Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 23, 1910, EDITORIAL, Page 18, Image 18

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hFA.1 PiTiTF
MICHIGAN farm, 190 acres; large frame
house and barn; 40 arrfi cultivated; w
acies bay land, M acres timoer; mall
oicoard, one mue to R. R. station; nwar
good fishing lane, Puce 412 oo per acre.
Victor. Reinnardt, Newaygo, Mich.
HELL farms In Oceana and Macun coun
ties; best in Ij. .; fruit, giaiu, stock and
roultry. Vrite lor liai. jonn Hanson,
larl, Mich.
Aar Meslro.
NEW MEXim ran,-h and farm landa.
1.6UI icrm. v under cultivation, wall
watered and n-nced, underlaid with coal;
coal under option lor more than prica of
ranch; will handle, balance easy.
lake lor aiock, water, coal under option,
ft goes to purchaaei; z.oM) down with
term. For Lariirumra write W. H. Thorn.
Ha ton. New Mexico.
GOOD BARGAlN-lv acrea good loam,
$l,Mg, 1 acre in timber. Michigan, neau
Chicago and stesmooal doia; 1 rail to
fc-iii,ti : hfiuu. barn: uood aiiada In yard;
mju im ai ii trees. 1 cherries, vov krapoe, Im
appiea, curianls, l acrea strawberries,
a acrea win, ale. uW iao, lenua lor out
anca. CORK AND ChOuCll, first Na
tional ban. Biug.. Chicago.
Investlxai It fertile imitated land.
Other hava made fortune nere. So can
you. sell no land. V rlta u for
acta. Mate Immigration Hoard. Albu-
ueruue, N. M.
SNA 1JB-Best 40-acre black laud farm In
Micnlgan, house, baru and siuua, i mile to
main una R. H. town; close to Grand Kap
Id, once IZ-oov. W caab.
tf-acre Iirst-cluas tax front, t bouses.
barn, iruli enougn to pay for farm, cloaa
to town, acbooia and cuurcii, aAiwtl, aov
Box E, Martin, Mich.
82W) FOR 24 acrea adjoining large inland
lake; beat bargain of the aeaavn; very
ey term. 'rank Beremau, Allegan,
FOR (ALE Ideal stock ranch. COO acre.
Iinoat level, 16 mile from Oram a Fas,
HO acre lu cultivation: deep black auil;
4W acrea fir and pine timber; plenty of out
line lange eurucieiil lor ,ouu head or stoca;
there In l.Uuv mcne of water, which 1
brought on tne land by ditch; good family
orchard; dwelling nouses; 3 large barns;
mlie from anool; store building on tha
ancn; an Kind modern farm implement;
produce, alfaila anj grain, hay; price.
0.W0: terms Hu.QOu. balance i year at
per cent Interest. Address U. L. Uersinger,
Oram's Fa, on.
40 acra money making faj ni. main road.
school, church, store close, bouse, barn
fruit, mice. SI. ISO. IriUO cash.
W acres black land, fronting on biggest
laka in Michigan, log cabin, big new sion
basement, barn, price, IZ.aW. casn.
Box K, Flalnvlew, Mich.
A PRETTT FARM of 20 acres located In
Michigan, well fenced, trees, house new;
barn, cellar, fruit tree, strawberries,
raaDberrles. excellent water, good market,
lakes abound with fish, general store lesa
than elrrhtr rods from house, ll.ouu casn
direct dealing with owner, no land sharks,
further Infnrmstlon given. Address Geo. L.
fSrhanfale, 8 Frankla Ave., Grand Rapids.
FOR SALE 331 acrea of tha finest corn
land In Platte Co.. with 1 houses, barn,
etc., for tenant, with a beautiful lake on
part of the land. Thlf. Is bottom land with
a levee around earn entirely paio lor.
This land can be bought at a bargain; no
trade considered. If you haven't tha mean
to handle thla land, dun t ua. j. w
Farley, Farley, Mo.
THE Kansas Clty-St. Louis electric rail
road ha been financed and work will be
gin Immediately; now la the time to buy
land along the route; values have Increased
26 per cent In the last year ana win in
rreiia Ut ttr cent In tha next year; aea us
for farms along tha route before the price
advances any mora, juotta uros. xveaity
Co., Blue Springs, Mo.
U.000 ACRES colonisation or game pre
aerve; location. Eleven Point river, Oregon
county. Mo., am pricing- 31. under local
prices to aell before Augast 1. 110; price
$3.26 per acre; terms, $1.75 per acra cash,
76 cents In six months, 75 cents one year,
rxtr cent. Full Information address be
low. Also 440-acre sheep ranch Christian
county. Mo., at $10 per aore; hi cash, bal
ance lona; time, ( per cent; timber on
ranch will cut 30,000 railroad ties. Address
t. tr. Robertson, 8. b. station, cox bm,
bprlngfleld. Mo.
700.000 acres Mexico; splendid Improve
ments and well stocked: on uuic coast
well .watered and timbered; price 1.60 per
25,000 acres western land; fin grazing
proposition; good water; adjolna good rail
road town and river; price 13 per acra.
And others.
1306 Cotntneroa I lids.
Kansas City, Mo.
6t ACRES, close to- Cleveland: good land
good lmprovementa: plenty water; nice
farm; 177 to. Itft acrea between Greenwood
and Ray more: nlaa small Improvements
smooth land; good water; all to clover and
timothy; aoma blua grass; bargain; posses
sion any time; tM. i. G. Shackelford, Pe
culiar. Mo.
UO ACRES 214 mile of Lea's Summit, 14
mile of rock road; plenty ot fruit; fair
house; every foot smooth and under culti
vation. Price, lioo per acre.
100 acrea 3 miles of Greenwood: well Im
proved; land la fine; a bargain at 9100 per
414 acres, with 6 -room house, cistern,
well, barn, cellar; plenty of fruit; fine
shaded lawn. Ad Jotnp town of Greenwood.
Snap. Price, 31.600. Todd M. George, the
Lnd Man, Lee'a fjuromtt. Mo.
All But One
We Axe Getting Numerous Calls
For Houses of All Ktses. LJst With Ua
M. X. Ufa Bids. Pbooe Red im
"Wanted to Kent
A 3 or G-rnom hn'use In good neighborhood.
Phone Douglas 437 and call for Mr. Kngei-
Suatla laala.
FOR PALE The most and best Improved
ud unimproved farms in central ti. D
at prices from 316 to 4U per acra. For
booklet, map and price list address . It.
llagarman. Pukwana, Brule ooumy, H. I).
FOR SALE 10.000 acres of choice acrl-
cultural laaula in the famaua rhita Hiver
Valley tt JLynian county, toe have had an
bundance of rainfall and there Is no
place where you could make a mora proflt-
oie investment than In tins famous valley.
Wa want some good live agents to represent
us. Liberal coinmlMions paid. Write for
ull particular. Uudley Scheffer Lund Co..
Vivian, B. U.
YOU can buy land for 310 a month good
land at from S to 20 an acre In Vilas and
Oneida counties, Wisconsin. Wa charge no
Interest. We pay the taxe. Insurance
clause in the contract. Best opportunity in
the country for the man of moderate means
to own a farm and be Independent. Writs
for map and book to lept. . u. if. ban
born Co., Kagle River, Wis.
FINE FARM LANDS Wisconsin, timber
or clear; nice lakes and rivers; best market
of America; tl per acre cah;Jarg or
small tracts. Ernest A. Arnold, buperlor.
BEFORE buying, selling or trading, see
copy of our paper. In its seventh year. It
describes many farms and business oppor
tunities norm, aoutn, east or west, with
names and addresses of owners; many will
exchange, blngie copy, 10 cents; three
months, 25 cents. Address FARMER.
Mathews bldg.. Milwaukee, Wis.
IN ION STATION Teatb. aa Masoa.
t'alaa Pacific Lear Arrlvs
fcsn Fran. Ov'rl'd Ltd. 3:13 a. m. 11:30 p. m.
China and Jaoan Fast
Mall 4:10 a. m. 6:43 p. m.
Oregon-Waxh'gton Ex 4 00 p. m. : p. nv
is Angeiev Limited. .12.46 p. ra. :w p. m.
Aliamiu Express .4u a. m. I
Denver t-cectal 1:47 a. rru U SD a. In.
Colorado Special 11:48 p. m. 7:41 a. in.
Colorado Express t.'A P m. t oo p. in.
Chicago-Portland Sp'1.12:6 p. m. 3.30 p. ra.
ast Mall (mail and
express only) 3 30 a. m. 6 40 p. m.
North Piatt Local.... 3:16 a. m. 4 46 p. m.
Grand Island Local 1:30 P. m. 1W:3V a. to.
local (b) 11:40 p.m. 1:30 p.m.
Grand Island local
via. Valparaiso (b). .12:41 p. m. 1:10 p. m.
t iauy except bunday.
Chirac. Mllwsskt A St. Paa
Overland Limited aU U pm 7:63 am
Omaha-Chicago Expreaa.b 7. 13 am 30 am
Omaha-Savanah Kz a 7.16 am 3.30 am
Colo-Calif. Exp a 00 pm 3. ft pm
Colorado Special a 7.6 am 11.33 pm
Perry-Omaha Local b 6.16 pm U.06 pm
thtvagr Ac Narthwastsrat
Twin City Express a 7:o0 am alO M pm
8loux City Local a 3:o pm a 3:23 pm
Minn, at Dakota Ex a V:00 pm a 3:16 am
Twin City Limited a 3:00 pm a 7:30 am
Omaha Express a 7:00 am ai2: am
Chicago Local al2:06 pm a 3:28 pm
Colorado-Chicago a 6:20 pm a 3:23 pm
Chicago Special a 3:01 pm a 7:66 am
Paclflo Coaal-Chicago...a 3:00 pm a 3:28 pm
Los Angeles Limited a :i0 Din al2:20 Dm
Overland Limited all:i pm a 7:44 am
Denver Special all: 40 a in a 3:31 am
Carroll Local a V.SM pm a 3:60 am
Fast Mall - a 3:36 pm
Llneoln-Chadron a 7:60 am all:00 am
Norfolk-Bor.esteei a 1 -W am al0:46 pm
Lona Plne-bo. Platte. ...b 2:16 pm a 3:30 pm
Hasilngs-buperior b 1.16 pm b 3:30 pm
Deadwood-Hot bprlDgs.a l.ia pm a 6:W) pm
Casper-Lander a 2:66 pm all:00 am
Frsmont-Alblon b 6:30 pm a 1:66 pm
Chlcaao Great Westera
Chicago Limited a 6:48 pm
Twin City Limited a 8:30 pm a 7:63 am
Twin City lvxpreaa a 8:00 am a 8:30 pm
Chicago fcxpres. ........ a 8:46 pm
CklcaeTO, Hue It lslaa as Paelfl
Rocky Mount'd Ltd.al3:38 a. m.
Iowa Local Pass.. .a 3:3a a. m.
a i: a. m.
bl0:3a a. m.
TRADET Or do you want to buy one?
Make your want known through THE DES
MOINES CAPITAL, the want medium of
Iowa: Rates: 1 cent a word for each inser
tion, 6 cents a ,lne, 70 cents an Inch. Cir
culation, 41.000; largest of any Iowa daily.
Give us a trial. Address The Capital, Land
Dept. Des Moines, Iowa.
Screenings, $1.25 per 100. Wagner, 301 N. 18
la tha best In the market for young; chick-
SS. Mads from pure grain.
Pbonaa: Douglas U42. Independent A-345.
LEW W. BABEK, Printer,
Bes Bldg. Entrance on Court.
niES-UALL Ptg. Co.. 108 8. 14tb.
'PHONE IND. A-2629 for good printing.
Lyngstad Printing CoM 16th ic Capitol Ave,
at Jamlason, 1211 Doug. Bota
OARV1N BROS., 3a floor N. Y. Life, 3Mrt
to 3100.0IM on improves prvpanx. no a slat
WANTED City loans. PaUrs Trust Co.
10:30 p. m.
a i.M p. m.
a 3:46 a. m.
bl0:13 p. la.
Chicago Day Ex...
Chi. Local rass...
Des Moines uocmi
Paasenger a 4:00 p. m.
Chicago Express. ..a 4:40 p. m.
Chicago Llutited....a 8:08 p. m.
The Mountaineer.. .a 2:60 a. m. a 7.-06 a, m.
Chicago-Nebraska itia.
for Lincoln a 8:25 a. m.
Colo. & CaL Exp.. .a 1:26 p. m.
OkL & Tex. Exp. ..a 8:30 p. m.
Rocky Mount' n Ltd.aW:10 p. m.
Om.-St. Louis Exp. a 6:30 p. m.
Mall and Express.. a 7:80 a. m.
Ktanberry Loc'l (from
Council Bluffs). ...b 6:00 p. m. blO:U p. m.
Illlaala Ceatral
Chicago Express M..a 7:00 am a 1:46 pm
all. 30 p. m.
a 1:16 p. m.
a 8:03 a. u.
a 3:47 p. m.
a 4:30 p. m.
a 1:20 p. ra.
al2:30 p. m.
a 8:!8 a. m.
allot p. m.
Chicago Limited....
Mlnn.-St, Paul Ex..
Mlnm-tit. Paul Lid.
Mlsaoarl Paelfl
K. C. St. U Ex..
..a 3:00 pm a 8:00 am
..b 7:80 am
..a 1:00 pm a 8:00 am
..a 8:40 am a 6:38 am
WANTED City loans and warrants,
farnam Smlta 4k Co.. 1233 Far nam at.
Our regular weakly excursion to th
Scott's Bluff country returns this evening,
Report from there Is alhat sales were made
to "all but one" of ttaoso who were In tha
Do these sales look 11 Ice a drouth pre
vailed In the Scott's BlulX country?
Do tbess salsa look Ilk there has bean
any exaggeration made of. tha productivity
of that country?
Do these sales Intlmata, that people are
over-emhuelaalto about 1 irrigated lands T
ON THE CONTRARY ttheae things seem
to bear out everything that has been aald
in favor of tha Scott's Bluff country.
It has beat, our aim In talking about the
Scott's Bluff country to Insist that a man
Investigate for himself. Go and see. That
Is the way to find out what the country Is,
what tha water supply means and what It
wlli produce.
Why not prove to your own satisfaction T
Go with us on our
Next Excursion
Tuesday, July 26.
People all over this dry part of the coun
try are looking for land where they may
control their own water supply.
Ws want TWO CARLOAD on our next
trlpl WbyT Because ws are anxious to
close out all tha remaining lands wa have
' listed In that valley.
If you are going on th PAYNE SPE
CIAL, you better get ready to go . next
Remember, tha trip Is quick and ww get
you baok to Omaha on Friday. It la eaay.
pleasant, as wa show the land by automo
biles, and everything is dons for the cus
tomer's comfort ami pleasure.
Tolephoua ua, writs ua or come In and
talk th matter over with ua. Send for
free copy of the ' LAND OWNER."
Lkjn't believe everything you read In tha
papers about shortage of water in the lrrl
station ditches. There are always plenty
of knockers la every country yelUng their
beads off.
All we ask Is that you go and sea for
S. E. Corner 16th and Far nam.
Douglas 1781, Ind., A-1188.
"Put Landless Man on Manleas Land."
LOANS to noma owners and boms build,
ars, with privilege of making partial nay.
anauta aaml-annuaUy.
103 First Natloua Mank Bld
8103 to 810.008 mad promptly, a". D. Wsad.
Waad Bias.. IStn and Farnam.
8609 to 16,008 oa bomes la Omaha. O'Keefs
Real Fatal Co UWS M. T. Life. Ueusiaa
ar A-X1L2.
MONEY TO LOAN Payne investment Cs.
I, 4 and 7-roora bouses. If prices are right
w can sell your property for yon.
Suits 8W N. T. Ufa Bldg.
SOUTHWEST corner ot 34th and Deca
tur, two 8-room houses, clear. Want to
trade for good rental property closer in;
win put In some casn or assume. Nowata
Land and Lot Co., auH New lork life Blug.
pnone. Red im.
K. C fe SU L. Ex all:15 pm a M pm
BORLIIfGTON STA loth sua Maaaoa
Leave. Arrlva.
Denver and Callrornla.a 4:10 pm a 8:46 pm
Puget Bound Express.. a 4:10 pm a 8 10 pm I
Nebraska points a 8:10 am a 6:10 pm
Black Hills a 4:10 pm a 8:10 pm
Northwest Express all: 26 pm a 1:00 am
Nebraaka points a 8:20 am a 8:10 pm
Lincoln Mail . ..b 1:10 pm all: 16 nm
Nebraska Expresa a 8:16 am a 8:10 pm
Lincoln Local ' b 3:OS am
Lincoln Local a 7:25 pm a 7:60 pm
Schuyler-Plattamoutli...b 3:, pm bl0:30 am
Plattamouth-Iows a 8:18 am a 8:60 am
Beilevue-Plattsmouth ..all:80 pm a 1:40 pm
Colorado Limited all: IS pm a 7:08 am
Chicago Special a 7:16 pm all:06 pm
Chicago Express ...a 4:20 pm a 8:66 pot
nicago x mi &arreM,.a e:oi pm a s.uu am
Iowa Local a 8:16 am al0:80 am
Creston-Iowa Lccal a 8:80 pm al0:30 ant
St. Louis Express a 4:30 pm all: 46 am
K.. c ana uu josepn....aiu:4 pm a 8:46 am
K. C. and St. Josepb...,a 8:16 am a 8:1A pm
i. aou Ob iesepu....a :su pua M 1
Mlssoarl Paclflo
Leava. Aerlra
Auburn Special ..b 8:60 pm bll:l pm
laicaajot sc. ran, aisstssaiia at
Sioux City Express b 1:00 pm bll?4l am
Omaha Local 8:24) pm
dioux i-assenger D f :W pm
a win iij raBiuir.B i:n am .
Slouz City Local e 8:36 am
Emerson Local b 6:65 pm b 6:10 am
a Daily. Q Dally except Sunday.
WANTED To exchange, fifty acres of
land In northwest Arkansas for four-passenger
auto, two or four cylinder; must be
In good running condition. Wrlto J. R.
Crawford, Green Forest, Ark.
434-AC RE ranch, 30 miles from two
large cities, afford beat possible market;
railway station on laud; properly managed,
fays easily 84,003 per annum net. Prlos
ll.OUO; clear; want income property In
Omaha; will put In some cash or assume.
68 New York Life.
Phono Red tm.
"Tl. ."'t RSwWftSiit
.Lv-.-v .... jw '.?
9 f sW . r- kj J XT BT .)- 'iw-- . w
ay ,, v.. a. -vt-ar jr w , .-m v. ,'-" 1 1 n . W ' ' " TriJ T a V"l 1 S w-A' IX r" 'f 1 ft J -4A -l-V -am
ij 'wrVVWVr . ""' lj
48 ACRH8 extra level land, elosa la rail,
road, la Box Butts county. Nebraska: wld
xohangs for msrchandlse: price. 8JI per
aore; will carry 84.008, A. K. Tnompaoav
UoMrage, Nab.
Douglas County Farm
100 acrea, all under cultivation; 7-rooiri
bouse; barn; granary, etc; located about
14 nillea northweet of Omaha; must be sold
to settle estate; will sell cheap. Sea ua for
further Information.
708 N. Y. L. Bldg. Omaha, Neb.
WANTED A buyer for a homestead re
linquishment of Uu acres of Irrigated land
near Soott's Bluff, Neb., that must be sold.
A big bargain If taken at onoa. Why de
pend on rain when you can get an Irri
gated farm at your own price, where you
I alas a crop, rain or no rain.
Morrill. Neb.
rOK SALE Improved stock farm. SU4
acres; Custer county; close to station; (17
par acra; no trade. Box A. Oconto, Nab.
TEN THOUSAND acres of corn, winter
wheat and alfalfa land for sals in large
and small farms In Sherman. Cuatar and
Buffalo counties. Writs for prloea. J, T,
Campbell. Lllebfleld. Nab.
FOR SALE Oklahoma farm and ranch
lands, 820 per acra. In any sis traota. Full
Information, write C. L. WOOLVERTON,
owner. Red HXk, oai.
Whsa you have enyihiag t sail or trad
sgverUs It la Too Waal Add columns
147 ACRES Morrill Co.. Neb., clear. Tou
know land In this locality is selling at 616
per acra cash. Will trada for residence In
068 Nw York Life Bldg. ,
Phone Red 111.
IMPROVED farm, at caah valus, for
clean stock of general merchandise Invoic
ing 310,000 to Itf.oou, or for good stock of
hardware same alxa. Address, Box 471,
Alma, Nsb.
D. 3X4. 421 Be.
330 acres North Dakota land, free of In
cumbrance, for gtod Omaha property.
Pbone Harney 1336.
7-room house for automobile. This hous
pays rent every month. Your automobile
costs 330 to 840 per month to own IL Come
In and see us.
58 New York Life Bldg.
Phone Red U08.
Old Gold, StO. IN A 1 11 AN. Ill B. "lU Ol.
New Cabinet in
Nicaragua from
Zelaya's Friends
Consul Olivarei Intimttei Strongly!
that New Miniitry Hay Be Un
friendly to United States..
WASHINGTON, July 21-A new cabinet
has been formed in Nicaragua, according
to cable advices received her today from
Consul Ollvares at Managua. Its personnel
consists with a single exception of adher
ents of Zelaya and men who were offi
cials of the former president's government.
consul Ollvares strongly Intimates that
tha new ministry Is likely to be unfriendly
to th United States.
The appointment of Benjamin Zelcdon to
be sub-secretary of war seems to be the
most significant In a cabinet of Zelaya
supporters. Mr. Ollvares advised that tho
r.ew war minister la bitterly antl-Amert
can and Is the author of a number of In
cendiary articles against the government
of th United States and American Inter
ests In general which have been published
recently In tha censored press at Managua.
Dr. Louis F. Corea, representative of Ma-
diii here, has arrived at Managua, the con
sul reports, but any confirmation of the
story that he left a peace proposition In
behalf of Madrix at Waahlngton Is as un
confirmed from tha report a It Is from In-1
veatlgatlon hers.
Modesto Barrios and Sebastian Salinas,
the commissioners who hav been sent to I
this government bearing what Is reputed to I
be a proposition for peace In Nicaragua,
were due In Washington today, according to
an unofficial schedule. They had not been
received nor had they appeared when act
ing-Secretary of Stat Wilson left the department-
No official knowledge of their
coming la In possession of ths department I
and no agreements havs been made to re
ceive them.
EST PRICB paid fsr second-baa
(urnlta re, carpal. slotbwS aia4 aasea
'bos Douglas 8W1,
.Wanted to Buy
W hav several clients for 6 to 3-rorm
houses; w want them from owners only.
Art quirk. Phone louglas 4378 or call at
1710 Vamara St., Be Building.
Safes On larga snd on medium alas
at, state else and prica. M
BEST price) for 3d nana dotMas. IX 8444
Let This Be Your One Aim.
Buy land!
Buy it now!
Asaerleaa Labor Peaeratloa (ostrs.
tlea Mo Held Nsvenabcr 14
I.eacthy raafereae.
BT. LOUIS, July tt Tho data for ths
opening of tha annual convention of the
American Federation of Labor ber was an
nounced for Monday, November 14, by Pres
ident Samuel Gompers today. Th an
nouncement followed a lengthy conference
with local labor leaders.
Every man should own a lot of land. Certiinly every
young man should own some. The opportunity is greater now
than it has been in fifty years to realize on good property.
In The Bee today many tempting offers appear.
People who acquired large estates are
willing now that others may share with them.
Wide awake dealers are advertising these
liberal propositions today.
Take advantage of it! 1
Do it now!
There is no possible way for you to ever
regret it.
For further information regarding this property call Doug
las 238, or address The Bee Land Department.
( Vt'
. tV