Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 23, 1910, EDITORIAL, Page 17, Image 17

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Ev ry - bo dy Reads Bee Want Ads
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r j 'I ! VaralsheU Itoaaas Cotlnwed. tiraUktt m ' .CooUowod.
tf J f s LARGE, cool room, modern convenience; 020 Emmet, Urge room, modern. Phone
lit I nicely furnished, fine location, walking die- Webster 4170.
LARGE, cool room, modern convenience;
nicely furnished, fine location, walking dis
tance, on Harney line; rent reasonable;
private home. 222 N. Ituih bt
SMALL room; modern; private family;
Cheap. 1U N. ma.
DESIRABLES room; beautiful location;
J rivals family; modern, 7ol UeorgU Ave.
FURNISHED rooms; hot bath. 624 8. 16th.
Flat 12. ad floor.
YOUNG MAN to share comfortable) fur
nished room; reasonable terms. aiva mt
ram SU Phone Harney
VERY large, well-furnished, south front;
permanent parties, tan rarnam.
NEW house,
for gentlemen.
up-to-date, modern rooms.
t24 8. 20th,
furnished rooms, all modern.
' SINGLE rooms, 82 up. 116 B. 16th. M floor;
flat 4.
ONE furnished room, modern. 1463 8. UtB.
FURNISHED front room; privato family.
(12 N. Kith tit. lei. ilea Mia,
FOR RENT Two front rooms, nicely fur
nished; close In. 1126 H. JOtn Bt.
NICB, cool, pleasant bedroom, second
floor, for one gentleman; private family;
tolerances, eiv r. aim." u
ir TnU eiegsnuy lurxuanvu wv.n.
Home: ooaru II aeaireo, nmuim ' r
fened. 2U N. mo su
TWO furnished rooms tor light house
keeping; also sleeping rooms, ngewn, wai
tug distance; 208 N. 13d -
FURNISHED room, suitable for two, 12.50
per week. 312 N. 33a. -
furnished room, suitable for two
V fenUemen. Ui S. lth St.; Hd floor, north
east cviuti.
ONES large front and on small room to
gentlemen oniy. u . Jn ov.
FRONT room for rent to two gentlemen
at 812 N. So Bt Tet ougias ouo.
NICELY fumlshed single south front
room; also suigte west room, 8228 Farnam
tit Flat a.
TWO large, cool rooms; modern; privato
Amily) walking custanoe; ausi w
arney Z266. VM vooge.
T-TT fmnt i-nm for sentleman; In family
t 'Adults; modern; dose in. ou o. lui.
In nice private home; one large alcove
room; ail conveniences. cast wu a
BIO. cool, modern rooms.
Nice porch,
tuu tit. Mary's Ave.
NICELY furnished rooms In new, modern
House. Wis Chicago Bt
VERY modern, pleasant rooms. Call
evenings. 2110 Chicago St.
LARGE airy room, especially desirable,
110 to S0... 2334 Harney St. 'Phono Douglas
FRONT ROOM, 1S60 South Tenth.
FOK RENT Modem, furnished single or
double rooms. 1D1 Cass.
FURNISHED ROOMS suitable for gentle
men d floor; cor. 16th and-Jones.
MINGLE rooms 11.76, double rooms ft and
13 W. Ial8 Capitol Ave.
FURNISHED rooms, IL60 and up.
North 17th bt
LARGE, cool rooms, neatly furnished. In
modern home. 314 N. 23d.
ALCOVE room, 112; single.
(216 California.
36 monthly.
NICELY furnished modern room; table
I'oarU If desired. 1812 Chicago. .
NICE furnished modern rooms, reason
able. 624 N. 20th. Tel. Red. 77U2.
TWO well furnished rooms, 1011 N. 24th
St.. South Omaha.
NICELY furnlsned, large, front
suitable for two. 201 So. 2uth Ave.
NICELY furnished room for rent reason.
able. 2220 Fainam St, suite 2. 'Phone
Loggias 6691.
' 1916 Faruam.
V . LARGE, cool bed room, ground floori
iii home with young couple for Jewish
' av-entiamen. Call evening, sous cnicago OL
; DESIRABLE room, fine location, private
-rainuy, uiouern., m rx. atst av.
TWO desirable front rooms suitable for
.hree young men. 2109 Douglas.
. ' TWO double rooms for rent 1313 Podge.
y FRONT parlor and bed room, south ex
posure; i week. Z202 n arnarn,
ROOMS, walking distance; strictly mod,
rn. . 676 S. 2MU. Harney tm.
TWO single rooms, cheap; also room and
alcove; private. 2 toil u Mary s Ave.
S1NULK room, private BOe, rent cheap.
lu cnitao u '
FURNISHED room, strictly first class,
everything new and moderni .walking
distance. 2220 uougiaj.
ELEGANTLY furnished single and double
front rooms; aviso front parlor. Jill Doug'
NEWLY furnished, cool rooms In mod'
era house. 314 N. lath St.
TWO suites of light housekeeping rooms.
314 ana 116 per month; also double parlor,
suitable for tuur young men or women. 120.
3u) & sttn bt. ,
' NICELY furnished rooms, modern, large
suitable for housukceplng or sleeping. 408
K. hh t.
FNRKlgliED room on parlor floor; suit
Die for two, modern; walking dintani-a.
t'houe Tyler 1121. 2019 California street.
NICELY furnished rooms, modern: large
lawn; will furnlitn for housekeeping for
desirable pariy. Phone B 2202. lo2e N. 17th
COOL, nicely papered housekeeping and
sleeping looms, close In. 110 S. 14th street
FRONT parlor, suitable for one or two,
gentlemen preferred. Red ?4. 4U7 N. 19tn,
FURNISHED room for rent for light
housekeeping, ano uavenport street.
NICELY furnished front room, close In
modern. 206 N. lth.
MODERN. 36 per month, breaktsst If pre
ferred, r. ivtn ci.
ONE single room, 31.60 week; front par
lor for two, si wee a. uiv uouglas.
FURNISHED rooms, 34 sntf 36 per month
for gentlemen; also first floor parlor for
young ladles at 32 per week; gas. running
water, telephoue. laundry and pressing
privileges. Tel. Ha" ey . 2t27 Harney.
TWO small
lodge street
rooms; also parlor.
NICELY furnished cool rooms.
Ktti St.
NICELY furnished room In omdern houe:
walking dial sure: private family. Mil
Cjufxi nta.
MCtLV furnished room, 213 N. tth,"
ELKQiNTl.T furnlahad front narlor.
til st floor, reasonable. 1213 Chicago.
COOL strictlv mndarn furnished rooms:
$6 to is per niontn. 262 Capitol avenue.
NICELY FURNISHED rooms; gentlemen
oiiiy. ti tto. ltitti st, Id door. 'iat u.
and unturotshad rooms.
3uu7 Lake tiU
FOR gentlemen, nicely furnished room,
alklnx distance, strictlv moderni Dhone.
eteoirio ran; private family; references re,
quireo. ti2 M. join sueet.
NICELY furnlahAd rmimi mndarn. 114
b. lith avenue.
FURNISHED rnnm fnr rant- modern,
N. ftth street, upstairs; Wsb. ebtis.
NICELY furnished room, modern, prl,
vate entrance. 2i& N. 2d street
ROOM. 12.60: nrlvatat modarn eottasa.
w o. ma street.
..... .
LARGE front parlor, elegantly furnished;
tnodurn, close In; laundry, light and oook-
ui gas lurnisned; references; lib monin.
w o. now avenue.
THREE rooms, partly furnished; water,
Jiu vim rara, 421 a. xatn Ave.
NICELY furnslhed rooms for gentlemen;
Biuae in. aid rt. istn.
FURNISHED rooms for rent 1702 Vinton
STRICTLY modern room for gentleman.
-ua 0. stn Bt uouglas mi.
NICELY furnished rooms; terms reason
able. 223 8. 20th BU
TWO or three furnished rooms. 201 N. 20th
8t. 'Phone Douglas ducm (Bell Independent
pnone A-aV9.
NEWLY furnished rooms In modern
house, by day and month. 2013 Chicago St
NICE clean furnished rooms, cheap at
ui cnicago.
SINGLE room, private porch, nice bath;
j week, jfous Harney.
LARGE front room; everything new and
strictly models. UlS Chicago Bu Tel.
Douglas 4U6.
COOL rooms; gentlemen only; near good
boarding place; references required. 1710
N. 25th.
COMB to 2561 St. Mary's Ave. if you
want a large, cool room with, piano; also
single room.
LARGE room, suitable for two ladles
modern; housekeeping If desired. 602 &
2VU1 fit
FURNISHED rooms, gentlemen only
references required; near Ud and Cuming,
sxi in. mo 01. j,ei. iiajrney ,
modern. 121 8. 27th.
private family
TWO elegant furnished rooms la
home. Tel. Webster mi.
Uuaaekeeptnar ' nowma.
ONE extra large front room: large closet
newly furnished for housekeeping: uadi
phone;, 310; walking ulstance. -U Caldwell.
Web. 1972.
LIGHT, well furnished houaekeeDlnar
rooms; gas range ana p&ui. uquire imra
floor, 1016 wowara.
SUITABLE for dressmaking. 617 N. lttn
TWO housekeeping rooms. 614 S. 22d.
MODERN, clean, dry rooms in fine real.
dence. Close la. 2104 weoster st
FRONT room and back parlor for liaht
housekeeping; ground floor; modern. 2463
TWO newly papered housekeeping rooms.
j. us no. 111a. 1
FRONT and back rooms for, steeping or
housekeeping, sue n&rney.
HOUSEKEEriNQ rooms; reasonable. 513
MODERN bousekeeolng ' rooms: mvi
neighborhooo; walking distance. 2ob3
ONE or two rooms complete for house
keeping; ice dox ana gas. zui Uouglas.
TO young coupie. s moaern rooms, un
furnished or partly furnished. 1620 M 8L
South Omaha.
NICELY furnished modern front hoiis
Etcf Ir.j rooiua; uLuar rooms., close In. 347
a. 2-un Ave.
TWO modern housekeeping rooms. S3.
ton vavenpori.
TWO or three rooms, furrlshed comnlete
Or nouseaeeping; (noaera. sius J SXQam
gas and liueus rurnisbed.
FOUR furolshed or unfurnished rooms in
moaern oricx ouuaing; good neighborhood
una witmn waixing oistanca. tin 0. lema SL
SUITE of large, handsomely furnished.
cool rooms; modern, chads, walking dis
tance; iv atiu sis. que d. isto.
LARGE, rooms, also light housekeeping
TWO front rooms, completely furnished.
NICELY furnished modern front house
keeping rooms; other rooms; close In, 647
a. 2itn Ave.
LARGE dining room and kitchen) house-
uus. uiiraerjl. u n. 4ftn , . ,
TWO furnished rooms, modern.
2102 Miami St
TWO modern housekeeping rooms. 40 a.
aiu Ave.
MODERN light housekeeping rooms. 2013
dl uuy s Ave.
FRONT parlor and dining room tor tight
tiuuaen,jcpiiii, ait cuinpieie. UUO BOUIU 2I
St lei. Harney 6272.
TWO rooms for light housekeeping; mod
eru. im a. miil
TWO nice rooms; gas range, laundry
priviiL-sca. &Q r arnani.
KITCHEN and bedroom In basement 32
THREE furtilshed rooma for light house-
aeeping; moaern. 4244 Harney St.
NICELY furnished,
able. 609 A. liaSt
all modern, reason
THREE modern furnished housekeeping
rooms, eu suue. ins Chicago.
TWO nloe, cool rooma tor housekeeping,
wi narney. iiaroey ftd.a.
STRICTLY modern room, complete for
auuauancpius:. mi e. ism.
THREE rooms, gas rage.
160 Grace.
TWO front rooms, housekeeping, small
rooms. 2013 Leavenworth.
REDUCED rates; furnished housekeeping
rooms, all modern; shade tre-s; all out
side rooms, 32 60. 32.76. 33. 2U23 Burt St.
Tel. 4402 Douglas.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 112 8. 24th 81
TWO nice front rooma 3U1 Dodge.
THltKrC nicely furnlahed hoiiMVkeeping
room. 1111 N. 2M h A . vh-a If takan si
i-uce. Call 121U J-'uJa at. for Inforiuation.
Uaaaakeepiaa; Hoobs
TWO rooms, 27: a room. 110:
2626 Capitol Ave.
THREE nicely furnished rooma: modern.
with new piano.- 2666 st Mary s Ave.
TWO rooms, bath, furnished comoUta for
housekeepUig; modern; 2d tloor. 62 N. 32d.
HOUSEKEEPING rooms: modern, reas
onable. si26 Capitol Ave.
TWO furnished bousekeeDlca- rooms, ru
sink, refrigerator; no cuilurea. sl B. lstn.
SUITE of housekeeping rooms, nswlv ra-
pered, modern, walking uiatanca. suit
ROOMS for light housekeeping, 313 N. 17th
TWO modern front rooms, furnished com.
plete, refrigerator and sewing machine.
07 N. 26th St
FURNISHED rooma for light housskeen-
lng. 14 S. 17th Ave.
MODERN rooms.
2210 Harney St Red
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, single or en
suite. 616 N. 30th.
CLEAN, cool "rooms: housekeeDlna- si.
lowed. 2013 Harney.
FURNISHED housekeeping rooms.
TWO suites of housekeeping rooms, mod
ern; reference. 3113 Chicago,
HOUSEKEEPING rooma: furalahad. Mia
Capitol Ave.
FOUR rooms, furnished coirmlata far
noussaeepin-; no cnuuren: ana raiaranoaa.
m n. 40th.
THREE furnished light
rooms. 0 N. 16th St c
FOUR unfurnished ground-finer rooms:
uioueiu, saoepi nest; ciose in; .rent u..
Ml B. IU1 AVS. ' ."
tVafaraUBed Hoawt,
THREE strictly modern rooms, unfnr.
Blsbsd, xor ugni nouseseepmg. tm N. 24th.
FOUR nloe housekeeping rooms: bib v
24th Sti near Cuming; prloe 312.60. Apply at
Ollice. iui tv cosier aw
MODERN. I rooms, 310 unfurnished, kit
FOR RENT T-room strictly modarn. eloaa
in ; mm weuaier nu
UNFURNISHED rooms: modern.
614 8.
2Stn St Harney 6341
THREE nice rooms, water and saa. IT
per monin. uw st. sun ou lei. u-ihii.
Apartmente and Flats,
RLEOANT 1 4 and 6-room aDartmanta
Btrehlow Terrace, weoster 422s.,
NEWLY Danered 6-room flat: modern
except heat; 318. 1500 N. 20U St Conrad
Young, 1613 Dodge Street
SERVANTS problem solved: 3 rooms con
densed Into 6; steam heat; electrlo light and
laundry; hot ana oold water; wall bed. safe.
gas stove, refrigerator; Janitor service. The
Hunter, XDtn sua uoage. xei. uougiaa 4122.
FURNISHED apartment of 3 rooms, first
floor; moaern; piano; teiepnona, eta sow St
Mary s Ava. -
VERY beautiful apartment: West Far.
nam district; modern and complete. Per-
rlne & woicott uranaeis Theater.
17th Ave and Jackson St.
Only four blocks from bUHlness center.
Two. tliree and four-room apartments.
with laundry rooms, large bath, wardrobe.
refrigeration, heat, gas ranges, filtered
water, janitor service and vacuum cleaning,
Siost complete nuuse in umana. .very
thing new, clean and attractive.
GEORGE & COMPANY, 1001 Farnam St
. rnone iJougiaa Yott.
Fwralshed Uoaees aad Flats.
SRV1CN-ROOM furnished mndarn hnm.
in West Farnam district for lease for a
year, 340 per month;. lawn, shade, barn, etc
Furnace heat. One block from cars. Address
iOX Lt ub, care uumna xee.
Ten rooms, all nicely furnished, near
26th and Harney Sis; lease one year or
longer, Pr monin. -GEORGE
COMPANY, 1601 Farnam St
WILL rent our furnished home for month
of August to a congenial couplo. Ii,ier
ences required. W. 13. Williams. Pnone
iraui. a-iu.
NICE cosy 4-room fiat n,t- a sacrifice
easy walking distance; must sell this week
vail at jutfv iuuiiui ok
tloasee s6 Cetcagea,
HOUSES, Insurance, Rlngwalt Brandels
ineaier mug.
HOUSEHOLD GOODS packed, forwarded
cheap freight rates; moving and storing!
Three rooms, mouuiu excupt licat,
Duuaias St.. 612.60.
Elgin ruuius, modern except heat, 2154 S
34tn St., 2j
lwlve rooms, strictly modern, 616 S
ua Bt., . ....
beven rooms in nor Annex, 622 S. 16th
St., ueai, wttior kjiu janitor furnlnli,j
U7.60. .
Ten rooms, strictly modern, . hot water
beat furnished, 110 Capkul Ave., oo.
Very desirauie 2, k and- 4-ioom heated
aparuueme vuuipivieu iu 111 .Sew
Latayette at 1HU Ave. aiul Jackson St.
tia,OJiUni cum PAN t , Imu rinui st
WISH to rent our home in- West Farna
district; eignt rooms, strictly modern, oaa
tllllbll, nut is urav, nil iront, iara
iXH REN i bignt-roora brick house
moaern, a uii wi iu vijr nail.
Capitoi w d. . vwa
T-ROOM house, modern except furnaca
tthtt Ajvciipuii m v. vuug. sua.
uuaha au nuiM v-o., pack, move
store household goods; storehouse. 1120-zi n'
isth; office, 2w S. litn Su 'lei. Uoult j,-
ITOITSES Jn ,u PrU ot city
UUUO3 Crelga Sous at Co.. Bee Bidg.
FOK RENT e-room cottage. 27ns Capitol
Ava., a- , . !, " repay-
nearly uv" i Mmw.
NINE-ROOM modern detached brick. Hi
Sherwood Ave.; 620. I'attcisou, 1622 Far
nam bt
VERY choice k-room house .entirely mou
ern; carowoou runan, our oeu rooms and
sleeplug porcii; tile bain room; located in
Irleia ciua aouiu sua west ex
paeure; aw aa.a iiiui m, . jr. Ltitm.
408 N. 26TH ST.. 8 rooms, modern except
heat, 121.
406 N. 26th St.. I rooms, medern except
beet 321
3ttl6 Jones St., 3 rooms, all modern, 126. SO. ,
H2 Antra Ave., 3 rooms, modern, lit).
4120 N. 26th Ave., 6 rooms, all modern.
322 60.
3646 California, 8 rooms, sit modern, 325.
212 Mason bt., 9 rooms, all modern, 325.
3227 Kowler Ave., 1 rooms, modern except
heat, 317.
Hut M. fid St., 8 rooms, modern except
heel. 323.
4:2 Hi' IipUk.
I'boues-Doug'a iitft, inJi.eudcui A-llH.
Hoasea aad Cottaejes Contlnned.
C-ROOM, modern, psitlv furnished, sum'
uier or longer, 340. 3666 Jackson.
8-ROOM house. strlcUv moaern. 228. 2228
Popple ton Ave.
KOH RENT Just complsted, new, elegant
room all modern brick house. It has 8
rooms, with an extra room ou the third
our uruviueu wlin hut and cold water tor
the servant, besides a neat room for stor
age. This house is beautifully finished in
quarter-sawed osk, latest nickel plumbing,
and a perfect little gem. See It 315 N.
Ust Bt.
I will also have several nice. new. brick
houses ready for occupancy In a few days.
They are located on the corner of 20th
and Davenport streets, right In the best
resiasnoe section of the city; uiese nouses
are especially well built Tbey have eight
rooms with additional servants and store-
wrnnm fin I Via t J f t.wl.iilinir uvlr.
hfth room for the servant. They are sub
stantially ana elegantly flnisnea in nara-
wooa witn mantel, book cases, etc. in raci,
there Is nothing better on the market See
them anil you will want one. For price,
apply to C. M. Backman, t3 Paxton Blk..
Phone tiea-2629. Residence rttone, uoug.
Ilouses for Rent
We have houses for rent In all parts of
town. See us first we have what you want.
Engelbrecht & Raver,
1710 Furnam St Phone Doug. 4379. Omaha.
8-ROOM house, 113 N. 28th St., 230.00.
NEARLY new six-room modern house,
hot water heat water paid. 326. 3302 N.
Twenty-seventh street ,
8 rooms; city water on both floors, well
and cistern. Suitable for two families.
Will put in good repairs. Look at 2401 us
es tur and 1710 North 64th and make aa
offer. Wo want to rant them. Nowata
Land & Lot Co, 624 1M. I. 1410 Bidg.
Phone Red 1M9.
S-ROOM cottage, close In, 310.
6 rooms, clear In. 312.60.
7 rooms, brand new. on Capitol Ave..
close in, 326.
608 New York Life Bid.
'Phono Red 11199.
NINE-ROOM modern brick house, north
part of city, 126.
i-room apartment 1917 ciark, iiu.
8-room apartment 1917 Clark. 39.
4-room apartment, city water, toilet 812 50.
-room apartment 1628 2. mn, in.
C. M. BACHMAN. 426 Paxton Blook.
'Phone Red 3639; Residence Doug. 6063.
8-ROOM cottaga, close In, 110.
f. rooms, clear In. 812.60.
7 rooms, brand new, on Capitol Ave,
close in, A.w.
66 New lork Life Bldg. -'Phono
Red 1999.
Houses, flats. Garvin Bros. 3d floor N. Y. L
Suite 624 N. Y. Life Bldg. Red 1993.'
HOUSES, flats.
Garvin Bros., id floor
N. Y. L.
3-ROOM brick flat
HOt South Eighth
street. Forest Hill.
NICE 8-room house for rent; modern ox.
cept heat 41I9 Cuming street 'Phone, Har
ney laus.
NO EQUAL Central location, 4-r, corner
flat Apply za jsortn 23d. lizard Block.
NEW 6-ROOM brick house; medern; 828
3. 24th St Owen Mccanrey.
2403 S. 17th St A modern 6-room and
bath cottage. F. R. Gosney, to0 N. x.-i
Bldg. D. 4234.
7-ROOMS, modern. In good repair; large
corner lot; 102 Ohio St.; 826 per month in
advance. Apply 1818 Lotbrop St 'Phone
B. 3244.'
Stores ernd Offices.
KTORE-ROOM 1807 Farnam St
Semi-basements, well lighted. 1807 and 1803
Farnam street
Store room. 618 N. 24th St, So. Omaha,
1UOS. 1. HALL, 422 Kamgo iiS.
Both 'Phones.
Doalrable office rooms In Webster-Sun
derland Bldg., 16th and Howard Sts., at
reasonable prices.
Storeroom about 22x60 ft.. Hotel Rome
Bldg., "600" block; fine show window, good
light; will be decorated to suit tenant
3126 per month,
storeroom. 24 S. 16th St, corner 16th and
Jackson Sts. Fine show windows, good
basement, with freight hoist; heat fur
niHhed. Price on application.
Three-story building, lil3 Harney Pt, Just
east of City National nnx uiag., Z7X90 rt
rlne show window, electric elevator. Build
ing practically new and in best of repair,
Frlce on application.
376 per month, 22xt ft, 1S R. 16th St
i:t?.M. J2x0 ft.. 1H24 N. 40th St.
Second and third floors, 1408 Farnam
St., 22x60 ft. Entrance from Farnam St
Lease four to five years. 300 per month.
GEORGE tt COMPANY. 1601 Farnam St
Unequalled Opportunity Grocery and
meat market with fixtures complete; bo
equal. Tlxard Block. Appiy M. Z2d St
We offer for rent the ont
etory and basement brick store
room at 914 Farnam. This prop
erty ha trackage facilities in
rear. Apply
17th and Fnxnum.
FOR RENT about Sept 1; central loca
tion, one of best business loWua of Ne
braska; modern store building, lU.uuO feel
floor space; now ouiiuuig, suiiauie tor u-
parimeut store. Address 1 14a, Bee.
112.00 Large office room on 16th St, opp.
p. O., o. e. vruuuae xi..
Conrad Young,
406 Brandels Annex.
WELL LIGHTED store, 22x100. JOS S. 10 in.
Carter olicet Metal works.
Second hand pieces as follows:
One flat top walnut desk.
One 8-drawer 2x5 car4 case.
One waste banket.
Five office chairs.
One rug.
17th and Farnam
Office chslrs, roller top desk and denk
rhalr. typewriter dk, rugs and other of
fice furniture for sale cheap. W. J. Der
11 .dy!it-ni Co., 60V N. Y. L. Bldg
Tel. Do tig I us 166.
BUY an L C. 8mlth A Bros. Tveewrttar
B. F. Swanson Co.. Distributers, iu
l'ainam St.
YOU can rent an OLIVER TYPK.
WRITER with oak stand. 31 monthly, from
manufacturers, most Interested In satisfac
tion given.
Oliver Typewriter Co., .
Typewriters for Rent JJftSJJ
13Jt Farnam St., Omaha.
SECOND-hand typewriters sold, renalrad.
Central Typewriter Exohange. 1607 Farnam.
Musical Instruments.
PLAYER attached; full octave; leaving
city, must do sold or traded for land at
once. J 443, Bee.
LEAVING city and want to dl-nosa of
my new Steioway baby grand piano; will
glva time on part AddrcHS O 446, Bee.
The EronOTDV Window Screen will
Alio jjcouumy ,av, you one.hJf,
T. H. Welrich Fizluro Co., all kinds of
mill work.
FOR SALE Two hiah nressura Kewanae
steain boilers 66-horse capacity each, slse
60 inches by 16 feet We can enow a Boiler
liability company's Inspection of these
boilers as late as July 12th, showing the
boilers in first-class condition and the
company approves a stetun pressure of 126
pouuds per square inch. Builera can be
seen In commission and will bo ready to
ueuver auoui oepiemDer l&tn to uctuDer 1st
Offered for sale on account of outline- In
larger power plant. John O. Woodward &
Co., "The candy Men," Council Bluffs, la.
FOR SALE New and second-hand billiard
and pool tables. Wo lead the world In chup
oar iixiures; easy payments. runWIC
Balke-Coilender, 407 H. 10th St
4-0 000 eet ot Cottonwood lumber and
v,VW jyuooo orick for gaia. Corneer
Bros., 14 th ant Dorcaa Sis.
BAFES Overstocked with second-hand
sates, an rises . and makes; bargains.
American Supply Co., 1110 Farnam St
WE HAVE on hand a number of Ink
barrels which we will sell for 60 cents aant.
They aro fine for rain water or ashes. Call
at press room, nee a"UDilsning Co.
HALL'S sates, new, 2d-hand. 1818 Farnam.
ICE BOX w ' ul table for butcher
xjjx. 3r grocer. 'Phone Doug. 82u3,
eiauaaru rroouce to., us k bt
FOR SALE 6,000 shares Uncle Sam oil
stock, transferable on company books for
fzuu casn. a. 14. jeioei, Jfierce Bldg., St
louia, oo.
DRUG at cut Dricea: fralaht nairl nn all
310 orders; catalogue tree. Sherman A
Mcconneii urug Co.. Omaha, Nab.
FOR SALE A practically new Wales vis-
loie fcua aaaing macnlna. iteasonabla nrloa.
ate bailie jiug jincoin.
Filters Missouri Filter Co., 1310 Howard.
26 H. P. OAS ENGINE for sale. Web.
About 40 feet of 29 Inch diameter No. to
gauge, gaivanisea pipe, with four 45-Inch
elbows and T. This was used for ventilat
ing purposes, ana pipe is In good condition,
Ths Bee Publishing Co., 17th and Farnam,
60 FEET shelving;- 30 feet counter. In
qulro 1046 So. 20th. Phono Doug. 7229, be-
iweeu a ana J4, mornings.
WANTED Street oarnlval attractions
ana concessions for sale. Old Settlers'
f io n lo at Newcastle, Neb., August 23.
write j. f. Mourath, President
Alice Johnson, 806-8 Brandels Theator Bldg.
B. S. Peterson, CIS Branded Theater Bldg.
Kathryn Nikolas, 624-3 Brandels Theator.
JOHN DH FOX. 820 Brandels Theater.
D. O. BARNELL, Paxton Blk. Tel. Rod 711T,
WILLARD EDDY, registered practitioner
m v. p. rat. I'nice. eu raxton Blk. R. 2HW.
Massae-a iremrment etcmacti Uuubie. Dr.
Margarito Hailoran. 223 Neville Blk. D. 776L
Switches .'om omblngs. 31.60. Mrs. a
OWHUica Mathews. 804 Neville Bk. D. 6263.
HINDOO TABLETS will build, brace.
suxngineu. eve xia,iit jjjiui cu.
MRS. EQGERS private confinement
nome, tore marina ou, umana, iNeo. Tel.
uougias Z2U.
iiealtu in every glass Aianutu Lactone.
YOUNQ WOMEN coming to Omaha as
strangers are invited to visit the loung
Women's Christian association building al
Seventeenth St, and St Mary's Ave., where
they will be directed to suitable boarding
places or otherwise assisted. Look for our
traveler s siu ai me uuiou siauon.
YOUNO lady employed during the day
wants board and room In return for com
panionship at night; will be willing to work
sumo, in 4ti. 2ee.
STRICTLY private homo for confine
ments; excellent care; babies for adoption.
261s uovmipuiu
VRINGES Kubb' Sa" by mall; cut
alogue. ai t K.ri3-uiuuu jurug co.. Omaha,
GROW new hair by using Mma. Frav.r'
Adellght Hair rood. UcgeaU Stationery
WE rent and repair all kinds of sewing
DlSwIliuaa. A-. vvu, iwi
16th and Harney bis.
MME ALL.EN of Chicago, baths, salt
glow ana massage, juoo noaye bt., oppo
slto postoitice. u tioui, iti uoug. imo.
Room 3us Old uostou bture Bldg. 4th
floor, eievaior wuhcv. ii b. min Bt.
OMAHA Stammerers' Ins.. Kamge Bldg.
DlirVlTK HOMia Miirlnv annrin.,.n,
babies for adoption. Good bamarltan banl-
tariuin, i avu., council uiuiis, is.
THE SALVATION ARMY solicits cast-off
clothing, in I ait, anytning you uo not need.
We collect, repair and sell at 134 N. Uih
it fur cost of collection, to the wanh
pour. Call 'phone Douglas 4126 and wagons
win can.
PIT "FS cur"1 without operation or pain.
uf. Miftwiu, mi
, 624 Bm Bldg. D. 142i
M&uiiuii-i L2j a. mn. ttttti riou
WlflQ and toupeo for mea.
13 and 14
lOHIB WASHBURN'S book. "The Unaa
a 01 Id Mewar," at all book stores; price 61
MAGNETIC go"". fi-8"".
fcXKHT chin
packer; wediHiitf (r ,,
AHS lit ACTS UK Till. If.
S. M. SADLER ft SON, 301 8. 18th Si.
GUARANTEE Abstract Co.. 1(23 Farnam,
PETER JES8EN. JR., Tel. Douglas 3291
REED ABSTRACT CO.. Est 185S: promnt
service; get our prices. 208 Brandels theater.
BENJAMIN R. E. CO., 477 Brandois Bldg.
Tel. D. 127L 642 Kamgo Bldg. Now houses.
1201 Farnam, Ground Floor, -Aftor
Aug. 1 City Bank Bldg.
5-Room Cottages
Ready to Move Into
3155 Meredith Ave.,
Well built 6-room cottsae. with bath, lo
cated In district where all new homes have
lately been built. Within 1 block of .Ames
avenua car line and 1 block of school, very
ueBiraoio. location. Mas cement wains in
front and around the house.
2865 MAPLE ST., $2,000
B-room bungalow, has olty water, sewer.
gas, bath, electrlo light lot 40x127, cement
walks in front and around house, within l
block pt Dodge street car line and 1 block
of new school boure. In locality wbero all
now houses aro being built. This can bo
had on terms of 3060 cash, balanoo about
mo same as rent
28G0 CORBY ST., $2,750
Well built 6-room bungalow on south
front lot 40x127; has sewer, bath, city
water, electrlo light, flno fixtures, papered
throughout full cellar, cement walks In
front and around house. Terms, 3760 cash,
balance monthly.
2558 CAMDEN AVE., $2,850
Well built cottage with t large rooma and
bath, city water, sewer, electrlo lights, gas.
south front lot, 60x120, within ono block of
car; has full foundation, cement cellar, ce
ment walks In front and around the house.
In locality where all new homes aro being
2421 WEBSTER AVE., $2,85Q
Thla im nnln.llu a. m..m kn,,.. ...
strictly all modern, full basement, best of
heating and plumbing; has 8 largo rooms
and vestibule on the first Ooor and two
rooms and hallway ajid two closets partly
finished on second floor. Built by owner,
who Is ono of the best meohanlcs In ths
city, and tha material Is "A No. 1". through
out. 3760 cash and terms can be arranged
on ths balance.
You will find tho above list of cottages
aro all well built and In desirable loca
tions. It wll pay you to ook these over.
In case you want any different terms we
can almost always arrange terms satlsfaa
1614 Harney St.
New 7-Room House
On Tukey's Terms
Hero is a brand new 7-room all
modern house, located on tho south
ido of Parker St, Just east ot 88th,
with full cement basement and walks
all around. Interior finished In bur
lap and decorated. Oak finish. Price
32,800; 300 cash and balance- 330.00
per month.
A. P. Tukey & Son,
444-6 Board of Trade Bldg.
Tel. Douglas 2181.
5-Room Cottage
Nearly new, all modern but heat; large
lot; located near 26th and Maple. Price
32,600. Easy terms.
P. 0. NIELSEN & CO.,
703 N. Y. L. Bldg., Tele., D. 2204. A-4340.
3Sx88 feet at S. B. Corner 23d and Cali
fornia; both streets paved; H block from
new 24th St. car line; close to high school
from town. Improved with two-story house
and Crelghton college and walking distance
renting for 3402. There Is ample room on
the lot for four flats or a small apartment
Price 33,600 for Immediate sale; H cash.
Entire 3d Floor Ware Blook,
Omaha Nebraska.
Douglas 1781, Ind. A-11 88.
On Your Money
In Amounts of
S100 to $1,000
1614 Harney Street
These 'lots, are only two blocks from car
Una, and lir a location where houses rent
well. 8ingle lots adjoining have sold for
31,000. Eastern owner wants to sail quick.
6X3 New York Life Bldg. lied m.
Lots 1 and 2. block 2, and lots 1 and 2,
block 4. McCormlck's 2d. Both corners.
60S New York Life Bldg.
'Phone Red 1WM.
HOME In Dundee, strictly .modern; ex
ceptionally choice; owner leaving city; in
quire on premises, 4211 Chicago St. C. A.
pyrin s.
FOR SALE at a barguln. Modern 3-ronm
houee, g'iod location; east front; hot water
heat; cistern; laundry and barn. Inquire
Douglas 666.
T-room square house, brand new, all mod
ern, large lot, very cheap and on easy
K8 N. Y. Ufa Bldg. 'Phone Red IKK.
DUNDEE borne, 6 rooms, strlotly mod
rn, very fine oak finish; price 82.6u0; very
usy terms. 'Phone owner, Harney 6210.
FOR SALE Best building lot In Field
dub district; corner 86th and Pnpplaton:
facing club; 100 feet frontage; high and
tightly; 33.200. Phone Doug. 2274.
8 rooma. all modern, sasy walking dis
tance, 32.200. II. (wo cash, balance loug tlma
U N. Y. Life Bldg. 'Phone Red
Houses for Sale
If vmi want a bargain seo us, wo have
several this weik from 330O up. Peo US tlrsl
If you want real bargains.
Engelbrecht & Raver,
J7I0 Farnam St. Thone Doug. 4379. Omaha,
Bldg. Phone. Red 1998.
FOR SALE Two-story dwelling, in good
repair, with two large barns, situated on s
one-acre tract within tho corporate llmlU
cf Bradshaw, Neb., In tho center of ths
richest section ot tho state. Has been used
by the owner tor severe! years In the.
horse business. Has a good reputation tor
fifty miles around as a reliable place foi
the buying or selling of horses. Call on or
address, First National Bank, Bradshaw,
. , a.. ...v..rAui .... -n !Ulh and TVa,4
catur. Two 8-room houses. Nob. 8401 Deca-
a .i.a t n,,L YIF u m nr.l. tAl.
tur ana iu "., J "Vi.
accept first reasonable offer made. Nw- ,
waia Land ail Dot Co.. 668 New York Lite
B-room, all modern; lots of shrubbery,
shade and fruit trees; nice lawn, largo lot;
18,600; terms easy.
68 N. T. Life Bldg. 'Phono Red It.
Big bargain, new 6-roora modern homo; .
oak finish, full 8-story for quick sale, only
33,675; worth 34.000. Call owner, Harney 8177
for full particulars.
Third int wast of 17th on the south sldo
of Manderson St Owner wants to .sell
badly. Look at It and mane oner.
668 N. Y. lUfo Bldg. Red. 19,
am t. icavino OMAHA Will offer my
homo for 3 days at a sacrifice. If you
m tha moat homelike cottage In tho
city, look the property over quick and make
. V,r'.r 29:0 i'a 1 1 rrnt a Ht.
rw, .ui,ni n loavlnir rlt v will sell mv
home In West Farnam district rooms.
hrt water heat electrlo light, gas. largo
closets, cement basement stationery wash
tubs, and everything In first class condt.
tlon. Aaaress vv -oi cam ruvin,
ney 714. .
HOMESEEKERS After traveling over
the west 1 found tho best bargains, best
crops, clover 3 feet high, wheat oats, corn
and everything, lnoluding water and cli-.
mate, good prairie land, 320 to 320 per acre.
Benton county, Ark., or Delaware county
Oklahoma. See your map. For particulars
and prices send stamp. J. T. Oswalt, Ora
vette. Ark. . . . ,
aore ranoh; District of Camargo, Old
Mexico's paradise; climate perfect; : alti
tude 4,260 feet; between cities, railroad;'
25,000 acres beautiful rich valley- land,
abundantly productive; - 800 brood mares;
10 Jacks; 165 mules; 100 horses; 14 head
cattle (Herefords); plows, harrows, seed
ers, scrapers, 'cultivators, planters, eta.;'
furnished home, hall safe, blacksmith shop,
harness shop O0 sets harness); uumeroue
buildings; rock corrals, eta; 36 miles wired
fence; abundant wa'or. All this complete '
for quick sale, 3125,000. Easy terms or
part exchange. Wire for particulars. A.
W. Johnston, 1764 Stout St., Denver, Colo.
tha finest irrigated ranches In tho state;
1,060 acres In all; all under Irrigation hav
ing 38 feet of paid up water which alone
ia worm f iu,uw, iru raiuvaua -
tlons on tho place; five sets ot Improve
ments: tho very finest of soil; land He
perfect. Here Is' ono ot tho very beet
propositions ever offered tor sale and will
haar tha varv jilnajkat In vaatllf atlon I is a
sure money maker to tho man who can
handle it Address Ralph It Drenoon,
Fort Morgan, Colo.
Irrigated farms and tho most productive
of the United mates, where crop failures
aro unknown:
120 acrea, per aero ........I
127 acrea, per acre. 1
174 acrea, per aero 1U
17s acres, per sere..- 124
lii acres, per acre 120
161 acres, per acre..... 17(
Thla IomH In i a In nAaf Sav.rtnc. Wa -
have the crops to show what kind ot land
we have. Come and seo them and satisfy
yourself. J. A. Whit more, Sevoreanco. Colo.
FLORIDA LAND A few bargains; whole
sale and retail; write tor particular. Frank
L. Bills ft Co.. 126 Monroo St. Chicago.
MY SUMMER HOME and 42-acro farm.
'A mile from Cellar Lake, Indiana's popular
resort; tithing, boating, bathing; finest spot
In tho country; main road passes house:
price Includes all property, consisting of
fine 8-room house, 6-room cottage, elegant
barns and other outbuildings; poultry
house; make money raising poultry; Ideal
spot for poultry farm; l.uoo chickens, 4
cows, 8 calves, 4 horses, harness, buggy,
farm Implements; sacrifice prloe 36,000, one
fourth down, remainder 10 years to -pay.
As a bargain this proper outclasses any
thing ever offered In Indiana; no dickering;
first buyer guts It; be quick. John Bodkin,
M. Dearbon at. Chicago.
GOOD Iowa and Minnesota land to oa
change for general merchandise and hard
ware stocks. Many good bargains. Tho
Mercantile Adjustment Co., Ciuthrle C ea
ter. Ia.
QUARTER, unimproved, rich, cheap; good
sort w uier, Hamilton county, Kansas, near
stage and telephone lines and projected
railway; IT. ti. patent. J. J. Wiltee, 10U
Maple St., 1'es Moines, la.
LABETTE and Cherokee counties, Kan
sas. Bargains In fine improved farms, beat
bargains in the stale; coin, wheat, oats
and alfalfa lands; fine Improvements; near
market Write for descriptive list and our
special proposition to Investors. Matthews
at Walters. Oswego, Kan.
FOR BALE-HO, 000 acres splendid lend;
railroad runs through It fur 1 miles. Two
sets of Improvements, about two-thirds till
able. Best colonisation proposition ever of
fered. For a quick sale, 37.60 per sore. Lo
cation right. Won t last long. Address
The Allen County Investment Co., Longtoes
MIc alga a.
THERE la only one crop of land. I own
several thousand acres cut over hardwood
and, northern Michigan; It Is bound to
increase in value; reasonable cash pay
ment and low Interest enables one to con
trol this; no safer bualneas proposition can
be presented; I have no time to look after
' i.Lt,mer' lw Kwy Exchaiigo
Bldg., Chicago.
MICHIGAN fruit and farm lands In tho
fruit belt of Mason county. Address A, T.
Benson, Tallman, Mich.
I OWN several thousand acres of cholco
fruit, vegetable and farm lands In Lake
Co., Michigan, which I will sell at 310 to
126 per acre or. very easy payments. Ex-
luia-on eery j ueauay; 'J round trip; send
for particulars. i David II. Miller, Room eOf.
164 K. Madison St, CUiosgj. ,