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Lincoln Defeats the Champs; Tigers Lose Twice to Boston; Doves Trimmed by Pirates
Omaha Unable to Break the Hoodoo
Against Sionx City.
lsltora Urt to
Tim and T
Melter at HUM
i Krrnr 11 rip
Tkrm to Wl
Siux City, 6; Omaha, f
Hard luck still stlrka tight to the trail of
the Roukea. In yesterday's gam It was
present at all tiny, although the score
does show that the visitors outhlt the
rioukee by I to 1. The two error made
by the horn teem came Juat when they
counted moat, and each helped the Sioux to
run. In the flrt,j WHh two dcwn, Melter
lodged a shoot ag&inat Qulllln rtba, and
he went to second on Fnlon' hit. Kan
messed Neighbor's, grounder, allowing Qull
tln to acore and Fenlon to reach third,
whence he scored on a balk. In th fourth
Wilson Mt for" a homer with Miller en ec
ond. In the ninth Andreas doubled, Stem
walked, and Qulllen 'singled, scoring An
dreas. Omaha got two In the firat becauae
Alderman was wlld.He hit two. passed one,
waa hit for ,a single, and triad e a wild
pitch. Wilson came In and atopped Omaha
till the fourth, when Gondlng hit safe, stole
second, and scored 6rr Andreas' error. In
the fifth hlta by Morlarty and Welsh com
piled Omuha'i Jirtirth tally. A threatened
rally In the ninth waa'choked off most un
timely. Davie opened with a three-bagger,
Corridon waa hit, and Davis tried to aeons
on Flood's smash to- Hartman, who got It
to the plate la time for a hair-line declalon
against the runner. This ended the chance,
for Kane lifted a fly to center. Score:
AH. R. H. O. A. E.
Davis, cf
Corridon, a..
Flood, 2h.....
Kane, lb.....
Morlarlty, ,10
Thomaon, If.
Welch, rf....
Clouding, c...
Melter, p....
Totals ...
. 1
. 4
: 4.
. I
. 2 '
. 4.
. 4
. 3
t 27 IS
AB. R. H
Andreas, 2b..;..
tbem, lb.
Oullin, 3h.
Fenlon, If
Nelgfibor. cf..
Miller, c..'.
Hartman. as...
Myers, if
Alderman, p....
Wilson, p.......
Totals ......
......... 4.
. 4
.. 4
.. 3
. 4.
i u n ii
2 0 0 110 4 0 04
30020000 1 3
Sioux City
Two-base hit: Andreas. Three-base hit:
Davis. Home riin: Wilson. Firtbae on
ballH: Off Melter, 4: bff Alderman, 1; off
Wilson, t. struck out: By Melter, 1; by
WilHon, 8. Left on basea: Omaha, 7; Sioux
City, 7. Double plays: Thomaon to Flood,
Melter to Oondlng to Kane. Wild pitch:
Alderman. Hit by pitched ball: By Melter,
l;.by Alderman, 2; by Wilson, t. Stolen
basea: Welch, Oondlng. Neighbors (2).
Sacrifice hit: Myers, Time: 1:45. Um
pires:, Clark and Steinberg..
Mitchell sad Hrrrka Vaable to Keep
Puce with Lincoln.
LINCOLN, duly. IBCMltchell and Herache,
the Dea Moines Imcfiers, weakened at 'the
flrlsh today and Lincoln won Its eighth
successive game by a score of 8 to 2. Uug
rder'a shortstopplng and a one-hand atab
of a liner by William were the fielding
featurea. Score: ,
AB. R. II. O. A. E.
Jude, If 3 10 0 10
Gognler, as 4 11 2 t 0
Cole, cf 3 0 1 4 0 0
Cobb, rf 3 0 2 2 0 0
Cockman, Sb 3 0 1 0 6 0
Thomas, lb 3 0 0 11 1 0
Weldsnaaul, 2.b.. 3 0 0 4 3 0
Kruger, c.r... ..... 2 0 1 3 0 1
Knapps,. -.. ....... i., .. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Clark, 0 0 0 1 0 0
llagermn, p..,,r . 2 1 0 0 2 0
Total.V..V.w....'.2? 1 1 11 i? 1
. I '. j AB. M. -H O.
Bader, 'rf t i 0 0
Colllgan,-21)...,.. ,4 "1
Curtis, ;rt.,i.,..........2-
Dwyer ' .... 4 0
Mattlck.f if...... ....... . 4, v .
Mehoff' 3b..,....v.;(.. 4 O
.,4 40
,., 6 o
w imams, s..i....w,
iavis. ss........,i..,,.
Clemmoris. c. 4 0
Mitchel, p 3 0
iloi sell. ,P..,.. 0 0
Total.'.. ..... . - i .. 2i 8 0
Ono out when winning run scored.
Idncoln T.0 l 0 0 0 a 2 13
Des Molne 1 0 0 u 0 0 0 1 03
Two-base hit: Cobb. Stolen bases:
Bader, Colllgan. sacrifice nits: Jude,
iiagerman, Curtis. Hits: Off Mitchell, i
in- seven innings; off Hersche, 4 in one and
a tnlrd Innings. Struck out: By Hagerman,
4, by Mitrneu. ; hy rlersche, i. buxes on
balla: orf Hagerman, a; off Mltcnell, ;
otf Heracne, 3. Hit by pitcned ball: By
Mitchell, 1. Passed ball: Clemmona. Left
on bases: Lincoln, 12; ues Moines, .
Larned runs: De Atolues, 1. . Time: 2:00.
i mplies: Spencer and Fiynu.
Laft-llaaded Pitcher Fight Ont Close
DENVEH. July 19. Two left-handed
pi tcnrs fought It out for Topeka and Den
ver todtiy, Denver winning, 3 to 1. Adams
was very effective with men on basea and
waa given excellent support. Score:
A.U. H. II. P.O. A. E.
. X 0 1 1 1 0
Wooley, cf...
Walsh, Sb....
Itelliy, as
Thorn. son. If.
Undrtiui, If.
Abbott, lb...
v hue, 2b
Kerns, c
Fugute, p
29 I 7 21 '10 2
A.M. It. H. P.O. A. E.
Lloyd, 2b ..
4 0 1 3 2 0
v aluron. If.....,,-,,.,. 4
Cranston, - ,.
uoian, it
Lindsay, lb
m-all. . ct. .
Cavaldy, lb
MiMuirsy, o.,.
Adams, p
....... 3
Totals 23 3 t 27 11 1
Denvtr U 0 1 0 0 0 1 V "
'lopeka 0 0 0 1 0 0 01
Molen bsses: lKilan i2i, Beall, '1'homason.
Two-hase hit: Cassldy. hit: White.
Struck put:: By A, lam. ; by Fugate. 1.
lare on Ij4U: C(( AUams, t; off Fugate, 1.
Hit by pitched boll: Dolan, Fugate. Left
on bases: Lenver, 4, Topeka; 5. Time; 1.37.
empire: ,lulln. .
l.iIJ, , IIOMK
Irhtta ' Defeats t. Joseph Team la a
( laae Game.,
WICHITA. July IS A home run by
Frank.- lubelt won aclne gam from St.
Joseph'Tor Wtchna tnday. 'Score:-
AH. It. H. O V it
Sldn. If .:.",...A... 2 1 I '0200
illdUlelon, cf 10 1 l
i'Uiii, , 2 0 112
llu,th. 2b , 1 V U 2 2
Koerner. rf ........... 3 ' -0 0 2 ' 0
Ixbell. lb 3 113 2
V . ifrxll. ab ,1 w 0 2 ii
Suaw. c 3.0 1 , 0
Alclll uw, p ,3 4) 0 1 i
w2S 2
AM.. U.
... 4 0
3 0
4 2T 13
O. A. E
.. If .... ,
. j. ib
Junes, lb
McChesnty, cf
'J:'hn, ta
KtM,, 3b .....
..L 3 0
... 4 1
... 4 0
v. 4 0
W.L.Pct. W.L.Pct.
Sioux Cily...r.:t . .tt.W; Chicago 49 2 .2S
I'enxer K2 32 .i:i,.ew Voik..,.4R Zi .64
Lincoln 4! M rittsbui K ....41 3:1 .l4
W ichita 4 37 .654 elm Innail . ..41 3W .M:l
St. Joypph...:w 47 .4.14 Philadelphia. .Wi 40 .474
Dcs Moines.. 37 .42iSt. louls Mi 44 .4;V
Omaha o0 .413 llinuklyn ....34 45 .41.0
Topcl;a 2K M .341 1 Bon tun ;ll r.l .11. I C
W.L Pct.l W.L.Pct.
Philadelphia. M 24 .i3 Mlnneajli8. .63 33 .t6
Boston 49 32 .iiK St. Paui f4 30 .sl
New York. ..47 31 .mKt.Tuledo o2 . .oil
liptrolt 44 X .5W KansHS City. 44 44 .600
Cleveland . . .3J 40 .4"21Columhis ....40 4i .
Chicago 31 47 .37 Miiw aukee... .3d M .4tt
WaKhlngton..Sl 43 .3H2, Indianapolis. .37 56 .Wi
St. Louis 24 62 .810; Louisville ....34 &.
W.LPct. W.L. Pet.
Fremont 34 2. .r.7Clarlnda ....Xfi 1 .67
Or. Island. ..32 2 ,6n2iNeb. City ...2 .627
Superior 31 27 . 534, Falls City..2H 2H .61
Seward 30 2 .bnxj Auburn 26 27 .4!1
Kearnev ....30 31 .4M21 Shenandoah. 2n DO ,4f
Hastings ....24 32 . 448 Maryvllle ...19 34.347
Red Cloud... 24 30 . 444
Columbus ...2t 33 . 441
Veslerdar'a ResaKa.
Hlou City, b; Omaha, 4.
Des Moines, 2; ljncoln, 3.
St. JopJi, 1; Wichita, 2.
Topeka, 1; Denver, 2.
Cleveland, 0; Washington, 7. Second
game: Cleveland, 6; Washington, 2.
Chicago, 0; Philadelphia, 4.
i. Lou 18, 1; .New Kork, 6.
Detroit, 1; Boaton, i. Second game:
Detroit, 2; Boston, 4.
Brooklyn, 4; Chicago, 3.
Boston. 4: .Pittsburg. 6.
New York. 6; Cincinnati, 4.
I'lillBrleinhln 0: St. Louis. 2.
Minneapolis, 4; Toledo, 1.
St. Paul, 6; Columbua, 7.
Kansas City, ; Louisville, 3. Second
game: Kansas City, 4; Louisville,- 8.
Milwaukee, 1; Indianapolis, 2.
Fremont, 0; Kearney, 1.
Seward, 6; Hastings, 0.
Columbus, 1; Red Cloud, 4.
Grand Island. 8; Superior, .
Shenandoah, 4; Clannda, 3. Second game:
Shenandoah, 3; Clarlnda, 1.
Auburn, 4; Maryvllle, 3.
Nebraska City, 2; Falls City, 0.
tiamea Today.
Western league Sioux City at Omaha,
Des Moines at Lincoln, St. Joseph , at
Wichita, Topeka at Denver.
National league Brooklyn at Chicago,
Boston at Pitts-burg, New York at Cincin
nati, Philadelphia at St. Louis.
American league Cleveland at Washing
ton. Chicago at Philadelphia, St. Louis at
New York, Detroit at Boaton.
American Hfsociation Kanas City at
Columbus. Milwaukee at Toledo, Minne
apolis at Indianapolis, St. Paul at Louis
ville. Nebraska State League Fremont at
KKearney, Seward aet Hastings, Columbus
at Red Cloud, Grand Island at Superior.
Mink league Shenandoah at Clarlnda,
Auburn at Maryvllle, Nebraska City at
Falls City.
Bauer, rf 2 0 0 0 0 0
Shea, c 3 0 0 6 2 0
Johnson, p 3 0 1 0 2 0
Frambes 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 31 1 7 24 12 0
Batted for Bauer In ninth.
Wichita 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2
SL Joseph , 00010000 01
Auburn Plays Maryvllle Close Game,
Kndlnu- One to (isoil.
At Maryvllle. Score: R.H.E.
Auburn 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 14 6 3
Maryvtll ...: 2 0 0 Ofl 0 0-0 1-8 6 8
Batteries: Hlrsch gnd Kranlnger; Thorp
and Diets; Umpire; Myers, -
At Clarlnda. Score flrat game." R.H.E.
Shenandoah 0 0112000 04 8 8
Clarlnda 000111PQ 08 6 $
Batteries: Cocoran and Castle; Ludwig
and Johnson. Umpire Myers.
Second game: - R.H.E.
Shenandoah 0 000000001 83 7 0
Clarmda ..000 000000 1 01 6 2
Eatterles: Shenandoah. Johnson and
Castle; Clarlnda, Walters and Johnson.
Umpire Myers.
At Fall City. Scor ... R-H.Ii.
Fall City 0 0000000 0-0 3 2
Nebraska. City 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 -2 4 2
Batteries: Falls City, Sayles and Greens
lot; Nebraska City, Collier and Walter.
Kesalts of Illinois Tennis Meet at
CHICAGO. July lit. Walter T, Hayes
again won the Illinois state champlonsnip
tills afternoon by defeating A. Luake. The
finals In the men's and women's doubles
were not begun, but will be played off to
morrow afternoon. Scores:
Men's singles Challenge match:- W.-T.
Hayes defeated A. Ludke, 6-4, 7-u, 7-6, 7-6.
Women' Singles Challenge match: Miss
M. Steever defeated Miss C. Neely, 3-7, 6-1.
Mixed Doubles Finals: Mis Steever and
Mr. Forstall defeated Miss Neely and Mr.
Neely, 6-8, 6-4.
Men's Doubles Peters and Hayed de
feated R'chberg and Torrey, 6-2, 6-3.
, Noah Back on Earth.
CALHOUN. Neb.. July 19.-tSpeclal.)
The White City Ramblers of Omaha de
feated cainoun ounaay afternoon. Kar
bowakl, lb whit City wonder, -had hi
opponent at hi mercy at critical part of
the game. Noah, an Omaha ex-ieaguer,
twirled for the home team. It was a
pitchers' battle till the eighth when
Calhoun went up In the air and the Omaha
lads sent four men over in plate. Tne
score: R.H.E.
Ramblers 1 0 0 3 0 0 1 4 03 Hi t
Calhoun 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0-5 11 a
Batteries White City, Karbowski, Hol
lander; Calhoun, Nouh, Nlckells, Tldgen.
Double plays. W hite Citys, 1; Calhoun, 1.
StrucX out, by Karbowski, 7; by Noan. 7.
Umpires, Lynch of Omalia; Jipps of Cal
houn. Stors Make Ureal Run.
Art Storx broke all known records be
tween Omuha and Marshalltown, Sunday,
by two hours and twenty minutes. Part of
4 he run was made In a rain storm, but the
machine was kept on the run and soon
dlNtanced the rain. Art Stor and Ed
O'Brien left Omaha at 4 o'clock Sunday
morning for a trip to Chicago and thence
north Into Wisconsin. ' They left Marshall
town Monday morning -and expected to
reach Chicago by Monday evening.
Thirteenth Good for TreunmcU.
TECL'MSEH. Neb., July 19. (Special)
The base ball game between the Lincoln
Superbaa and Uie Tecumseh team here
yesterday required thirteen Innings: Score: 0 0 0 it 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 9
Tocumseh 3 30210000000 110
Buse hits: Superbas. 11: Tecumsch, 14.
lUiteilcs: Superbas, Buffum and Hugg;
Tecumseh. Sabln and Prince.
Tl'.t'l'.MSKIi, Nib.. July 19. (Special)
E. Sjbin. one of Tt'eumseh's base ball
pitchers ahas gone to Hoi ton, Kan., for a
1 ij out w'lth the East Kantian league.
Base llnll Tourney nt IlrlU.
MASON CITY, July ID. (Special) The
second bat-e ball tournament tor Britt will
be held July 27, 2 29. Five games will be
played and the purs of S.i00 will be
divided ' between them. The Clear Lake,
Itke City, Eldora. Charles City and
Mason City teams will conup(.
roar Thousand for Pitcher Zmleh.
MAIUON. O. July lD.-Pltcher Edward
y.mlih. considered the best of the Ohio
State league, was sold today fur Immediate
delivery to the St. Loula Nationals. The
pile .which was not made public, was
close to )4.tM.
Turf Operator Head.
NEW ORLEANS. July 19-The death
here last night of J. Parker Harrison re
moves a figure known for many year as
one of the leading turf operator of the
continent. He was secretary-treasurer of
th Crescent CUy Jockey club when horse
racing was legislated nt of Louisiana.
tilaae Htlll nlth Indlnnapolla.
CHICAGO, July lS.-Presldent T. M
Chivlnutoii of the American ansoclatlnn lu.
day announced that the 'appearance of the
name or itaipli (.laze as being released
by the Indianapolis rlub in the last Amer
ican association bulletin was a clerical
error. Uisse Is still a member of the
0 ' InJianapol.a club.
Zimmerman'! Wild Throw to Firit
Gives Visitor Necessary Score.
il Defeated by Koor to Three
core ( hnnre Get a Three
Bagger and Rararer Two.
Rasa lilt.
CHICAGO, July 19,-Brooklyn won from
Chicago today In ten Innings. 4 to 3. Zim
merman's wild throw to first base gave
the visitors the deciding score. Zlmmer
man'' four errors practically handed the
game to Brooklyn. Barger was hit hard,
but fast fielding pulled the rangy recruit
out of trouble. Score: '
Kven. lb.... 1 4 4 ODilton, rf.... 4 0 3 0 0
Hhecktrd, If.. 4 0 o 0 OBurch. lb.... 4 1 12 0 0
I ofmn, of:. 4 14 1 OWhf.t, f.... 6 2 2 0 0
( hsnn, lb... 4 t 14 0 OHummsl. lb. I 0 I I 0
B-hult. rf... (10 0 Olnnox, 3b.. 114 10
iimmorn, s 1 3 3 4T. Smith, ss. 3 0 8 4 1
Kilns. C I f 1 4 IIKr-win A 1 a , a
"l. P 10 14 Ill,..r 'tint.
llumont ..00004 I
Brown .J 0 0 10 ToUls M T i 15 3
Total 3T II 10 II
Batted for Col In seventh.
p,licaK 0 00001200 0-3
Miookiyn 0 01300000 14
Two-base hit: Rarr Thru.iu,. m-
Chance. Hits: Off Cole, 6 In seven In
nings; off Brown, 2 In three innings. Sac
rifice hits: Cole, Lennox, T. Smith. Stolen
noinian, cnance. Double plays:
Barger to Irwin in n,,,..h t
Hummel to Buich, Davidson to T. Smith
io Lennox. i,ert on bases: Chicago, 11;
Brooklyn. 7. BaHes on holla- nff ci v.
off Barger, 6. Bases on errors: Chicago!
2; Brooklyn, 4. Struck out: By Cole. 1: by
Brown, i. wild pitch: Barger. Time: 2:16.
I mplres: Johnstone and Eason. ,
St. I.onls Shnta Oat I'httade.phla.
cn L,F.13' "'y W--8. Loula shut out
Philadelphia. 2 tn ft T . 1 1 ,
the winning runs. Score:
, AB.H.O.A.B. AB.H.olA.B
Hugglni, lb.. I 1 4 OTItm. rf I 0 0 0 0
KIlU, If 4120 IKlUh. K A 1 A
4 110 OBites. cf.. 1 0 1 1 A
Konchy. lb. 4 0 8 1 if.... 4 0 4 0
k-"'"". rf 1 o OOr.nt, lb 4 114 0
Ilrv.ntih.n, o I 1 4 0 2Brnst'd, lb. I 001
Mowrey. 3b.. 3 0 18 uw.l.h, 4 2 4 2 1
Hur, M.... l l oDooln, c 4 I 4 I 1
P 0 1 1 OMigulllan. p3 1 0 1 0
Totals .....28 117 10.2 Totals 31 5 14 It I
St Louis ft ii a o i i a a o
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-4)
Two-base hit: Krumhin 1UU. n i n..
2" WI"'!V 3: ff McWulUaii, 2. struck out:
"".uiiiun, o;. uy Willis, a. Time: 146.
empires: O'Oay and Brennan.
New lorn Win In Eleventh.
CINCINNATI, O.. July 19.-New York
took an eleven inning contest from Cincin
nati today mainly because of Mathewson'
pitching in the crisis. Score:
Bnodgran. cf 4 1 6 1 OBeacher. If.. 6 i s' ft n
Doyle, ib 8 0 11 OBgan. 2b 4 3 110
Devore, rf...l 10 0 OHob.iel. lb... 4 1 14 a o
Becker, rf..
10 10 OtMichell, rf.. I 3 1 0 0
4 1 3 0 0Pykert, cf... I 0 I 0 0
4 0 11 l Downey, lb.. 4 0 3 8 0
3 3 2 2 1 McLean, c... 5 1 4 I 0
6 0 7 1 OMcMnian. as. 8 2 3 1 8
6 10 Sttl.VM r. 1 A
Murray, If.
Brldwell, u
Devlin, lb..
Mtrkle. lb.
Myers, c
Mathewaon, pi 0 1 4 0Mlller ...... 1 10 0 0
Schlel 1 1 0 Onurna, p... 1 1 0 1 6
Hetuher ... 0 0 0 0 Ofromme, p... 1 0 o o
Rolh 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 38 1 33 11 I
...... Totala 48 13 83 14 8
Batted for Devore In eighth.
Ran for Schlei in eighth. -"Batted
for Suggs In eleventh.
Ran for Burna in ninth.
New York ..... 1 0 ft 2 ft n i 1 a
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 1 S o 0 0 fti
Two:bas hits: Devore, Miller. Three-e-0o,lli":
uEgaP- tchell.- Bases on balls:
Off Suggs. Cf( Burns. 2; of f Mathewson,
3; off Fromme. 3. Struck out: 'By Mathew
i by 8ug 2; by Fromme, 2. Time:
2.20. Umpire: Rigler and Emslle.
Pittsburg; Uet Deciding; Score.
t PITTSBURG. Pa., July 19.-Plttsburg tied
the i soore In the ninth on a muff by Sweeny
and won In tin eleventh on a wild pitch
by Curtis. Score:
Byrn., 3b I 2 2 3 1 Collins. If... 8 1 4 s 0
Leaeh. cf-lb. 4 8 4 0 OShean, 24 8 1 ( I o
Clams, if.... 8 14 4 OSharpe, lb... 8 1 !8 1 0
Wagner, aa... 4 1 4 8 0 Miller, rf.... 6 12 0 0
Hynn. lb.... 6 I 10 0 lAb'chlo, aa.. 6 1 1 8 0
Wilson, rf.... 8 1 8 1 OBeck. l a a
GiUon, c 8 0 6 0 lOraham, o... 6 8 3 1
McKechnla,2b 3 111 (jSweeney, 3b.. 3 I 3 4 3
Campbell, cf. 1 3 0 0 OKrock, p 0 0 0 1 0
""""i v v v vamitn 1 0 0 0 0
Philllnba. d. 8 0 0 0 or-i.rii. n .
Hyatt .:... 1 0 0 O S ' J J "
Lellleld, p... 1 0 0 0 0 ToUls 41 1081 17 I
Tolals 43 11 33 10 3
Batted tor Philippe in ninth.
Batted for Brock In second.
TWO OUt When Wlnnlnar run n-iia
Pittsburg 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
woston 0400000000 04
TWO-base hits: Bvmo. Wnirnar Wllu.
Campbell, Abbatticho, Graham. . Base on
balls: off Leever, 1; offCurtla, L Struck
out: By Plillllune. 6 in Heven unA m,n.
thlrds Innings; by Phllllppe, 6 In seven and
two-thirds innings; by Frock, 3 in one
Inning; by Curtis, 10 In ten innings. Tmie:
l;6o. Umpires: Klem ad Kane.
Defeat Herbert liavl, According to
Herbert Kohn won -tne consolltatlon sin
gles uf the city tournament by attesting
Herbert uuvis in b-a. Konn was ex
pecteu to win over Uavm, as km has had
much more experience than in latter ana
in iuct naa been (icued as a ponsim winner
ail iiiiouah.
Duvlo a High school lad and surprised
all by the excellent playing he has been do
ing in uie consolation matcnes. He plays
a last game, w ith a numuer of good strokes
unu a fine back nand swing that is al
most sure of. Kohn' greatest strength Is
In hi serving which Is a science with him.
In the matches of the aenil-Tinals of th
champlonsnip doubles. Burn and Kennedy
beat Swart and McConnell, -, 3-S, b-4;
and Scribner and Voung beat Colpetaer
and Powell, 6-3, 7-5. Both matches wei
good, Scribner and Young easily outclass
ing their men. The other match wu
closer, although fewer good plays were
made In It. The match in the final will
be played at the Field club this afternoon
at 4:30.
Several matches In th consolation
double were finished Monday also. Ray
ley and Williams beat Cudahy and Madden
10-8. 1-ti, ti-3, In the first round, and
Rainey and Wood beat Abbott and Thomp
son by default. In the same round. - In
the preliminaries. Buck and McCague won
over Gardner and -McCullough by de
fault. IIK11 I.TS
Rock Island, Springfield, Danville
and lint en port Win.
PEORIA. July 19-Hock Island easily
took the third straight from Peoria. Score:
It. HE.
Rock Island ... I 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 03 6 2
Peoria 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 4 3
Batteries: Couchman and O'Leary; Cook
and AsnuiHsen. Umpire: Bannun.
SPRINGFIELD. July 19. Springfield
nun out today in a great pitcher's battle.
Score: R.H.E.
Springfield 00000100 1 4 1
Waterloo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 4 0
Batteries- Schroeder and Coleman; Clark
and Harrington. Umpire: Dally.
DANVILLE, July la. Danville won today
by bunching hits In the esventh and eighth
Innings. Score: R.H.E.
Dubuque 200 0. 0000 13 6 1
Danville 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 3 1
Batteries: Perrlas and Bouoher; Wood,
Dutfy and HUdebrand. Umpire: Carrut ti
ers. BLOOMINGTON. July 19-Although the
Bloomlngton player mad two singles and
a double In the ninth tbey eould Dot close
the gap. Scor: It HE.
Davenport 01000080 0-3 7
Bloomlngton ..10000000 13 10 1
Batteries Archer and Wolfe; Walsh and
Nunamaker. Umpire." Eckman,
Beaver City Increases Lead.
BEAVER CITY. Neb.. July l.-(Speclal
Teiraram.l Beaver City added to It lead
In the county league In tb ehautaugua
tournament today, defeating Hendlsy by
a score of 3 to 6. Batteries: Hendley,
Cummlngs and Waugh; Beaver City,
lieager and Warner. Hlta: Beaver Cll.
U, Hendley, . ,
Superior Wins
in Good Contest x
From Islanders
Brings in Three Bnns in Windup,
Making Score One to Good
at Finish.
SUPERIOR, Neb., July 19.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Superior won from Grand Island
this aft-'rnoon In a very sensational gome.
With the scor. to 8 tn favor of Grand
Islnr.d In the last half of the ninth, two
outs and two on bases, Clark came
to bat and a long drlv brought In two
store. Woods followed with another and
brotght In the wining number. Score:
Grind Island.. 00003SOO 08 7 6
Superior 2 0 0 8 0 0 1 0 3 8 10 6
batteries: Grand Island, Carroll and
Murray; Superior, Gibson, Ellis and Bart
ley. Umpire; . Griffith.
HASTINGS, Neb., July 19. (Special Telo
gram.) Harrington baffled the locals and
held them to an easy shutout. ' Waldron
was wild, four of the five run being on
walks. Score;
R H E.
Seward 100102010641
Hastings 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ' 00 3 8
Batteries: Seward, Harrlngto 1 Wallyj
Hastings, Waldron and Donn I
RED CLOUD. Neb.. July (Special
Telegram.) In -a featureless ganietoday
Red Cloud defeated Columbus" by tho score
of 4 to 1. Master made the only two
bagger In the game. Score:
Columbus .....0 000000001 70
Red Cloud 04000000 4 30
Batteries: Columbus, Bovee and Agnew;
Red Cloud, Masters and Moss. Struck out:
By Bovee. 8; by Master3, 4. First base on
balls: Off Bovee, 1; off Master, 1. Time:
1:30. Umpire: Boswell. y
KEARNEY, Neb., July 19.-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Kearney took' the first game her
today with Fremont. O'Hern shut the
visitor out and held them to two hit.
Smith fanned eleven men, but walked the
first man up, who made the only score of
the game. Score:
Kearney 10000000 142
Fremont 000000000020
Batteries: Kearney, O'Henrn and Town
send; Fremont, Smttn and Bohner. Time!
1:85. Umpire: Fleming.
Veteran Second-Slacker Should Be Blgr
Help to the Roarke Family.
Tim Flood, the veteran second baseman
whom President Rourke has signed from
Nashville, is in good form and ha been
playing grand ball.
In the last ten games down south he took
fifty-five out of a total of fifty-six chance
at aecond base, having but one error and
he batted around .260. No second baseman
In th country has or can beat that record.
These figures are culled from the box
scores a they have appeared in the Sport
ing News.
If Flood can keep up that lick, Omaha
is all right at second, the hardest corner
of tho infield, and Flood say he knowg
of no reason why he cannot.
"I feel fine; never .better," Bay Timothy,
"and am at peace 'with the world. I cut
out my fighting some time ago and am
down to business."
- Flood is a high-priced man; ha always
been, and he cost Pa a good sum and will
draw a good salary.. Omaha would not
have got htm but for the rigorous applica
tion of the player-llmlt rule In the South
ern league, which allows no team to hold
more than fourteen, jnen. Manager Bern
hard, the old Cleveland pitcher, had more
than the limit an wWup against it.' He
wanted to keep Jrload, but between Pa's
tempting; offer n; certain other- circum
stance within the team, decided to, let
Tim go, which' happened to be much to
Tim' liking.
If any man thinks the Omaha player
are discouraged, , he should visit them at
the Smoke House. '
"I guess we are the first team that ever
lost ten in a row," chuckled Johnny Gond
lng, th Old Reliable. "Well, I once heard
of a team that lost, eleven straight. Don't
w-orry, we are not., W are not going to
finish as low down a we are now, either."
With all the tough luck that ha befallen
Omaha this year, It 1 no worse than ha
come to other Western league teams in
time. Lincoln last- year practically gave
up long before the season was over. It lost
o many games and here it is this year
fighting with the leaders. Des Moine was
aa bad off tn 1908 and yet the next year
It won the pennant.
Pa Rourke . has started on his scouting
tour and expect to bring back the bacon.
He Is In touch with all the big league
scruts, but they are having their troubles,
Tell of Fifty . Thonaaad Dollar'
Wortk ot Propert r la
( Chicago.
CHICAGO, July 19.-Champion Jack
Jbhnson will have to turn some 3700 over
to Cook county as a result of boasts fol
lowing a recent cortroversy with George
Little, his former manager.
Johnson, at that time asserted, in dis
puting Little, that he had 330,000 tn tho
bank, a valuable automobile and diamonds
worth 316.000. The stutement was printed
and a copy retained by the board of as
sessors. Now he will be assessed on thl amount
of personal property. HI profit of the
fight July 4 are not subject to the tax
under the Illinois law, having been ac
quired slnoe April . 1.
Metropolitan Champion Loses to It.
H. Palmer of New York.
BROOKL1NE, Mass., July 19 There wer
no important upsets today In th opening
of the twentieth annual lawn tennis tourna
ment in singles for the historic. Longwood
cup at the Longwood cricket club. The
first round was finished and the second
round begun.-
The Metropolitan, champion, F. C. Inman,
lost to R. 11. Palmer of Now York in th
second round, 2-6. 6-4, 6-3, 6-4.
Wallace F. Johnson of Philadelphia, the
Intercollegiate champion, defeated A.
Sweetser, the Harvard expert, 7-6, 6-3, 6-3.
Beals C. Wright, th former national
champion won tram tA C. Goodrldge, Boa
ton, 6-0, 6-1, 6-2. R. D. Little, an Inter
nationalist, 'defeated D. P. Rhodes, Bos
ton, 7-5, 7-6, 6-0, and Maurice E. McLaugh
lin, the young Callfornlan and member of
the last Davis cup team, won from J. O.
Ames, Providence, 6-4. 6-2, 6-3.
- Arapahoe Take Rabber.
ARAPAHOE Neb., July 18.-(SpeclaD
The Arapahoa. and Bertrand ball team
played the rubber game here today. Die
home team -Von by the acore of 6 to 4,
Score by innings.' K M
Bertrand 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-4 8
Arapahoe 1 0 0 4 0 0 1 0 06 4
Batteries: Bertrand. Webster and Mc
Horter; Arapahoe, Sallmann and Green,
Struck out: By Webster, 6; by Sallmann,
1. Baaes on balla: Off Webster, Sallmann,
1; Three-base hit: Beltse. Two-base hit
McWalter. L'nvplr: Mueller,
Chare k Serve Forty' Year.
PERI', Neb., July 19. (Speclal.)-Sunday
was "founder' day" at the Peru Methodist
Episcopal church. It being the last service
In the! old building, th dedication of the
new $16,000' church having been fixed for
next Sunday,. July 24. . Rev. Hiram Burch
of University Place, on of the. earliest
pastors of the church' at this place, was
present tn preach on the occasion. The oil
church was built, In J 370 and .among those
who were member at that time there, are
till living her Mrs. Anna Majors. Utj J.
F. Nral. Mr. and Mr. Charles P. Neal.
Mra. W. A. Joy. lr. and Mr. Jacob aMd.
Mrs. G. W. Olasgow and W. H. Hutehlnaon.
Thl service closed forty year ot service
for the old building
Puts Them 0?er for Winning Team
in Second Session.
Veteran Pitcher Come Oat Ahead in
Halt a Th oataad Game Lose
Three II and red Came la
WASHINGTON. July U.-Th veteran
pitcher, "Cy" Young, won hi COOth gam
of his long career today, when Cleveland
defeated Washington In the second gam
of a double header, 6 to 2. The contest
went lcven Innings, Young allowing but
on hit In eight. Ha weakened clightly in
th ninth, allowing two bit, and the fourth
cam In th eleventh. In addition to pitch
ing brilliantly. Young made Milan chase
almost to th center field fane for his
long hit in tho eighth, th catch killing
off a aura triple.
Young ha worked In somethlhg Ilk
800 games; hi victory today mad his MOth
nC h appeared capable of going through
th season In winning form.
In th first gam Gray allowed but four
Mattered hits, and Washington blanked
Cleveland, T to 0. Score, first game:
AB HO .A.M. ao u n a w.
M,ln. 8 4 10 Ooranar, If.... 410 0
LllvlL If... 6 1 (Sinv.ll ih a 1 a a a
Conrojr, 8b... 4 1 1 (Turner, aa.... 8 3 8
Mounaa, aa.. 4 8 10 La)ota, 8b.... 4810
Ocaalar, It.. ..8 116 lKastariy. o... 1410
Kllllfer. Ib... I 3 4 lB.mla. c 1 a 1 a
Monry, lb.... 8 0 II 1 aim rf l i n
fiwikandorf. a I 0 I 1 onirm h.m r. a a l I i
Grar, P 13 11 OParrlng. lb... 118 10
Harknaw, p.. 1 0 4 1 0
33 II If 18 lFalkanberg, p 1 0
Tnl.l. A A 1 1A
Washington 0 u 1 1 i ai?
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Two-base hits: Qrav. Iiivlf wit.. rtr
Harkness, 7 In five and two-third Innings,
Off Falkenberar. K In in unit ..ihini
Inning. Saorifice hit; Henry. Double
play: Beckendorf and Conroy; McBrld.
Klllifer and Henry. Left on bases: Wash
ington. 12: Cleveland a ' nu hii
Off Gray, I; off Harkness. 6; off Falken-
org, s. i "t py pitcher: McBrlde, Klllifer.
Struck out; By Gray, 6; by Harkness, 4;
by Falkenberg, l. rime: 1:66. Umpire:
Milan, ef 8 1 3 Nllea, rf 4 0
Lallrelt, If... h 1 8 tOnnn It 1 A 0 A
Conroy. 3b... I 1 1 1 HTun, ..a a a a i
Gaaalar, rf.,.. 4 0 8 1 OLajola, lb.... 1 3 3 4 0
aicDnao, as.. 4 V 4 I OBaatarly. c... 3 6 6 3 0
Kllllfar, 8b... 4 I 4 OStorall, lb... 4 3 U 0 0
Hanry, lb.... 3 0 10 3 OBIrm.ham, cf 8 0 3 0 0
I'nglauh, lb.. 4 1 pairing, 3b.. 6 0 1 8 0
traet. e 16 11 1 Young, p 4 0 0 1 1
Ralsllng, p.. 111
Beckmdorf, a 3 1 I 0 4 Totals 34 I 83 19 3
Oroom, p 10 0 14
FK-haafar ,,,,1 0 0 8 0
Elberteld ...1000
ToUls II 4 88 II 3
Score, second game:
Batted for Ralsllng in ninth.
Batted for Henry in tenth .
Washington 1000000010 03
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 36
Hlta: Off Relsllng, 6 in nine Inlngs. Sac
rifice hits: Turner, Birmingham, Reisllng.
Stolen base: Lajole. Sacrifice flies: East
erly, Stovall Double play: Klllifer, Henry
arid Street. Left on bases: Washington, 5;
Cleveland, t. Bases on balls: Off Relsllng,
3; off Groom, 3; off Young, 3. First base
?P,. Washington, 1; Cleveland, 2.
Hit by pitcher: Birmingham. Struck out:
By Relating, 8; by Young, 3. Time: 2:10.
Umpire: Perrlne.
New York Defeat St. Lools.
NEW YORK. July 19.-Kew York de
feated St. Loula today. 6 to L The visitors
did not get a hit off Ford until the ninth
Inning. Score:
8T. LOUIS. .. Kiw YORK. " ' '
lx .. AB.H.O.A.B. . AB.H.O.A.B.
UM. It...,'. 1 0 8 0 nnnlli if a a a a
tiaruau, id., a e j. i CWoltar, rf. ,
Hoffman, cf.. 8 1 8 0 OChasa, lb...
Newman, lb 4 4 7 lLaportar, 8b.
gchwaliMir, rl 8 6 1 0 COardnar, 8b.
TriMadala, lb. 4 8 1 id-, of
Criaa ........ 1 0 0 0 Roach, aa..
Stephana, c. 3 0 t 0 lBwaancy. a.
Mm. m 3 0 1 3 1 Mitchell, e
"ord, p
Totals 2 1 24 6
6 o & o
4 001
4 10 I 0
4 110 0
. I 1 10 0
.1 0 3 0 0
...87 10 27 7 3
Batted fbr.Truesdale In the 'ninth
St. Louis... 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
New York...;. 0 0002300 3
Struck out: Bv Ford. 11: hv Pnumii
First base on balls: Off Ford. 4: 'off
Powell. 1. UmDtre: Rvnna mil nin..n
Time: 1:48.
Philadelphia Shot Ont Chlragro.
PHILADELPHIA. Jlllv 19 Phtlurinlnhla
hut out Chicago today, 4 to 0. Score:
natter; ror Lange In the eighth.
. , . AB.H.O.A.E. AB.H.O.A B.
Zaidar. 2b.... 411 IHartaal, If... 31100
Hurtall. Ib... 4 110 lOldrlng, cf... 1110 0
Parent, cf.... 3 8 0 OF. Colltna, Ib 4 1 I 8 0
Dougherty, If 8 8 3 0 0 Baker. 8k.... 3 0 16
Tanneblll. a. 8 0 3 I 0I)l is i m i a
Gandll, lb.... 8 4 3 0 Murphy, rf.. 81000
J. Collins, rf I 1 I 1 0 Berry, aa 10 14 0
Sullivan, o... I 1 1 2 tThomaa, ,.. 3 0 I 3 0
Lante. P 8 6 3 0 1 Morg.n, p... 8 10 10
Olmaiaad, p.. 0 0 3 0
Payne ...... 1 0 0 0 0 Totala 26 i 87 II 0
Totala SO I II II 1 I
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Philadelphia 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 4
Two-base hit: J. Collin. Hits: Off
Lange, 6 In seven inning. First on
bans: Off Lange, 3; off Morgan, 1; off
Olmsttad. 1. Struck out: By Lange. 4;
by Morgan, 8. Time: 1:41. Umpires: Esran
and O'Loughlln.
Boaton Win Two.
BOSTON, July 19 Boston won two ex
citing game from Detroit today, the first
In fifteen Innings. Score:
aBtted for Latherr in twelfth.
Oneout when winning run was scored.
Detroit 1 000000000000 01
Boston 0 00001000000 12
Two-base hits: Cobb, ISnglo. Bases on
balls: Off Karger, 4; off Summer. 7;
Struck out: By Karger, 6; by Summer, 4.
Time: 8:10. Umpire: Connolly and Kern.
Opening; Session Held Tuesday After
noon la Baptist t'hnrch.
WAYNE, Neb., July 19. (Special.) The
fourth annual aesslon of the Wayne Chau
tauqua association was called to order at
2 o'clock thl afternoon In the new Baptist
church building, owing to the fact that the
big tent to have been provided did not ar
rive until this morning and could not be
put In order for the first event on the pro
gram. A large audience assembled and was
highly entertained by the J. Paul Welsse
gery musicians and Donna Bell Kid or.
Many visitor ar gathering here to attend
th Chautauqua, and tho weather Is es
pecially good for the commenment of the
fin program of events as was ever wit
nessed on like occasion. A telegram was
received today that United States Senator
Robert L. Taylor, of Tennessee will be here
on Wednesday, July 23.
PheliM County Valuation.
HOLDKEGE, Neb., July l.-(8peclal.)-The
total value of all taxable property In
Phelpa county I 323.374,036, according to tho
abstract of assessment Just completed by
County Assessor Miller. Thl represents an
Increase In valuation of 8366,140, which Is
decidedly good considering that no new
real estate estate valuation ha been made
and that thl represent th Increase In per
sonal property and Improvements on real
estate during what ha generally been
thought to be an "off" year. The assessor's
table show that there are In the county
163 automobile, most of which are owned
in this city and Immediate vicinity. Sev
enty-one machine have been added during
th past year, Indicating that the auto
fever I - spreading, especially among the
farmer of th county. A fact which argue
th complete extermination of th bicycle
In time", is tho revelation that where some
year ago in thl county there were thou
sands ot bicycle thr ar now only 49
ChUibeilaln'a Stomach and Liver Tablat
will brae up the nerves, banish sick bead
ach. prevent dapondnry and lnvlgorato
th whola system. Sold by all dealeta
Pa Rourke Will
Pay Reward for
Ball Players
Offers Cash for Information that
Will Lead to Contract with
Good Men.
Here's a chance for you: If you know
whr to get a ball player who tan de
liver th good, send hi addres to "Pa"
Rourke, and you will receive a cash re
ward. Tola offor Is made In all seriousness;
Rourk i willing to pay wH for any
information that will lead him to a con
tract with a real ball player. M has used
all other mean of getting In tin ,wlth
ome one to strengthen hi team and
break It awful streak of luck. Letter
and telegrams by the doxens have been
aent In all direction, but nothing that
offer encouragement ha been received
In return. Ball player who r able
bodied and fit to play ball can not b
found, It seems.
Louisville announced that It had re
leased two player to Omaha, and the dope
book said they wer both good. Inspec
tion proved that Sullivan wa o crippled
up as to b unable to play; he even de
clined on hi own motion to report, while
Morianlty, who did report, is not in con
dition to play. Th big clubs have plenty
ot cripple to sell, but Pa ha enough uf
these on hi own staff.
Tim Flood joined the team yesterday, and
will soon b in th game. Persona waa
released, having failed to deliver.
Pa Rourke is not discouraged, although
he has reason to feel disheartened. It Is
the first time In hi career a a manager
that he has faced such a fierce run of
adversity. HI effort have alway been
to give his patrons the very best of ball,
and his record nt Vinton Park more than
support this. Omaha ha always been up
and fighting for the prise before this sea
son. When he started thl year, it was
with bright prospect, but trouble has
camped on the trail of th Omaha team
from the very outset, and ha remained
there ever since. Not one In week ha
a single ray of good fortune shone on the
team. In Sunday' games, Lincoln came
mighty near making a record for double
plays, pulling off five, a feat of highest order
and all agalntt Omaha. Even under the
adversity of steady losing, the team 1 put
ting up a good game in the field, fighting
always to hold down the other fellow, but
failure to hit when hit are needed most
accounts for the loss of game after game.
If Welch or Kane could only get his eye
on th ball again, a different story would
be told. ; (H ' 1
Pa 1 figuring' on doing about ten days
scouting on his own hook in the hope of
picking up a pluyer or two. He will start
oma day this week for a swing around
some of tho ball towns, and hopes that he
may be able to land somebody who will
be serviceable. In the meantime his offer
to pay for info.matlon that will lead to a
ball player holds good. '
Four Killed, Five
Injured in Wreck
. at Belmont, lJeb.
'' ' aeaaBasat
Burlinpton Train No. 38 Collide with
Extra Freight Second Station
East of Crawford,' Neb.
BELMONT, Neb., July .-(Speclal Tele
gram.) At 10:30 last night Burlington train
No. 38 collided with an extra freight be
tween Belmont and Crawford, Neb. Fire
man Keenan and three tramps, who were
beating tholr way, wer killed.. Engineer
McWade was scalded badly on the legs,
and Baggageman- Baughman had both
leg broken andi.head and face cut badly.
Three Italian laborers were bruised, but
not badly hurt.
Take Action Against Measure Favored
i . by Bryan, . .
WEST POINT, Neb., July 18.-Speclal.)-The
Democrats of Cuming county met In
convention on Thursday evening and elected
the following delegate to th state con
vention: F. D. Hunker, William A. Smith, George
F. Kenower, Con McCarthy, Henry Witte,
Henry Stalp, R. H. Stafford. W. H. Gal
bralth, J. F. Kaup, Henry Klnzel and G.
W. Norby. r '."'
The County Central committle waa
elected by the convention as follows:
West Point. First. W. H. Harstick; West
Point, Second, E. M. Von Seggern; West
Point, Third, C. H. Carsten; Bancroft, J. R.
Kelly; Sleveland, M. M. Tyrrell; Grant, J.
H. Schaffersman; Blaine, J. F. Bussell;
Wlsner township. J. G, Fischer; Wlsner,
First, Ernest Melcher;. Wlsner, . Second,
George F. Kenower; Beemer, W. H. Gal
bralth; Logan, Frank Kafka; Nellgh, Wil
liam Zuhlke; Garfield, Charles Olson; Sher
man, Conrad Gerken; Eikhorn, Albert
Schlueter; Bin mark, G- H. Schutt; Lin
coln, Henry Blerkschnelder; St. Charles,
William Ollgmueller; Cuming, Henry El
llnghausen. Th officer of th County Centray com
mittee were elected by tho tneetlng a fol
low: -
William A. Smith, chalrMSn; J. C. Pinker,
vice chairman: J. A. Stahl, secretary; J. F.
Kaup, t reus u ret. .
The convention endorsed the administra
tion of Governor Shallenberger and also
the work of Congressman 'Latta. favored
the initiative and referendum, and emphat
ically Instructed the delegate to vote a a
unit against the' Insertion of the county
option plant In the state democratic plat
form. . t
Slashed with a Raaor,
wounded with a gun, or pierced by a rusty
nail; Bucklcn's Arnica Salve heals the
wound. Guaranteed. 25c' Sold by Beaton
Drug Co.
rami y Trade Supplied by
i has, Store. Flicnes, Webster
t!60,' Indeptidenl B 12(1.
Over Three Hundred- Gaeits Wl
corned in Ilyttio Realm.
Speaker Praise inception Tendered
by Uiimha Moat Knlhaalaatle
Greeting in History of Clubs
4, pplmim- tie ICrbo.
Speaking ot glad hnnds, Uie one Omaha
extended to Uie Associated Ad clubs ot
America luat night out at the . Ak-Sar-Ben
den was the only real reception ever given
a body of men In the middlo west. It was
Omaha' supreme effort, and It proved
beyond a doubt that Omaha stands second
to none a convention city,.
More thnn 300 guests, as one speaker put
it. "th director of the naUon' commercial
life," gathered from every Important city
in the country, together entered th mystic
realm of King Ak-Sar-Ucn XVI. i and, after
they had met nil the retirements mad
upon on desiring admission, to the Land
of Halley, and had Lcen shown what the
Gate City of the West can furnish In th
way of entertainment, Omaha bad made a
greater advance in tho nation's affair than
It could have done in any other way.
From th time the (Vn special cars left
the Rome hotel until they stopped before
the portals of the king's palace, there wa
one continual cheer; cheers for every town
and city having delegates at the conven
tion, and nearly 'every one followed by a
cheer for Omaha. In the leading car was
the Boosters' band together with about
fifty of the most powerful lunged adver
tisers, and the Journey out to the big shed
was auspiciously headed. "
Two epochs, it mij' eunlly be said, wer
marked by last night s ceremony. The As- '
soclatlon of At clubs, from admissions
made from the speakers'' platform, cele
brated the mos- rousing reception In It
history. Ak-Sar-Ben, with an announce
ment that th total paid membership I now
1,252, firmly established Itself a essential
to Omaha' prosperitj ;, .
Joke Added to Line.
Halley's cast did Itself proud. Especially
for the occasion the stuge hands had gone
over all th available old newspaper files,
with tho result that a number of perfectly
good Joke were! added to, the line and
"Halloy' Pug-Nosed j Comet" thereby i
greatly improved.
John F. Reardon, with his little group of
convention hunters from out Denver way, '.
successfully braved the wtath-of Hi Au
gust NlbS merely to carry back to the hill
the red, green and yellow buttons handed
out at the door. Other delegations wont
through together, bearing out the old
' birds of u feather" g'ag und looking fess
conspicuous with others of lllto appearance.
ll.e den wa packed. Every, seat wai
taken before half the visitors had left th
bull pen, but by carrying in every available ,
bench, chair and stool on the place and by
the use of tho stage and the speedway as
reserved seats everyone managed to find a
place., The total number is variously esti
mated between 1,000 and' l.'iOO and no at
tempt was made to keep an accurate count.
Speaking, the greater part of it, at least,
consisted of well told stories. Whether
those on the program Just happened to ba
good story tellers or whether they all had
carefully rehearsed far Che occasion make
little difference, ft Is sufficient to 'say' not a peaker faced the audience who
failed to keep hi hearer 'In a roar of'
Personnel of Speaker.
By name the speakers are known as fol
low: Colonel William. Kennedy, master of
ceremonies; S. C. Dobbs, president of the .
Associated Advertising clubs of America;
Lafe Young of Des Moines, Louis Wylle of
the New York Times; Uovernor A. O.
Kberhart of Minnesota, Mayor Pet Clay
ton of St. Joseph; Smith B. Quea of Cin
cinnati!, first president of the Associated
Advertising clubs of America; Edward F,
Trefs of Chicago, an old Omaha resident.
In brief the speaker made the following ''
points: " '..,
Colonel Kennedy: "I feel highly honored!
to bo able to face the greateset gathering
of brilliance ever held under this roof. It
seem to me that this meeting mark the.
complete realization-' of the object for
which Ak-Sur-Ben was created."
Mr. Dobba: "I am gla to be able to
bring you greeting from th Southland. X,
am pleased, also, to be able to stand be
fore the greatest gathering ot business
men ever held under one
root.-.... V
to Eacapa. )
I, ' Just once to be v'
Lafe Young: Ulad
iur. roung: i am giaajust once to be v 1 '
able to escape from the turmoil ot politics '
at Des Moines to a place politics are un ' "
known. On behalf of Des Moines I cone
gratulate you on the progress of Omaha."
Mr, Wylle: ' "I have greatly enjoyed the
entertainment you so courteously provided
for us here tonight. I am sure .every vis
itor will go back to his home with many
valuable suggestions ' on how ' to, run a "1
Governor Eberhart: "I am proud that I
can come to Omaha and receive a welcome
like this, Omaha ha the reputaUon for '
extending a sincere vlasp of friendship to
whomsoever may enter its gates."
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New back draft principle. Fire enclosed.
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