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    Omaha Wins Again; Athletics Split Doubleheader; Denver Wins and Loses; Sioux City Loses
Omaha Players Win Another Game
from De Moines. .
Dear U Si, to f'nr al Knd of Game -l-'.nmy
Time for Omaha, and Loral
Son- Havo Tm Out of
Tarre (anici,
Omaha, Ii. Di Molnc, 4.
Anoihr tor tlie ltourk.. Batting Blf
liuiTtr lor eleven run, moirt uf them when
they wi good for run, tha local did a
cl?n Job of trimming the Champ for
tho eoiid time tbi series. Omaha. ha
annexed two uf the three games so far
played, with tha final lunula today.
Today's game will ba tha lest p.aytd on
tne home around until August 11. Leav
ing tonight, Omaha open tomorrow with
Wichita for lour games, following with
four (uiiki each with Denver, Topeka and
tit. Joseph.
Keeley pitched in fine form yesterday
a. id up to hia unfortunate ninth allowed
tne lowans only four Kit? one bringing In
a run. Hierdorfer wa more Hheral In
ii presentation of (WdU, handing out
eleven. He was hit in every Inning but
the second.
fiiutlini out the Champs until the fifth
i, n- Hourkee chalked up on in
. uiid three in the fourth. Score
o.iu v. a brought , lot by Davis, the' first
man up,, who walked and cam home on
Corrldon' two-bagger. Inning No. 4 opened
by Thomson tie batted an easy Infield
grounder down to Colllgan at short, but
Mr. Colllgan, shooting it across to first,
missed his mark by ' several ' feet and
Thomson trotted on down to second.
From second he was sacrificed to third
by Welch and completed tha circuit on
lovoiy single by Cad man. Keeley followed
Cadman's . exampl and aleo lned out a
singe and. both came across the rubber
when Nlahoff allowed a throw to get past
lilm and roll out toward the fence.
Omaha Safe In ftlstk.
Two mors In the seventh and the Omaha
were satisfied to quit. Flood began It with
a walk. Morlarlty twisted on out to right
field. Just Inside the base line, for two
bases, advancing Flood to third. Thom
son knocked an easy on down to the third
baseman and went to first, while flood
was caught trying to make it a score,
iwo singles by Welch and Cadman In.
quick succession, scoring JMorlarity and
Thomson, finish the story.
Des Moines Hlta ITnlncky.
Although De Molnea found Keely for
threo hlta In the ninth and brought In
three runs, only one run came In on a hit.
Curtis started it with ...single and went
to second when Maddox was walked. Nie-
hort stepped In about that time with an
imer mu single out to center. Thorn-
son. somehow, allowed the bal Ho go scoot
ing past his outstretched hands and a
ii oowiea along toward the) flagpole Our
tls and Maddox crossed the p.t, Nl
--., eM.s im mira. William hit and
u,l,u"1 " inorr for the fast run. Will
lama seconded on K.iw. n
where he expired.
., - MW V'LVIl,
... 4
... 6
. 4
... 4
... 3
... 2
... 2
... 4
tavls, cl
Corrldon, sa .,
Flood, 2b .....
Kai. lb
Morlarlty, 3b .
Thompson, If
Welch, rf
fad men, ..,
Keeley, p
m 6
11 27 11
AB. R. H.
Bador, rf ...
Colllgan, s
Curtis, If ...
Hwyer. lb ..
Maddox, rf
Nlehoff, 3b
Williams, 2b
demons, e .
Da via
Totals ...
4 0
8 0
4 1
4 0
3 1
........... 9 t,
3 0
3 0
7 21 13
IS'.'fl or "'"'dorfr In ninth,
liattod for demons In ninth.
Hits ...
lies Moines
Runs ..
Hits ...
.... I .: 3 0 0 2
.... 2 0-1 2 11 2
..... 0 OyO 0 1 0 0 0 S 4
. ... 0002 1 0 o n i
Two-base hits: CorrWun, Morlarlty. First
bus., on dsIIm: Off Keeloy. : off Blerrdor
ftr. B. Struck out: By Keeley, 0; by Bler
dorf.r, 3. Left on bnseH: Omaha, 8; Oe
Moines, u. Double plays! Colllgan to Clem
oi to Lwyer; Corrldon ito Flood to Kane
.VIty ,Kn: Voo to Kane. Wild
Pitch: Keeley. Stolen-, hassa; Corrldon,
rAUr'.',y,..uVVVl?.,, S"1 2. Cleinons
J-niilfice hltn: Welrh, Cadman. Time: 1;.0.
Lmplrrs: Clark and Kternberg.
Xatxs at
, i. ,a!,lbMU 8am-no one got hit wltli a
pitched ball. .,
Omaha starts on this tf Ip after a' week of
fast ba ball. ... . I .
Nothing doing after toiifoy until August 11.
A stiff south, wind, road a long throw
paid to gauge. ,
llerr Morlurlty bontlmtos to uphold hi er
rorless record. . , , . j
Corrldon and Flood still shin when It
tomes to double jl:jys.
The Hourkes pulled off three doubles
While the Chumps made only one.
Hersche and Davis, who batted for Clem
ona and Bieraqorftir n tlis ninth, war both
struck out by Keeley.
Mr Clark blocked several hundred pounds
Of Keeley stetim with his left foot. He
dldn t appear to enjoy It. i
Johasos) I'naalca Homo Batters
grofr Four to Three.
TOPEKA. July rj.-Tooeka outhlt Rt. Jn.
soph today, but St. Joseph won. by a score
vi a 10 . jounson was a puzslo to Topeka.
Score :
. A B. R,
0 I
Powell. If.....
Fox. Sb
Jones, lb.?...
Corhun. b.,..
H. Ilolllv Sh.
Bauer, if
Frmnlics, a...
Johnson, p...
....... B
0 37 15
H. PO.
X 0
3 27 18
Batted for Han-! In ninth.
St. Joneph 0 0 0 3
vTopki 0 0 1 0
0 0
0 0
Hum run: Inndreth. Two-has hit:
I.xtidreth, B. Kellly, Kunkel Xtolen h.eea;
Fox, U. Reilly, Bauer (2). Jluira on ball:
lff Harris, 1; off Johnson. 3. Struck out:
By Harris, 5: by Johnson, 2. Ift on bases:
Tokii. s: (it. Joseph, S. Hit with pitched
ball: Welch. Time: 1:13. Umpire: Mullen.
Attendance: 300.
llonio Tons Wins PUehers Battle In
Ulghlh lnalnc.
LINCOLN, July 35. Lincoln scored at
run today, while Sinus Cliy aa ahut out.
It a pitchers' haul until th eighth.
Totals J
All. R.
W ooley, rf , J 0
T Hellly. ss 4 , 1
rhomsson. If 4V 1
l.undre, rf 3 1
Welch, l .3 0
Kunkel. Sh 4 0
Aohutt. lb 3 0
Boles, c 4 0
Harris, p 3 0
'rVhinldl 1
Totals ...34 3
Standing of the Teams
W.L.Pct. I W.L.Pct.
Denver Bi 34 ..X;Chicago 54 .64.1
ioux City...i4 36 .aViiNew VorU. . . .47 a& .im4
Lincoln 63 its .iSJ, I'ittshurg ,...4i ISi ,M
Wichita . 4 4J .W-v; Cincinnati ...14 41 .&1
St. Joeph....41 4 .4oJ, Philadelphia..) 4i .4M
Oman 41 M .446, St. Louis....... 41 .447
Des Moines.. : W .41-Brooklyn ....34 W .4
Topeka 2s stf .324, Boston 31 bb .Sss
W.LPct.i W.L.Pct.
Philadelphia. ii ti .B7; Minneapolis... SH 34 .4.0
Hoaton Fj2 34 . Kt. Paul. ......68 42 .b
.Sew Vol k... 60 34'oledo iJ 4i . . t
Detroit 47 41 Mi Kansas Clty..4( 4x .
Cleveland ...M 44 .4..0,L'olumhii ....44 tt .48
Washington. .3 50 .41U;Milwaukee ..." -4-ta
Chicago 34 il .u liidtaiispoils.. o .V-m
til. Louis 2o M .aov,Loulsville 8fl 2 .30
Fremont ....40 jr. . SIS' W.L.Pct.
Or. Island. .. at .S47i Clarlntla 3i in .w?
Buperlor ....) ,&J4 Neb. City ii t ,M3
Heward M n .500 f ans my iw .
Kearney ....S2 i-i .477 Auburn a W
llastlnga ....31 S3 ,4M Shenandoah .29 2 .47
Bed Cloud. ..M i ,4mMaryvllle it .SSJ
oiumiu an .m
Vealerday'a Heaolta,
Des Moines, 4; Omaha, (.
Hloux City, 0: Lincoln, 6.
Denver, 7; Wichita. Second game; Pen-.
ver, e; Wichita, 10.
Mt. Joseph, 4; Topeka, 3.
Chicago. : Washington, i. Kecond game:
Chicagii, l; kVashlngton, 6. .
Cleveland, 4; Piuiaueipnia, 2. bacona
game: Cleveland,); Philadelphia,..
Deirolt. H; New York, 4.
tit. Louis, 2; Boston, 4.
Philadelphia, 3; Pittsburg, I.
Milwaukee, 1; Columbus, 2.
Kansas City, 6; Toledo, 4.
f-t. Paul, 2; Indianapolis, 3.
Minneapolis, ; Louisville, 6.
2 Grand island, t.
Hauungs, 6, Seward, I.
Jvearney, 1; Fremont, 4.
Maryvllle, 4, Clarinda, L
Fails City, 2; Nebraska City, 0.
Auburn, , Shenandoah, 8.
Games Ha4sr.
Western League Des Moines at Omaha,
Sioux city at Lincoln, Denver at Wichita,
si. josepu at Topeka.
American League (Jhlcauo at Washing-'
ton, Cleveland at Philadeipnla, Detroit at
New York, St. Louis at Boaton.
National League Philadelphia at Pitts
burg, iioston at Brooklyn.
American Aasooiauon Milwaukee at
Cuiumoua, Kansas (Jity at Toledo, St. Paul
at Indianapolis, Minneapolis at Louisville.
Nebraska State League Superior at
Grand island, Hud Cloud at Columbus,
Hasting at tew ai d, Kearney at Fremont.
Mink league Maryvllle at Clarinda. Fulls
City at Nebraska City, AuDurn at bnenan.
with Farthing having the advantage when
Lincoln picked up live scores. Not a Sioux
City runner saw third base. Cole's Ion
throw to first, completing a douole, wa
tne nature, ecore;
AB. R. H. O. A. K.
Jude, if
Uagnler, as
Coie, cf
Cobb, rf
Cookman, 3b....
inumas, id
Weldensaul, 2b,
Kruger, ... ......
running, p
7 J
AB. R.
Andreas, 2b t
Stem, lb 3
welch V
Quill.n, 2b 4
Feniou, rf 4
Myers, It... , I
Miner, c l
Neighbors, cf 3
Hlrunan, ss.... I
Fieeman, p.; v. 3
Totals 27 0
2 24
Batted for Stem In ninth.
Lincoln 0 0 0 0 1
Sieux City 0 0 0 0 0
0 0
0 0
6 -6
0 0-0
Two-base hit: Uartman. Double play:
Cole to 'ihomaa. earned runs: Ltnooin, 1.
Left on bases: Lincoln. H: Sioux City. 4
stolen baaea: Cockman, Weldensaul. Sac
rifice hits: Cole (2), Weldensaul. Struck
out: By Farthing, 4; by Freeman, 9. Baaes
on balls: off a'arthing, 4; otf Freeman, tt.
Hit by pltoned ball: ay Freeman,' 1. Wild
pucn: r reeman. j line, :w. 3 empire
Fiynn and Spencer.
Some Sensational I'lsytna; Give the
uania to Victors, S to 3
On the Fort Omaha field yesterday aft
ernoon. In a game bubbling over with sen
sational and phenomenal stunts, the Store
Triumphs defeated the Holly by the score
of 2 to 1. About 2,6Ui spectators watched
in Dame, ana they sure got value receivea.
as tha argument waa hard fought, close
and Interesting from the first too, of the
horn till the last man expired. Four double
Plays served to thrill the fans, three of
wnicn were cornered by the rtollys, while
the .Brewers had one to their credit
The Holly' lonesome tally c-ama In the
sixth, when Falconer clouted on and
Dougherty followed with a two-base as
sault Bruggeman twirled a grand game
striking out eight and allowing only three
hlta. Hlokey heaved a beautiful gam for
tne ttoiiys, Keeping the nits scattered and
whiffing five. McLean kidnaped one with
one paw that looked like a safe smack, and
George Dougherty glommed a hard liner
which resulted In rtouhla nlay. MoAn
rtrewn and Kelly were continually In the
Neat bunday the Stori Triumph and the
rarreii ryrups win meet ror the second
time this season. The first gam resulted
in a tie. ao a contest ror Dlood is antlci
pated. Maid quarrel will be the second event
ot a (louhie-hrader scheduled for Vinton
treet paru. ecore;
AB.H.U.A . AB ll.O.A B
McLean, aa.. 4
Pousliarty. Sb I
S I vraleonar, ot.. 4 2 14
1 1 ). Kelly, lb.. 10 11
I 1 ODoushariy, lb 3 1 1 4
I 4MCrasrr, rf. 4 4 3 0
0 0 UMcAnd'we, a I 0 I 4
1 S OP. Kflljr, lb.. S01S
3 0 ORuaaam, . .. S 0 4 S
3 0 OUreaeuiMl. It. I 0 1 S
4 4 Oliltkey, p ... 1 0 4 S
V. Co, o,..., 1
Drummjr, lb. 8
B. Cos," rf.... I
Thauer, lb... S
Bpallman. II. 3
Uulsl.r, if... 4 p I
Totala S3 !Q J7, 4 0 Te.ala IS I 17 W
Ptori 1 9 1! 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mollys 0 0000100 0-
Btruck out: By Bruggeman, 3; by HlcWey
B. Bases on balls: Off Bruggeman, 2: nil
Hlckey, i. Hit with pitched ball: Doug!
rty, Drummy t-). Two-bas hit: D
Douaherly. Double Dlavs: Kellv to McAn
drew to Dougherty i Hlokey to Kelly to
McAudrews; Kelly to Dougherty; Dough
erty to McLean, Stolen liases: Falconer
12). tjulgley Ul, Drummy. Umpire: D. Kls
sane. '
I.KAUl 13
Blooiulngton, Springfield, Danville
and Prorla Win.
BLOOMINQTON. 111.. July 2.-Bloomlng-ton
won a snappy game in the fourtn in.
ning on hlta by Nlnamaker and Rude Bush
and . sacrifices by Melc.',er and ICrwln.
Score: ' K.H.E.
liloomlngton ...0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 3 4 2
Waterloo 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 S 1
Batteries: Davidson and Nunmaker;
Pulton and Searlea.
SPRINGFIELD. 111., July 25-Heavy hit
ting and good playing won both euda ot a
double-header today for Sorinafleld. John
son's long borne run in the first game was
a reature. Bcore, iirat game: RH.K.
Spi liKfleld 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 t -B U 2
Davenpoit 10200000 08 B 3
Batteries: Laudermllk and Hartley; Nel
son and Coleman.
Score, stcond game: R H K.
Springfield X 0 0 S A 0 -4 a 0
Davenport 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 7 1
Batteries: Mlddleton and Hartley; Ar
cher. Walsh and Coleman.
- DANVILLE. 111 . July -Danville
allowed up the Ialundtirs on bases and made
It three straight. 'Score: R U E.
Danville 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 B 1
Rock Island ... 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 3 1
Batterfea: Looinl and Wolfe; Cavet.
Quelser and O'Leary'..
PEORIA. 111., July 2fv Peoria solved
Fatter n th seventh Inning today, winning
easily. Score: R H B.
Peoria 1 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 -4 1
Dubuque X 0 4) I S 0 02 S 0
Batteries: Hovllk and Asmusaen; Faber
and Kelly.
Visitor! Take First Game by Four to
Two Score.
Lord Gets Homer in First Baker ama
Collin I.a4 Three-Base Hits -Hsaalt
tat I .as! fear to
PHILADELPHIA. July 25. -Cleveland and
Philadelphia split even In a double header
her today. Bcore, first game:
All. H. O A S. A8.H.0 A I.
dran.y U. ... 14 0 OLnrd, tf 4 4
Stovall, lb... 4 4 19 4 0uldrln, If.... 4 114
Tumor, sa... 3 1 I 4 Collna, lb,... 4 1 I 1 0
U)oi. .,.. 4 111 OBakcr, lb 4 1 1 1 4
Kaaurlr, a. v. I til SUarla, lb..... 4 1 11 0
litmla, 144 SMurplir, rt.,.3 0144
Nil, rf 4 14 4 Onarrr. as I 1 I I
Ball, tt 13 14 ODonohua, .. I 1 4 1 0
Wradlay, lb . 4 1 4 4 4riank, 3 134
Young, p 34114
Tetala II 7 IJ W
Toula 4 IT II 4
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2-4
Philadelphia 0 0000010 0-2
Two-base hit: LaJola. Three-base hits:
Baker, Collins. Home run: Lord. lilts:
Off Jots, i In I Innings: oft Uarkness, g in
innninga. Base on balls: Off Joss. 2.
Struck out: By Joea, 6; Morgan, 3; Uark
ness. 1.
Score, second game:
..4314 OOranar, If.... 44141
..4 I 3 4 OSto.all, lb... 4 114 1
..4111 ('Turner, as.... 40440
.. 4 3 0 0 0La)ola, 2b.... 31031
,.1111 OBrmli, e I 0 I 0 4
.3 4 4 4 0NIIM, rt 34110
.14 3 IBall. c 11141
..I 0 14 1 OBradleir. lb... 1 13 14
. 3 0 4 1 4 Jut. p 34114
Harknaaa, p..l 0 4 1 4
Totals t 4 14 IT 4
014rlni, e(.
ouins, lb...
l)kr, lb...
H'Hjwr, lb..,
Murphr, rt,,
Harry, sa....
Laph, o
Morgan, p...
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
'hlladelphla 0 0 110 10 x 4
Two-base hlta: Graney. Turnev. Nlles.
Three-base hlta: Baker, Lajole. Suck
out: By Young, i: by Plank. I. Time:
:42. Umpire: Messrs. Euan and O'Laugh-
Chleaco Breaks Errs,
WASHINGTON. July ZB.-Washlna'ton and
Chicago brok even In today' double
header, Score, first game:
AD.H.O A.g. Ag.H O.A.g., of.,., 4 14 Olrhaatar, it., M I I 1
Calder, lb ... I
Collins, rf.... 4
S 1 I SLsllralt, It... 4 0 13 0
0 4 1 IConroy, lb... 4 11(0
3 10 eocMler. rt.... 4 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 OMcBrlde, a.. 4 3 4 4 1
0 11 0 OKlllllar, lb... 4 1 I 4 4
3 0 1 OHanry, lb.... I Q II 0 4
114 4Bckndort, 3 0 I 0 4
JT 3 4Rlalln(, f... 1 3 0 4 0
iHHisb.rtr, II S
Oandlll, It... 3
Mullln, lb... I
Purt.ll, lb,,. 4
Tanr.blll, aa 4
Sulllnn, t... 4
Walab, 9 I
Totals si inn i
Totals S3 14 IT II 4
Washington 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-2
Chicago 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 1 04
Two-base hits: Relating, Tanpehlll. Par
ent. Three-bas hit: McBrid. Home run:
Purtell. Baa on balls: Off Relating, 3; off
Walsh, 1. Struck out: By Relating, 3; by
Walsh, 7. Time: 1:411. Umpire: Psrrlne.
Soore, second gam:
cha.rar, et..4 1 1 OParsat, (.... 4 130
LMIItsII, It... I SO 4Elar, So.,.. 4 1344
Conror, lb.,, 4 1 1 1 OColllna, II.... 4 0 0 0 0
ler. rt.... 4 1 1 OOalid II. It.... 4 110 0
MrBrlda. a.. 3 1 3 I OMullls, lb ... 4 0 10 0
Kllllt.r, lb... S 3 3 1 4Purt.ll, lb... 4 3 K( 0
H.nrr, lb.... 3 0 II 4 OTannaklll, ss I 0 I S 1
Bcknorf. It M OBIack. 4 0 S I 1
Qroom. p 1 0 0 4 IBnltk. 1113 4
-Lanf, a 1 4 0 0 0
TvU1s..,...Sl 10 ST II 1
Totals 14 T 14 16 3
Washington 1 1200001 -5
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-1
Baae on balls: Off Groom. 1: off Smith.
, orr iang, l. struck out: By Oroom, 4
by Smith. 3: by Lang, L Time: 1:50. I'm
pir: Perrln.
Hlghlaadsra Are OwTplared.
NEW YORK. July 2J.-Th Highlander
were both outbatted and outtlelded todav
ana were oeaten to . The aereat coat
lng New York second place in the cham
pionshlp race. Score:
Mclntrr. If. S 1 1 0
. I
10 4 0
U l.earr, 40.. s a I J vwoliar.
rt.... I
10 0 0
Cobli, ef..J...4 14 1 6K night, lp. 3
Craarford, rf. 4 1 10 OCeaa, el 4
Blmmooa, IM 1 I I OOardner, lb.. 4
Buah. as B 3 11 ORoach, aa.... S
T. Jonas, lb. I 1 11 0 OAuailn, lb ... 4
Btanaft, ..., S S 1 0 OCrlser, I
Will. n, p.... l 0 3 IVauabs, P...I
0 13 1
0 1 S 1
1 II 0
Totals 40 14 17 11 1 Totals 11 I 17 IS 3
Detroit 1 10 10 110 31
New York 1 0001100 0-4
Two-base .hltsi Buah.- Stanaare. Oardnev.
Cobb, T. Jones. Three-base-htta: O'Leary,
mmmons. nacruice nits: lodd, i. Jones.
Knight. Sacrifice files: Knlsht. Crawford.
Stolen base: Bush (2), Crawford, Cobb.
Left on bases: Detroit, 0; New York, 6.
First base on 'error: Detroit. 2. Double
play: Wtliett, Btanaga and T. Jones; Aus
tin and Kniaht. Struck out: By Vauahn.
B; Willett, 1. Bases on ball: Off Willett,
vaugn, l. wild pitch j vaugnn. Fassed
ball: CriRer.
Umpires: Dlneen and Evans.
Tim 3-.W.
Pittsburg Wins
From the Phillies
Captures Contest, Three to Two, by
Close Work on ' Pirates' '
PITTSBURGH July 26.-Phlladelphla won
today, 3 to 2, by getting a many hit in
the third inning a Pittsburg got In th
entire game. Score:
Thames, ( 4 13 0 SBrrne, lb
Knahe; Jb ... 4 i l v OMsea
Tltua, rf 4 111 Oc'lar.
age. If .,..4 110 ewign.r, aa... 4 I
ant, lb 110 1 kFiyna, lb.,.. 4 I T
'neflele, lb 4 0 10 4 awlleon, rf ,.. I 0 I
Doalas, a..., 4 1 1 B 1 'Campbell ... 1
0 4
4 4
0 0
0 1
0 1
Doojn, e S 111 SOlbeoa, ....!
Moore, 3 1 0 1 iltyatt 1
MXJulllan, p. 0 4 0 0 PMiK'hnis, .lb I
Camnlta. p.. 1
yotais ji i ii u I
Totala 14 4 7 U 4
Batted for Wilson In ninth.
-Hatted for Ulbsan In ninth.
Pittsburg 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0- 2
Philadelphia 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-3
Three-bas hits: Clark, Mage, aiacrl.
flu hits: Grant, Moore. Doubl play;
Dooln to Doolan. Bases on balls: off
Moore, 3. Hlta: Off Moor, 4 In seven In
nliiK; off McWuillen, 0 in two inning, lilt
by pitched ball: By Moore, tilbson. Struck
out: By Camnlts, 6; by Moore, ; by He
Quillen, . Wild pitch: Moore. First base
on error; Pittsburg. 1. Left on base:
Pituburg, 6; Philadelphia, 4. Time: 1.40.
Umpires: Eason and Johnstone.
linker Again Prove III Cleverness
aa a Pitcher.
Th Updlkes defeated the Monmouth
Parka Sunday afternoon after the best
pitching battle seen on the Florence
grounds. Baker of tha Updike struck out
eleven men and allowed two hits. Brad
ley, formerly of Fremont, pltoned greit
bail for tha Parks, striking out ten and
allowing four hits.
Score, first game: U II E.
Updike 000100100-341
rik otoioosoo-121
Batteries 1 Baker and Johnson: Parka.
Bradley and Rodger.
in raanay iee were easy tor me i. p-
aike in a econa gam.
Second game:
Updike 000405)0
Handy Lee... 40000000
it la v
0 0 8 1
Batterlea: Updike, Ball and Uucroft;
Mandy Leea, Heckland and Marsh.
Th Updlkes eialm Baker a on of th
best pitchers In Omaha. He has secured
U4 strikeout In eight game. Ills record
is four hits and seventeen strikeouts per
O'Neill Wins wltk Ia.a.
VALENTINE. Neb., July 25 (Special Tel
earem ) O Neiil and Valentin aaln played
today, O'Neill winning. 14 to L Score:
Valentin 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
O Nottl I S 4 1 S 3 -10
Batteries: Valentine. Bishop and Fischer;
O'Neill, Coyne and Fincher.
Fast Fielding
Marks Twelve-
Inning Game
Grand Island Slides in Ahead of
Superior on Timely Hits An
other Umpire Slugged.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. July 35-t8peolal
Telegram. )-Fat fielding on both sides
marked the twelv-lnnlng contest today.
Cnterfllder Pip Coo for Grand Island
and Marne for Superior did star work.
Grand Island won in .h last half of th
twelfth on successive single by Beitaer,
Graham and dark ana a aacrlflc by Car
roll. Score:
B. II. E.
Grand Island.. 0110000000 13 11 J
Superior 00001000000 0-2 S 2
Batteries: McMahon. Paul and Carroll!
Bibson and Bartley.
FREMONT, Neb., July S5.-(8peclal Tele
gramsFremont kept up ther winning
Streak this afternoon, defeating Kearney 4
to 1. The latter team has been strength
ened lately, but was unable to bunch hit
enough to win. Score:
B. 11. E.
Fremont 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 4 S 3
Kearney 1O000UOO 01 U
Batteries: Fremont, Campbell and Buh
ner; Kearney, Noyes and Townsend. Um
pire: Nelson.
SEWARD. Neb.. July 2o.-(Spclal.)-Ila-
tings defeated Reward today t to L Clyd
Neff took exoeptlon to th decision ot
th umpire and was fined Bit. After th
game he struck the umplr and a free-for-
all was narrowly averted. Score:
R. 11. K-
Hasting 00003S00O-4 0
Batteries: Hastings, Orth and Donnelly;
Seward, Walker. Steward and Wallry. Um
pire: urinitn.
Battlagr I
Fratar of tho
Tha. Imarlnani Of Omaha defeated th
Council Bluffs Merchants Munday by. th
cor of V to 4. The featur of th gam
was th batting of Hawkins, who brought
In six run nd got horn run. ocor:
Aa II O.A.B. AB.H.O.A.E.
Trarr. If 4 3 1 OQIbaoo. aa. ... 4 1 1 4
Haohtan. rt.. 4 1 l sw.uoif. a
Hawklna. lb.. Bill OSchnaldar, Sb 4 0
Blierar, e 4 14 1 IDuff. 4 1
Swaeney, lb.. I 4 1 UW'ahl, lb 4 4
Denny, at.... 1110 ODrsert. It.... i I
Uenniaon, Ik, 4 1 IS 1 Ok, !b-cf.... 3 1
Bmlth, aa I I t I Jlll.rlieok, rt, I I
Alama, p.... 4 3 0 3 vBroatlbeok, p. S 1
wm. Ooff... 1 0
Totala It U'll IB 4
Toula II 1 37 IS I
Broedbet-k out; cut flrat base.
'Batted for Utterbeck In ninth.
American 1 1 I 0 0 0 3 1 1
Merchant 1 111MHM
Karned run: Americana, 4; Merohants, 1,
Two-bas hit: Dyeeru Three-base hit:
Sherer. Home run: Hawkins. Stolen
base: Sherer, Smith, Glbaon, Uoff, Dygert
Double plays: smith to enerar 10
Dennison, Fox to Wahl. Hit by pitched
ball: By Adam, Fox. Struck out: By
Adams, 31 by Broedbeuk, T. Base on balls;
Off Adams. 3; oft Broedbeok, B. Wild pitch:
Adam.- Left on baiea: Americana, ; Mer
chant. B. iTime; 2:w. Boorer; uros.
Umpire: St. Clair.
Defeat PlatUinoota hr Seor of 8 to
1st Sixteen Inning.
The' Burlington Red Sox went to Platts
mouth yesterday ' Oo get revenge from
their previous ' trip and were suooeasful
after battling w4h the fast team of that
town. They won by a score ot to I in
a fast slxteen-lnning gam.
Both teams have good support, but th
Red Sox had the better of it, their 'elding
being superb. Mason, for the Red Sox,
struck out twenty-one men, while Bard
well struck out voventeen. Th fielding
of Llsy and Swift was the feature ot the
game. Swift picking two off th center
Held rence.
The PlatUmouth team scored two runs
in th first inning and wa shut out from
then on, while the Red Sox tied th score
in the ninth with a beautiful drlv. Th
Sox have now struck their gait and will
how any teams In or out ot th city a
run for their money. Score:
Omaha 000100001000000 13 2 2
Pl'mouth ..,3v0600000O00OO-23
Any team desiring game with the Bur-
nngion nea box will write u. i. .cmerson,
manager, at Tenth and Mason streeta. Pull
man building. i
Milkmen BJhnt Oat br Effective Bat
tery Work and Fielding;,
Th J. S. Crosa team took on ot th
best played games this season from the
Alamltos at Benson iCagle park by th
core of 4 to 0. i
A feature ot the game wa the Ditch
ing of Dike for the Crosses, who did not
allow the Alamltos a hit and struck out
leven of them. In thre tlmea up Joedy
mad a two-base hit. a three-baa hit and
a aacrlfioe. The all ground fielding oC th
i roas team wa hlgn cias. score:
Crosa 1 0 2 0 1 0 4
Alam'tQ ,,.,..... H M H H
Batterlea: Dike, Poiifka: Kane. Smith.
Ba hits: 'Crosa. A; Aiamito, o. Two-base
hit i Joedy, Threebaa. hit: Joedy. Sao.
rifle hit: Kranda. Pollfka, 2; Joedy, O
trenlea. Hit! By Dike. 1. Baa on ball
Bv Dike. I. t'mplr: Gibson. Tim of
gam; 1 hour 20 minutes.
Maryvllle, Fall City, Shenandoah
Winner in Day-' Games.
At Clarinda 8oore: R, II I
Maryvllle 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 34 10
Clarinda OOOIO6600-I
Batteries: Ford and' Diets; Caey and
,101111011, 1 moire: r leicner.
At Nebraska City Scora: R.II.E
Falls City 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 32 3
Nebraska City 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 a
I Batteries: French and Oronalet; MUler
ana vvauer. empire: cage.
At Shenandoah Score: R.II.E.
Auburn 00 13 000 00 4
Shenandoah B 100003 0 - 8
Batteries; Hlrarh, Ifillwlck and Cranlnger
Ward, Cochran and Castle. Umplr: Juey
Sidney t lob Takes Ons-Sldsd Gam
by Seven to .Nolhlna; Score.
SIDNEY, Neb., July 23. North Platte was
shut out uy 1 11c eiuuey oast, ban club to
day In a very one-sided and uninteresting
game, by the score or 7 to u. The local
had the visitor at their mercy all th
time. Trimble, the great Sidney southpaw
allowed North Platte but one hit, and it
was for one base. The batting of the Sid
ney club was a feature. Score: H.H K
Sidney 0 0 8 2 0 0 1 2 -T 7
North Platte.... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 X
Batterlea: Sidney, Trlmbl nd C. Ferry
North Piatt. Swop and Mann. Struck
out: By Trimble, t; by Swop, 4. Tim
2:00. Umplr: Schwaiger.
Wllbrr Win Tito (issue,
WILBER. Neb.. July 25 (Special.) Wll
her defeated th Invincible of Counc
Bluff, wlnnlna- both the Saturday and Sun
day game. Score, first game: RUE
Invlnolblea 0 01300010-44
Wilber 1 1 6 2 B 3 0 0 -18 19 0
Batterlea: lavinclbles, Hlgglns, Boyne
and Ebblwhlte:-Wilber, Luse and Prucha.
Umpire: Hokuf.
Mcore. second game:
. .ooouooiu 01 4 3
Wilber ...I 0101030-8 11 l
Batterlea: Invlnrlblea, Peterson and Ebbl
whlte; Wilber. Shimonek and Prucha. Um
pires: Hokuf and Walkiin.
Rpaldlaa Win, H to .1.
n nn ,f Iha hat ft-ama nlavi4 mt
I Florence park this season the Spsldlng
team defeated the new Monmouth Park
tesm by a scor of B to 8. Scor:
Spalding 1 0 0 0 0 1 4 3-8 t 3
Monmouth 00130000 03 10 4
Hatlariea: Spalding, Zeetnielster and
Hoy; Monmouth Park? Bell and Marrow.
Th feature of th game wa the ba
running ( Hofer.
Th Key to the Situation Bee Want Ad.
Packard's Single and Perring's Long
Drive Bring Needed Score.
Mllwaoke Lose Close Game lo
Colombo) M either Score After
Fifth Two Two-nsse Hits
In flame.
COLUMBUS, O.. July 28. Columbu de
feated Milwaukee 2 to 1 today. Packard's
single and Perrlng's long drive gav the
home team its second run in the fifth,
Perrln. lb... I 1 0 I 0gnnr, el... 4 3 4 0
Hlnchman, If 4
i uu scbarlaa, lb.,
ISO ORaiMall, rf.
0 4 3 OMcOann, lb
4 113 0
onsalton, rf. 4
3 10 4 0
S 0 11 4 0
4 0 S 1 0
5 1 4 B 1
Downa, 2b. ... I
R.llly, !.... 4
0 10 0 Clark, lb
Odw.ll, lb... 4 0 14 I iLewla, aa...
Mablln. aa.. 1
Arbngut, c. I
114 Onreen. II.
s 0 s 0 0
s 0 1 1 0
0 11 OMarahall.
Packard, p... I
1 3 3 OUotifbertr, p. I 0 0 4 4
Totala I 17 IT 1 Total 10 4 14 II I
Milwaukee 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1
Columbus 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2
Stolen base: Hlnchman. Sacrifice hits:
Downs, Arbogast, Randall, McUann. Two
base hits: Porting, Congalton. Bases on
balls: Off Dougherty, I. Struck out: By
Packard. 1. Umpires: Bierhalter and
Cusack. Time: 1:24.
ladlanapolla Wins Pitchers' Battle.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., July K.-Oberlln
nd Kllrov ensaaed in a Ditchers' battle
today, the former being successful, Indian
apolis winning from St. Paul, 3 to 3. Both
teams played sensationally in in iieia.
AB.H. O.A.. AB.H.O.A.E.
Chadb'nva, cf I 0 1 0 OCIark, of 4 4 14 4
Williams, lb. 3 1 I I 0 Brain, lb S 0 4 3 0
Hayd.n, rf...4 4 10 Clone, ot 1 1 1 e
Carr, lb.
...4 uu I UMi-uorm , e I i v I o
It I 1 1 0 0 Murray, rf... 4 3 0 0 4
1113 OAutTsy, lb... I 1 IS 1
..Sill OWrlglay, lb.. 4 0 S 3 4
...1011 1 Kelly. 3 1 S 1 0
..3100 OKIIror, p 31440
'Lleas 1 0 0 0 0
..14 17 11 1 'Mouther ....1 0 0 0
slurch, lb.
Coffey, a.
Oborlln, p.
Batted for Kelly In ninth.
Batted for Kllroy In ninth.
.13 T 14 II 0
St. Paul 0 0 0 0 0
Indianapolis 0 2 0 1 0
10 10-2
0 0 0
Two-bas hit: Murray. Struck out: By
Oberlln. 4; by Kllroy, 1. Double plays;
Jones and Kelly; William and Can-;
Wrigley and Autrey. Stolen bases: Jones,
Brain, Autrey, Delehanty. Base on balls:
Off Oberlin, 6; off Kllroy, i. Sacrifice hlta:
wuuama, Howerman. Time; 1:20, umpires;
Chill and Bush.
Shooters Enjoy
Fine Day ot Sport
Magio City Team No. 1 Wins Prize for
High Team, with Benson
Team Second.
The shooting carnival yesterday after
noon at South Omaha, in which the Omaha
Qun club, the Benson Oun club, the Coun
cil Bluffs Qun club and two team of tho
South Omaha club participated, wa a big
suocess. Tha South Omaha team No. 1,
consisting of Dvorak, Boyle, Fry, Morrill
and Dixon, wen th prlc for th high team
by a soor of 404 out of a possible BOO. Th
Benson club, with the remarkable shooting
of Maxwell, th one-armed crack, was seo
ond with a score, ot 449. The Omaha Qun
club,, assisted by Lara way of Hamburg,
la., and Dan 0llu. deputy gam warden,
was third with a score of 448. , Council
Bluff wag fourth with 39S, and tha South
Omaha second team waa last, with 349. The
Rod and Oun club had not a full team pres
ent and did not compete.
The crowd waa the largest ever seen on
the South Omaha grounds, and they spent
all tha afternoon until the last ray of the
departing un be for th tournament closed.
omo excellent score were made. Morrill
of South Omaha, McDonald of Omaha and
Freel ot Council Bluff each made a score
of SB out of a possible 100. Maxwell of Ben
son, Dworak of South Omaha and Rogers
of Omaha each had ti out of 100 targets.
The entertainment wa beyond complaint
The following men made up the various
South Omaha Dworak, Boyle, Morrill,
Frve. Dixon. Score 4t
Renann Maxwell. Whitney. Loverlng.
Chr st anson. sturgeon, score tu
Omaha Roger, Townsend, McDonald,
Laraway, Uellu. Score 413
Counoll Bluffs Freel. Hardin, Roper,
Davis, Flynn. Soore 898
South Omaha No. 3 Ford, Brlggs, Mor-
risy, tiunaugn, vuucimm. ouuie ov
Royal Achates Take Another.
Tho Swiff Pride team of South Omaha
aould not stoD the . rush of the Royal
Achate and wa defeated by tne score
of 11 to 2, at Twenty-seventh and Cali
fornia street. Mollner, who started to
nltch for the Swifts, was hit freely, and
was, Datiea on me rucoer, jnoran, tne
Achates4 pitcher, went In the box and
pitched a good game for the Swifts, but
got oaa suppon. iievers. uie Acnaira uuu
thrower, pitched a better game than either.
f ettlng sixteen strikeouts and allowing but
our hits. Score: . R.H.E.
Achate 4 l o z u u 4 u o ii iu i
Swift 0 0 0 0 t 0 0 0 0 2 4 t
Batteries: For Achates, uillespie and Be
vers; for Swifts, Brisey, Moeller and Mo
ran. Three-Da mi: owirts, i. umpire:
Rangers Easily Rent Irmons.
with a Datched-up team, the Rangers
outclassed th lrmens and won by the score
of lv to a Dewia and ivysirom were in
whole show, Lawt striking out twenty
men and allowing four hits. Nystrom'
baukstopplng and throwing to bases al
lowed no one to steal.
The Ranger nav some open nates ana
would like to hear from th Holly, J. s.
Cross, Whit City Ramblar and Athletic.
Call Dabster 22V7 after 6. Score:
Irmena 0 Q 0 0 1 0 0 2 0-8 4
Ranger 3 1 0 o 3 o I o'-10 14
Batterlea: lrmens, La Rourge and Poi
son; Rangers. Lewis and Nystrom. Um
pire; Cy Woodard.
A, O. V. W. Still Winning.
Ancient Order of United Workmen Lodge
No. 322 defeated Lodge No. 159 yesterday
In a hotly contested game by a score of
6 to 4. It was a fight from start to finish.
No. I9 got Its score in the first. For No.
821 J. Brown Kot a home run. with two
men on baaea. In the last Inning Wright
Kot a three-has-aer. Tracy walked, llohen
sacrificed, bringing Wright In for the win
ning run.
Next Sunday No. 322 will play No. 17, at
Rlvervlew park.
Batterlea: For No. 159, Nee and Johnson;
for No. 322, Wright and D. Brown. Umpire:
Miller Park Golf Score.
Following wa th result of th eml
finsls of the Miller Park Golf club;
Flrat dlvlalon
Besuohamp beat Stringer S up.
Lowe beat Shlnn 3 up.
Second division
Schumacher beat Reed 3 up.
Tracv beat Wilnioth 4 up.
Th winner will play oft next Saturday.
Beemer Wins from Srrlbnrr.
BEEMER. Neb.. July 25. (Special.)
Beemer won a ten-Inning contest from
gcrlbuer on the home field Sunday. With
the basea full In the ninth. Scribuer hit for
thre base. The . winning run came In on
a three-base hit by Heln. Batterlea: Scrlb-
per, Mallonee and Haughn; Beemer, Kolpc
nick and Fehllman.
l.odtre Pole Wins from Dalian.
LODGE POLE, Neb., July 25. (Special.)
Lodgepole won from Dalton on the Lodge
pole diamond Sunday by a score uf 6 to 4.
Batteries: Lodgepole, Clausman and Uer
nell; Dalton, Hastings and Woodard.
Rvskvlll Defeats aVIentlur.
RUSHV1LLK. Neb., July 26. ( Special.)
The local beat Valentine In a closely cn
teted gam Sunday, 4 to 4. Batterlea:
Flushvllle. Cre and Nlon; Valentine,
i'mher and Good.
Roy Parrel 1 Has
Tennis Honors in
R. and G. Club
Defeats Hugo Weisin in Final Bound
by Decisive Score Bait Cast
ing Contest.
Roy Farrell, on Sunday afternoon at the
club court decisively demonstrated that
he la the best tennis man ot the year at
th Rod and (Sun club when he defeated
Hugo Welsln In the final round by the de
cisive score, 6-0, 6-2, 6-0. Furrell ha yet to
meet l'on C. Uould, last year's champion,
to decide the supremucy, but those who
have seen the two men work this year pre
dict a Farrell victory. Many matches re
mained to ho played In the tournament
when bunday dawned, and the fact that
they were all disposed of gives some Idea
of the busy condition of the courts all day.
The day's result follow:
McCulinuRh beat Meyer, 6-1, -l.
Jones beat liertrand, 0-0, 1-0.
Ulerman beat Clark, 6-4. 6-4.
Adums .beat Voice, 6-4, 6-1.
Munro beat Uorham, 6-4. 8-6.
Blerman beat Gardner, 6-2, 4-6, -7.
McCulloiiKh heat Jonea, 8-6, 4-1.
Farrell beat Bicrman. 6-0, 6-0.
Thompson beat Whlttemors, 2-6, 10-3, T-8.
Abbott beat Harberg, 6-0, 6-1.
Blerman beat Melcher, 6-0. 6-1.
Farrell beat McCullough, 6-2, 6-1.
Hatch seat Thompson, 6-0, ii-8.
Adams beat Abbott, 1-3, 6-1
Welsen beat Ulerman, 6-1, k-0.
Farrell beat Hatch, 6-0. 0-6, 4 3.
Welsen beat Adums, 6-3, 4-6, 7-6.
Farrell beat Welsen, 6-0, B-2, 6-0.
Two of the second round matches In
doubles were also played, each ot the con
testing teams having drawn a bye In the
first round. The results:
Gardner and McCullough beat Abbott and
Thompson, 6-1, 6-4.
Blerman and Shepherd beat Adams and
Wharton, 8-6. 7-5. 6-2.
But despite the Important place which
tennis held on Sunday's card it did not
monopolize the attention of the extraordi
narily large number of member who were
at the club grounds yesterday. Th second
of the series of sailboat races for the pos
session of the Albert Edholm cup waa won
by Catherine. Thla result leave Cather
ine and Manawa tied for th trophy, with
125 per cent apiece. Omaha stands third,
with 100 per cent
The women' row boat race was won by
Mrs. Maude Martin, who received a a
trophy a handbag donated by the Hayden
The wind was sb strong as to make It
Impossible to pull off the fly-casting con
test which had been announced, but ther
were a large number of entries In the bait
casting contost. Albert Edholm carried off
the trophy for accuracy and distance with
a dry line, scoring 90 per cent. In the long
distance dry-line test, R. Jones was winner,
with a cast of 112V feet. Th contest tor
accuraoy with the wet Una also went to
Mr. Jones.
.Devotees of the gun had their Inning Sun
day, too. In th morning George Maxwell,
tho celebrated one-armed shot, gav an ex
hibition shoot, getting twenty-three out of
a possible twenty-five birds. In th after
noon a trap shoot wa held, Dr. R. B. Har
ris winning the trophy with a scor of
forty out of fifty bird. Bert LeBron and
Chris Olson tied for second, LeBron win
ning on th shootoff, and for third Mahaf
fey and W. F. Maloney wer tied, Maloney
proving himself the better on the shootoff.
Th fact that the gun shone full In the
face of the"marksmen account largely for
the low scores made.
Next Sunday promises to be a. gala day,
for on that day three of the fastest boats
will meet in a contest to determine which
of them shall race th pick of the Lake
Manawa boats the following Sunday.
F. Meyer plays J. Bertrand.
R. McCullough plays D. Clark.
M. Wallerstedt plays R. Kelly.
K. Bedford plays O. Hamilton.
R. Adama plays L. Vorce.
O. Nlelson plays P. Negley,
' J. Gorham plays M. Webber.
C. Gardner plays O. Drefold.
R. Adams and Wharton, bye, play Bler
man and Sheppard, bye.
Wallerstedt and Meyer, bye, play Gorham
and Hanson, bye.
Nlelson and Whtttemor, bye, play Mel
chor and Hamilton, by.
Craighead and Bedford, by, play Gard
and Munro, bye.
Negley and Thompson, bye, play Gard
ner and McCullough, bye.
Wleaon and Blerman, bye.
Kelly and Bertrand play Hatch and Far
rell. J. Gardner and R. McCullough, bye, play
Abbott and ThomDBOn.
J. Adam and W. Adam, bye, play Har
burg and Webber, by.
Ray Farrell, winner of the 1910 tourna
ment, will play D. C. Gould, winner of the
1!K! tournament, next Sunday evening at 5
o clock. These same two player met for
tha champlonsh'p last year.
Skinned from Head to Heel
waa Ben Pool, Threet, Ala., when dragged
over a gravel roadway, but Bucklen'a
Arnica Salve oured him. 25c. For sal by
Beaton Drug Co.
Contagious Blood Poison Is the most powerful and destructive of all blood
disorders. It corrupts and vitiates the entire circulation and manifests ltsell
in the most hateful and loathsome symptoms, such as ulcerated mouth and
throat, copper-colored spots, and even sores and uloers on different parts of ths
body. The poison causes the hair and eyebrows to fall out, and sometimes ths
finger nails come off and the entire glandular system la attacked. No medietas
can cure Contagious Blood Poison which does not rid the circulation of ever
particle of the Insidious virus. The least taint left In the blood will break oul
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Into the blood and by removing every particle of the poison, and adding rich,
healthy qualities to the circulation, forever cures this powerful disease. All
who suffer wltth Contagious Blood Poison may cure themselves in the privacy
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Home Treatment Book, which we will send, together with any medical advlos
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' J",
II if
ported. A good old-fashioned
wholesome smoke which you will
find incomparable at the price.
SJ",P JltcommenJtJ by
Western Golf
Tourney Begins
at Minneapolis
W. I. Howland of Glenview Turns In
Lowest Score Among1 Early
Hayers to Finish.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 25. The
twelfth annual championship of the West
ern Golf association was started trday
when Charles Kan, Jr., of Edgew-ater, '
th present champion, drove the first ball
of tha thlrty-slx-hol qualifying rotind.
Today's play was over eighteen holes and
the sixty-four low scores are eligible to
start In the second half of the round to
morrow. The round will be finished tomor
row and the thirty-two low men will be
eliulblo for the first round of match play.
This Is th first time th Western cham
pionships havo been conducted under th
present plan and tit experiment I being
watched with greut Interest. Eighteen holes
were played today and the sixty-four low
men are eligible to continue In th next
eighteen hole tomorrow. Th thirty-two
low score will compete in th first round
of match play ti morrow sfternoon. The
remaining four rounds of match plsy will
be over thirty-six holes, one round a day.
Charles Evans, Jr., of Edgewster. the
champion, was the first to finish the first
18 holes pf the qualifying round and he
turned in at 7B. ' He w a accompanied by
J. D. Standlsh ot Detroit, who turned In
Following are among the scores of early
A. D. 8. Johnston, St. Paul, 7.
Addison Stlllwell. Midlothian, 77.
' C. T. Jaffray, Mlnikahda, 78.
K W. Klnnear, Detroit, 78.
J. A. Roberts, Evunston, 80.
F. P. Carr. De Moines, 80.
W. N. Chambers, Omaha. 80.
Harry Q. Legg. Mlnikahda, 70.
Ralph Rider, Dea Moines, 70.
William Khehan, Des Moines, 79.
W. I, Howland. Jr.. Ulenview, took th
lead by turning In 72, which equalled th
eours record. ? .
Albert Seckle of Hinsdale, played with
Howland and finished two strokes behind.
Thslr score:
Howland, 72;
6ckle, 74.
Nebrnakn and Tennessee Leader Talk
to Cl.tUen Taylor of Tennessee
Addresses Ckaotauqa Crowd. flBrA
WAVK'IT Vh JTiriv K Two nromlnent1
United State senator. Elmer J. Burkett
of Nebrsska and L. Taylor of Tennessee,
were Wayne visitors yesterday and laat
night. Th former addressed the republi
can county convention in the afternoon at
the court house, and the latter talked to
an Immense audience at the Chautauqua
ground In the evening. Senator Burkett
remained In th el,ty oyer night with th
distinguished southerner. .
Pierce Conntr Against Option.
PIERCE, Nb., July 25.Speclal.)-Thg
democrat of Pierce county In convention
at this plac Saturday afternoon declared
In favor of the Initiative and referendum
but gave county pptlon a black eye.
"Check Book" Latta reoeived an endorse
ment for congress and Governor Bhallen
berger came In for a halt-hearted endorse
ment after considerable missionary work
had been . performed upon ,th delegation
from Osmond, who .bad ..come, pc t,he .con-.
ventlon with th purpose of whooping her
up for Duhlman for the next governor ot
Nebraska. ' They gave In Only after an
nouncing that they wer all going to vote
for "Jim" In the prlmorles anyway. JThera
were several sets of resolutions on county
option before the resolution committc.
One delegata wanted to declare agalnat .
option and In favor of Pahlman and ad
journ. Another had a set of resolutions
that had a joker concealed, In that It op
posed county option, but did not pUfdg
or Instruct th delegates concerning satn
t th state convention. Tha resolution a
finally adopted by the convention la as fol
lows: , .
We favor the submission of a proper
amendment to the constitution of the state)
permitting the people of the state of Na
braska full and unrestricted voice through
the adoption of the Initiative and referen
dum and under It to nettle economlo ques
tions that do not properly belong to parti
san politics. We do not believe that any
democrat should be required to be tested
as to his party fealty by his view upon
the liquor question and we believe that
the lnjeotlon of the county option question
into our state platform will be productive
of only harm and in nowise settle th quer
tlon in tne proper regulation oi tne liquor
traffic within the; state. '
Deinoeruts nt Dakota. ..
DAKOTA CITY, Neb.. July 25. (Speclaf) A'
Democratic delegates to th stat con
ventlon are: D. C. Heffernan,, M.. J. !yns,
J. M. Brannan, Arthur Campbell, Thorns
Ashford. Alternates J. J. McAllister, J.
C. Duggan, Hermant Stoltze, Thomas Sul
livan, Carl Larson. Delegate-at-large, John
Jenkins. .-........
nniT rinifwnBi
If you haven't tried them before, smoke one
to-day. You may not exactly worship them
but you will declare that they are mighty
good cigars. They are made by hand, every
bit of tobacco in them having been im