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17. 1910.
The 13ee makes a specialty
of Farm and Ranch ad
vertising, and valuable
lands everywhere.
The Bee has established'
its position as the leading
Real Estate Paper of
.1 .11 I ' "V
at FTQnr a hp i?
rfS - , T -
A full suuxre section, WO acre, new
lod house. It30: viable, frame granarv,
u .ii ., . .. in i tnila
to soluml and church. Good neighbors.
iiin... -..,. ,.e .m. Mn.t ha ioi,l
quick.- Don't take titnn to writ
would hnvts ti sen it anyway beror you
would buy.
I buy. The llrc I Just In snapo to
rilcht n to. This in a line dairy.
and farm unction. No waste land
stuck and farm section. No waste
on It.- Ilnnu to Hilrwell on 13. A M. H. K.
nd out to Almerln on mall hack. l win
meet you. Price only Jl xi K).
W. M. HOVER. '
Almeria. loup Co., Neb.
Fine Farm Cheap
200 metre on paved road. Only four mile
from nnmofflc. Two tetr. of im movement.
Price 2u0 per or. See
1320 Farnam Street.
Doux. 1004; Ind., A-1064.'
$17.00 PER ACRE.
S40 iirtrav alx nillaa from North Piatt
a city of t.oou population; division point IT.
1m ir'1'or;9 5oodf5hViin
frond, hard soil; only tl" per &ore; one-
half cash, balance 6 per cent. Thlt tana
is only two mile from the state expert'
-,,. :nh
mental farm, wnere you can s
land will uruduce: i Oaorrs
kr.n. tin
bulldlnxs, no. drouth, ho crop failure
North Platte, even In this off year.
Your expenses paid if you buy.
Write, wire, 'phone or call.
,318 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
FOR SA LB Improved stock farm, WO U
gores; Cijster county : close to ataUon; til
;, uv uwi. box a, utuii', -.,
TEN THOUSAND acres of corn, winter
I i
in 'rB
wUBter and
and small farms In Sherman. Cue
Buffalo eountles. Writ. for prices,
Campbell, Litchfield, Neb.
J. T,
FOR bale:.
aiv . . h..i -.1.. a lK b. ! .
v ai:rei in pirrn iirura.HHi rui uon,
..,(.. ..all ... 1. nii If mni
quiok eastern owner wlli take '$13.30 an
LAND FOR 8ALE-7S0 acres Frontier
Co. land at t per acre, If taken at once.
wan improved, ror information writ i.
W. Arnold. Champion, Nb.
Mortai Dakota
In North Dakota at from U to $30 per acre,
And near new town on Mil vaukee extension
from MoLaua-hlln to New England. Also
lands in Montana and Minnesota, tiold on I
easy terms ana just th tning ior in
iarmr or nvtor. no trade. Missouri irai-
wy Lna -., uwsunson, . aa
a x-Txrw vtoottt nirrnri KiMru la!
arraa ail ii4 an mn ha tone hav.
300 bu. oats, good house, barn, granary,
tnree ertrincfl. eta aeree. sui xenoea. loininai
"leased." beat stock ranch In country: orto
et.uuu. . -i nis la a tin proposition. a.iso oiner
good bargalaa. Sampson Lgnd Co... tin em,
m. u.
Ore are a.
ft nnft" apa in ui..,i..,.'a Krtmnt i-lnvir
bait., pric. 3.W per acri blggt bargalu
In staU.
lit Guaranty Bldg.. Mloneapoll. Mina.
8.000 acres In town nn new railroad. In
on of the richest farming counties In Cen
tral Texas, for $14 per acre $5,000 cash,
$fi,000 In 90 days. $&,00o January 1, WU, easy
terms on balanoa of th Duronas Price i
will civ release for every sale subdivision
from town lot to farm and accept pro rata
amount yet due for dure has money; ex
. pasts aatlraat a profit ot $76,000 In tan
months. K. J. Ellington, Msxlta, lx.
i.W acr. tin l.vel bog wallow -plain,
f aar-m a TA riaaal f tham thi-lult'iir ittf
or. Aniart
lllo, Texas, w hir.h Is destined to be the
cUy of Ui northwest; soli as rich a could
be deulred and water In abundanc. Price,
$J6 per acre; will exchanae for good mar-
cnanais or business property. jo
Mlckl Land Co., Memphis. Texaa
TWO tracts of land of 840 acres
each, locaud alnut ten miles southwest of
Houston in th bast fartulnk community in
Harris county; Westheimsr sholl road and
railroad station within half in lie; price $6v
per aore: auJulnlnc land belna sold at rrom
f,i to $100 per acre; com plat description
ana map on request, a. u. etwanson at t-o..
Mason Uldg.. Houston. Teg. . .
LEES, .TEXAS. New town In Ulstkoocli
county, centvr 26,000 acres ilnest farming
land, now being colonised. Mo Irrigation.
Bst Of - soil. Ideal climate. AlUtude, i.M
feet. . Aur water. Aiest class people from
old states settling and developing. Ouenlna.
ineroantii firm. Townsite and land salt
men wuuted. Leo-Norris Co., Lees, Tax.
1 11 " ' "U -'
TEXAS Gl'LF COAST They ui coming
iu tralnlouds to buy our i and 10-acr farms
In the proven orange belt of Texas, also
truck farms aud town lots on the coast.
Why don't you coma? Write for books to
day. Scandinavian Dept., IU8 tiibbs Bldg.,
San Antonio, Tex.
- . Wlcaaisi.
FOR fcALB cheap Ul-aor farm, with
buildings; $0 aoies cleared; no rocks, no
stumps, no wast land; bordering on nlc
lake, with all kind ot fish fur half mil:
a vary nlc summer home as well as a
farm; must sell on account of poor health.
Price, $t,$u9. Address Herman Kleuim.
Mlnong, Wis.
80-ACRE improved farm for $1.8(0. This
farm has !c0 aore cleared ire of stumps
ard undnr cultivation; land Is level; good
clay louin soil, rUy subaull; no stone! ha
go Acres of heavy hardwood and birch,
no un-icrbrusli in the timber; balance of
laud easy to clear. This farm border on
iv beotititui lalt with good fishing. It has
a fiame home with 1 rooms all com
plete icaily to tnuve liito; and a new stable.
Wxitf. Farni is located six nillea. from
Cumberland and thrse milts from Bar
ivnu; In a well svttled ;arinln country;
Germans tnd Americans; on main traveled
road, near schools, churches and creamery.
Thai is limber uuuxll on this farm thai
when sold will puy th Interest and taxes
fur five years. Terms $AM cash, balance
un tinis to suit purchaser. We also own
another 80 of unimproved land that joins (arm In cae you want more land.
Send for our special hat of other farm aud
limber land we own. also our book on
northwestern Wisconsin. We ar located
in Uurrun county, 78 mile northeast of St.
l'aul. Address Wisconsin Colonisation Co.,
Cumberland, Wis
Listen to what a prominent
dealer in Dakota says of Bee
wants ads:
Tbo ad I ran with you brg-ugbt m 17 applicant and
jav uiu giKid ivuti c. A. JOHNSON,".
glrfak. I. It.
TRAPKf Or' d rou. wnt to buy one
1ke your want known through TUB Dt4
MOINES L'Al'ITAI. th wnt meoium or
low, ntlti: I cent wora ior mmou iur
Hon 8 eenti . line i cent " .
"iitioi. l.on. Iii(ct of any lows dally.
iv ui inni. Aiiuress lie lapiiai.
. ' amines. inl
Nd. 1 SoO acre fine. Improved farm,
llnrnM countv. North Dakota, fix miles
from town, about IS 000 worth uf IliiDrovo
tni-nt ftnO icrn In cron and mu!t be sold
by August 1. Price $W,on with one-half of
(Ton, osah t1,0i and $l,J leceniier .
balance 12.000 yearly, ten ear. Tint " a
nap for someone.
No. S 840 acre. Ida acies unrtnr cumva
tlon. balance pasture and timber; rood
buildings, nine room houee, tone cellar.
W two booo weua,
(nil Klvn mile from JVrham. Minn., one'
half mile to achool And one and one-halt
mile to church. A iinap at fSl.Mt per acre.
No. 2 2M anrra. four mllea from Perham.
Minn.; Rood, black soil, clay aub coll. 6.0
worth of lmnrovemeiitg. 300 acres in crop.
balance pasture and Rood timber. Price
U per Acre.
No. 4. 0 arrea, one mile north of Daw-
eon, N. D., fine Improvements. 400 acres
In cron. black loam soil. . elav aub soil.
Must be sold, one-fourth of crop If sold
at once. Price ISO per acre.
No- - d one-half
"thea c--o. N: AN ',!?.m
house, larke barn, sheep shed, granary
well and w ndm 111. Mo netur farm in cen
tral North Dakota. Mortgage gew. istvu
tor equity
NO. 9. 1.6M) gores two milos rrom i.n
Moure La Moure coiintv. North DalfiV"-.
1,300 aeres In crop this yearv X,m worth
of buildings. Can be. made Into three ele
gant farms, file gov per acre.
No. T. ISO-acre farm just outside of the
nju . llmU. i rAt.,mk,i Wis . tnWII Of
n,a i.,k.h!tni n,ni nn the Chicaan.
Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad; fin little
city with automobile fuctory, canning iao-
, nir ,om.rv -1 n Thla la a. fine eraln
ana siock iarm, nas ouu n'jw"" wi-n, mi
lorohard. running water In pasture, and
bout lfO acres In plow land. Good base-
.r v... a nin-r woll. fine
mem oarn, fooa norso aiiu f:iTrnii y ,
corn crib and other, out buildings. Oood
one and one-half story hous. In fair con
dition. Price $130 per acre.
No. i 164 scree, three mile southeast of
Columbus, about ninety aeres plow land,
fine thirty acre pasture, balance timber
and meadow. The creamery and school
house about forty rods from buildings. This
farm is well located and worth th price.
Price 1110 per aore.
v0. t.2i acre located In Dane county.
IWlsconnln. about twelve miles from the
I ata.t nanltnl and located from three to five
miles from four ether good towns, runs
nractlcallv In MIwmii them. This Is a
solendld farm with one of the finest barn
with alio In Dane county. Has two good
bona. Itiat fair: no marsh lund. fifteen
acres of fine timber - balance can all be
cultivated. Certainly a bargain. Price J190
ipr acre
w.atn . be riven on nv of these
above farms this fall and term to ult
- " purchaser,
These farm are all a number one, ana
will stand th closest Inspection.
kl u. munt.
Etf Temole Court. Mlnneanoll. Minn.
No. Ir-M0 acre fla Improved Harm,
Barn ' county, Nortn Dakota, six milt
(rum town, about $(,uo0 worth ot improve
ments. t)W acre in crop ana must be sold
by July 1st. Pric $40,vu0 with V on crop,
msn ie.vuu ana tvuv imui0r asi, dhisihi
.. . . .. I .. .M ... . ','hl. im . ....m
U.vm yearly. Un year,
in, aome one.
No. 8240 aorea, 166 acre under cultiva
tion, balance pasture ana timber, good
buildings, pine-room house, stone oellafs.
large barn, bay fort, two good walls, good
soil Flv mils from Perham, Minn., H
nule to scnooi anu lit wuea 10 cnurcn. A
snap at $17.60 per acre.
Minn., good black soil, clay sub soli. $6,uo0
Worth OK HnpruvoiiieiHO. vuv evres in crop,
balance paatur a nd good timber. Pric
$45.00 per acre.
RlUiJMv UVUi-lX. VUlll iAAUIJl.
No. 4440 acres, on mil north t Daw
son, M- tn improvements, uu acre
in crop 'ZT'. "IpT
No. $400 acres about 4'i miles N. B. of
Dawson. N. D., (-room nous, larg barn,
heep sneu. . granary, wen ana winamill.
No bet tar furm in central North Dakota.
Mortgage $o.600. $,400 for equity. The
ar subject to sale and change of price
without notice, sanrtu tetters to a. u.
Hunt, I' Tempi court. Minneapolis,
OARVIN BROS.. 8d floor N. Y. Life. $Wt
to $100,000 on Improted property. No deist .
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust C
WANTED City loan and warranta
Farnam Smith i Co., Vm Farnam BU
Good 6
Farm Mortgages
always uu hand and for . gale
amounts from $800 to 98.0UO.
411 N. Y. Ufa Bldg.
LOANS to bom owner and bom build
r. with privilege ot making partial pay
aata semi-annually,
$08 rtrst Nations ulc Bldg
Third Floor, New York Uf.
Phone Douglas 96..
1 10 t 110 M mad promptly. ft, p. WaaJ
wen run-., wo ana rarnam.
1600 to K.IM on homes In Omaha. O'Keet
Real Ftte Co.. UP4 N. Y. Life. Douglas
er A-iiw.
MONEY TO IXIAN-Payn rnwastoiaat C
WANTED-, Oood rental property. $1,600 to
3 no (or vllo'ce vsrant lot or Iota, one
third to eoe-fcalt th value, balance spot
cash. Give particulars ul property -off eied
Adorers U SwJ. .
61'MMKM Mill to order $17.o0. reduced
from tOi. MacCarthy-WllSori. S. ItfUi Hi.
t Continued.)
Is t end T-room house. If prices are rlfM
rsn sail your property for yon.
Suite M N. r. Lit Bids.
WHEN answering cvertlemenl found
In the Want Ad, please mentlou
l nr hp.
Bcreeninc. fl-Zt per W0. Wuntr, 801 N. l
la the beet In the market for yonnf chick'
era. Ala a from pur nialn.
Phones: DouHlas U4i, lodcpandent A-S4e.
R1ES-HA1X Ptg. Co., 14) 0. 14th.
LEW W. RABEK, Printer, "J
'PHONE IND. A-2KM for good printing.
Lyngstad Printing Co.. 16th Capitol Ave.
MILDER & Jamleson, 1212 Doug, Uotb
Private Money
We want $8,000 on a first oiass. brand new
brick business blook that rent for $1,810
per annum ana represents $19,000 Invest
ment; will pay 6 per sent, I year. Apply
F 440, car Bee;
BEST PRICE paid for aecend-loaad
furniture, carpets, oiotbing and
Pbon Douglas KTL
Cafes On larg and on medium aia
ale, state else and price. M2) Be.
OM Uold. eta. NATUAJ4. IU a l$tk St.
BEST prices for td-baAd clothing. D. 8440.
WANTED to buy a second-hand butcher
shop outfit. Add res George Uaver, Mis
souri Valley, Iowa.
SUMMER suits to order $17. W, reduoed
from pit. MacCarthy-Wllson, u4 S. ltitn SL
We Are Getting Numerous Calls
For Kouae of All Slae. List With Ua
CM N. Y. Life Bids. Pbon Red Ut
ROOM and board wanted. Toung man
from east desires room and board with
private family. Address Y-157, car Omaha
WANTED to rent 8 or 9-room modern
house, centrally located. Address ff. yl.
TO RENT at once, t-room cot t aire or
apartment; must D strictly modern and
good location; references given, fhone D,
178, Jnd. A-xii on Monday.'
WE WANT several house of from $ to 8
rooms ror clients.
1710 Farnam St. Be Bldg-.
Phono Douglas. 4379. Omaha, Nb.
WOMAN want day work.
Phon H.
WhifAWAfthinfr Flaat.rlng. Floor
' ' " o waxd and polished.
won. aujitea, sua. xiau web. 0U uar. 84U.
WHEN answering advertisements In The
Bee Want Ad columns, kindly mention the
tact mat you saw in aa. lu Th Be.
Position wanted by young; lady to aina- or
piay in moving; picture snow, singing pr
icrrca. Jiaurwi x-it, oar Asee.
SUMMER suit to order $17.60. reduced
from 2S. MacCartliy-Wllson. 804 8. 16th St.
WHEN answerlmr advertlMementa fom .1
In the Want Ad column, pleas mention
in e.
Mealed bids will be received at th offic
of th City Clerk of the City ot Ctete,
Saline County. Nebraska, ud to elshi
o'clock p. m., Monday, July 26tlx 1910, for
the sale of the Sewer Bonds heretofore
issued ana registered by the City of Crete.
The amount of the bonds Issued la $40,000.00
and they sre of the denomination ot $t09.00
earn, maxing rtgnty ponds in ail.
These bonds were Issued a provided bv
law, and by the ordinances of th City of
Crete, and according to the vol ot th
electors at- a special election, for th pur
pose of building and constructing mains
for a Sewer Bystsm, In and for said City
of Crete. These bonds are dated July 1,
1910, and bear Interest at th rate of 6 per
cent per annum, payable semi-annually
oil the first day of January and July of
ettcn year, principal ana interest payable
at the Nebraska Fiscal Agency In the City
of New York, Bute of New York, bald bonds
are numbered from "1" to "&0i" Inclusive,
ana are payauie iwemy year attar data.
The first thirty bond boar this ontluu
"Redeemable at any Interest payment date
after on year from date of Issuance." Th
remaining tlfty bonds bear thl option:
"Hedeemuble at any time after five years
from date."
A certified check, or draft, for $200.00
must accompany eacii bid as a guaranty
that the bidder will take and pay for th
bond awardtnl him. Th right to reject
any aim an nun is exprecsiy reserved by
me lyiiy vi terete.
Done by order of tlm Mayor and Cltr
Council of the City of Crete this 5th day of
juiy, imu.
Atleal: . F. A. NOVAK,
City Clerk of the City of Crete.
In the District Court of Douglt County
I HICK ET 61 NO. 816.
Bute of Nebrauku, I'luiutlff. 114,'airiat the
American buying Bank, Defendant. Or
der for publication of notice of applies
lion of receiver for final discharge.
On reading and filing the petition of Jo-
seuh w. riiumas. receiver, for pusning o
hi accounts and dlscharg of himself hi
receiver, and also for the discharge of
hi sureties on his official bond, and for
tne aiaonvrg or sucn bona, and said netl
lion seulng forth that all uf th debts and
liabilities of said bank have been fully
paid and that the cost and expense of said
receivership have been fully paid, and that
there are no funds remaining In hi hand
as such receiver.
It is therefore ordered that said petitloo
be heard at court room No. 1, In tlie bee
building, on the 30th day of July, 1910, at
10 o'clock a. m. rf said day, and thai no
tice be given of said hearing to all parties
Inteieetad by publishing th same for three
til sucoesMlv days In the iioming edition
o Th Omaha ltelly Bee, Omaha, Neb.,
beginning with Sunday morning, July 17.
Dated July 18. IHI0.
IVI.naril IIl.VIilir A lilv
J171A-U Judge.
f i
' ' 1 . ...
4 a K
if ;
This attractive house, on corner lot, face south and east, has 7 large rooms, oak
finish in narlor dining room and reception hall; maple floor in kitchen; up-stalrs
finished In yellow pine. Both up and downstairs pnpered with a splendid seleotion of
th latest design of paper. Colonnade opening between parlor and front hall. Both
electric light and gas. with combination fixtures, cement sidewalks and paved street;
within easy walking distance; convenient to school and stores. Fin for a horn or an
Investment. Price $3,600. ......
2110 Grace Strvet; room. $$,00. ... .
Both houses open today from $ to i p. n., or w will how you thm at any time
by appointment. HASTiNJS A H.EYDEX, 1014 Harney Street.
Notice la hereby given that sealed bids
will be received at th ornc of Ellery
n Hume, villas; clerk. Brown block.
Omaha, Nebraska, on or before July , 110
for the purcnaae oi m lonuwins; oonas or
the Village of Dundee:
Intersection bonds, dated July 1, 1010, five
per cent, semi-annually. Nineteen Thousand
Flv Hundred ($19,600) Dollar.
Street improvement nonua, aaiea juiy I,
1910, per oeot, semi-annually. Nineteen
Hundred Flv Thousand ($19,600) Dollars.
Bv order of tne uoara oi xrustees ot in
Village of Dund.
Th Board reserve the right to reject
any or all bid. . E. R. HUME, Clerk.
Real tat transfers for July 16, 1910,
furnished by the Midland Guarantee ft
Trust company, Bonded Abstracters, 1714
Farnam St., Tel. Doug, im:
H. Walkup to Q. Cornell several
lot in lsabell addition
L. I. Graf to R. B. Owens, lot 10,
hlock !1. Cloverdale : 1 l.WU
C. L. F. Swanson to A. K. L. Esklld-
sen. uart lot 1L block J) . bowe l.... i,;wv
Hasting ft Heyden to George Dunn,
lot 6, Baker1 100
R. Hunsiker and husband .to H. C.
Petersen, lots 10 . aud , U. P10CK 1.
. . . . , ArJ
nammona rotce w
B. E. McCague and wife Ao L C. . v
Frltchman. lot 44. Mia uuy. i
J. F. McConnll to C. E. Cooper, -
uart Iota 21 and 22. nioclc is. Hlnl-
oom Place '00
F. E. Gamblw to D. C. Patterson,
Iota 49 to 62, Stewart Place, and otbev
lots .16,000
Th Long Island Loan and Trust com
pany, axecuter, to D. v. atteron,
lots 14 and 16, block 3, Central Park,
and other property 200
County treasurer to D. C. Patterson,
trustee, lot 18. block 4. Fayette rark
H. W. Schenck, et al to D. C. Pat
terson, lots 14 and 15, block I, cen
tral park, and other land 1
O. F. Shepard and wife to H. A.
Walter, part lot 3, block u, Kountse
Plac 6,000
J. B. Baum and wife to The Bennett
company, lot l, block 146, ana otner
land, city...; ' 1
T. Crelgh to , part lot 11,
block 4. wast na i
F. R- Muckeler nd wife to J. Crulso-
vicir nirt lot is ana i. diock .
Jetur'a 800
I'NION STATION Taavth aa Mat,
Cattsua Pacific lava ArHv
San Fran. Ov'rl'd Ltd. 8.16 a. m. 11:80 p. m.
China and Janajl Fast
Mall :io a. m. : p. m.
Orcgon-Wash'gton Ex 4:00 p. m. 6:90 p. m.
Do Angela Almlta..U:4b p. m. :su p. m.
AUanUo Express 6:46 a. m.
Denver epeclal u:47 a ni. iz:m a. m.
IV.I.irniln Mnecial 11:48 D. m. 7:42 tt. m.
Colorado EXnresg 8:60 p. m. 6:00 p. m.
Chicago-Portland Sp'1.18:60 p. m. 8:20 p. m,
Fast Mall (mall and
express only) 9:80 a. m. 6:40 p. ra.
North Plait Local.... 8:1a a. m. 4:48 p. m.
Grand Island Local.
. 6:80 p. pi. 1V:U0 a, m.
local, (b)
.11.40 p. in. 1:20 p. m,
frii.d liilajid looal
via. Valparaiso (b).. 12:41 p. m. l:m p. m
(b) Dally aacupt Euuday.
Chleaaa, Mllwaakea at St. Paal
Overland Limited all:4S pm 7:68 am
Omaha-Chlnago Expr.b 7.16 am 9 80 am
Oniaha-Bavanab Ex o 7.16 am 9 80 am
Colo-Calif. Exp a $.00 pm $.25 pin
Colorado Special ....a 7 57 am 11.83 pm
Prry-Omaha Local D l.u pm u.w pm
Cbloagrto at or th wester a
Twin City Expres a 7:60 am alO.M pm
Sioux City Local a 8:46 put a $:M pra
Minn, ft Dakota Ex a IM pm a 8:16 am
Twin City Limited a 9:00 pm a 7:80 am
Omaha Express a 7:u0 am a!2:i6 am
Chicago Local al2:0a pin a 8:28 pm
Colorado-Chicago a t-W V'U a 3:24 pm
Chicago Speuiai... a 0i piu a 7:63 am
Pacific Coaal-Cuicago...a 8:00 pm a 3:28 pin
Los Angeles Limited. ...a 6:u0 pin al8:20 pm
Overland Limited.., all;46 pm a 7:46 am
Denver special 818:40 am a am
l arroil Locul a : pm a 9:60 am
Fast Mail a J:a pm
Llncoln-Chadron ....'....a 7:60 8d all:00 am
Nuitolk-lloiieBteel a J:tw am alO:46 pm
Long Pine-Uo. flail.... b 9:16 put a 6:l pm
lianiluga-duputior n 11" pm it 6:80 pm
Deaavoou-ioi oprtnga.a p.u a 6:v pnt
Caaper-Lanucr a 2:w pm all W am
1- lemont-Aibion , b 6 v put a 1 66 pm
(alcana Great WeaCeru
Chicago Limited a 6:48 pin
Twin City Limited a t.M pui a 7:W pm
Twin City a.xpiass a 8.w piu a 8:80 pm
Ciucagu iikpresa a 8:46 pm
tblcauB, Hauk lalaaa Paelfl
Rocky Mount n Lta.aU.M a. m. alb:AI p. ni.
lows Local Pass. ..a :8u a. lu. a 4:80 p. tu.
cnlosgo Day Ux....a 7:42 . ui. a 8. to a. m.
Chi. Local Paa....bl0:86 a. w. blo:18 p. in.
Des Mulnea Local
Paaaugr ,.. 4:o0 p. in. a 12. JO p. m.
Chicago Express. ..a 4:40 p. in. a 1:16 p. lu.
Chicuao Liuiued....a $ 08 w. in. a 8:ul a. u..
Th Mountaineer... s! W a. m. a 7:0 a. w.
Chlcago-Nebraaka Ltd.
tor Lincoln a $:28 a. m. a 1.47 p. m.
Colo, ft Cel. Exp.. .a 1 26 p. la. a 4:80 p. in.
Oki. ft Tax. Exp. ..a 8 89 p. m. a 1:20 p. m.
Rocky Mouut'n Ltd.al0:10 p. m. 12.M p. no.
Otn.-St. Louis Exp.a 8:80 p. in. a 9:38 a. m.
Mall and repress. .a 1:89 a. m. all.16 p. oi.
fcmnberry lxu'l (from
Council Bluffs) . ..b $ 00 p. m. 810. bi p. m
v-y i .
Illinois Central
Chicago Express....
Chicago Limited....
Mlnn.-St. Paul Ex..
Mmn.-SL Paul Lid.
Missouri I'aetfl-
K, C. St. L. Ex..
K. C. c St. L. Ex..
...a 7:00 am a $:4S pm
...a(:uupm a 8:00 am
...b 7.00 am
...a 8:00 pro a 8:00 am
..a 8:40 am a $:S6 am
..gU:18 pm a iM pm
BVKLIN43TON STA- lot, auad Umm
Leave. Arrive.
Denver and Calltornla.a 4:10 pm a 8:46 nra
Puget Sound Express.. 4:10 pm a 8 10 pm
Nebraska points a 8:80 am a 6:10 pm
Black Hills a 4:10 pm a :W pm
Northwest Express all:86 pm a T:08 am
Nebraaxa peiuia a :w am a :i pm
Linooln Mail .. 1:80 pm a)2:U pm
Nebraska Exprcai .......a 9:18 am a 8:10 pm
Linooln Local b 8:08 am
Linooln Local a 7:26 p a 7:60 pm
Schuyler-Plattsmeuth...b 8:0 pm bl0:0 am
i. a :1 am a 8:60 am
,al2:80 pm a 8:40 pm
,.all:26 pm a 7.-00 am
.a 7:16 pm all .-06 did
Colorado - Limited
Chicago Special........
Chicago Express..
.a 4:20 pm a 8:66 pm
Chicago Fast Express.. 8:80 pm a 8:u am
Iowa Local I.a 8:16 am al0:80 am
Crton-lowa Lccal a 1:80 pm alO:8t) am
6t. Louis Express a 4:80 pm aU:46 am
K. C. and St. Joseph. ...al0:46 pm a 6:46 am
K. C. and St. Joseph. ...a 9:16 am a 8:10 pm
K.. c. and St. Joseph.. ..a 4:80 pm .,
, Webster
BBaawaaaaaaat M
Mlsaa-vrl Paclfl ,
Leave. Arrive.
Auburn Special b 8:60 pm bl2:14 pm
Catcasjo, -, axisiaaaaioii gt
Sioux City Ktpresfl b 1H pm bU:48 am
Omaha Local , 8:20 pm
Sioux City Passenger b 8:20 pm
X Win vnr v:ov liu ,
Bloux City Local o 8:96 am
Emerson Local b 6:66 pm b 9:10 am
(a) Dally! (b) Dally except Sunday.
Buine$ Claimed to Be Up tp Las
Year'i Standard. '
Iaereased Malatare la ortwat
Lead to Mara Oatlmlatlo Feel
lag la Regaral t Sarlagc
NJ2W YORK, July 11 BradstreM today
Wulet still characterises most line of
trade and Industry, with operations limited
by vacation and summer shut-downs. Th
first of the fall buyer arc In th lead
Ing markets, but their operations ar con
ducted with caution or conservatism pend
ing cle-er views of crop outcome. Trade
as a whole is claimed to be equal or in
excess ot last year at this period, but
axoept where hot weather demands or
clearance sale have resulted In broken
stock, shipments ot goods ar light.
Collections ar generally classed as from
fair to slow. Increased nu tsiure In th
northwest has led to a more optimistic
feeling aa to pring wheat which ha
tended to dispel tome ot the crop scar talk
current ior some week past In tnat section
enooureg some tall buying and restrict
cancellations, though much damage l con
ceded done.
In th southwest th better than earlier
expected results of the wlntur wheat
harvest and satisfactory progress by com
hav made for a better feeling a to future
iraae, though immediate demand naa not
yet picked up materially.
Business failures in the Unite-! States
fos the week ending July 14 went 202 against
id! last week, 30U In the same weelt of 1X
l.S In ism: in In 1W7 and 188 In 1U08.
Business failures in Canada for th week
number twenty-four, which oouipare with
ixuen last week and thirty-six In the
aume week of llJ8.
At tha south the trade la quirt.
Trada Waiting in Ismi.
At the Urgent eastern markets trad i
still largely of a waiting character. Cur
lailmenpi still largely in evidence In the
lion and steel, colion, woolen, coal, lumber
and coke trade. The labor situation 1
rattier more disturbed owing to strike o
oiothlng makers and tha threats of strike
(or hlgnnr wages on lb Pennsylvania ay
leiii' tast anu west.
Wheat, Incluuing flour exports from th
I nlted State and Canada for th wk
tiding July 14 agareKate 1,180,248 bushels
agaiiiki l,U3,,;-i lot weex aim i,;g,U8 tins
week last year, ror the two weeks end
ing Juiy 14 were 2,. 64.08 busheis
against l.n0.iU in the ham period last
aar. Corn expend tin tne wee ai 14.767
bushels against l!w,o72 lafft week aud luO, iu
in iM. ror the two woeks eiiaiug Juiy
14 Cum export ar 24,8Ai bushel against
li.'.iU last year.
Forest Neal la Prostrated Wbll at
Wsrk aad TaUea ta at. Js
eph'S lloaaltal.
' Forest Neal, a laborer, whil working in
a ditch at Twelfth and Farnam streets,
yesterday afternoon was overcome by the
heat and taken to the St, Joseph's hospital.
HI address could not be learned by the
police, but Surgeon Btandevan, who at
tended blm. ssld bis condition not
serious. .
Strike May Ba Called t Aay Time
Now. on Peniuy.
Preeldeat MvCrea Say Demaada (
Ih Men Art lafalr d
Ktlae-a am I agcratef 1
PHILADELPHIA, July lB.-Nothing de
veloped In tho'wage controversy between
th oonduotors ar.d trainmen on tli Penn
sylvania line et of Pittsburg and the
offtoers ot the company today that would
Indicate that th breach betweaa th two
parties 1 closing, i Th general committee
of tli railroad men did not meet th offi
cers of the company and nothing has
passed between them slue negotiation)
ere broken off late yerterday afternoon.
Rumor that were in circulation today
that a strike would be called some tlm to
night were quieted by President Garrettson
of the Order of Railway. Conductors, who
said a strike would not ba called before
clock tomorrow morning. '
Mr. Garrettson would hot say that a
trlke would be called tomorrow, content
ing himself with th statement that he did
not know when a strike order would b In
sued. Rumor that a new proposition might be
made or that the employes' committee
might make some other move gained cir
culation, but could not be confirmed.
President James McCrea cam out to
night In a statement giving th company'
id of th controversy, in tt he said the
demands of the men were unfair and a Pen
alty fur former liberal treatment of It em
ployes. .
Will taaal Cad f Rale.
President Garrettson also guv out a
statement tonight In whJcii he said that
all tha , mn insisted ' upon was that' th
coda of rule tbat obtained on avery other
railroad In the country should b applied
on th Pennsylvania without a reduction
In th present rat of wage.
President MoCraa's statement, says:
"It should b clearly understood that tt
is not. )s hour of labor demanded by
the conductors and trainman, but, on th
contrary, what they do demand U mora
money for every hour they work than I
paid by other railroad In hl territory."
N . Westers gltaatloa Relieved.
PITTSBURG, July 16.-A crisis which
threatened today In wag negotiations be
tween th Pennsylvania railroad and It
86,009 conductor and trainman was con
siderably relieved tonight After a two
hour' conference betwawt railroad of fl
cers and . a general committee representing
th 10,000 men Involved on ltnes wast ot
Pittaburg, it waa announced by th com
mittee tonight that negotiation were still
on and that th situation was muoh leas
This cam after word reached Pittaburg
from Philadelphia that th situation In th
eaat hinged entirely on developments here
and that a Mrlg call might ba Issuad at
one if th western officer of th road
refused the man's demand. General Man
ager O. L. Peck, after today's conference,
stated that negotiation war still on with
tha men and that further meeting with
th commute would be held early next
Swedish Bishop
to Visit Omaha
Bishop Yon Soheele, on Tour of Coun
try, to Give Address in
Thii City.
Arriving In Omaha at :4f In th morning,
Bishop H. K. G. Von Soheele. on of th
most eminent theologians of Sweden, will
be a distinguished guest of Omaha next
Wednesday. Bishop Von Scheele's visit
will be the third h has made on tour
through the country.
Gathering Information for us in hi
work of Instruction a professor at th
Upsala university In Sweden, th tho
loglan traveled over th length and breadth
of th United States In 1898 and 1901, and
ha partly accomplished the sum tourVn
has don most for Swedan In Introducing
modern principle Into th educational, so
cial and economic life or his country
Bishop Von Scheel always ha been an
advocate ot American Idea.
H , will be tendered a reoeptiou and
lunubson by th Noonday olub at the Rom
hotel Wednesday noon, lo tha afternoon
h 1 to deliver an address in Swedish at
the cornerston laying of th new Lutheran
church at Benson.; Twenty automobiles
will convey, the party accompanying him
to tha scene of the oeremony. The bishop
la to deliver an addr4 at th Emmanuel
Lutheran churot ' H' tbV, evening.
Bishop Von Cchci) V accompanied on
hi journey by Tjt- i Vv Abrahamsou, edi
tor of the of field Lutheran paper at Rock
Island, 111. ,,'
The Rev. Ado!pb Hult ot Omaha, will act
as personal host to the visitors. They are
to depart Wednesday night or Thursday
morning. )
Hualaea la All tt Oatcaase Walt
aa t'repa.
' NEW YORK, July 18.-R. G. Dun ft Co.'
Weekly Review of Trad today says:
Business lu all its branches waits on the
outcome of the year's crops. In the mean,
time th leading industries are uxperiunolng
something mora than tn customary mid
summer dullness and curtailment of produc
tion and prlcu concessions continue.
Retail trade, as I polutd out by one of
tne largest mercantile nouses in tli United
States, is much better than wholesale trade,
which hat been largely demoralised by the
price situation. This Indicates a fair con
sumption ot merchandise, making for iaund
conditions at the bottom.
With the advent of fall a areat awak.,n.
Ing of Interest Is looked for In Iron and
steel. Production of pig Iron continues at
a good rate, but uncertainty a to prise
Is a deterrent Influence and aocumlated
stock have a depressing effect. Tho out
look a regards th fuol situation has
slightly Improved and ther has bean some
contracting for th last half at an advance
of 10 to 15 cent over quotations for spot
Dry goods buyer are aonilng' to the
market mor freely and many of them will
attend tha teml-annual meeting of th
wholi-aslers' association next wk. High
oust cotton and low priced good still fore
vory material curtailment of production.
The key le the aituatloa-tsne Want Ad.
Hetty "Green's Son
Leaves Texas and
Goes on Wall St.
Follow the Wi$h of Kit Mother aad
Take a Flare Amen; the
Ball and Bear.
NEW YORK. July l.-(Spclal Telegram.)
-Edward II. R. Green. 'eon of 1-Utty Green, '
arrived In New York today from Texas t
become a financial power In th east. H
Is free to admit that he would rather Ilva
back In Texas with an aulomobil and aa
airship and an occasional nyer Into politic
on the republican aid when excitement I
lax. Howvr. Mr. Green did not consult v
himself when he rame out of .. southwe.
to bo a power In Wall street. He I follow
lug tha wish ot hi mother.
Mr .Green I at the Waldorf hotel, whera
he will reside until he can find a reeldencn
that suits hhn. He I In reality a colonel,
for h 1 colonel of the Texa National
guard. Fur weeks he lias been closing up
his business affair In Dallas and I now
,'OAjy to plunge in.
"I shall spend mtt of my time hereafur
In New York," said Mr. Green. "My
.nother expressed the delr that I com to
New York ar " engage In business her, i '
, have don go to pleas her," .
Mr. Green Is Mr. Hetty Green's only son.
He Is a bachelor 40 year o.. and a big.
illy, rotund man.
Seventeen years ago Mr. Green bought
the Texas Midland rallroau for her son aria
presented It to him. Th road now extends
from Pari to Ennls and does a thriving,
business. Mr. Green, according to all r
ports, ha cleaned up a big fortune In th
Lone Star state. He la very fond of flow
er ,and hi conservatory at Dallas Is tha
finest In the state. H also has th dis
tinction of being tho first resident ot Dallas
to Import an automobtl. -. was ambitious
to ba th first owner of an aeroplane ther.
but he 1 so heavy that th aeroplane agent
told him It would be dangerou for him to
attempt to make a fltght. For years Mr.
Green has spent th month of July with
hi mother In thl city. They ar extremely
fond of fitch other.
tateaaaat froaa Board at Trastee la
Caaaeetloa with Badaraesaeat
at Paalsea. '
In adopting a resolution of confidence In
M. S. Pouuvon, etata superintendent of th
Anti-Saloon league ot Nebraska, th board
ot trustee authorise th publication of
the following statement:
A decent regard for Dublin ooinlon re- '
Quires that an official statement of th
difficulties which have embarrassed th
Anti-Saloon league during the last year
should be maie at tills time. Tha board
ot trusteea now contint of fifty members.
chosen from th varioua affiliating churches
ana temperance organisations.
m ao targe a boay of independent thinkers,
It was but natural that diversity of opinion
should exist as to methods, but. in be
coming members ot that board, all should
hav considered themselves bound to con
form to the policy ot th Anti-Saloon
league, but there wer six who perk-Intently
endeavored to force Innovation
on that body. Unfortunately, four of that
number wera put on the headquarter com
mittee before their sentiments and purpose .
wer known, and they advocated a policy '
not in harmony with the wish of th
boara of trustee, and th mitabllahed)
policy ot th National Anti-Saloon league.
Th superintendent could not conform to
their wlhe and they instituted a policy
uf obstruction. i
Th situation soon became Intense and
deaoonded Into peraonalltiea that resulted ,
In an effort to depose th superintendent.
Ther was a. constant leak of executive .
business, finding Its way to a hoatil . ,
newspaper offic and thence to th publlo . .
In distorted form. Mutual distrust resigned
mid business In tha headquarter commu
te cum to a standstill. People may
wonder bow this was possible, when tli
dlsaentaer were In the minority, but this
la explained by the fact that two out of
the flv loyal members ot th .headquarter
commit tee were out of the state for several
.Everything possible was don by thl
minority to. control the headquarter com
mute and to defeat th purposes and th
Instructions of th board of trusteea When
they found thl could not be done and that. , -Ui
day of reckoning was at hand Uiy
resigned. . v
Th controversy largely Vftf thla: Shalt
the county committee ba organised poli
tically or In accordance with Anti-Saioon
league methods? The Anti-Saloon league .
use methods based on seventeen years of
experience, often painful and humiliating,-!
caused by political entanglements, aa lu -i
tha caa of Alabama and Pennsylvania,
and tt fights shy of partisan politic and
designing politicians. The methods thee
gentlemen insisted upon hav been tried
and hav failed; why should w try them
Ther men pretended to direct tlielr f Ira
against the superintendent, but In reality''' 0
it wa an attack upon the stat and ua-'
tlonal league, whoa principle they- an- ''
deavored to overthrow. In thia con
troversy our superintendent stood firmly
(or tha league, and saved It from disrup
tion and ruin. Th email defection la a
nothing compared with what it would hav
been had he yielded to their demands. Th
moment the Anti-Saloon league adopt
purely partisan method. It ceases to b
th churohas In action against th saloon. "
gnd close their door against our appU
for their support.
Ilatehlaswa, Haasas, Peaal Mast Gat :'L
Uatslue Paper ta Gat .,'.,.,
UUTCHlNeiON, Kan:, July W.-Tb city
commission tonight passed an ordinance,
effectlv Immediately, prohibiting th show
ing of moving picture of prise fights, and
also, th printing in newspaper of any
pew ot such tight.
Asnerleaa Actor Tirons froai Bleyele
at IfUh Palat of Maaatala
Waa Taktag Vacatloa.
VIENNA. July 18. An American actor '
named Plumer waa accidentally killed to
day near Scharfllng, Upper Austria. With
another American actor, whose nam is
given a Victoria, Plumer was spending a
vacation at Mondse. Today they decided
to nifck an excursion on bicycle to the
nearby Acharfberg, which rise 6,140 fet
above tha sea. In rounding a curve at a
dangerou point In th road Plumer' wheel
earn In contact with a aton and th actor
waa thrown off and Instantly killed.
Inquiry in theatrioal circle in New York
failed to establish th Identity of either
Plumer or Victoria.
When you hav anything to sell or trade,
advertise It In Th Be Want Ad clumu
and gl quick result.
.... I