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    T11E OMAHA SIJXPAY' BKK: JULY 17,' 1910.'
Men "Who Mix Live Ideas With , Printer's Ink Congregate, in Qmaha
I " '-- - ' - 1 1 : i "n -- --SMPwipiw jp nnwwiMMiimM win i wgr1
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t if -fi, JL ..... I, - ' "1 : O I
O uuhel-encied lilit befogs the
tlowlnj tint of Omaha's horlion,
for the ad men are here. '-"Ad
men" 'in the climax of tersenees
b' way of announcing theue d(-tlng-Ulahed
visitors, but' It must
hereto considered that terenea Is a
ha given up a part of Mb vacation time In
order that he may be here to deliver ait
address. Mr. Brisbane l-not a- peddler of
they found the advanUre of agency reprt
aentatlon. But even then not for many
Vears was there such thing; as an "ad club."
Now every city In the country that aspires
telling thing, ana the Business or nm ma.
man Is to b tolling, telling, telling always
telling this or that glad story-in most ef
fective' form. Persons of serious noieu and
dignified trend might prefer to say that
"The Associated Advertising Clubs of.
America." are assembled In Omaha for na
tional convention.
But, Just think for a moment .how much
gliatoulng Ink Is wasted in expressing that
long name "The . Associated Advertising
Clubs of America." Whereat. the. more
forcible short cut, "ad. men," is takeu Into
general acceptance. . -
Printers' ink is the stock In trade of the
men who have congregated In Omaha. Some
of them buy I' but they all deal in It one'
way or -another, whiuh'brluga to mind the
fact that printers' Ink of luelf, is a dull,
lifeless mass, little more-potent than o
much axla grease, except when mixed with
Idea. ' Bui, hen the ideas are added,
printers' .Ink at once takes on mercurial
abiQulty, vested with unrivaled convincing
power, reaching more people the world over,
than Is possible by any other means of
communication. '
This Convention, which begins tomorrow,
continuing three day, has brought to
Omaha, the world's most prominent repre
sentatives , of publicity In the world. The.
program also In :ludcs celebrities in other
walks of life.' for Instance, Governor Eber
hart of Minnesota. Dr. 11. W. Wiley of pure
food fame. ex-Vice President Fairbanks
Governor Shallenberger, ex-Governor Folk
and William Jennings Byran. Of course
Mayor "Jim" of Omiha Is down
. for a tpeech of welcome. Arthur Brisbane,
Convention Committee of the
' Omaha Ad Club.
and this boat will weigh anchor from the lethargy Into action, they show the mer- lug -that Us renditions are the equal ol "ad club," and following tne lenaency in-
loot of Douglas street, carrying the vial- chant how to ' sell two' pairs of overalls' any. professional quartet. This bunch of ' the times toward consolidation nd cen-
. tors for a moonlight cruise along the Mis- where , only one was sold before.' thev singers . has never failed to make a hit, tralizatlon -of everything, these varioua
ourl. The man from seashore towna may avert panics, they are the motors that tuni- and Omaha will be no exception to the rule, local clubs have formed an association
look askance at the diminutive scope of the great machine of commerce In this say those bet Informed. whereby they are united In one 'grand or
country. Obviously, then, these gladiators Out of the magnitude of this convention -ganlxation of nation-wide scope. It is mis
are entitled to some entertalnmeut. And is pinnacled the fact that the advertising ' ' : - : -' '
they'll hae It.' -. business of the world Is growing year after
One of the unique features of the con- ,year at a phenomenal rate. There always
ventli"! will be the vocal work of the has been a subtle potency In printers' ink,
Omaha's watet front, but let the scoffer
withhold judgment until he has returned
from this trip then he will admit that he
has been somewhere.
Of course there will ' be more or less
sandwiched in between business, there will A. E.' Chamberlain, manager for O'Mara It stuff." But In former years the use of ad-
be a wealth of entertainment features, for Ormsbee. second 'tenor; W. G. Watrous,
advertising men the world over are noted manager fJr Sherman & Bryant, first bass,
for the upward curve of the upper lip and L. D. 'Wallace,' manager for Egg-O-See,
i.u pesnlmixm among them. Their sonsr second bass. Th,ls quartet Is widely cele-
vertislng space was not so general, and
there was lack-of systematic effort. Fac
tories' and mercantile houxes placed their
advertising direct in the olden times. Later
' . ..... ....
Three Days' Work for the Ad Men
Proa left to rigit, ' tower row
nia't M-mlsr, eUrtainmsnt! ' T.
Karweod, chairman general com
mittee; Walter atantUlberg,' treasurer;
Qauneat Chase, women's entertain
meat ; O. S. "McCuna, general Coinmit
teal Beary K. Oerlng, vice president
CiAaaa Ad club; rrank Xeongn, entar
laiameat of aveakora.
rroai left m right, tipper row T.
r. ouea, pro. s; alpu oaat.srlaud,
president Omahi Ad dab; A. O. Beott,
plao meeting; Harry KaUy, gen
eral cem-nittee; C. O. XwnaMi, ft
naaee; Will A. Oampbell, adTerUalng;
K. I. Iwobe, gsaerat eoawUttee; Col
onel WtUtaan Kennedy, moalo. . . .
- Member mot la the photograph
Tictcc Wait, rocaptloa; George Oil
llap. Invitations; Ooorge rray, badgta;
V Blnaaxan, printing and ana-raving;
atoms - Miliar, tiMswUltu mickard
Bkankey, regUtratloa; J. XX. Weaver,
Tnamas Coiemaa and Mai Val, Jr. -
space, neither is he a buyer, but his papei despite the fact that Peoria is In Illinois, Is ever the song of the optimist. They turn brated, and critics stand a nn!t In declar- to be catalogued metropolitan, has Its
has apace to sell, and he haa been reared in
Close proximity to the odor of 'printers Ink.
Possible a chemical analysis of printers'
ink would fall to disclose an odor of any
kind, yet tradition has it that any man
once taken by the ''smell of printers' Ink,"
Is held so fascinated that he is never con
tented elsewhere. So eminent an authorlty
as former Governor Hoch of Kansas Is on
record with the assertion that there really
hi a smell secreted somewhere within the "Sh0p talk" during the three days of this Chicago Club quartette. The personel of because ever since the beginning of the
murk mess of printers Ink, and tnai u is conventIon.' That naturally follows; other- this quartet is George W. Mason.' Chicago Guuenburg1 art there has been some man,
a fascinating smell that time and distance m.Ue tncre wouid be no convention; But, manager for The Omaha Bee, flrst'tenor; somewhere, to stir Ideas Into the mushy
will not eliminate. . . ...
But to wander back to Arthur Brisbane.
He li t big man Mn the editorial end of
newspaper work a thinker and writer f
international fame.. Jurt.wnat particular
angle of publicity Mr. Brisbane will discuss
In . his address haa not been mado public,
but his' name on the 'program is sufficient
to attract ' much Interest.
Er. 11. W. Wiley, whose 'name tit know
from' coast to coast in connection with
"what Is W hisky" ' and other questions
relating to food and drink,' Is going to talk
about the pure" food law,' Its'' uses and
abuses, and such an addrtss will be of In
terest not only to the advertising craft,
but 'to the public In general.
. Of magaxlne publishers there v.lll be
ample representation, and some of the
most energetic and widely known of dally
newspaper . makers will also take part In
the program.
, Omaha's' fame as a convention city ' lias
already gono abroad, and It la predicted
that the volume and character of entertain
ment given to the ad men will still add
greater luster to that Tame. In providing
entertainment, the Omaha Ad club has
from the very ' start 'been active. The pre
liminaries btgun one' year ago. and
that time tho tireless boosters hav "kept
everlastingly at It,", as the agency man
advises. The Bee anil other Omaha news
papers have lined up with a aolld front cn
this proposition, and noching that wilj tend
to make lasting and favorable Impression
of Omaha a a convention town will be
omitted. ,
The Ak-Sar-Ren den will bo Invaded, la
faci.. Ak-Sai -lien will play a. prominent
part la Impressing the vuKoi. and alt or
.the Ak-Sar-Bcn Impressions thus far glvcu
have been of the lasting variety. The
visitors will be duly initiated into tl.e mys
tic realm of the king, and tUen by w ay of
panacea for inn, trials incident to initia
tion! lliero will be a lutci luiwh. After
the Dutch time is Hived by leaving off
the x "lunch," and letting It go plain
"Dutch," there la to be a slun; entitled,
'"Tracing the Trail of John Jacob Astor."
This la a hard journey. It is said, but those
who survive it are always ready to see
others embark, which. In this land of
'brotherly love, seems to Indicate that after
all. there must be something good about It.
Tho, Omaha lice, with C. C, Roaewater
presiding, , will give a luncheon at the
Rome . IuilpI. and other .local newspapers
arc also -to give team. .'"The City of Pe
oria" is not u biggest boat lo the world,
but U la named or a ity that rekindles
memories of "Mj- Ol Kentucky Home,"
crystallxed organization that le to meet la
Omaha tomorrow for a three daya aesalon.
The brains of the comtnnrcial world, as well
as a literary representation of no mean
caliber. Is here. Every ' train last night
brought recruits' for the advance guard.
And tomorrow morning Omaha will be-the
center of America's Ink pot."
Quaint Features of ' Everyday. Life
Registration any time after 6 o'clock
a. m. at secretary's office, Hotel
Convention hall. Hotel Rome.
Call to Order S. C. Dobbs, pregident
Associated Advertising Clubs of
Invocation Very Rev, George A.
Beecher, chaplain Omnha Ad club.
Welcome Ralph E. SiMiderland, presi
dent of the Omaha Ad club, In
Address Governor A. . C. Shallonber
ger of Nebraska.
Address Mayor James C. DHhlnian
of Omaha.
Address Gilbert M. Hitchcock of the
Omaha. Ad club.
Response For tho South: A. 1 Lips
comb, Louisville. Ky.
Response For the East: Joe Mitchell
Chappell, Boston. Mass.
Response For the North.: A, H.' Van-
, Ucrherg," Grand Rapids, Mich.
Response Fr the West: I't-t Clayton, .
St. Joseph. Mo.
Adjournment -.11:45 o'clock n. m.
, ' 1! O'CLOCil NOON.
Luncheon Given by Tho Umuh'u
. Dally Bee and The Twentieth Cen
tury Farmer at Hotel Rome.
Convention hall. Hotel Rome
Address Aruthur 1: list bar. J, editorial
director Hearst newspaper.
Address "Outdoor Advertising." A. K.
Frost. 1 sal department Associated
Billposters and Distributer of
Dlacuaalon Led by D. U. Ross, New
York City; E. L. Ruddy. Toronto;
J. F. O'Mealla. Jersey llly. .
Address "Sucrwes and Failures In
Advertlslnc," L. H. Jicurlock, Kan
sas City.
Address Lafayette Young." sr., pub
lisher The Dea Moines Capital.
Adjournment 6:19 o'clock p. m.
Ak-tr-ttt4 Initiation Special cars
frcm Hotel Rome for "The Den,"
where visitors will be Initiated Into
the Knights of -Ak-Sar-Ben, witness
the -Incomparable tragtdy, -"Ilalley'j
Comot," end be served - a. "Dutch"
by the Omaha Ad club..
March fitm Hotel Rome to Bran
, dels (heater.
Opening Routine business. .
Appointment of committees.
Address "How a City Should Adver
liso and What an Auvcitlslng Club
Can Do to 'Aid It," Ierbert 8. Hous
ton. 'vice president Doubieday, PaRe.
&.Co. '
A d d r c a "A'dverlicing A bread."
Charles ' Warren. Fairbanks, forme:'
vice president of the United States'.
Addreck "Tradtf Mar1:i," Julia Lee
Mahlu, president Mal.ln Advertising
com par.;. - . -
Addns- J, 17. HIglnbothar.t, National'
- BiHcull:ccinpany. . 11 Kit o'rWk a. in.
12 O'CLOciv NOON.
Lir.thfor, Auloniobllr iriu the.
fori;' n.livi' of 'Omaha bou!eVan!,'ai -
. riving at the Field c'uo for a luncl--eo.r
xlvcii" Py the O.naha World
lie:ald. .
tfKCoND .-'i-.'.-KION, l:8i p. .,f.
1'acilioii tf the Field clui.
Adiier-A. E.' MfUet, Street Railaay
Advertlslng company. New York.
Audress ' Tne Country Ni-wsuuper as
as Advertising iUUIuni," W. N.
Huse, publisher of the Norfolk Daily
Ne,-Norfolk. Ne. (
Addrees-"BoefUs of Organlxatiuti."
W. K.. Emory, weetern manager, of
Everylody' Magaaine.
Addrexa "Post-Qraduuto Ad,vertiBlng."
L. IZ. Pratt, the Ameiicaii Art
Works, Coshocton. O.
Address R.' J. Gunning, f.rnivr pretl-
der.t the Cutinlug Syrtem, Chlcag t.
111. ' ' ' '
Adjournment 5:30 p. m. Special cars
to Hotel Rome.
. Hummer Garden, Hotel Rome.
Dinner Given by the Omaha Daily
News, Mel L'hl, president of the
. Daily News company, presiding.
Address li. D. Wilson, Cosmopolitan
Address "Tho Advertiblng Power of
the Newsijaper," Louis Wiley, gen
eral manager New York Times.
AdJ:esn "Ftate Advertising." A. O.
Eberhart, Governor of Minnesota.
10; O'CLOCK P. SI.
Moonlight Excursion Leave Hotel
Rome in rpeclal cars for the docks,
wheie a mxmlight ride on the Mis
sour) river, with sacied concert by
the Kazoo band of Chicago will oc
cupy the later hours of the evening.
' Convention Hull, Hotol Rome.
Openinc Routine business.
Addivsr C. M. Wtsselr, representing
the giaueiy and allied trade press cf
Addrca. "Auve.-tii'i.g." l'. Free
man, New Yoik Evening Mail.
Aldresn "The Future of Agricultural
Aive; .WU g." F. B. White of N. W.
A v H.n.
Aflj.-rs-- "I''i.rii Tiade and How to
Get 1 " Marca Morrow, advertising
dir. dor of the CappeT publications.
Address "Tl.e R:ponictve Chord In
Advertising." Julius Srlmeider. The
Fair. Chicago.
Adjournment 1.1 o'clock noon.
Cciiventhin Hall, Hotel Rome.
Address Pi eteiitallon of loving cup to
club Mionlng greatent progress and
. record of uccomplihhiiient. by John
Irving Ruiur, editor of Printer Ink,
. I'nfinished bualnes. Election of cf
fi.;fi. rlciion of meeting place tor
HiY Adjouiniiicnl.
Fowl's Bite KHIe Womaa. "
Uii Chestnut street,' Philadel
phia, died at the Bryn' Mawr
hospital, according to the phy
sicians; from' rabies. The woman
had been bitten ' at her home
several days ago by a large rooster, and
this Is the first time in medical annals that
rabies is known to have developed from the
bite of a fowl.
' Mrs. Crornpton. who was M years old. was
found last Sunday by the Aidmore police,
wandering about in an apparently dazed
condition. 8he was taken to the hospital
where the physicians were at first puxzled
to diagnose her case, but she later de
veloped ull the symptoms of ruble. "
Before she lapsed Into unconsciousness
she told the doctors that' her 5-year-old
daughter, Marlon, bad been set upon while
feeding the chickens at the same time she
was, and a close watch la being kept over
her condition.
Object to "Stork" Trains. '
Running of "utork" trains from New York
to New orieans will be checked If author
it. cm of the latter city heed the demand
ntado at a conference of parish and mu
nicipal health officers from every com
munity In Louisiana, backed by the rotate
Board of Health. Resolutions were adopted
condemning the importation of babies con
cerning whose parentage nothing is known.
Dr. Clarence Pierson, superintendent of the
date Insane asylum at Jackson, La., said:
"The doposit of bablea coming possibly
fioni tainted progenitors into our midst Is
' simply planting (he seed of greater de
generationmore defectives. Idiots, Imbe
ciles and alcoholics and will add greatly to
demoralization and heartaches' In homes
whee babies are located."
' AloohollHni, Dr. Plersou pointed out, ex
tended thiotigh the fifth and sometimes the
sixth generation, as proved by statistics at
his asylum.
.tax' Experiment that Failed. .
Will an Indian work? Certainly he will,
A 8:oux Indian, who has wandered so far
from honm as Trenton, N. J., got a Job to
unlod 104 tons of soft coal and set his wife,
who hatM:i to be while or wus before
sue tackled the coal to shoveling It. This
arrantce'iieut continued for a little while,
but pre.H'iitly the wife proved that she was
an emancipated Roman of tne taentletli
century by hitting her husband over the
. head with a shovel, aud one more effort of
the red roan to adapt hiniielf to etvtllzatioa
find rite by Industry has collapsed.
Stasia of a t'rasr Mae.
Perched on the top of a trolley pole soma
twenty feet from the ground, a man who
the police eid was .Insane and described
as John Marks,, 41 years old, living some
where In .the borough of Queens, amafced a
crowd of spectators for a long time at Har
rison avenue and. Walton street. Williams
ourg. N. Y., by . his, acrobatic stunts la
midair. - . -
His first antic was to seise the round too
of the pole and gradually'raise his leg Into
the air. The performance! was worthy of
an expert acrobat. His efforts to regain a
normal poMtiuu scared the crowd Into be
lieving he would fall, but. he was success
ful, and then he Jammed his toes over the
hooks on each side of the pole and sus
pended himself head downward for several
minute. . . .
Patrolman thn reached the scene
and tried to coax . Marks to descend, but,
instead, he started hand over hand along
one of the wires, and while dangling there
Debes gave a wild yell which startled him
aud he dropped.
Debes was expecting this, and caught tho
man In such a manner as 10 break hi fall
and save from Injury.-
Pet Dear plan (a Bear.
Three little chlldieu of 6, B. Wait, who
Uvea on the mountain near Tyrone, Pa., tho
eldest of whom la but. years old, were
saved from being clawed to death by an
infuriated female bear by a faithful pet
dog, who was torn to ribbons In their de
fense. .
The small pet fought the big bear until
the children, had made their escape. The
body of the dog wan tarried homo and
buried, the parents of the childten and
their playmates acting as chief mourner.
Over the grave a marker nil placed with
the Inscription: "He was only a dog, but
he diel for hi little friends."
I olqae Idea of Bravery.
To bis teacher request that he give tho
class Ideas on the subject of "Bravery.
Vltle Johnny delivered himself of the fal
lowing: "riome boy is brave because they alwar
plays with little boys, and soma boya lo
brave because their legs la too abort too
run ', but most, boy 1 bravo because
somebody' lookln'."