifth and N streets, and a full attendance
cf the delegates I desired as the semi-annual
election of officers will be held.
At the Theaters
J. H. Mallory is
Brought Back
Head of Omaha and Connoil Bluffi
Transfer Company Arrested in
Wakefield, Neb.
Deputy Sheriff Leuoh of Council Bluffs
went to Wakefield, Neb., yesterday after
Sheriff McCaffery had received word that
the town marshal there had J. H. Mallory,
191 North Twenty-fifth street. Omaha,
under arrest. A bench warrant was Issued
for Mallory by Judge Wbeeler of th dis
trict court at Council Bluff mora than a
week ago, charging him with th embezzle
ment of $r26 belonging to the estate ot hi
deceased wife and ro hi oar a guardian
of their children. Mallory ha been the
chief owner and head ot th Omaha and
Council Bluff Transfer company and waa
expected to be found at his place of busi
ness here. He wa away, howver, and
wa not definitely located until Saturday.
Notio ot th arrest waa not reoeived here
until very late Saturday night. Mr.
Mallory consented to return to Counoll
Bluff without the formality of a requisition
and was due to arriv there on a let train
laat night
On July IS h wa removed from th
guardlanahip and H. G. MoOee of Council
Bluff appointed by Judge Whelr after
a full hearing of complaint mad by rela
tives that the fund left for th car of th
children wor not being properly admin
istered. The court refused to allow a claim
of Mallory amounting to $1,440 for the care
ot th children and ordered him to pay the
new guardian at once $526.05. Mallory neg
lected to comply and Ignored th messages
sent him. This led to the Issue of th war
rant for his arrest.
Counterfeit Dollar
buy trouble, but a genuine quarter buy
Dr. King New Llf Pill, for constipation,
malaria and Jaundice. For aale by Beaton
Drug Co.
Th CJIrl and th Gambler- at the
Th girl Is on of those lovely, forlorn
and peraecuted creature at least occasion
ally met with on th tajie. Th gambler
I a second Jack Hamlin. Having no other
vlcea than fondness for a faro layout, he 1
to be depended upon to rescue th maiden
all forlorn from th machinations of tha
villain. Th struggle I over a mine. Tha
play which th newly organised Miller
Stock company la presenting at th Krug
ha some situation which are not start
llngly new, but th company Is of pretty
good quality and met with favor at It first
appearance yesterday. Miss Laura Tam
men played th distressed damsel and Mis
Maud Hallar, late of th late Rocedla
Stock company, appeared In an Ingenu
role. Jefferon L. Smith was tha aalntly
gambler and J. P. DeForeat wa another
manly person of th sort.
Summer Vaudeville at th Oayety.
Don't overlook th show at th Gay sty
th first half of thla week. Th Mal
Commla are Juggler extraordinary. Th
strge I filled with article for them to
Juggle and when they get through there
I very little left, but a whole lot ot satis
faction, and that Is In th audience. Th
range of article seems to cover everything
from a mission clock to a live puppy dog.
Clar Collin demonstrate that she I a
charming In man's attire a ah probably
Is In feminine frUls and ttxln'a. She make
an Ideal chappie, and her song are all
sung with a decree of enthusiasm that
show she means it. "A Romance ot Reno '
Is probably on of th most Interesting
film shown at th Gayety thu far thla
summer. Tomorrow all the plcaure will be
changed; on Thursday another set ot
vaudeville acta will supplant those now ap
pearing. The theater wa packed.
Boundary Line Fence- Cut.
KIMBALL, Neb.k July 26. (Special.) A
dispute growing out ot a boundary line re
sulted In J. A. Slmones' fence being cut
to piece laat night. Slmones had his land
surveyed recently, and th survey cut Into
E. J. Pesters' farm. Slmones ba sent tor
bloodhounds. Slmones formerly lived In
Th Key to the Situation Bee Want Ad.
Why Omaha Real Estate
Is a Good Investment
If our large corporations like our Railroads, Woodmen ,of the "World, and our
wholesale houses, who have their head men of the highest standing in the financial
world, can see a good reason to invest in Omaha, why need any one doubt the stabil-
lt7 TheUwrUer'asked one of the owners of the New City National Bank Building
"what he considered the property worth today," and he said, "he personally would
not favor selling at a half million dollars profit." He also said, "that of all his
holdings, he considered this property the safest legacy he could leave to his children
for their future protection.
This is the confidence needed by all, d this man believes in Omaha, because
he has studied the conditions open to everyone. Our advantages are unequaled by
any western city and it only lies with 0urselves to ke advantage of these opppr-
Hastings & Heydon,
Bis; Price for South Dakota Land
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., July 25. (Special.)
au rormer records lor prices paid per
acre for Minnehaha county farm land were
broken a day or two ago, when George
Barkley, an Iowa farmer, pair $112.50 per
acre for what Is known as the T. M.
Mauseholder farm of 160 acres, situated
three miles northwest of Sioux Falls. This
Is the top price ever paid for Minnehaha
county and South Dakota farm land. Thla
is not Mr. Barkley's first experience with
farm land in this state. About a year ago
he made a trip here from Odebolt, la., and
purchased what Is known as the Manley
farm, near Sioux Falls, paying $65 per
acre. Less than a month ago he sold this
farm for $92.60 per acre.
Body of Late south Dakota Justice
to Ue laid to Rest
Tuesda y.
SIOUX FALLS, S. V.) July 16. (Special.)
The funeral of the late Judgn Hosmer II.
Keith, who died at the family residence in
this city, will take place from the family
residence next TuesJay afternoon at $
o'clock. The delay In holding the funeral
Is tor th purpose of permitting a son to
arrive from the Pacific coast. There will
lt large delegations of Elks and Masons
at the funeral, the deceased during his life
having been a prominent member of both
orders. He was a thlrty-aecond degree
Mason and a past exalted ruler ot the local
Elk lodge. It Is expected that a number
of attorneys from points throughout th
state v.111 ttSDd.Oio fuiii.ral.
SEATTLE. Wash., July !5.-The body of
Mrs. Hannah Reynolds, an aged woman
who lived with her two sons in this oltv.
waa found in the smouldering embers of
what had been a hug bonfire in the woods
near Ravenna park today.
Investigation has led th authorities to
think that th woman, who had shown
signs of mental derangement, had taken
thla method of destroying herself. The
theory of possible murder Is being looked
Mia Pearl Brown of Chalk Butte,
S. D., Commits Suicide by
STURGIS, S. D., July 25.-(Special.)
Pearl Brown, aged about 21, stepdaughter
of David Brown of Chalk Butte, committed
suicide by shooting herself through the
heart with a revolver yesterday afternoon.
No motive for the deed Is known. It seems
she had been away on a visit, and returned
home and told her slstor she came home to
kill herself, which she did shortly after
wards. It ta said she smiled when she
made the above remark.
d Pros
Hlah Wist .rasa name an
pert Are that Town Will Ba
. Wiped Out.
RENO, Nevada, July IS. Wadsworth, a
town twenty-five mile east of Reno, on the
main line ot the Southern Pacific, Is afire,
and reports at 11 So this morning indicate
that the town will be entirely wiped out A
high wind Is sweeping the flames from on
building to another.
Dakota Kettablteaaa rulnatrweted.
DAKOTA CITT. Neb., July 25. -(Special.)
. The republican convention of Dakota
county yesterday elected W. P. Warner,
Judge W. H. I:ya4. J. W. HaaelgreT. Au
guat llaaaeo and L I Rjckwen delegates
to th stat convention. Th deieaatloB la
Finds Letter, Khoots Hasbaud.
DENVER, Colo., July 25. Pressing a re
volver against the templo of her husband,
Frank V. Ferrea. as lie lay asleep today.
Mrs. Lulu Ferres sent a bullet crashing
through nis brains ana a few minutes later
blew out her brains. Clutched In the
woman's hand was found a letter addressed
to her husband and sirned "Marie." H waa
couched in endearing terms.
lovrav Aevra Aulea,
CRESTON-Cilfford, the D-year-ol'd son of
William bninn of iteiiogg, was druwnea
in tim Norm Skunk river Saturday alter
noon. Atnlmson, the 11-year-olu brother of
Ciittoru, aiso sank in Win watsr, but he
vas rcfeusciiated.
'MA60.N CITY Albert Bryant, aged 17
yean, presiaenl ot the lall grauuatlug class
of tne Aianou City ingu nuiiooi, aied at 6
o'clock Saturday at lei noon. He was one
vf the excellmii ana popular young men ot
the oily. Vue remains will be taken to
bauulu tor burial.
MARSriALLTOWN Mrs. W. L. Staves
ana giauuuaugiiter. Vera VValkupt agod la
years, were oudly injured this morning,
wntu they wore tun uuu by a touring car
driven by Jonn D. flumb. The accident
happeiieu while Mrs. btaves ana th chilu
wet crossing a street Intersection. '
OSKALOOJSA M. Curry, a wealthy, re
tired farmer, aged 70 years, waa touna dead
in hlM apartments at Okaloosa atter he
had been missing- several hours. &ix tnou
sand dollars in cash waa touud in a pocket
book on his person, by the coroner who
took churge of the body. Death was the
result of Heart trouble.
MAKdHALLTOWN Charles Miller, alias
Janiee KroiUn, alias William Ellis, who
U believed to be wanted at Watertown,
, wi mooing vne .urin western aepot.
who Is also wanted lu Chlcaao on
numerous charges of then and burglary, la
unuer arrest here. Miller admita that he
has eerved a term in the Jollet peniten
tiary. 11ARLAX Mrs. Nathan Booth and daugh
ter, Ci.arlotte. were throw u from a ouks
last evening and painfully injured. Mra.
Booth and daughter were riding with Mrs.
L. F. Potter about the streets of Harlan,
and aa they drove down Durant street one
haft of the buggy broke, letting tne buggy
run uiio me nurse. l no noiae began to
run and plunge, and Ihiew the occupants
uum me ouBgy. mra. mom received aev
eral deep cuts about the head and waa
Dauiy bruised about the body. Th daugii
ter bad her ankle badly sprained.
HARLAN George Smith, the lS-year-old
burglar who waa captured laat week after
ne had roora a hardware atore at De
fiance, twelve miles north of here, has con
fessed to Deputy Sheriff McMahon that his name is Norbltt Klnkhon and that his
parents reside at Wheatland, la. Corre
tViidniee with tha city marshal at that
place confirm his confession. When be was
given a preliminary hearing here last week
he told some sensational atorles about hla
family and himself, and claimed to live at
beattle, wash. The confession waa ob
lainea irom mm upon suspicion from a
postal card found on his person from
Wheatland and on which he bad achatched
out tne postmark..
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