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Council Bluffs
Mr. and Mr. William Graff Reunited
After Divorce. i
IMdle-Agrd Connie, Who Tried to
I. ! Apart Are Ite-marrled by
', Justice Ciroprr.
A simple wedding In the office of Justice
Jooper youterday reunited a family which
CSs dlvoro court a, year or mora ago lad
Blsrupted. The hands of both the man and
the Woman were hardened by toll, their
faces corrugated by more than fifty yearn
of battla with the world but their hearts
were bounding; with the Joyful emotions
that were stirred years ago when they
atood before a clergyman and assumed
the solemn vows to love and cherish each
other's Joys and sorrows for many years.
But when both had passed the prime of life
end their Journeys lay toward the shadows
f the foothills apparently Irreconcilable
difficulties arose which ended In the wife's
appeal to the divorce court. A decree of
absolute divorce was granted her on March
2, 1909. The husband, silent and gray, made
no defence and the suit went by default.
Yesterday the couple ' entered the court
house, as nearly hand. In hand as the pro
prieties permitted, and ' In almost eager
haste asked License Clerk Tracy Rodwell
to Issue them a marriage license. The pre
liminary questions were satisfactorily
answered but the hands of both trembled
as they affixed their signatures to the mar
riage license record. When they . turned
from the counter they bore a certificate au
thorizing the marriage of William Gruff,
Councll Bluffs, aged 51, and Christina Oroff
Council Bluffs,, 60 years old.,
Holding H closely with the hands of both
touching it, they hastened to the office of
Justice Cooper In the basement of the
building and there again renewed their
vows, . placing the utmost unction on the
1ponse -uniu aeatn ao us part." No hap-
jf xujuny yruutuiy ever jeii me county
urt house.
7 Incidentally the-marriage restores to the
husband the por .sslon of eighty acres of
rich, Iowa farm' land, as well as the old
home with all It treasured, memories and
household goods. When the divorce decree
was granted the wife asked for and was
rkp;tn title to the land and homestead prop-
(A wedding dinner was served last night
at the' farm home In Garner township, a
few miles east of the city.
Dlacennt Bale.
Oar semi-annual discount sate la now
en. It Includes framing, pyrography outfits
and wood, framed pictures and art pottery.
Buy In advance for your fall use for gifts
and card prises.
-Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
July 21 by the Pottawattamie County Ab
stract company of Council Bluffs:
Gus Hlnriohs and wife to W. Y. Mar- .
tin, lots 4, 11 and 12, block 18, in
WrighUs add. to Council Bluffs, la.,
w. d. ... 11.800
Lawrence Webb to. Ksrab E. Webb,
rH of lot 4, block 18, in Beer's add.
. to Council- Bluffs, la,, w. d 1
Total, two transfers.
Exceptional piano bargains this week at
A. Mospe Co.. ZS fcC Maln St., 29 Pearl St.,
'o. 'Bluffs, la. ? Kasy' payments.
Budwelser beer Is healthful, strengthening
and refreshing. Call L. Rosenfeld Co. and
prder a case. Phone 3323.
N. T. Plumbing CO. Tel. 260. Night, L-1701
.11 M i-. 1 1
wLUnO Briii IsTMsTb!!
23, 24, 25, 26, 27
r o g r a m
Their aeroplanes are on the ground tuned up and ready for the first flight Saturday afternoon.
Magnificent prizes have been put up for the first world's record broken and the most daring and
'spectacular flight during the Meet. Theso prizes will be awarded on the last day of the Meet.
An opportunity will be given daily to view the Curtiss Biplane at close range. The machine will
be run in front of the grandstand, and its principles and vorkings explained.
This is the first opportunity given to the people of this territory to witness the evolutions of the
war balloons now used by the United States Army. Lieutenant Haskell of Fort Omaha will be in charge of
the "War Balloons, and the Signal Corps from, the Fort will give daily exhibitions of the uses made by
aerial craft in modern warfare.
CVissey'8 Pharmacy ,
Saratoga Pharmacy
Bed Cross Pharmacy
Walnut Hill Pharmacy
' Bemis Park Pharmacy
' J. H. Schmidt Drug Store
Barnes Drug Store
Beaton Drug Co. ,
J. H. Merchant
Prices: Adults, 50c; Children,
Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
Tne ConncU Bluffs office ef tae
Omtki Bee la at It Boon Street.
Both phoiH 43.
Urn ' biirtiMr fcAip fur r,itu.
Insurance, Forest Mniltli, Brown Blk.
Cornguna, undertakers, 'l'houes Its.
Large front room tt relic. 'Phono tiM.
Perfect fit and styles. Martin Petersen.
KAL'ai' BKliU AT ItOlililW BUF'1'.
l oouring Undertaking company. TeL i!t
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Pnoua il.
1'iJK r.,l.n,V.Mjt, J),- Acu ualAlfi
Real eutute bought, sold and exchanged,
fullest 81111th, Biow, a illK.
wi; cAKitr Mali extract, j. j.
Kilne Co., iuj West uroadway.
'rs. J. (J. Hollenbeck is entertaining Mrs.
Luvina Brown of Omaha this week.
AIIbs Harriett llolllngsworth of Chicago is
being entertained by Miss Orpha juii.ii.
Have your glasses liUc ur repaired by
J. W. Terry, optician, 411 B way, office
rtith Geo. Uerner.
A building permit was yesterday Issued
to W. H. taker for the construction ui a
.aOO dwelling at 2il5 Tnird avenue.
The Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Wendell died yesterday of stomach
trouble, alter a brief illness, at their home,
WIS South Sixth street. '
The Insanity commissioners have Issued
an order consigning Mrs. Hxlnner to the
care of her relative and dismissing the In
sanity charge against her.
John Aron, a negro dope llend, reduced
by the use ot drugs to e most pitiable
condition, was released from the city Jail
yesterday afternoon and sent toward the
locality where he said his home was..
The work of determining the amount of
benefits to property affected by the Keg
creek drulninge ditch Is under way In the
county auditor's office, where a number
of appraisers are buislly engaged assess
ing ins luxes.
John P. Davla of the Pioneer Implement
company, accompanied by Mrs. Pa vis and
(laughter, June, left yesterday for a trip
In the northwest. They will enjoy the
beauties of the Yellowstone park before they
Benjamin B. King, who has been con
nected with the Woodrtng undertaking es
tablishment for some time returned from
Ottumwa last evening, accompanied by his
family, and they will make Council Bluffs
their homo in the future.
J. E. Stumpt), division superintendent Of
the Wabash, and J. T. Hhelian, master me
chanic of the road, came In from Moberly,
Mo., yesterday and spent several hours In
town. -They disclaimed any knowledge of
the contemplated closing of the city ticket
office of the company.
Miss Ilia Baker, aged 22, daughter of Mrs.
Clara Baker, residing at 273 Twenty-second
avenue, was operated upon at the Jennie
Kdmundson Memorial hospital Wednesday
for appendicitis. She was reported yester
day to be in a critical condition, but more
favorable reports came from the hospital
later in the evening.
W. L. Baldwin of Bradyville, la., who
came here a few days ago to visit his
niece, Mrs. C. 8. Baldwin, laiO Sixth avenue,
died at 6:15 last evening at the residence of
Mrs. Baldwin. He had been 111 tor two
years from liver troubles. He was 54 years
old, and is survived by his widow and one
son and one daughter. ' Arrangements for
the funeral have not been completed.
A large amount of equipment la being
stored by the Union Pacific in the railroad
yards at Council ' Bluffs. Steel rails of
ninety-pound weight and aggregating 10,000
tons have Just been unloaded in the yards.
It required twenty-two cars to transport
them from the east. The company has
about 30,000 tons ot Rock Springs coal
stored here for use when required.
Clifford RoQney, the twin son of Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd Kooney, died yesterday at their
home, lrt08 South Tenth street, after one
week's illness from stomach trouble. The
little fellow was born on June 22. The
funeral wilt be held from the residence on
Haturday morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. J.
M. Williams of the Broadway Methodist
church will officiate. -
Mrs. Exra K6gg, aged 68 years, died at
her home. 1024 Third avenue, at noon yes-,
terday. She was born at Mohlless, Russia,
and came to this country several years ago.
She Is survived by four children, Mrs. F.
M. Chemise of this city, Mrs. I. Brown of
Los Angeles, Mrs. Morris Nogg and Sol
Nogg, also of this city.
The annual picnic of the Fifth Avenus
Methodist church was held in Fairmont'
24th and Lake
24th and Ames
. ... ... . . 17th and Cuming
, . . . 40th and Cuming
.: 33d . and Cuming
24th and Cuming
40th and Dodge
: 15th and Farnara
lGth and Howard
Council Bluffs
park yesterday afternoon. Before going to
the park the Happy youngsters enjoy el a
trolley rlile to Omaha and return In a spe
cial car. Luncheon was served In the park
under the direction of Mrs. Hpauldlng, a
sisttd by many willing workers. The
children thoroughly e;.Joytd their on tins.
Mrs. Thomas 1'rendergast. aged W years,
died at the home of her daughter. Mrs.
Frank Pepugh, 8012 Avenue 11, yesterday
of heart trouble. She is survived by her
hushand, three sons and two daughters
Patrick nnd James of Kaylor, and Joseph
of Hopklnsvllle, K v., and Mrs. Frank le
pugh and Miss Kalhertne of this city. Ar
rangements for the funeral have not been
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Burke of tfun Fran
cisco, who have been vlnltlng at the home
of Mr. Burke's sister. Mrs. Dr. MudK.
where his aged mother also resides, left
yesterday for their home. Mr. Burke was
a prominent newspaper man here In the
early days of the city, nas since made
a name for himself In newspaper circles on
the coast. He Is a half-brother of the late
Finley Burke.
William 8. Mooney has been removed
from the county Jail to ML Bernard's hos
pital for observation to determine his
mental soundness. Mooney was sent to
Jail by Police Judge .Snyder two weeks ago
on the charge of Improper conduct toward
some little girls. It was said that he was
of unsound mind, and since his Incarcera
tion In the county Jail he has apparently
suffered a serious mental breakdown.
The 16-year-old on of Mrs. Probstle, le
sidlng at the corner of East Pierce and
Thomas streets, returned to the house yes
terday afternoon in the absence of his
mother to cook his dinner. The gasoline
stove he was using got beyond his con
trol In a few minutes after lighting It and
the explosion that followed enveloped the
kitchen In flames, vjulck response or the
(Ire department to an Immediate alarm
kept the damage down to about o0.
Manager M. B. Parks of the Grand hotel
has been advised that Hayes, the young
negro porter who pulled oft three success
ful robberies at the hotel in the last week
of his three weeks' service, has been heard
of at Louisville. Ky. The fact that the po
lice of the southern cities have now got
a line on him, it Is believed that he will
soon be under arrest. He secured about
$:10 from the hotel safe, the cash drawer
and the public telephone booths.
John O. Glanville, representing the Webb
Motor Fire Apparatus company was in the
city yesteday afternoon endeavoring to en
list city officials In the effort to acquire a
new automobile gasollre fire enjrine. It Is
not understood that the council is contem
plating the purchase at this time of a fire
engine, but It Is admitted that the neces
sity for better protection makes It certain
that such a machine must oo added to the
department equlppege in the near future.
Henry Druen, 21 years of age, and D. II.
Hugan, 24, were in police court yesterday
on complaint of their wives, who acoused
them of neglect to provide for their house
hold expenses. Both women told stories
of privation while recounting the reckless
manner in which their young husbands
spent their money while away from home,
but pleaded earnestly to prevent the young
men being locked up. They were sent
home on their own recognizances to re
tuyn for a further hearing in police court morning.
A common lumber wagon held up the
eastbound limited passenger train on the
Burlington yesterday for a long time. The
vehicle was bearing a number of huge
steel beamB required for the construction
of the International Automobile company's
garage In process of construction. The
weight was too much for the wagon and it
gave way Just as It reached the center of
the Burlington main line tracks. The ob
struction was entirely too heavy for the
engineer to push out of his way and the
assistance of the wrecking crew had to be
called to clear the tracks.
Man Beaten Up In Fight Says Other
Mam Old Not Give Him Half
The spectacle of a man with his face so
battered that his mother could scarcely
have recognised him earnestly pleading for
the man who had beaten him and begging
for himself the utmost punishment possible
under the law was presented at the morn
ing session of the Council Bluffs police
court yesterday. The victim was Dray Cal
vin,. 87 years old, a farm hand, who had
been seeking trouble at the I. N. Mlnnlck
livery barns on Pearl and 8outh Main
streets, and who secured the utmost limit
of his desire when he entered the barn
Tickets will be sold at the grounds, also at the
Merchants Hotel
J. L. Brandeis
Paxton Hotel
Rome Hotel v.
Her Grand
Courtney & Co
0. D. Kiplinger
Hayden Bros ,
Sherman & McConnell .'
I Council Bluffs
Wednesday night armed with a loaded re
volver and attacked Charles Pounds, a crip
pled employe. Pounds severely punished
Calvin after the latter had been disarmed
when he attempted to shoot P. S. Rlef, the
barn manager. Both Calvin and Pounds
spent the night In the city Jail, end when
arraigned In police court Calvin was a very
sober man. When the witnesses told of his
actions and how narrowly he missed be
coming a murderer, he arose and begged
the court to discharge his assailant, who
was charged with assault and battery and
whom Judge Snyder wag Inclined to criti
cize for going too far, and asked for the
severest punishment for himself.
The court accommodated him and sent
him to Jail for thirty days and issued an
order confiscating his revolver. Pounda
was discharged.
Special Treat Will He Afforded
AniwiiiHl Lovers Tomorrow
Wheu They Come.
If newspaper accounts be true there is a
special treat in store for amusement lovers
when the great Hells-Kioto shows reach
Council Bluffs on Saturday morning for a
Blngle day'a engagement.
The record achieved by the mugniflcent
western attraction this year has been the
mcst remarkable in the history of the big
tents. No circus ever turned away so
many people and no show has given half
as much universal satisfaction.
In the first place, the Sells-Floto people
believe In the doctrine of popular prices.
Thy have made history in this respect,
and, secondly, they control the most per
fectly organized circus in the world. The
Armour team, the Nelson family, the
Davenports, the Normans, the Melnotts,
Spader Johnson and Lon Moore, emperors
of the laugh Idea; the Borslnls, Dollle
Julia, Fred Ledgett, the Ouloe family, the
Flying Herberts, the twin baby elephants
all these and many more prove the caliber
of the show.
The parade at Council Bluffs will take
place at 1 o'clock Saturday. The seat sale
at Clark's drug store.
Stock Selling; In Project to Enlarge
Auditorial for Corn Feature of
Fruit Congress.
Funds for the construction, of the addi
tion to the auditorium building made neces
sary by the enlargement of the scope of the
National Horticultural congress to include
the corn show feature are being rapidly
collected. Several thousand dollars have
been added to the required capital within
the last few days. George F. Hamilton, E.
H. Doo'.lttle and J. H. Hollenbeck spent
several profitable hours at the task yes
terday. No contributions are sought, but
the proposition presented Is the business
one of purchasing stock, with the certain
assurance that the Investment will pay
A meeting of executive committees of the
congres and the Missouri Valley Corn
Growers' association will be held this even
ing to promote the organization work. The
outlook for a. most successful exposition
this year, with a corn show that will be ot
sufficient magnitude to attract attention,
grows brighter each day. The promoters
are receiving much encouragement from
Omaha, and the Nebraska corn enthusiasts
are taking aa much Interest in the work
as their Iowa brethren. -
Brona-hton Brandenburg; Indicted,,
NEW YORK, July 22. Broughton Bran
denburg, the writer, was Indicted today by
the grand Jury for forgery in the second
degree because of a check for $50 on which
he secured money a week ago. Counsel
was assigned to him on his plea that he
had no money. He was committed to the
Tombs to await trial.
25c; Grandstand, 50c; Automobiles,
Good Roads, Speed Track and Auto
Beg-ulation Talked Over.
Kearly Kvery dpraker Kmphaelaed
Need of Confining; Fast Uolna" to
Tracks In Interest of People
and Motorists.
The first dinner to be given by the
Omaha Motor club was held In the garden
of Hotel Rome last evening, and the agita
tion for good roads In this city snd over
tho state, for a race track upon which
large meets may be held, and for the pro
motion df endurance runs, hill climbs and
the regulation of speeding, was dealt with
at length by those who responded to toasts.
D. Q. O'Brien acted as toastmaster and
gave much life to the affair by hla witty
remarks. About fifty of the members were
present and general enthusiasm was shown
for upbuilding of the club's Interests and
the advertising ot Omaha.
Mayor i. C. Dahlman was the first to
respond, and in part said: "This club, as I
understand it. Is organized for the advance
ment of good roads, the promotion of things
for the interest of automobillsts. It is
Interested in anything which is for the up
building of the city or the state, and for
anything which ' promotes the prevailing
conditions to Improvement It wishes to
see fair play and adequate laws made
which shall regulate automoblllng for the
benefit ot all concerned. I now stand and
have always stood for anything which la
to the betterment of Nebraska or Omaha
and which improves the conditions, so that
anything that I may be able to do to assist
the club, you may depend upon me to do."
Better Auto llegalntion.
The president of the ciub, Ole Hlbner, in
his talk outlined the purposes of the orga
nization and in brief stated: "The purpose
of the club Is to co-operate with state of
ficials, the city officials, the National Auto
mobile sssodlatlon, the owners of cars and
the drivers In the establishing of conditions
and framing of regulations which will be
for tho advancement of automobillsts."
Other toasts were responded to in which
the wonderful growth of the automobile
business was shown. Ten years ago there
were but five cars In Omaha and only one
agency maintained, while today there are
hundreds of machines, dozens of agencies.
The speeding question was In numerous
cases made the feature of talks. In speak
ing of establishing a race track, the oonr
fining of speeding to that alone waa agitated
as necessary to the Interests of the people
at large as well aa the automobillsts.
The Motor club is barely a month old,
but already has 100 members, with applica
tions being filed daily. It Is a separata or
ganization from the Automobile club, and
though now composed mostly ot automobile
dealers, it will probably be opened to own
ers who may wish to enter. Two tours
have already been planned, one on August
24. 25 and 26, which passed through Red
Oak, Shenandoah, Hamburg and Nebraska
City the first day out; Lincoln, Crete, Hast
ings and Kearney the second day out, and
Grand Island, Central City, Columbus Fre
mont and home on the, 26th.
Knights Templar. Officers.
ESTHERVILLB. Ia., July 2S. (Special.)
At a meeting of the grand commandry.
Knights Templar, ot Iowa, the following
officers were elected for the coming year:
Orand commander, J. W. Edwards, Mount
Pleasant; deputy grand commander, A. L.
Molyneaux, Cherokee; grand generalissimo,
F. O. Ellyson, Anamosa; grand ' captain,
General P. L. Severs, Stuart; grand senior
warden, George H. Jackson, Council Bluffs;
grand Junior warden, Charles Schllchter,
Burlington; grand treasurer, Thomas Whit
ney, Atlantic; "grand recorder, D. M.
Brownlee, Sioux City.
The Key to the 81tuatlrn Bee Want Ada.
Prof. Thomas ("Daredevil") Andrews and John Waldorf Hall, two of the best, known and most
daring balloon operators in this country will give daily exhibitions with parachute drops. Arrangements
have been made to lace their balloons in trials for altitude, speed, distance and endurance.
Not since the famous International Meet at Los Angeles has there been an American Meet where
such, an opportunity has been given to view the present development of Aerial craft areoplanes, diri
gible balloons, captive balloons, and free 'balloous.
following points:
16th and Douglas
14th and Farnam
16th and Jackson
16th and Howard
17th and Douglas
13th and Farcani
16th and Dodge
16th and Dodge
Claim Big Loss
Due to Methods
R. H. Glyn Says Restitution Proceed
ings Will Be in Order in rills-'
bury-Washburn Plour Case.
l,ONDOf, July 22. At a meeting of the
directors of the rillsbury-Washbuin Flour
Mills company. Limited, today, tlve report
and accounts for the year were presented
and passed, after a stormy sess(m. R, H.
Glyn, chairman of the board, wh presided
at the meeting, referred to the appalling
loss of "four million" as shown by the re
port, saying:
"It was due partly to gross dlsiedlpnre
and partly to methods whlcKcould hardly
be called by any other name than irregular.
The question of restitution uroceodlngs will
have to be carefully considered."
John Macdonald Henderson, member of
the House of Commons, declared that he
waa prepared to find the money in his
own pocket to probe to the end of the
situation ff affairs which Director Cloutte
characterised as "one of the greatest com
pany scandals of present times."
The Plllsbury-Washburn Flour Mills com
pany of Minneapolis went into the hands
of a receiver on August V, 1909, application
being made to the federal district court
In that city by certain stockholders.
It waa said at the time that the action
was taken for the purpose ot reorganization
and denial was made that the cotnpany
was In any serious financial embarrass
ment. C. S. Plllsbury, A. C. Llrlng and A.
C. Cobb were named receivers. A scheme
of reorganization was adopted In 1909 and
has since been carried out, under which
the unsecured creditors amounting to about
16,200,000 have been settled with. Under this
scheme the mills, trademarks and good win
have been leased to a'n operating company
formed In the United States with a capital
of $2,000,000.
Federal Clerks Complete Tabulation
and It Is laid Figures Essen
tially Correct.
CHICAGO, July 22. The federal census
will show the population of Chicago to be
under the 2,100,000 mark, according to a
atatement made here today by Wlllard E.
Hotchklas. Federal clerks completed their
computations on Chicago today and the
records have been sent to Washington,
where final announcement will be made.
The school census, announced yesterday,
placing the population of Chicago at
2,100,000, waa declared by Mr. Hotchklss to
be essentially correct
WASHINGTON. July 22. According to
the census returns, Muskogee, Okl., has
23.278 Inhabitants, as compared with 14,418 In
1907; Tulsa, Okl., 18.182, as compared with
7,298 In 1907, and Muskogee county, Okla
homa, 62,743, as compared with 17,467 in 1907,
MeOraw of New York Nationals
Treances Player for Disobey
ing; Orders.
ST. LOUIS, July 22. Pitcher Arthur Ray
mond and Manager McGraw of the New
Tork Nationals clashed here this afternoon
and the pitcher is suffering from a dis
colored optic as a result. When he reported
at the ball park his condition displeased
McGraw, who ordered htm to rentove hla
Raymond refused and a mlxup was pre
cipitated by McGraw from which Raymond
merged second best. Later he removed
his uniform and left the club house.
Most Food la romai
to the dyspeptic Ele:trlo Bitters cure dys
pepsla, liver and kidney complaints and
debility. Price 60c. For sale by Beaton
Drug Co.
m "jsa iRyia b 'jiuiuui
45th and Mill-
Ar o t
tr tr
3 p. m. to 6 p. m.
Balloon Races
Moritz Meyer Cigar Store . .' 1314 Farnam
Henshaw Hotel 1509 Farnam
"Murray Hotel 14th and Harney
Hotel Loyal 16th and Capitol Ave.
Schlitz Hotel 16th and Harney
Myers-Dillon Drug Co 16th and Farnam
L. a Gibson 501 North 24th St. South Omaha
Fisher-McGill Co 24th and N Sts., South Omaha
J. A. Clark Drug Co., Corner Broadway and Main Sts., Council Bluffs
E2omc ESrinh
lloraforU'a Aciil I'hosplmte
iiinkra a licrsltliful and invip;
oratinjr drink with water ami
. suirar only. An invnliinMe
Ionic, a dclltrlitfnl bovcrp;e
and one of the lcst restorer"
when the energies fin"; and
the spirits droop.
Acid Phosphate
and Everyday
We Su Mors Beer
Qualify, SkiU onrf Cltantintn
rtrMom tot Uw 3(miI
iKRtsn Dffntnd
For Delicious' Flavor
Preferred Stock
r "Leads Them All"
W. E. Keefer,
Agt. Omaha Branch,
1022 Douglas Street,
Phone Douglas 3975