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Kr eet r1nt Xt.
,Tat four printing to the Tins!.
X'eetrlc ans Surf css-Orendea Co.
-'comas W. Blackburn fur cohgre.s.
Dry aliening of torment. Twin
tii Dy Works, 4V7 fcoutlt I'lf tctiitll.
Bom Lmh on lowest terms by '
tirs.ka Buvln'fc end Loan -uRuclntloii.
riompt tvi-vlce, no commission, repaid
mouluiy. 10 Board of. Trade building. tht Big T.liow carnival, one
halt prtt nnd le.'a on broken lot In men a,
woman's and children's shoes. VV. 1 Doug
lus .Shoe Mure, UU North Sl-lernlh.
Bant Mousy, U a landlord's profit. Put
Into a iioinc. 11 m&ktit for family hsppl
tius. and luUcpendrme. Hea Ncbranka Sar
k.i. and Loan Am u 1G0. Karnam, Utnaha.
Blackburn Still tartar Writing "Tom"
BlHckouin liait written another lengthy
epistle, tula time s,UUii'.rtti to the voter
instead Of to Judyo tint ton. kin aaya that
falling to fitt a reply to his former loi
ters he la tryng how to answer tile ques
tion himself. ,
Sunday Sohool Picnics Grace Baptist
Sunday school will have a carload of chil
dren at its piento M Valrmount park Satur
day. The First Baptist Sunday school of
Council Bluffs vill have a picnic at lUver
vlew park Thursday... Two cars have been
chartered for Ue occasion.
Oewtore. Crete Bis Vee -Judge Leslie
lias decided the malm ot Attorney liiyce
Crawford . against . the estate of Mrs.
Amanda Patrick and will award hint $760
for services as special administrator, regu
lar administrator and attorney. He Claimed
1,000. Mrs. Patrick died about a year ago
leaving an estate of about 130,000 to Joseph
ine Knaubcr.
Z.eoklng . (or the Kayos Charles W.
Jiays, who used to punch cattle with Mayor
Sahlman In 16, now president of the W.
U. and fttl L. railway, stopped off In
Omaha Tuesday to see the mayor. He was
very much disappointed not to find hirn at
bom aa they .cave not seen eaoh other In
twenty .years. Mr. Hays returned to his
home In Greenville, Mo.
Speoat Craards for Crowds Chief .Don
ahue has ordered that special policemen be
stationed at all howls during the remainder
of the week to protect the ad men and the
ftaengerfest ylsltors. (Tti hotels are so
crowded'1 and the strangers are so thick
that the flerd seems 'to be particularly ripe
for pickpockets and sneak thieves unless
some-precautions are taken against them.
uuviuuii iinui ja .1 L iuvu I VI II 1 a UViUU 13
Torn From Head
in Smith Factory
tee Stitt, Union Pacifio Watchman
Identifies Prisoner.
Detective Halenrr Weaves tfaala at
Evidence A boat Alleged Dyna
miter that eana latiremk
lle at Any Point.
That Prank Krdi.ian. now ror.f'ned In
the' county Jail awaiting trial for attempt
ing to dynamite the Uennlson residence. Is
the man ho on Auguxt 30, 1907, Khot and
beat Lee Htltt, 30 i0 Halt Cass, a Union
PaclfH- watchman, until his life for weeks
was but a faint hope, was conclusively
proved Monday when Htltt Identified the
prisoner as his axHullant. For a month De
tective Steve Maloney has worked on the
case and finally has succeeded In gathering
a trail of evidence which will settle tin
question of Erd man's history . without i
Erdman, accompanied by a pal named
Thomas, waa stealing brass from the box:
cars In the yard.. They came from around
a building, and Were there met by the night
Liberi Gaetana Suffers Very Severe
Injury While Learning' to Ran
Sewing Machine.
Seventeen-year-old Llberl Gaetana, an
Italian girl. Is lying at St. Joseph's hos
pital In a critical condition. While working
In the factory of the M. E. Smith Shirt
company as an apprentice on a power sew
ing machine, her hair became caught In
a share In a moment her scalp was torn
from her head, and with It the eye lashes
ind the left ear. Hhe was attended by
Dr. T. J. Dnyer, who waa successful in
replacing the scalp, though he fears that
the operation may not be permanently
effective. He has more hope that the torn
Peces ot the ear may knit. Though the
(Irl suffered greatly from the shook there
Is no danger of any fatal result of the
Miss Gaetana came to this country only
about two weeks ago. She was staying
with her aunt, Mrs. Alfio Carraccroll, til
watchman, Stitt. They beat Stitt until he South Thirteenth street. Monday morning
lay for hours unconscious. In making their she began as an apprentice at the Smith
escape they left a sack containing seven- factory and at the time of the accident
teen pieces of brass which they had stolen, was endeavoring to learn to operate one
As Krdman, who at that time was known of the machines. She was unable to speak
aa Van Attle, wua climbing over some English, and It was not for soma time
Scantling- Not
Good for Massage
Man ii Given Thirty Dayi in Which
Ato hink Up a Better
, Device.
.iiould a' loving husband massage
wife with a slxrfoot; scantling T
This Is a Question that might be fittingly
3lscued on the ."home . '' page" of the
laffron-hued newspapers, but It so happens
that the ; courts 4ook a whirl at - it first.
rhe casa, at Issue Is that of John Kottal,
who: stands oharged with beating his wife
at their home, 1418 South Fourteenth street.
The ' woman Is said t be badly Injured.
Policeman CorneaU ' arrested - Kottal and
JudgeCraWford;' after having read Beatrice
Fairfax and other authorities, decided that
any loving husband who massages his wife
with a six-foot board ought to spend at
least thirty days In jail. And so It la to be.
I ' ... ,.
Arter Thinks He lr
Has a Good Job
It Tumi Out to Be the' Offering; of
a Very Smooth Banco
The firm of Parke, Davis 4t Co. la look
ing for a mun giving the name of William
Anderson, who Is masquerading as an
agent of the company, when, as a matter
of fact, he . has no connection with It.
Anderson, it alleged, employed A. A. Arter
to act as district' agent for Parke. Davis
Ac Co., and Arter, acting In good faith,
believed himself to be regularly established
with the drug firm. Just what object An
derson had in thus playing with Arter U
not apparent, but from somewhere out In
the state comes, a draft . for flOO against
the drug house. Which Anderson, it la al
leged, had succeeded In cashing.
box cars he fell and Injured his side.
He was then staying at the Madison
home, Nineteenth and Leavenworth, where
he said he was a bollor Inspector. In order
to make good his statement and avoid sus
picion he would, about once a week, don a
pair of greasy overalls, and thus attired
would go out and make his thefts ot brass.
It Is said that he was In the business In
wholesale manner, and maintained a horse
and Wagon for that purpose alone.
Krdinau Was In Hospital
His Injury became decidedly worse, until
after two months of doctoring himself, he
went to a local physician, who cared for
him for over a month. The doctor then
placed him in the Omaha General hospital,
where he remained for nine weeks under
the name of Erdman, which was the first
time he was known under that cognomen.
Dr. Summers was called and operated upon
Old Olson, who knew Krdman, went to
the hospital to see him. He knew that he
had been In tre habit of stealing brass and
accused htm of shooting the watchman.
Krdman replied by saying that he had to
use his gun to get away. Olson now says' he
told some policemen of the matter, but
they discredited it and It was not reported.
Steve Maloney was then working on the
case and was unable to get any ciue as to
the Identity of the man.
Learning of Erdman as a brass thief and
his other history, Detective Maloney worked
until the mystery waa unraveled, and he
found Erdman was the gouty man. It Is
known who she was. Before an Italian
could be secured to tell what she said she
was In an unconscious condition.
The hospital authorities were unable
Tuesday morning to state whether Llberl
Gaetana would be able to recover or not
Her condition Is considered usually criti
cal, and of such a nature that It Is Impos
sible to tell what will be the result. She
passed a better night at the hospital, how
ever, than was expected and those attend
ing her are hopeful that signs of Improve
ment will show themselves soon.
County Republican Convention Does
Its Work in Short Order.
In. tracts Delegates to Keen County
. Option riank Oat of the Plat
form at the State Conven
tion at Lincoln.
The Douglas county republican conven- ,
tloit met Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock In
court room 1 at the court house.
On motion of Harry 8.. Byrne the dele
gates to the convention to be held at Lin
coln on July ZC were instruced to use
their best efforts to keep the question ot
county local rptlon out ot the state plat
form. On motion of Victor Kosewater, the
chairman, M. L. learned, was author!!
to appoint a committee of five to select
the members of the county committee for
the ensuing year, one from each voting
district In the county.
James Hammond, as chalrma of a com
mittee named by the county committee at
Its meeting last Saturday, prevented the
following list of delegates, which was
adopted as read:
John L. Webster,
John L. Kennedy,
u irni.
A. A. C. ol A. Welcome to Omaha and trie
Greatest Clot.tiinfj Storc In the West
Stum m r
Douglas Street
Property Sold
Kennedy Sells a Lot Bought a Tear
Ago at a Very Neat
Twenty-two feet on Douglas street, be
tween Fifteenth and Sixteenth, on the north
side, has been sold by John E. Kennedy for
$50,000. The purchasers are Thomas A.
Fry and Robert Rosenzweig. The property
was part of a purchase a year ago by Mr.
Kennedy and the re-sale stands him a pro
fit of about $9,000.
The property Is now occupied by the
Singer Sewing Machine company for stor
age and salesrooms. The building is small
said that on one iccaVn, ay-Bight Erdman and not new and It Is the expectation that
wrote- a note to Olson, who he knew was Messrs Fry and Rosenswelg will Improve
well acquainted with his true character and I " ln the near future. They control forty;
Whom he feared would divulge It, asking four feet to the west of their purchase, ln
Olson to meet him on thd Douglas street eluding the Dyball and Holmes stores.
bridge at the toll , house. It waa only The property sold by Mr. Kennedy Is the
Victor Kosewater,
. w. .erteris,
E. G. McOllton,
F. A. Urogan,
Luther Drake,
Harry Zimman,
C. F. McOrew.
E. M. Bartlett.
G. VV. Wattles,
W. M. Glass,
Harry Fischer,
Vac Btiresh,
B. S. Baker,
W. J. Connoll,
C. A. Goss,
C. E. Herring,
T. A. Hollister,
Alvin Johnson.
John C. Wharton,
J. O. Yeiser,
J. It. Presson,
T. E. Brady,
John 8. Helgren,
to. R. Leigh,
P. J. Tralnor,
John F. Schults,
Frank Koutsky,
Thomas Kozlol,
Joe Uvlck,
George Johnson,
Swan Larson,
Georgo McBride,
H. C. Murphy,
George Kennedy,
Louis Berka,
Loula Burmester,
Fred Schroeder,
J. B. Hummel,
A. C. Kugel, -W.
J. Hunter,
F. H. Hoye,
W. F. Wappich,
Frank A. Furay,
E. F. Brailey,
F. W. Handle,
W. C. Crosby,
Dr. E. Holovtchlner,
F. M. Penney,
W. A. Foster,
.Charles Unitt,
Fred Shot well,
C. H. T. Riepen,
Jsmes Hammond,
Harry 8. Byrne.
Harry Cowduroy,
E. F. Grimes,
Dr. R. 8. Anglln,
E. L. Plats,
J. C. Kinsler,
S. A. Pearle,
Nelson C. Pratt,
E. F. Schurlg,
Cadet Taylor,
N. R. Swanson,
B. , F. Thomas,
C. B.' Little,
C. 8. Scranton, '
C. O. McDonald,
E. F. Morearty,
A. H. Miirdock,
Fred Klenke,
Fred L. Smith,
C. M. Davis,
C. J. Karbach,
Hans Bock,
A. C. Thomas,
James Walsh,
Peter Mangold,
Henry Schomer,
Lewis Larson,
William Stoltenberg,
Wm. von Dehren, jr.,
H I. Plumb,
William Altstadt,
Georue M. Tunison,
L. L. Kountxe.
Frank B. Stone,
.Monris Milder,
E. M. Morsman, Jr.,
Bryce Crawford,
I. U. Barlght.
Bibulous Man
through his wife's persuasion that Olson
did. not go. To a man who was placed
some time ag with Erdman In jail ho told
that It Olson had come when jie wrote he
would never have lived to do him any In-
Mr. Stitt, who identified Erdman, gave a
detailed description of hi m before seeing
him. Since the time of the assault he has
never fully recovered.
east twenty-two feet of lot six, block 10C.
Mrs. Pratt Would
ome ack Home
Files an Answer to Husband's Petition
' and Offers to Forgive His
Julia Montgomery Pratt, ln an answer to
the petition for divorce filed by her hus
band, James H. Pratt, says she la ready
and willing to return to his home and of
Once Noted Fighting Leader Leading fer to forgive u his misdeeds if he win
oimpie .uiic, otty x ormcr v ice
Agiiinaldo Tills
the Soil Nqw
President Fairbanks.
duot with two women and prays that his
suit be dismissed.
More Help to Run
.Down Joy Riders
Qhief Donahue to. Ask for Two Ad
, j.. ditional Motorcycle Po
4 ... - - licemen.
, VWe canpot keep watch of the automo
bile speeder utiles w have some new
motor cycles." says Chief of Police Dona
hue," and I. exyeot to ask .the Board of
Fire and Police Commissioners to furnish
two mora men: The two. Officers that do
th york now, Relglewan and Morgan, are
aubjec to ' all sorts of emergency calls
which they oan Jake 'care of with their
spttdy motorcycles without making It nec
essary to call out the automobile patrols
and whn they are busy In that way they
have no time to chase Joy riders. With two
new .men who were, espeoially trained for
speedy, riding we ooutd run down fast
cnrs.oq the boulevard without any diffi
culty. 'That, Is the'' pnlyfhtng I know of
to save the situation.'
Each Partner Takes an Elevator ln
Omaha and Will Contlnne In
Dissolution ot the Merriam-HolmquUt
Grain company has come about by the pur
chase by J. W. Holmqulst of Elevator"B
at Fifteenth and Manderson streets, and
by N. Merrlam, president of the company
Aguinaldo, the one-time famous fighting
leader of the Filipinos, is now conducting
a large estate In the Interior of the Island,
about forty miles from .Manila. Former
Vice President Fairbanks met the former
Insurgent chieftain on his recent visit,
"Agulnaldo drove la from his estate to
meet us," said Mr. Fairbanks. "He Im
pressed me as having the desire to keep
out of politics and the turbulence of public of eIevator ..x .. at 8evenW.ntn ad Nlcho-
me. xie ia vuuuui:iiiib m mmer exienaive
plantation and giving himself assiduously
to the work. I believe, after' a long drive
and conversation with him, that Agulnaldo
r now favorably Inclined to the American
occupation ot the Islands and feels that his
people are making very aubstantlal prog
ress, conversing with him, one gets the
Idea that he U a fairly close student ot
affairs and Is taking a large view of the
movements going on about htm. He leaves
no doubt that farming is his business now,
ana that he is devoting his energies to It1
Separate companies bave been organised.
the Holmqulst company and the Merrlam
& Millard company. The former has con
nection with twenty lines of elevators, and
the Merrlam & Millard company will at
once set about acquiring such a line. Both
companies start with a large paidup
capital and will do grain receiving and
commission business as well as regular
elevator business.
Governor Joins
Newsboys' Club
John Stairhead Retnrns'ta Serve an
. Vntlnished lestese Omaha
: . Chain fGanav
Superintendent ot Western Union Is
Made General Superintendent Of
Monntaln Division.
J. C Neleon, superintendent of the West
ern Union Telegraph company, at Omaha,
Kb. l.u.n tf,mAtA t n fhtt ,w.l,l.n nf
Minnesota Chief Executive is Now a I eral superintendent of the Mountain divi
sion of the same company. The head-
quartera of the Mountain division are in
Denver, where Mr. Nelson will be located
after August 1.
Mr. Nelson is now In Denver in connec
tion with the change.
' He night have lived happily ever after,
John Mulrhcad might, except for the fact
tlit"-4n police 'found "him. At the time
af the discovery. Alulrhead was employed
by' local coal dealer, and the skilful (".'
manner la which lie "shunted the lambent
boulders -M enough to'ehdeor htm to the
heart ot his' boss. But. Just prior to his
acoepejice,vQf aervtoe - with the ooal man,
Mulrhead was a bibulous person. Dally
ing -with the brew (hat-cheer and simul
taneously loebrlafes he fell Into the hands
f the police. Later Be went with the
Chain gang. Still later, he left the chain
gang loft It an Joae S3 without permission.
Now he must go back and finish his un
finished chain gang sentence. Meanwhile,
some other fellow will heave oh heave the
tool. , , . ,
Full-Fled j-ed Member of
"Do Gang."".
Governor Eberhart of Minnesota Is now
an honorary member of the Newsbos
olub ot Omaha. .'.Iris number Is I. and he
Is fully entitled to ail the privileges of the
street as a "newels, It he eares' to exer
else them. The Minnesota' governor made
a talk to a bunch of boys following his
eleotion, and assured them he would take
pleasure In trying to have a similar club
organised In 8u Paul.
Afterward the governor said: "The pos
sibilities of a bunch ot hustling lads like
the paper sellers for good or evil can
hardly be overrated, fcvery man who
wishes his country well should spend some
time and effort to see that their thoughts
and ensrgles are turned in the right dlreo-
i iwvHmstin, 1
B- . i rm I
;i flit H t
t i',l 1 . 1 S if
Despito the groat crowtls, which filled onr store
Saturday, we ytt have hundreds of splendidly .tail
ored, up-to-date Suits to fit men of every, size, ago
or taste. So this record-breaking sale goes on until
every 6uit is sold. Come now before another secures
the suit you would prefer.
'"?.s"!T3r..... $6.50
$18.00 to 125.00 SUITS- JT-JQ Q (Q)
ig'" " " ,- -Miff
lifts Chapeau for Which He Has No
Use from Hayden's Ex
What Is the fascination of the large
The question has been usually considered
one which Included a, study of .its effect
upon woman kind, but now It Is vividly
shown that the hat fascination extends be
yond tho. realm of ,tJja Uytured wearers
thereof. A man. has .-ceoitaltted theft that
he might obtain a hst, a large bef lowered
and berlbboned hat. - To be sure the man
was not entirely himself whan he attempted
the deed, but was artlflcally stimulated by
a too generous unblblng of the fruit of the
grape or hops.
Staggering Into Hayden's Tuesday morning
he escaped the notice of the attendants ln
the hat department, who were looking for
more likely customers, and was able to lift
one of the hats from its pedestal.' Care
fully buttoning it beneath his coat, a
shabby coat, he tottered back to the ele
vator and safely reached the main floor.
But before he had gained the outside door
a bit ot ribbon which refused to be held
beneath the coat, betrayed him to a watch
ful detective and the rest ot the Journey
waa made in the city's public carriage and
was without the solace of the stolen hat.
A Mother's
'The Neal Treatment Is A messing
sent Straight From Heaven
To My IJojr."
Woman Has Faee Badly Cat When
Lad Itnns Her Down on Par
aam Street.
John Burdlsh. Western Union messenger
boy, skidding down Farnam street on a
bicycle Tuesday morning, crossed to the
wrong side of the street to avoid a collision
with a wagon, ln so doing, he ran dowa
Jennie Wllman, 1002 North Thirteenth street.
The woman suffered a painful cut on her
face. The boy waa arrested.
Get Ninety Dnrs for TonenlnaT Yessg
Man en Street t'sr Came front
Slonx City.
Several Jtree.Hae Narrow Kaane
fre-a Death la the Rnrnlnc
tract are.
Fire Tuesday afternoon shortly after I
'clock' totally destroyed a bam at Forty
eighth and Leavenworth streets, owned by
the West Omaha Ice and Coal company.
The origin ot the fire bus thus far not
bet-n ascertained.? The floss is partly cov
ered by Insurance. Several horses were
In the barn when the (lie started, but they
' aero rescued. Damage about S2.0UA.
.- ' --
George Cameron and Joe Conners, who
held up George Tyree and were captured
by the victim, were given ninety days by
Judgn Crawford Tuesday morning. It
seems that the pair of light-fingered gents
saw Tyres flash his money at Sioux City
and followed him to Omaha, where they
gut the money while Tyree was riding on a
street car.
. , Mall-lnar Permit., j
John Brandt. IWS South Tenth, frame
dwelling, t-.uou; hi. 1. woodward, 6104 North
Twenty-seevntn, tram dwelling. .v; Mrs
A. B. Wakley, frame eot age, fX.Suo; A. I,
latrlck. 1U North Fortv-second. brick
dwelling, SS.S00; F. E. Ooff. 4H-4J0 outh
Fourteenth, brick hotel, KB.OUO; Ca-xell
Healty company, 1011 Farnam, alterations.
I4.UV; Anton lrot 1430 South Seventeenth
frame dwelling, tl.304; W. T lieimny, 1,10
"Des Koines, Iowa, April 20,
"Hon. James E. Bruce,
"Atlantic. Iowa.
"I will say that I cannot express my
feeling of gratitude to you for what the
Neal Cure did for my boy. The Cure Is
a blessing sent straight from heaven,
since he was cured of the drink habit,
for everything Is light now where It was
darkness before. I wish you great suc
cess and prosperity in your good work
of saving men.
(Signed) " "
The Neal la an Internal treatment
without hypodermto Injections, that cures
the drink habit In three days, at the in
stitute or ln the home.
No Care, No Pay.
It Is the moral duty which every person
addicted to the drink habit owes to his
family, relatives, friends, society and the
public also everyone who la Interested la
r knows of one who la addicted to the
drink habit, to call upqn. write or phone
the Neal Cure today for free ooptes ot
their guaranteed Bond and Contract, book
let, testimonials, endorsements and bank
reference-, which will be cheerfully fur
nished. Address
The Neal Cure.
Institute, UOJ Bouth 10th 8t. Omaha,
eh also Des Moines. Davenport and
Stoox City, Iowa.
Births Guy Stockton, girl; Charles An
derson, 1111 North Klghth, girl; William
Henry Clark. Wl Ohio, girl; Harry Stein
berg, SOU Paul, boy; Louis SchnUts. im
South Twelfth, boy; Harry Wohner, IMS
North Sixteenth, girl; William Hteffen. 4t37
Maxcv, boy; Krdman 8. Parker, 7701 Bris
tol, girl; Sidney Mi-Coy, IV 11 North Twenty
seventh, girl.
Deaths-fitter Vary Johanna, St. Joseph's
hoepital, S years; Kdward K. Ucl'hwion,
Henvllle, 8. .. 4 years; George W. Ferris,
to years; Mary C. Blgelow, Lead. 8. IX, IS
years; Mrs. Julia Hoi-vat. K46 North
Eleventh, 27 years; Charlea F. Titylor,
Florence, 43 years; George A. Cauikins,
Aurora, 17 years.
Marrlaae I.leenaea.
The following marriage licenses have
been aranted:
Name and Residence.
Howaru H. Green, Norfolk
Alvla L. Utile. Norfolk
Charlos H. Lewis. Omaha
Anna Splcer, Omaha
Abraham Schrader, Omaha
badie Ftshklnd, Omaha
Charles A. Connelly, Omaha
Houora M. He.old. Billings. Mont.
Frightened Into Fits
Kort. alterations. Im, E. A. Talt. !tl Cam-1 by of appendicitis, take Dr. King's
den avenue, franm dwelling. II, Nut'; J. O.
Hradford. 40) Kouth Thirty-ninth, super
structure for brick building, fU.OOU,
New Life Fills, and away goes bowel
trouble. Guaranteed Uc. For Sale by
Drlus Ce
Is a perfectly safo and baruiless
remedy wtich has been carefully
and scientifically compounded by
the great American Druggist! Syn
dicate of 12,000 responsible drug
gists (or the puriose ot enabling
those people who cannot see a
physician to get the next best
treatment for the kidneys and
take it at home.
Its action Is Quick, pleasant and
thorough, and you should take It
In preference to experimenting
with patent medicines, . which,
neither you nor your druggist
know anything about. Get It at
any A. I). S. drug store.
As Required by Law of the
The Cooservati
Savings (l Loan Association
For the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1910
The Conservative Has the Following Fine Record:
Growth since June 30, 1909 . .-. 1,198,225.
Dividends credited to members in same period 'Jd,
Increase in Reserve Fund in past twelve months - 5,000.00
Value of Real Estate mortgaged to Association to secure loans ,10,843,003.00
The amount of Insurance in force and assigned to Association as security for - v . -
loans 5,958,840.00
Amount of present Reserve Fund 125,000.00
h lust twelve months. 411.
JUHU.iUg uuoiia uiub v -, . ' - irgeiftO") H
Total earning since organization ' ,':'S?' o t H
.otal Dividends eredited to back memDcrs unce orgamzauon xoxx
The Conservative Is the Largest Association of Its Kind in
the United States
First mortgage loans
Stock loans '
Real estate
Certificates of deposit la banks
Accrued Interest
Foreclosure account, face of loans ana
cost paid
Real estate" sold on contract ........
Office building and lot
r in. Dlt fft
Receipts and Expenditures for the Year Ending June 30 1910
Capital stock paid ln and dividends
added thereto -.
Reserve Fund
Undivided profits
Due shareholders on Incomplete loans.
Other llabllitie
. 18,208.03
Balance on hand July 1, 1909 $
Loans repaid
Accommodation account .
. r-, lfl..Qta inf deDOBlt .
i ii""-
Real estate sales on contract
Foreclosure account
Rents, commission on Insurance and
loan fees ;
t tM $5,104,06.04
Stock redeemed
Cash on hand
Accommodation account
Certificates on deposit .
Foreclosure account . . .
Real estate account . . . .
. 1,021.92
Total $5,104,069.04
1 UlBl ....
rvu n -vHv receives funds for Investment from all over the world, recent remittances reaching
u. from Sana Tnd PeX The mall business of the association is constantly on the Increase. ,
Present dividend rate 6 per annum.
GEO F G1LM0RE President PAUL W. KUHNS, Secretary.
Offices 1614 Harney Street, Omaha, Neb.
111) 511V U H)
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nriiT a r.o.. Drtratt. Klloh.
AtwU Affair.
Best equipped sntl offlc. ln the middle west Highest
crtd d.ntl.try at rsuunsbls prtc.s. Forcstsla fillings. Just
Iks ths tooth. All tnstruai.ots csr. fully aterllla4 flr iMt
Corner 10th and Farnam Streets.
ItrukM the Lire Stork
ims s
la ths
Sylvan Lake Hotel
Near Custer, S. D.
A delightful hotel situated on a
wonderful mountain lake amid
most picturesque surroundings.
FUhinu. Boating. Tennis.
Donkey Rides. MounUln-Climblng,
Purt air; pIwHil tablt; cool,- fr
dom from hct'j evr and atlUmrx
atM S14-00 to Sis.oo pr
T. 1. Carroll. -Ir., Sylvan Lake,
, Cuaisr. . IX
VJcntivorih r,U!Itary Academy
Oldest and Largest In Middle West Government Supervision.
Highest rating by War Department Inlarttry, Artillery and Cavalry
Drills. Courses ol study prepare for Universities, Government
Academies or (or Business Life. Accredited by North Central
Association ol Schools and Colleges. Manual Training. Separate
Department for Small Boys. For catalogue, address
The auwretsiry. Bos A, Irlyt t Mo,
eiABt. HStlSsA
with all the advestacel of Kaatern
IsL IMS schools. Certificates admit without
eaamlnetlen te Wsllsalsy. Smith. Va.
nar. ttc. Ais-nrt1o and Co1!rwl-te
,i, All. rtri in .a-vl-,1 eii.r- c
UJ MAP.UlKN. PrluolpsL Omal.a. Nsb.
rurses;, ari, aomssoo uinnu, pymnM.
bouse-motnsr. Tsar-book sent upon rsqusst.
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jtxx anation saonrs
SXS,T-lMS.a SI, IS10.
St-X-la -lUT-ST AOAJ.-1-tT.
UivUH, MO.
Hnd your young pbpl to
An crhool of ths hlahsst stand
Irs, ln a community remarkable for Us
clean, whuli'.ome, upllftlna Influence.
A Trained Faculty ot Bpeclallsta.
Low Cspense Beet Vaclllttea
Kali Term Opens Kept Itth. Bend for
Uteratere. tAUuK CUbLKUi-, Tabvr. Ia.
TWIf TQl1 Domestic Sdei.ce,
mUlJii Art, Expression.
,i..u,. i i n, .in i. ! Rpo(j OounM. Konnal
Oounea tor T.acbsrs.
roll Course ISadlof to IMploraas. '
The Best In.truotton. IUiuodsM. Bstes.
Hsaltbtul aad tlslplnl Oollusa feu-rroundlnss,
Woman's Co!l.g, B U Jae.-U, O.
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advertise It In The Bet Want Ad columns
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