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James Dailcy
of Percival, la..
Cashes Check
I I A M 'ST - Br I L 1 I IIHiln 1 IJ 11. . rW J r M- ST T VS1 '11'
Shamrock Clob Gives Boosting Ban
quet Well Attended.
Unmrrcltl (.'lab Wnal, Sight Win
dow Srrrleo at I'ostof flee Ma a
with Mora stolen at Seward
la Captured.
Tha Shafnrock athletlo association of
louth Omaha Kava a banquet last night
which proved a moit enjoyable affair. It
waa attended by about 100 aiiMt and the
occasion waa in celebraUon of tha uniform
success of tha association In Its public
functions of tha past and In honor of the
effort of tha promoters who have suc
ceeded In building vp the association to its
present great proportions.
Tha program consisted of the usual good
feed, and after tha banquet speeches were
made by numeroua members and friends as
they were Introduced by John Kennedy, the
toaatmaater of the evening. Judge Calla
nan. Judge Caldwell. J. c. Trouton. the
officer of the club, Marty Korklns of Chi
cago, who assumed the management of
Jack Fitzgerald, aa well as Tommy Oary,
were among the extensive list.
All of the speeches were of the boosting
order, and tha greatest enthusiasm was ex
pressed for the continued Ufa of the club.
Tha club proposes to continue tha cam
paign for member, aud lias already visions
of a thousand enrolled. Following that
It was announced In tha speeches that the
organisation hoped to erect a suitable, club
and exhibition building In (South Omaha In
the near future.
Muoh of the enjoyment of the evening
was due to the good management of the
committee on arrangementsMessrs. Ken
nedy, Cunningham, Daly, Fltsgerald, Cur
ran, and others.
Night Service In' Post Office.
The South Omaha Commercial club met
yesterday afternoon, at the club room In
the regular weekly session. Several ques
tion of importance were discussed. Among
them waa tha proposition of a night clerk
at the South Oomaba posterities. It was
thought that a city of the als of South
Omaha should have thla accommodation, aa
at Des Mollies. The stamp window and
the general delivery are open there an
night Many times suoh an arrangoment
would work a great saving and convenience.
This matter will be taken up with the
postal authorities to discover tha best
metnoa 01 proceedure to secure suoh aa
eommodatlon for South Omaha.
Alleared Uoraotalsf Tastes.
Jesse Canarian waa arrested yesterday
afternoon at South Omaha tor the alleged
theft of a bors at Seward, Neb. lie was
taken at the South Omaha yard with the
borsa and buggy In his possession. It I
supposed he bad planned to get rid of the
animal at tne none sale in progress in South
Omaha yesterday. A description waa sent
to tne local ponce ana they arrested Can
arian on his arrival. Officers Klf elder.
Dvorak, - and hnilth made the arrest!
Canarian told a story Intended as an ex
planation of hi possession of the bors.
He said he bad beeo sleeping in a corn
crib with the man who had the bora and
that this man had hired htm to drive the
1 torse to Bourn umana. -
,' , Joseph Lnwreaee Arrested.
Joseph Lawrence, who la charged with
having defrauded Mr. Katharine Hess out
of 0O, was arrested yesterday at Lenox,
la. ! waa , traced to that city through
his .baggage. U ..secured . thay money
through-' Theodore Larson, 1317 Vine street,
Des Moines, la., who had the money in his
cars deposited in. a local bank fot Mrs.
Hess. Mrs. Hess wanted her money. and
asked Lawrence to send for It for her. He
did so, apparently, and when it .cajna. bad
It addressed to himself, so that he col
lected trie draft and left the city with the
money. Mrs. Hess had been acting- aa his
housekeeper at Twenty-sixth and L streets.
Lawrence had been a variety actor at on
of the moving picture show. He has two
children, whom he sent in care of hi sister
to Toledo, O. His wife Is said to be In
sane and la confined at Lincoln at the
asylum. '
He will probably be brought back from
Iowa within a few days. y
Masto City Coulp.
Colonel V. M. Doty went to Fall City
Thursday. ,
Mrs. . M. Rohrbough Is taking a vaca
tion at Keokuk, la.
Miss Victoria Vana Is muoh Improved
Within the last few day.
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mead have gone to
.Mlnden for a few days visit.
j. a. Wallwork of Denver Is passing a
abort vacation period In boutn Omaha.
t T Martin and family left Wednesday
for a visit In Missouri, they will be gon
two weeks.
will meet at Spearman's barn Saturday at
1 p. m. to go in a boujr to -apuuon.
Th Ladled Aid society of the Preby
tertan church held a successful social last
' night at the residence or juage a. xj. uv
ton. 1
BTORTZ Delicious Bottled Be. .- delivered
promptly to your residence. Phone 8. liUi.
ttrouerics ac AiasiuwsKjr.
Claude Dawson. 1614 Madison street, died
yesterday morning. 1'he tunerat arrange
ments have not been announced.
PHONB SOUTH DOS for a case of JET.
TfcK GOLD TOP. Prompt delivery to
; any part of city. William Jetter.
i Una hundred and fifty members organ
ised the local chapter of the Loyal Order
."f Moose in Bouiu umttnu, vteunesuuy
night '
fit. Cecelia's eulld and the Women' aux
illary of St. Clement' churoh will give aa
v cream social on the church lawn Thurs
day evtnlng, July St.
Vlln Schmlt daughter of John Schmlt.
Thirty-fourth and X. died yesterday. The
luneral will be hem at p. m. touay. itev.
Adama will have charge.
navtft Rver. a nloneer of South Omaha.
died Thursday morning at the home of bis
'daughter at Papllllon, Neb. The funeral
will be held, at f'apiillon, Saturday at I
a. m.
The Nebraska Shoe and Clothing House,
Boutb Omaha, Saturday, July 23rd, opens
with 'their semi-annual clearance ssle;
great bargains throughout the house. Sale
etarts Saturday, July ti, a. m. (See win
'. . Mlsiisssry Retwvns Hoase.
DENISON, la.. July (Special.)-Much
Interest Is felt at Denlaon. Charter Oak,
Dow City and Arlon, In this county, over
the home-coming - today of Miss Mamie
Glaisburoer, who went from thla county
. five years ago aa a missionary to China,
She was sent to an la) and off the coast
of China, a hard, taut not dangerous, sta
tion. Hole she made good In every way
and won the credit of being en of . the
best young women ever sent from Iowa.
She went from the Northwest Iowa Metho
dist conference. Her letters home, which
have found ready place to the papers of
this locality, have shown her to be of most
superior character, a woman in ten thou
sand, In devotion to spreading the Bible
religion and uplifting the poor people about
her. At nearly every Christmas the people
of this county have made up a box for
her children and helpers. She has at times
been near death, but rallied and kept on.
With her 'record It la expected that great
pressure will be brought by the church
authorities to Induce her to return to
China. She will probably be expected to
speak on missions st many points In Iowa
during the fall conferences of the Metho
dist Episcopal churoh.
Appean in Council Bluffi with Face
Bruised by Footpad, Who Had
Bobbed Him Near Bridge.
When James Dalley of Percival, la., at
tempted to cash a check In Council
Bluffs for i drawn by himself on
the bank of Percival and met
number of rebuffs he grew a little lmp
tletit, overlooking the fact that his shirt
front wa covered with blood, a big wen
llke bruise was protruding above his fight
eye, While numerous abrasions about his
face indicated tliM he had been having a
serious time. His Impatient replies to ques
tions concerning the validity of tha check
led to telephone communications with the
police department, and Mr. Dalley wa es
corted to headquarter by an officer.
There he completed his narrative, and
told how he was slugged Snd robbed by two
Omaha crooks, who hud followed Mm to
the Iowa side of the river, knocked him
senseless by a blow with a bludgeon, robbed
hlrn of all the money he has, amounting to
117, and left him lying In the willows. The
attack was made Wednesday evening after
Dalley had visited many of the Omaha
saloons and accepted tha sdvlce of two
new friend to walk aero the bridge In
stead of taking a street car.
A telephone query to th Bank of Percival
proved that the check waa good and that
Dalley had $6W on deposit there. Reference
to the police court books showed that
Dalley owed 13 on a fine Imposed in police
court some time ago for Intoxication. The
check was eccepted and Dalley was given
2 to pay for hla ticket home.
New Device for
Curtiss Planes
Mechanics Say They May Change
Whole Appearance of Air
Craft in Omaha.
When the five workmen assembling the
Curtiss aeroplanes out at Crelgbton field
got well under way in their work yester
day It became known that new devices
probably will be seen on the machines.
Though It Is not defnltely decided the Inno
vation will be used, the mechanics feel al
most sure of It
Elmer Robinson, chief meohanlo, ex
plained that the new devloes would com
pletely change the appearance of tha ma
chines and would render them more easy
to handle, with less front resisting force.
Mars' maohlne and th McCurdy ma
chine were both completely fitted up Thurs
day. The Curtis maohlne was expected to
be up Friday.
Bell Bar Tries te Bud Life, but Police
urgcoa Palls Him Back
to Life.
Despondent over the apparent unfaithful
ness of hi girl, William Klrchner, who
tated that he had been acting as bell boy
at the Rome hotel, attempted to commit
suicide last night at 621 South Seventeenth
street by swallowing, carbqlio acid.. He waa
een by hi roommate, James Miller, to look
at the photograph of the girl, then put ths
bottle to 'his head, drink' part- of tha con
tents and He down on tne bed. MUler, who
was coming Into the room, examined the
bottle, and seeing .that It contained carbolic
acid, called up the police station and Sur
geon Btendeven was able to save the man's
life. Miller stated that Klrchner had be
come despondent after seeing the girl walk
ing out with- another man.
California. Man Teams Angoras Over
Fesf Thousand Miles on
WASHINGTON, July 22. Having driven
a team of ant-. J- goats a distance of more
than four thousand miles, as the result of
a wager. Captain V. Edwards, a ranch
owner of San Diego, Cal., arrived here
from San Diego today. With Captain Ed
wards are six young men and a pack team
of three Mexican burrors, hitched to a
canvas-covered wagon'.
If you have anything to sell or trade
advertise it In . Tha Bee- Want AA eol
vinna and get Quick results.
Iewsv News Motes.
ESTHERVILLE Albert Thompson, a
former resident of Esthervllle for fifteen
years, died of typhoid fever at his home
in Minneapolis. He was 9 years of age.
GRUNDY CENTER In a twelve Inning
game, Grundy Center defeated North Eng
lish by the score of I to 0. The batteries
were: Grundy Center, Croxton and Myers;
North English, Hardly and Roller.
ESTHER V1LLK Haying In this locality
la about finished and the farmers are now
busily engaged In harvesting the oat crop
which Is the best for a number of years.
Barley is an harvested, being a fairly good
crop, corn is growing nicely.
RED OAK Charles Clarke, of the firm of
Boll A Clarke, publishers of the Red Oak
Bun fr the last twenty-six years, ba sold
a half interest in the paper to P. J. and
C. W. Boll for H,eoo.. William Boll, senior
member of the firm, will be a member of
the new firm also.. 'He has been connected
with the firm interests for forty years.
DENISON Mr. R. A. Romans, one ef the
most successful business men of Denlson,
took his departure this week tor Aberdeen.
S. D., where he 1 president of one of the
national banks of that city.' Mr. Romans
has been a heavy lnvester ire Dakota lands
and has made a large amount of mony in
and about Aberdeen. On buying a control-
lng interest in the bank it became necessary
lor nirn to move to Aoeraeen.
LOGAN Sheriff Rock, whose business
keeps him on the road much of his t me,
report the small gram In Harrison county
as gooa, especially ine wneat; snort straw
but the beaas well iiuea. Mr. KocK also re
ports th corn crop of Harrison up to
standard for this time of the season. It Is
thought that the acreage of corn this year
will surpass that of any previous year in
the history of the county.
MUSCATINE Judge James Howell Vail,
a prominent Jurist of the west, is dead at
Muscatine, after a long Illness. For several
years he was a member of the city council
of St. Louis and assistant circuit Judge of
the Fll'taouih Judicial district of Missouri
and Judge of the court of appeals. He was
also district Judge In furtii Dakota for a
number of year. Hla wife was one of the
most prominent W. C. T. U. worker in the
MARSHALTOWN Grocer of th city,
representing the Marshalllown Retail Gro
cers' association, have lauuenea a move
ment here for a standardisation of quality
In butter and egss, and propose to estab
1 sh a uniform price to be paid the farmers
for these products. The intention is not
to corner or beat down th price but rather
to have one price for each grade so that
all retailers of the city will pay the sanid
price for produce of the aame grade on
the same day.
CRESTON Roy Fuller, a former resident
of this place, has Just won a 110,000 damage
ult against Budd M. Robinson, a wealthy
mine owner of Joplln, Mo., for the aliena
tion of his (Fuller's) wife s affections. The
Fuller were married in this city several
years ago. It being the childhood home of
both, boon after going to Joplln trouble be
gan and the suit aa Instituted, which has
been hanging fire In the courts manv
months. During that lime the couple wei
divorced, and Mrs. Fuller married the mine
owner, Roblnxon. Th suit ha Just termi
nated in Fuller favor.
Am 1 air Gash
should be covered with clean bandages
saturated with Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Heals - burns, wounds, sores, piles. S5c.
For sale by. Beaton Drug Co
JSllf Ever
Itfli rry
y foody
$35.00 SUITS,
Straw Hats
Knowing this popular store as they do, know that our merchandise, our meth
ods, and our published statements are deemed worthy of the great confidence they
have inspired and we feel assured you will heed this appeal to you as the exact time
to make an investment that GUARANTEES 100 interest rate. The more you buy the more
you make. From every point of economy view you should be up and doing tomorrow. Hundreds
of splendid suits patterns and styles that will' suit and please all comers.
Judge From ttie Windows
$25.00 SUITS, $22.50 SUITS, $20.00 SUITS, $18.00 SUITS
J312.SO S 11.23 SIO.OO 3Q.OO
8gBL.,T,,.T,m.mi dir , ,,.,aiiisai8
$30.00 SUITS,
I-J'"' J. ; .'4rie.V "I7r - .
$15.00 SUITS,
Buy the New Straw
. Today
$5.00 Hats
There are plenty of
straw hats to be had in
Omaha these days at
all kinds of sacrifice.
But Notice the Hats.
It's no wonder we sell
about half the hats sold
in, Omaha and when
we come to view some
of the displays round
town we realize why so
many people come to
this store for their hats.
A Coat and
Trouser Snap
Two-piece suits quarter lined, half lined
and skeleton summer suits, that sold up to
$22.50, in all the new grays, mixtures and blue
serge in stouts, 6lims, regulars and extra sizes;
all at one price Saturday
So if you have any use for a fine, cool, genteel
suit for hot weather come and get one of these
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Now's the Time
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when you want a soft
cool shirt we're giv
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inary; we've the best
shirt made from the
best shirt . makers
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at two prices, 85o
and $1.35, that are
greatly under their
regular value.
if .vv-
s .
3.50 and $3.00 (JO Aft
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Hats, at ...$I.VU
Very low prices on a few
Panamas that are still left.
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patterns are "gobbled" up.
Drojpping th6? Prices
n Mmh Facie jiffocds
' , At Drexel'o
Right now in the very hottest weather, when youcan get the most comfort from an
Oxford with two months wear ahead of you, we make this great cut in prices.
You buy them now away down, but you get the Drexel quality and style the only
difference between today and yesterday is the price that's all in your favor.
You get your choice of the very highest grade of Oxfords in Omaha the Hanan,
Clapp and Boyden Oxfords for men, th Hanan, Foster, Wright & Peters, and Arm
strong Oxfords for women.
This is what this reduction sale means to you your choice of .the best Oxfords in
the world at less than the very ordinary kind.
For ten lines of Hanan, Clapp
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For ten lines of Hanan 's
$5.50 men's Oxfords, Russia
Calf and Kid.
For fifteen lines of MacDon-ald-Kiley,
Forbush $5.00 and
$5.50 men 'a Oxfords.
For fifteen lines of Howard
& Foster and Tilt $4.00 and
$4.50 men '8 Oxfords.
For twenty lines of miscel
laneous makes of $3.50 men's
For fifteen Iines of Hanan,
Foster and Wright & Peters
$5 and $5.50 women's Ox
fords. ' '
For twenty lines of the cele
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men's Oxfords.
For fifteen lines Kippendorf
and Selby $3.50 women's Ox
fords. For ten lines of miscella
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men's Oxfords,
200 pair $2.50 and $3.00 wo
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100 pairs $5 imported bronze
Kid Pumps and Oxfords
Ten lines Misses' and
Children's Buckle
Strap Pumps and Ox
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All our Boys', Youths'
and Little Gents' Ox
fords in the store
Per Cent
100 pairs small sizes $3 and
$3.50 Women's Oxfords
Four lines White Canvas
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$3 'White Canvas Women's
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$1.75 and $2 White Canvas
Women '8 Oxford3 for
All our Women's Pink and
Blue Canvas Oxfords at
I hoo uTujpaimy
1419 Farnam Stroot
Rent an Of f ice '
in the
Heart of Omaha
Bee Building
There is some available space for rent at the
present time.
Iloora 623 Located on top floor, facing court, with. 370
square feet. Including vault, which rent! for $23 per month.
Ground Floor Offices Just off court, which glvea eaiy
accesa from Farnam street Thla apace will ba remodeled to
ault tenant.
Rooms Available August 1st
Room 017 Court room, 8x14. KenU for f 10.00 per
Room 540 Eaat front, 11)4x19, good light. (22.00
per month.
Room 548 One of the beat suites, cf offices lu the city.
In the corner of the building facing 17th and Farnam.
Thla apace is divided into three room with tiled partition,
giving a total of 670 square feet, and la fitted with large
vault. Rent, 860.00 per month.
Rooms 218 and 220 Nice suite offices located In north,
west corner of building. The larger room is partitioned so
as to afford two private offices and reception room, and is
provided with vault This makes a good combination of rooms
and has been occupied by Insurance company; may be rented
for S52.00 per month.
The Bee Building Co.
R. W. BAKER, Supt. 17th and Farnam
twysJ" 1 !'.! "'."Mil'1- LJL1 ...1JL.JJJ.1 J ! .. ...J.UJ.uini nun i i m i , iinnni m,. y;- J
VT. --" "3zzn
Consult The Bee Land Columns When in Douht
Panamas $I.0Q also. (OS So. 1 6th St.
nu nas paid its members Six Per Cent per annum
for the past 27 years, and today Is better prepared
than ever to protect and foster the interest of its
Try a saving account with it, $1 to $25 accepted in monthly
payments or lump sum not over $5,000. Ask for Booklet "A" and
other information.
ASSETS, $3,600,000. RESERVE FUND, $64,000.
Address, 16th and Dodge Streets, Omaha. Neb. .