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14 THE BEE: OMAHA. SATURDAY. JULY 23, 1910. -,
. It ,, ii . ; -v ' "''il
mm Moths Sow, ss
This sale
promptly at
8:30 a. p.
Worth up
to $50, at
Orkiia Blotters
318-320 South 16th. St.
Motor Truck Picnic
Cool Desserts
ft i
Mr. and Mr. George Redlck and Mr. and
Mm. Penlse Itarkalow will entertain t
hayrack party and picnic luncheon th In
evening, but Instead of the old-fashioned
hayrack, the more modern vehicle, a
motor truck, will be used. The guests will
assemble at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Kedlck at 4. o'clock and will then ride out
Went Dodge street where a picnic nipper
will be nerved. Those present will be Mr.
and Mr. John Redlrk, Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. C. Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Hen Cotton,
Mr. and tin. Edward Crelghton, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Clarke. Mr. and Mrs. C. Y.
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Lee McMhane. Mr.
and Mrs. 3len Wharton, Lieutenant and
Mrs. W. N. Haskell, Mr. and Mrs. George
Redlck and Mr. and Mrs. Lenlse Harka
Musical Omaha
Omaha's Interest In music Is becoming
mora and more practically and emphat
leally expressed, not only tn the attend
ance at concerts and muslralea, but In the
At present, one of Omaha's attractive
homes contains one of the bent pipe organs
west of New Tork; In faot, the music room
of the Oooige A. Joslyn home is remarka
bly complete In every detail. When an
artist Is not at hand, the organ may be
played by electricity.
Mr. and Mr. V. C. Bradford, who are
building large home on Thirty-ninth and
nartiey streets, had planned to have a
pipe organ In their home, but owing to the
amount of space It would- occupy, they
have changed their plane and will have a
mailer steam organ Instead. Mr. Brad
ford la an accomplished organist as well
as pianist.
The general growth of Interest In music
la likewise manifest In the unpreoendented
attendance at the Saengerfest concerts,
AJthough the attendance at these concerts
haa been augmented by the presence of
visiting muslo lovers, Omaha haa been ex
ceedingly well represented at each pro
rem, ana umanans have displayed en
thusiastic appreciation of the feast of
Pleasures Past
Mrs. P. H. Martls entertained the W. W.
club Wednesday afternoon when Miss E. 8.
Hess of 8t. Louis was a guest A picnic
was planned for the near future, the place
to be decided on later. The next meeting
will be with Mrs. L. B. Scott at 2208 Fowler
avenue, August S.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Manow entertained
Thursday afternoon at their home, 3033
Emmet street. Music and games afforded
the entertainment and the guests Included
Misses Emma Marrom, Burnlce Ramsey,
Elizabeth Baldwin, Edna Marrow, Reba
Orotts, Messrs. Fred Marrow, Joseph
Wavern, George Baker, Thomas Mitchell,
Charlea Howley, Haley, William Baxter
and Mr. and Mrs. S. Orotte.
Mra. XV. H. .Morand entertained last even
lng at cards for her daughter, Mrs. W. J.
Capune of Chicago, when the tables were
placed In the screened porch. Those pres
ent were Mr. and Mrs. James Reed, Mr.
and Mrs. Franklin Shotwell, Mr. and Mrs.
J. A, Rustell, Mr. and Mrs. C. Marley,
Mrs. Capune, Mrs. Morand, Dr. F. N.
Hoyt, Mr. Max Conrad.
Mra. A. C. Shallenberger, wife of Gov
ernor Shallenberger, of Lincoln, Is the
guest of Omaha friends and was the guest
or Mr. and Mrs. John L. Webster In their
box at the Saengerfcst last evening.
Mra. John Martin and Teter Mesmer of
, Burlington, la., are guests of tholr sister,
Mrs. E. M. Birch, for the Saengerfest.
mra. James McKenna Is spending the
month at the Gleslyn-Chatham at Atlantic
City, N. J.
A baby daughter was born to Captain and
Mrs. Clifton of Fort Omaha last week.
Mra. mompson Weeks and Lucius
Wakeley and sons left Monday for Lauder
dale Lake, Wis., to be gone a month.
Mr. and Mrs. Van B. Lady and daughter,
Miss Annette Lady, leave this evening- for
the great lakes and an ocean trip from
uonion to Virginia, also visiting the aouth.
They expect to be away for the rest of the
Mr. J. Clark Colt leaves today for Buf
falo, N. T.
Mra. B. P. Goodrich left this week for
Chicago and the great lakes to be gone
soma time.
Mr. A. J. Austin left Saturday for New
York, where he will sail on the steamer
uscar ii for Sweden. Mr. Austin, will re
main uniu oepiemDer.
Mrs. W. O. Taylor of St. Louis, formerly
a resident of this city. Is visiting her
mother, Mrs. Robert McConnell. 1541 Georgia
Miss Miriam Patterson returned Tuesday
xrom weller. Colo., where she was an at
tenaant at the Weller-Jacqulth weddln.
Miss Patterson also attended a hcuse party
given Dy tne cathedral school girls
Canon City, Colo.
ir. ana Mrs. Clarence Peterson have re
turned from an outing In Colorado.
Mra. manes uruenig, who spent two
weeks visiting relatives In the state re
turned home this week.
Mlsa K. 8. Hess of St. Louis Is visiting,
ner uncie, j. j. Hess, on North Twenty
rourtn street.
The Comls club was entertained at lunch
eon yesterday by Mrs. Arthur Hoover
Bachellor buttons formed the centerpiece
for the table, and the guests of the club
were Mrs. E. A. Hewitt of Minneapolis, and
Mra John Buttinger. The next meeting
will be in two weeks at the home of Mrs.
3. Dlmmick.
Miss Mabel Anderson entertained the M.
T. club at her home, 2703 Meredith avenue.
Thursday evening. Athletic games and
music afforded the entertainment Those
present were Misses Helen Anderson,
Talma Larson, Clara Larson, Ethel Jorgen
en. Gussl Curtis of Dayton, la.; Helen
Linn, Esther Florell, Metiers Wallace Unn,
Homer Russell, Frank Ahlqutst, Walter
Ahlqulet, Martin Reese, Martin Christian
sen, Fred Monnun.
India as Heelst Kasklun.
"Eighteen years have worked a wonder
ful change In the drees of the Indian men
around Arapahoe. The blanket Is gone,"
writes a native Indian. "The men wear
tailor-made coats and pants and neat fit
ting shoes, but without going Into the de
tails too minutely the Indian women Rave
clung tenaciously to their same style.
"When the Indian women or maidens
make their debut tn society you see na
high heeled shoes, no ostrich plumes nor
coreets or long trails dragging in the dust.
But In every garment the beautiful In
dian girl wears you see common sense."
The Arapahoe Bee.
A lerlons Breakdown
results from chronlo constipation. Dr.
King's New Life Pills curs headache,
stomach, ' liver and bowel trouble. 25c.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
O many light and delicious lit
tle concoctions, many of
them unknown or Impossible
to our mothers' kitchens, are
now so easily available that
ui-i is little excuse for the house
wife of toriuy who continues to serve
ttiH weighty winter sweet course un
changed. One hint, open to all who possess
that handiest of summer belongings,
a freeier. Is flapped whipped cream.
For this It Is only neresaury to beat
till stiff a half pint or more of the
cream, sweeten, and add a little cf
any flavor desired, (sherry Is appetiz
ing, or rum,) put It Into the freezer
and bury In Ice and salt without turn
ing for about four hours, or until per
fectly stiff. To serve it line Individual
serving glasses with halves of lady
fingers, fill up with the cream and
bring to table. Or place the cake on
the bottom of each saucer If the spe
cial glasses are wanting, and ' heap
the cold dainty upon them.
Watermelon, too, Is extremely de
llrli'us when partially frocen, and
those who have not tried It should
certainly do so the next time that
something light and cooling Is In
Here, and In the preceding recelpe
aa well, a tin kettle that will fit Into
a pall will serve Instead of a freeier
when the latter is not at hand, aa no
turning Is necessary. Scoop out the
pulp or cut It Into pieces, sweeten a
little, add a dash of sherry and pack
In Ice and salt for four hours.
And In the connection of frozen
good things It Is worth knowing that a
delicious Ice cream Is the result when
the sweet-flavored little blood oranges
sold by Italian fruit venders In the
city are employed to color and flavor
It. The result is most unusual and ap
petising. Sherbet that will draw forth
nsollclted testimonials from the house
hold critics can be evolved from the
same piquant fruit.
Raspberry Bavarian cream Is a
splendid variation of the last course
available for the season of small fruits
For the Future
Complimentary to Miss Dorothy Llghton,
guest of Mrs. 8. R. Rush, Miss Barbara
Wentworth will give a lawn party this
evening at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Frank Gresley. The guest list includes
Mioses Dorothy Llghton, Zella Beebe, Edna
Bartlett, Eva Johnston, Marie Hansen,
Floronce Tucker, Gladys Morroll, Maude
Wilcox, Helen Hart, Almetta Palmer, Ella
Mae Patterson,- Nellie Plckard, Barbara
Wentworth; Messrs: Roy Cotfman, Roy
Wilcox, Harley Dean, Lawrence Dodds,
Earl Heddlng, Barton Natih, Percy Lldes,
Clinton Morrill, George Palmer. Frank Tal-
bott Walter Klopp, James Blades, and
John Jorgens(;n.
Mrs. George Barker; Mrs. Charlea Mar
tin and Mrs. Frank Martin will entertain
at luncheon Tuesday at the Field club,
About forty guests will be present.
Mrs. P. B. Hochstetler will entertain at
luncheon Wednesday In honor of MIhs
Ellta Walther and Mlsa Helen Walther of
Brooklyn, N. V., guests of Mrs. F. H,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Martin and Mr. and
Mrs.. Charles Martin, who entertain at a
travelogue party this evening In honor of
tho Misses Walther of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
will have views of Italy, Spain and Tan-
At the Clubs
At the Field Club.
The members of the Tangier Temple and
their wtvea and- friends will be entertained
at a large evening reception tonight at the
Field club. Dancing and an Informal even
ing w ill be spent About one hundred guests
are expected to be present. Mr. E. G. Mo
Gllton Is potentate and In charge of the
Of Interest to Women.
Neat little bloomers to fit a child from
I to years are only 50 cents a pair. They
are extremely well made of chambray, and
may be had in dark blue, light blue or
The top Is taken Into a fitted yoke which
buttons to the waist, and the fulness at
the knees Is gathered Into elastic bands.
Another convenience seen In the chil
dren's section Is a frame for drying Infants'
tine woolen shirts that can be folded when
not In use.
It comes tn sizes 1 to 6, and cost 40 cents
Parasols are actually going for a song,
and It Is practically possible to purchase
three for the price of one. Weather con
ditions are responsible, and consequently
women' are reaping the benefit. -
Excellent taffeta sunshades In plain and
combination of colors are marked as low
as 2, and at the same price one has a
very wide choice of linen parasols, deco
rated with embroidery and medallions.
The useful pongee showa the aame re
ductions, and parasols In natural colors,
plain and poka dotted, lined and uutlned,
can be bought from, 12.50 upward, fully a
third leas than former prices.
To maintain one's own opinion, yet not to
enforce It obstinately when nothing Is to
be gained by so doing Is the part of wis
dom, says a writer In a contemporary. Nor
Is It necessary always to correct people's
errora. , What difference In heaven or earth
does It make whether Aunt Jemima dined
with Aunt Jerusha last Wednesday or
Thursday? So insignificant an affair as
this sometimes will engage the family at
tention and keep them bickering during an
entire breakfast. Let some things go. If
John lost his train this morning, why
waste time, temper and tissue In ascertain
ing who was In the fault? Endeavor
merely to give the good man an early start
for the train tomorrow. Woman's Life.
Careless Prlaceaa. .
The prlneess of Monaco was, before her
mirrltiKe, a MIks Heine, and she is noted
for her contempt for money. On one oc
casion, after a burgltry had been com
mitted In her apartments, she astounded
a magistrate by slating that she never
counted her money, and did not know
which of her Jewel had brui stolen, a she
never troubled to find out how many she
"But," said the magistrate, In surprise,
"how do you manege your financial af
fairs T"
"Oh," replied the princess, "when I go
shopping I Just fill a bag with money, and
buy what I want. That Is th end of It."
U. A. P.
The Key to the Situation bve Want Ads.
and one not too taxing for a work
aday menu even. To prepare It soak
two tablenpoonfuls of granulated gela
tine In a fourth cup of cold water. Add
one-third cupful of boiling water and
allow It to dissolve. To thle add one
cupful of raspberry juice and sugar
to suit the taste. When the mixture
begins to thicken fold In the stiff whip
from one pint of cream and turn Into
chilled mold. Serve with the rest of
the cream.
Hometimes an unusual cake or bis
cuit will give a dash of originality to
an otherwise commonplaoe sweet
course. Oatmeal macaroons are within
the possibilities of any kitchen at a
few momenta' notice, and are In flavor
very much like the genuine confection
ery produot.
For this , little bonne bouche cream
together three level tablenpoonfuls of
butter with one cup of sugar and the
beaten yolks of three eggs. Then add
two and a halt cups of rolled oats,
one-halt tablespoonful of salt, two and
a half teaspoonfula of baking powder,
flavor with one teaspoonful of vanlla
extract which ad" next, and, last of
all, the beaten whites of the eggs.
Drop the mixture In little spoonfuls on
a shallow buttered pan, leaving three
Inches of Bpace between eaoh two
cakes, and bake In a very alow oven
until brown.
Most housekeepers are now thor
oughly familiar with the refreshing
salpleon mixtures of fruit, and there
are few modern households In which
they do not occasionally take the place
of cakes or puddings as dessert. A
rather new Idea, ho'.vever, la to serve
the mixtures trapped, which for warm
weather renders them specially deli
cious. Prepare the mixture of diced
fruits, as usual, sweeten and flavor
with a little wine, put Into the freezer
with ice and salt and serve when partly
frozen. No turning Is required. Servo
In tall cone shaped glasses, with or
without a tablespoonful of raspberry
or strawberry water Ice on top of each
glass and decorate with candled cher
ries, one to each portion.
Glasgow Has Sew Jail for Women,
Unlit to Promote Self-Respect
of Prisoners
A prison for women, where there la a
remarkable amount of freedom, where
every woman has a looking glass, and
where the prisoners are taught by a calls-
thenic instructor to walk gracefully and to
regain their self-reepect la one of Scotland's
latest efforts at prison reform.
According to Charlotte Smlth-Rosale. who
writes of the subject In the World's Work,
the new gaol lor women in Glasgow la a
model prison. , It la built on one of the
most startling styles by an architect who
understands that the most perfect diselp
line means the most perfect freedom.
"Outside the model prison looks like I
stone fortress; Inside like a fairy palace
of white painted balconies and light, open
Iron staircases. It Is built ' without the
usual interior staircases and corridors
built in a series of radiating starlike wings
divided from each other by lofty courts
covered with glass. One single warder
seated at the center can control the whole
300 or 400 lnmatea at a glance. It needs no
espionage, no watching, no degrading sense
of suspecting and 'keeping' at eaoh cell
door." The cells are not kept fast locked,
like the English prison cells; yet the discip
line Is strict.
"Every kind of Industry Is taught that la
possible first-class laundry work, and the
'gettlng-up' of fine linen contracts beings
taken from the chief hotels, and the long
lines of the laundry hung with the beautl
fully Ironed and starched blancherie. Pro
fessional cooka are hired to give instruc
tion In the making of dishes, and special
stoves are brought into the prison chapel.
where the demonstration takea place."
The Wr;f of Rinse.
It Is said that the Queen Mother Amelle
of Portugal has so many rings that at
reception she will often excuse herself for
a minute, take her twenty or so rings from
her fingers and replace them with an en
tlrely different set. This may be perfectly
proper lor a queen, who sets her own fash'
ions, but even In much milder form exces'
slve ring wearing la not tn good taste for
more common mortals. Four or five on the
two hands is all that ought possibly to be
allowed; and these should not be worn on
the middle ringer or the thumb. It has
lately become the fashion and It Is rather
a pretty one, to wear large seal rings on
the little finger, but In general the "ring-
finger Is lue uiily one properly so CiuicU
Never wear a ring unless It Is really good
cheap rings are worse than any other sort
of false Jewelry. Besides, there Is danger
of blood poisoning from a ring that Is of
brass or kindred metal. Pianists alway
take off their rings before they play and
business women should profit by their ex
ample. Leave your rings at home, Miss
Stenographer, with your other superfluous
adornment; ornaments are never business.
like. And you, Miss Brlde-to-Be, ask tha
your wedding ring be as narrow aa possible,
Nothing Is uglier or more mortifying
Its symbolism than a broad, heavy wedding
ring. Finally, the engagement ring need no
longer be a diamond solitaire. Even people
mi nuuiu money aoes not count are now
using sorts and arrangements of gems that
convey some pretty sentiment to the two
persons most Interested.
Rolled lelerr Saadwlrhe.
"Hore Is a new sandwich which Is simple,
Inexpensive and delicious," say Woman's
Home Companion. "Take a loaf of fresh
bread, cut off the crusts and spread before
slicing with a generous layer of creamed
butter; dust with suit and perper and roll
tightly around two or three small stalks of
celery. The celery should be crisp and
tender ar.d cut In small strips of suitable
length ard dusted with fine suit while
damp. This makes an excellent sandwich
for school luncheons and Is especially
dainty for receptions when tied with baby
ribbon to match the color scheme of the
Street Traffic I'.rsulutlou.
Captain Charles C. Healey, commander of
ChlcaKO'a squad of traffic regulators, has
made a number of recommendations look-
Inn to the relief of street congestion based !
on a two-month9' Htudv nf fnriirn math- 1
i a two-months' study of foreign meth- ' ' qum. holler kept espec-
Is. Among other things he say. that """" ,auce mak!nS. This iriMn burn
3Ues in the business districts should be ' la ly Ut ..' ." ',.,. . i..
will not Interfere with traffic. This would
mcau either night deliveries or receipt of
consignments at early morning hours, lie
llilnkv, alxo. that subways for pedestrians
slhjuld be provided at crowded corners. Be
fore the Uoyai Kxchaoge In London there
pHsa an average of 7.801 motor and horse
'bUKes and Iv.LiS other vehicles in the
twelve hours of every business day. This
would never be possible If the rare which
now pass through the subway were on the
level of the street.
Of all our finest man-tailored suits formerly sold at (Sc
$29.50. $39,50, $45 to S50, your unrestricted choice
Our policy is never to carry over suits from one season to another This
policy will be carried out in order to start this fall with a new and complete stock
of the finest tailored suits in Omaha, Especially this season our customers will
get a greater benefit, for the reason every thing in our store is new and the styles
arc practical so they can be worn all the year round Just think of this remark
able offers sit should not be overlooked by any woman in
Omaha Orkins man tailored suits, choice of the house,
$1275 135 to choose from and by far the finest tailored suits
sold by any store in Omaha Regular price $29.50,
$39.50, $45 and up to $50 Unrestricted choice of the
whole stock for this clearing sale .
Green Corn is
Green Peas Grow Scarce
Bandar Dinner Hess,
Cream of Cauliflower Soup.
Hamburger Roast with Vegetables In
Brawn Sauce.
Frozen Tomato Salad.
Almond Blanc Mange.
Hamburger roast Is hamburger aleak
moulded and surrounded with pretty vege
table balls cut from carrots and turnip
with a potato cutter. Serve hot with brown
sauce. . .. : m
Froaen tomato salad is most aeucious ana
will be new on many tables. Extract the
Juice from fresh tomatoes which have
been chopped, or drain off the liquor from
the tinned vegetable, tf need be, to the
amount or a quart. Ada live neayin
tablespoonfula of granulated gelatin, two
teaspoonfuls of salt, one-half teaspoonful
paprika. Lastly add a half cupful of
freshly graniea noraeraaieii, yimo """i,
be omitted If preferred where the flavor
Is not liked). Fill small motas, piace in
a lard tin. and bury In ice and salt for five
or six hours, tlnmold each shape Just be
fore serving Time on a neai oi oniourj
leaves, and pas with, this a bowl of rich
...vmii. into which an eaual amount of
stiffly whipped crearn haa been stirred.
As the sad newa comes that the season
of the greatly esteemed vegetable, tne
green peas, is oloslng, the cheering news
that green corn is Decoming pienuiuj
reasonable arrives to somewhat alleviate
the grief of the housewife and the other
members of the family. "Le Rot est mort,
vlve le Rol." is the way of the world,
vegetable as well as political.
Oreen corn haa in fact now reaonea a
price that Is not prohibitive. It varies
from 15 to 25 cents a ooxen. l pienuiui
and the prospects are good for both lower
prices and better quality In the quite near
Tomatoes, likewise, are cheering In tne
reduction of price, which varies from 10
How to Make the Snnce Which Add
to the Delteionsnea of Many
Comparatively few cooks-good ones, too
-excel In sauce making. Yet there is no
part of cookery more important, eapeoiauy
If on is of an economical mm, r.....
fondness for using up end of cold meat,
fowl, or ftuh.
The French are the Dest sauce ",
n their sauces alway hav a distinctive
flavor, secured by varied eaaonlngs little
used by the averaga American cook. Chlve.
chevrll, garllo. Parmesan cheese, onions,
bay leaf, peppers, dried herbs, catsup, ta
basco, tarrason vinegar, spices, mushroom,
paprika, bottled sauces, all play their pari.
Th chief difficulty with the novice 1 tn
overdoing. An overpowering taate of garllo.
a dash too much of tabasco, too free a
hand with herbs and a sauce 1 ruined.
Everything must be so blended as to make
It Impossible to delect Just what flavoring
1 used.
The best sauce makers do not measure.
They experiment, using pinches of this or
that according to taste. Thl Is perilous
r, the beslnner, who hould get a good re
cipe and tick to it. Any cook book give
rules classified for pudding, meat, fish, or
vegetable sauces.
The first la usually weet or flavored with
wine; the others generally have as a found
ation a cream sauce or drawn butter.
It Is In making these last that so manj
cooks slip up. For cream sauce heat tin
milk separately, putting the seasoning Intu
It. The thickening of butter and flour may
be rubbed together until very creamy, then
add a little hot milk until It pours easily
Into the boiling milk. Stir until thickened.
In this way lumpines is avoided.
If a sauce Is not smooth when finished
run It throught a fine sieve. Some cooks
B,t better results by beating the butter,
then addlnx the flour, lastly the milk.
Hauces me less apt to be lumpy If taken
from fire while thickening Is being added.
Prawn buttor must be carefully made.
w..t two-thirds of the butter In a skillet.
add the flour and stir until It bubble, but
stirred In ur.tll tho tauco boils, rteason
....ii U.H.XVI from stove, stir In rest of
t utter,
pi CI S.
which has bee i cut into smsii
If necessary strain and serve Im-
As It is Important to keep sauces hot. but
not boiling, until the Ingredient with which
thev are to ne m e.i
are ready, there
0 -T- the mixture moist
a long
1 lime.
The addtng of a stoca to Doin crown ana
white sauces makes them much richer. Bits
of meat left from steaks and roasts, bones
of poultry and meat should be added to the
stock pot. This does nicely for sauces If
not for a rich soup.
Brown sauces have for foundation brown
stock and browned butter and flour. If not
dark enough it can be colored with cara-
Dinner Market Bt
oenta a pound to Sfi cents a basket Peaches
are here tn good quantity and quality, tho
price ranging from 75 oenta to 11.25 a four
basket crate.
Tha rest of the market story Is not so
encouraging. The vegetables all show the
effects of tha weather, and many of them
are scarce.
Lettuce Is not plentiful, two bunches for
5 oenta is tha price. Head lettuce sells at
15 and 90 cents a head. Cauliflower Is
uarce at 10 and 15 cents a head; celery,
5 oenta a bunch; beans, two quarts for
15 oenta; red cabbage, 10 cents a head;
green peppers, three for t cents; cucum
bers, 10 and It cents; parsnips, 40 cents a
In regard to fruit several favorites have
gone or are announcing their intention of
soon doing so. Pineapples are gone. Cherries
are considering leaving. Those in the mar
ket sell for 18 and 20 cents a box, 14 a
crate. Blackberries and red raspberries are
becoming scarce; 15 oenta a quart and 15
cents a pint are the respective prices. Musk
melons are scarce just at present and sell
for 15 and 20 cents. Watermelons are from
85 to (0 cents eaoh..
However, Oregon apples are beginning to
arrive to cheer the disconsolate. They are
now 75 cents a peck. Pears are good at
80 cents a dosen; plums, 50 and SO cents a
basket; oranges 40 oenta a dozen; lemons,
39 and 85 cents a dozen.
Chickens, eggs and butter remain about
tha same. Butter, 16, 28 and 30 centa a
pound; eggs.' 84 centa a dozen; spring chick
ens, 80 oenta a pound; hens. 18 cents. The
wholesale poultry prices are: Hens, 15
centa; broilers, 88 cents; roosters, 10 cents;
geese, 15 cents; turkeys, 26 cents; pigeons,
8L50 a dosen; squabs, 84 a doien.
mel or roux. Th careful cook keep on
hand bottled caramel. It la made by cook
ing a quarter of a pound of granulated
sugar In a sauoepan until a dark brown,
stirring constantly; add a pint of cold
water, draw to one side and let It simmer
for a quarter of an hour. Strain and bot
tle. A few drops are added to soups and
Roux 1 nothing but the thickening of
sauces. It is made both brown and white.
For the former melt butter slowly, add
flour, stir constantly until brown. Cool a
few minutes, then stir in the stock. Return
to fire and stir until It boll.
For fish, myonnals and Hollandalae
sauces are often the basis with various In
gredients, as sardines, capers, anchovies,
shrimps, added. Both white 'and brown
aaucea are changed by adding tomatoes,
olives, cheese, port wine, sherry, lemon.
oranges, horseradish, mint or any desired
A little understood sauce Is maltre d'hotel
butter. It la made from one tablespoonful
each of butter, chopped parsley and lemon
Juice, with one-halt teaspoonful of salt and
one-half saltspoonful of pepper. Rub butter
to a cream, add lemon Juice, parsley, salt
and pepper, stirring until smocth. Spread
over top of broiled fish or beefsteak.
A sauce made of melted butter, parsley
and lemon Improves poached egg. New
york Times.
For the Housewife.
A pleasant change from cteam cheese Is
iheese flavored with plruulas. It can
readily be molded Into balls.
Cut cucumbers In half lengthwise, peell
and put In Ice water unsalted for twenty
minutes. Place flat side down on plutter
n wlhch they are to be served, slice,
keeping shape. Uarnlsh with button rad
ishes or larger ones cut Into sections or
thin, round slices. Cover with thick French
dressing or mayonnaise. .
Have you ever tried making French
dressing over a big lump of ice? The ln
tredluuts are put In a bowl around tha
ice and thoroughly mixed U' lifuii.' it up
over the lump until it becomes a tnlcli
chllUd emulsion.
Coltefce cheese must be eaten thu day
ll Is mixed in hoi ;eatlivr, an U u.ulck;
sours. Duuble or whipping cream Im
proves ll.
Cucumbers are better to eat and look at
It tha rinds are cut In two ItniMh wise, hol
lowed and filled with the mixture ll.icly
shredded and mixed with Fitnch d.-cslm;.
linked Kutks.
Baked eggs, for some reuxtn. are less fre
qeutnly met with In family menus than the
fried, poached or ether forms. This Is un
questionable proof that the average house
keeper Is unacquainted with them, other
wise she would hardly resist their de
llrlousness. Baked plain, they make an excellent
breakfast dish, 'to be done In this way:
Butter any little tin molds or gem pans
that are at hand thoroughly and line each
with buttered, nicely seasoned bread
crumbs. Break an esg cait fully so aa to
keep th yolk lntaot and slip into eaoh
little tin receptacle. Cover with more
crumbs and bake In moderate oven. When
the egg I whit and the crumb a pretty
brown the mold I ready to be turned out
for table.
?.he entertainer who wishes to offer thein
at a course for a formal breakfast or early
lui'oheon can butter wall some little fancy
molds In the shape of stars or other
figures; slip an egg Into each' and bake till
set. When turned out on Individual heated
ptstes (which may furthermore have little
squares of tender toast softer, ed with but
ter on them) decorated with finely chopred
parsley nr sprays of watercreas, they are
novel as well as appetizing.
Eggs may be baked in small tomatoes.
Cut a slice from the stem end and 'care
fully remove the pulp and seeds with a
teaspoon. Drop In an egg. Sprinkle lightly
with salt and pepper, If this Is liked; cover
with buttered crumbs and serve.
Culinary Hints.
Many Americans who prepare and stew
the fruit daintily enough fail completely
In one most important point of serving,
and thereby spoil oftener than not the
entire effect of the dish. Compotes should
be either hot or thoroughly chilled, never
lukewarm, as they are frequently served
with us. Serve even the matutinal dish of
prunes from the tee chest and sea how
much the flavor Is Improved.
A rather newer way with nuta for the
side dishes at table than th usual one of
browning them In butter is to put them
In a wire basket and dip In deep boiling
fat A moment or .two 1 sufficient Just
enough to brown them evenly and dell
cately. The danger of burning la lessened
by the fact that all are browned at prao
tloally the same second. After removing
from the grease, dust if desired with fine
table salt while the kernels are still warm
and moist
One of the new ways with sardines sug
gests a pleasant substitute for the usual
oysters on the half shell at a formal din
ner. The sauce Is prepared as for an
oyster or clam cocktail and half lemon
skins are filled with tt. The oyster plates
are filled as usual with shaved Ice. In
the center of each ice bed plaoe th lemon
skin containing th aauoe, and all around
the outer edge lay th sardines, to form a
ring. The little fish must be carefully
skinned, so that no fragment of their
epidermis remains. They are dipped In the
sauce before eating.
A dainty substitute for patty shells when
these are not available Is the folowlng:
Cut as many circlets of bread as- there
will be persons at table. Dip these In
milk first, but allow them to drain very
carefully. Now dip again In egg, lastly In
bread crumb and fry In deep fat. Make
a rich cream dressing, adding one or more
beaten eggs to th usual lrT1lents and
cook, stirring constantly till very thick.
Thei add three tablespoons of cooked lob
ster, crab meat or salmon (canned or fresh
any of these), heat through and pile up on
the crusts. Scatter a very little chopped
parsley or any other green appropriate to
a fish course on each and serve quickly.
Orange cream Is a good desert that will
be new to many kitchens. This is the
formula: Make a boiled custard, using
very rich milk or thin cream. Just a pinch
of salt and five eggs. Wheal It has partly
thlkened add the Juice of three sweet
oranges (straining carefully) and the
I grated rind of one. Serve either in a larg
dixh individually or In cups. Let the ac
companiment be whipped cream. Split lady
fingers laid under the cream make It spe
cially good, but it Is sufficiently so alone
to dispense with this finish.
A quick and simple mushroom entree 1
where the little fund are served with to
matoes. The canned love apples are avail
able for this dish when tne fresh cannot
be hail. To He half a enn of the thick part
(when the frer.h are usnd one pint), add a
teaspoonful of paprika with the like
amount of suit. Simmer till it Ihlrkens,
now eld a d!sh of onion Juice and half
a can of the inui.hro .run. Cook ten minutes
and serve v.ltli ramlw. (lies made of whole
wheat trend with filKng of chopped olives
and mayonultie.
And,;.o of mubhrooms, where they
lire larliim; from the larder when needed
to five a little spice of extra elegance and
a good HUbstltute which is little known.
Try i'rled radlHhis. pe.-lrd and hr.jwncd, in
plenty of butter. When brown and tender
add to the steak, and tlie similarity of the
flavor will be a surprise. If the guests are
not apprised of the substitution th dif
ference wilt often go unnoticed.
Minute Information.
"Do you know tinythlng about Mttrs ?"
asked the piofesor.
yes," replied the confident student. "It
Is inhabited by a numerous race of highly
industrious poople."
"Indeed! And may I ak why you believe
all this?''
"because otherwise It would be Impos
sible for them to build canals as fast a
somo of our Htronomr discover them."
Washington Star.
At the Theaters
Summer Vaudeville at th Cayetr.
tr. A V ,
lie sum- .
Score one more for the Oayety. Th
mertlme vaudeville program for the last
half of this week 1 pleasing from a to
Iszard. An Individual who styles himself
as "Just Patsy" essays to demonstrate, how
difficult tt Is to fall of a slack wire. And
he succeeds, too, apparently being a much ,
at ease on th stretch of slender cable
most of us are with both feet flat on terW
firma. He tries mighty hard to fall oft
that wire, but there Is no chance he la so
xpert In his work.
De Vltt and De Vltt are also acrobatically
Inclined, barrel Jumping being their hobby,
which they do with seeming ease and with
out noticeably barking their shins. On
member of the team makes a very pretty
dive oVer six or eight chair and land on
a table on hi hands and never falls to re
tain his balance.
"If I Had a Thousand Lives" Is the song
that gets a generous band for Harry Lyons
very time he sings It. On of th best
pictures shown ts "The Self-Made Hero."
One sympathizes with tha "hero" because
the father of th young woman of th
youth' heart has turned him down cold.
The method In which the young man wins
the good will of the hard-hearted dad, al
though not recommended. Is Ingenious and
is but more proof that "all's fair In lov or
war." Sunday afternoon th program
changes again.
Bis; Tournament for Asfllsg Honors
Will Be Held at Rod and Gun
Clnb Sunday.
Members of the Rod and Gun club hav
been assiduously engaged during th last
few days In practicing tor the casting
tournament, which is to take place next
Sunday. Besides hurling their lines out
Into the water in regular fashion after real
results, the ambitious anglers sometimes
vary the work by casting their line In the
Such maneuvers present an odd spectacl
to the visitor, but from all account are
bringing fine precision and skill to th pros
pective contestant.
A large program of eventa has been
prepared including wet line fly cast
for accurancy, distances, 83, 40 and 45 .feet
Dry line, same. 80, 40, 60 and 00 feet, Bait
casting, half ounce bait, for accuracy, wet
line, 100 feet; dry line, ISO feet.
About 10,000 small crapple and a num
ber of bass and pike were put Into Carter
lake by wardens of the club thl week. Th
fish were obtained from drying ponds.
Efforts are being made to stop the flshlnr
for undersized fish. Several warden ar
busy on this work.
Ho eandy nor esV
No mutton nor itesk
Csn equal this succulent
Even roast elephant
Seams Quite irrelevant
Alter you've tasted this
A masterpiece
While every one
of our "21 kinds"
is as good as soup
can be, the most
delicious and satis
fying of all is
Tomato Soup
Of all vegetables the
New Jersey tomato is the
favorite for its rare succu
lence and flavor. The
very pick of this crop
grows on our farms. We
blend the fresh juice of
this perfect fruit in a for
mula exclusively our own.
And epicures pronounce it a
culinary "chef-d'oeuvre."
Don't go to the diction
ary. Go to the grocer.
21 kind 10c a can
Just add hot water,
bring to a boil, "?
and tcrvt. R"r5a-F--"'1
On aultry days
Campbell's Menu Book
la a special help.
Joitr Caurazit
Com sa n v
Camden N )
Look for tho